Monday Y&R Transcript 6/7/04

Y&R Transcript Monday 6/7/04 -- Canada, Tuesday 6/8/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Cameron: A dead body?

Grace: Can you believe it?

Cameron: All right, well, what exactly did Nikki say to you?

Grace: Cameron, it was nuts. It was totally insane.

Cameron: Just tell me what she said.

Grace: She claimed that I don't know you as well as I think I do, that I'm in deep trouble. Talk about nerve. I mean, I would have just ignored her, except she started in about--

Cameron: She started talking about corpses.

Grace: A body that I supposedly know all about. I mean, where in the world did that come from?

Cameron: Yeah, well, you did remind her that I'm not dead.

Grace: Of course I did. I told her she wasn't making a bit of sense, but the whole conversation was just so bizarre.

Cameron: Well, she shook you up, didn't she?


Nikki: What on earth are you still doing out here by the pool? What are you thinking, sunbathing at a time like this?

Sharon: Nikki, it's not how it looks.

Nikki: Oh, really? Well, you're sitting here in a bathing suit. You look very relaxed.

Sharon: No, the last thing I am is relaxed. I'm hoping the sun will calm me down. All I want is a little rest.

Nikki: Oh, well, that's nice. That's great, but there are a few things that need to be done to save this family.

Sharon: Like what, pacing around, pulling my hair out? Nicholas has already made it perfectly clear he wants me on the sidelines.

Nikki: So you're just gonna sit here?

Sharon: No, we are all just going to sit here. Nicholas wants to deal with this on his own, his own way.


Victor: So what's the soonest you can get it here? Uh-huh. Yeah, I should be ready by then. All right, thanks.

Nick: You're really getting into this, huh?

Victor: You seem surprised by that, son.

Nick: I haven't forgotten its part of your sentence.

Victor: You know, I don't consider this a punishment. I really donít. See, a lot of the kids around here, they remind me of what I was like when I was young, bitter and alone. I think having a place like this is gonna give something to look forward to.

Nick: You seem to be off to a pretty good start.

Victor: And that's why I'm glad you came by, because I would like you to keep an eye on things. I need to order some more stuff.

Nick: Right. About that, I can't be here today.


Man: How's it going, Mac?

Mac: So far, so good.

Man: Here. You need to sign people up.

Mac: Thanks. So do you think we'll get a lot more volunteers today?

Man: Yeah, I hope so. This place needs a ton of work.

Mac: Yeah. Did you talk to Ned?

Man: Yeah, I just got off the phone with him. He spoke highly of you.

Mac: Ned's the best. I was gonna work at the shelter again, but they had all the people they needed, so I'm here instead.

Man: Well, we're lucky to have you. Have you seen Devon? He's one of the kids from the group home.

Mac: Is that him right there?

Man: Yeah. Slacking off as usual. (Cell phone rings)

Man: Excuse me. This is Jamal. No, that door should be unlocked.

Cassie: Mac? Oh, my gosh!

Mac: Hey, Cassie. You look so grown up.

Cassie: I didn't know you were in town. Are you back for good?

Mac: We'll see.

Cassie: I hope so. I missed you. So what are you doing here?

Mac: I'm helping out here this summer.

Cassie: Really? So am I.

Mac: You're not here to see your dad?

Cassie: No, I was here to see if you still needed volunteers.

Mac: Definitely. You're the first to officially sign up today.

Cassie: Okay. Oh, these are my friends Lily and Sierra. They go to Walnut Grove.

Lily: Hi.

Sierra: Hi.

Mac: I used to go there. So are you guys gonna help, too?

Lily: Well, we were, but now I'm not sure.


Dru's voice: Kevin is hardly innocent.

Neil: (Thinking) of this crime, he probably is.

Lily: Are you sure that he wasn't at the club when the cops think he was?

Neil: Yes, honey, I'm sure.

Lily: Well, then we have to do this.

