Tuesday Y&R Transcript 5/18/04

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/18/04--Canada; Wednesday 5/19/04--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Lauren: Kevin, please tell me you didn't mean what I think you did.

Kevin: It's my only hope.

Lauren: You want me to help you escape so you can run again?

Kevin: Will you do it, Lauren, please?

Lauren: I know you're scared. And you have been terribly hurt, and you need to heal. You are safe here at the hospital.

Kevin: I told you, as soon as I'm up to it, they're gonna haul me off back to jail.

Lauren: I know, but its not--

Kevin: But nothing, Lauren. I don't need a crystal ball to tell me what I'm in for if I go back there.

Lauren: The police will not allow this to happen twice.

Kevin: The police have nothing to do with it. And the guards can't be everywhere at once.

Lauren: So maybe they should put you in solitary. That way no one would get to you.

Kevin: Oh, that's great. Solitary? It'd be even worse.

Kevin: I can't go back there, Lauren. I wonít. The only answer is escape. And the only time I have a chance of pulling it off is while I'm in here.

Lauren: No. No. Just get that crazy idea out of your head.

Kevin: Please, Lauren. Besides my brother, you're my only friend. I'm begging you. Please help me.


Lily: Come on, Mom. What were you guys talking about? Tell me.

Neil: Lily, it's probably better if you let your Mother and I discuss this without you.

Lily: Discuss what? Does it involve me?

Dru: Sort of.

Neil: Listen, we really shouldn't be upsetting her with this, Drucilla.

Lily: It's about Kevin, isn't it?

Neil: Honey, there's no reason for you to worry about this, all right?

Lily: Worry? Why would I worry? Unless... wait, has he gotten out of jail? Has he hurt someone?

Neil: No, no, no, no, no, it's nothing like that.

Lily: Well, then tell me what it's like, please. If you don't, I'm just gonna imagine all these horrible things.

Dru: Okay, your father has discovered some evidence.

Lily: What kind of evidence? What's she talking about?

Neil: I have some information that indicates that Kevin had nothing to do with what happened to Brittany Hodges.


(Doorbell rings)

Paul: Sorry I didn't call first.

Michael: No, you're not.

Paul: Either way, we still have to talk.

Michael: Hold on, Paul. I've been busting my brain trying to put together a defense for my brother. I believe the evidence is wrong. Whether it was rigged or a result of bad luck, whatever, it's gonna be a hard case to disprove, because the police have connected the dots in a way as to point straight to my brother. But I'll tell you what I don't need at the moment. I don't need you tellin' me what a... what a sick, twisted pervert the poor kid is. I know how you feel about him. But right now, I'm focused on proving his innocence.

Paul: Nice speech. Now do you mind if I say something?

Michael: Keep it brief.

Paul: I am not so sure your brother is guilty. Don't look at me like that. You planted the seeds of doubt. Well, they have taken root.

Michael: Since when have facts meant so much to you? You were ready to string him up on no evidence at all in that little matter of the fire at Ginaís. So what's so different this time?

Paul: This time there is evidence. And I'm willing to see if I can unravel any of it or prove that someone else is responsible. So look, this is what it comes down to, do you want my help or not?


(Doorbell rings)

Brad: Did you forget your keys ag-- what are you doing here?

Victor: I'm here to see Abby.

Ashley: Honey, your swimming is coming along so great. You look like a regular little fish out there.

Abby: I can open my eyes underwater and everything.

Ashley: (Laughs) I'm so proud of you. I love you so much. I'm so lucky to have you as my little girl, you know that?

Abby: I'm lucky, too, Mommy.

Ashley: Come here.

John: (Chuckles) well, now that is a wonderful sight, my two girls out here in the pool on this beautiful evening.

Abby: The pool is so nice except now...

Ashley: Oh, no, she's cold. She's cold.

John: Oh, my goodness.

Ashley: Mrs. Martinez said she was gonna draw you a nice, hot bath once you finished swimming. So you get inside, okay? Watch your step. Don't run. Bye, boo-boo.

John: What a happy little girl, huh?

