Friday Y&R Transcript 6/4/04

Y&R Transcript Friday 6/4/04--Canada; Monday 6/7/04--U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Sharon: Grace Turner-- a woman who despises me. You wonder if it was all her idea in the first place.

Nick: So what, she dragged Cameron into this, kicking and screaming? I don't think so.

Nikki: Everything we know points to Grace being part of the plot.

Nick: I can't argue with that.


Cameron: That wouldn't be good for us, Grace, not at all.

Grace: You mean if Michael figured out you and I were in this together?

Cameron: Yeah, yeah. I'm sure he'd buy Sharonís version of the events over ours.

Grace: Her version of events makes her sound like a head case, which she is thanks to our hard work.

Cameron: I really thought you were sharper than this. I truly did.


Nikki: Grace is up to her ears in Cameronís scheme. I would bet my last dollar on it.

Sharon: Nicholas, if you think we should go to the police...

Nick: No, Sharon, you have done some pretty crazy things.

Nikki: That's right, and a lot of them would be considered criminal.

Sharon: Well, at least it's not murder.

Nick: It never was murder, Sharon. That sicko was trying to rape you.

Nikki: You know what, Nicholas? I don't think now is a good time to go to the police.

Nick: You're right. It's too risky. There's too many unanswered questions.

Sharon: Well, we have to do something. We can't go on like this.

Nikki: I agree. We have to do something. I'll see you kids later.

Sharon: Nick, please, promise me you won't do anything you'll regret.


Raul: What do you mean, I have to get Brittany out of town?

Bobby: What part don't you understand? I said some bad stuff is coming down, and I need her away from here. Somewhere where nobody can find her.

Raul: Whoa, whoa. Hey, Marsino, this sounds like something the cops should be handling.

Bobby: No, no cops. We deal with this on our own.

Raul: "We," what, you and me?

Bobby: No.

Raul: Are you talking about the mafia or something?

Bobby: No.

Raul: Who then?

Bobby: People I know. People that may have hurt Brittany.

Raul: You know who did that? You take me.

Bobby: Just calm down. I don't know who it is, not yet.

Raul: What about Kevin Fisher?

Bobby: It wasn't Kevin Fisher.

Raul: How do you know that exactly?

Bobby: Paul Williams told me. Don't ask me so many questions. Just do what I ask you to.

Raul: It doesn't work that way with me, all right, Marsino?

Bobby: Why you gotta be so difficult? It's not like I go ringing the alarm bell every day for no reason. Now I got an emergency, and I need Brittany out of town for a couple days. Can't you just do that?

Raul: All right, listen, you promise me, if you find out who set up Brittany to be burned, you're not gonna let him get away with it.

Bobby: You don't worry about that, okay? I don't know who the players are yet, but I got a pretty good idea how to find out, but I don't need Brittany around somewhere where they could--

Raul: What, someone threatening to hurt her, just to get you to lay off?

Bobby: Something like that. Now I'm begging you. Let me take care of this. If I get hurt, that's my problem, but I need you to make sure she's safe.

Brittany: Why are you two yelling?

Raul: Babe, Bobby wants me to take you out of town for awhile. And I think we should do it.

Brittany: What? I don't want to go anywhere. What are you talking about?

Bobby: I gotta take care of some business, and I can't have you around here.

Raul: Bobby's gonna deal with whoever did that to you.

Brittany: It was someone you know?

Bobby: That's what I'm trying to find out.

Brittany: (Sighs) okay, but--but, Bobby...

Bobby: Listen, can you give us a couple seconds together?

Raul: Yeah. There's a couple quick things I need to take care of before I can go anywhere. (Door closes)


Sierra: Hello! What are you reading?

Daniel: It doesn't matter 'cause you won't understand.

Lily: All right, guys. Shh! Hey, hey! Listen, shh! I think this calls for a toast.

Cassie: Really?

Lily: Yes. To the start of summer vacation. And I can I just say-- it is about time.

Sierra: Whew, yeah, I will drink to that.

Cassie: Me too.

Daniel: Cheers.

Sierra: So do you have any plans for the summer, Cassie?

Cassie: No, not really.

Lily: Yes, you do.

Cassie: I do?

Lily: Yes, did you forget that Walnut Grove is making us do volunteer work before we go back in the fall?

