Monday Y&R Transcript 5/31/04

Y&R Transcript Monday 5/31/04 -- Canada, Tuesday 6/1/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Jack: Come in.

Damon: Did I make the deadline? You had said to be here within half an hour.

Jack: Close the door. Come have a seat.

Damon: I... I had assumed we would be having this conversation eventually.

Jack: You assume then that we're here to talk about Phyllis.

Damon: We're not?

Jack: How's that going? You still in the honeymoon stage?

Damon: What are you really asking?

Jack: I think it's a pretty straightforward question.

Damon: Phyllis and I are fine.

Jack: Bully for you.

Damon: I'm not sure exactly what else you'd like me to say, Jack.

Jack: I tell you what-- why don't I do the talking then?

Damon: Please. What's on your mind?

Jack: I want to talk about your job performance here at Jabot.

Damon: Then this has nothing at all to do--

Jack: Strictly professional.

Damon: All right, what about my job performance?

Jack: It's left a lot to be desired.

Damon: Since when?

Jack: After a lot of very careful thought, I feel I have no choice, Damon, but to terminate you.


Diane: Thank you.

Diane: Who invited you?

Phyllis: I should ask you the same thing.

Diane: Excuse me?

Phyllis: You went over to Damon’s and proceeded to make an idiot out of yourself.

Diane: Oh, if you say so, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Oh, I do say so. Do you like being humiliated, Diane?

Diane: No, Phyllis, but I liked my time alone with Damon.

Phyllis: While he was letting you down easy? Yeah, he told me all about your very sad attempt to seduce him.

Diane: Well, look at you, being all territorial and insecure. I wonder why.

Phyllis: Oh, my God. Are you still this delusional? It's just so sad.

Diane: Although if I had a man like Damon-- he really is something, isn't he? And oh, my God, what a kisser. I suppose if I were in your size 11 shoes, I'd be afraid of losing him, too.


Olivia: What's all this? What are you up to?

Ashley: Abby and I are putting together care packages for our troops.

Olivia: What a great way to show support.

Ashley: Yeah.

Olivia: Speaking of Abby, I presume you told Victor.

Ashley: He knows the truth, yeah.

Olivia: Well, I hope I was wrong, and he didn't hit the ceiling.

Ashley: He did at first. He wanted to take Abby away from us.

Olivia: You're kidding.

Ashley: Well, then he calmed down.

Olivia: But he still wants to be part of her life, right?

Ashley: Yeah, you're right about that, too. Brad doesn't want anything to do with it, which is why I called you. Victor agreed to let us consult with a mental health professional before we start any kind of visitation. And then I remembered that my friend just happens to be engaged to a wonderful psychiatrist, so...

Olivia: Yeah, well, um... past tense--was engaged to a wonderful psychiatrist.


Chris: (Sighs) (doorbell rings)

Chris: Glenn, thanks for coming by.

Glenn: I get a note that you need to see me, but I have to come to your house to do it. Am I missing something here? Am I the district attorney and you're the assistant district attorney, or is it the other way around, and they've just neglected to tell me about it?


Nick: Babe, what's wrong? You seem to be shaken up about something.

Sharon: I just need to get through this, what I have to say to you.

Nick: Well, take your time. It's been a heck of a day.

Sharon: Well, then maybe we should just table this.

Nick: No, no, let's talk. You said it was important.

Sharon: It is. In fact, our whole future--

Nick: Yeah, our future. Big changes happening.

Sharon: Changes?

Nick: Yeah, I, uh, did some thinking about the job Cameron offered me.

Sharon: You're gonna take it, aren't you?

Nick: I gotta be honest. When I left the house this morning, I pretty much made up my mind. I was gonna tell Dad what he could do with his big idea of me helping out with his community service.

Sharon: Nick, I really wish that you wouldn't--

Nick: Sweetheart, it's not what you think, okay? Before I even got a chance to talk to Dad, I had a talk with a remarkable young woman.