Ashley: I know, Daddy. She is. She truly is. Oh, please, God, let her stay that way.


Sharon: Are you okay?

Sharon: You better be. (Door opens)

Nick: Hey. The kids still up at the main house?

Sharon: Yeah, they're destroying the kitchen with Miguel. The dreaded bake sale.

Nick: Ah, yes. So how'd it go? You know, the shrink.

Sharon: Oh, um, can't you tell? My head's a whole size smaller. (Chuckles) I'm glad I went.

Nick: Good.

Sharon: And, uh, I had a visitor today. Your father stopped by.

Nick: What did he want?

Sharon: He wanted to talk about the community service project.

Nick: Well, I hope you told him to get lost.

Sharon: That was certainly my first reaction, Nick. But after that, I had second thoughts.


Jill: You could at least pass the nuts.

Jack: I didn't ask for company.

Jill: Well, lucky you, you didn't have to. Oh, hi, Brent.

Brent: Hi, Mrs. Abbott. What can I get for you this evening?

Jill: What could you get me? Oh, I know. One of those spritzers that you make with the pineapple juice and the sparkling water. And could you bring me an appetizer menu, please?

Brent: Certainly.

Jill: Thank you. Oh, good. Thanks.

Jack: Well, so much for solitude.

Jill: Oh, lighten up.

Jack: A pineapple spritzer? Since when are you a teetotaler?

Jill: I'm high on life, Jack.

Jack: Oh, give me a break.

Jill: No, really. You should try it sometime.

Jack: No, thank you.

Jill: Let me guess. That's your dinner, isn't it? Well, it's no wonder you're in such a lousy mood. When's the last time you've eaten?

Jack: W-what are you, the nutrition fairy?

Jill: See, you can snipe at me all you want. I'm not gonna let it faze me.

Jack: Why the hell not? What have you got to be so cheerful about?


Michael: I have to say, I'm surprised.

Paul: What, that I would give Kevin a break?

Michael: Even half a break. So tell me, was it my honest face, my earnest, convincing rhetoric? What was it that, uh, swayed you into thinking that there might be a crime in Genoa City my brother hasn't committed?

Paul: You know, I really don't want to hurt your feelings, but it had nothing to do with you. It had to do with Bobby Marsino and that bartender of his. Something didn't smell right.

Michael: But Marsino made a very good case. He said that Brittany was a huge draw. Why would he want to harm her? It's certainly not the best way to get her father off their backs.

Paul: Well, I've done some checking around, and Bobby Marsino is, um, associated with a guy by the name of Bertolli Lewis.

Michael: Bertolli... I've seen that name.

Paul: Well, it's been in all the papers.

Michael: In a legal journal, perhaps, I'm not sure.

Paul: He's a very shady character. He's got his fingers in a lot of criminal activities. The authorities haven't been able to put him out of business.

Michael: So you think that someone from his organization might have electrocuted Brittany as a way of warning Marsino?

Paul: I think it's possible. Maybe even likely.

Michael: Oh, no. That's it, then. Let's go find this character. That's it.

Paul: No, no, no, no, no. Hold on a second.

Michael: It's a lead. Come on.

Paul: You just can't bust in his office spouting accusations, not if we value our lives.


Bobby: Come in.

Bobby: So how long you gonna make me wait?

Angelo: Wait, for what?

Bobby: For an apology.

Angelo: Bobby...

Bobby: I want to hear it. I want you to admit to me that you called Mr. Lewis. Did you tell him, "Oh, Bobby's goin' crazy. He's turning the place into a cabaret. You gotta get down here and straighten him out"? So he comes down here with a couple goons lookin' to tear me apart. Now where do you get off, huh, Ange? I want to know where the hell you get off.

Angelo: Hey, I told you before, this club, it's my life.

Bobby: Fine, then you come to me.

Angelo: Yeah, you know, but I can't, Bobby. You tell me to shut up. I'm only 10% of this place. You're the boss. You make the decisions. I mean, that's all I get from you.

