Tuesday Y&R Transcript 5/25/04

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/25/04--Canada; Wednesday 5/26/04--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

J.T.: Raul! Hey, Raul, get out here and give me a hand, man.

Brittany: Raul's not home. I'll give you a hand.

J.T.: Oh, that's all right, princess. I wouldn't want you to break a nail or anything.

Brittany: I'm gonna ignore that and just say welcome home.

J.T.: What was that for?

Brittany: Raul told me about you and Colleen. I'm sorry.

J.T.: Yeah, well, me, too.

Brittany: Have you heard from her?

J.T.: No. I left a message on her cell phone, but, uh... ah, oh, well. It's probably for the best. I wouldn't know what to say to her anyway.

Brittany: How about "thank you"? If you ask me, Colleen did the right thing.


Damon: Hey, they're doing a Bogart festival all this week down here at the Rialto. If we leave now, we could do dinner first. What do you say? Phyllis?

Phyllis: Hmm?

Damon: I asked you if you wanted to see a festival tonight.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, that sounds good. A film.

Damon: You did the best you could.

Phyllis: Yep. That doesn't make the hurt go away.

Damon: You have got to stop beating yourself up about this. Give that boy some time.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, time, so--so he can grow to hate me even more?

Damon: I'm sure he doesn't hate you.

Phyllis: Oh, please, Damon. When I told him who I was, he couldn't run away fast enough.

Damon: He doesn't know you.

Phyllis: You know, the funny thing about this is I didn't wake up one day and decide, "I don't want my child" and leave my child, he was taken from me.

Damon: I know.

Phyllis: Daniel doesn't know.

Phyllis: He thinks I abandoned him. I mean, God knows, he's been told so many lies... and, you know, now he's living with Christine... the biggest liar of them all.

Damon: You really believe she would try to turn Daniel against you?

Phyllis: Oh, I know she would.


Danny: I love eating an early dinner.

Chris: Good. Okay.

Danny: Pretty fancy, Ms. Blair.

Chris: Hey, when I finally get a chance to cook, I do it up.

Danny: You sure do.

Chris: Okay, I think all we need are the veggies, and we are set.

Danny: Uh, Daniel, can you help Chris?

Daniel: Yeah, sure, I'll get 'em.

Chris: All right, thanks. They're on the counter in the kitchen.

Chris: Okay.

Danny: You're amazing.

Chris: (Chuckles)

Daniel: (Thinking) is that why you bailed on me when I was still practically--

Phyllis: I didn't bail on you. I didn't bail on you. You were taken from me. You were taken from me by some people who wanted payback. Yeah, vicious people who wanted to get even with me. And you know who one of those people are? Christine. Yeah, that lovely woman you're living with. She went to a court, and she stole you from me. So don't you... don't you ever think that I abandoned you, because I did not.

Phyllis: And if that's what you've been told all these years, I canít... I can't blame you for resenting me. Believe me, I-I understand it. But I just want you to know that you haven't been told the entire truth.

Danny: Daniel?

Daniel: I'm coming.

Chris: Thank you.

Daniel: These are hot.

Danny: Is that what I think it is?

Chris: Yes, it's your favorite-- ratatouille.

Danny: Oh, I love this stuff. Kiddo, when you taste this, you are in--

Chris: But it's much better when it's hot, it is. So I heated it up.

Danny: Yeah, you're right. Absolutely.

Chris: So, Daniel, sit down. Let's eat.

Danny: Yeah, let's eat. Here you go, sweetheart, some salad.

Chris: Thank you. You see the dressing? It's right there.

Danny: Okay, got it.

Chris: Thank you. All right, now...


Cameron: You never put demands on me before. Where's this coming from?

Grace: When you decided to let the world know you're alive, you blew our whole plan apart. Now I have questions, and I expect answers.

Cameron: Let's get one thing straight. I don't take orders. We clear on that?

Grace: I-I don't mean to be pushy.

Cameron: Then don't be.

Grace: I'm just so anxious to get outta this town.

Cameron: Hey. Just give it a little time. It'll happen.

Grace: Well, what are we waiting for? Sharon's a basket case, I know that much.

Cameron: Yeah, but she still has her husband, and she's still got her family.

