Thursday Y&R Transcript 5/27/04

Y&R Transcript Thursday 5/27/04--Canada; Friday 5/28/04--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Sharon: Nick, are you home? Whose car is that out in-- (gasps) oh, my God!

Cameron: Cheers.

Sharon: Cameron, what are you doing here?

Cameron: Well, your door was unlocked, so I figured you had to be nearby. The champagne was getting a little warm, so I, you know, hope you don't mind. Where's that husband of yours anyway?

Sharon: I do mind. This is not some bus station. This is my private home.

Cameron: I can't believe Nick's not here. I would think one of the advantages of being unemployed would be hanging out at home with your beautiful wife and doing all those things you don't get to do when the office calls.


Cassie: Hey, Dad.

Nick: There's my girl. Shouldn't you be in school?

Cassie: I'm on my way.

Nick: Ah, final exams, right?

Cassie: Yup. Afraid so.

Nick: You're not nervous, are you?

Cassie: No, I'm ready. I studied half the night.

Nick: Good. Well, I'm sure you're gonna ace those babies.

Cassie: I'm gonna try.

Nick: So what are you doing here, last minute pep talk from your old man?

Cassie: Actually, I already got one from Mom.

Nk: All right. Then what's up?

Cassie: Well, if you're busy, dad, I...

Nick: I always have tee for you, sweetheart. What's on your mind?

Cassie: It's about mom.

Nick: Is there something wrong?

Cassie: No. Actually, something's right for a change.

Nick: What do you mean?

Cassie: She seemed calmer these last few days. I mean, she still looks worried about something, but at least she's not freaking out every time she hears a noise. Anyway, I was wondering...

Nick: Wondering what?

Cassie: If maybe she was seeing a doctor.


Victor: I'm sorry I'm late, Ms. Davis.

Lorena: Not half as sorry as I am.

Victor: As far as I know, I'm just a couple of minutes behind schedule.

Lorena: As a probation officer, I'm accustomed to people coming to me on my schedule, Mr. Newman.

Victor: All right, Ms. Davis. I promise it won't happen again. I have the key. Shall we?

Victor: Hmm.

Victor: There we go.

Lorena: Okay.

Victor: Doesn't look very promising now, does it?

Lorena: You're right. It doesn’t.

Victor: Let's go upstairs. Be careful.


Jack: I want his entire employee file-- contracts, sick days, expense reimbursements, everything. As soon as you can get it up here, that's when.

Brad: That didn't sound testy at all.

Jack: Yeah, well, anytime I deal with Porter, I get a little irritated.

Brad: You still planning to give the guy the boot?

Jack: What do you think?

Brad: I need your signature on these loan extensions.

Jack: Here's reason number one to want to jettison Porter. We can't afford his expensive contract. What's with you? You seem a little off your feed today.

Brad: Do I?

Jack: Yeah. What is it? Is it Newman?


Nick: I guess you're old enough. We can talk about this.

Cassie: So she is seeing someone?

Nick: Yeah. She's seeing a therapist.

Cassie: Yeah, well, it must be helping. She's acting a lot more like herself. I was really worried about her, Dad.

Nick: Yeah, I was, too.

Cassie: Even Noah noticed it. He said he's glad we're a regular family again.

Nick: Look, your mom's been under a lot of stress, and whatever it is that's been bothering her, she's taking the steps to work it out.

Cassie: I guess adults can get pretty messed up sometimes, huh?

Nick: Yeah. It's all part of growing up, having more responsibilities, and sometimes it all becomes just too much to handle.

Cassie: Well, you're not stressed out, are you, Dad?

Nick: Why do you ask?

Cassie: Well, I thought maybe you were hanging out here to avoid going to your office at Newman.

Nick:: I'm just catching up on the books. But there's something you should know.

Cassie: What?

Nick: I don't work there anymore.


Victor: It'll take quite some work to turn this place into anything halfway decent-looking.

Lorena: And a whole lot of check writing.