Bobby: So you go cryin' to Mr. Lewis like some little girl? Let me tell you somethin', Ange, it didn't work. I told Mr. Lewis all of my plans. I told him it'd be a step up, good, clean money all the way around. And you know what he told me? He said okay. That's right. I got his okay. So all you did was waste your time rattin' me out. And you know what else you did? You put our friendship on the line. Now you owe me. You owe me big for that stuff that you just pulled and for me not throwin' you the hell outta here right now. So I want a good, straight answer outta you. The other day when the private detective and the lawyer came down here... now they seem like fairly intelligent people, and they seem to think that Kevin Fisher wasn't the one that tried to get rid of Brittany. They think it was an inside job. What do you know about it? Ange, don't lie to me.


Lily: But the police have already arrested Kevin.

Neil: I'm well aware of that, Lily.

Lily: Well, then how can you think he's innocent?

Dru: Um, your father hired a private detective to follow Kevin around.

Lily: Why?

Neil: Because I was trying to get some kind of proof that he was a predator, that other girls like you might be in danger.

Dru: Your dad wants Kevin Fisher put away, honey. And he was just tryin' to help push things along. He actually thought that the police were a dead end.

Neil: And unfortunately, the plan backfired.

Dru: It sure did. The evidence proves that Kevin Fisher was not at the scene of the crime where Brittany was hurt.

Lily: Well, maybe this evidence is wrong. Maybe that detective you hired made some mistake.

Neil: No, no, Lily. There was no mistake.

Dru: Kevin Fisher did terrible things.

Lily: Yeah. He almost burned colleen alive!

Neil: Okay, ladies, the point is Kevin apparently did not commit the crime that he's been arrested for.

Dru: And we're the only ones who know that, honey.

Neil: And I don't see how we can withhold this kind of information.

Dru: Okay, your father thinks that we should turn the information over to the authorities.

Lily: What about you, Mom? What do you think?

Dru: Honey, I think that Kevin should stay behind bars, proof or no proof. He has to be punished for the crimes that he committed.

Neil: But can we really keep silent, knowing that this evidence might set that young man free? This is exactly what your mother and I were arguing about. Hate when people come to me and ask me to Anglicans will allow it. They're thinking all my friends.


Lauren: You know, what you're suggesting is--is madness.

Kevin: I'm desperate.

Lauren: You know, even if I did help you, you would never make it.

Kevin: Sure I would.

Lauren: There's a police officer outside your door.

Kevin: He has to take breaks, doesn't he?

Lauren: Yeah, and probably someone else covers for him when he does.

Kevin: We don't know that.

Lauren: You know, just--just say you slip by this cop. With the hospital security, you would never make it to the front door.

Kevin: You could create a diversion. That'd work.

Lauren: Where would you go?

Kevin: I don't know. I haven't thought out all the details yet.

Lauren: You know what? You just... you have to forget about this.

Kevin: I canít.

Lauren: You have to. You cannot make things worse for yourself.

Kevin: Things can't get worse, Lauren.

Lauren: Oh, that is not true.

Kevin: It is true. Innocent until proven guilty, it's a load of crap. Weber and half the city have already convicted me.

Lauren: But that's why they have trials and juries.

Kevin: Come on. You really think I can get a fair trial?

Lauren: Yes, I do.

Kevin: Lauren, you're being naive.

Lauren: Your brother is one of the finest attorneys around.

Kevin: You're not hearing me. I can't spend another night in that cell. I'd rather be dead.

Lauren: You don't mean that.

Kevin: Better they shoot me running away than put me in a cage for god knows how long.

Lauren: You can't be serious.

Kevin: I've never been more serious. I have to escape... even if it means I die trying.


Sharon: Victor was just trying to explain his position.

Nick: No, he was trying to sneak around behind my back.

Sharon: It didn't feel like that.

Nick: I'll tell you what it feels like to me. It feels like an attack. You know, I turn down his absurd proposal that I work with him on his community service. Does he take no for an answer? No. He goes to my wife. Sharon, it is insulting.

Sharon: Why, because we talked?