Dru: You reading tea leaves, hon?

Neil: Coffee grounds, more like it.

Dru: Something stressing you out?

Neil: This whole situation with Kevin Fisher.

Dru: Oh, well, see, I tried to tell you about giving the evidence to the police, trying to help Kevin Fisher get off the hook for hurting Brittany.

Neil: I let you down, didn't I?


Michael: Where's my brother?

Hank: That's a good question.

Michael: I heard that the evidence that was gonna clear him fell through.

Hank: Yeah, I'm afraid so.

Michael: Well, I came here to see how he was dealing with it, and I find the place crawling with policemen.

Hank: My men. They're searching the hospital room by room. See, when I got the call, Kevin was gone.

Michael: Gone, gone. All right, what are you talking about? He's gone?

Jim: The kid caught me off guard. He saw me with a tranquilizer, and he just took off.

Hank: Jim was the last person to see Kevin before he escaped. Jim Edwards, Michael Baldwin. He's Kevinís brother, also his attorney. Jim, why don't you tell him what happened? In the meantime, I'm gonna put out an A.P.B. On Kevin. He has probably fled the grounds.


Diane: Oh, come on, Jack. If you think about it too long, you won't say yes.

Jack: I gotta admit, Tahiti sounds pretty good.

Diane: Well, it can be Nebraska for all I care. The point is--we've gotta get you out of here and not leave a forwarding number, and you can spend some time with your son.

Jack: Without this load on my shoulders I've had, for what, three years now?

Diane: Your entire adult life is more like it.

Jack: Let's not get carried away.

Diane: You have a point. When I first met you, you were a wild man, a completely different guy.

Jack: Can't stay a kid forever, Diane.

Diane: Oh, you weren't a kid then. You were a man, definitely. You still are. And it'd be a shame to let that go to waste.


Paul: Well, look at you, Eddie Praether.

Eddie: Paul Williams, I'll be darned.

Paul: How are ya? God, it's been a long time.

Eddie: Yeah, I'm surprised our paths don't cross more often.

Paul: Yeah, me too. You mind if I sit down?

Eddie: Please.

Paul: So what are you, grabbing a bite to eat or what?

Eddie: I was going to. Not really hungry, though.

Paul: How have you been?

Eddie: Up and down, the usual.

Paul: Any interesting cases?

Eddie: Interesting isn't always a good thing.

Paul: Yeah. What are you talking about-- Kevin Fisher?

Eddie: What about him?

Paul: Well, you know the name.

Eddie: Yeah. Listen, are you working for someone?

Paul: No.

Eddie: You didn't just happen to walk in here and see me, did you, Williams?

Paul: No, I didnít. I called your office. They told me you'd be here.

Eddie: What do you want from me?

Paul: Look, you just asked me if I'm working for anybody. What do you mean by that? I mention the name Kevin Fisher, and you about jump out of your skin. I think we need to talk.


Mac: I know it looks a little scary right now, but it's gonna be great once it's finished. This is such a wonderful project. The kids in this neighborhood really need a place where they can come, hang out and not get into trouble.

Lily: Well, what do you think, Sierra?

Sierra: Well, I guess we do need the credit for school.

Lily: Yeah, at least we'll be together.

Sierra: Okay, well, I'm in if you are.

Lily: All right, let's do it. Sign us up.

Mac: Excellent. We're on a roll. I think another volunteer just showed up.

Cassie: Oh, great.

Lily: What is he doing here?

Mac: Friend of yours?

Lily: I don't know what you'd call him.

Lily: I'm sorry. Are you lost or something?

Daniel: No, why?

Lily: I'm just surprised to see you here. That's all.

Daniel: Well, I didn't have anything better to do so I thought I'd stop by and see where'd you be spending your summer.

Lily: Oh.

Daniel: It's charming.

Lily: Yeah, I realize it doesn't hold a candle to Switzerland.

Daniel: No, we have places like this back home. I'm just pretty sure they're all condemned.