Grace: I'm sure that marriage is shaky. It has to be. She's been acting so bizarre.

Cameron: And that's enough for you, huh? What, a little... a little tension in her marriage, and that's it, you pack up, you move on? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought you wanted a little bit more than that.

Grace: What I want most of all is you, a life with you. That's the only thing that's ever really mattered to me.

Cameron: We're gonna have that life, Gracie. But before we do, we're gonna get a lot more outta this game we're playing, a whole lot more.

Grace: Look, I loved the idea of driving Sharon to the point that she'd admit murdering you, but that's not gonna happen now. I mean, she knows you're alive and well. No missing body, no murder, no need to confess. Your newest ploy changed everything, Cameron. So maybe it's time for us to give it up, head for parts unknown.


Sharon: Are you listening to anything I'm saying?

Nick: Yeah, I'm listening. You want me to blow off what could be the job of a lifetime so my father will get his way.

Sharon: Nicholas, no.

Nick: Well, that's what I'm hearing.

Sharon: Gosh, how did Cameron get his hooks into you like this?

Nick: Look, I know you don't like this guy, but--

Sharon: No, I don't trust him, and neither should you, and you shouldn't be giving this a second thought. While meanwhile Victor is beside himself trying to figure out how to patch things up.

Nick: Oh, he's beside himself? I guess that would explain why he fired me and gave my job to Neil.

Sharon: Sweetheart, you are lookin' at this all wrong.

Nick: You know, I can't figure you out. Who are you more fired up about, me working with my father or not working with Cameron?


Danny: You have outdone yourself. This dinner is fantastic. Thank you. You're wonderful.

Chris: You're welcome. Want some more chicken, Daniel?

Daniel: No, thanks. I'm fine.

Chris: Okay.

Danny: You seem, uh, I don't know, you seem kinda quiet, Daniel. Something on your mind?

Daniel: No.

Danny: You sure? The last couple days, I don't know, it just seems like you got somethin' on your mind.

Daniel: You mind if I ask a question?

Chris: Anything.

Daniel: Why would you take me in? Was it just because you and my dad were, you know?

Chris: Oh, because we're dating? Partly.

Daniel: Well, why else?

Danny: Son, I thought Chris and I already answered this.

Daniel: Humor me.

Chris: Um, I don't know what else to say, except it was my pleasure. I'm enjoying having you here. Does that help?

Daniel: Dad was right about you, the way he described you. You're a real nice lady, Christine.

Chris: Oh, well, thank you.

Danny: Hey, no moving in on the old man's turf now, okay?

Chris: Oh, stop it.

Danny: I'm serious.

Daniel: I mean, smart and pretty and you're successful. You like all that homebody stuff.

Chris: What are you really asking me?

Daniel: I guess, how come you're not married? Why didn't you ever have any kids?


Phyllis: Damon, I was so excited when I heard my son was coming into town. You don't know how long I fantasized about... our reunion. Anyway, I don't know if I'll ever see him again.

Damon: (Whispers) it's gonna be all right.

Phyllis: You know, I'm always complaining about everything, telling you my problems. You must be sick of it.

Damon: (Chuckles) no, baby. I could never get sick of you.

Phyllis: Yeah? Really?

Damon: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: (Giggles) I bet you say that to all the girls.

Damon: Are there any other girl but you?

Phyllis: Well, no, you know.

Damon: (Laughs) well, all right, then.

Damon: What?

Phyllis: Well... (Laughs) you know, let--let me just, uh, give you a little... a little something here. Uh, you are a fine, fine, very, very sexy man. You probably get hit on, what, 20, 30 times a day?

Damon: No, no. Actually, no, no. Let's see, the last woman to come on to me was, uh...

Phyllis: Was? Who?

Damon: Um, nobody, actually.

Phyllis: Wait a second. No, you were thinking about somebody, who?

Damon: No, no, no, no, no, really, nobody. It was Diane Jenkins.


Dru: Oh, there you are.

Diane: Yes, Drucilla, here I am.

Dru: Blueprints?

Diane: Uh, for the remodeling project.

Dru: Ooh, that must be a project dead in the water, huh?