Sierra: Oh, that's right.

Lily: It won't be so bad, you guys. We can do something together.

Sierra: Yeah.

Cassie: Oh, my dad and grandfather are turning this old building into a new rec center for kids. Maybe we can volunteer there and, you know, get credit for school.

Sierra: Yeah.

Lily: That's a really good idea, Cassie. What do you think, Daniel?

Daniel: Hmm?

Lily: Do you want to do some volunteer work with us?

Daniel: No, thanks.

Lily: Why not? What, you don't enjoy helping people?

Daniel: I love it. I'm just gonna be leaving in a couple days.

Sierra: Where are you going?

Daniel: Back home to Switzerland.


Kevin: (Thinking)

Weber must be messing with my head. Mikey swore they had new evidence. But if it didn't check out, I'm screwed. They'll send me back to jail. I can't go back. I'd rather die first.


But what can I do? I admitted I was faking it to get in here. They'll never believe me if I pull something like that again.

Man: Where you going, Stumpy?

Stumpy: Kevin-- he looks upset.

Stumpy: W-what's wrong, Kev?

Kevin: Wrong? Everything's wrong, man. They're out to get me.

Stumpy: Who?

Kevin: All of 'em.

Stumpy: The doctors? The nurses? Who?

Kevin: Every frickin' creep in the world, that's who. Nobody knows what it's like constantly being harassed and persecuted. What are you all looking at? Back off! Leave me alone! I said back off!

Stumpy: Just watch some TV.

Kevin: Leave me alone! Leave me alone!

Men: (Screaming)


Brad: Hey, where are the kids?

Jack: Hey. They were swimming here for quite awhile, had a good old time. Mamie has them upstairs, drying off and getting dressed.

Brad: I'm sorry I missed all the fun.

Jack: So listen, how are things going on the Abby front? Did you take my good advice?

Brad: I'm looking for a mental health professional who sees things the way I do, if that's what you mean.

Jack: Someone who will tell the world your daughter does not need Victor Newman in her life, whether he donated D.N.A. or not.

Brad: I can't believe I'm having to fight for my own child, Jack. Every time I hold her, I realize it could be the last time things will be the way they've always been-- just Daddy and his little girl. Nothing strange, nothing complicated. Everything just as it should be.

Jack: You don't give up, right?

Brad: Never. You can take that to the bank.

Jack: And if you need help, you ask for it.

Brad: Thanks, Jack.

Jack: Meanwhile, did you see these exchange rates this morning?

Brad: Yeah, sure did.

Jack: Oh, gotta get a break somewhere.

Brad: Even that might not help. These contracts have to be signed, Jack, now.

Jack: Yeah, I'd better get these people on the phone.

Brad: Can't stall the Europeans forever.

Jack: I will worry about finances. That's my department.

Diane: And why is that, Jack? Why do you have to be the one that worries about everything?


Nick: You're telling me not to do anything I'll regret?

Sharon: So the police are out.

Nick: It's too dangerous. I won't put you at risk.

Sharon: But, Nick, if you confront Cameron, God only knows what he'll do.

Nick: I hear ya.

Sharon: No, he is a very violent man, and if he feels that you're a threat to him...

Nick: Yeah, well, when I think about what he has done to you...

Sharon: Nick, I'm so sorry I caused all this.

Nick: Being sorry isn't gonna get us anywhere.

Sharon: So what are you gonna do?

Nick: We can't be at his mercy. We gotta get out from under his thumb.

Sharon: Gosh, I could just strangle Grace for this.

Nick: Grace isn't the problem. I can deal with Grace, but Kirsten is a whole other story.

Sharon: Well, I still feel like she's responsible for a lot of this.

Nick: Well, you've gotta get past that. Worrying about Grace isn't gonna accomplish anything.

Sharon: Nick, I'm scared. I mean, you say that a lot of this is all about me.

Nick: Well, Cameronís a scary guy, but I'm gonna get him.

Sharon: How?

Nick: I don't know, but he is going to pay for what he has done.

Sharon: What do you think he wants?

Nick: Revenge.

Sharon: You said that before, but revenge for what?

Nick: You did a hell of a number on him.

Sharon: Oh, I did a number on him?

