Wednesday Y&R Transcript 5/19/04

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 5/19/04 -- Canada, Tuesday 5/20/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Sharon: Nick, you really think Cameron has his sights sets on me?

Nick: I've seen the way he looks at you.

Sharon: Honey, tell me you're kidding.

Nick: No. I caught him looking at you at the New Yearís Eve party, quite a few times, actually.

Sharon: Oh, you did not.

Nick: Babe, I know what I saw.

Sharon: Well, that's only because of that dress you made me wear. You know, it was practically skin tight.

Nick: I know, but you looked so good in it.

Sharon: Honey, this conversation is making me very uncomfortable.

Nick: Why?

Sharon: You have to ask?

Nick: Babe, you planned a party with this guy. It's only natural that he'd have his eye on you once in awhile.

Sharon: Well, I wanted nothing to do with that party, and I wanted nothing to do with Cameron Kirsten. I can't stand the man.

Nick: So you've said.

Sharon: Yeah, I have, so why are we bringing it up again?

Nick: Okay, just calm down, all right? I was kidding.

Sharon: Well, it's not something you kid around about, okay?


Ashley: I don't mean to sound so melodramatic.

John: Ashley, I'm very concerned about your brother.

Ashley: Well, obviously, or you wouldn't have asked me to try to smooth things over. Daddy, I don't even feel like I know my brother anymore. I don't even remember the last time we had a civil conversation.

John: Well, it breaks my heart to hear that.

Ashley: Mine, too.

John: And it all begins and ends with Victor.

Ashley: I know. I don't even remember the last time I've seen Jack smile.

John: Has anyone?

Ashley: He's always looking for a fight with anybody who gets in his way.

John: Oh, I noticed that, too. But, Ash, he's in a lot of pain.

Ashley: I know, because of the divorce.

John: I think it has a great deal to do with it, but lately he's been up all night brooding, drinking alone.

Ashley: You know what? Even brad remarked to me that Jack's looking really scruffy these days. And he's always been so meticulous about his appearance. It's painful to see him let himself go this way.

John: Well, look, we have to do something. We have to try.

Ashley: Daddy, I doubt if my walking on eggshells around Jack is going to accomplish anything.

John: Now look, we have to find a way to reach him, break through this malaise he's in.


Jack: I am being quiet.

Jill: (Whispers) shh, no, you're not. (Normal voice) no, no.

Jack: Give me my keys. What? Well... dagnabit, it's an Abbott.

Jill: (Laughs)

Jack: You guys wanna join the party? Well, aren't you two just the picture of merriment?


Lily: No, Dad, you cannot do this to me, not when I'm finally able to have a normal life again.

Neil: Lily, please, please, listen to me.

Lily: No, do you wanna know how I'll feel if you're responsible for setting Kevin free? Go ahead, do it. But don't expect me to ever be able to forgive you.

Neil: Hey, Lily, I...

Dru: Do you see what you've done?

Neil: Don't lay this on me.

Dru: Who shall I lay it on, Neil?

Neil: You were the one who told Lily what we were arguing about.

Dru: Yeah, once I saw she realized we were keeping something from her, Neil.

Neil: Did you see her? Did you see her just now, how upset she was?

Dru: Thanks to you.

Neil: We should have discussed this thoroughly before dropping it on our daughter.

Dru: I'm sorry we didn't go to Camp David, but I was getting nowhere with you. You saw the way she reacted. You have to realize what a huge mistake this would be, to go to the police.


Lauren: You're not gonna like Kevinís idea.

Michael: Oh, my God. I know I wonít. But at this point, I'll listen to anything.

Lauren: Even something illegal?

Michael: Why should that surprise me? My brother's desperate. He's looking at a minimum of three weeks in jail before his trial, a maximum of who knows how many years if he happens to be--

Lauren: But only if he's convicted.

Michael: Which I will fight against with everything that's in me, but you know I can't guarantee the outcome of a jury trial. Okay, come on. Let's hear it. What's Kevinís brilliant plan for getting himself cleared of burning Brittany Hodges? What?

