Monday Y&R Transcript 4/26/04

Y&R Transcript Monday 4/26/04 -- Canada, Tuesday 4/27/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Phyllis: Hey!

Phyllis: (Giggles) hey.

Damon: I was starting to worry about you.

Phyllis: You were worried about me, really? That's sweet.

Damon: You smell like the Jabot lab.

Phyllis: Oh, my gosh. I do?

Damon: I recognize one of our new fragrances.

Phyllis: You do, really? Okay, well, if you're so smart, why don't you tell me why I was there?

Damon: I'm so afraid to ask.

Phyllis: I was there because I was thinking I could snatch us a sample of the hair-straightening formula.

Damon: Oh, Phyllis, I told you...

Phyllis: No, really, I just wanted to give it a shot. I wanted to give it a shot, because if we just got that thing in our hot, little hands, I mean, there's no telling what mountains we could climb.

Damon: Yeah, and if somebody saw you...

Phyllis: Well, listen, believe me, Jack... Jack's appearance kind of squelched my plan.

Damon: Jack walked in? He didn't catch you...

Phyllis: With my hand in the proverbial cookie jar? No.

Damon: He must have wondered what you were doing there.

Phyllis: Yeah, he did. I told him that I wanted to talk to him about the hair-straightening project, and, you know, that project is dead in the water, isn't it?

Damon: Who are you telling? I almost had Ashley convinced to keep the project going. Jack walked in, interrupted our conversation. Now he's the one determined to keep it from going forward. Between that man and his sister, they both got my head spinning.

Phyllis: Yeah, I bet. I bet that's frustrating, isn't it?

Damon: Yes, it is.

Phyllis: You see, Damon, that's why we have to take this chance, okay? Just listen to me for a second, all right? What's become their trash is our treasure. We have to take action quick, before someone else beats us to it.


Brad: No problem, Henry. Two-hour time difference, might as well take advantage of it. All right, you, too. Good night.

Jack: Oh, good, you are still here.

Brad: Came in late.

Jack: You look beat.

Brad: Well, that's why we get the big bucks, right, Jacko? Let me guess. You're here to find an ally.

Jack: An ally in what?

Brad: Pulling the plug on the hair-straightening project.

Jack: Oh, you heard about that, did you?

Brad: Yep. And, no, I'm not too thrilled with yet another decision made by Fiat.

Jack: Well, forget about that. It's history. I did not come here to discuss business with you.

Brad: Well, in that case...

Jack: What I have to say you need to hear.

Brad: What is it with you? I'm exhausted. I'm going home.

Jack: Well, you'd better find some energy and quick, or you won't have a family waiting for you.


Neil: Drucilla, if I'm right, if Kevin couldn't have committed the crime that he's been charged with, what are we gonna do about that?

Dru: We? Why would we do anything?

Neil: Because we are the only ones who have any kind of proof that the guy might be innocent.

Dru: Maybe innocent of hurting Brittany, and I'm not saying I buy your theory, but what about what he did to our daughter, Neil? Colleen, Gina--he's not innocent of hurting them.

Neil: Yeah, but, Drucilla, it's a different thing.

Dru: Yeah, but nothing. Remember what I said last time we talked about this? I don't care what or who brings that boy down, as long as somebody brings him down. That's all I care about.

Neil: Yeah, but that's when we actually believed that he was guilty of rigging up that dance pole to electrocute someone, he'd be punished for a crime he did commit, paying for everything else at the same time. Dru, you know as well as I do, this way isn't fair, it isn't right. You know, I think we have to come forward with what we know, that according to our private investigator's report, the guy has an airtight alibi.

Dru: Do not tell me that you are gonna turn this into some moral dilemma issue, please.

Neil: Oh, look, no, you stop right there. I'm angry, okay? Every time I think about what happened to our daughter, I want to tear something apart.

Dru: Good, then tear up that report in itty, bitty pieces and throw it in the fireplace. That's my advice to you.


J.T.: Hey.

Raul: Hey.

J.T.: You heading out somewhere?

Raul: I'm going over to Marsino's.

J.T.: Why?

Raul: 'Cause Brittany’s performing tonight.

J.T.: Really?

Raul: Yep.

J.T.: Well, performing as in, like...