Nick: You took away his control. Guys like Kirsten don't like to lose control. Now he wants to make you pay for that.

Sharon: I feel like I've paid and paid and paid, but he just wants more.

Nick: This whole thing is about keeping secrets and not trusting me. I wish you had just come to me when Cameron first showed up in town.

Sharon: I wish that, too. You don't know how much I wish that.

Nick: You were afraid. And that's my fault, but, Sharon, you can trust me. You put this in my hands, and I will take care of it.


Nikki: Well, I thought I'd find you here.

Grace: Nikki, no, just go away.

Nikki: What's the matter? Don't you want to talk to me?

Grace: Because our last conversation was so edifying?

Nikki: I thought so. I learned a lot.

Grace: You may think you did, but I'm really not in the mood to talk today.

Nikki: That's too bad, because I was looking forward to asking you how things are going with Cameron.

Grace: They're going fine, Nikki.

Nikki: It doesn't sound like it. In fact, it sounds like things are going just exactly how I would expect them to be if I were in your position.

Grace: And what position is that?

Nikki: You haven't realized this yet? Grace, you're in deep trouble. We know what you and Cameron have been up to.


Lily: So what are you gonna do when you get to Switzerland?

Daniel: Relax until summer school starts.

Sierra: But won't you get lonely all by yourself?

Daniel: If I do, I'll just hop on a train and go visit one of my friends.

Cassie: Well, that sounds really cool-- riding a train around Europe.

Daniel: It's okay. Not as much fun as you'll be having-- painting walls, sweeping floors, pounding nails. It really doesn't get much better than that.

Lily: Yeah. It wouldn't kill you to do a little work.

Daniel: Actually, I think it might.

Lily: Oh, really?

Cassie: So what is this book that I wouldn't understand?

Lily: There's J.T. I'll be right back.

Daniel: It's "The Prince" by Machiavelli.

Lily: Hey.

J.T.: Hey, Lily. How's it going?

Lily: Not bad. I talked to Colleen last night.

J.T.: How is she?

Lily: She's good. She's really good. She misses you.

J.T.: Did she say that?

Lily: Well, she didn't have to. She's my best friend. I can read her mind.

Lily: Hey, why don't you come and sit with us?

J.T.: No, it's all right.

Lily: Oh, come on. I promise we won't bite. Just come.

J.T.: All right. Hi, Sierra.

Sierra: Hi, J.T.

Lily: You know Cassie, right?

J.T.: Yeah, sure. Hey, Cass, how are ya?

Cassie: Good.

Lily: And this is Daniel Romalotti.

J.T.: Romalotti. You any relation to, uh...

Daniel: Yeah, he's my dad.

Lily: This is J.T.

Daniel: Oh, right. You're the singer.

J.T.: Yeah, well, that's debatable.

Lily: Oh, stop it. Yes, he is a singer, and he is amazing.

Daniel: I heard about you and your girlfriend.

J.T.: You know Colleen?

Daniel: Not really, but we talked a couple of times. So you broke up.

J.T.: Yeah, pretty much.

Daniel: That's too bad, not that I'm really surprised.


Brittany: I want to know what's going on.

Bobby: It's possible that some of the people that invest in my club had something to do with you getting hurt.

Brittany: Not Kevin Fisher?

Bobby: I think the kid's a little out there, but the more I think about it, no.

Brittany: So what are you going to do?

Bobby: What am I gonna do? I'm gonna see that whoever did this to you pays for it.

Brittany: Bobby, more violence is not the answer. You could get in trouble.

Bobby: Just let me take care of it, please.

Brittany: If whatever you're going to do is so dangerous that I have to leave town...

Bobby: Oh, and you got such important stuff to do that you can't leave town for a couple days? Listen, I'll pay for everything--the car, hotel, whatever it is you need.

Brittany: I don't care about that. I donít want you to get in a situation where you could get hurt or arrested or--

Bobby: Don't worry about me. I know what I'm doing.

Brittany: Yeah, but what if--

Bobby: No, no, don't "what if" me, okay? I can't live another day knowing that whoever did this to you is enjoying his life. Just let me take care of this.


Men: (Moaning)

Kevin: Why me? Why? Why?

Nurse: Before he hurts himself.

Man: Kevin.