Lily: Shouldn't you be packing a suitcase?

Daniel: Are you trying to get rid of me?

Lily: No, I'm not. But if you're gonna stay, at least make yourself useful.


Victor: Son, I need you around here.

Nick: I can't do it today. Got something else I gotta take care of.

Victor: What do you have to take care of?

Nick: I don't want to get into it.

Victor: What do you mean you don't want to get into it? Please don't use that tone with me.

Nick: Well, don't use this tone with me. We're partners now. That means 50/50. You don't boss me around the way you used to.

Victor: I don't want to boss you around, son, but you and I are supposed to work on this together. Now you tell me you have to walk out again, do something else. What's that all about? Don't you think you owe me an explanation?

Nick: I can't give you one right now. Can you handle that?

Victor: Will you at least tell me when you'll be back?

Nick: I'll be back when I'm done.


Nikki: Nicholas wants to do this on his own?

Sharon: He doesn't think it's safe for us to be involved, any of us, including Victor.

Nikki: I hope that doesn't mean he's gonna do something rash.

Sharon: I honestly couldn't tell you.

Nikki: Well, where is he? I need to talk to him.

Sharon: He took off a little while ago.

Nikki: Sharon.

Sharon: Well, what did you want me to do, Nikki, tackle him?

Nikki: You could have tried a little harder to keep him from leaving.

Sharon: Well, you know how Nicholas can be once his mind is made up.

Nikki: Well, what was his mood like? Did it seem like he was about to do something impulsive?

Sharon: I begged him not to.

Nikki: That is so reassuring.

Sharon: Well, Nikki, I don't know what your son's plans are, and it's not like he told me anything. He doesn't want us involved, remember?

Nikki: Well, unfortunately, it's a little late because I just confronted Grace.

Sharon: What?

Nikki: I tracked her down at Crimson Lights. I had a few things I wanted to say to her.

Sharon: But, Nikki...

Nikki: Look, the last thing I want is to be involved in this, but I am. You should have seen how rattled she got, especially when I told her about the body.

Sharon: Why did you do that?

Nikki: I wanted to see her reaction.

Sharon: You say she was a little rattled.

Nikki: She seemed genuinely shocked. She kept insisting that Cameron is alive, therefore, there is no dead body.

Sharon: Well, of course she did. She's in this up to her eyeballs.

Nikki: Hey, I don't doubt that she's a good little actress, but her shock and confusion were real.

Sharon: Not for the reason you think they are. I'm sure she never imagined we would catch on to her.

Nikki: That's one explanation.

Sharon: Well, it's the only one that makes sense.

Nikki: Think about this-- we know she was caught off guard when Cameron reappeared. Maybe she's not as in the loop as we think she is or as she thinks she is.


Grace: You think that's where Nikki was coming from? With all this crazy talk, she was just trying to freak me out?

Cameron: You said she was messing with you, right?

Grace: Big time.

Cameron: Maybe she's trying to get back at you for accusing Sharon of being responsible for my disappearing..

Grace: Oh, there is no doubt she'd like to stick it to me, try to get me to leave town and never come back, but to start in about a dead body, insinuating that...

Cameron: That you what?

Grace: Cameron, you should have heard her. The way she was taunting me. Nikki was practically accusing me of murder.

Cameron: Come on, Grace. Look, I think we both know who's feeding her this garbage.

Grace: Sharon.

Cameron: Yeah, where else would she get these crazy ideas?

Grace: I just pray to God it's not because it's something you've done.

Cameron: What exactly are you accusing me of, Grace?


Jack: Okay, explain that last comment.

Diane: I didn't word it exactly right.

Jack: Are you sure?

Diane: I'm not coming on to you, Jack, honest.

Jack: Hell, I guess I should be flattered if you were.

Diane: But I know. I know. We are Kyleís mom and dad, and that's it. And that's the only connection. All I meant was that life's short, and our little boy is growing up and that's why I think that you should take this time to be with him.