Diane: You know, I'm already a little down. Do you have to make me feel worse?

Dru: No, no. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Diane. I was just looking for you to find out what happened with Damon Porter. You two did get together, right?

Diane: Yes, but it was a bust.

Dru: A bust? An "I'm not interested" bust, or "come back another time" bust?

Diane: The first one. He's not interested.

Dru: Oh, for crying out loud. He has Phyllis on the brain. Of all the women he could have--

Diane: Well, Drucilla, you better get over it, because I can't imagine why he's hot for Phyllis, but he is.

Dru: Did you serve it up? Did you heat it up, Diane? Because if I know Damon--

Diane: Will you just stop it? You told me to go over there and see if I could break them up--

Dru: To save my job.

Diane: And I did it! Making a complete fool of myself in the process. But now instead of a "thank you, Diane, thank you for trying," you're acting like, well, maybe if I would have just humiliated myself a little bit more, then something woulda happened.

Dru: Maybe it would've. I'm just sayin'.

Diane: Oh.


J.T.: This is unbelievable. You're on Colleen's side about this whole thing.

Brittany: I'm not on anybody's side.

J.T.: Yeah, but you're glad she broke up with me.

Brittany: I think it's best for both of you.

J.T.: Oh, you think it's best. That's great.

Brittany: What you had was special, but it wasn't gonna last, not when your lives were moving in such different directions.

J.T.: We were doing just fine.

Brittany: Then why did Colleen leave L.A. early?

J.T.: She... I don't know. She just wasn't having fun.

Brittany: Mm-hmm. Now tell me the real reason.

J.T.: You know, you got all the answers, princess. Why don't you tell me?

Brittany: I think Colleen saw a glimpse of the future. She saw what it'll take for you to make it in the music business and didn't want to hold you back. That's why she broke it off with you. How'd I do?

J.T.: We coulda made it work.

Brittany: Long-distance relationships almost never work.

J.T.: Yeah, maybe not, but that doesn't mean you don't try.

Brittany: Look, I know you feel terrible. Breakups are never easy, but you're gonna get through this. Iím sure Shiloh will keep you busy. When do you go back to L.A.?

J.T.: I'm not sure I am.

Brittany: But Raul said that they needed you there full-time before the tour.

J.T.: Yeah, I know, I know. But I don't know if it's gonna be happening now.


Sharon: Nick, that is ridiculous. You know that I am far more concerned about you and your father than anything else. It's just... for you to take this job with Cameron prematurely or for all the wrong reasons--

Nick: I'll cut things off with Dad for good.

Sharon: Look, as angry as you are and as betrayed as you feel, family is the most important thing to you. It always has been. It's one thing that I have always admired about you. And I know... I know in my heart of hearts that you do not want to alienate Victor forever. The Newmanís have been through such terrible times, but they have always pulled together, Nick, always. And you can't give up on making that happen. Because at the end of the day, that's the only thing that matters-- family, the people you love. You don't need to join forces with this guy who you don't trust and you don't respect just to prove some point. You're gonna be running Newman Enterprises one day. I would stake my life on that. But first, you have got to mend your fences with Victor. It's the only way you're gonna be happy. That is the only way that you are going to feel whole.

Nick: I gotta take off for awhile.

Sharon: Nick...

Nick: I'll be back later, okay?


Cameron: Haunting Sharon, now that was a stroke of genius. But that plan wasn't working anymore, which is why I decided to come back from the dead, shake things up a little bit.

Grace: Well, you certainly did that, from what Nikki had to say.

Cameron: Well, it was quite an entrance. The shockwaves in that room were almost audible.

Grace: I do wish I could've been there.

Cameron: Oh, and then I ran into Sharon later, just the two of us, after the brunch.

Grace: My God, what did you tell her?

Cameron: I told her that no part of this bizarre story that she was telling about New Yearís Eve ever even happened. I'm afraid that poor girl is dangerously delusional.

Grace: How terrible. How sad.

Cameron: Yeah.

Grace: (Giggles)

Cameron: (Laughs)


(Knock on door)

Nikki: What's the big emergency, Sharon? Did you find a dead body in your bathtub?

Sharon: That's not funny.