Nick: Baby he's using you. He can't get his way, so now he's manipulating you into pressuring me. Its classic Victor Newman. It drives me crazy.

Sharon: Well, I can see that.

Nick: I mean, he's twisting your arm, trying to get you on his side.

Sharon: Honey, I'm not on anyone's side except yours. And I'm just thinking about what's gonna be best for you in the long run.

Nick: This is just another example of him keeping me in my place, showing me he still has some power over me.

Sharon: I don't think so. I don't think that's how it is. Will you just hear me out, okay?


Brad: You can't be serious.

Victor: I'm very serious, Bradley.

Brad: Abby's not here.

Victor: You sure?

Brad: You think I'm lying to you?

Victor: If you don't mind, I prefer not to discuss this in the doorway.

Brad: Come in.

Brad: Feel free to search the premises, Victor, if ill make you feel better.

Victor: Brad, why don't we drop the hostility, all right? Let's do what's best for Abby.

Brad: Oh, that's easy for you to say. But I wonder how you would feel if it was your daughter, and I was the one intruding in her life. 

John: You know, watching little Abby brings back so many memories.

Ashley: Does it?

John: Mm-hmm. It takes me back to the time when you were a happy little girl.

Ashley: Yeah, life is so simple at that age, isn't it? At least it should be.

John: Then you get older and things inevitably become more complicated. Even the closest relationships, the closest families, nobody seems immune. Now I am worried, my beauty.

Ashley: About what?

John: You and Jack and what's happening between the two of you. Honey, all this animosity, it's not good for you or for the company, and it has to stop. Now I am counting on you to make the first move.


Jill: I know what your trouble is. You're jealous of my serenity.

Jack: Is that what we're calling it these days, serenity?

Jill: Split something with me.

Jack: What?

Jill: They make a great artichoke dip here. Well, come on. I've had a long day, I haven't had any dinner, and I don't want to go home yet. Would it kill you to humor me and share a bite to eat with me, just as if we were friends a long time ago?

Jack: If you don't mind, Jill, I'd just as soon sit here in peace.

Jill: Why are you pushing me away so hard?

Jack: It's not you. I'm not thrilled with the way my life is going these days.

Jill: Gee, you coulda fooled me.

Jack: Oh, you know what?

Jill: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Sit down.

Jill: I apologize for being so flip. I realize that you're in a pretty bad place these days, what with the divorce and all.

Jack: Oh, that's just part of it.

Jill: Well, I'm sure it's a major part of it.

Jack: I am swimming in a sea of bad karma, and everywhere I look there are troubles.

Jill: Answer me something. These troubles, did you create each and everyone of them?

Jack: What's your point?

Jill: My point is that you're being really hard on yourself. I mean, look at you. Is this the smilin' Jack Abbott version of sackcloth and ashes?

Jack: Yeah, well...

Jill: Well, you know what? You're entitled to it. Go ahead, wallow. Everybody's gotta wallow once in awhile. Just don't let it go on too long, Jack. You know what? I think things are appearing so bleak to you right now when they really aren't that bleak, 'cause you're healthy, you're good-lookin', you're rich.

Jack: If it's all the same to you, I'd rather not sit here and count my blessings.

Jill: Okay, okay. Wallow it is. Brent, could you bring me an order of that artichoke dip with two plates, please, and another one of these? Jack, I'm buying. Bring him another one, too.

Brent: Right away.

Jill: Thank you, Brent. Now aren't you feeling better already?

Jack: Why, because you're buying?

Jill: No, because you've gotten a little something off your chest, and you're about to put something in your stomach.

Jack: Well, that takes care of two parts of my body. You any good with the rest of it?

Jill: Well, I'd say that's negotiable, wouldn't you?


Michael: How stupid do I look? I'm not gonna confront this Lewis character in person. I'm gonna find his soft spot first.

Paul: Oh, no. And how are you gonna do that?

Michael: I'm gonna dig. I'm gonna dig till I find something.

Paul: Like that hasn't been tried before?

