Monday Y&R Transcript 5/10/04

Y&R Transcript Monday 5/10/04 -- Canada, Tuesday 5/11/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric

Proofread by Emma

Nikki: Oh, my God.

Sharon: Then I'm not seeing things?

Nikki: I'm seeing the same thing you are.

Sharon: Cameron Kirsten.

Nikki: In the flesh. Alive and well, apparently.

Sharon: But--but how?

Nick: Man, I was playing games in the arcade with Noah. It's tough to leave. What's wrong? You guys look like you've seen a ghost.

Cameron: Well... what do you know, the Newmanís. Happy Mother's day, everyone.


Michael: You think you can just prance back into our lives after all these years and make demands?

Gloria: I've made my peace with the past, Michael.

Michael: Well, I haven't and neither has Kevin. You're not gonna see him.

Gloria: There's nothing you can do to stop me.

Michael: He doesn't want to see you.

Gloria: He said that?

Michael: In so many words.

Gloria: So what do you suggest, that I go back to Detroit when my son is seriously hurt?

Michael: Your son has been seriously hurting for years, you've just stood by. You're a little late in the game, huh? Yeah, you go back to Detroit.


Phyllis: Oh!

Dru: Is that Phyllis on her back without Damon Porter? Wonders never cease.

Phyllis: (Laughs) you see this space between the weights? That's your head.

Dru: My, aren't we hostile?

Phyllis: Are you gonna continue foaming at the mouth while I'm doing my workout?

Dru: Just wondering if I could have a "chat" with you?

Phyllis: Uh, you and I have nothing to talk about.

Dru: Au contraire, chťri.

Phyllis: Oh. Drucilla, I have a very, very busy day today, and it doesn't include wasting time with you.


Damon: Well... this is a surprise.

Diane: You don't mind if I come in, do you?

Damon: To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?

Diane: I'm glad to hear it's a pleasure.

Damon: Oh, beautiful women at my door? Always a pleasure. Though I do have to wonder what brings this particular beauty here.

Diane: Just a social visit.

Damon: No reason whatsoever? Please.

Diane: I was hoping to hear from you.

Damon: Really? And why is that?

Diane: Oh, and I was so sure you hadn't forgotten.

Damon: Uh-oh. What have I forgotten?

Diane: Okay, let's see if I can remember correctly. You said, "may I call you sometime? Don't say no." And I didnít. And despite my recent visit, no call ever came.

Damon: My, my, what a memory.

Diane: Well, some things, Mr. Porter, are well worth remembering.


Brad: I could use some more coffee, what about you? Look at that. Thank you.

Ashley: Hey, Jack.

Jack: Hey. Not much of a crowd.

Ashley: Well, there was. We're the stragglers. Do you wanna join us?

Jack: Yeah, why not?

Brad: Buffet's still up if you want something.

Jack: Nah, I don't feel like eating. Wouldn't mind a drink, though.

Ashley: Well, here you go-- nice and hot.

Jack: Not exactly the drink I had in mind.

Ashley: It's the drink you need. Down the hatch, big brother.

Brad: You sleep in those clothes?

Ashley: Shh.

Jack: Not all of us share your obsession with sartorial splendor, junior.

Ashley: Come on, you guys.

Jack: You know what? I'm gonna head back to Jabot. I gotta put together Damonís severance package.

Ashley: What do you mean, his severance package?

Jack: We're cutting that smooth-talking Benedict Arnold loose. You have an objection?


Gloria: So why was Kevin in jail?

Michael: He was accused of a crime he didn't commit. At least, I don't think he committed it. But I have no proof and the police have a ton of it.

Gloria: And you're helping him?

Michael: Yeah, I'm helping him, or trying.

Gloria: Just like when he was little.

Michael: Yeah. But then I left, and he was in the hands of my loving stepfather.

Gloria: Michael, don't start with--

Michael: Please, don't make excuses, all right? I've already heard them.

Gloria: Tell me a little about yourself. Hmm? Come on. Your office is very nice, I mean, with your name on the wall in big letters. Whoo, I was impressed.

Michael: Yeah. Hmm. Sometimes I'm impressed myself. Not often, but it happens.

Gloria: So you're a big man around town now, huh?