Victor: I don't intend to do that, Ms. Davis. I intend to work right alongside everyone.

Lorena: Go on. Surprise me.

Victor: I will. Of course, I hope that some people in the neighborhood will pitch in.

Lorena: Sounds good.

Victor: This is my idea. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think it'll, you know, fill people in the neighborhood with a sense of belonging and sense of community if they know this is a result of their labor as well.

Lorena: That sounds good, too.

Victor: Thank you. Well, it's a long way till then.

Victor: I was hoping that my son would become part of this, but I guess that isn't meant to be.


Ashley: Abby, get dressed, and we'll go to the park and skate. I'll be back up to check on you in a second.

Abby: Okay, Mommy. (Doorbell rings)

Ashley: Well, hi. What can I do for you?

Nikki: Hi. Well, I am here to remind you that Victor's still waiting to start his visitation.

Ashley: Nikki, please.

Nikki: You said that you were going to get a second opinion where Abby is concerned. Well, surprise-- we're still waiting.

Ashley: Well, it hasn't been that long. I just need a little bit more time.

Nikki: We don't have time, Ashley. The situation is what it is now. Our first priority needs to be Abby. We need--

Ashley: Look, it's not that simple, and you know it.


J.T.: What's up, buddy?

Raul: Hold on one second, man, please. (Muttering) there. Sorry, man. I just needed to finish that one section.

J.T.: You want me to leave you alone?

Raul: No, no, no, no. Please, I could use a break. Have a seat.

J.T.: So how's the studying going?

Raul: My last final's tomorrow. Then it's good-bye, G.C.U., Hello, summer.

J.T.: Got any big summer plans?

Raul: Little bit of work, whole lot of sun. How about you? Any word on the tour yet?

J.T.: No. Shiloh hasn't called yet.

Raul: Don't worry. She will.

J.T.: I don't know, man. I should be in the studio right now, working on new music, putting a band together. Instead, I'm sitting here wondering if my music career is over before it even started.

Raul: Well, look on the bright side-- if you don't do the tour, at least you'll have the whole summer to hang out with your friends.

J.T.: That's great. That's great.

Raul: You know, that really hurts.

J.T.: (Snickers)

Raul: So have you heard from her at all?

J.T.: No. I'm telling you, Shiloh hasn't called me.

Raul: I meant Colleen. How's she doing in New York?

J.T.: I wouldn't know.

Raul: Why don't you call her?

J.T.: Raul, she doesn't want to hear from me, all right?

Raul: How do you know that?

J.T.: Because she flew halfway across the country to get away from me.

Raul: Oh, shut up about that. She did that so that you could focus on your music career. If that's on hold now, well, then maybe you guys could work things out.

J.T.: No. No. I'm here. She's there. It's better this way. (Cell phone rings) (ring)

J.T.: Hey, Mac. Uh, yeah, I think it's in that drawer next to the fridge. All right, cool. I'll see you later. That was Mac.

Raul: No kidding. Where is she?

J.T.: At the apartment.

Raul: Our apartment?

J.T.: Yeah, she showed up last night with her stuff.

Raul: Oh, no.

J.T.: What's wrong?

Raul: Oh, no. I was supposed to call her yesterday. I totally forgot. This is not good.

J.T.: Was there a reason she's not supposed to move in?

Raul: Yeah, there's a big reason-- name's Brittany.


Brittany: What is this?

Mac: You can borrow it if you want.

Brittany: Is this stuff yours?

Mac: Well, I have a couple more boxes over at my grandmother's, but this is most of it.

Brittany: Well, who said you could move in here?

Mac: Didn't Raul talk to you?

Brittany: Yeah, but I told him I wasn't crazy about the idea.

Mac: Ohh.

Brittany: Yeah, "ohh."

Mac: I'm sorry, Brittany. I didn't hear from Raul, so I assumed that you were okay with it, but I should have called.

Brittany: Yeah, that would have been nice.

Mac: I don't have to stay here.

Brittany: Where will you go?

Mac: Back to my Grandmother’s.

