Tuesday Y&R Transcript 5/4/04

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/4/04--Canada; Wednesday 5/5/04--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Man: Can you listen to his lungs? I'm having some resistance here when I'm bagging him.

Nurse: They're clear.

Reese: Do we have I.V.s wide open?

Man #2: Anybody feel a pulse?

Reese: Where's that crash cart?

Michael: What's wrong?

Reese: I want an amp of EPI and Atropine when it gets here.

Nurse: Yes, doctor.

Michael: Kevin. Is he gonna be okay?

Nurse: Sorry. You have to get out of the way.

Michael: But that's my brother.

Nurse: I'm sorry, but you have to let us work.

Michael: Kevin, come back. Come back. Come back. Kevin, please, I'm here. I'm here. I'm not goin' anywhere.

Nurse: Please, sir, I already asked you.

Reese: Mr. Baldwin, you have to get back out of the way, or I'll have you removed. Let's have the EPI.

Michael: Please, please, you can't leave. You can't, not now, not like this. Please. Please.

Man: He was assaulted in jail. He's got an intracranial bleed. He flat lined as we were bringing him back from surgery.


Neil: Yeah. Victor. Hey, what's up?

Victor: Is this a bad time?

Neil: No, never a bad time for you.

Victor: Good. You troubled by something, Neil?

Neil: I don't hide it very well, do I?

Victor: (Chuckles) anything I can help with?

Neil: Victor, my friend, I... not with all you have on your plate.

Victor: Does this have to do with business or--

Neil: No, it's personal. It involves my daughter. Um, she's going through something very, very traumatic.

Victor: Well, I'm sorry to hear that. Does this have to do with that internet predator that you told me she got mixed up with?

Neil: I keep praying that she'll get beyond it. But unfortunately, that whole ugly situation is still impacting her every single day, and... how could I live with myself if I did something to make matters worse for her?


Gina: Hey, it's nice to see you. So what's the celebration, birthday?

Arthur: Nothing special, Gina. Just a family breaking bread together.

Gina: Well, isn't that nice? I hope you know about the Mother's day brunch tomorrow.

Kay: Oh, yes, yes, yes, I read about that in the paper.

Arthur: Oh, why don't you both go? Sounds like fun.

Jill: Uh, you know, I think I may be busy.

Kay: Well, that's true. I'm gonna have to, uh, check my calendar.

Gina: Well, if you can come, I'd love to have you. So what about drink orders?

Jill: Iced tea, no lemon, please. Dad?

Arthur: Hmm, coffee for me. Decaf, or I'll be up all night.

Jill: Mother?

Kay: Yes.

Jill: Beverage?

Kay: Oh, vodka martini, straight up, very dry.

Jill: Oh, Katherine, for God sakes, donít... please, do not bring her a vodka, Gina.

Gina: Well, maybe Katherineís forgotten that I make a great Shirley Temple.

Kay: No, I'm sure you do. But I, uh, would like something just a smidge stronger.

Jill: Dad, please do something.

Arthur: Honey, don't start.

Kay: Gina dear, let's fetch that drink.

Gina: Okay, I'll fetch the drinks.


Colleen: Didn't you hear me, J.T.? Shiloh doesn't think we're gonna make it. Well, aren't you gonna say something?

J.T.: I-I don't know what to say, Colleen. What do you think?

Colleen: I don't know. But, I mean, Shiloh said that--

J.T.: No, forget about Shiloh. You're my girlfriend, right?

Colleen: Yeah, of course I am.

J.T.: Well, then whose opinion matters more, yours or hers?

Colleen: Mine, I guess. But what if she's right? I mean, she's the one who knows the business better than we do.

J.T.: Yeah, but she doesn't know about us, colleen. She doesnít. You and me, we're not like everybody else.

Colleen: Yeah, but we aren't how we were, either, J.T. You've got a music career, and I am still in high school.

J.T.: So? So I'm still me, and you're still you, and we still love each other, right?

Colleen: Yeah, but is that enough?


Sharon: Let's see, a baseball mitt shouldn't be hard to spot. (Doorbell rings)

Sharon: Grace, what are you doing here?


Arthur: Thank you.

