Thursday Y&R Transcript 4/29/04

Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/29/04--Canada; Friday 4/30/04--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Nikki: So you still have nothing to say to me?

Victor: What do you want to hear?

Nikki: You could give me some idea of your thoughts and plans regarding Abby.

Victor: I'll tell you when I tell everyone else at the family meeting.

Nikki: Ah, yes. The gathering of the clan, where you will deign to tell us all our future.

Victor: You're not gonna bait me. I will tell you when I tell everyone else, not any sooner.


Brad: So as usual, Newman’s grandstanding, having to make a big production out of things.

Ashley: Well, if he is, he is. I don't see the point in getting all agitated.

Brad: Well, tell me that after he says he wants to try and take Abby away.

Ashley: I refuse to believe it's gonna come to that, Brad.

Brad: Do you? Well, call me an eternal pessimist, but I do not have a good feeling about this, and I hate being at the mercy of that jerk.

Ashley: Look, I don't like being in this position any more than you do, believe me.

Brad: With all due respect, Ash, we're in this position because of you.

Ashley: It had to come out, Brad. There was no other way. And I'm really sorry you're still questioning me on that.

Brad: Yeah, I guess it's a little late for that, isn't it? I just regret what this is going to do to our lives, to Abby’s life. Things will never be the same for that little girl.

Ashley: Thanks. Thanks for making me feel worse than I already do.


Nick: You knew?

Sharon: Honey, your mother swore me to secrecy. And she was so desperate--

Nick: Well, it's pretty obvious why, Sharon. I'm sure the last thing she wanted my Dad to know was that he had a child with Ashley Abbott.

Sharon: Well, I'm glad you understand.

Nick: I wish I was still in the dark.

Sharon: Honey, you're disillusioned. And I'm sure Victor feels the same way. He must feel so betrayed.

Nick: Oh, yeah? Tell me, Sharon, what right does he have?

Sharon: Well, I think that it was pretty shocking of Ashley--

Nick: No, given the way my father treats people, I'd say it was just a matter of time before he got a dose of his own medicine.

Sharon: Well, that's a little harsh, don't you think?

Nick: No, I think it's a candid, accurate assessment of why Victor Newman’s life is always in such shambles. I'm telling you, Sharon, there are times when I feel like I don't even know the man anymore.


Neil: Drucilla.

Dru: What?

Neil: How much do you know about this straightener?

Dru: Honey, I know it works like magic. Do you see this? Do you see how gorgeous and straight it is? Let's talk about the shine, let's talk about the sheen, and, oh, let's talk about the texture. Because it feels like silk. Can I just tell you?

Phyllis: (Gasps)

Dru: Aah. Aah! Aah! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Look at my... oh, oh, oh, my... no, no, tell me this isn't happening! Oh, my God!

Phyllis: Wow, it is magic. Look at it disappear from your head.

Dru: You think this is funny, Phyllis?! Do you think this is funny?!

Neil: Drucilla... Damon, Damon, how dangerous is this stuff?

Dru: (Whines)

Damon: As I said, one of the compounds in the formula often attacks a protein found in human hair.

Neil: Meaning what, exactly?

Damon: It eats away at the cuticle layer.

Dru: What, are you gonna tell me that this hair's gonna keep falling out? It's gonna keep falling out? What am I gonna do?!

Damon: Well, for starters, Einstein, I'd go wash it out.

Dru: Aah!

Neil: Dru! Dru!

Phyllis: (Giggles)


Michael: Thank you.

Paul: You're welcome.

Paul: Okay, I will bite. You are here because...

Michael: Kevin's in jail.

Paul: Hallelujah.

Michael: I knew you'd say that.

Paul: So what, you just came over here to hear me say it in person? Your brother owes a heavy debt to society. I'm not going to pretend that I'm not pleased. It's high time he starts paying society back.


 (Keys jingle)

Man: (Laughing)

Man #2: (Laughing)

Man: Oh, God. (Chuckles) oh, man.

Man: (Laughs) come on. Check it out.

[Kevin remembering when he was young.]

Tom: I will tear the hide off of you. You hear me, boy? (Pounds on door)

Young Kevin: (Crying)


(cell bars rattle)

Man #3: Orale, homes. What's crack-a-lackin', homes?

Man: So you make bail, dog?

Dog: My lawyer's a weasel, homie. Says he's workin' on it. Yeah, right.

Man #2: So where you been?

Dog: They had me up on the hoe squad, tending the sheriff's vegetable garden. Who's the fish?