Man #2: Easy, pal, easy.

Nurse: What's wrong, Mr. Fisher?

Kevin: Leave me alone.

Man #3: What set him off?

Nurse: I don't know. He was fine earlier.

Man #2: What's his name?

Nurse: Kevin Fisher.

Man #2: Its okay, Kevin. Nobody's gonna hurt you.

Kevin: I don't wanna die. I don't wanna die. They're gonna kill me.

Man #2: No, you're not gonna die, Kevin, okay? You're safe here, buddy.

Kevin: (Panting) I need air. I can't breathe.

Men: (Screaming)

Nurse: Sedate him, Jimmy! Hurry!

Kevin: You don't understand. You don't understand. They're gonna kill me.

Man #3: Nobody-- nobody's gonna kill you, kid. We promise.

Jimmy: We're just trying to help you, Kevin, okay? Let me give you something to make you feel better.


Michael: This is Michael Baldwin. I realize this is the second message I've left you, but I'm very anxious to hear back from you. You've had time to check out Eddie Praether's records, enough time considering that an innocent man is being held in custody waiting for your orders to release him. (Doorbell rings)

Michael: You've got my number. Call me. Thank you. (Knock on door)

Michael: Hello.

Lauren: Michael, what the hell happened?

Michael: I don't know. What?

Lauren: You told Kevin he was being released because of some sort of evidence that surfaced, and not just out on bail, but free for good.

Michael: Yeah, Lauren, I know what I told Kevin.

Lauren: So he decides to call Detective Weber.

Michael: Oh, great.

Lauren: Yeah, rubs his nose in it.

Michael: Well, you know what? Weber deserves it. I've been telling that mental deficient for weeks that Kevin had nothing to do with burning Brittany Hodges. Does he listen to me? No, he has to go by the book. He's had it in for my brother since day one. If he has to eat a little crow meantime, I'll give him a fork and a knife and a fine wine.

Lauren: Michael, Michael, Michael, shut up. The evidence is no good. And now Kevin is more screwed than he was before.


Jimmy: Okay, people. Okay, show's over. Back up. Give him room to breathe.

Stumpy: Is he gonna be okay?

Nurse: He'll be fine, Stumpy. Don't you worry.

Stumpy: He's my friend.

Jimmy: His pulse is steady. He just fainted.

Nurse: Take him to isolation. I'll alert the staff psychiatrist.

Jimmy: Still want me to give him that injection?

Nurse: Well, let's wait and see what he's like when he wakes up.

Jimmy: All right.

Man: Need any help, Jim?

Jimmy: No, it's no sweat. This kid's as light as a feather.

Man #2: Bye, Kevin.


Nick: I love you.

Sharon: I love you.

Nick: So what is Kirstenís plan? What is he after? He's had his fun, pushing you to the ragged edge. But I think there's something more.

Sharon: Yeah, me, too. That's what scares me.

Nick: Look, you have been living in fear way too long.

Nick: I mean it... you gotta trust me now.

Sharon: I do, Nick, with my life.

Nick: I'm gonna handle this. I want you to stay out of it, you got that? The same goes for my mother. I don't want any outside interference.


Grace: What are you talking about?

Nikki: You know what I'm talking about. You know, I've actually met somebody more despicable than you?

Grace: Who--Cameron?

Nikki: Who else? He abandons you for another woman, he makes you believe he was murdered, and then he doesn't even have the decency to let you know he's decided to come back from the dead. I think you're being awfully tolerant.

Grace: Extenuating circumstances, Nikki. You wouldn't understand.

Nikki: You are right about that. I don't understand what you see in him. He's evil.

Grace: Hardly.

Nikki: Do you have another word to describe what he's done to my family?

Grace: He hasn't done anything.

Nikki: Nothing that you'll admit.

Grace: Nikki, enough. Now I see what you're doing, and it's not gonna work. Now unless you have something specific to tell me, you can just leave.

Nikki: Something specific-- now let me see. Something like proof that we know that you and Cameron have been in cahoots from the beginning?

Grace: Get over it. He was away. I-I don't even know where.

Nikki: I find that very hard to believe.

Grace: Well, it's the truth. And I have no knowledge of all these evil deeds you keep talking about.