Michael: Not by me, Williams. Look, I've been racking my brain trying to figure out a way to keep my brother outta jail. Yeah, I'm working on his defense, but if he has to spend three more weeks in a cooler before the trial's even started, there's not gonna be anything left to defend! Now look, I believed Bobby Marsino when he said he did not hook that pole to the main. And Angelo... I don't know where he fits in, but he's not talkin'. This big man Lewis, though, if it was him or anyone who works directly for him, he is mine.

Paul: Why don't you let me look into this?

Michael: We're running out of time. My brother's survival's at stake.

Paul: Look, you do what you do best in case your brother has to stand trial, and let me see if I can find out who the real culprit is, so maybe, just maybe, he doesn't have to.

Michael: Thanks.


Angelo: Bobby, I already told you we were gonna have a little talk with Freddie the banker that night. But I don't hurt women.

Bobby: Yeah, I heard that before.

Angelo: I don't, Bobby. I mean, you've known me... we... you've know me, right, since we were kids. Have I ever? Look, I think you need to forget about all this. You know, they got a guy in jail for this. You let them run their case in front of a jury, whatever. Look, you got Mr. Lewis to let you turn this place into a cabaret. Now, I mean... you know what I say? I say we got a lot of work ahead of us.

Bobby: So now you're okay with it?

Angelo: Hey, I had my say. I got voted down. I'm not gonna carry a grudge. Let's just make this place the best damn cabaret in the state. You know, come to think of it, we're gonna need a whole new sound system, too.

Bobby: Ange, I wanna know.

Angelo: Hey, Bobby, lighten up, okay? Don't you think I'd tell you if I knew who fried your girlfriend?


Lily: What is there to argue about? Kevin is in jail where he belongs. We can all breathe easier.

Neil: Hey, sweetheart, listen to me. Believe it or not, withholding information such as this is against the law.

Lily: Look, dad, after what that creep did to me--

Dru: Oh, honey, it kills me every time you start talking about this. Please, don't--

Lily: Well, then don't say anything! He needs to be punished.

Dru: Okay, okay.

Neil: Lily, it goes way, way beyond that. It's wrong. It's morally wrong.

Lily: I don't know how you can even think about going to the police.

Neil: Because if we don't, it's called obstruction of justice.

Dru: Honey, who cares if he didn't commit this particular crime, okay? At least he'll have to pay for all the other crimes he's committed.

Lily: Are you sure that no one else knows about this information you have?

Neil: Yes.

Dru: We are a family, okay? And whatever we say here should stay here. As for Kevin Fisher, that boy needs to suffer. Now, sweetie, we can put all of this pain and suffering that he has caused you behind you so we all can get on with our lives.

Lauren: Kevin, stop it. I can't stand to hear you talk like this.

Kevin: Then don't say no.

Lauren: Do you understand what you're asking me?

Kevin: If you're worried about getting in trouble--

Lauren: No, that's not what worries me.

Kevin: Then what does?

Lauren: It's too dangerous.

Kevin: And going back to jail isn't? Do I look like I handled it well in there?

Lauren: I care about you. And I cannot bear the thought of you being killed.

Kevin: At least if I escape, I have a chance. If I go back to jail, I have zip.

Lauren: Let me just... let me think about this, okay? And you get some rest. And don't do anything stupid, okay? Will you at least promise that?

Guard: Here you go, ma'am.

Lauren: Thank you.


Victor: Bradley, I don't intend to take your daughter from you, all right? Is that too hard for you to believe or what?

Brad: You're damn right it is.

Victor: Why? Because I'm determined to have a relationship with her? She is my daughter.

Brad: Only biologically, victor.

Victor: Is there any way you and I can settle this amicably? Where is Abby?

Brad: Out with her mother.

Victor: And that's all you're going to say?

Brad: Ash wanted some time with her daughter.

Victor: And I would like to get to know my daughter a little bit more.

Brad: And I still feel it's too soon. We need to hold off on this getting-to-know-you plan until it's more realistic.

Victor: And when, pray tell, would you think that is?

Brad: A few years, when Abbyís a little bit older, better able to understand.