Sharon: What woman? Who? I mean, do I know her?

Nick: Cassie stopped by my office and set me straight on a few things.


Victor: Hello, Miss Davis.

Lorena: You were, uh... far away there.

Victor: Yeah. So you've come back, huh? I was just thinking of all the young people from a neighborhood like this, sons and daughters who are fighting far from their homes.

Lorena: I think about them, too. My sister has a boy over there.

Victor: Does she? How old is the boy?

Lorena: 22.

Victor: Wow.

Lorena: Well, we both have our day to get through.

Victor: We certainly do.

Lorena: You're very anxious to get started. I can tell.

Victor: I made some plans here.

Lorena: Well, you said that one of the first things this place needed was a good cleanup.

Victor: Oh, yeah. That's putting it mildly.

Lorena: Well, Mr. Newman, I brought you some help.

Victor: You did?

Lorena: Yes, I did.

Victor: All right.

Lorena: Boys, up here. Come on. Watch your step there. Come on. This is Richard... Devon and Trent. Boys, this is Mr. Newman.

Victor: Hello, gentlemen.

Richard: Hey, what are we doing here anyway?

Lorena: You are here to help clean this place up.

Trent: Why?

Lorena: Because it's a worthwhile project, and because it's a very productive way to spend your time.

Devon: Oh, I can't wait.

Lorena: Good. You're enthusiastic. Now you can either help Mr. Newman, or I'm sure the counselors over at the group home will find some other way for you to spend your valuable time this summer. All right, then. They're all yours.

Victor: Thank you, Miss Davis.

Lorena: Have a good day, boys.


Ashley: You broke up with Wesley?

Olivia: No one broke up with anyone, okay? He went to Europe for awhile, and the idea was that he was gonna see some old patients, wrap up some loose ends, and come back, but...

Ashley: I can't believe he did that to you.

Olivia: No, don't be upset with him. I think we both realized that we just kind of drifted into the relationship in the first place, but don't get me wrong. We were both devastated that we had to face the reality that it wasn't gonna work, but I'm okay. Really, I am, and I think he is, too.

Ashley: Well, I wish you'd shared some of this with me.

Olivia: You had a lot of your own stuff going on.

Ashley: But still.

Olivia: But you know what? I didn't cry on anyone's shoulder, but if I had, it would have been yours.

Ashley: You do know that I'm always here for you, right?

Olivia: I know. I know. So it just means that there's no shrink in the family anymore.

Ashley: Oh, darn.

Olivia: Yeah, but I have some names at the hospital. I can give them to you later.

Ashley: Okay.

Olivia: But the big question is, is Victor gonna agree to not see Abby if someone tells him it's in her best interest?

Ashley: Yeah, well, he said he'd listen, but whether or not he'll agree to anything if he's not pleased with it... you know Victor.

Olivia: Ash, you know, there are all kinds of alternative families.

Ashley: I know.

Olivia: Well, I don't understand. I mean, what would be so terrible about him having a role in her life?

Ashley: Well, I don't necessarily have a problem with that, either, except that Victor can't call the shots.

Olivia: Yeah, that is a problem.

Ashley: And that's what we want. I want the psychiatrist to tell Victor that he has to work with Brad and me on this. You know, he can't just come up with his own plan and then ram it down our throats.

Olivia: No, it's absolutely right. Well, you know what? I could speak to Victor and tell him.

Ashley: Well, it might come to that, but let's just see how it goes.

Olivia: You know, I should really run. I'm running behind. I decided to check in on Drucilla before I came over here. I thought she could use the support.

Ashley: Support?

Olivia: Oh, God. I feel so sorry for her. She's really suffering the consequences of yet another impulsive move. You know, I tried to tell her about product testing and about public safety concerns, but would she listen? She doesn't listen. And now she's paying the price. It's a good thing she likes hats.