Michael: Actually, no. I'm a busy lawyer because I'm excellent at what I do. But I wouldn't win any popularity contests in Genoa City. In fact, if you wanted to put all the people who hate me in one room, you'd have to rent out a football stadium.


Nick: Well, well, well, Cameron Kirsten, and you're alive.

Cameron: Last time I checked, yeah.

Nick: Where the hell you been?

Cameron: I beg your pardon?

Nick: You know how many people have been looking for you?

Cameron: No, no, but I'm here now.

Nick: Where have you been these past few months?

Cameron: Well, it's actually kind of a funny story.

Nick: I am not laughing.

Cameron: Lighten up, Nick. It sounds like you miss me.

Nick: Just tell me where the hell you've been.

Cameron: All right. It all started the night of the New Yearís Eve party.

Nick: Oh, the night you dropped off the face of the earth?

Cameron: Come on, it was hardly that dramatic.

Nikki: Please tell us, Mr. Kirsten. I'm sure we'll find it quite fascinating.

Cameron: After the party, I decided to go to the Genoa City Hotel for a nightcap. I walk in, and there sitting at the end of the bar is this old girlfriend of mine.

Nikki: Really? What's her name?

Cameron: Oh, now, Mrs. Newman, a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell. You know what? I think we're gonna let her remain nameless to kind of protect the innocent.

Sharon: I don't understand.

Cameron: Well, it's actually fairly simple, Sharon.

Nikki: Somehow I doubt that.

Nick: Look, I'm still waiting for an explanation.

Cameron: All right. I'm sitting at the bar with this lady friend of mine, and we have a few cocktails, and one thing leads to another thing. And in a moment of spontaneous, generous... inebriation, I invite her to join me for a fling on a private island in the Caribbean.

Nick: Are you telling me that you have been with some woman on an island this whole time?

Cameron: What can I tell you, Nick? I'm a sucker for the romance. Listen, the truth is I've always been a little impulsive that way, much to the dismay of my staff, I might add.

Nick: All right, why? And why then? You had me up half the night finishing up that proposal for the deal we were workin' on.

Cameron: I know. I know, and I'm sorry about that.

Nick: You couldn't have call and left a message with someone?

Cameron: Look, I was... I was under a lot of stress then, and I just... I needed to get away. I've got great people running my company. I trust them, and listen, God knows I can certainly afford a vacation if the mood strikes me.

Nick: What about our deal? You claimed it was so urgent.

Cameron: You know what? It was. It is. It was rude of me to disappear like that. I hope you can forgive me.

Nick: Are you sure this has nothing to do with the S.E.C. investigating you or your company?

Cameron: I didn't even know about that until I got back here. You know what? Don't worry about it. I can handle the feds. They're just blowing smoke.

Nick: You know, even if what you say is true, it's just a little too weird. You go away and nobody knows how to get a hold of you. What about all your employees?

Cameron: Trust me, Nick, I have employees who always know where I am. But they're a fairly loyal, protective bunch. They weren't about to tell anyone.

Nick: Not even the police?


J.T.: Hey, did you get a hold of your dad yet?

Colleen: No, his cell phone must be turned off. But I left a message and told him we'll be ready to be picked up in a half an hour. I still cannot believe you turned down that limousine Shiloh was gonna send.

J.T.: I don't really like riding in those things.

Colleen: Who doesn't like being chauffeured in a limousine?

J.T.: Me. It's not really my style.

Colleen: Okay. Well, what is your style?

J.T.: You.

J.T.: I am so glad you're going to L.A. with me.

Colleen: Hmm. Yeah, me and my chaperone.

J.T.: Oh, come on. Your Dad's not that bad.

Colleen: Yeah, that's true. Actually, I'm sure it'll be nice having him there. You know, you'll be busy dealing with all your people and probably forget all about me.


Cameron: The police? What--what do the police have to do with this?

Nikki: Quite a bit actually.

Nick: We reported you as a missing person.

Cameron: Well, it sounds to me like you guys overreacted just a little bit.

Nick: What the hell do you expect? We're in the middle of a serious negotiation, and you just decide you wanna disappear.

Nikki: Some of us even thought you were dead.

Cameron: Uh-huh. Well, to paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of my death were greatly exaggerated.

Nick: Quit the jokes, man. There were a lot of people concerned. They spent a lot of time trying to locate you.

Nikki: How could you ignore things like that?