Mamie: That boy-- he's in there making his own sandwich. Doesn't need me anymore.

Jack: Oh, he will always need you, Mamie, so will I.

Diane: Well, thanks. I appreciate it.

Mamie: You know I love Kyle.

Jack: Hey, Mame, how about some advice?

Mamie: About what?

Jack: Diane thinks I should get away with her and Kyle, the three of us.

Mamie: Oh?

Jack: Yeah, she thinks I'm under a bit too much stress, that I could use the break. She also thinks it would be great quality time with Kyle, and I have to say, it's awfully tempting.

Mamie: Well, I'll tell you what I think, Jack. I think your place is right here.


Jim: Fisher must have slipped the syringe out of my pocket when I wasn't looking. Next thing I knew, I felt the needle and went down like a ton of bricks.

Michael: How did he get out of the isolation room?

Jim: He must have taken my key card.

Michael: Weber, why did you have to tell Kevin that the evidence wasn't gonna hold water over the phone? You must have known how he'd react to the thought of having to go back to prison full-time.

Hank: Take it easy, Baldwin. Your brother called me. Yeah, he bragged about how clever he was faking his mental condition to get in here.

Michael: And you couldn't resist dropping your little bomb on him? Is that it?

Hank: He got smart with me. He wanted me to apologize. I told him the tru..

Michael: Where's this evidence that Neil Winters turned over? What happened?

Hank: It turned out to be bogus.

Michael: No, that private investigator had a detailed log of--

Hank: Yeah, well, when we pressed him, he admitted that he could be wrong. He wouldn't stand by his own report.

Michael: Oh, so you just threaten my brother with jail again.

Hank: There were no threats. I just told him he was still under arrest.

Michael: This private investigator--

Hank: Eddie Praether.

Michael: Yeah, him. You ever think that he might be lying?


Dru: Honey, I didn't say you let me down.

Neil: I feel like I did.

Dru: I know I fought you tooth and nail about going to the police.

Neil: Yeah, you did, but I understand. That's the Mama in you trying to protect Lily.

Dru: I was scared for our daughter and what it would do to her if she found out that Kevin Fisher was free to roam the streets again, baby.

Neil: It scares me, too. As badly as I wanted to ignore what I knew.

Dru: You just couldnít.

Neil: Not after I read Praetherís report and realized that Kevin couldn't have been the one to hurt Brittany.

Dru: Just couldn't let that boy rot, could you? Just couldn't do it. You're better than I am. I've been meaning to say that I'm sorry about some of the things I said to you.

Neil: Really? What things?

Dru: You know, about how I-- I said that you cared more about your own conscience than your own daughter.

Neil: Oh, come on now. Forget about that. Forget it. I know you were upset. Don't worry about it.

Dru: I was more than that. Baby, I would have said or done anything to keep that boy behind bars.

Neil: Let me ask you something. What--what exactly changed your mind?

Dru: When I heard Lily agree with you, that's what changed my mind.


Eddie: Listen, Paul, this isn't something I wanna discuss.

Paul: Oh, come on, Eddie. You don't have a choice. You've got to.

Eddie: Oh, boy.

Paul: You know stuff like this always blows up in your face. People lie to hide stuff they've done. People lie to stay out of trouble because they've been threatened. And you know as well as I do in our line of work, it always comes back to haunt them every damn time.

Eddie: I can't do this, Paul.

Paul: You've been threatened.

Eddie: I've got a family.

Paul: They told you to tell the cops that all the evidence regarding Kevin Fisher's whereabouts on a certain day is garbage. That's what they told you to tell them, didn't they?

Eddie: Aren't you listening to me? These are people I can't afford to mess with.

Paul: People from Bertolli Lewis' gang?

Eddie: I don't know. Could be. Big and nasty enough to be his, that's for sure.

Paul: Eddie, I know you. I know what an honest man you are.