Lauren: Well, it's not exactly a plan.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Lauren: He's talking about making an escape from the hospital.

Michael: Oh, sure.

Lauren: You know, before he's transferred back to jail.

Michael: That's perfect.

Lauren: And he would like me to help him.

Michael: Of course he does. You can play Bonnie to his Clyde. You can blast your way out of the hospital with Tommy guns and jump into your getaway car and zoom off into the sunset. It's so Kevin. It's so immature, ill-considered and stupid! You did not hold out any hope that you would aid and abet him in this lunacy. Lauren Fenmore! You're doing it!


Ashley: Were your ears burning, Jackie?

Jack: Why, were you taking my name in vain?

John: No, but I'm surprised to see the two of you out here.

Jill: Why, John? It's a gorgeous night.

John: Oh, yes, it is, Jill. But that was not my point.

Ashley: Why are you out here together?

Jack: Jill's cheering me up.

Ashley: Is she?

Jack: You have a problem with that?

Jill: Uh, I told your brother that life is too short to sit at the club all night drinking, so we should come here.

Jack: No, you didnít.

Jill: Oh, I was thinking that.

John: Good night, sweetheart.

Ashley: Night, Daddy.

John: You two excuse me.

Jack: Night, Pop.

Ashley: Well, I hope I'm not cramping your style.

Jack: Yeah, you kind of are. But, ah, what the heck? We're all adults here, right?

Ashley: Whatever that means.

Jack: It means, little sister dearest, that Jill and I are taking a swim.

Ashley: Did you bring your bathing suit, Jill?

Jill: No, I didnít.

Ashley: Oh, well, I'm sure we have one that fits you.

Jack: (Whispers) I don't think she's gonna need a bathing suit.

Ashley: Okay, too much information.

Jack: (Normal voice) oh, God, when did you become such a puritan?

Ashley: I'm actually thinking about the neighbors, Jack.

Jack: Oh, come on. How high is that hedge anyway? Come on.

Ashley: I'm so happy to see you in a better mood, but frankly, Jack, that's all I wanna see of you.

Jill: Does that go double for me?

Ashley: Try triple.


Neil: Look, baby, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that we can't agree on this, but the truth is I'm ashamed.

Dru: Good.

Neil: I'm ashamed that I've waited as long as I have. I shoulda come clean the second that I read that P.I.'s report and realized that Kevin couldn't have been the one who hurt Brittany.

Dru: Wait a minute. What are you saying?

Neil: I'm saying that I can't keep this under wraps anymore. And I realize that you and Lily are dead set against it, but I have to go to the police, and I have to tell them what I know.

[Lily remembering.]

Lily: I never really had a boyfriend before.

Kevin: I keep forgetting how young you are. You're way more mature than most girls your age.

Lily: Well, I may be young, but I know what I feel.

Kevin: Listen, why do you put up with Colleen? You oughta dump her; leave her in the sandbox with the other kids.

Lily: Well, it's not like me and Colleen hang out all the time, and I'm still mad at her and J.T. for what they did.

Kevin: She's just jealous. You know, its okay for her to have a boyfriend, but if you start looking happy, then she can't handle it.

Lily: Yeah. Why are we even talking about Colleen?

Kevin: Because she isn't gonna quit until she breaks us up for good.

Lily: No, trust me, okay? I am not gonna let Colleen wreck things for us. I told you, Kevin, you mean way too much to me.

Kevin: Yeah?

Lily: Yeah.

Kevin: Well, if you really feel that way, prove it.

Lily: How?

Kevin: You know how. There's only one way.


Lily: Why did I ever let you touch me? Why did I let you manipulate me like that? (Crying)


Lauren: No, Michael. I did not tell Kevin that I would help him escape. But given his options...

Michael: Oh, please, Lauren. You been hanging around with the boy too much. He's infecting you with his terminal shortsightedness.