Ashley: What are you talking about? Not Damon’s hair straightening product? Oh, my God, you are.


Phyllis: Oh, Diane, you'd love that, wouldn't you? As if I had reason to worry. No, Damon and I are solid.

Diane: I suppose that's why he was so charming and so receptive to me that day.

Phyllis: I'm not buying any of this garbage. Nothing happened. Nothing's going to happen.

Diane: So why are you in my face?

Phyllis: Well, I just want you to know that I'm on to your pathetic little game, and you're wasting your time.

Diane: Doing what?

Phyllis: Trying to break Damon and me up.

Diane: That's absurd.

Phyllis: If it's so absurd, why'd you make such an obvious play for him out of nowhere?

Diane: Did it ever occur to you that maybe I was trying to have a little wild, impulsive, crazy fun?

Phyllis: No, it didn't occur to me because you're not fun, and you just want to see me miserable.

Phyllis: Talk about delusional.

Phyllis: The whole thing is laughable, Diane.

Diane: Really? Then why aren't you laughing?


Damon: You're canceling my contract?

Jack: That's right.

Damon: And this has nothing to do with Phyllis?

Jack: My growing disappointment with you has everything to do with your performance in the lab.

Damon: And nothing at all to do with the woman you're divorcing. I'm sorry, Jack. I can't believe that.

Jack: I've asked payroll to draw up your last check. Your termination is effective immediately. Security will escort you down to the lab, where you can gather your personal things.

Damon: Security? Payroll, human resources. What about Ashley, my direct supervisor, or your father or Brad Carlton, anyone else on the board, for that matter? I rather think you haven't run this by any of them. Have you, Jack?


Chris: I am sorry, Glenn. It's just that there's always so much going on at the office.

Glenn: We all work under those conditions. We all get our work done.

Chris: Okay, well, you're here now. Can we talk?

Glenn: Yes. What's on your mind?

Chris: It's about the Brittany Hodges case. I don't think Kevin Fisher is our man.

Glenn: Don't tell me. Michael Baldwin has brought you some miraculous new evidence that exonerates his brother.

Chris: Glenn, please, okay, this is not about friendships or favoritism. It's about evidence. Now will you please hear me out?


Victor: So none of you guys look very interested in helping me.

Richard: I'm not.

Devon: I don't know you.

Trent: Help you what?

Victor: (Laughs) "help me what." Well, turn this crummy place into a rec center, you know?

Devon: You mean like one of them places where they try and get you to be good all the time, like, help your neighbor and stuff?

Victor: Think about basketball and boxing and maybe a swimming pool. I understand you guys play on a vacant lot around here.

Devon: Yeah, but, man, that lot is ours. You know, we like it.

Victor: This could be yours, too.

Trent: No way.

Victor: You help me turn this place into something that's good to look at, you know, something everyone is proud of, that'll give you the right to walk around the neighborhood and say that rec center's mine.

Devon: Oh, yeah. Hey, show me the deed of this place. I want to see my name on it then.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Want to see your name on it, huh? I think you just gave me an idea.

Devon: Oh, yeah, right.


Sharon: Cassie? You talked to Cassie?

Nick: Yep, and you should know she agrees with you that Dad's rec center is a good idea. She made me see that a neighborhood place like that could have made a difference in her life. When she was growing up in Madison with Millie, they were pretty much isolated.

Sharon: And what did you say to that?

Nick: There wasn't much I could say. I knew she was right.

Sharon: Wow. Well, I'm impressed. If Cassie can get a hardheaded male member of the Newman clan to change his mind...

Nick: I tell you, that little girl's got me wrapped around her finger, and she also made me realize something.

Sharon: What?

Nick: Time is passing. You know, if we don't start to count our blessings now, when will ever?

Sharon: Nick, it has been so long since I've heard you talk like that. Maybe you and your father can finally put aside some of your differences.

Nick: Well, my father has laid his cards on the table. Where family's concerned, it's all about who's the boss.