Cameron: Well, frankly, I was just having too much fun.

Nick: Unbelievable.

Cameron: Seriously, if I caused anyone any problems, I apologize. I never in a million years dreamed that my disappearance would cause so much trouble. And I promise you I will get this mess with the authorities cleared up.

Nick: Why don't you do that? And do it soon.

Cameron: Fine. You know what? Why don't we start all over again? How are you, ladies? Sharon, you are looking just as gorgeous as I remember.

Cameron: And you, too, Mrs. Newman. Nick, I gotta hand it to you. You've got a beautiful wife, a beautiful mother. We should all be so lucky.

Nick: What's your story? You gonna stick around for awhile?

Cameron: Well, for awhile, I suppose. I mean, at least until I clear up this mess with the police. In the meantime, what do you say I stop by your office later on today, and I'll pick up that proposal? And this time, I promise-- hey, hey. I promise that I'll actually show up. Look, I gotta run. It was great seeing you. And listen, Happy Mother's Day.

Nick: I cannot believe that dude.

Nikki: Uh, Nicholas, can you stay and bring the kids home?

Nick: Sure, why?

Nikki: Sharon and I have an appointment, remember?

Nick: What appointment?

Sharon: Oh, yeah.

Nikki: Oh, it's just a girl thing. We'd better get going.

Sharon: Okay. Bye, honey.

Nick: Bye.

Nikki: Thanks, Nicholas.


Diane: Mmm, wonderful tea.

Damon: I'm glad you like it.

Diane: What is it, some special Asian variety bringing you peace?

Damon: Tell me something. Why does everyone think that?

Diane: What?

Damon: Well, there seems to be this, uh... prevalent image of me as the man of complete peace and tranquility.

Diane: Oh? And who else has said that to you recently?

Damon: There's no reason to talk circles around the subject to find out if I'm still seeing Phyllis.

Diane: And you're so sure that's the reason I'm here.

Damon: My darling, I haven't the first clue why you are here.

Diane: A test.

Damon: Of what?

Diane: Your peace and tranquility.

Diane: I ran into Drucilla at the hair salon yesterday.

Damon: Did you?

Diane: Hmm. She was trying to rectify the damage.

Damon: Ah, yes, with her hair. And how did that go?

Diane: It's a disaster.

Damon: And you've come here to... castigate me for that?

Diane: Now why would you think that? Drucilla and I are hardly best friends.

Damon: What I think, Miss Jenkins, is that there is some... well, forgive me, but there is some agenda for your visit. But as yet, I haven't any idea whatsoever as to what that could be.


Dru: How do you do it, Phyllis? I mean, just go on about your business while you single-handedly destroy a man's career.

Phyllis: Oh, is that true? I destroyed the man's career. This is from the woman who broke into the lab, used the formula on her own hair before it was tested.

Dru: All right, can you take it down a thousand? I did that to save the project.

Phyllis: Oh, good for you! Brilliant move, brilliant move! Because what you actually did is prove to the world that it's not fit for human use, ending Damonís research for good.

Dru: Okay, now you're gonna swoop in for the kill, right? You're gonna rub in Jack's face the fact that you're having an affair with Damon, giving him no choice but to fire him.

Phyllis: You are way off base.

Dru: No, I'm not. You're gonna march Damon over to Newman Enterprises. You're gonna dredge up the same ol', same ol'. Something he tried to wash his hands of years ago.

Phyllis: Actually, that's a great idea. Maybe I could get us hired as a package deal.

Dru: Like you hadn't already thought of it.

Phyllis: Actually, I hadn't, so thanks a lot. Um, F.Y.I., I actually talked to Damon, and I asked him if he thought our relationship was destroying his career, as you say, and you know what he said? You know what he said? He said, "mm, baby, baby, don't you worry." That's what he said to me.

Dru: He should be very worried.

Phyllis: You think? Really? See, a man like Damon Porter has options. Yes, people like Damon have skills. Skills. They're in high demand, Drucilla, they are, unlike you. I mean, what's your deal? What's your status right now, Miss Bald Tuvia Spokeswoman?

Dru: Hey, hey, hey. (Laughs) she's just...


Jack: The sooner, the better.

Ashley: You know, just wait a second, Jack.

Jack: Oh, come on, you were against us bringing Damon into your lab from the very beginning.