Brittany: Doesn't Jill live there?

Mac: Yes.

Brittany: But the two of you hate each other.

Mac: I don't hate her. I just... you know what? That's not your problem. This is your home. We've never been best friends. I totally understand if you're not comfortable. This is--its fine. I'll just... I'll find another place.

Brittany: Look, I don't mean to be a witch. I just... we don't have a lot of room here.

Mac: I know. I used to live here, remember?

Brittany: I mean, it would be different if Raul and I were, you know, still...

Mac: Sleeping together?

Brittany: And then you could have the extra bedroom, but--

Mac: You know what? You don't have to explain. It's fine, really.

Brittany: Well, look, you don't have to leave this minute. Why don't you stay awhile? And you can tell me about the things you've been doing while you were away.


Cameron: Here, let me get that.

Sharon: Oh, no. Just leave that. Cameron, will you go away? Please just go. I don't know when Nicholas is gonna be back. I mean, he could be back at any moment.

Cameron: Well, that's fine, 'cause he's the one I came to see.

Sharon: What are you up to?

Cameron: Up to?

Sharon: Yeah. You know, you can't just come waltzing in here, into my home uninvited, and start drinking champagne like you own the place. You know, whether it was me or Nicholas who came through that door, you would've had the same reception. You would've been thrown out.

Cameron: Sharon, Sharon. I'm sorry, all right? I--I guess I'm just a little less formal than you guys. I didn't mean any harm.

Sharon: Then you'll leave?

Cameron: You know, I really was hoping to catch Nick here. I'm dying to know whether he's decided to accept my offer or not.

Sharon: You know what? Nicholas doesn't need your job, Cameron.

Cameron: No offense, but I'd like to hear that from him, not you, because in my humble opinion, what I'm offering him is a hell of an opportunity.

Sharon: Why? I mean, why, of all the people in the world, do you suddenly decide that you need to work with my husband?

Cameron: Well, you don't sound like you got a whole lot of pride in your husband. You do realize that he's a pretty sharp businessman? And now that Victor's seen fit to cut him loose, well, is it really that surprising that someone like me might be trying to scoop him up?

Sharon: I know what this about, and it is not about my husband's executive skills. It's about me.

Cameron: You?

Sharon: That's right. You know it, Cameron. This is all about me. You are a sick man.


Lorena: This seems like a very personal matter to you.

Victor: Let's just say my son and I have our issues, and I was hoping that this project might help solve those, you know?

Lorena: Just know that I don't plan to be picking up any paintbrushes.

Victor: (Chuckles) I didn't anticipate that that would happen, Ms. Davis. I was just hoping that you would give me the benefit of the doubt.

Lorena: And why should I do that?

Victor: Well, isn't that something you do with all of your probationers?

Lorena: Are you trying to tell me how to do my job?

Victor: Oh, no, no, no. I wouldn't suggest that. Oh, no. No. Do you always think the worst of those who you supervise?

Lorena: You are a very unique case for me, Mr. Newman. Most of the people that I deal with have very limited choices in life. That's what I do-- try to help them overcome their limitations, stay on the straight and narrow. You are a very wealthy, privileged man.

Victor: So that makes me different from everyone else. Is that it?

Lorena: Frankly, that's about the size of it.

Victor: You know, Ms. Davis, I'd hoped that you and I would start out on a better footing, but I guess it ain't meant to be. That's all right. Well... I guess under all this dust and dirt and rubble, this building basically has good bones.

Lorena: Very good choice of words. It does look like a graveyard.

Victor: I'll turn it into something beautiful, Ms. Davis. I promise you that.

Lorena: Well, I'm just going to wait, Mr. Newman. I'm just going to wait.


Ashley: Look, Nikki, I don't understand why you're pushing this.

Nikki: Because this isn't something that's gonna go away.

Ashley: Doesn't mean we have to rush into anything, either.

Nikki: Well, unfortunately, we don't have that choice.

Ashley: Can you understand that I'm reluctant to rock the boat? Because she seems fine. She's not carrying any baggage from this.