Lauren: Don't you think that I told him all the reasons why it was insane to contemplate escaping? I told him that they would catch him again, that he would make things worse for himself. But, Michael, we're talking about a man who would rather die than go back to jail.

Michael: No, no.

Lauren: And I think he means it.

Michael: You know what, Lauren? Whine, whine, whine, whine, whine. You remember that night where he was waving that gun around, talking about killing himself? Do you realize how relieved he was when I showed up to talk him out of it?

Lauren: Look, desperate people who aren't thinking clearly can go a step too far if there isn't someone there to stop them.

Michael: All right, all right. Yes, okay, I get you. I get it. Yes, you're right. He's just so crazed with fear right now. Heís... Lauren, that's it. That's it.

Lauren: What? What's it?

Michael: Huh.


Ashley: Where's your date?

Jack: She's in the guest suite finding a suitable robe.

Ashley: Well, she's certainly getting the royal treatment.

Jack: You really have a problem with my letting my hair down for one bloody evening?

Ashley: I shouldn't, should I?

Jack: What's your beef, Ash?

Ashley: Well, for starters--

Jack: Whoa, whoa, wait. Is this a really, really long list?

Ashley: Dad and I are concerned about you. And after seeing the company you're keeping these days--

Jack: Can you kinda get to the point? I'm having a little trouble focusing right now.

Ashley: We have some important issues that we need to discuss.

Jack: Now?

Ashley: No, not now. But soon.

Jack: Oh, good. In the meantime, maybe you could pack this prissy, Victorian attitude of yours up in your... I don't know, your sewing bag where it belongs.

Ashley: Jack, I'm hardly a prude.

Jack: Then stop acting like one. We're two consenting adults.

Ashley: Does the word "tacky" mean anything to you?

Jack: Tacky? Tacky as in it would be tacky of you to make Jill feel anything but welcome in this house?

Ashley: Jill? Does nothing embarrass you? You need to get a grip.

Jack: You need to get lost.

Ashley: You have a serious problem, Jackie.

Jack: Ash, why don't you go home to that little husband of yours and be a good girl? Leave Jill and me in peace.

Ashley: Fine. I'll go get Abby. But we're gonna talk, you and I.

Jack: I am so looking forward to it, sis. Oh, oh, uh, listen, don't come back out to say good-byes, unless you want my little niece to see a real eyeful.

Jack: (Laughs)

Nick: Babe, why are you so uptight?


Sharon: I'm not uptight.

Nick: I bring up Cameronís name, and you snap my head off.

Sharon: Look, I'm at the end of my rope, okay? I just came back from my first appointment with a shrink. Apparently your wife is so messed up, she has to have her head examined. And now you want to joke around about Cameron Kirsten. Well, I'm sorry I don't share your gallows humor.

Nick: Gallows humor? That's a weird way of putting it.

Sharon: Well, I only meant that everything about him is just so creepy to me.

Nick: You're talking about his disappearing act?

Sharon: Yeah. Just thinking about it, it gives me the chills.

Nick: I know what you mean. I mean, that whole time he was gone, we actually thought he was dead, and grace is running around town making all those wild accusations.

Sharon: Honey, please, I really don't want to talk about this.

Nick: Babe, the way you're reacting, I have to ask this. Did this guy ever hit on you?


Ashley: Hi.

Brad: Hi. Abby all tucked in?

Ashley: Yeah, she fell fast asleep. Didn't even make it through her story.

Brad: Doesn't surprise me. She was practically sleepwalking when you came home.

Ashley: That's what a dip in the pool will do to a little girl.

Brad: So she had fun.

Ashley: You shoulda seen her. She was so cute. Not a care in the world.

Brad: Yeah, I was afraid of that.

Ashley: Why? What?

Brad: Newman was here. Surprise, surprise, he dropped by unexpectedly wanting to see Abby.

Ashley: What did you tell him?

Brad: Well, not half of what I should have. The man's ego knows no bounds, Ash. He as much as ordered me to set up a visit with her.