Jill: Why do you have to spoil everything?

Kay: You're the one who's making all the fuss.

Arthur: Ladies, please, can't you call a truce for the evening?

Kay: Arthur, Arthur, our daughter has a problem with every little thing I say.

Jill: No, I donít. I just know how you get when you drink.

Kay: You think I'm going to turn into a raving lunatic because I'm having one little martini?

Jill: Oh, please, are you gonna sit there and tell me that you're gonna be able to stop after one?

Kay: Oh, what's that supposed to mean?

Jill: It means you're an alcoholic. I seem to have to remind you of that daily.

Arthur: Jill, let it go.

Jill: You know that it is true. It's what alcoholics do-- one drink and then another drink and then another drink and then another--

Kay: That is an outrageous exaggeration, Arthur.

Arthur: Now that's enough. Both of you, that's enough. It's neither the time nor the place to discuss this.

Jill: I'm not gonna say another word. You can drink yourself into a stupor.

Kay: Well...

Arthur: Well, why don't we look at the menu, all right?

Jill: No, forget it. I'm not gonna sit here and watch my Mother pickle herself in alcohol. Come on, Dad.

Arthur: Come on where?

Jill: Let's leave.

Arthur: And leave your Mother alone?

Jill: Aww, Dad, she's not alone. She's with her new best friend, the vodka bottle.

Arthur: I'm sorry, Jill, I canít. You should know that a gentleman doesn't leave a lady alone.

Jill: Okay. Suit yourself. Uh, why don't we make plans for another evening together, just the two of us?

Arthur: I really wish you'd stay, Jill.

Jill: Well, I've lost my appetite. I'll see you at home.

Arthur: Drive carefully. (Sighs)

Kay: Well, that was certainly pleasant.

Arthur: I'm glad you thought so.

Kay: Thank you for staying, by the way.

Arthur: I had no intention of leaving you stranded.

Kay: Oh, Arthur, I do not know how you put up with it, staying around Jill and me. I-I truly would have thought you'd have given up by now.

Arthur: I want us to be a family, Katherine. I don't give up easily.

Kay: (Chuckles)

Arthur: I have an idea.

Kay: What?

Arthur: Aha. Will you excuse me for a minute?

Kay: Well, ye-- where--where are you going?

Arthur: No, no, no, I won't be long. I won't be long, I promise. All right?


(Monitor emits continuous beep)

Reese: All right, give me the atropine.

Nurse: 1 milligram of Atropine.

Nurse #2: 02 SATs dropping.

Reese: Ah, come on.

Man: No pulse. Hold CPR.

Reese: Give me the flush.

Nurse: Flush.

Man: Asystole. Continue CPR.

Reese: Come on. Another milligram of EPI. Come on. I don't want to lose this kid.


[Michael remembering.]

Tom: Come here, you little brat. Come here!

Young kevin: Daddy, don't hurt me!

Tom: I told you to look out!

Young Michael: Oh, my God.

Tom: Shut up, Mike, or you're next.

Young Kevin: Mikey, help me, help me!

Young Michael: No!

Tom: I'm warning you.

Young Michael: You're hurting him!

Young Kevin: Mikey! Mikey!

Young Michael: No!

Tom: Sit down! Sit down! Stop your crying.

Young Kevin: Mikey!

Tom: Mike, that's enough.

Young Michael: Kevin, I'm sorry.

Young Kevin: Please, Mikey, get him away.

Young Michael: Kevin!

Young Kevin: Daddy, please!

Young Michael: Kevin, I'm sorry!

Young Kevin: Mikey, get him off of me!

Tom: Stop it! Stop it!

Young Kevin: Mikey. (Cries)

Young Michael: (Cries) I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.


Man: Still no pulse.

Reese: Damn. Let's try 40 of Vasopressin. Come on.

Nurse: O2 SAT is not registering.

Man: Hold CPR.

Reese: All right, come on.

Man: Still Asystole. Reese, we're gonna call it.

Michael: No! No! Don't! You're not gonna die! You're not gonna die! You're not gonna die. You hear me? Not now. You get back here, Kevin. You get back here. You can't leave me like this. Now I want a heartbeat. You breathe! Breathe. Breathe. God, don't do this to me. Not after all that. I love you. I love you little buddy, I love you. (Monitor emits continuous beep)

Michael: We've been through so much. Look, don't-- don't go away. Don't leave me, please. Don't leave me.