Ashley: And that was then.

Jack: Yeah, and what's changed?

Brad: Maybe she has a problem with you firing her key assistant without consulting her.

Jack: Why is this guy so universally loved that there's even a debate?

Ashley: You're letting your personal feelings get in the way of common sense.

Jack: Don't be ridiculous.

Ashley: Don't even try to deny this has to do with Phyllis.

Jack: This has to do with my getting rid of a guy I no longer trust that we no longer need.

Ashley: I beg to differ.

Brad: You know, these unilateral decisions of yours are getting pretty tired, Jack.

Ashley: I guess I should be grateful that I found out first instead of after the fact.

Jack: I happened to run into you guys. If I hadn't, he'd still be getting his walking papers. End of story.

Ashley: You got nerve.

Jack: And you're flexing your muscle. Admit it. You don't give a hoot whether Damon stays or goes. Why are we arguing?


Michael: Oh, I get it. I get it, the real reason you're here. It's all about money.

Gloria: Oh, no, honey. No. I'm not here to mooch off you. Not that I couldn't use some help, but it's not--

Nurse: Excuse me. Mr. Baldwin? Dr. Walker wanted me to tell you that your brother is sleeping comfortably. You can look in on him later if you want.

Michael: Thank you. That's great. Huh.

Gloria: Poor little Kevin.

Michael: He's not so little anymore.

Gloria: Do I wanna know what this crime is that he's been accused of?

Michael: No.

Gloria: But you think that he's innocent.

Michael: If you'd only seen him in there, he's just so defeated. He doesn't care if he lives or dies.

Gloria: Michael...

Gloria: Maybe I could help.

Michael: No.


J.T.: Colleen, why would you say that?

Colleen: I was just kidding, J.T.

J.T.: Were you? Colleen, I hope you don't think we're gonna get out to Los Angeles and I'm just gonna abandon you or something. That wouldn't happen.

Colleen: No, I know.

J.T.: Good, 'cause I wanna show you around L.A. We're gonna have the best time. Seriously, you're gonna love it.

Colleen: Okay, so what are we doing first?

J.T.: I don't know, probably head straight to the party.

Colleen: Oh, are there gonna be any celebrities there?

J.T.: Maybe. Beach Front represents some pretty big artists.

Colleen: Okay, so today's the party. What about tomorrow?

J.T.: Whatever you want. It's your call.

Colleen: Well, how much free time are you gonna have?

J.T.: Whole day.

Colleen: Are you sure Shilohís not gonna have you do some other stuff?

J.T.: Like what?

Colleen: I don't know. Some other recording sessions?

J.T.: No, she didn't say anything about another single.

Colleen: What about photo shoots?

J.T.: We got plenty of pictures last time, trust me.

Colleen: Well, still, I think we should stay flexible. That way, in case something does come up, you know, you don't feel obligated to be with me.

J.T.: Obligated? Colleen, what are you talking about?

Colleen: This isn't a vacation, J.T. Beach Front is flying you out there, paying for your hotel. You need to be sure that you put them first.

J.T.: And I will. But I want you to be a part of it, too.

Colleen: That's really sweet. But, you know, my Dad's there, and I'm sure we can find something to do. And I'm totally cool with that.

J.T.: Well, I'm not. Colleen, I want us to be together. That's the whole reason you're coming with me.

Colleen: Look, I'm just saying, if there's something that Shiloh needs you to do--

J.T.: No, don't worry about that. I talked to her this morning, and I told her you need to be involved in everything.

Colleen: I'm sure she loved hearing that.

J.T.: Colleen, come on.

Colleen: Do you blame me? I mean, the woman tells you to lie to reporters and say you don't have a girlfriend. How's that supposed to make me feel?

J.T.: I already explained that.

Colleen: I know, I know. "It's just business, nothing personal," I get it.

J.T.: I should have never gone along with her in the first place. I'm sorry, okay? It won't happen again.

Colleen: So do you have all your stuff?

J.T.: Are we okay?

Colleen: Yeah. Yeah, we're fine.

J.T.: No, we're not fine. Colleen, you're still having doubts about us.


Nikki: All right, Sharon. I want you to tell me right now what is going on.

Sharon: You're asking me?

Nikki: Who else would I ask?