Raul: Singing, just singing, period.

J.T.: Well, good for her. All right.

Raul: Yeah, but you know what kind of creeps hang out there, you know?

J.T.: Yeah, but at least she's coming out of her shell. Raul, that's cool, man.

Raul: We'll see.

J.T.: What, so what are you gonna do, go keep an eyen her? Is that what you're doing?

Raul: Someone has to. It's not like we can trust Bobby to.


Maureen: Hey, Angelo.

Brenda: Hey, Ange.

Angelo: Hey, what are you ladies doing here? There's no dancing tonight.

Brenda: We know.

Maureen: It's Marilyn’s big comeback.

Angelo: Ah, so you've come to listen to her sing?

Brenda: You know, show her a little support. Got a problem with that?

Angelo: Nah, no, I love it. You know, I always wanted to own part of a nice little cabaret. You know, people--they come to listen to the singing, maybe pour a little white wine, some fancy water. There's no money in it, but, you know, its high class.

Brenda: So what are you saying? I mean, is Bobby thinking about changing this place?

Angelo: Who knows? This guy, he's over the moon.


Brittany: I am so blown away by what you've done.

Bobby: Why, 'cause I dressed the place up a little bit?

Brittany: For me.

Bobby: Yeah, for you. Who knows? I might just keep it this way.

Brittany: Not on my account, I hope.

Bobby: Hey, come on, I'm a businessman. If it works for the customers, it works for me.

Brittany: Gosh, I hope they...

Bobby: What?

Brittany: Nothing.

Bobby: All right, no, come on, tell me.

Brittany: I was just gonna say, I hope they like me tonight, but that's stupid. Of course that's what I hope, so why say it?

Bobby: What, are you worried about a jinx?

Brittany: I'm worried they won't like me.

Bobby: Listen, I got a little something that'll make you feel better.

Brittany: What, a Brittany clone that can stay here and sing while I go hide under my bed?

Bobby: No, no, better, but you gotta close your eyes.

Brittany: Bobby!

Bobby: Close 'em, or you get nothing.


Brad: If you're referring to the situation with Newman...

Jack: Oh, is that what we're calling it now, a situation? Brad, it's a disaster.

Brad: Jack, I'm telling...

Jack: That man can cause you and ash problems you've never dreamed of.

Brad: You think I don't know that?

Jack: Well, apparently not, or you would have stopped your wife.

Brad: Ash isn't the one who told him.

Jack: That's only because Abby got to him first, blurted out what she'd overheard secondhand, that Victor's her Daddy. Oh, my God, it makes me sick to my stomach just saying the words.

Brad: Then stay out of it. Let us handle it.

Jack: Well, that gives me great confidence, knowing how well you've handled things thus far.

Brad: Butt out.

Jack: You need to face facts, Bradley. You need help, and you need it now before it's too late.


Neil: Okay, now you're talking about destroying evidence.

Dru: Better than destroying lives, like Kevin Fisher. Honey, look at the facts, all right?

Neil: What?

Dru: You have a daily activity log that some private investigator gave you. Then you have the actual testimony of the bartender that saw Kevin Fisher come back to the club after he was fired, plus the physical evidence from the police. I mean, it's a slam dunk, you know.

Neil: Yeah, honey, you don't even know this, okay, but Eddie Praether has an impeccable reputation as a private investigator. He's very thorough, very accurate, every bit as good as Paul Williams, who wasn't available at the time.

Dru: What's it gonna take to get you not to be the Good Samaritan, to look the other way? I mean, really, why can't you just look the other way?

Neil: Come on. Honey, why are we even--

Lily: Hey, guys.

Dru: Hi, honey.

Neil: Hey there.

Dru: How'd the studying go with Sierra?

Lily: Not great.

Dru: How come?

Lily: Because I can't concentrate on anything, except what Kevin did to me.

Dru: Oh, honey, look, I know we talked about this.

Lily: Yeah, I know. You thought I was starting to get over it, but I can't, not when every single day is a constant reminder.

Neil: Something happen, honey?

Lily: Three guesses what we're studying in health class-- STDs. Everything you wanted know about Chlamydia. Except, oh, boy, I'm already an expert.


Damon: Baby, I love your enthusiasm. I just wonder if it's worth it.