Nurse: Sir, why don't we get you a place to sit down?

Michael: No.

Michael: Oh, boy. (Beeping)

Nurse #2: Doctor, we have a rhythm.

Reese: Feel for a pulse.

Man: He's got a weak femoral pulse. Hook him up to the ambu bag.

Reese: Get a blood pressure.

Man: Open up the I.V. fluids. Start some Dopamine. Pulse is getting stronger.

Nurse #2: Cycle that blood pressure, would you?

Nurse: Sure.


Victor: One thing I've learned from bitter experience, Neil, protect your children any way you can.

Neil: At any cost?

Victor: Boy, whatever this is, this is really troubling you, ain't it? You sure there's no way I can help?

Neil: You know, Victor, I have always valued your advice. But this one is my problem. I've gotta work through it on my own.

Victor: All right, I understand. Let me just say this, though.

Victor: You should do everything in your power to protect your kids. If I had know the distress that my daughter Victoria was in, I would have done everything I can to keep her here. Now she's gone. I have no idea where she is, no idea when I'll hear from her. It fills my heart with pain and emptiness every single day. So think carefully before you make a decision. As far as my son is concerned, I don't even know what all the mistakes are that I supposedly made with him. But that is why I'm here, Neil.

Neil: Because of Nicholas?

Victor: Indirectly, yes. But directly, about the position of C.E.O. at Newman Enterprises. I want you to take it. I think you're up to the challenge.


J.T.: Colleen, relax. This is only the beginning.

Colleen: Yeah, of your career. I'm not sure about us.

J.T.: Why, because of Shiloh? Colleen, she's there to get my career off the ground, not run my love life.

Colleen: But your career is gonna be your life. I mean, you should listen to the way she talks.

J.T.: I do, every day. D d I know all about the tour she wants me to do and all about the promotional stuff. But every time I think about it, I think about you being right there with me, too.

Colleen: Yeah, but I can't be there.

J.T.: Yeah, maybe not every day. But who knows, when you're out of school over the summer, you could come on tour with me.

Colleen: And you'd like me to be there?

J.T.: Yes, I would like you to be there. And, colleen, you would love it, too. And I know... I know things seem a little crazy right now, and you're a little freaked out about everything. I get that. But that's why you gotta come to L.A. With me and meet these people at Beach Front. And then you'll understand, you'll see what it's all about.

Colleen: No, J.T., I'll just be a distraction.


Grace: If you thought for one moment you'd get away with this, you're outta your mind.

Sharon: Get away with what?

Grace: That pack of lies about Cameron in the newspaper.

Sharon: Excuse me?

Grace: What, are you gonna stand there and deny you saw it?

Sharon: Well, actually, I thought it was quite accurate. I mean, looks like your boyfriend, or whatever he is, is in a lot of hot water with the S.E.C. perfect time to flee the country. Sure beats jail.

Grace: You're wrong.

Sharon: Oh, yeah? Then it's just a coincidence that the man is missing right when the authorities are closing in, right when they're stepping up their criminal investigation?

Grace: That is nothing but a vicious fabrication. Cameron would never run away from charges like these. And furthermore, he would never disappear without telling me where he was going.

Sharon: Unless it was all just a ploy to get away from you.

Grace: Oh, you may have the police fooled with your little hoax, Sharon, but not me. I know the truth. I know you murdered Cameron. It's not gonna work. Do you hear me?

Sharon: Wow, look at the time. You have to go now, right? Nice talking to you, grace.

Sharon: Okay, Noahís baseball glove, where could he have put it? Oh. (Gasps)


Man: How's the I.C.P. monitor?

Nurse: You got two doses of EPI one of Atropine and 40 milligrams of Vasopressin.

Reese: Now we still have to keep his cerebral perfusion pressure in a safe range. That was, uh, that was really something.

Michael: I got carried away.

Reese: Yeah, well, you brought him back.

Michael: We have some unresolved issues.

Reese: I imagine so.