Man #2: Would you believe his name is Fisher?

Man: Ain't said a word since they brought him in here.

Man #2: Sits there looking all scared.

Dog: I seen him before.

Man: Yeah? Where at?

Dog: I seen him right here.

Man: Yeah?

Man #2: What was he in for?

Dog: Shh. Wait, I remember now. He was in for fryin' some stripper chick. One of the cops said they were lookin' at him for puttin' in some other work, too.

Man: Like what?

Dog: Torchin' a restaurant, and get this, homies-- statutory rape.


Ashley: Honey, I know that you've been concerned about Colleen.

Brad: Yeah.

Ashley: She seemed a little bit more upbeat before school, though, didn't she?

Brad: A little.

Ashley: You're still worried about her, though?

Brad: There's something going on between her and J.T.

Ashley: I don't think he would ever do anything to purposely hurt her.

Brad: Well, you know how that goes, Ash. Sometimes people get hurt beyond belief, and it wasn't what anyone intended.

Ashley: So we're not talking about Colleen anymore?

Brad: I'm worried about both of my daughters.

Ashley: Honey, that's what I want you to remember. Abby is your daughter, yours, and no one else’s.

Brad: Okay, well, you make sure and tell that to Newman. Because I don't think he sees it that way. We better go. (Door closes)

Brad: Hey, you. Come here, sweetie. What are you doing home?

Abby: Daddy, I don't feel so good.

Brad: You don't feel good? What's wrong, honey?

Abby: My tummy hurts.

Frances: She has a little fever, too. The school nurse called my cell phone.

Ashley: Oh, no.

Frances: We thought you both were at work.

Brad: Um, we have a-- a special meeting to attend.

Abby: What kind of meeting, Daddy?

Brad: Oh, it's just, uh, grown-up stuff, honey.

Abby: What's wrong, Daddy? You seem sad.

Brad: I'm just thinking about how much I love you, that's all.

Abby: I love you, too, Daddy. You're the best.

Brad: You're the best.

Ashley: We both love you, honey bun, more than words could ever say. Come here.

Frances: Let's get you tucked in, Abby.

Abby: Do I have to?

Brad: Yes, you have to. I want you to remember something, though. You are the most special girl in the whole world, and I am crazy about you. Don't you ever forget that, okay? Okay, give me kiss. Okay.


Nikki: You know, you're not the only one involved here. I have a right to know what you intend to do about Abby.

Victor: What about my rights?

Nikki: What about them?

Victor: You don't think my rights were violated, do you?

Nikki: Are you trying to say that you intend to take that little girl away from them? You would be that cruel?

Nikki: Never mind. No answer required.

(Slams glass on table)Victor: At the family gathering, you'll find out everything, all right? Now I'm going take a shower.

Nikki: That can't happen. I won't let it.


Neil: This is absolutely insane. Drucilla never should have touched that formula until the research was complete. Damon, you never did answer me. How dangerous is this stuff?

Damon: I can't offer you any more than I told you already. Look, one more time, when my colleague tested one of the compounds that I used in the synthetic recreation of the orchid extract, there were some disturbing results.

Phyllis: Yes, which Drucilla is now experiencing, or at least her hair is, since it's falling out.

Neil: So do you think that by washing it out, it's gonna help?

Damon: It might. Let's just hope whatever damage it does is only temporary.

Neil: You mean it might be permanent?

Damon: I'm not trying to alarm you, Neil. There's just too many unknowns. I wish I had gotten to your wife sooner.

Phyllis: Yeah, I gotta be honest with you. Neil, we didn't ask Drucilla to use herself as a guinea pig. You know, I guess she learned her lesson, didn't she? I gotta be honest, though. It was rich. Uh, look at my beautiful hair. Look at the shine, look at the sheen, look at my beautiful, shiny hair in--in my--my hands. Aah! Aah! Well, she was right. It was straight.

Dru: It's not gonna be so funny when I rip some hair outta your head! (Growls)

Neil: Hey, hey, hey, hey, Dru, Dru, Dru, Dru, come on.

Damon: Ladies, let's relax. We have no time for this.

Neil: Honey, just ignore her, all right? Ignore her. I want you to tell me... tell me what we're looking at here.

Dru: It's bad, honey. It's bad.

Neil: It's bad? How--how bad are we talking? Huh?

Dru: It's really bad.

Neil: Yeah? Let me see.

Dru: She better not say one thing.

