Friday Y&R Transcript 4/30/04

Y&R Transcript Friday 4/30/04--Canada; Monday 5/3/04--U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Nikki: I guess that went as well as could be expected, although we're lucky we didn't have a full-out brawl on our hands.

Victor: Don't think the guy has an idea of what he would be getting into. But thank you for your kind words and your very appropriate words at a time when we all needed them.

Nikki: I think people just needed to be reminded what the real issue is, what's best for Abby.

Victor: Yeah. If it were left up to Brad Carlton, he'd be having us crossing our fingers, hoping and praying that Abby... forgets what she heard on that tape.

Nikki: That wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

Victor: Well, you and I both know that's not gonna happen.

Nikki: No, unfortunately not. Which is why we have to do what's best for Abby.

Victor: That's right. And that includes making her part of my life. And whether anyone likes it or not, I will do that. She will become part of my life.


Brad: Good-bye, Frances. Yeah, drive carefully..

Ashley: Thank you. (Door closes)

Brad: Abby okay?

Ashley: Yeah, she's sound asleep. She still feels a little warm, though.

Brad: Well, I hope she's not coming down with something.

Ashley: Yeah, me, too.

Ashley: Look, I'm sorry. I was hoping we could get through to Victor.

Brad: (Sighs) why would you ever have thought that? You know the man always wants things his own way. And all that garbage from Nikki about wanting what's best for Abby is just that. He is determined to force himself into our daughter's life regardless of how badly it messes her up. It's about him, not Abby. And I'll tell you something else, this is just phase one. The worst is yet to come.


Sharon: Sweetheart, you hungry? I could fix you something to eat.

Nick: Who could eat after a meeting like that?

Sharon: It wasn't exactly easy to take, was it?

Nick: Like my father could ever put anyone else first. Give me a break.


Woman: Apparently, his wife hired a lawyer, so it's gonna be contested after all. Though why she had to wait till the last possible-- Mrs. Winters...

Dru: Hi.

Woman: It's so nice to see you again.

Dru: You, too, Davida.

Davida: You know, you're not down in the book for awhile yet. Maren's in the middle of a single process--

Dru: Davida, I know that. I know that, I know I'm early. I'm just gonna go over here. (Telephone rings)

Woman #2: Hey, Drucilla, are you all right?

Dru: No, I'm not all right, Maren.

Maren: I understand when you called, you were a little upset. What's going on?

Dru: I'm still upset, okay? I have an emergency situation, okay? I'm about to show you what's going on, and maybe you can help me, maybe you canít. Look at that, Maren. Look at that.

Maren: Oh, my God.

Dru: I told you we have a problem, didn't I? Look in the back.

Maren: What happened?

Diane: Drucilla? (Gasps) oh, my God. What happened to your hair?


Bobby: No, no, no, hold on. Wait a minute. Kevin Fisher was arrested by the cops for trying to electrocute Brittany here. Now you'd think that they might have had some serious evidence, right? Now you two are coming in here and trying to tell me that you know who did it, and it wasn't Fisher, it was one of my people. What "people," hmm? I ain't got any "people."

Michael: Yes, you do.

Bobby: Employees-- that what you're talkin' about?

Michael: No.

Bobby: What's this guy talkin' about?

Paul: He's just saying that you didn't save your nickels running a lemonade stand to open up this place.

Bobby: So what, that makes me a criminal?

Paul: We didn't say criminal. You said criminal.

Bobby: I don't have time for this.

Michael: No, listen, listen, I'm not saying you had a hand in what happened to Brittany, or that you necessarily set it up, gave the order and pulled the switch, or that you even know exactly who did. But haven't you ever asked yourself, a mousy little bookkeeper, why? So you fired him, so what? Big deal. But what Fred Hodges was trying to do to your club, that was a very big deal to someone, and I'm not talking about Kevin Fisher.

Bobby: Fred Hodges wasn't a threat. He was just full of hot air.

Michael: Uh-huh. What if the people backing your club weren't so blasť? What if they did it, and they left clues pointing to Kevin Fisher? That would mean the police have the wrong guy in custody, wouldn't it?


Big dog: Seriously, man. You know any lawyers, man? Mine's a punk, man.