Sharon: Listen, sweetheart, if you take this offer of Cameron’s, who's gonna be your boss then? Have you thought of that? Because I have.


Cameron: If you don't like the chow, get something else.

Grace: It's not the salad.

Cameron: This veal's terrific.

Grace: So enjoy it.

Cameron: My, my, aren't we testy?

Grace: All I wanted was to get out of this boring town and go live on some beautiful island with you, and you've ruined all that. You’re stupid grandstanding, returning from the dead-- why'd you do it?

Cameron: Would you keep your voice down? We are in a public place.

Grace: Do you even care how I feel?

Cameron: Grace, come here. We are in this together, all right? But you gotta let me call the shots.

Grace: I worry about how obsessed you've become.

Cameron: I'm not obsessed. We need to make Sharon pay. When that happens, we can leave.

Grace: We've almost driven her nuts. I'm ready to bag it.

Cameron: Well, I'm not.

Grace: What's it gonna take? What, you want her carted off to a looney bin?

Cameron: Yeah, that might be a good start.


Phyllis: I would like a sparkling water with a slice of lemon, please. Thank you.

Diane: You're staying?

Phyllis: I'm parched.

Michael: Oh. Phyllis and Diane. Not a good time to be here. Hmm. Maybe I'm wrong.

Diane: You know, Phyllis, if you and Damon are so solid, then what's the problem?

Phyllis: Well, actually, the problem is yours because if Jack ever gets wind of this, you can kiss any chance that you might have had with him good-bye, and I would like to stress "might have had."

Diane: So he finds out. What do I care? You can tell him if you want to.

Phyllis: Diane, what is it about you? You have this compulsion to go after every man I'm involved with. Poor Diane, always coming in second.

Diane: Oh, okay. Okay, you've had your fun. Now why don't you just leave so I can eat in peace?

Phyllis: You know, you can keep on wearing Jack down if you want, because I've moved on, but as far as Damon is concerned, I would really back off because, you know, you don't wanna make a first-class fool out of yourself again.

Diane: Phyllis, I couldn't care less about Damon Porter. He's as useless to me as a lover as he is to Jabot as a chemist, and I'll tell you something else, he's not going to be at Jabot much longer.


Jack: I'm the C.E.O. of this company, Damon. I can hire and fire as I see fit.

Damon: Without anyone's approval, not even Ashley’s, and without reason?

Jack: This decision was based on your productivity as well as your loyalty or lack thereof.

Damon: One of us is very clearly in denial now I don't know. I could sit down and think about it. It may be me.

Jack: Damon, you were brought on board here at considerable expense because our chief chemist was away on maternity leave. During your temporary stewardship of the lab, you convinced me to get behind an experiment that has been an unmitigated disaster. And, yes, I know the latest chapter, not that you bothered to tell me about it. Shame that Dru has to pay the price.

Damon: And you've heard this from whom?

Jack: A reliable source.

Damon: Apparently, not all that reliable, Jack.

Jack: Oh, then you deny that the formula that you created did this woman bodily harm?

Damon: I never claimed this was anything more than a promising experiment that strong--

Jack: I bet your pardon. A promising experiment? As I remember, it was your magical silver bullet, the miracle hair straightener that was gonna save Jabot, revolutionize the industry. Any of this sound familiar? How many times did those words come tripping off your tongue?

Damon: I am not about to apologize for my enthusiasm.

Jack: And what about stealing from the company, you about to apologize for that?


Ashley: Dru tried the formula on herself?

Olivia: Yeah, I tried to discourage her, but she wouldn't listen.

Ashley: Well, what happened? Did it straighten her hair?

Olivia: Not exactly. Look, Ash, I thought you knew. Can we just forget that last part of the conversation?

Ashley: "Not exactly." What exactly, Liv?