Nikki: Oh, come on, Ashley. You expect me to believe that?

Ashley: Not once has she mentioned Victor's name.

Nikki: Oh, and because of that, you take that to mean that she's just fine?

Ashley: You don't know her. She's a happy little girl.

Nikki: The point is, you cannot drag your feet on getting this second opinion.

Abby: Opinion about what, Mommy?


Jack: So is Newman still determined to play big Daddy?

Brad: He will never be anything close to that with Abby. Never!

Jack: Ooh, my. I did hit a nerve.

Brad: Jack, I'm telling you, just leave it alone!

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Come on, you can't blame me for being curious. Ashley won't tell me a damn thing.

Brad: It's a tense situation. Let's leave it at that.

Jack: Because Newman’s throwing his weight around, putting pressure on you? Look, if this were my kid--

Brad: We're handling it, all right?

Jack: How?

Brad: Ash got a little reprieve.

Jack: What do you mean? What kind of reprieve?

Brad: She got Newman to hold off on visitation until we talk to someone, find out the best way to handle this for Abby’s sake.

Jack: What do you mean, "talk to someone"? Like a shrink?

Brad: Yeah.

Jack: When?

Brad: Soon.

Jack: Which means she leaves Victor hanging. I think it's a good move right now.


J.T.: What, you think-- you think Brittany’s intimidated by Mac?

Raul: Well, she didn't come right out and say it.

J.T.: But you think that's why Brittany doesn't want her living there?

Raul: I think it's a big part of it.

J.T.: I mean, that's stupid. Mac's, like, the nicest person in the world.

Raul: And she's never looked better, you know.

J.T.: Tell me about it. She's looking good.

Raul: Which makes Brittany more insecure about herself.

J.T.: Hey, I mean, I guess I can kind of understand that. But still, it's not like Mac’s gonna walk around flaunting herself.

Raul: I know. But given the history between those two--

J.T.: You think it's a bad idea.

Raul: Things are tough enough for Brittany. I don't want to make 'em worse.

J.T.: Mac's gonna be disappointed.

Raul: No kidding. God, you know, it would have been fun to have her around.

J.T.: Yeah. Did she say anything about Billy yet?

Raul: No, no, no, but I definitely got the feeling that's a pretty sore subject.

J.T.: That's good to know. I won't bring it up.

Raul: No.

J.T.: Where you heading, man, back to the apartment?

Raul: Yeah. I gotta break the news to Mac before Brittany shows up.

J.T.: Good luck.

Raul: You're coming with me.

J.T.: What for?

Raul: To help Mac pack her stuff.

J.T.: The hell I am. I just moved her stuff in.

Raul: Well, good, then you're warmed up. Let's go.

J.T.: I hate you. I'm not lifting anything heavy.

Raul: You can't lift anything heavy.


Mac: The thing I'll remember the most about living on the reservation is how generous people were. They didn't have much, but they were always willing to share. Made me appreciate everything that I have.

Brittany: Do you miss it?

Mac: Yeah. I miss the kids the most. They were great.

Brittany: So you really like teaching.

Mac: Yeah, I did. I think I was pretty good at it.

Brittany: Well, would you ever do it again, like as a career?

Mac: Maybe. I wanna do a lot of things. I've been thinking about medicine. They had these doctors on the reservation, but they weren't doctors how we think of them. They're more like spiritual leaders. They're into alternative healing, such as prayers, herbs. It's really cool stuff.

Brittany: Hmm. It's weird.

Mac: That's what I thought at first, but I'm telling you, that stuff really works.

Brittany: Whatever.

Mac: Next time you have a headache, give me a call. I'll give you something that'll get rid of it like that, and it's totally legal.

Brittany: Sounds like you had an amazing experience.

Mac: Yeah, I did. But I'm glad to be back in Genoa City.

Brittany: Let me ask you a question, Mac. If you didn't know me and you saw me on the street, what would you think?

Mac: You mean because of your scar?