Eddie: I used to be, anyway.

Paul: Come on. Don't let them do this to you.

Eddie: It's not just me, Paul.

Paul: No, you're right. There is an innocent man in custody right now going out of his mind because you let it happen. You can't let that stand. You're not gonna be able to live with yourself.


Nick: Look, I think it's great that you wanna pitch in around here.

Cassie: Please don't say I canít.

Nick: Cassie, it's kind of a rough neighborhood.

Cassie: I'll be careful, I promise. Lily and Sierra are volunteering, too.

Nick: Well, where are they now?

Cassie: Out back, throwing away some stuff.

Nick: (Sighs) I don't know about this.

Cassie: Please.

Nick: Okay, but there's gonna be some rules.

Cassie: Like what?

Nick: When you're here, you work, all right? There's no goofing around. And you can't come and go as you please. I don't want you doing that, especially at night. And I wanna know how you're getting here and who's taking you home, okay? Can you live with those rules?

Cassie: If I say yes, can I stay?

Nick: Well, you know, if it's okay with your mom.

Cassie: Thank you. You're the best.

Nick: All right. I'll see you later. I gotta go.

Cassie: Are you going to talk to Mom?

Nick: No. There's somebody I gotta go see first.

Cassie: What's wrong?

Nick: Nothing. See ya. Be careful.

Cassie: Okay.


Mac: Hi.

Daniel: Hi there.

Mac: I'm Mackenzie.

Daniel: Nice to meet you, Mackenzie. I'm Daniel.

Mac: So do you go to Walnut Grove with Lily?

Daniel: No, I'm not from around here. Well, I am originally. It's kind of a long story.

Mac: Why don't you tell me about it?

Daniel: I'd love to.

Mac: Great. You can do it while you're sweeping.

Daniel: (Chuckles) oh, actually, I didn't come here to work.

Mac: Then why are you here?

Daniel: I just stopped by to check the place out.

Mac: You know, we could really use the help.

Daniel: Yeah, I can see that.

Mac: So if not today, how about later this week?

Daniel: No, that won't be good either. I'll be in Switzerland.

Mac: Switzerland? Wow. Do you live there?

Daniel: I go to school there.

Mac: Hmm. That sounds exciting.

Daniel: Yeah, it does have its advantages.

Mac: Well, um, have a safe trip. I gotta go.

Daniel: Whoa. What's the rush?

Mac: I have a lot of work to do.

Daniel: So you can't spare a few minutes just to tell me a little bit about yourself?


Lily: I cannot believe how much junk is in this place.

Sierra: I know. The dumpster out back is almost full already.

Cassie: I'll mention that to my dad.

Lily: Oh, no, he knows. We ran into him outside.

Cassie: How much did he pay you to baby-sit me?

Sierra: He just wants to make sure you're safe, Cassie.

Cassie: He's always treating me like I'm a little kid.

Lily: Well, he has a point. This neighborhood is kind of sketchy.

Cassie: What did you say to him?

Lily: We told him he has nothing to worry about and Sierra and I would take good care of you. You'll be like our little sister.

Cassie: Right, just what I always wanted.

Lily: Relax, I'm just joking.

Sierra: So, um, what do you guys wanna do next?

Cassie: You could help me by sweeping.

Lily: Okay. Do you know where there are a couple more brooms around?

Cassie: I don't know. Um, let me see.

Lily: Um, excuse me. Where can I find the brooms?

Devon: How the heck should I know?

Lily: Um, do you know who I can ask?

Devon: Maybe Jamal.

Lily: Okay, where's he?

Devon: Beats me.

Lily: What's your name?

Devon: Who wants to know?

Lily: Uh, I'm Lily, and that's Sierra and Cassie.

Devon: Devon.

Lily: Nice to meet you, Devon. Where do you go to school?

Devon: Where do you go?

Lily: Walnut Grove.

Devon: I go to Parker Academy.

