Tuesday Y&R Transcript 6/1/04

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/1/04--Canada; Wednesday 6/2/04--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Nick: Babe, if you're gonna tell me again how much you despise Cameron, you don't have to do that, all right? I already know how you feel about him.

Sharon: No, you donít. You don't begin to know.

Nick: You've made it very clear how much you don't want me to accept this man's job offer.

Sharon: And I know you're still thinking about it.

Nick: It's a great opportunity, Sharon.

Sharon: No, it isn't, Nick. It is not that at all.

Nick: Why are you so upset about this?

Sharon: I can't help it. I just-- you cannot be involved with that man.

Nick: Why, because I can't trust him?

Sharon: No. There's more, Nick there's so much more.

Nick: All right, then why don't you tell me everything?

Sharon: I don't know where to begin.

Nick: Well, it sounds to me like you have a whole lot to tell me.

Sharon: It's a really horrible story. And it's kind of unbelievable, but I want you to know that everything that I did, it all goes back to you-- how much I love you and how much I want to hang on to our family.


Grace: Cameron and I are lovers, Michael. He isn't some sort of Svengali figure.

Michael: Lovers? Is this a recent development? Oh, oops. There I go, putting my foot in it. I guess that's kind of a personal question, huh?

Cameron: Yeah. Yeah, I think so.

Grace: I didn't feel it was any of Sharonís business how deeply Cameron and I were involved.

Michael: Oh, so you just let her believe... well, hey, that's between the ladies, huh? Still, I find it fascinating. Grace has always been the type of woman... I mean, whoa. You'd better not cross her. This lady is a force to be reckoned with. And yet, you, you step out on her with an old flame to a tropical paradise for months, and she lets you get away with it. The Grace I knew, she would have had your hide.

Grace: Well, Michael, maybe you don't know me as well as you think.


Kay: (Speaking indistinctly)

Jill: What's going on?

Arthur: Jill, I'm glad you're home.

Jill: Well, whatever it is you're all so deep in conversation about, it must be something serious.

Kay: These two seem to think it is.

Esther: We're dealing with a bit of a problem, Jill. You should be a part of it.

Jill: I can just imagine.

Kay: No, I don't think you can.

Jill: You gonna tell me, or are we playing 20 questions?

Arthur: Katherine, do you want to tell her, or shall I?

Kay: Esther-- she seems to be the expert in this occasion.

Esther: Your mother hasn't taken a drink all day long, Jill. Unfortunately, she's having a very hard time fighting the urge.


Ashley: You can't fire Damon, Jack. You know why? He works for me.

Jack: Not anymore he doesnít.

Ashley: He's a brilliant chemist.

Jack: Well, then he'll have no trouble getting a new job.

Ashley: And you really want him working for one of our competitors?

Jack: Well, given his track record, I'm not concerned.

Ashley: That's unfair.

Jack: What? We just spent a fortune on his miracle hair straightener. What did we get for all that time and all that money? Nothing.

Ashley: You've known all along there were no guarantees.

Jack: Well, I thought he might come through on his own hype. He didnít. Now he's gone. I wish I had done this weeks ago.

Ashley: Dad doesn't know anything about this, does he?

Jack: That doesn't matter. I've made my decision. He's not only overpriced, he's incompetent, and today, I learned he's a thief.


Damon: Bourbon, neat.

Diane: Someone's hitting the hard stuff this evening.

Damon: Fella can't get a drink?

Diane: I was just making an observation.

Damon: Stick around. You can observe me have a few.

Diane: You're in a mood.

Damon: Mmm. Yes, love, so if you're looking for company, I'm afraid I can't help.

Diane: Rough day?

Damon: You could say that.

Diane: Did you and Phyllis have a fight?

Damon: Phyllis and I are fine.

Diane: Then what's the problem?

Damon: Diane.

Diane: It'll make you feel better if you talk about it.

Damon: No, baby, it'll make you feel better.

Diane: I'm not trying to be nosy. I just thought you might like a friend.

Damon: I lost my job.

Diane: Jack fired you?

Damon: Isn't that interesting?

Diane: What?

Damon: What would make you think this had anything to do with Jack?


 Lynne: Nice to see you again.

Chris: It has been awhile, hasn't it? Things have been crazy.