Ashley: I have to talk to him.

Brad: Well, you can talk to him, but he won't listen. He gave me some garbage about wanting Abby to know that he acknowledges her as his daughter.

Ashley: Only biologically.

Brad: That's what I told him. But come on, ash. Even if Abby had only one drop of his blood, he'd be here pounding our door down just the same.

Ashley: I know. He feels very passionately about his children.

Brad: She's not his child, not in any way that counts.

Ashley: Well, un-- you know what? That argument's not gonna wash. He's committed to doing this.

Brad: Yeah, don't I know it, and on his schedule. That's right, ash. His majesty instructed us to set up a visit with Abby before he begins his community service.

Ashley: Well, that's too soon. She's not ready for that.

Brad: That's what I told him, but he won't hear it. He wants to close the deal.

Ashley: Abby is not a deal.

Brad: Well, to him she is. Which makes me wonder what kind of relationship he really wants.

Ashley: He just wants to visit with her.

Brad: Well, if you'd heard the man, I don't think you'd feel the same way. Quite frankly, I think we'd better prepare ourselves.


Jill: What is all this?

Jack: Atmosphere.

Jill: Boy, you're really doin' it up right, aren't you?

Jack: Well, I figure why the hell not.

Jill: Kinda feels like a real date.

Jack: I thought we'd like a little something to nosh after our we... swim.

Jill: That was awfully thoughtful of you. It's so strange. All of a sudden, I am feeling shy.

Jack: Now why are you feeling shy? Nothing I haven't seen.

Jill: Yeah, umpteen years ago.

Jack: What are you saying, gravity hasn't been kind to us?

Jill: (Groans)

Jack: Tell me about it.

Jill: Oh, you, too?

Jack: I'm holding my own.

Jill: (Laughs)

Jack: Oh, come on. You're still in your prime.

Jill: Well, thank you, Jack. Yeah, I feel like that most of the time, till catch a glimpse of my birth certificate, and it's turning that lovely, antique shade of white.

Jack: Oh, take my word for it, you are no antique.

Jill: I didn't say I was an antique. I said the paper wa--

Jack: Okay, okay, okay, okay. What do you say we drop everything on the count of three?

Jill: Okay.

Jack: Okay.

Jill: Okay. One...

Jack: Two... oops! I jumped the gun.

Jill: Ooh, ooh, three!

Jack: Three! Ha!

Jill: Whoa!


Dru: Did you hear a word I said?

Neil: Of course I have. But, please, try and understand where I'm coming from here, baby.

Dru: I understand plenty.

Neil: Well, if you did, you wouldn't be suggesting that we stoop to Kevin Fisher's level.

Dru: Oh, now insult me, why don't you? I care about my daughter's well-being.

Neil: Don't you think I care about it, too? I mean, listen to me. Listen, even if they release Kevin because of this evidence, do you really think that I'm gonna allow him within a mile of our daughter?

Dru: Like you could watch her 24/7.

Neil: Drucilla, the man would be crazy to go anywhere near her.

Dru: He is crazy, Neil. He set Ginaís on fire. Normal people don't things like do that. What about what our daughter wants, or don't you care about that?

Neil: All right. Shh. Shh. She's a kid. She doesn't understand that by staying silent that we are committing a felony here.

Dru: Did you hear her? Did you hear her say she would never forgive you?

Neil: She doesn't mean that.

Dru: Sure about that? Are you willing to alienate your daughter forever?

Neil: It's not gonna happen.

Dru: You better sleep on that. You might feel differently tomorrow.

Neil: No, I wonít. My mind is made up. Maybe not now, but somewhere down the line, I've gotta believe that she'll come around and realize that this was the right thing to do.


Michael: I mean, look, I seriously doubt Kevin can be deemed insane enough to avoid standing trial. In fact, I wouldn't want him to be, because, you know, I don't think he did anything to hurt Brittany Hodges. But our immediate goal is to keep him out of jail between now and his trial. So if he could be just disturbed enough to need the inside of his head inspected by a mental health professional...