Sharon: Nikki, if I had any answers, believe me... (sighs)

Nikki: What is wrong with you? Stop, breathe, breathe. Just take a breath. You need to calm down.

Sharon: How am I supposed to calm down? A dead man just walked into the Mother's day brunch and talked to us!

Nikki: Sharon, for starters, he's obviously not dead.

Sharon: But I... but I killed him.

Nikki: Will you sit down? Will you sit down and listen to what you just said? Cameron Kirsten is not dead. You didn't kill anybody.

Sharon: But I did kill someone. Nikki, I hit him over the head with a champagne bottle and then I dragged his body out into the alley, left it behind a dumpster.

Nikki: Are you sure it was Cameron?

Sharon: What are you talking about, am I sure? The man tried to rape me in that motel room. Of course I'm sure!

Nikki: Well, apparently you were there with somebody, but I'm not really sure who.

Sharon: So now you're doubting me? You're doubting that I was even with Cameron that night?

Nikki: How much did you have to drink that night?

Sharon: What, you think I was drunk?

Nikki: What about these tranquilizers? Were you taking them then? Because I can tell you firsthand,, alcohol and pills are a lethal combination.

Sharon: No, I wasnít. I wasn't taking tranquilizers then. I mean, I don't think so.

Nikki: Oh, my God.

Sharon: No. No, it can't be. I wasn't totally out of it that night. Nikki, you saw me at the party. You would have noticed if I was in that state, or Nicholas would have noticed, and no one did.

Nikki: I am just trying to make sense of all of this.

Sharon: Well, believe me, so am I.

Nikki: You dragged me into this heinous situation, and I have gone along with you. I have supported you like no one else would.

Sharon: Nikki, and you have been... you've been wonderful. I have been so grateful to you. I would have totally fallen apart if it weren't for you.

Nikki: All right, I think you owe me for my support.

Sharon: Owe you?

Nikki: Yes, you owe me. Tell me the truth. What kind of garbage have you been feeding me?


Ashley: You know, Jack, I'm not disagreeing with you just to be contrary.

Jack: You sure about that?

Brad: All right, you two. Let's just try to talk this--

Ashley: I decide who works beside me in R&D. It's as simple as that.

Jack: Fine. You fire him.

Ashley: You're missing the point.

Jack: No, the point is the hair straightener's dead, Tuvia's on its last legs, that's why we hired the man, Ash. We're certainly not gonna do any line extensions now--

Ashley: We still have classic. We have the men's line. There's the Ashley line.

Jack: All of which you developed.

Ashley: All of which are in dire need of updating.

Jack: Fine, update them. We have a budget for that. Do you know what that man's costing us each day? We're at an out point in his contract. We can cut him a check, wave bye-bye. He'll be gone before the door hits him in the butt.

Brad: So it is personal?

Jack: So what isn't? Life in the big city.

Ashley: Okay, this is why it's not gonna happen. I need a strong senior chemist to lean on right now.

Jack: Then hire a different one.

Ashley: There are other things on my plate besides R&D.

Jack: Well, there goes that muscle again.

Ashley: Oh, excuse me. I am president of the company.

Jack: I'm C.E.O. of the company. You know what they say, "too many cooks..."

Ashley: You are so insulting.

Brad: All right, I hate to break up this love fest. I just got a text message from Colleen. I have to go pick them up for our trip to L.A.

Ashley: Are they at the loft?

Brad: Yeah. Hopefully they're packed and ready to go.

Jack: Well, don't let me keep you.

Ashley: I don't want to find out that you've gone ahead with this, Jack. You don't have my blessing to terminate Damon.

Jack: Tell J.T. his old boss wishes him well out there.

Ashley: Don't ignore me, Jack. You'll be sorry.


Damon: We were discussing Drucilla's hair, I believe.

Diane: We were, weren't we? How do you feel about that?

Damon: I think it's a shame she was so impulsive. She insisted on trying the product before it was ready.

Diane: That hair straightening project was kind of your baby, wasn't it?

Damon: You could say that.

Diane: Must be very disappointing to a researcher.

Damon: And?

Diane: I was just wondering if you're in the mood for a little tea and sympathy.


Dru: You know, Phyllis, my status at Jabot is perfectly fine, thank you.

Phyllis: Really, perfectly fine? That's because you're hiding under the hat. Wait till they see what you did to yourself.