Michael: So you think he's gonna be okay?

Reese: Well, after what that kid's been through today, I would say he's a very strong individual. I just hope he has a little time to rest.

Michael: You mean in case there's another crisis?

Reese: I'm being optimistic, Mr. Baldwin. I suggest you do the same.

Michael: Might as well, huh?

Reese: Why don't you head out to the waiting room? We'll keep you posted.

Michael: Thanks again.

Nurse: Do you want me to call a neurosurgeon?


Gina: Right here.

Kay: Gina, why on earth have you brought me here?

Gina: Well, you do remember the room, don't you?

Kay: Well, yes, of course-- the Founder's room.

Gina: I imagine it brings back a lot of memories.

Kay: Oh, lord, yes. I haven't been here in years.

Gina: Well, I understand that you used to be quite the regular.

Kay: Mm-hmm, I was on the first board of directors, in fact.

Gina: Long time ago, huh?

Kay: (Chuckles) a very, very long time ago, Gina. In fact, I'm older than the chairs in this room.

Gina: Well, why don't you sit down in one of these old chairs and make yourself comfortable?

Kay: All right, now that I've pacified you, would you tell me what's going on? Where's Arthur? Because he must be looking for me.

Gina: He'll be along momentarily. So if you'll excuse me, I have a lot to do.

Kay: Wait, wait, no, no, no, no, Miss Priss, I want you tell me what this is all about.

Gina: You'll see, so why don't you just sit there and relax? And for once in your life, be patient.


J.T.: Colleen, why are you being so negative?

Colleen: Because your life is gonna be so much bigger than me. It already is.

J.T.: That doesn't mean you can't be a part of it.

Colleen: Yeah, but what part? Shiloh's right. I'm used to being number one.

J.T.: Well, you still are.

Colleen: But that is the problem. Your music should be number one.

J.T.: Colleen, I wouldn't even have this gig if it wasn't for you.

Colleen: You need to focus on what is important.

J.T.: I am! Everybody is so worried that I'm gonna forget about everyone, that I'm gonna forget about the people I cared about. That's not gonna happen, Colleen. That's not me.

Colleen: I'm not saying it is, but how are we... how am I supposed to keep up with you, the way your career is just taking off?

J.T.: I don't want that to make you insecure.

Colleen: I can't help it.

J.T.: You don't understand. That's why you gotta come to L.A. with me. It'll fix everything, I promise.

Colleen: No, it won't! You think that, but I saw how it was at the press conference.

J.T.: What?

Colleen: Nothing.

J.T.: No, you said, "press conference." Oh, man, how'd you find out about that, Colleen?

Colleen: I was there. That's right, J.T., I was in L.A. watching, while you told the whole world you didn't have a girlfriend.


Sharon: Fine. You wanna sit there and rot some more, be my guest. I know you're not real. I saw your body. You're just a figment of my imagination. You're either dead as a doornail, or you are millions of miles away from here! And I don't care either way, because I have better things to think about. Noah has a t-ball game this afternoon, and I need to bring him his mitt, or they won't let him play. That's what mothers do for their children, though you wouldn't know anything about that, because you have no family, no one to care about, no morals, no values-- (gasps) I see. You think you can intimidate me, huh? Well, guess again, dead man! I'm not afraid of you. Maybe I was before I saw your body in that sewer, but not anymore. Never again! Ah, aha! Here's the glove. (Gasps.)


Woman: Dr. Valentino to the O.R., Please. Dr. Valentino to the O.R., Please. Dr. Valentino to the O.R., Please.

Paul: Hey, you awake? Oh, sorry.

Michael: Yeah, sort of.

Paul: So how's your brother?

Michael: Still alive.

Paul: Still alive? You say that as though he was--

Michael: He was almost dead?

Paul: Michael, what happened?

Michael: You know what a blanket party is?

Paul: Oh, my God.

Michael: Yeah, the local scum happened to be in the lockup when they put Kevin in there. And they wrapped him up, and they beat him up-- not just a little thump job to show him who's boss. They, uh... you know, they kicked his head in.

Paul: Oh.

Michael: He's a magnet, Paul, I swear to you. He's a magnet for trouble.