Lynne: Are you enjoying life at the D.A.'s office?

Chris: This evening more than ever before.

Lynne: Do you want to explain that?

Chris: I will, I promise, but first, I...

Lynne: Is Paul expecting you?

Chris: Not officially, but he did ask me to look into something for him.

Lynne: Let me buzz him, let him know you're here.

Chris: Okay.

Paul: I thought I heard your voice.

Lynne: Wow. Detectives have big ears.

Paul: Well, yeah, the good ones do. So do you have news for me?

Chris: I do.

Paul: Come on in.

Lynne: Hey, Chris, don't be such a stranger.

Chris: I won't be. I mean that.

Paul: So did you talk to your boss?

Chris: I did.

Paul: And how did it go?

Chris: Not so well and then very well.

Paul: Oh, well, I want to hear it all.

Chris: I told Glenn about the new evidence that may exonerate Kevin Fisher in the Brittany Hodges case.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: He's going to take the same wait-and-see stance as Detective Weber.

Paul: Uh-huh.

Chris: I then made my argument for reinstituting bond, you know, give Kevin a chance to breathe some fresh air while they look into the evidence, and I pretty much hit a brick wall.

Paul: Well, I'm sorry. I didn't want you to get into hot water. Did Glenn chew you out, or what happened?

Chris: He told me to act like a prosecutor and not a defense attorney.

Paul: Oh, well, I guess old habits die hard.

Chris: More like good habits die hard.

Paul: So at the end of the day, what?

Chris: Until that activity log checks out, I'm afraid Kevin is no better off than he was. I, on the other hand, am much better off. I feel like this huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. You're not gonna believe this. I resigned. I am no longer an assistant district attorney. What do you think about that?


Diane: I just assumed.

Damon: That Jack had me terminated? Why would you make such an assumption?

Diane: Well, it's no secret that he's been disappointed in the Tuvia line.

Damon: He told you that, did he?

Diane: Damon, I work at Jabot. I hear things.

Damon: Yeah. Well, if it were only Tuvia, I imagine I could let this rest.

Diane: You think there's something else?

Damon: Of course there is!

Damon: Jack is doing his little dance of reciprocity over me and Phyllis.

Diane: What does he care? I thought they were separated.

Damon: All I know is Jack used to be one of my biggest supporters. Then he finds out about Phyllis. Next thing I know, I'm out on my ear.

Diane: I'm sorry, Damon.

Damon: Mmm. Me, too.

Diane: Well, maybe Jack will change his mind and ask you back.

Damon: Well, I doubt it. And even if he did, I'm not so sure I'd want to return.


Ashley: I don't believe you.

Jack: You honestly think I'd make up something like this?

Ashley: Maybe Damon had a good reason to take those vials, Jack.

Jack: Yeah, maybe he did, like he was looking for the highest bidder. Those vials belong to Jabot. He broke the law. He's lucky we're not pressing charges.

Ashley: Did you even ask him?

Jack: You know, it gets worse. After he stole the vials, Dru got her hands on one of them and used it on herself. She's practically bald.

Ashley: I know.

Jack: You saw her?

Ashley: No, Olivia told me. Apparently, it's pretty bad.

Jack: Well, it could have been a hell of a lot worse.

Ashley: Well, the way Olivia sounded--

Jack: No, I'm talking for us. Do you know what a P.R. nightmare it would be if word got out that one of our products caused people to lose hair? It would kill us.

Ashley: You're overreacting.

Jack: Companies have been brought to their knees by lesser scandals. Believe me.

Ashley: Come on, Jack. A Jabot employee using an untested product on herself is not negligence. It's dru being an idiot as usual.

Jack: I don't care. He should have guarded the formula more closely.

Ashley: You're looking for any excuse just to get rid of him.

Jack: We are better off without him.

Ashley: Why don't you just admit it? This has nothing to do with Damonís job performance. This is because of his relationship with Phyllis.


Jill: Oh, Mother, that is wonderful news. You haven't touched a drop all day?

Kay: Well, that's good news for you, perhaps.

Jill: No, that is a huge step in the right direction.

Arthur: We all agree on that, Jill.

Jill: Then what is the problem?

Esther: Mrs. C. thinks that she can do this without help.