Dru: People know about the debacle, Phyllis.

Phyllis: "The debacle, Phyllis." You don't have any hair. It's falling out. Yeah, face the fact. It's the truth. Has Jack seen you or Ashley? Because believe me, they're not gonna want you in front of the camera with no hair.

Dru: It's just hair, Phyllis, and hair grows back.

Phyllis: Really?

Dru: Yeah.

Phyllis: Do you have any under... oh!

Dru: Give it back! Give me back my hat!

Phyllis: Whoo-hoo!

Dru: Give me back my hat, Phyllis!

Phyllis: Moth-eaten hat. Ah! Your nickname used to be bigmouth. Now you know what it should be? Baldy! Baldy bigmouth, what do you think of that?

Dru: You know what, Phyllis? What are you lookin' at?! You're taunting me, and you're teasing me, and I just wish that Damon Porter were here to catch you in action, to see you for who you really are. How a man of such compassion and intelligence could fall into your clutches, it makes me sick.


Sharon: What kind of garbage? Nikki, I don't know what you mean.

Nikki: None of this is making any sense, Sharon. None of it!

Sharon: Well, to me, either, but if you think I've been making things up, why? Why would I do that?

Nikki: I have no idea what goes through your head.

Sharon: Well, I will tell you one thing that does not go through my head-- never in my most bizarre fantasies could I have come up with what I have been going through. Never could I have imagined the horror I've lived. So for you to accuse me of making things up... Nikki, please say you didn't believe that.

Nikki: I don't know what to believe. But when Cameron Kirsten walked into that brunch today very much alive, after the initial shock, I got the distinct feeling that I have been tremendously duped.

Sharon: By me, you mean.

Nikki: Yes, by you.

Sharon: Because I had the same feeling of being horribly tricked somehow by Cameron. Nikki, he was dead. We both went down into that sewer with Larry Warton. We saw the body. We did see it. I didn't imagine that. You were standing right there with me, weren't you? I mean, it wasn't some kind of awful dream, was it? Oh, god, I'm so messed up. I just don't know how to sort out what's real from what's not real.

Nikki: All right, we did go into the sewer with Larry. I can verify that. We did see a body, but obviously it wasn't Cameronís, because he is alive. So who's body was it?

Sharon: I don't know! I don't know! I thought it was Cameronís. I swear it was him I was with that night in the motel room. I swear I didn't wanna be there, but he forced me. Oh, God. I think I'm losing my mind. I am. I'm losing my mind.

Nikki: Honey that is why you need to see a psychiatrist.

Sharon: Nikki, that appointment you made, I can't go to that now

Nikki: You have to go. You need to go.

Sharon: I know. You're right, but I canít. How can I do that now? I'm so confused. How am I supposed to try to sort things out with a doctor when I don't even know what I'm sorting out? I don't even know what's real. I need to get some answers. I have to. I'm gonna go back to my house.

Nikki: No, no, no, no. Wait, wait. Nicholas will be home with the kids soon. You have got to get a grip on yourself.

Sharon: I know, I know. And then later, he's gonna be meeting with Cameron. Oh, my God. What is he gonna tell him? I mean, what's that all about?

Nikki: Well, I'm sure they're gonna talk about business. If you recall, they were in the middle of a major deal.

Sharon: When I killed him.

Nikki: No, Sharon, when he disappeared. You didn't kill him. He's alive.

Sharon: I can't talk about this anymore, Nikki. I'm sorry, but I canít.

Nikki: Sharon, be careful.


Colleen: Look, do we have to get into this right now?

J.T.: Yeah, I think we should, before your dad gets here. Colleen, come here.

J.T.: Talk to me. What's goin' on? Are you still worried about what Shiloh said?

Colleen: I'm sorry, J.T. I can't help it.

J.T.: Oh, Colleen, come on.

Colleen: I know, I know. I shouldn't let it bother me.

J.T.: No, you shouldnít. She had no business saying that you and I aren't gonna make it. I don't know what the hell she was thinkin'.

Colleen: She wants you to focus on your music.

J.T.: Yeah, well, I can do that and still be with you. I donít...

Colleen: Well, she doesn't think so.

J.T.: Well, then forget Shiloh! I'm serious. I don't care what she thinks. Her job is to manage my career, not my personal life. And I'm gonna tell her that.

