Wednesday Y&R Transcript 5/5/04

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 5/5/04 -- Canada, Tuesday 5/6/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

(Slow big band music playing)

Man: The memory of love's refrain

Kay: Oh, Arthur, Arthur, Arthur... you dance as smoothly as you did when you were that charming, young waiter.

Arthur: And you, my dear, follow beautifully, as if we were meant to be partners.

Kay: I'd almost forgotten what it was like to be held in a handsome man's arms.

Arthur: It's been fun, hasn't it, recapturing the romance of our first date?

Kay: You know, in so many ways, I... I feel as young as I did that evening all those years ago.

Arthur: To me you're as beautiful as you were then.

Kay: Thank you.

Arthur: For what, Katherine?

Kay: This. What a lovely, lovely surprise.

Arthur: Ah, yes, my darling, but it's only just begun.

Kay: What do you mean?

Arthur: You'll see. Now if you'll excuse me for just one minute, I'll be right back.

Kay: Arthur, I...

Gina: Spying on your Mother and Father?

Jill: Oh, Gina.

Gina: Well, I thought you had left.

Jill: Well, I changed my mind. Is that okay with you?

Gina: Sure. I just meant that--

Jill: Never mind, Gina. I'm a little on edge, okay?

Gina: Yeah, so what else is new?

Jill: I just didn't feel comfortable leaving my Father alone with my drunken mother.

Gina: Did it ever occur to you that if you were nicer to her, that maybe she wouldn't need to numb herself?

Jill: Oh.


Raul: Half a page. Great. Okay, I'll get you the check today. Thank you.

J.T.: What was that about?

Raul: I'm taking out an ad in the campus paper.

J.T.: For what? You lookin' for a date?

Raul: (Chuckles) that's real funny, J.T. No. As a matter of fact, I'm doing it for Brittany. I'm really trying to get this open mike thing going for her.

J.T.: Dude, give it up, all right? After the reception she got at Marsino's, there's no way she's gonna do an amateur night for a bunch of college kids.


Brittany: He's not gonna like this.

Bobby: No, no, no, no, no. The first three letters, they stay the same, and the apostrophe and the "s." So all we're really changing is four letters. Yeah, simple. That's why I want a good price. All right. Write it up and fax it to me. All right. Bye. Well, there's my headliner. Have I got news for you.

Brittany: Before you tell me, Bobby, you better hear me out.


Neil: Yeah?

Dru: Uh, is that any way to greet your wife?

Neil: Hey, you. How'd that, um, hair appointment go? Or are you wearing that green hat for a reason? (Laughs) ooh, look at that. You can barely tell anything's wrong.

Dru: Honey, it's a little better, okay? I just hope that the hair straightening product doesn't do more damage. And, please, please, don't tell me that I never shoulda used an untested product.

Neil: Oh, my boo. I'm sure you heard enough of that at the salon.

Dru: Actually, Maren was really sympathetic, as was Diane Jenkins.

Neil: Diane?

Dru: Mm-hmm. Bumped into her at the salon. We had a very interesting chat.

Neil: Really? I didn't think you two were that close.

Dru: We're not. But we have a lot in common.

Neil: Such as?

Dru: Well, Jabot. You know, she's a big investor with the company. And then we talked about the evil hair-eating product, and then we talked about Ashley and Jack and how they're trying to kill the Tuvia line, along with my job.

Neil: Tuvia line, huh? I see.

Dru: Mm-hmm. Anyway, we came up with a solution that might save Damonís job, my job, the whole shebang.

Neil: My darling, do you care to share this dream plan?

Dru: No. I'm not sharing my plan with the enemy, no matter how handsome he is.

Neil: Probably just as well. Especially since now you are talking to enemy number one.


Sharon: Get away from me. I don't have time for this. (Cameron kisses her.)Ah!

Cameron: Gotcha.

(Door opens) (door closes)

Sharon: Oh, God, Nikki.

Nikki: Sharon, what are you still doing here? Why are all the lights on in the house?

Sharon: I, uh--

Nikki: Didn't you find Noahís baseball glove? You were supposed to take it to his t-ball game.

Sharon: Oh, God. I forgot all about that.

Nikki: All right, something's wrong. What is it?