Phyllis: No, it's worth it. Because, listen, if Jack didn't want to prosecute me for theft when I took off with the orchids--

Damon: No, no, that's not what I'm worried about.

Phyllis: What are you worried about?

Damon: Well, so far, all we have is a synthetic formula.

Phyllis: So what?

Damon: So it needs to be tested and tweaked and retested over and over, until we're ready to submit it for government approval. And even then, it could take months, years before we have a product that's ready for market.

Phyllis: Okay, you know, I'm a really patient woman, so patient, especially when I know there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Damon: Darling, you need to be realistic. You and I cannot do this alone.

Phyllis: Okay, that's fine. Then, you know, we'll, um... you know, we'll take it to those big cosmetic firms, you know, the bigwigs in the industry.

Damon: Yeah, then what?

Phyllis: Then we'll tell them what we have, and we'll start a bidding war, Damon. I mean, we're gonna make so much money if we did something like that.

Damon: It's such a long shot. Not to mention, it's stealing.

Phyllis: Stealing? No, no, no, no. It is not stealing. You worked on this product. This was your baby. You developed this.

Damon: Yeah, well, technically, anything developed in the Jabot lab on company time belongs to Jabot.

Phyllis: Yes, I know, but they don't want it, remember?

Damon: What do you suppose is gonna happen when Jack and Ashley discover those vials of formula are missing?

Phyllis: Listen, Damon, they didn't even want to develop the product anymore, okay, so they probably won't even care, and if we're lucky, by the time they notice they're missing, it won't matter anymore.

Damon: You are a calculating little creature, aren't you?

Phyllis: Oh, really? It takes one to know one.

Damon: I'd have to burn some bridges.

Phyllis: You have to quit your job.

Damon: Obviously.

Phyllis: Does that worry you?

Damon: I could always go back to my horses.

Phyllis: Yeah, you could go back to your horses, but that can wait until old age, all right? We have a lot of work to do.

Damon: All right, I want you to stay here this time.

Phyllis: Are you gonna do this?

Damon: Yeah, yeah.

Phyllis: You are?

Damon: While I'm there, I'll pack my files.

Phyllis: Okay. You realize we're both going to be unemployed.

Damon: We'll live dangerously.

Phyllis: Oh, we don't have to live too dangerously because once we get our hands on that formula, we'll be able to retire young.

Damon: Let's not count our chickens, okay? Wish me luck.

Phyllis: (Whispering) good luck.

Damon: Mm.


J.T.: Raul, trust me. I'm no big fan of Bobby Marsino, but he does care about Brittany.

Raul: What's your point?

J.T.: Well, I'm sure he'll look out for her.

Raul: I'll feel better if I'm there.

J.T.: Does she know you're coming?

Raul: What, I need her permission all of a sudden?

J.T.: Hey, relax, Raul. I'm asking you a question, a simple question.

Raul: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's just, this whole thing, it's got me so wound up.

J.T.: Well, look, man, if Brittany feels like she's ready to get back up on stage--

Raul: That's the thing. That's the thing. Deep down, I don't think she is.

J.T.: Whose idea was it?

Raul: She says it was hers.

J.T.: Well, there you go, man. I'm sure she'll be okay.

Raul: What happens if while she's on stage, these guys in the crowd become obnoxious, you know, because they're not there to see some girl sing? They're there to see some skin.

J.T.: Well, look at it this way, Raul. If she gets booed off stage tonight, at least she's not going back to Marsino's. You'll get your way.

Raul: She's not going back either way.

J.T.: How can you be so sure?

Raul: Because she promised me that tonight's the last night she's gonna perform there.

J.T.: You believe her? (Laughs) Raul, how can you be so naive, man?


Bobby: All right, now you can open them. Hmm, how do I look?

Brittany: You, not so good. The dress--wow!

Bobby: Well, I'm glad you're gonna be the one wearing it.

Brittany: It's for me? Oh, Bobby, it's fabulous.

Bobby: I'm glad you like it.

Brittany: You picked it?

Bobby: Of course I picked it out.

Brittany: You're the best.

Bobby: I know. I know. Hey, look, we got a little bit of time. What do you say we go out front and see who showed up?