Lauren: So you're talking about a psychiatric evaluation.

Michael: Yes. Very good. So you're familiar with the process?

Lauren: Not personally.

Michael: Of course not. It--it still worries me.

Lauren: Why? You said it would keep him outta jail, that it would avoid him ever being beaten up again.

Michael: Nor from doing anything drastic out of his fear of going to jail, but... this looks very good on the surface, but I'm not...

Lauren: What? Why are you hesitate?

Michael: Because I don't want to go to Kevin and tell him to act crazy. Kevin could so easily take that too far given his current state of mind.

Lauren: Well, hello. I think he's already taking it too far. You said yourself, I mean, talking about escaping and running away, that's real insanity. What's the fault in faking it a little bit to ensure that he stays in the hospital?

Michael: Okay, you're right. I guess it's the lesser of the evils we're dealing with.

Lauren: Yeah, let me talk to him. Let me plant the seed without going too far.

Michael: It still makes me nervous.

Lauren: I know, but, Michael, you can't do this for him. I mean, if he's gonna prove that he's too unhinged to go back to jail, he's gotta do it himself.


Sharon: Has Cameron Kirsten ever hit on me? Nick, why would you say something like that?

Nick: You're a beautiful woman. Why wouldn't guys hit on you?

Sharon: Because I'm your wife, that's why.

Nick: All right. So he didn't hit on you.

Sharon:No. He knows that I don't like him, like that, anyway. Period.

Nick: Let's talk about something else, all right?

Sharon: Okay.

Nick: So tell me about your shrink. Now they don't like being called that, do they?

Sharon: Um, no, I don't think they do.

Nick: So how'd it go?

Sharon: Um, what do you want to know?

Nick: Well, you said the session helped.

Sharon: Yeah. I can't believe I was so scared to go. You know, he was so nice, and he just let me talk.

Nick: Were you afraid he'd turn out to be some kind of ogre?

Sharon: I don't know what I thought. I've never been to see a psychiatrist before.

Nick: What were you worried about, that he was gonna dig into your mind, pull out some dark secrets?

Nick: Look, babe,there's nothing to be ashamed of, getting a little help to sort out your problems. I'm glad you're seeing him. And I hope you keep seeing him until you figure out whatever it is you been goin' through.

Sharon: Thank you for your support, Nick.

Nick: And I hope you can get Cameron Kirsten outta your mind, too.


Jill: Oh, that was too fabulous!

Jack: Wasn't it, though?

Jill: That pool is like bathwater. I'm so glad we didn't wear our suits.

Jack: Wine. How about some wine?

Jill: Um... half a glass, maybe less.

Jack: Why?

Jill: I went to a couple of A.A. Meetings.

Jack: Again, why?

Jill: I just thought I was developing a problem, okay? Well, I was developing a problem.

Jack: If you're on the wagon, we can find some club soda or--

Jill: No, no, no, no. I'm just watching it, that's all. I read some different approaches to it, moderation being one. Go ahead.

Jack: A splash.

Jill: Perfect. Thank you.

Jack: Have a seat.

Jill: Okay. Don't mind if I do.

Jill: Ooh.

Jack: (Chuckles) ahh.

Jill: Mmm. That tastes glorious. It's so much better when you're not slugging it back by the bottle.

Jack: Somehow, I replaced all my wine consumption with scotch consumption.

Jill: You know what? This is a dreary subject.

Jack: You're right, it is. What shall we talk about?

Jill: Mm. Contentment.

Jack: Ah, the ever-elusive prize.

Jill: Have you turned into a closet malcontent or something?

Jack: I thought I had found contentment there for awhile... with Phyllis.

Jill: Stop. That's another dreary subject. Listen, no Phyllis, no Katherine--

Jack: Speaking of drinking...

Jill: There you go again. We're not gonna go there. Jack, I'm tryin' to cheer you up here, okay? We can't be touching each other's sore spots.