Sharon: You're not gonna believe this. I can hardly believe it.

Nikki: All right, will you just tell me?

Sharon: I know it's impossible, but Cameron was here.


Gina: You know, I have something else on my menu besides nuts.

Lily: There's, like, no hostess.

Colleen: I know. Gina's talking to Jill, but...

Lily: And nowhere to sit.

Sierra: All the good tables are taken.

Colleen: Well, what about that one over there?

Lily: Uh, I think that one's occupied, Colleen.

Colleen: Um, I don't think so. He's a friend of ours, remember?

Lily: He is?

Colleen: Mm-hmm.

Sierra: We've only talked to him once.

Colleen: So? Let's see if Daniel Romalotti remembers us. Come on.

Sierra: Okay.

Colleen: Hey, mind if we sit?

Daniel: It's a little late to ask, don't you think? And, anyway, I'm kinda reading.

Colleen: Yeah, well, now you're kinda talking to us, and that's much better, don't you think?


Raul: You know what your problem is, J.T.? You think everything needs to be huge. This is the best I could do.

J.T.: Hey, I'm not knocking you for that. It's just...

Raul: It's just what? What, it's the coffeehouse, so what? Let me tell you something, this is a chance for Brittany to do something that's totally her own.

J.T.: What if she's already found that?

Raul: You're not talking about Marsino's.

J.T.: Raul, she needs an audience that's into her, all right? That's gonna give her that attention. The kids at the coffeehouse, they go there to study, hang out, not see a show. Trust me, it's not right for her.

Raul: Oh, yeah? What is, a strip club?

J.T.: Raul, you're setting yourself up for a major disappointment here. Okay? Don't push this. Just let her go back there.

Raul: No, forget about that, J.T. She made me a promise. No more Marsino's.

J.T.: Whatever, man. That was before her triumphant return. You're crazy if you think she's gonna keep her promise now.


Bobby: I already heard you out. When you were on stage... man, what a night.

Brittany: It was great, thanks to you.

Bobby: Wh--it was all you-- your voice, your talent, your guts.

Brittany: Your support, Bobby. That's what made the difference.

Bobby: Yeah, we do make a good team. You know, I set 'em up, you knock their socks off.

Brittany: Yeah, I guess I did, didn't I? All right, so wait till you hear what I got going on next.

Brittany: Bobby, wait. I have to say this quickly or I never will.

Bobby: Oh. What?

Brittany: I'm not coming back.


Dru: Enemy number one? What are you talking about?

Neil: Hey, baby, you ready for this?

Dru: What?

Neil: You are looking at the acting C.E.O. of Newman Enterprises.

Dru: Oh, honey! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Neil: Yes, baby, yes!

Dru: Oh, my God. Oh, when, when, when, when, when, when?

Neil: When? Uh, Victor came by a little while ago.

Dru: Oh, I knew that man was gonna see reason. You are going to run Newman Enterprises?

Neil: Well, no, no. Slow down, slow down. It's temporarily.

Dru: Honey, I don't care if it's for one day. You are C-E-O. Are there three sweeter letters?

Neil: Yeah. How 'bout D-r-u?

Dru: Oh. (Laughs) oh, honey, I'm so proud of you. I'm so... and you should be proud of yourself.

Neil: Thanks, baby. You know, I am very grateful for this opportunity. A year ago...

Dru: Yeah?

Neil: I wouldn't have believed this was a possibility.

Dru: Because you weren't sure that Victor was gonna forgive you.

Neil: Well, that's because I let Victor down. I let the whole company down.

Dru: Baby, that's water under the bridge, okay? You got off track for a hot second. That's never gonna happen again.

Neil: Yeah. Well, a lot of people are gonna wonder if I'm up to this challenge.

Dru: Oh, let them wonder. Let them wonder. Baby, you are a strong, smart, intelligent, sober man. Your daughter knows that, I know it, Victor knows that. You've proved that to us. And now you're gonna prove it to the world. And what they're going to witness is gonna blow them away.


I was made for loving you baby...

Arthur: Our dinner, Madame.

Arthur: Voilŗ.

Kay: Oh, Arthur, Chateaubriand?

Arthur: Oh, some people call it "the roast of romance."