Brittany: Great. I'll put this in the dressing room.


Man: Hey, Angelo, what's going on?

Angelo: Hey, it's a special night around here.

Man #2: Special how?

Angelo: Marilyn's gonna sing.

Man #2: She's the one who got messed up, her face, right?

Angelo: Yeah, that's her.

Man: So what's with the signs and the foo-foo on the tables?

Angelo: Look, guys, Marilyn’s the only thing happening tonight, okay?


Brittany: Oh, there's Rose. I'm gonna go talk to her.

Bobby: Knock yourself out.

Man: Angelo, what do you mean, no skin tonight? What's up with that?

Man #2: Yeah, this is a strip club, ain't it?

Angelo: Well, you know, actually, we used to be.

Bobby: Ange, don't do that. Nothing's changed about Marsino's. We're just having a special night for Marilyn, you know, 'cause of what happened.

Man #2: Man, I was looking forward to something besides music.

Bobby: Well, look, I'll have Angelo comp you guys a couple drinks, but be nice. The girl's been through a lot, all right? I don't have to remind you this is a gentlemen's club. I expect you to act that way.

Man: Kinda throwing us a curve ball, Bobby.

Bobby: I'll make it up to you. It's just one night, hmm?

Man #2: I guess.

Man: Come on.

Bobby: All right, thanks, guys. Ange, help out. Don't make things worse.

Angelo: All right. It couldn't get much worse.


Dru: Sweetheart, I know it's been really difficult getting over the fact that you've had this terrible disease Chlamydia.

Lily: At least I'll ace the tests, right?

Neil: Lily.

Lily: Look, I am sorry, but it sucks! I hate Kevin so much, I can't even stand it! (Telephone rings)

Dru: Lily.

Lily: I'm going to my room!

Dru: Lily! W-w-what? (Sighs) (Ring)

Dru: (Angrily) hello. Hey, what are you doing at the office this late? What? No, I'm glad you called. I'll be right there.

Neil: You'll be right where? You have to go right now?

Dru: Yeah, we're done talking about this. I think our daughter spoke for me, don't you? Did you see her face? Did you see what Kevin Fisher did to her? Don't stand there and act like that animal doesn't belong in a cage. I don't care what it takes to bring that boy down. He's gonna get locked up.


Brad: So you have some magic solution, do you? Please enlighten me, Jack. I'd love to hear it. I mean, you have such an incredible track record when it comes to solving your own personal problems.

Jack: First of all, you hire yourself a top lawyer. Then you develop a strategy to keep Newman from swooping in and eviscerating your family.

Brad: Eviscerating my fam-- you know, there you go again, shooting from the hip. This is starting to be a habit with you.

Jack: Why is that bad advice?

Brad: Because this is a very delicate situation, jack. Until we know what Newman intends to do, if he is going to press a claim where Abby’s concerned.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. We're talking about Victor Newman. When has he not laid claim to something he considers to be his?

Brad: Abby is my daughter, not Victor’s. You know, this defeatist attitude of yours really--

Jack: Okay, it's not defeatist. It's realistic, Brad. You'd better start digging your head out of the sand and prepare yourself, or you're gonna be sorry.

Brad: How the hell do you know what Newman intends to do?

Jack: You know what? Why don't we go see Victor right now and find out? Come on.

Victor: Find out what, Jack?


Brittany: Here you go, Rose. One soda and the best seat in the house.

Rose: Thank you.

Brittany: Mm-hmm.

Rose: But I thought you were going to be the main attraction tonight. I mean, who's this Marilyn?

Brittany: I didn't tell you. Marilyn's my stage name.

Rose: You don't need a stage name. Brittany's a lovely name.

Brittany: Well, what can I say? Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Rose: There's a lot of men in the audience, and they're here because you're so beautiful, and they love to look at you.

Brittany: You're so good for me, Rose. I hope you realize that meeting you is a big part of what got me here today.

Rose: I'm glad.

Brittany: Does the name Danny Romalotti mean anything to you?

Rose: Are you kidding? He was one of my favorites.

Brittany: Great. I'll introduce you. Be right back. Hi, Danny.

Danny: Hey, hi there. Wow! Quite a place.

Brittany: Marilyn--that's me.