Nikki: I would think that you'd be a little more calmed down. Cameron is alive. You didn't kill him. You're not gonna go to prison.

Sharon: Well, sometimes I wish he really were dead.

Nikki: All right, look, I know you hate the guy, but isn't that a little extreme?

Sharon: Well, you might not think so when you hear the latest. Cameron is now causing me a whole new set of problems. He offered Nicholas a job.

Nikki: What? You can't be serious.

Sharon: Do I look like I'm joking?

Nikki: What kind of job?

Sharon: C.O.O. of his software company.


Chris: Daniel, I'm not really sure--

Danny: That's kind of a personal question, don't you think?

Daniel: Well, Christine doesn't have to answer it. I just can't help wondering.

Chris: Why I never had children?

Daniel: I mean, you just seem like you'd be such a natural.

Chris: I've always wanted a family, but unfortunately, the timing was never right. But I guess that's the problem, the timing's never right for much of anything in life unless you make it right, and I guess I didnít. I was in relationships, and I made excuses and more excuses not to start a family. I told myself that I wasn't ready, that I had to concentrate on my career.

Daniel: So you regret it now?

Chris: Yeah. There's not a day that goes by that I don't wish that I had a child. It's something I want very much. And now seeing you and the way you relate to your father... it's making me long for a family even--even more. But I have to say, having you here, you're kind of becoming the son that I never had.

Daniel: Well, it's kind of ironic.

Chris: Why do you say that?

Daniel: You and Dad might have had a child if he hadn't met my mom, if I hadn't come along.

Danny: Son, there is no way of knowing that. And Chris and I, we've accepted what happened to us way back when. I mean, there are no hard feelings.

Daniel: Not even toward Mom? I mean, you must have resented her, Christine, right?

Danny: Daniel, I--

Daniel: No, no, no, I want to know. You can tell me the truth. How do you really feel about my mom?

Chris: Daniel, please understand when I say that your mother is a subject that I don't want to discuss with you.

Daniel: Why? I'm an adult. It's not gonna devastate me. I mean, come on, you must hate her.

Danny: Son...

Daniel: You and my dad were together. You were married. Happy, I would guess.

Chris: Yeah, we were very happy.

Daniel: And then this Phyllis person comes along and messes everything up. I mean, she got pregnant and broke up your marriage. I would think that you'd want to do anything that you could to get back at her for that.

Danny: And you know, most women would've, but not this woman. And the fact is, the mistakes that were made back then, Daniel, they were made by me not Christine.

Daniel: And I'm one of those mistakes.


Dru: Diane, don't be so melodramatic. The fact of the matter is you threw yourself at Damon, and he didn't bite. I'm disappointed.

Diane: Well, too bad for you.

Dru: I suppose he's gonna fire Damon anyway. Heck, I would if I ran Jabot. The other thing is if he lets Damon go, I'm out of one hell of a job. There's another thing.

Diane: What?

Dru: There's another reason why I could lose my post as spokesperson for Jabot.

Diane: Your hair.

Dru: Or lack thereof.

Diane: All right, Drucilla, let's have a look. Has it gotten any better?

Dru: No, no, Diane, no.

Diane: No, come on. I want to help you.

Dru: Would you cut it out? Back it up, Diane.

Diane: I want to see.

Brad: What the heck's going on?


Phyllis: Okay, okay. What, Diane came over here and tried to seduce you?

Damon: Yeah, I-I'm... I was as shocked as you are.

Phyllis: Oh, yes. Well, I'm actually not shocked. I'm kind of disgusted.

Damon: Me too.

Phyllis: You too? Yeah, sure you are. What did she do?

Damon: Do we have to go there?

Phyllis: I'd like to go there. Did she kiss you?

Damon: Am I allowed to plead the fifth?

Phyllis: Uh-huh. I gotta tell you, this freak-- freak, by the way-- is so pathetic. She goes after every man I have, first Jack, now you. Can't she get her own man?

Damon: Oh, relax.

Phyllis: I'm not gonna relax. You think this is funny?

Damon: Well, n-nothing happened, that's all.

Phyllis: Nothing happened? Really? Did you invite her over here?

Damon: No, she just showed up.