Kay: This is what we had--

Arthur: Yes, yes, on our first date, in this very room.

Kay: And you spent your entire week's salary as a waiter on our one dinner. You refused to let me pay for anything.

Arthur: At today's prices, it would have cost me a year's salary.

Kay: Oh, what a special night that was.

Arthur: I remember every detail like it was yesterday, Katherine. It was a moment out of time. It... I've never forgotten, never forgotten you. And now as all these years have passed, we're connected again. We share a daughter. You and Jill and I, we're a family. Did you ever in your life imagine such a thing?

Kay: Have I disappointed you?

Arthur: What do you mean?

Kay: Arthur, you were in love with a dream. I was never what you really believed I was.

Arthur: To me, you were the most real, down-to-earth person I'd ever met.

Kay: And now I'm an over-the-hill alcoholic.

Arthur: Oh, nonsense. In my eyes, you're still the same strong, intelligent, quick-witted woman you've always been.

Kay: Older.

Arthur: But wiser, as we both are, with a lifetime of experiences, good and bad. And you know something, Katherine? Our best years could still be ahead of us.

Kay: Arthur.

Arthur: Yes, darling.

Kay: Our food is getting cold.

Arthur: (Laughs) let's eat. (Laughs)

Jill: For your information, I was being very nice to Katherine.

Gina: Oh, yeah.

Jill: I was. We were sitting there, we were out for a nice, family dinner, about to open up the menus. You were there. And then she has to spoil everything by asking for a martini.

Gina: Look, Jill, do me a favor. Will you just consider coming to the Mother's Day brunch?

Jill: What is with you and this brunch, for God's sake? Are you working on commission or something?

Gina: I just thought it might be a nice gesture. After all, it will be the first time that you've had Mother's Day together.

Jill: I know that. But it's just too risky. I will not see her turn a special occasion into happy hour.

Gina: Fine, then don't come. No skin off my nose.

Jill: Jack? What has happened to you? Have you been sleeping in the park?

Jack: Go away, Jill. I'm in no mood.

Jill: Ooh. Touchy, touchy.

Jack: Heard your little conversation with Gina.

Jill: So?

Jack: So why are you gettin' all whipped out about a silly Mother's Day brunch?

Jill: Because Katherine and I aren't your normal mother and daughter, that's why.

Jack: Are you afraid she's gonna get hammered and embarrass you?

Jill: Yeah, that's part of it.

Jack: What else?

Jill: I wish I knew. I should be ecstatic, you know. I mean, I've got the father that I've always dreamed of having. I'm working on bonding with Katherine. And yet there's something that is really bothering me.

Jack: What do you mean?

Jill: I just saw my parents dancing upstairs, and I hated it. And I know it is ridiculous 'cause I can hear it when I say it out loud.

Jack: Jealousy rearing its ugly head?

Jill: I know that's what you believe, that I'm angry not just because Katherine fell off the wagon, but that I want my father all to myself.

Jack: Why should you want to share him with her when she abandoned you as a child, when you don't much like her anyway?

Jill: It just makes me seem so petty and selfish.

Jack: It makes you sound pretty human to me. You just found your father. Of course you want to make up for lost time.

Jill: He is the most wonderful man. I'm just dying to know everything about him. And Katherine keeps monopolizing his every waking moment.

Jack: You know what I think? I think you oughta thank your lucky stars. Not everybody has both parents in their lives. Not one.


Nikki: Cameron Kirsten was here?

Sharon: Yes.

Nikki: In my living room?

Sharon: Yes.

Nikki: Well, that's a very impressive trick seeing as the man is dead.

Sharon: Nikki, I realize that.

Nikki: He's either dead or he is in hiding from the federal authorities.

Sharon: Then he could be alive.

Nikki: Sharon, these hallucinations of yours are really getting out of hand.

Sharon: I know, I know. If only they would stop.

Nikki: The last time you had one here, you fell through that window and almost cut yourself to ribbons. My God, we went down into the sewers. We saw his body what more proof do you want, a burial at sea?

Sharon: It was different this time. It seemed so real. It was real.

Nikki: No, it was not real. It was in your mind. I'm sure it was very terrifying, but it's a figment of your imagination.

Sharon: No. He--he grabbed me. And he kissed me.