Brittany: Be honest.

Mac: Okay. The first reaction I'd have is, "I'm glad I'm not her." Then I'd start thinking, "I wonder what it's like to walk in her shoes, to have people stare at you, laugh at you." And the minute I'd start feeling sorry for you, I'd see you smile. I'd think, "you know what? If she can smile in spite of everything that she's been through, than I can, too."

Brittany: You make it sound like I could be, like, an inspiration or something.

Mac: Why not? I think anyone can.

Brittany: Plastic surgeons say I'll probably never look like I did.

Mac: Yeah, but will any of us? We all change, Britt. It's a part of life. Anyway, I'll get out of your hair. I'll finish packing up.

Brittany: Mac... wait.


Cameron: I think you're overestimating your importance in all this.

Sharon: Oh, really, am I?

Cameron: Yeah. I offered your husband a job.

Sharon: Yeah, because you can't seem to stay away from our family for some reason.

Cameron: You--you, I'm sorry to say, have one foot in fantasy and one in reality.

Sharon: Don't start with that again.

Cameron: Well, what choice do I have, huh? Because you're not making any sense. Look, I admit we had our whatever it was in Denver. And then for business reasons, I happened to come out here to talk to your father-in-law about a co-venture. Victor handed me off--

Sharon: Stop it right there, okay? You can put whatever spin you want on this, Cameron. I'm not buying it.

Cameron: Well, that's fine, honey, 'cause I'm not sellin' anything.

Sharon: Don't call me honey.

Cameron: Sorry. I'm a pig. What can I say?

Sharon: Well, you can at least admit that you did lure me into a motel room after the New Year’s Eve party.

Cameron: Oh, no. You know, don't, don't, don't even start with that. Not gonna happen, because you know what, Sharon? It never did happen, period. Look, have you ever stopped and asked yourself, maybe ask a professional, why it is that you're having these fantasies?

Sharon: Oh, you're gonna psychoanalyze me now, huh?

Cameron: Yeah, it's not that tough. It's pretty obvious that you need every man that you come in contact with to make you the center of his universe. The fact that someone could be attracted to you but not be obsessed with you, well, apparently that just drives you up the wall, doesn't it?

Sharon: You know what? Get out of here. Get out of here right now or I'll...

Cameron: We livin' out our fantasies now, Sharon? Be careful with that. Someone might get hurt.


Lorena: To me, this place looks like a total mess.

Victor: Well, in the state that it is in, yeah, I agree with you.

Victor: But to imagine what it will be like when I'm finished with it that takes vision.

Lorena: And you have that?

Victor: You bet.

Lorena: Your self-confidence is very impressive, Mr. Newman.

Victor: If it weren't, Miss Davis, I wouldn't have gotten as far in my life as I have. Now why do I get the impression that you think you know who I am, and that you have already determined how you're gonna react to me?

Lorena: You are a criminal, Mr. Newman, and I am a probation officer. That's why we're standing here. Otherwise, you and I would not know each other at all.

Victor: You wanna play tough with me, Miss Davis? I came from a neighborhood like this.

Victor: Unbeknownst to you, I grew up in an orphanage. And every so often, they led those of us who were in that orphanage to a rec center like this that I plan to build, so we could learn how to play a little basketball and how to box.

Victor: Although I've made a lot of money in my life that was a lifesaver. I'll never forget it. So when I tell you that I'm putting my heart and soul into this project, I'm not trying to impress you. I mean it.

Lorena: I'm going to leave you to your plans, Mr. Newman. And just know you and I will be in close and constant contact. Don't get me wrong. For this community, for the people who live here, I hope this works.

Victor: So do I.

Lorena: I am not your enemy, Mr. Newman. But just know, to do my job, I have to keep a close eye on you.

Victor: I understand, Miss Davis. Want me to see you out?

Lorena: I can find my own way.

Victor: All right. Please be careful.

Lorena: I always am, Mr. Newman.


Cassie: Mom did mention something about Neil Winters taking over, just while Victor does community service stuff.