Olivia: It didn't do something nice to her-- you know what? I much prefer you talk to Drucilla about this. I've gotta get back to the hospital. I will call you with those names, okay? Bye.


Nick: Babe, of course I thought about Kirsten’s offer. No one else is knocking on my door.

Sharon: Nick, you're never gonna convince me that someone with your talent and your ability has no other choice than Cameron Kirsten.

Nick: All right, just take it easy, okay? What's got you on the warpath all of a sudden? You know, maybe this will cheer you up.

Sharon: What?

Nick: Guess where I was when I called earlier.

Sharon: Where?

Nick: On the south side in front of the building that Dad's converting into a rec center.

Sharon: You drove all the way down there?

Nick: Yeah, I did better than that. I went inside.

Sharon: You saw your father?

Nick: Yeah, I did.

Sharon: And how did it go?

Nick: Pretty well, surprisingly enough. Dad seems to really want to make a difference, empower the community.

Sharon: And you didn't expect that.

Nick: I didn't think he had it in him.

Sharon: People will surprise you sometimes.

Nick: Yeah, and in this case, I was very surprised.

Sharon: Wish they could all be good surprises.


Grace: Cameron, I feel like we're throwing our lives away. We're stuck in this stupid town.

Cameron: Just a little bit longer. Don't get impatient on me.

Grace: Well, I am impatient.

Cameron: Well, I can see that.

Michael: Grace Turner. Ooh, well, well, well. It's been a long time.

Grace: Sure has. Michael Baldwin, Cameron Kirsten.

Cameron: Hey, how are you?

Michael: I know who you are. I read the newspapers.

Grace: Michael's an old friend of mine and the best lawyer in town.

Michael: An old and dear friend. You don't mind if I join you, huh?

Cameron: Well, actually, we were, uh--

Grace: How have you been, Michael?

Michael: Oh, busy, a lot going on. I won't bore you with that. But your story, Cameron, that takes the cake. Miraculous return from the dead-- you had a lot of people in this town worried. It caused a great uproar, as they say.

Cameron: I think a lot of people around here got a little too much time on their hands.

Michael: Really? That's how you feel. Because I can tell you, the Newman family-- Sharon especially-- and Nicholas, your disappearance turned their life upside down.

Cameron: Well, I'm sorry if they were worried. I guess I didn't realize how much people cared.


Glenn: And you've seen this log from the private investigator?

Chris: Hank Weber has, and I have no reason to believe that it isn't accurate or authentic.

Glenn: And it indicates that Kevin Fisher was home in his apartment the afternoon and evening of the date that Brittany Hodges was burned?

Chris: Glenn, I think we've been barking up the wrong tree, but with good reason, but now that there's this new evidence--

Glenn: Has Weber verified this?

Chris: He's in the process, but I am sure it's gonna check out.

Glenn: You can't be sure. No, let's wait till we are absolutely sure.

Chris: And you don't think we owe Mr. Fisher something?

Glenn: Christine, the police have other evidence. They didn't build their case, just pull it out of thin air against Fisher.

Chris: Given Marsino's connections, you don't think it's possible that someone there caused Brittany’s accident, then planted evidence against the least popular guy in the place--Kevin Fisher? And don't forget, the only eyewitness they have that places Kevin at the scene of the crime is the bartender and part owner of Marsino's.

Glenn: If you were a novelist that would make one heck of a story.

Chris: I am not imagining this, and that activity log is for real. Ever since Kevin was accused, on the basis of Hank Weber’s circumstantial evidence, Kevin has been arrested, incarcerated, physically threatened by inmates. He jumped bail because he was too frightened to spend another day in custody. Then he gets recaptured, he goes back to jail, he is almost beaten to death again by inmates, tries to kill himself, and now he is in a mental ward at the Genoa City Memorial Hospital awaiting a psychiatric evaluation. My God, that is a pretty rough ride for a kid who may not have committed the crime.

Glenn: Well done, counselor. Well done. Thing is, you're not his lawyer. You're the prosecutor.