Lily: Really? I know a girl who goes there.

Devon: Oh, yeah?

Lily: Yeah. Maybe you know her-- Larrison Campbell?

Devon: Oh, yeah, yeah, sure.

Lily: Yeah. So you have to do community service at Parker, too?

Devon: What?

Lily: Well, that's why we're here.

Sierra: Yeah, we have to do volunteer work here over the summer.

Lily: Yeah, which I'm starting to think might be fun. You know, do something for the kids in this neighborhood. Must be a tough place to grow up.

Devon: Yeah, well, I gotta go, all right?

Lily: Okay.

Sierra: Bye.

Lily: Uh, nice meeting you.


Nikki: You know I have a low opinion of Grace, but do you think that she would associate with somebody capable of rape and murder?

Sharon: Well, come on, Nikki. She's not some innocent girl who got duped into this. She obviously knew that Cameron was faking his death, and it's clear that she was helping him to drive me crazy.

Nikki: Yeah, but would she actually kill somebody just so they could have a body?

Sharon: Maybe they found it somewhere else.

Nikki: Yeah, but she still would've known about it. This was news to her, I'm certain of it.

Sharon: I admit it's an intriguing possibility, and if anyone could keep a secret from Grace, it'd be Cameron.

Nikki: But...?

Sharon: But it's just so hard to believe.

Nikki: Like the rest of the story isn't?

Sharon: True. But why would Cameron double-cross Grace?

Nikki: Oh, come on. You know the answer to that.

Sharon: So how do we prove it?

Nikki: I don't know, but there has to be a way. Eventually, somebody's gonna crack.


Grace: I'm not accusing you of anything, sweetheart.

Cameron: Well, good, because what could I possibly have done to make Sharonís mother-in-law start talking about dead bodies?

Grace: I don't know! I don't understand any of this.

Cameron: Well, so what? So what? You're just wondering out loud whether I'm a grave robber, I'm a murderer, what?

Grace: Cameron, stop. No. I don't think that. The words came out wrong.

Cameron: Did they?

Grace: I'm sorry, baby. Don't be mad at me. All I meant was is it-- is it possible you could have said something or done something?

Cameron: That Sharon or Nikki misinterpreted?

Grace: Perhaps.

Cameron: What do you really wanna ask me, Grace?

Grace: Look, don't get bent out of shape, okay?

Cameron: Uh-huh.

Grace: But something must have happened for Nikki to hit me with this out of the blue. Did you decide to... get creative with our plan again without telling me?


Daniel: No way. I mean, I can't believe that you lived on an actual Indian reservation.

Mac: Why is that so hard to believe?

Daniel: I just didn't know that people could do that.

Mac: Yeah, it was the most interesting experience of my life.

Daniel: So why didn't you stay?

Mac: I missed my grandma and my friends.

Daniel: Okay, let me get this straight. You left the reservation to come back home, and the first thing you do is volunteer to work here?

Mac: What's wrong with that?

Daniel: Nothing, I guess. I just figured that, you know, some kids would wanna take some time off, relax and enjoy their summer.

Mac: I'll have time for that.

Daniel: Still, I couldn't handle being cooped up in a place like this.

Mac: Well, it won't be all work. I'll meet a lot of interesting people.

Daniel: If you say so.

Mac: I've already met you, haven't I? I gotta get back to work. I'm gonna leave this here just in case you change your mind.


Victor: You sure you can lift that?

Sierra and Cassie: Yeah.

Victor: Yeah? I'll help you with that in a minute.

Cassie: Okay.

Victor: Hey, Devon. Good to see you again. I didn't think you would be back.

Devon: Okay, well, they made me come back here.

Victor: Oh, really? Well, I'm glad they did, because that way I can thank you for the work you did yesterday.

Devon: It's no big deal.

Victor: You know, everyone was very impressed with what you did, told me that you worked very hard. So you have reason to be proud of yourself.