Nick: Yeah.

Cassie: You're mad that he didn't pick you, aren't you?

Nick: Look, kiddo, this is between my father and me. And you don't need to concern yourself with it.

Cassie: But Mom also told me that Victor wanted you to work with him on the new Rec center.

Nick: Yeah. That's not gonna happen.

Cassie: Why not?

Nick: Well, it's a long story, you know? But I am perfectly happy here.

Cassie: Are you, Dad, really?

Nick: You sure do ask a lot of questions.

Cassie: I can tell that you're not happy.

Nick: You gonna be late for your test?

Cassie: I still have time. Why don't you want to talk about it?

Nick: Talk about what?

Cassie: Working with Victor. I think it's a great idea.

Nick: You do?

Cassie: It's a pretty important project.

Nick: Did your mother put you up to this?

Cassie: What?

Nick: Urging me to work with my dad.

Cassie: It couldn't hurt, could it? Everyone knows how awful things have been between the two of you.

Nick: Everyone, huh?

Cassie: When I lived with Millie in Madison, we had to ride a bus for two hours to get to a Rec center for kids.

Nick: What does that have to do with my dad and me?

Cassie: If you two worked together, Genoa City would probably have the best Rec center in the whole state.

Nick: My dad will probably make that happen without my help.

Cassie: Yeah, but you'd have some good ideas, too. He needs you.

Nick: Look, there's a lot of things about this you don't understand, all right? So do me a favor, and why don't you just worry about your test and your own life, and let me worry about mine?

Cassie: But I hate what's happened between you and your dad.

Nick: Yeah, well...

Cassie: I gotta go. I love you.

Nick: I love you, too.

Cassie: Bye.

Nick: Bye.


Raul: Mac.

Mac: Hey, guys.

Raul: Hey, we need to talk.

Mac: Sure, what about?

Raul: I screwed up, okay? Remember when I told you I was gonna talk to Brittany about you staying here? I did, and she didn't take it so well.

Mac: Yeah, I know.

Raul: You do?

Mac: Mm-hmm, she told me.

Raul: You talked to her?

Mac: Yeah. Don't worry about it. Everything is fine. We figured out the perfect solution.

J.T.: What solution?

Brittany: Hey, Mac, can you give me a hand with... I didn't know you guys were home.

Raul: Hey, what's going on?

Brittany: Mac's movin' in.

Raul: And you're okay with that?

Brittany: Well, I wasn't thrilled at first, but I'll survive.

Raul: Well, that's great. Thank you.

Brittany: Sure.

Raul: Well, I guess now all we need to do is figure out who gets what room, right?

Brittany: No need. That's all taken care of.

Raul: What do you mean?

Brittany: Well, since we only have three bedrooms, you boys are bunking together.

Mac: Don't look at me. It was Brittany’s idea.


Brad: This isn't some game we're playing, Jack.

Jack: You better believe it's a game, and one you better play well.

Brad: I'm really not in the mood for your armchair quarterbacking.

Jack: All I'm saying is don't go out of your way to make it easier for that vulture.

Brad: You think we want him retaliating?

Jack: He's all talk. He is not going after custody.

Brad: Oh, is that right, Dr. Freud? Well, tell me something. If this were Kyle instead of Abby, would you be so quick to take that gamble?

Jack: I don't understand why anything has to change at all. Forget the shrink. Forget all this kowtowing. Newman doesn't deserve the time of day from you or Ash. I say let him stew.

Brad: You say a lot of things, none of which are remotely helpful.

Jack: You're both running scared.

Brad: You're damn right we're scared, Jack! He could take our child!

Jack: Okay, easy, easy.

Brad: Listen, letting this slide is not an option. Newman won't let it be an option. Frankly, I'm surprised he's backed off as much as he has, letting Ash talk to someone.

Jack: Okay, so she talks to someone, then what?

Brad: We'll have to see what the therapist says.