Kay: I have done it before, Esther, and I swear, I will do it again when I am ready.

Esther: Withdrawing from alcohol addiction isn't as easy as you might think.

Kay: Just a matter of willpower.

Esther: I'm sorry, but that isn't the way it works.

Jill: Oh, I suppose you have all the answers now, Esther, now that you're a, uh... whatever you are.

Esther: I'm a certified alcohol and drug counselor, Jill, or I will be once I take my exam.

Jill: Okay, then. What is your solution?

Esther: Your mother should check herself into a rehab detox unit, let experienced medical people supervise her, monitor her during her withdrawal and prescribe the proper medications.

Kay: I've been trying to tell Esther that I do not need to go into detox.

Esther: This is your best chance for success, Mrs. C. Quitting cold turkey is a miserable road to travel.

Jill: Dad, what do you think about this?

Arthur: I agree with Esther. I think Katherine needs all the help she can get.

Kay: Stop it! Stop it! Just stop it, all of you! For heaven sakes, give me some credit! If I tell you that I will quit drinking, then by God, I will quit.

Esther: When?

Kay: (Bangs table) as I've already told you, Esther, when I am good and ready.

Esther: And as I have told you--

Jill: Esther, leave her alone. She's right.

Esther: What?

Jill: This is one of the strongest women I know, and if she was able to quit 20 years ago without detox, why should she need it now?

Esther: It's a progressive disease, Jill. Besides, there have been a lot of advances in 20 years-- new techniques to treat alcoholism, new forms of therapy.

Arthur: You must understand, Katherine, professional help will smooth the way for you.

Esther: And stopping suddenly could be very dangerous.

Kay: Oh, yes, yes, Esther, I know, I know. In fact, I'm already beginning to see pink elephants on the walls.

Esther: You know, you could suffer seizures or worse.

Kay: Nonsense.

Jill: Hey, hey, hey. If Mother wants to do it, why not at least let her try? Let her try to quit on her own.

Esther: No, like I said, it doesn't work that way. If your mother isn't willing to go into detox, then I doubt that she is serious about stopping.

Arthur: Esther has a point.

Kay: When have I ever, ever claimed to be serious about stopping right this minute? I mean, this is your agenda.

Esther: I still say that--

Jill: Look, both of you, could I please have a few minutes with my mother alone? I'd like to talk to her privately.

Arthur: Okay. Come along, Esther. You can fix us both a nice cup of tea. Come on. (Sighs) we'll be in the kitchen if you need us.


Michael: I have to admit. It's been awhile.

Grace: People change.

Michael: That they do.

Grace: No, I wasn't pleased with what Cameron did.

Michael: But you're more mature now, more forgiving.

Cameron: The long and the short--I'm a lucky guy. I could have lost her, but I didn't, and I'm thankful for that.

Michael: Yeah, well, still, you have to admit what you went through wasn't just a little indiscretion. Not many couples would survive that.

Grace: We did.

Michael: Yeah, but think about everything you went through-- the terrible suffering, the fear that the man you love may be a victim of foul play, uprooting yourself from New York to come here, searching for answers. You even went to the police offering theories. And then to find out the disappearance was only a hoax...

Cameron: Let me ask you something, how is it that you know all this? You been talking to Grace?

Grace: This is the first time we've laid eyes on each other since I've been back in town.

Cameron: Mm-hmm. Where you getting your information from, Mr. Baldwin?

Michael: Michael, please.

Cameron: Where you getting your information from?

Grace: Sweetie, come on, can't you guess? He's obviously been talking to Sharon Newman.


Nick: So when Cameron came to town, you'd already met him.

Sharon: Yeah, I had met him.

Nick: When I asked you if he'd ever hit on you, you said, "no."

Sharon: I lied.

Nick: All right, tell me everything.

Sharon: When I first met Cameron Kirsten, I was in Denver.

Nick: Denver.

Sharon: During that horrible ordeal last year.

Nick: When you left your family?

Sharon: You know that was the biggest mistake I ever made, Nick.

Nick: I don't know, Sharon. The way this is going, I'm starting to wonder about that.

Sharon: Cameron picked me up in a bar, and I had had a lot to drink, but he seemed like a nice enough guy.