Nikki: Mm-hmm. Well, then I guess you don't know anything about the dead body either?

Grace: What?

Nikki: You heard me. The dead body.

Grace: You're starting to sound as crazy as Sharon.

Nikki: Grace, why are you so rattled?

Grace: Because you're frightening me. You can't just throw around unfounded accusations like that.

Nikki: That didn't stop you from accusing Sharon.

Grace: That's when I thought Cameron was dead.

Nikki: You see, there had to be a body, Grace. There had to be something for the police to find.

Grace: Nikki, Cameronís alive. There is no body. He isn't dead!

Nikki: Who is?

Grace: No one. You're not making sense.

Nikki: You don't know Cameron as well as you think you do.

Grace: What's that supposed to mean?

Nikki: You better be careful, 'cause you're in deeper than you know. A lot deeper.


Brittany: What if this doesn't turn out the way you want it to?

Bobby: Why wouldn't it?

Brittany: I don't know, because you're dealing with bad people, dangerous people.

Bobby: Listen, the kind of man that does these things to a woman, like this guy did to you, is no man that I need to be afraid of.

Brittany: But the police...

Bobby: Forget the police. They're never gonna know what happened. Well look, I came down here to get you out of harm's way, not be cross-examined by you. Don't worry about me. I can take care of myself.

Brittany: Oh, okay. I won't worry, then.

Bobby: Aw, come on, Britt, donít.

Brittany: No, I-I mean it. You're right. You don't need me caring about what happens to you.

Bobby: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I do, I do, I do need you. But I gotta take care of this first.

Brittany: Yourself.

Bobby: Yeah. I gotta do this for you.


J.T.: Thanks. So, uh, so you're not surprised that Colleen and I broke up?

Daniel: You're off trying to become a star, and she's stuck back here? It never would've worked out.

J.T.: And, what, you're some sort of expert on relationships or something?

Daniel: I just call it like I see them.

J.T.: Is that right?

Lily: You know, why don't we talk about something else?

J.T.: How do you even know about Colleen and me anyway?

Daniel: She and her friends here told me the whole story.

J.T.: They did?

Lily: Yes, though I'm starting to wish that we hadnít.

Daniel: Well, see, there you go. I never asked to be put in the middle of this.

J.T.: Well, you know, from now on, why don't you stay out of it?

Daniel: You know, I'd be glad to.

J.T.: All right. I'm outta here.

Lily: Wait, look, I'm sorry, J.T.

J.T.: Look, don't-- don't worry about it, all right? Just, when you talk to Colleen, tell her I said hi.

Daniel: Bad idea.

J.T.: What'd you say?

Daniel: Look, man, the girl's tryin' to get over you. You should just give her some space.

J.T.: Now how the hell do you know what Colleen needs, huh?

Daniel: You should be focusing on your career and just let her go. It would be the best for both of you.

J.T.: Oh, yeah, you're just... you're just full of wisdom, aren't you?

Daniel: You know what? I know a little bit about the recording industry. People in the business never have time for anyone else. It's always about the music.

J.T.: Yeah, you know what? Spare me the sob story about how your old man was never around, all right?

Daniel: All I was trying to do was just--

J.T.: No, donít. Don't say anything else. If I want your opinion, I'm gonna ask you for it. I'm glad Colleen's not around to hear this crap.

Sierra: Well, it's a little late for that, isn't it?

J.T.: What? What, you said this stuff to Colleen?

Daniel: I thought she should hear it.

J.T.: Oh, that's great. One more person telling her we're not gonna make it. Thanks a lot, you know. That's great. I'm outta here.

Sierra: J.T.

Lily: Wait, J.T.

J.T.: No, forget it.


Brad: Good to see you, too, Diane.

Jack: Kyleís upstairs getting dressed with Abby and Mamie, and he'll be right down.

Diane: I asked you a question. Why is it Jack that always has Jabot's future on his shoulders?

Brad: Would you give it a rest? We all shoulder this burden.

Diane: But he's the one that's got that look on his face 24/7.

Jack: Wait, wait, wait, wait. What look? What hello-- I'm fine, okay?

Diane: No, you arenít. This company is tearing your guts out.

Brad: A company that you also have a huge investment in.

Diane: No, my son needs his father.