Phyllis: Really, she just showed up? Hmm. Well, I'm about to just "show up" on her.

Damon: Ah, hang on, slim.

Phyllis: Hey.

Damon: You ain't goin' nowhere.

Phyllis: Let go of me. I'm about to show Diane who she's dealing with, okay?

Damon: Phyllis.

Phyllis: What?

Damon: You can claw her eyes out later if you so desire. This evening, I would like you here with me, thank you very much.

Phyllis: Why?

Damon: Why? I thought we'd have us a game of gin rummy. Come over here. What do you think?


Cameron: You shoulda seen the look in Sharonís eyes. (Imitates whiny voice) "oh, I'm just trying to figure it all out." Wondering if her mind was playing tricks on her.

Grace: You're getting so consumed with this. We've been here for months. I thought the plan was to do a number on Sharon and head for parts unknown, live happily ever after. That was my plan. Right now, I'm not sure what yours is.

Cameron: What are you talking about? Why would you think the plan has changed?

Grace: Because everyone knows you're alive. It's not so simple to just disappear.

Cameron: Hey, it will still happen, Gracie. Only now we don't have to pretend like I don't exist. Trust me. I've already started working on it.

Grace: You have?

Cameron: Mm-hmm.

Grace: Honestly?

Cameron: Mm-hmm. For the first time in my life, I am enjoying my freedom. I'm not having to work 24/7 I got a beautiful girl to spend my time and my money and my money and my time on. And you know what? I'm thinking about... I'm thinking about stepping back, handing over the reins to someone.

Grace: Of your company?

Cameron: Yeah. As a matter of fact, I've, uh, I've actually offered someone the position of chief operating officer. This guy's gonna be perfect for the job.

Grace: Who?

Cameron: Fella I met. Nick Newman.


Nikki: Cameron wants to hire Nicholas to be his second-in-command?

Sharon: That's what nick told me.

Nikki: Well, what does Cameron plan on doing, traveling, retiring?

Sharon: Who cares? As long as Nick is working for him, we'll never be rid of him, and he will have a constant influence on our entire family!

Nikki: My God, we can't let that happen.

Sharon: No! But what are we gonna do?

Nikki: Is Nicholas actually considering this job?

Sharon: Unfortunately, yes, he is.

Nikki: If only he had accepted his father's job offer, none of this would be happening.

Sharon: Well, try to convince Nick of that. He thinks of it as an insult.

Nikki: He would actually rather go to another company than try to work things out?

Sharon: That's what he said, but he admits that he doesn't trust Cameron ever since his disappearing act.

Nikki: Well, then why on earth would he want to work for the man?

Sharon: I don't know. He knows that I am against it.

Nikki: Do you think it's possible this is some sort of a setup?

Sharon: What, another way for Cameron to torture me?

Nikki: Well, one thing is very clear. Nicholas has no idea what this man is capable of.

Sharon: I wish there weren't so many unanswered questions.

Nikki: Yeah, yeah, like the body in the sewer, and why he's even playing this sick game.

Sharon: A body that's wearing Cameronís clothes. I mean, who could that be?

Nikki: Did you ask Larry?

Sharon: Yeah. He's totally mystified.

Nikki: Well, I think you and I are thinking the same thing. I mean, whoever Larry took out of your car trunk and dumped down into the sewer--

Sharon: Cameron must have killed him and then put him behind that dumpster.

Nikki: Why would he do that?

Sharon: I don't know. Maybe to drive me crazy?

Nikki: Oh, you know, we can speculate about this until we're blue in the face, but this thing is spinning out of control.

Sharon: Well, why do you think I've been so scared?

Nikki: You know, with this job offer thing, we've got to do something drastic.

Sharon: I know, but what? I've been racking my brain.

Nikki: Sharon, there's only one solution.

Sharon: What?

Nikki: You've got to bite the bullet and tell your husband the truth.


Brittany: The tour is off?

J.T.: That remains to be seen.

Brittany: Well, what does that mean?

J.T.: It means that Shiloh wasn't real happy with me for chasing after Colleen.

Brittany: But you were only gone one night.

J.T.: Yeah, but I missed my cd release party.

Brittany: Ouch.