Victor: Let me make something clear to you. I have no intention of apprising her of the sordid details of this whole situation. In fact, I'd rather she didn't know anything about it. But I do want her to know that I acknowledge her, and I do intend to play a role in her life.

Brad: No, Newman, you want to be a Father to her. Whether you admit it or not, that's what you want.

Victor: Let me give you warning, Bradley. Don't isolate Abby from me. I'm about to start community service. Before I do, I would like to have my first visit with her.

Brad: I'll mention your request to ash.

Victor: It is not a request, but do mention it to your wife. You have a nice evening.

(Door closes)


Ashley: Dad, unfortunately my brother and I are on completely different wavelengths.

John: Well, Ashley, that's precisely what concerns me.

Ashley: It's not as simple as you telling me I need to make the first move. We're in such fundamentally different places.

John: No, it's about bringing some cohesiveness back to the family and to our business. Now it starts with the two of you. I mean, you can hardly work together anymore.

Ashley: Are you blaming me for that?

John: I am not blaming anybody. This is about what we can do to get past it.

Ashley: Well, frankly, the way things are going, there's not gonna be anything to get past. I mean, Jack is so locked up with this hatred of Victor.

John: Honey, I know all that.

Ashley: And you know what? You've read the same financial reports I have. I don't know how we're gonna keep the company afloat for more than six months without a major infusion of capital.

John: You know, on your brother's behalf, much of that problem is because of victor.

Ashley: Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps our expectations for Tuvia have been unrealistic. One thing I do know for sure, we're gonna have a heck of a time going into court and proving that our losses were all due to Victor's bribery. I've spoken to our attorneys, dad.

John: So have I.

Ashley: And that's assuming that our company is alive enough to go into court and fight for this multimillion dollar damage claim that Jack wants to make, not to mention the months or years it could take for us to see anything from the court, if we ever do. All that money's not gonna mean much if we have to file for bankruptcy.

John: All right, now Victor has asked us to make an offer. What do you think he'd be willing to settle for?

Ashley: Well, he said 10 million.

John: Please, please, that isn't acceptable.

Ashley: I know, but we're not calling the shots, not anymore.

John: Look, I've been studying very carefully our cash outflows and upcoming projections. Now I believe that we can get over the hump with $25 million. Now if we approach him, do you think he would agree to that?

Ashley: $25 mil? It's possible.

John: Well, you certainly don't sound very convinced.

Ashley: I hate the thought of going to Victor for anything right now, Dad.

John: Ashley, we all do.

Ashley: There's something else.

John: What is that?

Ashley: It doesn't matter how desperately we need the money. Jack will never go for a move like that. I honestly think he'd rather drive the company into the ground than go hat in hand to Victor for anything.


Jill: Oh, I love this stuff. It's full of fat, but once in awhile you have to do some-- why are you looking at me like that?

Jack: Like what?

Jill: Like you're hungry for something besides mashed-up artichokes.

Jack: I'm just trying to remember when the last time was that you propositioned me.

Jill: Oh, really? Is that what I just did?

Jack: Oh, now she's gonna be coy.

Jill: I'm not being coy. I only said that this--

Jack: I know what you said.

Jill: I think you need a diversion. God knows I need one. I go home every single night, and I wrangle with Katherine over her drinking. You're not the only one with problems, you know.

Jack: I guess I'm just not sure what you meant by "diversion."

Jill: Strictly fun and games.

Jack: Well, that covers a lot of ground.

Jill: It sure does, doesn't it?

Jack: Friendly game of pinochle?

Jill: God, you are in a bad way.

Jack: Just trying to get a lay of the land.

Jill: Perfect choice of words.

Jack: Then I was right. You were. You were trying to come on to me.

Jill: No, I wasn't, not in the way you mean. I've got to teach you something. When a woman propositions a man, he knows it, okay? You are still not sure what I meant.

Jack: You haven't lost your touch, have you?

Jill: Have you lost yours?

Jack: One way to find out.

Jill: Is the heater on?

Jack: Oh, for the pool here. Uh, yeah, why?

Jill: Why do you think?

Jack: You want to go for a swim, Jill?