Nick: How would you know? You were drunk.

Sharon: Yeah, I was, Nick. I was drunk. And I felt like I was terribly alone, and I felt like I had no reason to go on living. So when this attractive man paid attention to me--

Nick: You had an affair with him? You slept with him. That's where this is going, isn't it?

Sharon: I had an encounter with him, a sexual encounter, once, once. And then afterwards, he beat me to a pulp.

Nick: This guy beat you?

Sharon: Cameron is an incredibly violent man, Nick. You would not believe what he did to me. Now look, I'm sure that you're reeling from everything I told you, and if you want me to just go--

Nick: No, you stand right there, and you tell me the rest of it, 'cause I got a feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Sharon: After what happened with Cameron, I knew that I couldn't survive on my own, and once I healed, I came back home, and I tried to make amends with you and the kids.

Nick: But this is the first I'm hearing what really happened while you were away. There's a lot more to it, isn't there? Sharon, I wonder if I even know you at all.


Jack: This has nothing to do with Phyllis.

Ashley: I don't know why, but I just don't believe you.

Jack: No, I don't like the idea of their relationship, but I told you weeks ago, I wanted him out of here.

Ashley: And I'm telling you we'd be fools not to hang on to him.

Jack: Based on what? Based on what, his performance? It's been an unmitigated disaster. His formula doesn't work. Dru's hair is falling out as we speak.

Ashley: That doesn't make him a bad chemist. Creating a new product is trial and error, but see, you wouldn't understand that because you don't work in the lab.

Jack: I understand that keeping him on the payroll would be insanity.

Ashley: Look, Jack, you know how I feel about the hair straightener. I wanted to pull the plug on it a long time ago. I didn't think it was worth the risk, and surprise, I was right, but I've read Damonís research, and it's good. I mean, it's really good, Jack. It gives us so much to build on.

Jack: Then build on it. You don't need him.

Ashley: Oh, I feel like I'm hitting my head against a wall!

Jack: Then maybe we shouldn't talk about this.

Ashley: You know who I want to talk to? Drucilla. It's bad enough that she tried that product on herself, but to bring Damon down with her--

Jack: For what it's worth, Drucilla never said a word to me.

Ashley: Then how did you hear about this?

Jack: From Diane.


Damon: Well, that is surely enough about me. How are you?

Diane: Hmm. Until you walked in, I was sitting alone at a bar. What does that tell you?

Damon: You didn't take my advice.

Diane: What, and talk to Jack? I did.

Damon: And what happened?

Diane: Well, I think we actually found some common ground.

Damon: Really?

Diane: Mm-hmm.

Damon: Good for you.

Diane: We'll see.

Damon: Then perhaps things will go your way this time.

Diane: Perhaps.

Damon: Well, I hope so. You are a beautiful, caring woman. You deserve to be happy. Here's to that. (Clinks glasses)

Diane: You know, I think I'd better go, get home to Kyle.

Damon: It's always lovely talking with you, Diane.

Diane: You, too, Damon. Good night.

Damon: Good night. Mercy me.


Paul: Aw, jeez. When I asked you to talk to Glenn, I didn't intend for you to lose your job.

Chris: I didn't lose it. I quit.

Paul: Oh, right, like thatís... you actually told Glenn Richards to take his job and shove it?

Chris: It wasn't that kind of conversation.

Paul: So he didn't hit the roof when you told him?

Chris: No, it was cordial, respectful, professional. And now I am out on the street, and you know something? It feels great! I don't have to go to an office tomorrow. I don't have to work at all!

Paul: Oh, right, like you're gonna quit practicing law.

Chris: I might.

Paul: No way!

Chris: Well, all I can say is right now I feel light as a feather, and it's wonderful. I mean, there are so many incredible opportunities out there.

Paul: Yeah, well, just promise me one thing, will you?

Chris: I know what you're gonna say, "whatever you do, don't team up with Michael Baldwin."

Paul: Well, you know, he's going to do everything he can to woo you.

Chris: Sounds kind of fun.

Paul: Oh, come on. I'm serious.

Chris: Well, don't be. Look, I wish that I could've helped Kevin, and I think it is so great how open-minded you are about him. But right now, I just... I want to enjoy my freedom. I don't want to be lectured by anyone about anything, you got it?