Colleen: No, T.T. I don't want you to give up your music because of me. I would feel horrible.

J.T.: Hold on a second. Who said I had to give anything up? Colleen, you're making all these assumptions about what my life's gonna be like, and you don't even know. No one does. (Cell phone rings) (ring)

Colleen: Hello. Hi, Dad. Yeah. Okay, we'll be right down. My Dad's waiting downstairs, so do you just have these two bags?

J.T.: Colleen, hold on a second.

J.T.: Before you get on that plane, I need to know where your head is. If you think we can't work this out, tell me.

Colleen: I will always support you, J.T. You never have to doubt that.

J.T.: That's not an answer.

Colleen: We should go. Don't wanna miss our flight.


Michael: You can't help him.

Gloria: But I could try.

Michael: Don't you get it? You're the problem. You're not the solution. Oh, don't do that. Don't try and guilt me with that look. You married two men-- my father and Kevinís. Both of them abused us while you stood by and you watched.

Gloria: Well, it wasn't that simple.

Michael: Hell no, it wasn't simple, not for us-- a mother who cowers in the corner while we get beaten and locked in a closet?

Gloria: I wanted to try to stop him.

Michael: You should have killed him! That's why I left. I would have killed him. The only thing I regret is I left my brother behind. Well, I'm in charge of that kid now. And you're not going anywhere near him until he asks for you, and he's not going to.

Gloria: You will see me again, young man.

Michael: Oh, what, in a couple of decades?

Gloria: No. I want you to think about something. Yes, you suffered because of me. There isn't a day in my life that I don't cry over that. But I look at you now, and I'm proud of you, Michael. Yes. You're a fighter. You're a survivor. And you didn't get that from your Daddy. You got that from me. And some day you're gonna thank me for it.

Gloria: Good-bye, Michael.


Phyllis: I don't expect you to understand what Damon and I have.

Dru: What, heat? Huh. That will definitely wear off. And then what will you have, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Well, it's a lot more than heat. He's been my rock during this very difficult time.

Dru: More like a fool if you ask me.

Phyllis: Well, I'm not asking you. (Chuckles) nobody cares what you think, Drucilla.

Dru: We'll see about that. I suppose you would expect me to believe that he's madly in love with you and that it's forever, right?

Phyllis: Well, you don't really need to hear this. I don't really care what you think, but, uh, Damon is very important to me.

Dru: I know that's one-sided.

Phyllis: Oh, hardly.

Dru: You know, you would expect me to believe that this man cares about you, that he--

Phyllis: Yes, he does care about me. Nothing you say is gonna change that. We're solid, Drucilla, all right? Don't head trip me, because I'm a very secure woman. And, by the way, here's your hat back. Spare us the rest of the freak show. I'm out.

Dru: No, you're not. We're not done here, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Ooh. Yeah, I think we are done here, because I'm going home to delicious Damon.

Dru: Like that? Funky, Phyllis, no shower? Eww.

Phyllis: Well, I'm sure Damon will wash my back. See ya.

Dru: Phyllis, you get back here! Phyllis!


Damon: What's wrong? Have you become uncomfortable?

Diane: Should I be?

Damon: Research is often like that, you see. You never know quite what you have until... well, until you have it.

Diane: Or you don't have it.

Damon: There's always that possibility.

Diane: So is it really dead?

Damon: You saw Drucilla's hair.

Diane: Then again, there are always other projects. You told me that before.

Damon: I did say that, didn't I?

Diane: Hmm. It's always the best answer, isn't it, finding other projects when one just isn't going to work out?

Damon: You know, I have a suspicion that we're not talking about research anymore, are we?


(Water running)

Larry: (Coughs)

Sharon: Ohh.

Larry: (Coughs)

Nikki: Aah!

Larry: Oh.

Nikki: (Groans) oh, God.

Larry: (Groans)

Sharon: Aah!

Nikki: Sharon. Sharon.


(Door opens) (Door closes)

Cameron: Sharon.

Sharon: Good. You're here. I've been waiting, Cameron. You have a lot of explaining to do.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

J.T.: She's gonna have a great time in L.A.

Brad: Well, just don't make me regret it, J.T.

Nikki: You don't need to be guilty anymore, Sharon.

Cameron: I've got no idea what you're upset about.

Sharon: You liar!

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