Jill: It's a lovely night for it.

Jack: Did you bring your suit?

Jill: Do I need one?

Jack: Well, let the games begin.

Jill: Check, please.


Sharon: I wish you didn't feel like you always had to take such a hard line against your dad. What he wants more than anything--

Nick: Is to put me down.

Sharon: No. Is to repair your relationship. Victor had tears in his eyes when he was talking about it. It was not an act. He seemed so sincere.

Nick: Victor Newman always seems sincere when it's about getting his way.

Sharon: He wants to try to rebuild some trust between the two of you.

Nick: No, Sharon, he wants to make me serve out his sentence with him. It's not exactly subtle.

Sharon: Well, if it doesn't work out, you can quit, and then you can run the coffeehouses. But if it does work out, then this could be a real family again, and Victor would rebuild the confidence to rename you his heir apparent. That's what he wants.

Nick: Oh, yeah, wonderful things will happen.

Sharon: Well, they might, Nick.

Nick: In a dream world.

Sharon: It's worth a shot, don't you think?

Nick: Look, babe, you believe in miracles. That's one of the beautiful things about you. Speaking of miracles, what do you make of Cameron Kirsten coming back?

Sharon: Me? I don't make anything of it, Nick. Why?

Nick: He has an agenda. There's something in his sights or someone.

Sharon: Any idea what, who?

Nick: I don't know. It could be you.


(Doorbell rings)

Michael: What? What happened? Kevin's okay?

Lauren: Nothing happened, and, no, he's not okay.

Michael: Well, I've been working on the case. The evidence is, well, it's strong, but it's not unassailable, not by any means. It's one of those cases where what the jury thinks is important, you know, what they believe, what they don't believe.

Lauren: When are you going to trial?

Michael: Three weeks.

Lauren: I know he is healing very fast. They want him out of the hospital soon.

Michael: I know.

Lauren: And back to jail.

Michael: I know. Believe me, I'm doing everything I can. And so is Paul, by the way. He's decided to put on a white hat for the time being, join the good guys.

Lauren: Paul was always one of the good guys.

Michael: Yeah, well, let's not debate that right now.

Lauren: Let's not, because if y think that your brother is gonna last three weeks in jail, Michael, he wonít.

Michael: What do you suggest? What do you suggest? I just can't reach into my back pocket and pull out someone else's confession!

Michael: I'm sorry.

Lauren: It's okay. I'm worried about him, too. He came up with a solution. It's not a very good one.

Michael: Well, go ahead. Tell me. I'll listen to anything at this point. If I don't find a way to keep him out of jail, my brother's a dead man anyways.


Neil: Drucilla, what are we teaching our daughter here? That it's okay to break the law as long as it's for a good reason?

Dru: Of course not, Neil, but this is--

Neil: What, is it different? I really don't think it's different.

Dru: Yeah, yeah, these are different circumstances here. They're extreme. Otherwise, I wouldn't be pushing like this.

Neil: Wow, you know, if everyone thought like you do, the legal system would be in total chaos. Honey, I think I need to go to the police and tell them what I know. In spite of our anger at Kevin, it's the right thing to do. Don't you understand that?

Lily: Yeah, but why do we have to do the right thing? Kevin didnít.

Neil: So because Kevin did bad things, we should, too?

Dru: Neil, would you leave her alone?

Neil: Wait, no, hold on. She's the child. We're the adults here. We have to set an example by telling the truth.

Dru: Oh, yeah, this is real adult, letting that monster roam the streets.

Lily: Dad, you cannot do this to me, not while I'm finally able to have a normal life again!

Neil: All right, I'm gonna have to put my foot down. I'm your father--

Lily: No, do you know how I'll feel if you're responsible for setting Kevin free? Go ahead, do it, but don't expect me to ever be able to forgive you!

Neil: Hey, now wait a minute. Come...


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Sharon: I wanted nothing to do with Cameron Kirsten. I can't stand the man!

Nick: Did this guy ever hit on you?


Dru: If you do this to Lily, she won't be the only person who will never forgive you.

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