Danny: Oh, I see.

Brittany: Come on. I want you to meet someone.

Danny: Sure.


Bobby: I promise you it's gonna be great music. A little different than you're used to here at Marsino's, but you're gonna like it, all right?

Man: All right.

Man #2: Thanks.

Bobby: (Muttering) better like it, or I'll bust his head.


Raul: Brittany and I have a deal. After tonight, no more Marsino's.

J.T.: How'd you pull that off?

Raul: I talked to Trevor about having an open mike night over at the coffeehouse, and he really liked the idea. He said they might even make it a regular thing.

J.T.: What's that got to do with Brittany?

Raul: She'd be hosting it and singing there whenever she wanted to.

J.T.: That's not a bad gig, I guess.

Raul: It'll keep her away from Bobby, too.

J.T.: Which is your real motivation, right?

Raul: This is all about Brittany, okay?

J.T.: Mm-hmm.

Raul: Look, I don't care what that guy's been telling her. There's no way she's gonna get discovered singing at some strip club.

J.T.: Man, I don't know about that. Look at me. Shiloh wanders in the Athletic Club, hears me sing. Next thing you know, I'm being offered a contract.

Raul: Which hasn't been easy for Brittany.

J.T.: Oh, come on. She's been fine. I wish I had more contacts. I'd hook her up.

Raul: I understand. Hey, who knows? Maybe when you're big and famous, huh?

J.T.: Speaking of which, check this out.

Raul: What is this?

J.T.: It's my first single, man. The song I recorded in L.A.

Raul: Already?

J.T.: Yep.

Raul: Man, they move fast out there.

J.T.: Yeah, everybody told me how intense the music industry is, but look at that.

Raul: They weren't kidding. So what's next?

J.T.: I don't know. Maybe nothing.

Raul: Yeah, right. I bet you this song plays all over the radio, and soon. You're gonna be this huge star, and you're gonna totally forget about me.

J.T.: No, I could never forget about the little people.

Raul: You're such a jerk. So you going back to L.A. Or what?

J.T.: Yeah, probably.

Raul: Is Colleen okay with that?

J.T.: Well, I'm hoping next time she can go with me, but if not, then we'll work something out.

Raul: It's hard being away from someone you care about, huh?

J.T.: Yeah, that's for sure, but that's how it has to be.

Raul: Anyway, I'd love to stay and chat with you, but I gotta get over to Marsino's.

J.T.: Hey, you want some company, man?

Raul: You sure you don't have something better to do, rock star?

J.T.: Ooh, I don't know. Pretty girls, sitting around here, yeah, give me two minutes. I'll go with you.

Raul: All right. Hurry up.

J.T.: Gonna wear something nice.


Dru: (Clears throat)

Damon: Drucilla, I didn't hear you come in.

Dru: Yeah, I noticed. You seemed really preoccupied.

Damon: Something I can help you with?

Dru: What you doing here so late?

Damon: Uh... well, actually, I was packing.

Dru: Packing?

Damon: Yeah, I, um... you know, you and I have been through a lot together here at Jabot. I feel obligated to tell you.

Dru: Tell me what?

Damon: I'm quitting.


Brad: Why are you here, Victor?

Victor: Just to inform you that I've taken on some community service work, part of my bargain with the court.

Jack: Part of your plea bargain for your criminal behavior, crimes you wriggled out of so easily.

Victor: I felt that my time and service weren't enough, so I decided to donate some money to the courts, so they in turn will disperse it amongst the needy in Genoa City.

Jack: Well, bully for you.

Victor: You'll also be interested to know that I did that of my own free will. I wasn't asked to do so.

Brad: How big a donation?

Victor: Good question. $75 million, to be exact-- the money that I'd originally earmarked for the Jabot settlement. So in a sense, it is coming out of your pockets, which I'm sure pleases you as much as it pleased Judge Billington. Certainly warms the cockles of my heart.


Dru: Quitting? How come?

Damon: How come? Because I see no valid reason to stay. That's why. Our hair straightening project is history, thanks to Jack and Ashley. I think it's safe to assume it will not be revived anytime soon.

Dru: The voice of optimism. Just leave me in the dust, why don't you?

Damon: Oh, darlin', stop being so melodramatic. You still got a job here.