Jack: Oh, I can just imagine what that's gonna be--a lot of touchy, feely recommendations that make it easier for Newman to insinuate himself in Abby’s life.

Brad: I have no control over that, Jack, none!

Jack: So get control. You hire the shrink, and make sure it's someone that tells Victor flat out this is a bad idea. It will only do irreparable harm to the child.

Brad: That will never fly.

Jack: Why the hell not? You see what they do in court. You got mental health experts that'll say anything you want 'em to say.

Brad: Oh, forget it, Jack!

Jack: Just give my idea a try.

Brad: As much as I detest Newman’s involvement, I will not put Abby in the middle of a dicey game of chicken. I will not be that reckless, and I will not be that irresponsible. Thanks for the sage advice.


Ashley: Honey, how long were you standing over there?

Abby: Not too long, why?

Ashley: Well, um, Mommy was just having a grown-up talk with Nikki.

Nikki: Hi, sweetheart. It's nice to see you.

Abby: I know you. You're married to my other daddy Victor.

Nikki: Yes, I'm Nikki.

Ashley: Uh, sweetie, um... we're gonna go to the park and skate. So why don't you grab your helmet and put your pads on, and then we'll go?

Abby: Okay, Mommy. Bye, Nikki.

Nikki: Bye. (Whispers) you still think she doesn't have any baggage?

Ashley: Honestly, this was the very first indication.

Nikki: (Normal voice) well, I promise you, it won't be the last. That child needs to get to a psychologist now.

Ashley: You've made your point. I'll do what needs to be done.


Raul: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. J.T. And I never agreed to this, Brittany.

J.T.: No. Why do we have to share a room?

Brittany: Well, do you have a better plan?

J.T.: Yeah, you guys share a room.

Brittany: Oh, yeah, like that's gonna work. The two of us in one of those tiny rooms that is just asking for trouble.

J.T.: Yeah, we wouldn't want to do that to poor Mac.

Mac: Look, you guys, if this is gonna be a problem--

Raul: No. No, no, it's fine. I did sort of come up with the idea.

Brittany: Great, then it's settled. Let's go move some furniture.

J.T.: This isn't cool.

Raul: Oh, relax, relax. You'll be fine.

J.T.: If you snore, I'm gonna kill you, man. I promise.

Raul: You'll be fine.

J.T.: Welcome home.

Mac: Home.


Sharon: No. I'm not gonna let you get to me like that.

Cameron: From where I'm standing, it looked like you were gonna get to me.

Sharon: I'm not gonna give you the satisfaction. I can’t. I won’t.

Cameron: All right. All right, look, Sharon, this whole thing has gotten way outta control. I said some things that I shouldn't have said, and I apologize. Now you and I, we need to learn how to get along. Because if Nick takes this job--

Sharon: He's not going to!

Cameron: You don't know that. And the truth is, you should be encouraging him to take it. Because I'm telling you, it represents a hell of an opportunity. He is gonna have the autonomy that he never had working for his father.

Sharon: You know what, Cameron? I'm gonna ask you one more time, please leave. Take your champagne and your lies and your stupid manipulative--

Cameron: Hey, you know what? I get the picture. I got it. Just tell Nick I came by. I'm waitin' to hear from him.

Cameron: I do hope that we can figure out a way to get along.

Sharon: Get out.

Cameron: Yeah.

Sharon: Oh, this can't go on. I have to tell Nick. I have to tell him the whole truth.

Sharon: Hi, Trevor. This is Sharon Newman calling. Is Nick there by any chance? He was. Did he happen to say where he was going? Okay, well, if you talk to him, could you tell him to contact me as soon as possible? Thank you.

Sharon: Oh Nick, hurry home before I lose my nerve.


Nick: What a dump.

Victor: Yeah. What are you doing here, son?

Nick: I don't know. I don't know.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Damon: What could Diane Jenkins possibly do to me?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Diane: I feel it's my duty to make you aware of something shocking I've learned about Damon and Drucilla.

Victor: So what do you think, you might wanna pitch in and help me rebuild this place?

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