Nikki: Oh, Sharon.

Sharon: I am telling you right now, Nikki, I did not imagine that!


Raul: So bottom line, you're saying that I shouldn't trust Brittany, is that it?

J.T.: No, Raul. I'm saying you're turning back into the guy you used to be.

Raul: I'm trying to do some good for her.

J.T.: No, that's the problem. You're trying to put her into a gig that works for you. But things have changed, Raul. She tore up the stage at Marsino's. She's not gonna get that at Crimson Lights.

Raul: Meaning that you think she's not gonna keep her promise to me.

J.T.: You're better off if she doesnít. 'Cause she'd only be doing it for you.

Raul: No.

J.T.: You know what, Raul? I'm callin' it like I see it. You can ignore me if you want. It's not like I don't have my own problems to deal with.

Raul: Oh, yeah, you have problems?

J.T.: Yeah, problems.

Raul: You, rock's new golden boy, you got problems?

J.T.: Man, why the hell do I even try to talk to you about anything?

Raul: All right, wait, J.T. You listened to me, so what, what's up?

J.T.: Colleen. She's been acting really strange lately. And I don't know what to do about it.


Colleen: Okay. So you do remember us?

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, you're the one with the boyfriend.

Lily: The boyfriend who just signed a record contract.

Sierra: Yep. He is gonna be a big star, just like your Dad.

Daniel: Really? How's that working out for you?

Colleen: Its fine, I guess I'm actually going to L.A. to see the premiere of his new video.

Daniel: You don't sound very excited.

Lily: Well, she is. She's just a little nervous, that's all.

Sierra: Yeah, for some reason she thinks she's gonna lose him.

Lily: Yeah, which you're not, Colleen, no matter what people say.

Sierra: Yeah, that's right. I mean, Shiloh doesn't know you guys. She's just his manager. She has no idea what you've been through.

Daniel: She doesn't need to.

Colleen: What do you mean?

Daniel: Trust me, if you're already thinking that it's over, it is. You don't even have a chance.


Dru: Okay. Honey, now that we've clarified how brilliant you're gonna be, um, how come I'm the only one in the office?

Neil: What do you mean?

Dru: Where's the party, you know, the balloons, the cake, the press?

Neil: All right, hold your horses. There hasn't been an official announcement yet. Victor wanted to speak to me first.

Dru: Does Nick know yet?

Neil: Ah, he will soon enough. I'm not expecting any congratulations from him, though.

Dru: Well, if he wanted to run the family business, he shoulda thought twice before he turned his father over to the authorities.

Neil: You know what? He was only doing what he thought was right.

Dru: I bet he regrets it today.

Neil: I wish I knew. At least the man kept his integrity.

Dru: Oh, brother. We're back to that again?

Neil: Back to what again?

Dru: Kevin Fisher and how the evidence doesn't link him to the scene of the crime.

Neil: Honey, I can't get it out of my mind. I mean, I keep debating whether or not we should go to the police and tell them what we know. Who are we to stand in the way of justice?

Dru: Justice? What about the injustice of that monster roaming the streets, Neil?

Neil: What about Brittany? Somebody hurt that girl. If it wasn't Kevin, then that somebody is still out there. What if they hurt some other woman? Or what if they hurt Brittany again because we did absolutely nothing?


Bobby: So where's this coming from?

Brittany: I knew you'd be disappointed.

Bobby: All right, tell me your reasons. I won't interrupt.

Brittany: Your customers don't come here to see a concert.

Bobby: No, it's cause--

Brittany: Hey, you said you'd be quiet. Now me singing here once, that was all right. But then--

Bobby: They loved you.

Brittany: Hey, shh. Yes, they loved me. And I loved being here. But a little goes a long way, and those guys are gonna want to see me take off my clothes again, which I won't do.

Bobby: (Chuckles) well, I'm fine with that. And they ain't gonna be the same guys anymore.

Brittany: You know, Angelo was right.

Bobby: Forget Angelo.

Brittany: Well, he was. You can only make the comeback once. And thanks to you, I had the night of my life. But Marsino's is a strip club, and I am not a stripper anymore.

Bobby: Oh. Are you finished? You're right. You're absolutely right.

Brittany: So you understand?