Damon: Phyllis will behave herself. Won't you, Phyllis?

Phyllis: Oh, pardon me, what? Oh, yeah. Um, I'm gonna lock the door and throw away the key. Be over here.

Neil: Okay, you ready? Huh?

Dru: (Cries)

Neil: Honey, its okay. Come on. Let me see.


Michael: You have been all over my brother for so long now, Paul. You're convinced that he has perpetrated every kind of misdeed. But in spite of your convictions, I do believe that you're interested in justice prevailing.

Paul: Well, I am glad that you realize that. There you go.

Michael: And you have to realize that justice might require you to change your opinion if the evidence changes.

Paul: Well, it would have to, a lot. What, did you bring something new for me to see?

Michael: Yeah, I received a packet of discovery information.

Paul: The evidence against your brother.

Michael: It's compelling, but not bulletproof.

Paul: Look, Michael, why don't we cut to the chase? What do you want from me?

Michael: Some help.

Paul: Are you sure you're coming to the right guy?

Michael: Oh, yeah. You are so prejudiced about this case. You are so sure of the facts. If I can convince you that Kevin is innocent, I could convince anybody.


Dog: Your name Fisher? You got a first name?

Kevin: Kevin.

Man #2: I knew a Kevin in the sixth grade once. Real weirdo.

Kevin: Look, I'm just trying to make it through this, okay? I'm just minding my own business, waiting to get out of here, so, uh, please, just, uh, leave me alone.

Dog: What's the matter, Fisher? We ain't throwin' the check down. We just tryin' to be friendly.

Man #2: Big dog here says this ain't your first visit.

Man: We heard some real bad stuff about you.

Big dog: The grapevine says you like little girls.

Man #2: 15 years old, we hear.

Man: That's awfully young, ain't it, Fish?

Kevin: I never touched her. She was lying.

Man #2: Yeah, they all say that.

Big dog: I got a little sister, 14. That turn you on?

Kevin: No, no, of course not.

Big dog: Anyone mess with my sister is gonna get a shank in his belly.

Kevin: I don't even know your sister.

Big dog: No, you don’t. And you ain't never gonna meet her, either.

Man: So what kind of girls do you like, Fish--big, tall, short,fat, skinny, what?

Kevin: It doesn't matter.

Big dog: Oh, yeah, homie? It matters to us. Answer the man, Fisher!


Victor: Thank you all for being here. As you know, I'm about to begin my community service. But there's some issues I'd like to settle first. They concern all of us.

Brad: And what might those issues be, Victor, or need I ask?

Victor: Rest assured that I have everyone's best interests in mind.


Bobby: So, Ange, the final numbers are in. We made a lot of cash last night.

Angelo: Yeah, that's great, Bobby. But like I said, it's a one-shot deal. You know, all these people comin' here, lookin' at blondie to make this big, brave comeback from her personal tragedy, I mean, you can only milk that, what, once. So what time did the rental house say they'd be here to pick this stuff up?

Bobby: You know what? I think I'm gonna have 'em hold off on that, 'cause I think I'm gonna buy it all.

Angelo: What for? This is for Marilyn’s, like, one-time, what, cabaret night.

Bobby: Ah, no, no, we might have a few more of these nights comin' up.


Paul: Okay, so the wire cutters that were found in Kevin’s apartment, he acknowledges he owned.

Michael: No, he owns a pair. He hasn't been shown that pair in court. He hasn't acknowledged that pair as his own.

Paul: Right, but there's a match between those cutters and the wire marks at Marsino's.

Michael: Which is very strong evidence. But on the other hand, any jury can be convinced that scientific evidence such as ballistics tests or wire mark matchups could be wrong, coincidental or just too high tech to be trusted.

Paul: All right, but they do love an eyewitness. And they have one with that guy at Marsino's.

Michael: Angelo.

Paul: Right. He claims that he saw Kevin there that afternoon the day Brittany Hodges was burned. That is awfully tough to refute.

Michael: You ever speak to Angelo?

Paul: Briefly.

Michael: Does he strike you as a thoroughly honest and upright individual?

Paul: Michael, please do not tell me that you're going to base your entire defense on attacking this guy's credibility.

Michael: You know, I don't know. That's what I'm tryin' to figure out here.

Paul: Oh, so you just want me to tag along and see if I buy into any of your theories as they develop. I don't think so.

Michael: Oh, come on, Williams. You have been carrying the banner of the "hang Kevin Fisher brigade" for months now. What's the matter? You afraid you might have to admit that you're wrong?