Officer: Move back.

Big dog: What's up, ho--

Officer: Hey, let's go. Move back.

Big dog: What's up, homie?

Officer: Which one's Fisher, sheriff?

Sheriff: Must be him there, sleeping. Get him up.

Officer: On your feet, Fisher.

Sheriff: Let's go. You're being transferred. Get up.

Officer: Come on, Fisher. Get up.

Sheriff: Oh, my God.


Phyllis: Look, I made you herbal iced tea.

Damon: Look at that. That's beautiful, darlin'.

Phyllis: Isn't it?

Damon: Thank you.

Phyllis: Welcome.

Damon: And it's good, too. But you know what? I don't think I really want it right now.

Phyllis: Okay. I know you're disappointed.

Damon: Easy come, easy go.

Phyllis: What is that? You don't have to do that with me. Come on. I know you worked long and hard on that miracle hair straightener.

Damon: Yeah, well, obviously, not long and hard enough. The stuff's got some pretty serious side effects, wouldn't you say?

Phyllis: Hey, you know, it just needs a little tweaking. Just tweak it, and then you'll be ready to give it to some big cosmetics firm.

Damon: Not the way it is, we wonít. This stuff's not nearly ready for human use.

Phyllis: Okay, well, if you're judging it by what happened to Dru, donít. Because she's hardly human. It's true.

Damon: Baby... seriously, I... I just think the best bet is to shelve it for right now.

Phyllis: Really? So you want to throw in the towel?

Damon: No, no, no, no. I... I ju--I just don't think we have the funds to drop everything and iron out the kinks, you and me.

Phyllis: I disagree. I disagree. I think you can get the funds.

Damon: I'm, no, no. I'm not saying we should give up. I just maybe need to relegate it to my spare time for awhile.

Phyllis: So much for early retirement.

Damon: To tell you the truth, I'm just feelin' fortunate that I didn't hand in my formal resignation. So far as I know, I still have a job.


Diane: Drucilla, you must have been sick, seeing your hair come out in fistfuls.

Dru: I'm still sick, okay? It gives panic a whole new meaning. It's my own fault.

Diane: Well, you meant well. You were just trying to save an important project. Too bad it couldn't have waited till after the Mother's day brunch.

Dru: Oh, my God. I completely forgot about that. I can't go to the Athletic Club lookin' like this.

Diane: Well, fortunately, they're showing a lot of big hats this spring.

Dru: I wonder if there are big muzzles to cover Phyllis' big mouth.

Diane: She was pretty heartless, huh?

Dru: You have no idea. It's a good thing Damon got in between the two of us, because there would have been two women with a lot less hair.

Diane: Apparently, they're pretty inseparable these days--Damon and Phyllis. What do you make of that?


Sharon: You think it's wrong of your father, wanting to have a relationship with Abby?

Nick: Sharon, it's wrong, it's selfish, it's insensitive. That little girl already has a family, and so does my Dad. Although, lately, you wouldn't know it.

Sharon: Well, on the other hand...

Nick: What?

Sharon: If Victor had decided to ignore the fact that he has another child, that wouldn't seem right either.

Nick: Look, the whole situation is just crazy. What the hell was Ashley thinking?

Sharon: Sweetheart, it really doesn't matter because the child exists, and Victor has to deal with that. So do the rest of us. I-is that what's bothering you the most, your Dad's decision about Abby?

Nick: The whole thing bothers me. The fact that we had that little family meeting, that Brad and Ashley were there-- I mean, half the Jabot board saw my old man make his interim C.E.O. sweat.

Sharon: Um, well, not to contradict you, honey, but I really don't think he was doing that.


Ashley: If we come up with some arrangement with Victor, I don't think he's gonna go after our daughter. Do you think he would?

Brad: I suppose the next thing you're going to tell me is you don't think he's that cruel.

Ashley: I donít. But I'm sure that doesn't change the way you feel.

Brad: No, no, it doesnít. You made a big mistake ever trusting that man, Ash. He's going to be a thorn in our side for the rest of our lives and Abbyís life.

Ashley: Could you please try not to be so pessimistic?

Brad: I am not trying to be pessimistic. I'm trying to take a cold, hard look at reality... sharing my daughter with her other Dad.