Bobby: Yes, perfectly. You're not a stripper anymore. And Marsino's is no longer a strip joint.

Brittany: Well, I know you've been talking about putting on cabaret nights, but--

Bobby: No, no, no, more than that, okay? I did what I set out to do here. I made Marsino's into the best strip club around. Now it's time to do something new, something different.

Brittany: Bobby, if you're doing this for me, you really should--

Bobby: No, I'm doing it for us, okay? I'm gonna make this place into a legit nightspot. You know, like a supper club maybe, you know, another step up the ladder? Who knows? They might even invite me to join the old country club.

Brittany: What do you know about restaurants?

Bobby: Ah, not much. It's--it's gonna be difficult. Gonna need some help.

Brittany: What about all the girls-- Maureen and Brenda, all of them. They make their living dancing here.

Bobby: Yeah, I know. I just can't worry about that. I mean, times change you know, I'll give 'em a little check, help send them on their way. Or if they want to be waitresses, I can hire 'em here at Marilynís.

Brittany: What?

Bobby: You heard me. Yeah. I changed the name to Marilynís. You ought to see it. I got this big sign being made right now.


Nikki: Your hallucination kissed you?

Sharon: Nikki, please don't look at me that way.

Nikki: (Sighs) Sharon, you need to tell me the whole thing. Start at the beginning.

Sharon: I had gotten off the phone with you.

Nikki: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: And then I started looking around for Noahís glove, and then the doorbell rang.

Nikki: What, Cameron rang the doorbell?

Sharon: No, it was Grace.

Nikki: What was she doing here?

Sharon: Harassing me, throwing around more of her accusations. When I got tired of listening to her, I slammed the door in her face. And then I turned around, and he was right there. He was sitting there staring at me.

Nikki: Your guilty conscience personified.

Sharon: That's what I thought, too, Nikki, believe me. That it was just my mind playing tricks on me. I even told him that.

Nikki: Who?

Sharon: Cameron. Or whatever it was.

Nikki: Oh.

Sharon: I tried so hard not to let it faze me. But the minute I turned my back, he was up on his feet, standing behind me. And I turned around and he... grabbed me, and he kissed me. And then he whispered, "gotcha." And then he walked out the door. I was so terrified.

Nikki: So that's why all the lights are on in the house, and why you're still here?

Sharon: I was too scared to go outside. I locked all the doors.

Nikki: All right, all right. I get it, I get it.

Sharon: Nikki, he's never touched me before. And I could feel his hands grabbing me. I swear, I think I'm losing my mind.

Nikki: Quite frankly, Sharon, so do I.


Raul: So what's the big deal, man, huh? You and Colleen have a fight or something?

J.T.: No. It's nothing like that. If anything, I should be happy. Her old man's letting her go to this new artist thing with me.

Raul: That sounds cool.

J.T.: Yeah, but there's a catch. He has to come, too.

Raul: Ahh.

J.T.: Yeah, it's all right, though. He's actually a pretty hip guy for his age. But I don't know, Raul. Part of me is wondering if maybe I made a mistake with this whole thing.

Raul: What "whole thing"?

J.T.: Ah, the music career. It's spinning outta control, and Colleen's all insecure. Her Dad's, like, "I want to be around to pick up the pieces." Nobody trusts me all of a sudden.

Raul: Maybe it's not about you, you know? It could be about the entertainment business. It's bad news for relationships.

J.T.: It's not gonna be like that. I won't let it.

Raul: Well, good luck.

J.T.: You think I should walk?

Raul: It might be best to cut her loose now, man.

J.T.: Raul, I wasn't talking about Colleen.

Raul: Get real, J.T. All right, you got a shot at the big time. You give up now, you're gonna regret it, probably for the rest of your life and wind up resenting whoever made you do it.

J.T.: Sounds like a few words a friend told you.

Raul: Yeah. Yeah, and I didn't want to believe 'em either.


Sierra: Hey, how could you say that?

Daniel: Hey, I was just being honest.

Lily: Yeah, well, what do you know?

Daniel: More than you, at least about the music business. And I'm telling you, you might as well give up now.

Lily: Colleen, do not listen to him, okay? You and J.T. are great together.

Daniel: I never said they werenít.