Paul: I am not wrong about that kid. Don't you worry. He will have his day in court with a jury. Look, Michael, build your own case. You don't need me.

Michael: My brother is not gonna thrive in a custodial environment, you got me?

Paul: Look, nobody likes jail. That's why most of us obey the law.

Michael: You know, you and Weber are just... you're two peas in a pod. Look, I don't have time to mount a standard defense. I have to cut right through to the bone, real quick. Look, Paul, please, I believe that you're capable of evenhanded observation. Come with me. Let's go on a little fact-finding mission, all right? Please. I'll drive.


Kevin: I don't know what you want t to say.

Man #2: Just tell us what you dig, man. What kind of chicks get your motor runnin'?

Kevin: I like mature women.

Big dog: (Laughs) ooh-wee. Mature women. Like how old is that?

Man: Gotta be, like, 16, maybe?

Kevin: Why are you picking on me?

Big dog: Do we make you nervous, Kevin?

Kevin: No.

Man: Like big dog says, we just tryin' to be friendly.

Man #2: But you ain't makin' that very easy, though.

Big dog: Hard to be friendly with a pervert.

Man: We don't like perverts, especially ones that mess with little kids.

Man #2: In fact, we hate pervs.

Big dog: I bet you played with little dolls when you were a kid.

Man: That true, Kev? You play with little dolls?

Kevin: Get outta my face, okay?

Big dog: Relax, homie. We're just playin' with you, boy.

Kevin: Yeah, well, you better back off, or I'm gonna...

Big dog: Or what? Or what, you little punk? Or what?


Victor: The first matter at hand is the settlement agreement with Jabot.

Brad: You want to discuss that now?

Victor: I would like to discuss that now so we don't have to go through a lengthy court battle. I would like to discuss a settlement amongst ourselves. As I said, we don't have to go to court that way.

Brad: Well, I'm sure we would all be agreeable to that, Victor, assuming you made a reasonable offer.

Victor: Bradley, I consider $75 million more than a reasonable offer, don't you think?

Brad: Are you reinstating it?

Victor: It is off the table.

Nikki: Well, what are you suggesting?

Brad: Your last offer of $10 million certainly wasn't reasonable. In fact, it was an insult.

Victor: Then why don't you make a proposal? We'll discuss it.

Brad: Victor, come on, you're yanking our chain. Whatever offer we throw out, you're going to shoot it down.

Victor: Give me a number, we'll talk about it.

Sharon: Uh, didn't you say there were several items on the agenda?

Victor: The other item is the position of interim C.E.O. for Newman Enterprises.

Nick: What about it?

Victor: I have a proposal for you, son, that I think you might find rather interesting.

Nick: What is it?

Victor: Let's discuss it later, all right?

Nick: All right.

Victor: Now the other issue that I would like to discuss... is the issue of little Abby.

Brad: Wait a minute. Victor, that's something that the four of us should talk about. Nick and Sharon need not be here.

Victor: That is something for the whole family to discuss, Bradley. I want everyone to know exactly where I stand.


Dru: I told you. I told... look at this.

Neil: No, Dru, it's, um, it’s...

Dru: Look at this. Oh, my God. It's nasty, Neil. Just go ahead and say it. It's mangy. There are no words to describe this.

Neil: Shh. Shh. Uh, Damon, would you mind comin' over here for a minute, please?

Dru: Look at this.

Phyllis: Oh, my God!

Dru: Shut up, Phyllis!

Neil: Phyllis, Phyllis, stop. Stop right there, okay? This is not the end of the world.

Dru: No, it's not. I'm not bald. I just lost some hair, right? It's not gonna keep fallin' out, right, Damon?

Damon: I don't know what's gonna happen. It's an untested product.

Dru: It's hair. Hair grows back.

Phyllis: He doesn't know what's gonna happen. He said it's untested.

Dru: Get her outta my face!

Damon: I can't answer your questions, Dru. My colleague's company ended their research when they deemed this one compound to be inappropriate for human use. How bad can the damage be? Well, that would depend on if the hair shaft was affected or the entire hair follicle. I didn't get that far in my research, so I can't honestly tell you what to expect.

Dru: I know one thing. When Ashley and Jack find out about this, Tuvia's gonna be a wrap, and so is my job.

Damon: Oh, Dru, we don't know nothin' for certain.

Dru: Oh, you're gonna stand there and be the voice of optimism?