Jack: Diane, Diane, don't go there. Everything's fine. Brad and I were simply discussing foreign exchange rates, that's all.

Mamie: Look who's here, Abby.

Brad: Hey! Come here, honey.

Abby: It's Daddy!

Diane: Hi, you guys.

Jack: The swimmers.

Brad: Oh, come here. Ooh. You feel so good.

Jack: Aah.

Abby: I can dog-paddle all around the pool.

Brad: No kidding? Wow.

Kyle: Daddy, what are you reading?

Jack: Oh, oh, just a lot of boring stuff. You wouldn't like it at all.

Abby: Why are you looking at me that way, Daddy?

Brad: Hmm. I just love you so much. Don't ever forget that, okay?

Abby: You're silly. Why would I ever forget?

Brad: No reason. Wanna go home? All right. Let's go. Hey, Mamie, thanks for everything.

Mamie: Sure.

Brad: Jack, I'll talk to you later. Diane... have a nice day. Let's go.

Abby: (Laughs)

Kyle: Mommy, I'm hungry.

Diane: Okay, honey. Mamie, do you mind?

Mamie: Come on, Kyle. Let's go into the kitchen and get you something good to eat.

Kyle: Do you want to come with us, Daddy?

Jack: I... you know, I'll be right up, champ.

Jack: What? Why are you looking at me that way?

Diane: I've got an idea, because something's got to change, Jack. What would you say about Tahiti?


(Electronic lock beeps)

Jimmy: Aah! Aah!


Michael: What do you mean, the evidence is no good? Of course the evidence is good. We're talking about Eddie Praether here. He's a pro.

Lauren: Don't care. Don't care about Eddie Praether, because your brother is not gonna be released. That phone call has made things so much worse, you just... you have no idea.

Michael: No, I don't, unless you tell me.

Lauren: He decided to tell Weber that he was faking insanity. He didn't feel he needed to dodge that anymore, so he tells the same cop who arrested him.

Michael: Great. That's great. Well, I just have to get over there, right? I, uh, assume that Kevin understands how boneheaded a move this was, right?

Lauren: Oh, yeah. He was practically suicidal again by the time I left.

Michael: Oh! Man, doesn't end with this kid, does it?

Lauren: No, it doesnít. So let's just go.

Michael: No, no, please. You know...

Lauren: What?

Michael: Stay here. I'll be back, I hope.

Lauren: Whó


Jack: Tahiti? What are you talking about?

Diane: You need to get away. You, me, Kyle--

Jack: Oh, no, you donít.

Diane: No, no, no, no. I'm not coming on to you, Jack. Separate rooms, no hanky-panky. Time alone with our son is all I want. I mean, it could be Tahiti or Alaska for all I care. But it's got to be now, because I'm telling you, it's going to seem like five minutes, and that boy will be going off to college.

Jack: Don't--don't do this.

Diane: Well, somebody has to. You're missing out on his life, and our son is missing out on his father.

Jack: I just sat there watching him and Abby swim for an hour.

Diane: That's right. You sat there while Mamie played with him.

Jack: Who's feeding him right now?

Diane: Mamie. Oh, come on, Jack. I'm begging you. Take some time off. Get away from this madness.

Jack: I canít.

Diane: Yes, you can.

Jack: No, I-I shouldnít. I got responsibilities.

Diane: You know what? That's right, you do. But this stuff isn't the only thing in your life. Jack, I'm not... I'm not talking to you like a major shareholder of Jabot. I'm talking to you as Kyleís mother. You need to take a break, or you're not good for anybody.

Jack: Okay, okay, stop, stop. I'm thinking about it. You happy? I'm thinking about it.


Brittany: Bobby, what exactly are you planning to do?

Bobby: Unh-unh, hold on. This isn't a war council. This is about you and me.

Brittany: War? Is that what it's going to be?

Bobby: Brittany, this is serious business. That's why I want to spend this time, just me and you.

Brittany: Wait. Is this some kind of good-bye?

Bobby: I doubt it.

Brittany: But it could be?

Bobby: Look, I don't know. Any--

Brittany: You know, this isn't working for me. Call the police. It's what they get paid to do. If you know who did this, if you've got proof...

Bobby: No, no police. And I don't know that I can prove this in a court of law, not beyond a reasonable doubt.