Sierra: Well, what do you mean, "weren't"? They still are.

Lily: Yeah, and will be for a long time.

Colleen: You guys, what if he's right?

Sierra: Yeah, and what if he's not? I mean, think about all the wonderful things J.T. has done for you since he got back.

Lily: He hasn't stopped being the great guy that he is.

Colleen: Yeah, but it's not about whether he's a great guy or not.

Daniel: It's about whether or not he has the time for you.

Sierra: Will you butt out?

Colleen: Sierra, let him talk.

Daniel: Look, I'm sure it's great on paper, but the music always comes first. That's the way it was with my Dad.

Lily: So what? That's you and your Dad.

Daniel: Maybe. But I'm not the only one saying it's gonna be that way, am I?

Colleen: No, you're not. I'm saying it, too.

Lily: Colleen...

Colleen: No, you guys, what if he's right? What if it doesn't work out?

Lily: Well, then I-- I guess you tried, right?

Colleen: I guess.

Lily: Yeah, and even if it doesn't work out with J.T., You still have us. Sierra and I aren't going anywhere.

Sierra: So hang in there, okay?

Lily: Yeah. Everything will work out fine. Okay?

Colleen: Thank you.

Lily: Shh.

Daniel: You guys really care about each other.

Sierra: Of course we do. That's why we're friends.

Daniel: Must be cool, having friends like that. (Cell phone rings) (Ring)

Colleen: Hello.

J.T.: Hey, blue eyes. It's me. I was just calling to tell you how much I love you.

J.T.: Hey, babe, did you hear me?

Colleen: Yeah. I love you, too, J.T.


Jill: You're talking about Dina, aren't you? I guess Mother's Day hasn't been your favorite holiday over the years.

Jack: Being abandoned by a parent does a number on you, Jill. It colors all your future relationships.

Jill: Yes, you don't have to tell me how painful that is.

Jack: In some pathetic, Freudian way, I... I truly wonder if I haven't spent my whole life chasing after women I knew would eventually leave me.

Jill: Phyllis is an idiot, Jack.

Jack: Phyllis is just the latest. Hell, I've been dumped by more women than I care to count. Hell, I've been dumped by you.

Jill: (Laughs) something that I'm sure you thank your lucky stars for every night.

Jack: The point is... every time I even get close to happily ever after, I manage to blow it somehow.

Jill: Aww, Jack. I hope you're not gonna give up on love. Don't tell anybody I said this, but, um, I know how big your heart is.

Jack: Thanks.

Jill: You're welcome.

Jack: You know what, though? Much as I blame Dina for so much that's happened, I-I swear if she walked through that door right now, I'd jump out of my seat and go hug her.

Jill: You would, really?

Jack: At the end of the day, Jill, she's still my Mother.

Jill: Oh, dear. I think you're trying to tell me something.

Jack: So what if Katherine drinks. Nobody's perfect. And isn't an embarrassing Mother better than no Mother at all?

Jill: Maybe that brunch tomorrow isn't such a bad idea after all.


Arthur: What do you say, one more dance?

Kay: I thought you would never ask.

Arthur: How do you feel, Katherine?

Kay: Marvelous.

Arthur: Have you noticed anything?

Kay: What?

Arthur: You've been drinking sparkling water ever since we sat down.

Kay: So?

Arthur: Yes, you haven't even suggested that I order something stronger.

Kay: Well, that's because I've been with you, and I don't feel a need to drink.

Arthur: Then perhaps that's the answer.

Kay: What?

Arthur: A good reason for me to stay, to be a part of your life.

Kay: Arthur, is that what you really want after you've witnessed all my faults?

Arthur: You said that years ago I fell in love with a dream. Perhaps I did. But now after all that's happened to both of us since, maybe it's time, Katherine, to make that dream come true.


Sharon: Nikki, what are you saying?

Nikki: Enough is enough. It's time you got some help.

Sharon: Wh--a psychiatrist?

Nikki: Tomorrow morning I am going to make you an appointment.

Sharon: No, I don't--

Nikki: Sharon, yes. You can't tell the difference between reality and fantasy. You need to see somebody.

Sharon: Well, tomorrow we're all supposed to go to the brunch together. How would I look if I just bailed out?