Chris: Glenn, please, listen to what I'm saying.

Glenn: Do what prosecutors do, Christine. Get the source of this new information under oath. Put him in front of a grand jury if necessary. Then you bring this joker in who says he saw Fisher at Marsino's, confront him with the evidence you've developed. Put him on the spot, see what this guy has to say. Someone is messing with the facts here, Christine. It's your job to find out who. Act like a prosecutor.


Victor: You don't want your name on any deed, because if you do, then you have to pay property taxes.

Richard: Not me.

Devon: You're dreamin', man.

Trent: You can forget that.

Victor: That's right. Tell you what, though, you turn this place around, I'll put a plaque outside, put your names on it.

Trent: That's cool.

Devon: Shut up, man.

Trent: He said it was your idea.

Victor: I have an even better idea. If you guys start working now, your names will be first, before anyone else comes up here and helps out.

Devon: You know, man, you sure do talk a lot.

Victor: But I mean what I say, son. Now you are all that. You can start there. The cement blocks and all that, that needs to be taken downstairs and carried off, all right?

Richard: Why don't we just throw it out the window? It's all broken up anyway.

Victor: It might hit someone on the head. Not gonna make a good impression around here.

Devon: Sure would make a good impression on their heads, though, huh?

Victor: Smart guys, huh? All right, let's get started. All right, guys, why don't you start carting that stuff off, all right? Richard, do you think you can do it? Do you think you're strong enough?

Richard: I don't need no help. I can do it myself.

Victor: Cool.

Richard: (Coughs) oh, man, that smells.

Trent: Yeah, I don't want to get my shoes all dirty, man. These are brand-new.

Victor: Don't worry about your shoes. Just carry that stuff downstairs and put it in a dumpster. The dumpster's right next to the building, all right?

Victor: What's your problem, son?

Devon: I want to know how come you're doing this. Ain't Miss Davis your probation lady?

Victor: You're a pretty smart kid, aren't you? Yeah, she is.

Devon: What did you do?

Victor: It's a long, complicated story. It involves big business.

Devon: Did you do any jail time?

Victor: Mnh-mnh.

Devon: That's 'cause you rich. I stole a sandwich from a deli once. I had to spend three days in juvie. Three days, man.

Victor: That's harsh. Sorry to hear that. Anyway, the judge ordered me to do some community service. So I decided to take on this building, clean it up, turn it into something that the neighborhood is proud of.

Devon: Yeah, but, you know, that's your problem, not mine.

Victor: But everyone is pitching in. Look at your friends. They're already working.

Devon: You can't make me do nothing.

Victor: I know I can't, son, but when you're ready to pitch in, you go right ahead.


Phyllis: What are you talking about, Diane?

Diane: You heard me, Phyllis. Damon's days at Jabot are numbered.

Phyllis: Keep dreaming.

Diane: It's not a dream. It's a fact. You go ahead and enjoy your meal. I've lost my appetite.


Damon: If you are going to stand here, leveling accusations at me, I think you also need to tell me where you are getting your information.

Jack: Oh, then you didn't take both vials of the hair straightener out of our lab without permission? Product created with Jabot funds on Jabot time, product that belonged to Jabot. You didn't steal in here in the dark of night and stick both vials in your briefcase, only to deprive this company of--

Damon: Of what? Deprive this company of what, Jack? Something its administrators would have left there be forgotten about? What's your point?

Jack: You're fired. Consider yourself lucky you're not being prosecuted for theft.

Damon: Quite lucky indeed. Enjoy life, Jack.

Jack: Yeah, you, too. Oh, oh, but don't forget... your last paycheck.

Damon: Mail it.

Ashley: Damon, what are you doing here?

Damon: Being fired.

Ashley: What?

Damon: I was correct. He didn't consult you.

Ashley: He doesn't have my blessing on this.