Paul: I got it.


Kay: Thank you for saving me from more of Estherís prattle.

Jill: Well, I could tell she was upsetting you.

Kay: Well, it's very annoying having ones personal life discussed by committee.

Jill: Especially when the committee is being led by a dimwit.

Kay: Well, no. She means well, so does Arthur. I... I just wish I had never mentioned I hadn't had a drink all day.

Jill: Why haven't you, Katherine?

Kay: Oh, I suppose to test myself, just to see how long I could go. But that didn't mean I was ready to quit forever.

Jill: But you've already gone a whole day. Surely you don't want to put yourself through that twice.

Kay: Oh, come on. Now you're beginning to sound just like them.

Jill: All right, I'm sorry. You're right. I know how hard it is to give up a crutch that you've come to depend on.

Kay: Yes, it is. But to do it surrounded by strangers is, um... is infinitely worse.

Jill: If I were you, I'd feel the same way.

Kay: I don't know. The fact that-- that Esther and Arthur were so insistent, that-- that really tells me something.

Jill: What? What does it tell you?

Kay: They have absolutely no faith in me whatsoever.


Nick: So when Cameron shows up here six months ago...

Sharon: I almost freaked when I found out that he came back into town.

Nick: Oh, I'll bet.

Sharon: Then he wanted to do this deal with you-- incredibly lucrative for Newman Enterprises and a real feather in your cap-- but it came with a price.

Nick: What?

Sharon: If I wanted my husband to succeed--

Nick: Cameron wanted something from you.

Sharon: Um, sexual favors.

Sharon: He just never got over Denver.

Nick: You said he beat you in Denver.

Sharon: He did, and it was sickening.. but I guess all he can really remember is... I can't even say it.

Nick: What, how hot you were?

Sharon: I told him that he was out of his mind and that there was no way. And I begged him to leave me alone, but he just kept coming after me.

Sharon: And he threatened me. He threatened to tell you about Denver. And then he came up with this idea for the New Yearís Eve party, that he would host it and I would help him. And you just thought it was such a great idea.

Nick: I had no idea what was really going on.

Sharon: I realize that. And I was so afraid to tell you. And so I just went along with it, and I helped him. But, Nick, if I thought I had problems then, that was just the beginning of a whole new journey to hell.


Cameron: Right, right. You mentioned that you and the Newmans are-- you're close.

Michael: Yes, the Newmans are a terrific family. Although, well, Sharon and Grace have certainly had their moments.

Grace: It certainly isn't surprising she'd find another man to confide in besides her husband.

Cameron: Hmm, just how close are you and Sharon?

Michael: We're very good friends, as I believe I mentioned earlier. And yes, Grace, Sharon did turn to me, among other people. Cameron's disappearance was terribly unnerving to that entire family.

Cameron: Well, 20-20 hindsight. If I would've known how upset everyone would be, including Grace--

Grace: Honey, honey, you don't have to apologize to Michael.

Michael: I don't believe he is.

Cameron: Just one thing I'm not getting. Why was Sharon so in need of comfort? Any particular reason?

Grace: Especially when she kept insisting over and over-- to me, at least-- that she barely knew Cameron.

Michael: Well, Sharon worked very hard on that New Yearís Eve party in order to please you, in order to please Nicholas. And then you-- poof--you disappear, cloud of smoke.

Cameron: And that, that was enough for the woman to become unhinged?

Michael: Unhinged? That's an interesting word choice.

Cameron: You're the one who's been sitting here telling us how upset she was.

Michael: Well, upset to the point of a break with reality? That's your take. Leads me to wonder, Cameron, where have you been getting your information?


Jill: The more important question is, do you have faith in yourself?

Kay: By the way, thank you for sticking up for me just now.

Jill: You should have seen your face when I told them to leave you alone.

Kay: Well, welcome surprise.

Jill: Well, I figure that I owed you one after what you said to Mackenzie.

Kay: Well, I never thought I would see the day we were defending one another. Miracles never cease.

Jill: Kind of gives me hope, you know, that maybe we could become a real mother and daughter.

Kay: That's a lovely thing to say. Thank you.

Jill: Unfortunately, until you quit drinking, Katherine, you're sabotaging our chances.