Brittany: So you're just gonna take the law into your own hands?

Bobby: Listen, the law is not all it's cranked up to be. It's made by people, and I'm not talking about the ones at the bottom of the pile. It's all about protecting what you got and to hell with the guy that's got nothing.

Brittany: So what's that got to do with you taking on the mob and me leaving town?

Bobby: Who said anything about the mob? All I'm saying is that there's more than one law for people to live by. And I gotta decide what's important to me, and I have a right to protect it.

Brittany: The club?

Bobby: No, not the club! You. Haven't you been hearing one word that I been saying? I'm talking about you. I wanna protect you. I want to hurt the guy at hurt you. Do you understand that?

Brittany: What are you saying?

Bobby: Oh, Brittany. What I'm saying is... look, I know that you and I, we've never made love. I mean, but since I've known you, I've been different. It's like the other day, I hear an Al Green song on the radio, and all I can do is think about you. You know that I catch myself at night watching a chick movie, and I'm gettin' emotional. Look, I was never this way before. You changed me.

Brittany: Maybe you're going through "manopause".

Bobby: Very funny. I'm spillin' my guts to you, and you're making jokes.

Brittany: No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that. You're being very sweet. I guess I just don't know how to react.

Bobby: Well, I don't have time for you to figure this out, so I'm gonna drop some hints to you.

Brittany: Go ahead.

Bobby: When you gotta say good-bye to somebody that you really care about, you have to let them know that you appreciate them.

Brittany: I don't want to say good-bye.

Bobby: All right, then I'll tell you what, let's just say good-bye and enjoy it and look forward to sayin' hello when this whole thing is over with.

Brittany: Bobby...

Bobby: What?

Brittany: Be careful.

Bobby: I'm gonna be careful. This is gonna be okay. Come here.


Sharon: Nick, whatever you do, just promise me you will be careful.

Nick: I will.

Sharon: I don't know what I'd do if anything ever happened to you.

Nick: Nothing's gonna happen to me.

Sharon: Well, I wish I could count on that, but when you say you're going after Cameron Kirsten...

Nick: Look, you've been under siege for too long. And that's gonna stop.

Sharon: No one wants that more than I do.


Grace: Cameron, they know. They know everything.

Cameron: What are you talking about?

Grace: I was at the coffeehouse, and Michael and Nikki showed up.

Cameron: Together?

Grace: No. No, first one, then the other.

Cameron: Tag team, huh?

Grace: Will you please stop muttering to yourself and listen?

Cameron: All right, what exactly is it that you think they know?


Sharon: I know. I love you so much, Nicholas. You're my whole life.

Nick: We're gonna get through this. I'm not gonna let anyone try and destroy my wife or my family. It's just not gonna happen.

Sharon: Well, I'll say it again, be careful.

Nick: Hey, careful's my middle name, isn't it?

Sharon: Not really.


Grace: Michael asked if I was back here with you on New Yearís Eve. And Nikki-- Nikki, that little witch-- she stated point blank that you and I were in cahoots all along, plotting all kinds of evil against the Newman family, against Sharon, like she was certain of it.

Cameron: Really?

Grace: Oh, Nikki was having a field day messing with me. Obviously, Sharon told her everything, and probably even Nicholas, too, for all we know!


Nick: Don't say anything about this to my father. If he finds out about it, he's just gonna try and get involved, take matters into his own hands. That's not the way you deal with Cameron Kirsten.

Sharon: You sound more and more like you have a plan.

Nick: I don't have one yet, but I will. Count on it. Count on me.

Sharon: I will, Nick. I do. I just wonder if we'll ever be able to get this horrible man out of our lives.


Cameron: Grace, you're givin' me a headache. Just--just calm down.

Grace: And then-- then she started in about a dead body! What the hell was that about?


Jimmy: What did you... what did you do...

Jimmy: Oh, my God. Help. He--help. I need help in here.

Kevin: Okay. (Electronic lock beeps)


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Paul: I mention the name Kevin Fisher and you about jump out of your skin. I think we need to talk.

Lily: Shouldn't you be packing a suitcase?

Daniel: Are you trying to get rid of me?

Michael: Where's my brother?

Jimmy: The kid shot me with a tranquilizer, and he just took off.

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