Damon: Well, then I assume the two of y'all have a lot to talk about.

Jack: After he's gathered his things, escort him out of the building.

Ashley: What are you trying to pull?

Jack: Oh, then you've seen Damon.

Ashley: Yeah, I've seen Damon.

Jack: Well, then I assume you've heard the news.

Ashley: The only news, Jack, is the world of trouble you're in with me.


Glenn: Christine, please understand that I have the utmost of respect for your intelligence and your skill as a lawyer. I believe that you became a prosecutor because you thought you could make a difference and that you could learn things about the law from a fresh perspective.

Chris: And I did learn a lot, but it's been a difficult transition.

Glenn: Criminal defense-- that's another entity.

Chris: And I have to wonder if it isn't one I'm better suited to.

Glenn: Listen, Christine, I'm sorry if I've been tough on you. You know, if you want, I can lighten up your load a little bit, give you more time to adjust here.

Chris: That's not gonna do it.

Glenn: Christine, what are you saying? There's only so much I can do.

Chris: I quit.

Glenn: You what?

Chris: That's right. I quit.

Glenn: Your mind is made up?

Chris: Glenn, I am not doing you, myself or the system any good. I'm sorry. I know you put a lot of faith in me.

Glenn: Okay. You're a good lawyer, Christine. I enjoy working with you, even if it's gonna be from the opposite side of the courtroom.

Chris: Thank you.

Glenn: Well, then I've got an office to go to. We'll discuss the details of your resignation.

Chris: We will.


Grace: Michael knows the Newman family very well, Cameron.

Cameron: Really? Is it a personal relationship or professional?

Michael: Little of both. I've worked for Victor legally and otherwise, and Sharon’s a very good friend of mine.

Cameron: I see.

Michael: Which is why I'm so aware of how upset they were at your disappearance.

Cameron: You know what? I never meant to cause anyone any distress, and I'm sorry if I did. That was never my intention.

Michael: Well, I have to say I'm a little jealous of you. I mean, you have to be a pretty suave fellow to get a beautiful woman on New Year’s Eve, an old girlfriend no less, to convince her... just like that to fly away with you and stay away for months. Oh!

Cameron: It was interesting.

Michael: Huh, that's an understatement. To me, that sounds like the romantic adventure.

Cameron: Well, obviously, it didn't work out. Truth is this is the woman I care about. I never should have left her.

Grace: No, darling, you really shouldn't have.

Michael: I have to hand it to you. I mean, Grace and I have spent a lot of time together, and the woman I knew would not be able to forgive and forget, not for that. You must have some strange power or something over her. I wish I had that magic.

Cameron: I bet you do.


Sharon: So are you going to work for Cameron?

Nick: To tell you the truth, I haven't really sat down and seriously considered all the ramifications of the job offer. For one thing, we would have to move to Colorado.

Sharon: What? Nick, come on. I mean, that's not even it. The guy is a slime.

Nick: Babe, don't hold back.

Sharon: Well, you know I'm right.

Nick: He's not that awful, Sharon, and besides, if he turned that company over to me, I'd make sure it's run honestly.

Sharon: No, no. You do not want to be involved with him in any way.

Nick: Am I missing something? Because I get the feeling there's more to this than you're telling me.

Sharon: We are not moving to Colorado!

Nick: Babe, I already told you, I haven't really thought about it, much less made a decision.

Sharon: Okay, okay. No more hedging. I can help you make that decision, Nick, once and for all.

Nick: How you gonna do that?

Sharon: We've been talking about Cameron and you. Now I need to tell you about Cameron and me.


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Michael: You have to admit, what you went through wasn't just a little indiscretion.

Cameron: How is it that you know all this?

Sharon: I lied.

Ashley: The lab is my domain, Jack, not yours.

Jack: I am the C.E.O. of this company, Ash.

Ashley: I don't give a damn who you are. It doesn't give you the right to hand out pink slips to my staff.

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