Kay: Jill, it's not that I don't want to quit.

Jill: Are you afraid that you won't be able to?

Kay: Of course not.

Jill: Please, Katherine, the truth.

Kay: Yes. Oh, Jill, I'm terrified.

Jill: And that makes you wanna drink even more, doesn't it?

Kay: Oh, I would give my right arm for a vodka right now.

Jill: But, Katherine, you do realize this desire's gonna pass eventually. You've been through this before, right?

Kay: 20 years ago.

Jill: That doesn't matter, how long.

Kay: You said I was a strong woman. Well, let me tell you something. I'm not as... strong as I used to be.

Jill: I don't believe that for one second.

Kay: Really? Look at me. I mean, do I really look like I am ready to quit? Do I? Just look at this, do I?

Jill: You can do this. I know you can do this.

Kay: You said to me before, you--you posed a question, do I have faith in myself? Well, I'm going to be honest. I have to admit, I donít. No, no, and if I fail... oh, God, I will disappoint so many people.

Jill: Katherine, look at me. If you don't try, you've already failed.

Kay: Oh.

Jill: Oh, Mother, Mother, Mother, Mother.

Kay: Oh, God.

Jill: I'm gonna sit up with you all night, okay? Or all day tomorrow, for as long as it takes.

Kay: Oh.

Jill: I believe in you, Katherine. I believe you can beat this.

Kay: Oh, oh.


Ashley: Why doesn't it surprise me that Diane factors into this somehow?

Jack: Don't get mad at her.

Ashley: What did she think, that by telling on Damon she was gonna score points with you? How pathetic can she get?

Jack: You know, I don't care what her motivation was, Ash. I'm glad she told me. At least now we know he's not only incompetent, he can't be trusted.

Ashley: Did you even give him a chance to explain himself?

Jack: I've heard plenty out of him. I don't wanna see him again.

Ashley: Well, don't count on that.

Jack: I beg your pardon?

Ashley: Well, this isn't over.

Jack: What are you gonna do?

Ashley: Well, I'm gonna ask Damon to come back to work for us.

Jack: No, you are not.

Ashley: The lab is my domain, Jack, not yours.

Jack: I am the C.E.O. of this company, Ash.

Ashley: I don't give a damn who you are. It doesn't give you the right to hand out pink slips to my staff.

Jack: You listen to me.

Ashley: No, you listen to me. You wanna go ahead and fight me on this? Okay. I wouldn't waste my time, though, 'cause you're not gonna win.

Jack: We'll just see about that.

Ashley: Yes, we will.


Chris: What was I thinking anyway?

Paul: What, when you became a prosecutor?

Chris: You know--thanks. Victor recommended me. I was flattered, of course.

Paul: Um... you don't suppose that, um... no, I'm not even gonna go there.

Chris: What?

Paul: Well, I was just thinking, maybe Victor knew this whole bribery thing was gonna come to light, and he thought it would be a good idea if he had a friendly face in the D.A.'s office.

Chris: You really think my ethics are that flexible?

Paul: No, no. That's not what I'm saying. But I do know victor newman, and he doesn't like to leave anything to chance, not if he can help it.

Chris: I should really be insulted.

Paul: No, you shouldnít. Well, I suppose if you wanna be insulted, it's your prerogative.

Chris: I'll think about it. In the meantime, I don't want to be bothered with anything remotely negative. Right now I am free, and my future is big, beautiful and blank, and I like that. There's just one thing.

Paul: What's that?

Chris: I just wish I could've gotten Glenn to lighten up on Kevin. That kid deserves a break.


Paul: Yeah, I know what you mean. Yes, Lynne, what can I do for you? He is? Tell him I'll be right out. Talk about timing. You may get your wish. Detective Weber is outside.


Cameron: Well, trust me, partner, I've been getting an earful-- Grace, Nicholas, Detective Weber and now you.

Michael: Not Sharon?

Cameron: I understand the police questioned her.

Michael: They questioned a lot of people.

Cameron: How'd she handle that?

Michael: How would you think she handled it?

Cameron: Well, Grace felt it took quite a toll on her.

Grace: I wish I had a nickel for every time I saw her on the verge of totally freaking out.

Cameron: Why would that be, Michael? Why such a strong reaction?