Ashley: And I know that's a bitter pill for you.

Brad: The one man on the face of this earth that I truly despise, the one man I could never trust...

Brad: The man who cost us our son... and any other children we might have had, and now we have to share the one child we do have with him. Yeah, it's a bitter pill.

Ashley: Well, he was right about one thing, Brad. We can't expect Abby to just forget what she heard. We have to deal with it.

Brad: Someday, not now. You've seen Abby with me since she overheard the revelation, repeated it to Victor. You saw e little girl that jumped in my arms this morning. Did she seem traumatized to you, confused, upset?

Ashley: No, she doesn't seem any of those things. But we can't be sure, can we, what's going on inside?

Brad: Then we need a professional to find out, not Newman.


Nikki: Victor, I'm not sure where you're going with this, but it sounds like it could be confrontational.

Victor: It doesn't have to be, as long as Brad Carlton and Ashley decide take it easy on themselves.

Nikki: Well, what if they don't? The idea of dragging that poor child into court makes me sick.

Victor: Well, I dot want that, either, all right? I hope that doesn't happen.

Nikki: Well, do you think they're willing to go along with some sort of informal visitation?

Victor: They know what I want. I hope they understand that I want what's best for Abby as much as they do.

Nikki: That's asking a lot.

Victor: It's not asking of them any more than I'm asking of myself or of you.

Nikki: I know, and I apologize for my past behavior. I was just selfishly worried about how it would affect me.

Victor: Sweetheart... I hope you realize that my wanting Abby in my life in no way excludes you.

Nikki: I understand that. But Ashley has such a strong hold on you, and now that Abbyís in the picture...

Victor: What I had with Ashley has been over for many years, and you know that.

Nikki: I do. And I donít. She's been a huge part of your life, and she still is. And sometimes, no matter what I do, I just can't set aside my doubts.

Victor: But my feelings for her aren't what they once were. You know that.

Nikki: That's what I try to tell myself.

Victor: Okay.

Nikki: But having this secret and worrying every day that it could destroy our family... it's just been very difficult. I want to believe in us.

Victor: Don't you realize there's no woman I'd rather be with? There's no place I'd rather be than here. Don't you realize that?


Officer #2: Get 'em up there!

Officer: Come on, up against the wall!

Big dog: Yo, why you trippin, homie?

Officer #2: Shut up and don't move!

Officer: Watch these clowns. He alive?

Sheriff: Can't find a pulse. No, wait, yeah, there it is, barely.

Officer: I'll radio for the medics.

Sheriff: Get 'em out of here!

Officer: Responding unit to cellblock 41. I got an inmate down.

Officer #2: I got an empty cell down the hall. I'll take 'em to the holding area.

Sheriff: Good, lock 'em in there till we sort this thing out.

Man: We really didn't do anything, Mr. Sheriff.

Sheriff: Yeah, well, this guy didn't beat himself half to death, did he?

Big dog: We didn't see nothing, sheriff, I swear

Sheriff: That's a crock, and you know it. And you'd better hope and pray this kid don't die.

Big dog: Whatever, homie. Ain't no thing.

Sheriff: Get him out of here.

Man: Have a nice day, girls!

Ray: (Laughs)


Bobby: You don't know what you're talkin' about. The cops were here, and they found evidence pointing to Fisher. They didn't find any clues left by whoever it is you're talking about.

Paul: And I suppose the term "organized crime" doesn't mean anything to you?

Bobby: What, two kids steal a bicycle outside. They sell it across town, that's organized.

Paul: Oh, come on, Marsino, I think you know what I'm talking about.

Bobby: Yeah, a lot better than you do.

Michael: All right, you know, cut the small talk. Marsino, are you or are you not involved with anyone who would try to electrocute Brittany as a way of getting her father to back off?

Bobby: I gotta be straight with you, 'cause I don't need people to think I'm a low life or that I had anything to do with Brittany getting hurt. All right, the night she got burned, her old man was causing us a lot of problems, trying to shut us down. This guy I know-- he was worried--

Paul: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what do you mean, this guy you know?