Devon: Whatever, man.

Victor: Would you like to tackle another project, or...?

Devon: No, you know, I don't really feel like it.

Victor: I see. Don't really feel like it, huh?

Devon: No.

Victor: Then what do you feel like doing?

Devon: Sitting, actually. Is that all right with you?

Victor: Oh, really? Just sitting on your duff like that? As a matter of fact, that is not all right with me.

Devon: Well, you can't make me work.

Victor: (Chuckles) that's right, son. But I can make you leave. Because no one is gonna sit on their duff around here without doing anything.

Devon: Oh.

Victor: Okay?

Devon: What happens if I don't do anything, huh? What's gonna happen then?

Victor: Sonny boy, don't try to play tough with me, okay? That's a very bad idea. You're a good kid. You did a great job yesterday. So why don't you tackle another project, all right?


Diane: Mamie, you have to realize that what I'm proposing would be good for Jack, and it would be good for Kyle also.

Mamie: And it's not good for you.

Diane: Oh, come on. Jack knows I'm not trying to weave my web over him, but have you seen him? He's worn out.

Jack: Okay, Mame, explain yourself. Why is it you don't think I should be leaving town?

Mamie: Jack, it's true you're under pressure, but I know you, and I know you don't run from your responsibilities.

Diane: This whole Jabot mess will still be here when we get back.

Mamie: Jack, you asked what I think, and I told you.

Diane: (Scoffs)

Jack: Thanks, Mame. Don't get mad at Mamie. She's right.

Diane: Oh, come on.

Jack: Listen, I know I need more time with Kyle. I will work on that, okay? I can't leave town right now. Too many people are counting on me to pull this company through.

Diane: Why does it have to be you? It's always you. Isn't there anybody else?

Jack: Because I'm C.E.O. of the company, Diane. I can't turn my back in the middle of a crisis.

Diane: Even if your son needs you?

Jack: Please don't do this. I told you I will work on that, okay? (Cell phone rings)

Jack: Yeah, Jennifer. Yeah, absolutely. Put him through. This is a very important call. Would you tell Kyle I love him? I will see him tomorrow. We can work that out, yes?

Diane: Fine, Jack. Your son can wait.

Jack: Guten tag, dieter. Yeah. Yeah. Have you seen the exchange rates? They're killing us. Can we delay this a bit?


Neil: That daughter of ours is really something, isn't she?

Dru: Mm, showing signs of maturity.

Neil: We must be doing something right.

Dru: I could learn a thing or two from you and Lily.

Neil: Hey. I have faith in you. I knew you'd see the light eventually once you had a chance to think about things.

Dru: I can't believe I was so filled with hatred that I would actually break the law, Neil, obstruct justice, withhold evidence.

Neil: Hey, baby, hate is poison. It does weird things to people.

Dru: Apparently not to you.

Neil: Well, come on. Don't make me out to be a superhero. I just followed my heart. I did what I thought was morally right.

Dru: Baby, it took courage to believe in what you believed in, even in the face of your daughter threatening never to talk to you again.

Neil: Yeah, but, Drucilla, can I tell you that it took an awful long time just for me to get to that point?

Dru: That's because your daughter's happiness was attached to it, Neil. Any parent would have hesitated.

Neil: Maybe.

Dru: Maybe? Maybe nothing. I know a lot of parents that would have destroyed that evidence in a heartbeat.

Neil: Baby, the best thing to come out of this-- I feel that we are closer now to Lily than ever before.

Dru: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Neil: Yeah, you know that's right.

Dru: Mm-hmm.

Neil: I'm just thinking about Kevin Fisher and when he's gonna be released, though.

Dru: Why? What's wrong? You worried about something?

Neil: Yeah, a little bit.

Dru: Baby, you said yourself that Kevin Fisher wouldn't go anywhere near Lily.

Neil: I can't imagine he'd do anything to risk his freedom, but--

Dru: Well, neither can I. So what's done is done, plain and simple, and I am proud of you.