J.T.: Beach Front spent a lot of money on that thing.

Brittany: And their star attraction was a no-show.

J.T.: Made 'em look pretty bad.

Brittany: Guess I can't blame them for being ticked.

J.T.: Yeah, me either. I must have apologized a hundred times.

Brittany: Did it do any good?

J.T.: We'll see. The last few days went pretty well, but, uh, I don't know. I could tell they weren't lovin' me like they used to. Oh, well. Guess there's nothin' I could do.

Brittany: Nothing you could do? You can get on a plane and go back to L.A.

J.T.: Shiloh said I should go home.

Brittany: Do you want this recording deal or not?

J.T.: Of course I do. But there's other things I gotta worry about.

Brittany: No buts. There are people in L.A. Who think you're a bad investment. You have to go back and prove them wrong.

J.T.: I canít. I got stuff I gotta do here.

Brittany: Like what, moping around, thinking about Colleen?

J.T.: Oh, you're one to talk about moping. For months, all you did was hide out in this apartment feelin' sorry for yourself.

Brittany: And you're the one who told me to get over it. And now I'm saying the same thing to you. Get over it, J.T. Swallow your pride, go back to L.A. And make everyone at Beach Front adore you again. Because if you blow this, I'll never let you forget it.


Brad: If you two could take a break from your little squabble, I'm looking for John. Have you seen him?

Dru: First of all, we were not squabbling, Brad. And second of all, we haven't seen John.

Diane: But if we do see him, we'll be sure and tell him that you're looking for him.

Brad: Thanks. As you were.

Dru: Wait a minute. Wait, whoa, whoa! Uh, Brad, what's the deal with Damon?

Brad: What deal?

Dru: Is he gonna get fired?

Brad: It's up in the air, Dru, along with everything else.

Diane: Well, what about Tuvia? Could it survive without Damon?

Brad: It might.

Dru: Oh, come on. Everyone knows if Damon leaves, Tuvia's down the tubes.

Brad: We have a lot of good products on the shelves, Dru.

Diane: Maybe enough to stand on their own.

Brad: Maybe, for awhile, until we get someone else developing new ones.

Dru: Do you really think that's possible?

Brad: You'd sure like it to be, wouldn't you?

Dru: Yes, I would. There's no secret there.

Brad: Well, I hope it turns out that way, Dru, I really do. In the meantime, I have a piece of advice for you, even though you didn't ask for it.

Dru: No, I didn't, but go ahead.

Brad: Stay cool. When you feel desperate, you tend to get a little bit--

Dru: A little impulsive, I know.

Brad: Well, don't, not while things are so shaky around here. When the going gets tough, just hang onto your hat and...

Dru: Stay cool.

Brad: Yes.

Dru: Thanks for the tip, Brad. Thanks. "Hang onto your hat." If he only knew. Oh.

Diane: Seriously, Drucilla, how bad is it?

Dru: It's not getting any better, Diane.

Diane: Well, let me have a look.

Dru: No.

Diane: Come on, I saw it at the salon. Come on, let me see.

Dru: You've got a big mouth. Are you sure you won't say anything?

Diane: Yours is bigger, and no, I promise I wonít. Come on.

Diane: (Gasps) well, um... you could start a whole new hairstyling trend.

Dru: Thanks, Diane.

Diane: No problem.


Phyllis: We're gonna miss the film.

Damon: I don't care. I would just as soon be all up in this.

Phyllis: (Giggles)

Damon: Baby?

Phyllis: Hmm?

Damon: You know that i truly hope that things work out between you and your son.

Phyllis: I know. Thank you.

Phyllis: So... Daniel knows I want a relationship with him. He knows what I want, so... he doesn't want one with me. I have to respect that, right?

Phyllis: Easier said, than done. Anyway... I don't wanna talk about this anymore. I've been going on and on about my messed up life. And I wanna know about you. Tell me about you.

Damon: About me?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Damon: What? I went to the cleaners and the bank this morning.

Phyllis: No, not about your day. Don't tell me about your day. I wanna know about you.

Damon: I'm not sure what you're asking.

Phyllis: You know what I'm asking. I-I-I don't know anything about you. I mean, we've been together for awhile here, and I don't know about your family, about your past. Let's fix that.