Bobby: You gonna let me finish? He was worried I wouldn't be able to keep making payments if Freddy shut us down, so he sent a couple guys over to see hi some big guys, all right? Do you get the picture? Freddy was the problem. They went over to talk to him.

Paul: So talk to, as in break a few ribs?

Bobby: I've already said too much.

Michael: No, Marsino, we're not here to make trouble for you, okay?

Bobby: No, you're just trying to connect me to Brittany getting hurt!

Michael: Don't you want to know who burned her?

Bobby: I already do. It was Kevin Fisher.

Michael: Well, here's something you might not know. I'm a lawyer, yes, but Kevin Fisher happens to be my half-brother.

Bobby: Oh, that's just beautiful. That puts a whole new spin on everything, doesn't it, counselor?

Michael: Not necessarily. Justice is justice. I just thought you ought to know. So Fred Hodges did show up that evening?

Bobby: Yeah, he showed up, but the guys didn't get a chance to talk to him, 'cause Brittany already got burned. Now do you see the big picture? Why would somebody send a couple goons to talk to Freddy Hodges and set up this girl to get scarred for the rest of her life at the same time? It doesn't make any sense.

Paul: Except that I suspect we're talking about some very vicious people, vicious and maybe not too bright.

Bobby: Where do you get your information from, the movies Look, these guys are businessmen just like any others. They provide goods and services for a profit.

Paul: And they don't have a problem sending around a little muscle if their profit is threatened.

Bobby: Yeah, but they don't hurt women. It just doesn't happen.

Paul: Code of ethics?

Bobby: You know, you got a real nasty attitude Williams. What happened to you? You grow up on the right side of the tracks?

Paul: You know, actually, my Dad was a cop.

Bobby: That makes sense. Listen, we all grew up with different lives, but I'll tell you something. I never hurt anybody that didn't deserve to get hurt. I don't hurt women, and I don't do business with people that do.

Michael: Can you say the same about your friend Angelo?


Dru: What do I make of Damon and Phyllis together as a couple?

Diane: Seems a little unlikely, wouldn't you say?

Dru: I'd say that Phyllis going after Damon is kiss of death for my career.

Diane: Because...?

Dru: Do you have to ask? Isn't it obvious?

Diane: No. Drucilla, you were a force to be reckoned with at Jabot way before Damon Porter showed up.

Dru: Damon didn't just show up, Diane. I recruited him. I'm the one that got him to relocate from Georgia to work with Jabot Cosmetics, which sent Victor Newman into a tizzy. And then you have Ashley Abbott, like a snake in the grass, waiting to say to me, "I told you so," while she puts her boot print in my backside.

Diane: Hang on. How can Damonís involvement with Phyllis set something like that in motion?

Dru: Did I tell you he said he's quitting?

Diane: He's quitting?

Dru: Three guesses who the catalyst is.


Phyllis: (Giggling)

Damon: What you laughing at?

Phyllis: I'm laughing... I keep on thinking about Drucilla and how she's going on and on about how shiny and silky her hair is, and she's running her fingers through it like it was some stupid hair commercial, and all of a sudden, you know, there it is in her hands.

Damon: Well, you might not think it was quite so amusing if it was your hair.

Phyllis: Oh, my, really? Well, let me tell you something, Mr. Porter, I would not be stupid enough to try something on my hair that had not been tested.

Damon: Oh, come on now. In her own silly, twisted way, she was trying to help. All right, it was really, really stupid. (Laughs)

Phyllis: Yeah, it was stupid. I don't understand something. Why was it that when Vanessa tried it, she had no problem?

Damon: Because she was using the natural extract directly from the orchid root.

Phyllis: And that means...

Damon: There's a world of difference between that and my synthesized formula. We can mimic Mother Nature. We can't copy her exactly.

Phyllis: Right. So it's a good thing that we got to Drucilla when we did, right?

Damon: Yeah, she could be bald right now. (Laughs)

Phyllis: (Giggles) I won't laugh.


Sharon: Oh, that'll be fine, Lisa. Okay, whenever you can get to it. Thanks, bye-bye. Babysitter.

Nick: So you really don't think dad was trying to embarrass me in front of brad and Ashley?

Sharon: No, sweetheart. If that were his intent, he would have fired you, and he would've announced your replacement, and Victor didn't do that.