Neil: Um, Phyllis and Damon, I need some alone time with my wife, please.

Dru: Yeah, yeah, show's over. You can leave now and take that bony thing with you.

Phyllis: Drucilla, my condolences to you and your hair. What's left of it.

Neil: Come on. No, honey.

Damon: Sorry, Dru.

Dru: (Cries) oh Neil.

Neil: Shh.

Dru: I know I made a mistake. Go ahead, tell me I'm stupid. Go ahead. Are you gonna laugh at me, too? Oh, my God.

Neil: Shh. Shh. I'd never call you stupid, honey. Never. I love you. It's gonna be okay.

Dru: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.


Bobby: Look at the numbers, Ange. We can still be Marsino's, the gentlemen's club some nights and Marsino's the cabaret the other nights.

Angelo: Bobby, please, don't let blondie talk you into turning this place into something that it ain't.

Bobby: Hey, nobody's talking me into anything. This was my idea. And you and I have talked about goin' legit before.

Angelo: Yeah, but, Bobby, we are legit. I mean, we're solid citizens. You make contributions to charity and stuff. Come on.

Bobby: Yeah, and we still got the cops crawling all over us 24/7.

Angelo: Hey, look, that comes with the territory, okay?

Bobby: All right, maybe I'm tired of this territory. Look, a cabaret is legit in this community. A strip joint--it just isn’t.

Angelo: I don't like what I'm hearin'.

Bobby: Look, we could do this, Ange. It would be stupid not to. Now I don't know about you, but one of these days, I'm thinking maybe I want to get married, settle down.

Angelo: Come on, you?

Bobby: What? Hey, a guy wants to leave something behind. A family's a good place to start.

Angelo: Don't tell me, you and, uh, blondie, right?

Bobby: Hey, look, I wouldn't mind, but that's none of your business.

Angelo: Bobby, Bobby, look, it's just not you and me, okay? We got backers, all right? These guys, they see you, uh, you know, moving off to left field because of some chick, I mean, they are gonna jerk the chain real hard just to remind you where the money came from.

Bobby: You keep mentioning that. Somebody talk to you?

Angelo: I hear things.

Bobby: Hmm. Like when those meatheads came down the night Brittany got burned, the ones that were here to talk to Brittany’s old man? What was that, a jerk on the chain?

Angelo: Light one.

Bobby: Sal arranged that.

Angelo: He wanted to get Hodges off our back.

Bobby: What else?

Angelo: What do you mean?

Bobby: I mean, anything else happen around here that had something to do with that friend of ours? (Door opens)

Michael: Is anybody home?

Paul: Hello, gentlemen.

Bobby: Oh, great. It's the Hardy boys.


Victor: I know you're all aware of the situation regarding little Abby.

Nick: Dad, I really don't see a need for Sharon and me to be a part of this.

Victor: Son, I do. Abby happens to be a blood relative of yours, so would you kindly stay?

Nikki: Will you please just tell us your plans?

Victor: I would like to be involved in Abby’s life.

Ashley: In what way?

Nikki: Are you talking about visitation rights?

Victor: Yes.

Brad: So you could pop in anytime, intrude in our lives?

Victor: Bradley, I didn't create this situation. I'm simply responding to it now.

Ashley: Abby already has a father.

Victor: And now she has another one, doesn't she?

Brad: I don't see it that way.

Victor: Well, I do, Bradley.

Ashley: Abby adores Brad, Victor. He's the only father that she's ever known.

Victor: That, Ashley, is no fault of mine.

Brad: Damn it. I knew this would happen. I knew the moment we opened that door, you'd want to take over.

Victor: It isn't about taking over. It's about wanting influence in Abby’s life.

Brad: I resent to hell what you're trying to pull.

Victor: I'm not trying to pull anything, Bradley. Right now I'm trying to be very reasonable.

Brad: Reasonable? Trying to force yourself into our little girl's life, a girl who is happy and stable and whose love for me I have never doubted?

Victor: No one questions her love for you, Bradley. But things are different now.

Brad: They don't have to be.

Victor: But they are, because your daughter knows that I'm her father.

Brad: Oh, come on. That's something she overheard. She repeated it to you. She doesn't know what it means.

Victor: Well, she must know what it means.

Brad: Why must she? She's a little girl!

Victor: Are you thinking she'll forget what she heard?

Brad: She won't if you keep pushing it on her.