Jack: You have sore spots? Show them to me. I have magical hands.

Jill: You have a black belt in massage. Do you know that's what you told me all those years ago when you tried to seduce me? (Laughs)

Jack: I said that line?

Jill: Yes, you did.

Jack: That's a damn good line. I'm gonna take that one out of mothballs.

Jill: Um, about those sore spots?


Ashley: Do you honestly think that Victor was talking about some kind of living arrangement?

Brad: Honey, you know, I-I wouldn't put anything past him. When he says that there are a lot of kids living in families where either the father

or the mother is not the biological parent, well, you tell me what that suggests.

Ashley: Him having some kind of custody of our little girl is not what's best for Abby.

Brad: It's not about what's best for Abby. It's about what Victor wants.

Ashley: There has to be some way of convincing him--

Brad: Ash, Ash, come on. No, listen. Do you think-- I mean, do you really thin-- that having a relationship with Victor is going to be good for Abby? You've seen her. Does this seem like a little girl who's carrying around a lot of baggage?

Ashley: No, she doesnít.

Brad: Has she even once brought up what she heard on that tape?

Ashley: No. She doesn't seem to care at all.

Brad: Then why should we change it?

Ashley: Because we don't have a choice, Brad.

Brad: When it comes to the happiness and well-being of our little girl, there is always a choice.

Ashley: I'm not sure it's one we want to make. The last thing I want to do is scar little Abby.

Brad: Sweetheart, with Victor involved, I really don't know that that can be avoided.


Lauren: So let me ask you the bottom line. I mean, how good do you think your chances are of acquitting Kevin of trying to kill Brittany?

Michael: Well, I told you about a jury trial. We've got a police department that's very confident of the evidence against him. Without some kind of break... so what's your point?

Lauren: Well, this whole psychiatric evaluation ploy is a waste of time if it's just gonna buy him a couple of weeks in the hospital but he has to end up back in prison anyway.

Michael: Tell me something I don't know, Lauren. We're not in an ideal position. We're not calling the shots. But perhaps if we succeed one step at a time, we'll be able pull out of the nose dive we're in. If we give up, it's all over.

Lauren: Yeah, but if Kevin has to go back to jail now--

Michael: If Kevin has to go back to jail, then the rest of the plan doesn't matter. Look, the challenge here is to make Kevin understand that if he tries this, he's working without a net. You and I can't conveniently be there to talk him out of things or to make sure other people aren't overreacting. He's in a hospital. If he endangers the lives of others, he'll be in a deeper hole than he's in already. Are you beginning to understand how delicate this is?

Lauren: Yeah, okay. Uh, let me talk to him.

Michael: If this thing smells even the slightest bit fake, it'll do more harm than good.

Lauren: Okay. I hear you. I' g go first thing in the morning.

Michael: You don't think he's gonna try something tonight?

Lauren: Well, you know, I hope not, because I am not gonna get past that guard again. Hopefully there's a new one tomorrow, and I can charm him.

Michael: You want me to go with you?

Lauren: No. Let me try the soft approach first. And if that doesn't work, you bring in the big guns.

Michael: You really care about him, don't you?

Lauren: Go figure. Okay, I'm gonna get a good night's sleep, all right?

Michael: Um, be careful. And, uh, thank you.

Lauren: Let's hope you're still this grateful when it's all over.


Lily: How could I have been so stupid... to believe all of your lies? I mean, so what if you didn't hurt Brittany? You almost killed Colleen.

Lily: I will hate you for what you did to me for the rest of my life. You deserve to rot in prison.

Neil: Withholding information like this is against the law, Lily. Can we keep silent, knowing we have evidence that will set him free? It's called obstruction of justice. It's wrong. Morally wrong. It's wrong, Lily. Morally wrong. Wrong. Morally wrong. Wrong. Morally wrong.

Lily: Oh, God, I don't care. I don't care. I don't care. I want him to pay. I want him to pay. I want him to pay. (Crying)

Dru: I-I can't believe you. I thought that you hated Kevin Fisher as much as I did.