Nikki: All right, well, after the brunch I will take you personally.

Sharon: Nikki--

Nikki: Sharon, please don't argue with me. It's a done deal. Look, it will be very discreet, I promise you. Nobody else will know about this unless you tell them.

Sharon: Have you ever seen a psychiatrist before?

Nikki: Sharon, please don't push it. We're not that close.

Sharon: Well, I only meant--

Nikki: It's no different than going to any other doctor. You go in, you tell them what's wrong, what makes you anxious, what makes you unhappy, and you discuss it. That's all. All right, you feeling a little more calm?

Sharon: Yeah.

Nikki: Good.

Sharon: Oh, thanks, Nikki. I don't know what I'd do without your support.

Nikki: All right. Now I want you to go home and try to take it easy, all right? Call me if anything unusual happens. What time does Noah need to be picked up at t-ball?

Sharon: 45 minutes from now. And they were playing under the lights. He was so excited.

Nikki: Okay, all right, that's fine. I will have Miguel take care of that. You're in no shape to drive. Now what about dinner? Can you get everybody fed?

Sharon: Yeah, I think so. I'm fine. I feel better now. Thank you.

Nikki: Okay. We'll talk in the morning. Now I'll go find Miguel. He can walk you down.


Dru: Honey.

Neil: Hmm?

Dru: Kevin Fisher is the only suspect in the case.

Neil: Yeah, but, Drucilla--

Dru: But nothing. All the evidence points to him.

Neil: Let's assume for a moment that's he's innocent.

Dru: Okay, let's assume. Then he wouldn't go to jail. And since he has one of the best lawyers defending him in Genoa City, I'm sure he's poking all kinds of holes in the D.A.'s case. So if he didn't do the crime, he won't do the time, which means he'll go free.

Neil: Yeah, I suppose you're right.

Dru: I know I'm right. But can we please, please change the subject? Today is one of the biggest days in your professional career, and we should be celebrating, not standing here bickering about Kevin Fisher.

Neil: Oh, come on, please, can't we bicker a little bit more? How 'bout this, why don't we go out tonight? I'll take you anywhere you want to go, best restaurant in town.

Dru: How about if you take me back to the apartment? Lily's out. She's gonna be gone for hours.

Neil: I offer you the city, and you want to back to our apartment?

Dru: Because I think you deserve a private reception.

Neil: Ooh, Mrs. Winters, what has gotten into you?

Dru: You know what they say about power, that it's an aphrodisiac. So I'm standing in front of someone very powerful. Take me home.

Neil: Yes, ma'am.

Neil: After you. Go on.


Brittany: Marilyn's?

Bobby: Mm-hmm. You know, I was thinkin' of calling it Brittanyís, but, you know, when you're up on stage, you're Marilyn. It works. Why change it?

Brittany: Oh, God. How could I have done this to you? I should have told you right from the start.

Bobby: Hold on. I thought we had all this worked out.

Brittany: I canít.

Bobby: Did you promise somebody? Oh, that college boy again? Come on. Listen, I know he's got your best interests at heart. Problem is, he doesn't know what your best interests are.

Brittany: Raul has some good ideas.

Bobby: He wants you to sing at Girl Scout campfires.

Brittany: At the coffeehouse, an open mike thing. I could host.

Bobby: Are you kidding me? We're talking about a career here. He's talking about a hobby.

Brittany: I know, but...

Bobby: Listen, you're ready to sing in the big leagues. You could be doing that here.

Brittany: Maybe not every night. Just a couple times a week. See how it goes.

Bobby: Hmm. All right. You're the boss.

Brittany: And, Bobby, you really should think twice about changing the name.

Bobby: No, it's Marilynís, and I'm gonna stick with it. Forever.

Brittany: Okay, but, Bobby, you--

Bobby: No buts.

Brittany: About the other night, after the show...

Bobby: Ah, no. You're not gonna tell me that that kiss was just leftover energy from being on stage, are you?

Brittany: No. Oh, boy. What am I getting myself into?

Bobby: A future, babe. Yours, ours, I don't know, but a good one.

Bobby: Come here.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Neil: I love spending Mother's Day with my two favorite women.


Kay: I can clear this room.

Woman: I'm gonna see my son, and you're not gonna stop me.

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