Paul: Michael, really, I, um, I'm really sorry. I don't know... I'm sorry.

Michael: Nice of you to say. You have a brother, right?

Paul: Yeah, well, I've got two. The priest you know, and then, um...

Michael: (Laughing)

Paul: My other brother Steve--he's a journalist.

Michael: Oh, but the priest. Mary's pride and joy.

Paul: Cut it out.

Michael: Oh, man, you scored, didn't you? A priest and a journalist, man.

Paul: Well, what's a guy to do?

Michael: Yeah, what's a guy to do?


Neil: I don't know what to say. I mean, that's a hell of a vote of confidence, especially given my history.

Victor: You're speaking of your bout with alcohol, Neil?

Neil: Yes, I am, when I hit rock bottom.

Victor: Well, sometimes it's important to hit rock bottom, go through something very demeaning. It gives us a chance to reevaluate and reexamine our lives. Anyway, I may have told you that I'm very busy with community service projects-- part of the judgment meted out against me. And obviously, while I'm being busy with that, I need someone I can trust to run Newman Enterprises for me. Unfortunately, that someone is not my son.

Neil: Does Nicholas know?

Victor: That he is being replaced, yes. That it is by you, no. I want to make sure that you're on board before I tell him that.

Neil: Count me in. Of course I'm very much on board, and I'm very much honored.

Victor: I appreciate that, Neil. I want you to know that in no way do I blame anyone but myself for my son's betrayal of me. I want you to understand that, but having said that, an enormous amount of damage was done to the image of Newman Enterprises. It'll take us a hell of a long time to rebuild our standing in the business community.

Neil: I will do anything and everything in my power. I hope you know that.

Victor: I know you will, and that is why I have offered you this position. Welcome aboard.

Neil: Thanks, Victor.


Arthur: I'm sorry if I kept you waiting.

Kay: What on earth?

Arthur: Your drink, Madame. Would you mind if I joined you?

Kay: By all means.

Kay: Arthur, what is this?

Arthur: Sparkling water. That is what you ordered, isn't it, Madame?

Kay: Yes, of course.

Arthur: Do you remember the first time we met, Katherine?

Kay: Yes, it was here, in this very room.

Kay: You were working as a waiter, weren't you? You were a handsome devil, even then.

Arthur: And you were the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. You were lunching with your friend charlotte when I first laid eyes on you.

Kay: And you were always, what, staring at me.

Arthur: From afar, mostly. I didn't dare approach you. I was very intimidated by your wealth and position in Genoa City society.

Kay: It didn't stop you very long, did it now?

Arthur: When you responded to my advances, I was the luckiest man in town. I literally walked on air.

Kay: I booked this room for our first date, didn't I?

Arthur: And you had to sneak me in here, remember? Because I was a lowly employee.

Kay: Oh, you were so nervous.

Arthur: Oh, tongue-tied. I wasn't used to conversing with lovely, wealthy socialites.

Kay: You know, I often wondered if the other club members realized what was going on.

Arthur: I suspect they did. I was so madly in love with you.

Kay: Well, you were persistent, I'll say that.

Arthur: And determined... that I could make you feel for me even half of what I felt for you.

Kay: Oh, Arthur, you were so young, and you were ambitious. And what a great, great sense of humor you had. I mean, why wouldn't I succumb to that charm?

Arthur: And even now after all the years between, my heart's beating like it was then that first time as I longed to hold you in my arms.

("Stardust" playing) sometimes I wonder why...

Kay: Oh, Arthur, this song.

Arthur: The first song we danced to, remember?

Kay: Right here in this very room.

The melody haunts my reverie...

Arthur: May I have this dance, Madame?

Kay: Yes, my pleasure.

When our love was new and each kiss an inspiration ah, but that was long ago and now my consolation is in the stardust of a song...


J.T.: Coll, I am so sorry. If I would have only known you came all the way out to L.A.--

Colleen: But you didn't know. Does that make it okay?

J.T.: No, of course not. But I had to do what they said. I mean, Shiloh thought that it would be more attractive if I was unattached.

Colleen: That has nothing to do with your music.

J.T.: Which is why I will never do it again, no matter how much Shiloh pushes me. I promise you that.