Danny: Son, hey. I have always loved you dearly. And no matter what problems Phyllis and I had in the past, they have never influenced how I felt about you.

Daniel: I guess I'm just more interested in Christineís feelings. I mean, what about the problems you've had with my mother? I'm sure there were some, and they were probably pretty serious.

Danny: Look, I don't know where this is coming from--

Daniel: Are you saying it's not true?

Chris: No, we're saying this isn't an area we feel comfortable getting into, especially since your dad and I are hoping that maybe--

Daniel: That what? That I'll break down and I'll see her?

Danny: It isn't something we wanted to push right now.

Daniel: Why, because I might find something out that you'd rather I didn't?

Daniel: Never mind. You know what? You're right. It's in the past. It's something that I just need to learn to live with and move on.

Chris: Listen, Daniel, I am sorry that I can't be more open with you.

Danny: The last thing we wanted to do was upset you and open up old wounds.

Daniel: No worries. It's cool.

Danny: Why don't I believe that?

Daniel: Listen, as long as we're all getting stuff off of our chests, or not, there's something I've been meaning to tell you guys.

Danny: What?

Daniel: It's been really, really great being here, but I really think I should be getting back.

Chris: Back?

Danny: To Switzerland?


Grace: You want Nicholas to take over your company? Well, I don't see that happening.

Cameron: Oh, I see it happening. I've talked to him. And unless I'm way off base, he is so tempted.

Grace: Isn't that playing with fire? Sharon won't support the idea. What if she starts opening up to her husband?

Cameron: She wonít. It's too risky for her. She's worked too hard to keep her secret. Besides, at this point, she's not even sure what's real and what's not real. And as for Nick, well, he is so hungry for an opportunity like this, he can almost taste it. His old man spit in his eye, and he would like nothing better than to return the favor. I'm tellin' you, baby, it all works for us.

Grace: It does? How do you see that?

Cameron: All right, just... how about this? Every time he goes to work, every time he mentions work, she's forced to think about me. See, right there, one more way to drive her crazy.

Grace: Sometimes, Cameron, I almost think you're a little too into this.

Cameron: Oh, come on. Look, this all started with you, how much you hated Sharon. You wanted payback, and I promised you that I would help you get it, and we are. And on top of that, nobody-- nobody does to me what she did and gets away with it.

Grace: When you staggered in that night, all messed up and bloody after she freaked out and attacked you in the motel room, the only thing I worried about was getting you well.

Cameron: You're a great nurse, a great nurse. I don't know what I would have done without you.

Cameron: But what do you do to a woman who hits you over the head and leaves you for dead in the snow? I'll tell you what you do. You make that bitch pay. And that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna make Sharon Newman pay.

Grace: Oh!

Cameron: We're gonna have it, Gracie, I promise. Just you, me... no worries, no stress... sun, sand... just like we always talked about. Just as soon as I'm finished with Sharon Newman.


Sharon: Tell Nicholas the truth? Nikki, how could you even suggest such a thing?

Nikki: Look, up to now, I have done things your way. I even lied to my son to protect you. But things keep getting worse and worse, and it's gotta stop. Now if you tell Nicholas the truth--

Sharon: I would end up in divorce court before I even knew what hit me!

Nikki: Sharon, will you listen to me, please? Cameron Kirsten is like some insidious cancer. Now how long are you gonna let him control your every waking moment?

Sharon: If I were to tell Nick the truth, do you think there's any chance he would ever forgive me?

Nikki: Honey, I think you have to take that chance.

Sharon: No, Nikki, I canít. I canít.

Nikki: Look, haven't you said all along, the reason you kept this secret was to protect your family?

Sharon: Yes, it is.

Nikki: All right, well, now revealing the secret is your only salvation. I know it's frightening, but this could be your last chance to end the nightmare you've been living. Sharon, you've got to tell Nicholas the truth, and do it now before it's too late.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Phyllis: If this is just about sex, just tell me.

Bobby: You're supposed to be somebody that loves her.

Raul: Hey, don't you ever doubt my love for Brittany, okay?

Nick: I have to question why you are letting this guy walk all over you like this.

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