Neil: I do.

Dru: Well, you have a funky way of showing it. Did you forget... did you forget what he did to our daughter, that he took her virginity and gave her a disease, our 15-year-old child? And now for the rest of her life, every time she thinks about that experience, it's gonna be ugly.

Neil: Okay. Shh. Of course I didn't forget. There's nothing we can do about that now.

Dru: Yes, there is! We can protect our daughter and innocent girls by keeping that man off the streets.

Neil: What, by being Kevinís judge and jury, you mean? No. It's not right. Now Kevin may have done some terrible things, but the evidence proves that he had nothing to do with Brittany Hodges being electrocuted.

Dru: I don't care what crime brings him down as long as he pays.

Neil: You know, one of the reasons I married you is because you're a good person inside and out. We are good people. We have integrity. That means something to me. Now I'm not gonna let this man, no matter how much I detest him, corrupt my belief system.

Dru: I don't give two hoots about your belief system. I care about my daughter's future and her welfare.

Neil: Drucilla, wh-- can't you just see this for once from my perspective here?

Dru: No, I cannot. Now I want you to hear me I want you to feel me on this. If you do this, if you do this to Lily, she won't be the only person who'll never forgive you.


Jill: A little lower.

Jack: Uh-huh.

Jill: To the left.

Jack: Uh-huh.

Jill: Ahh, you got it.

Jack: You know, this would be a lot easier without all this terry cloth.

Jill: Is that a hint?

Jack: It's a suggestion.

Jill: Okay. Okay. Ooh.

Jack: (Whispers) of course, this only takes care of the upper back.

Jill: Another hint.

Jack: Well... (Normal voice) depends on how relaxed you want to get.

Jill: Ohh.

Jack: Let me tell you, old man gravity...

Jill: (Laughs)

Jack: Got nothin' on you, babe. Nothin' on you at all.


Sharon: It's not just me, you know. I'm not the only one who can't stand Cameron. Your mother doesn't like him either.

Nick: Yeah, she always thought he was a little too slick or something.

Sharon: Yeah. Cameron rubbed Nikki the wrong way the first time they met, and I guess that's why she's been so supportive of me.

Nick: What do you mean?

Sharon: Nothing, Nick. Nothing. Just that it's something that we can both agree on, how much we don't like that man. I just don't think he's a good person, and I wish that he would leave town and never come back.

Nick: Yeah, I still wonder about that, you know, why he came back, the real reason. I've said this before, but there's a lot more to this guy than we know. He's after something. That's one thing I'm certain of.


Ashley: Look, honey, I have to say it. In all fairness, there's no evidence that a relationship with Victor will damage Abby.

Brad: Well, not yet, Ash. But we won't see the results of that for years.

Ashley: That could be argued either way. We're not positive that what she heard on that tape isn't affecting her right now. We don't know what's going on in her head. She could have a lot of unanswered questions.

Brad: And you think Victor's the one to answer them? I don't think so.

Ashley: Could you please try to put yourself in his place?

Brad: I have, and I don't like what I saw. He wants our child. And you know how relentless he can be when he wants something.

Ashley: You know what we need? Professional advice. We need an objective opinion on how best to handle this.

Brad: Ash, I don't--

Ashley: Victor's not gonna listen to us. This way, we cover all the bases. We have to do what's best for Abby. In the meantime, I'm gonna call Victor and ask him for some more time.

Brad: Good luck.

Ashley: Hi, Vctor. It's Ashley calling. Um, I need to speak with you. Could you come by the house tomorrow morning, please? It's very important. Please be here. He'll show up. I know he will.

Brad: Yeah, but will he listen? Don't bet on it.

Brad: I'm gonna go kiss our little girl good night.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Brad: One more word, and I will bust you in the mouth.

Nick: I think it's all a scam.

Cameron: I think your father made a mistake. It's a mistake I'd like to take advantage of.

Lauren: I think there may be a way for you to stay out of jail.

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