Colleen: Yeah, but you still said it, and that's what makes me think that Shilohís right. Maybe this is just too much for us.

J.T.: Yeah, yeah, if we don't talk to each other. Colleen, why didn't you come to me about this right away?

Colleen: I couldnít. I couldnít. I didn't want to ruin anything for you.

J.T.: Look at me. You have never ruined anything for me, not ever. All you've done is made my life better. If I could call another press conference, I would. And I'd tell them Colleen Carlton is the best girlfriend in the entire world. Baby... I love you so much, and you've got to believe that. No matter what people like Shiloh say, you have to believe I love you, all right? Now... have I gotten through to you? Or do you still think we're doomed?


Victor: All right, Neil. Thank you for accepting my offer.

Neil: It's the offer of a lifetime, and, Victor, I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate your trust and faith in me.

Victor: Now you understand this is an interim position?

Neil: So you're not handing me the keys to the kingdom permanently, huh?

Victor: You know that from the bottom of my heart I hope that one day my son will be running this company.

Neil: I certainly understand that.

Victor: Hope things work out with your daughter.

Neil: Victor, I want you to know that I'm not gonna become so preoccupied with this that I can't function. Frankly, I have to make some very serious decisions soon.

Victor: Then whatever they are, make sure you can live with that decision further down the road. Best advice I can give you. Think about it carefully. Welcome aboard and take care.

Neil: Thank you, Victor. (Door closes)

Neil: Something I can live with.


Paul: No, my brothers and I were pretty rowdy kids. I remember all the trouble we caused.

Michael: But your father was a cop.

Paul: Well, all the more reason to try and get away with stuff.

Michael: All the more reason you all turned out trouble-free.

Paul: Well, yeah, eventually. It's a bit of an oversimplification, but I get your point. Our Dad was a rock.

Michael: The only rock Kevin had was, uh...

Paul: His mother?

Michael: Me. I was more like a little pebble, though, I guess. Still, I was all he had.

Paul: Well, you sound like you don't feel as though you helped much.

Michael: I left him. My stepfather was such a monster, the minute I was old enough to be out on the road, I was gone. And I knew I was throwing Kevin to the wolves.

Paul: I don't blame you. I mean, Lauren told me about the closet. I understand.

Michael: Yeah, well, at least he was all by himself when he was locked up in there. There were no thugs with blankets and boots.

Paul: I don't know. Any way you look at it, its torture. It's got to be awfully scary for a little kid.

Michael: Yeah. I used to let him out, and I put him back in before terrible Tom got home. But after I was gone, there was no one to, uh...

Michael: I should have just taken him with me.

Paul: Come on, Michael, don't do this to yourself. You know, you can't go back.

Michael: It's hard not to, seeing his life the way it is now. Anything would have been better than this.

Paul: You were a kid yourself. You couldn't haul another kid around and accomplish anything.

Michael: You know, if I had gone back to Detroit while he was still there living at home being beaten and humiliated every day of his life, maybe just maybe, I could have shown him how to climb out of the cesspool he was in and be something other than an angry young man. Maybe that would've helped.

Paul: You know, that's the nice thing about this place. It's never too late to start.

Michael: Yes, it is. You heard Marsino. His organization has got the wagons in a circle. We are never gonna find out who it was who tried to electrocute Brittany Hodges. They've got my brother in the crosshairs, and that's where he's gonna stay. He was brought back to life for what? So he can die all over again slowly in a jail?

Paul: You know, Michael, I just don't agree. You remember the old adage about the obese female vocalist, don't you? It's not over until the jury convicts him or the judge sentences him. Come on.

Michael: Well, yeah, I'll just hold on to that one for dear life. All right, Mr. Wise guy, since you're so smart, why don't we just go and donate us some blood? What about it? Do some good where it's really needed.

Paul: Let's do it.


Sharon: I don't have time for this.

Cameron: Gotcha.

Sharon: (Gasps)


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nikki: Your hallucination kissed you?

Sharon: I swear, I think I'm losing my mind!


Kay: Arthur, you were in love with a dream.


Brittany: About the other night--

Bobby: You're not gonna tell me that that kiss was just leftover energy from being on stage, are you?

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