Victor: In other words, you want everyone to go on pretending that she didn't tell me that I'm her father, is that it? Ain't gonna happen. I don't want that kind of lie in that girl's life. There's been enough deception as it is.


Bobby: All right, what do you want?

Michael: A moment of your free time, if you've got one available.

Bobby: Yeah, I got just one.

Michael: Could we talk alone?

Bobby: Nah, Angelo’s my partner. I don't hide anything from him.

Michael: But you're the head man here, right?

Angelo: Hey, didn't you hear what he just said? I'm not some flunkie. I'm management.

Michael: Still, things would go a lot quicker if it were just the three of us.

Bobby: Hold on, Ange. Give us a couple seconds. I'll fill you in after.

Bobby: All right. So I got the private detective. I got the lawyer. Ball's in your court, boys. What's up?

Michael: Well, we're here to give you a warning and a heads up.

Bobby: About what?

Michael: It wasn't Kevin Fisher who tried to electrocute Brittany. It was someone from within your own organization.

Michael: Hmm. I would have expected a much bigger reaction. Wouldn't you?

Paul: Yeah, maybe.

Michael: Well, maybe this isn't totally a surprise. Maybe Mr. Marsino already knows that it was one of his own people who hurt the girl.


Brad: I really don't think there's anything to be gained by you hanging out with Abby. It's only going to confuse her. And you're right. Someday we're going to have to confront the situation. She has a biological father, and it isn't me. But there are lots of kids out there living in the situation, happily ignorant of the fact. So why do you feel so compelled to tell her? And, no, Victor, she isn't being impacted by what she overheard, I can promise you that.

Ashley: It's true, Victor. If you could have seen her with him this morning, you'd know that it's true.

Victor: Ashley, the circumstances of Abby’s birth are not her fault, nor are they mine. The fact remains, I am her biological father. I want involvement in her life. Now if that should be too difficult for you guys, then I must say that I've talked to my lawyers, and they tell me that I have a very good case for custody.

Ashley: Don't say that word. Don't say "custody." You've gotta be kidding me.

Victor: It is not what I want. You know what I want. I want involvement in that child's life. If you pose any difficulties, any problems, you leave me no recourse but to go to court and claim that child as my own.

Brad: You son of a--

Nick: Brad, take it easy.

Nikki: Stop, stop, stop it, Brad! What is wrong with you? What's wrong with us? This isn't about us. The only person we should be thinking about is Abby-- what's best for Abby. The best thing for anybody, especially a child, is love. She already has Ashley and Brad's unconditional love, but I think as a family, we could give her even more. She would thrive on that. The more love she gets, the happier she's going to be. But we can't be fighting like this. She's a smart little girl. She's gonna feel it. She's gonna sense the tension. And then you know what she's gonna do? She's gonna blame herself, and I don't need to tell any of you what that will do to her. I want all of you to think about that. We have the power to make her the most loved little girl in the world. I mean, if I can get over my insecurities and focus on Abby, I think you all can do that. Otherwise, we're gonna destroy her. That is our choice. We love her as a family, or we destroy her with our hatred and our agendas and insecurities. I know what I'm gonna do. And God help that sweet child if any of you make the wrong decision.


Big dog: What you gonna do, Fisher? What you gonna do?

Kevin: I'll-- I'll call someone.

Man: Who, your mama, maybe?

Man #2: Or the guard.

Big dog: Last I saw, the guard was heading out for a smoke.

Kevin: I'm warning you, my brother's a lawyer.

Big dog: So what?

Kevin: He can make some real trouble for you guys.

Big dog: (Chuckles) you hear that, Ray? Kevin's brother's gonna make some trouble for us.

Ray: This kid don't know what real trouble is.

Man: Maybe we oughta show him, huh?

Big dog: Good idea.

Kevin: What are you-- what are you gonna do?

Man: Relax, Fisher.

Big dog: We're gonna have us a little blanket party.

Kevin: What?! No! No!

Big dog: Something you're wanna remember for the rest of your miserable life!

Kevin: No! (Grunting)

Big dog: My little sister Martha is 14 years old!

Kevin: (Groaning)

Big dog: Get in there, Homies.

Big dog: So you still like little girls? Huh?


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Dru: If you wouldn't kick Damon Porter out of your bed for eating crackers, perhaps you might make a play for the man yourself.


Bobby: You're just trying to connect me to Brittany getting hurt!

Michael: Don't you wanna know who burned her?

Bobby: I already do.


Officer: Come on, Fisher. Get up!

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