Nick: What was all that innuendo about a proposal he wants to make to me?

Sharon: Don't put such a negative spin on it.

Nick: You think he might leave me in the C.E.O. slot?

Sharon: I don't know, maybe. He could be having second thoughts. I mean, the idea of someone who's not a Newman in that position...

Nick: If he could just do that, if he could let bygones be bygones. Who am I kidding? This is my father we're talking about. He's gonna hold a grudge until the day he dies. It's probably best I don't have any expectations for my own sanity, if nothing else.


Nikki: You know, Abby wasn't the only child affected by what was said at that meeting. Nicholas had a lot at stake, too.

Victor: Heís an adult. He'll deal with it.

Nikki: Well, he's carrying a lot of baggage from this child.

Victor: Are you accusing me of creating that baggage or what?

Nikki: Darling, I just wish you could get past the hurt that you feel about what he did to you. He did it for a reason. He felt it was a very good reason-- all the insults and injuries he feels he endured during his childhood. He's in pain. Now what can you do to help him heal? Have you thought about that?

Victor: You know I've thought about it. I think about it all the time.

Nikki: Really?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: Well, that's wonderful.

Victor: I think it's also practical. I think I have the perfect solution.

Nikki: Does it have something to do with what you said to him at the meeting about the C.E.O. position?

Victor: Yeah, somewhat. Not entirely, though. Come to think of it, I think I should talk to him.

Nikki: I think that's a great idea, but before you do...

Victor: Mm-hmm?

Nikki: I need a kiss.

Victor: Can I tell you something?

Nikki: Sure.

Victor: Thank you very much for saying those things when Brad Carlton and Ashley were here, all right? I think you saw through the whole atmosphere. There was a lot of tension in the air. I thank you for that.

Nikki: Well, I meant every word.


Ashley: I think we should get some professional help on how to deal with this.

Brad: Well, of course we should, but that still doesn't change anything.

Ashley: Look, I know you're heartsick about this, Brad, and so am I.

Brad: You know, Ash, it's not just that I don't like Newman, I don't respect him. I don't trust him. I don't believe in his value system, and I don't want somebody like that influencing my daughter.

Ashley: I think you might be selling him a little short.

Brad: Don't do that, all right? Don't defend him, not to me, not now.

Ashley: All I'm saying is that we are in a situation that we can't change.

Brad: And I don't like it.

Ashley: That's not my point. Would you please just hear me out?

Brad: Yeah.

Ashley: There's a lot of truth to what Nikki said. The more we cooperate, the better it will be for Abby. We can't keep victor away from her, Brad. He won't allow it.

Brad: I'm gonna tell you the difference between you and me. After everything that's happened, you still trust the guy. You still think some good can come out of all of this. I donít. I mean, take a look at his own family. One daughter's gone. His son hates him. There's another child that doesn't even know he exists, and he wants to use our daughter, he wants to use Abby to fill that void. Now is that what you want for her?

Brad: I'm sorry. I know this is hard. I don't mean to upset you.

Ashley: I'm sorry. I just... I never thought that it would come to this.

Brad: What did you think would happen, Ash? Didn't you realize the implications? They were inevitable.

Ashley: Don't start with that again, please. I am sorry, and that's all I can tell you. I didn't think it through. It was stupid and impulsive becoming pregnant the way I did, but it gave me Abby. It gave us Abby. No matter what the complications are, I am thrilled to have her, and not just any child, but this child. Am I proud of the way she was conceived? No, but am I proud of her, the person she is and that she's my daughter? You're damn right I am! Now I thought you felt the same way, too. Has that changed?

Brad: No, no, no, no, no, it hasn't changed, but my feelings for Newman, they will never change. I can't do it, Ash!

Ashley: Just don't take it out on her. Don't make this Abbyís fault, Brad.

Brad: I would never do that. Why are you even saying that?

Ashley: Because you're only human, and you are an angry man. That's all. Honey!

Abby: Angry at who, Daddy? What are you guys talking about?

Brad: Hey, honey, hi. How are you feeling?

Abby: I'm glad you're home. I missed you.

Brad: Aw, come on. Frances said you've been asleep the whole time.

Abby: I missed you, anyway.