Michael: I would think anyone in Sharonís position would be disturbed.

Cameron: Why?

Michael: Your husband's business associate turns up missing? Hardly a pleasant way to ring in the New Year.

Cameron: Yeah. Yeah, well, I can hardly argue with that, now can I?

Michael: No. Well, I've interrupted your evening enough. Congratulations on your reunion.

Grace: Thank you.

Michael: Cameron, pleasure to meet you finally. Glad to see you back amongst the living.


Nick: So that report that I worked on all night after the New Yearís Eve party--

Sharon: That was a ruse. Cameron just used that to keep you occupied.

Nick: So he could blackmail my wife into having sex with him.

Sharon: Well, that was his intention, but that's not how it worked out.

Nick: Oh, really?

Sharon: He demanded that I meet him at this motel.

Nick: And you agreed.

Sharon: I only went there to plead with him to leave me alone.

Nick: But after what you said, why'd you think you could do that?

Sharon: I wanted to believe it. I didn't want to believe that he could truly be that evil.

Nick: But you couldn't talk him out of it? So that's where your second sexual encounter happened?

Sharon: No. He tried to rape me, and I hit him over the head with a champagne bottle, and I killed him.

Nick: What?

Sharon: I thought I killed him. I mean, there was no pulse. And I was terrified. So I wrapped him in a sheet from the bed.

Sharon: And then I dragged him out of the room and outside. I hid him behind a dumpster. It was starting to snow, so I knew the body would be covered up quickly. Then I left. I came back home, and then I just pretended like nothing ever happened.

Nick: No wonder you have been such a basket case.

Sharon: But there's more. I was afraid that the body might be discovered. But it was such a cold winter, it took a long time for the snow to melt. And then when it finally did, I realized that I had to move the body.

Nick: You moved the body?

Sharon: I thought that it might end up being connected with me somehow, and I couldn't take that chance. So I drove back over there, and I somehow got it in the trunk of my car. And then I drove and I drove, and I couldn't figure out what to do with it. All the while I was getting more and more and more terrified.

Nick: So you were driving around town with a dead body in your trunk.

Sharon: I was making one stupid mistake after another. I was getting deeper and deeper, and I just didn't know how to get out of this mess that I'd gotten myself into. I had talked to Michael Baldwin beforehand, and he told me that I just should have gone to the police when it first happened.

Nick: You confided in Baldwin, of all people?

Sharon: Well, he's a lawyer, and I thought that he might be able to help.

Nick: But you didn't follow any of his advice.

Sharon: No, I couldnít. I didn't want you to find out.

Nick: Did it ever occur to you that I could have helped you?

Sharon: I didn't want to lose you. That's all I was thinking about the whole time, and now I probably have.

Nick: Oh, Sharon, just... what about this body? What happened to it?

Sharon: It disappeared from the trunk of my car.

Nick: It disappeared, how?

Sharon: Well, I was driving, and I stopped by this bar to use the bathroom, and Larry Warton was there. He saw me, and he saw what a terrible state I was in. And so he checked out the car while I was inside, and he took the body, and he hid it without even telling me. I didn't even know what happened to the body until weeks later.

Nick: This sounds like a bad horror movie.

Nick: How am I supposed to believe any of this?

Sharon: How can you possibly imagine I would make up a story like this? Nick, I wish that it were all fiction. And Cameron would like me to believe that it is, but it's not. It is all true, every word of it.

Nick: Cameron isn't dead! He's alive.

Sharon: I know that, but there is a body. I saw it. I know where it is.

Nick: You've seen it?

Sharon: And it's unrecognizable, but it's wearing Cameronís clothes.

Nick: All right, so there's a dead man wearing Cameronís clothes. It's a body you have moved, but you don't know who it is, that's what you're telling me?

Sharon: Look, I understand if you don't believe me. And I understand if you never want to talk to me again.

Nick: Look, don't start. Don't you start with this poor Sharon act. After what I heard today, how do you expect me to feel?! What do you want me to do?!


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Michael: Hi, Kevin.

Kevin: Do we know you?

Brittany: How can I get up on stage and entertain people when I'm afraid for my life the whole time?

Nick: I'm taking a walk.

Sharon: Nick, are you leaving?

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