Neil: I just pray that we can live with the consequences.


Eddie: It's easy for you to say, "go ahead, be honest. Do the right thing."

Paul: Hey, I know it's tough. I'm really glad I'm not in your shoes.

Eddie: Follow some kid around for a few days, and it turns into this.

Paul: Yeah, well, unfortunately, it happens sometimes, but you know it's not going away.

Eddie: You're going straight to Hank Weber with this, aren't you?

Paul: What do you think, Eddie? I've got to. And he's gonna come right back at you with a lot of questions. You know, I suppose you could lie to him again. You don't wanna do that. You've got a bad taste in your mouth already.

Eddie: I'd have to relocate, pull up stakes, abandon my business.

Paul: You don't know that. We'll have to wait and see what Weber thinks.

Eddie: I can't do it.

Paul: You've got to, Eddie.

Eddie: Paul, please... if this kid is innocent, isn't there some other way to exonerate him?

Paul: Oh, come on. You think I'd be coming here, making your life miserable if there were?

Eddie: You really are making things very tough for me.

Paul: Am I?

Eddie: Okay. I know l'll feel better about myself, but damn.

Paul: You're doing the right thing. You know you are.

Eddie: I sure hope you're right.


Hank: There's no reason to think Eddie Praether was lying. Now the bartender at Marsino's saw your brother there the day the Hodges girl got hurt.

Michael: Hank, Hank, hank, you're taking the word of a mob flunkie?

Hank: You're forgetting that we searched Kevinís apartment and found physical evidence that connected him to the crime.

Michael: Circumstantial evidence that might well have been planted.

Hank: Look, Baldwin, the very fact that your brother attacked an orderly and fled an isolation room is proof.

Michael: Oh, proof of what? Proof of nothing. Proof that you scared the hell out of him.

Nurse: Detective?

Hank: Yes, ma'am?

Nurse: My staff has been assisting your men with the search. We have covered every floor, every room and closet, even the grounds outside, and there is no sign of Mr. Fisher anywhere, sir.

Hank: Keep looking. He could still be in the building. Thank you.

Michael: Well, I'm taking off.

Hank: Where are you going, Mr. Baldwin?

Michael: What difference does it make?

Hank: You're not going anywhere. I want you to stay right here.

Michael: Why?

Hank: We haven't finished talking yet.

Michael: About what?

Hank: Kevin Fisher. See, I think you know exactly where he's gone.


Cameron: Boy. You don't have a whole lot of faith in me, do you?

Grace: Honey, I don't wanna fight. It was just so unnerving. Of all the things that Nikki could come up with to try to get to me--

Cameron: Come on. Consider the source, Grace.

Grace: You mean Sharon.

Cameron: Yeah, Sharon. She's not exactly the world's most stable person these days. It just goes to show what a good job you did on her. I think we, uh, I think we actually exceeded our expectations.

Grace: I-I suppose that makes sense.

Cameron: Are you kidding? Gracie, Sharon has gone off the deep end, and why wouldn't she? I mean, think about it. She was haunted by us for weeks. We're talking about a woman who actually believes that she is being stalked by a dead man or at least having some very vivid hallucinations. So is it really that much of a stretch for her to come up with something like this? Nobody believes anything she has to say.

Grace: Nikki sure seems to.

Cameron: You know what? Those people are so clannish. What would you expect? Trust me. The only thing you need to know here is I got nothing to do with no dead bodies floating around Genoa City. You believe me, don't you?

Grace: I want to.

Cameron: Grace, you can't let these people shake you up like this. You're stronger than that. Say you believe me. Say you believe me. Say you believe me.

Grace: Of course I do, Cameron. God, baby, I love you so much.

Cameron: I love you, too.


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Woman: Then teach him.

Phyllis: I'm the only real family that Daniel has.

J.T.: You know what, Romalotti? I don't like you.

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