Brad: I missed you, too, honey. You'll always be my little girl, right?

Abby: I'll always be your girl, Daddy.


Bobby: So what's Ange got to do with this?

Michael: For one thing, he said he saw Kevin here that afternoon.

Bobby: And if he said he saw him, he saw him.

Paul: So you believe him?

Bobby: He's got no reason to lie.

Michael: Maybe he knows something you donít.

Bobby: Listen, me and Ange, we go way back. He might lie to you, but he ain't gonna lie to me. I believe him.

Michael: You might want to think about that.

Bobby: I got better things to think about. Look, I'm sorry Fisher's your brother. I know you want to get him out of trouble. I understand that, but I can't help you. Now this whole business of wiring things up, so that young girls get hurt like that, it was no part of my operation. You got it? Now if you'll excuse me, you know where the door is.

Michael: What do you think?

Paul: What do I think? I think your brother is still in very hot water.


Sheriff: Hey, go easy on him, guys. He took a bad beating.

Medic: Oh, man, this guy's lucky to be alive.

Medic #2: Let's hope he makes it to the hospital.


(Knock on door)

Nick: Come in.

Victor: Thank you.

Nick: You here to see me or Sharon?

Victor: Is she around?

Nick: She's running errands.

Victor: Good, because you and I need to discuss something.

Nick: What, this proposal of yours?

Victor: It's about your role at Newman Enterprises. I hope you'll be as excited about it as I am.


Phyllis: A bald Drucilla Winters, that's a sight I'd pay money to see.

Damon: Darling, you be nice.

Phyllis: I don't have to be nice, okay? It serves her right. She stole that vial from your briefcase, Damon.

Damon: Yeah, she did, but she had a point. And there I was complaining about her stealing from me while I was stealing from Jabot.

Phyllis: Mnh-mnh, you developed that formula. She just stood around and foamed at the mouth.

Damon: In any case, it's back to the drawing board.

Phyllis: You gotta be bummed out.

Damon: Yeah. Yeah, it would've been a kick creating my own little revolution in the hair-care market, proving Ashley and Jack wrong for having pulled out.

Phyllis: Yeah, not to mention all the money. You would've never had to work again.

Damon: Nice dream while it lasted.

Phyllis: All this negativity, what's up with that? We're just putting this project on hold. That's all.

Damon: Okay. Still and yet, it's, uh... I'd say it's time for a reality check.

Damon: Where you going? What's the matter?

Phyllis: Oh, a reality check. You working for Jabot, that, uh, that's gonna be tough.

Damon: What are you talking about?

Phyllis: You know what I'm talking about. Jack is upset that we're involved.

Damon: I can handle Jack.

Phyllis: You know, maybe we should just... I don't know, maybe we should just kind of cool down.

Damon: What do you mean, "cool down"?

Phyllis: Well, I mean, you know, your life would be a lot more simple, if it weren't for me.

Damon: Who said I want things simple?

Phyllis: You know what I mean.

Damon: Are you listening good?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Damon: I'm not interested in cooling down, cooling off, stepping back, whatever. If you're getting bored with me, that's another matter.

Phyllis: I'm not getting bored with you. It has nothing to do with that, but, I mean, listen, you've been amazing. You've been my strength, and, um, honestly I think I'd be in a padded room if it weren't for you.

Damon: You're talking about your split with Jack?

Phyllis: Yeah, and all the stress that I'm going through trying to see my son and being cut off at every turn by Danny and Christine.

Damon: Well, Phyllis, I didn't do anything. I just think you deserve to be...

Phyllis: That's what I'm talking about. That's what I'm talking about-- that attitude. I mean, you're incredible, and every day is an adventure. You make me feel good.

Damon: Okay, well, we've had enough serious talk for one day, don't you think? Let's stop.

Phyllis: What do you want to do instead?


Diane: Now why would Phyllis want Damon to quit his job at Jabot?

Dru: Because she's desperate, Diane. She will do anything to get her job back at Newman, okay? Come here. I heard they said flat-out no, but something tells me, if she can deliver Mr. Genius cosmetic chemist--

Diane: But you feel, if Damon quits...

Dru: I'll be flapping in the wind, Diane. Tuvia's almost gone.

Diane: But, Dru, Jabot will just find a way to reassign you, find some other use for all that talent.

Dru: Thank you, but since I have no allies at jabot, no supporters--

Diane: I guess I forget how political it all is.

Dru: Why are you so naive? It's always about the politics, okay? Personally, if I weren't married, I'd be all over Damon Porter like white on rice.

Diane: A little employee incentive package, hmm?

Dru: All's fair in love and war, darling.

Diane: You know, it wouldn't be a tough gig seducing a man like Damon Porter, especially for such a worthy cause.

Dru: Uh-huh, so how are things going with you and Jack?

Diane: Not great.

Dru: Ooh, you sound a little discouraged.

Diane: Well, it's about all he can do to get through the day right now.

Dru: Divorce got him down?

Diane: For starters.

Dru: So then you're in limbo?

Diane: Jack is no shape right now to... look, put it this way. I just have to be patient and hope for the best.

Dru: Yeah, me too. Well, um, you know, while you're waiting, maybe...

Diane: What are you thinking?

Dru: If you wouldn't kick Damon Porter out of your bed for eating crackers, perhaps you might make a play for the man yourself, you know what I'm saying?

Diane: Oh!

Maren: Drucilla, I can take you now. Why don't you put on smock and meet me at my station?

Dru: Okay, Maren, I'll be right there.

Maren: All righty.

Dru: We'll talk, girlfriend.


Nick: I may not have said this before, but stepping in as acting C.E.O. s been truly an amazing experience.

Victor: I'm sure.

Nick: I mean, when you're in that chair and making all the decisions, it gives you a whole new perspective on the business. You're not just dealing with your little corner of the world anymore.

Victor: Very true.

Nick: So if your decision is a vote of confidence, I can think of nothing I'd like more than to stay where I am.

Victor: I am replacing you as C.E.O. of Newman Enterprises.


Nick: You know, for awhile there, I thought there was hope. I should've known better. You still hold a grudge. This is my payback.

Victor: This is not about holding a grudge, nor is it about payback. This is about attempting to rebuild trust. We need to rebuild that before I can give you this much free reign again.

Nick: You're still dangling the carrot even now.

Victor: Son, for your information, I do see you at the helm of Newman Enterprises sometime in the future, once I realize you and I are on the same page again.

Nick: How is that gonna happen? How am I supposed to prove to you that I am the man to run this company?

Victor: I mentioned a project to you, one that I hope you find as exciting as I do.

Nick: What are you gonna do, send me back to the mail room, make me work my way back up?

Victor: This does not involve Newman Enterprises, because you'll no longer be working there.

Nick: Well, where will I be?

Victor: This involves you working alongside me, a project that I've come up with for community service.


Hank: Any witnesses?

Sheriff: It was just these three jokers down the hall, but they're not talking.

Hank: Where were you?

Officer: I just stepped out for a smoke. I couldn't have been gone more than five minutes.

Hank: You didn't hear anything?

Officer: I'm sorry.

Hank: So you can't point the finger at any of those three prisoners?

Officer: No, sir.

Sheriff: Well, at least one of them's guilty. That's for sure.

Hank: That's gonna be hard to prove.

Sheriff: Unless fisher will talk, identify who worked him over.

Hank: He's gonna be lucky if he can talk at all after the beating he took, if he makes it.

Sheriff: Who you calling?

Hank: Fisher's brother. The guy's an attorney. (Cell phone rings)

Michael: Excuse me. (Ring)

Michael: Baldwin.

Hank: Mr. Baldwin, its Detective Weber.

Michael: What can I do for you, Detective?

Hank: This is about your brother Kevin Fisher. He's been hurt.

Michael: What do you mean he's hurt? What happened?

Hank: I'll explain later. Just meet me at Genoa City Memorial, and, Baldwin, if I were you, I'd hurry. It's pretty serious.

Paul: What is it? Michael!


Next on "The Young and Restless"..

Nick: You're kidding, right? I mean, you didn't honestly think that I would accept this, did you?


Colleen: Are you interested in J.T.?

Shiloh: I think you and I need to have a talk.


Michael: I'm Kevin Fisher's brother. How bad is it?

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