Dru: Tuvia? Tuvia's headed for the dumpster. Please.

Damon: That's life, baby. Jobs come and go.

Dru: Just like the women in your life. No doubt some fabulous company will come and scoop you up since you're a red hot chemist, or are you and Phyllis gonna live off of love? What did Jack and Ashley say when you told them the news?

Damon: I haven't told them yet.

Dru: So then you can change your mind.

Damon: Dru, you ain't getting it. I do not want to work for people who are so shortsighted that they would throw a gold mine away, a gold mine, for personal, or what's worse, political reasons.

Dru: Okay, okay, we will test it ourselves.

Damon: No, baby, it ain't ready to be tested.

Dru: Yes, it is. Vanessa used it on her hair for months.

Damon: And one person does not bring a product to market. You know that.

Dru: You're preaching to the choir, okay? I'm suggesting that you and i test it, and then we'll prove to Jack and Ashley that it works.

Damon: I know it's hard to give up on a dream.

Dru: A dream? I put my heart and soul into this.

Damon: So did I. And you and I, we damn near brought it off, didn't we?

Dru: Yeah, damn near, until you got involved with that bitch Phyllis, and then Jack ripped the support off the table. You blew it, brother. You blew it. This is your fault, and then you stand there like it's no biggie.


Brittany: (Singing scales)

Brenda: Hi.

Maureen: Hey.

Brittany: Hey, you guys. How you doin'?

Maureen: Just wanted to wish you good luck, Marilyn.

Brittany: Oh, thank you. I'm gonna need it. It's been awhile since I've been on stage.

Brenda: You nervous?

Brittany: Yeah, I am. Oh, my gosh. I just realized. You're not dancing tonight.

Maureen: No, it's your show. You're it.

Brittany: Are you mad at me?

Maureen: Of course not.

Brenda: No, we think it's cool. It's just...

Brittany: What?

Brenda: Well, you don't think-- bobby's not gonna turn Marsino's into a singing club.

Maureen: Sure hope not. Can't sing worth beans.

Brittany: No, I promise you Bobby isn't gonna change the club.

Brenda: Yeah, but if tonight's a big success, then--

Brittany: No, no, no, no, no. No matter what, he isn't changing anything.

Maureen: How do you know?

Brittany: Just between you and me--no telling Bobby, okay?

Maureen: Okay.

Brenda: All right.

Brittany: This is the last time I'm gonna sing here.

Brenda: Really? Why?

Brittany: I made a promise to someone, but anyway, the point is don't worry. Marsino's will always be Marsino's, and you will be the main event.

Brenda: All right. Good luck tonight. I mean that, really.

Maureen: I hope it's a huge hit.

Brittany: Oh, thank you.

Maureen: You're beautiful.

Brittany: I just hope I get through it in one piece.

Brenda: We'll see you on stage, okay?

Maureen: Bye.

Brittany: Thank you.


Jack: Is that what good press goes for these days? $75 million? God, it's so transparent. Keep in mind you're still gonna have to pay us through the nose to settle our civil suit.

Brad: Is that why you're here, Victor, to try and negotiate another settlement?

Victor: I'm very busy these days. I wouldn't mind it off my table.

Jack: Oh, I'm sure you wouldn't, but why would we want to help you? I'd just as soon see you stew in your own juices while the court decides.

Brad: Jack, this isn't your call.

Jack: You know, Bradley makes a good point here. Maybe we should negotiate. In cases like this where there's egregious criminal behavior, I think the courts usually offer tripled settlements. Let's make it nice and simple. $75 million times 3, add on a little for sheer aggravation, will bring it to a nice, round $250 million. Take it or leave it. What? What?

Brad: Do you remember what happened the last time you tried to play hardball with Victor?

Jack: So what, you're gonna tattle to the board now?

Brad: Jack, we need a settlement now, not years from now. And we're gonna listen to what Newman has to say. You're gonna keep your mouth shut, capisce? So, Victor, what figure did you have in mind? Don't suppose it was the original $75 million.

Victor: That offer's off the table, as I have told you.

Brad: So what's your starting point?

Victor: Something in the neighborhood of $10 million.


J.T.: Looks like Marsino spent some money tonight.

Raul: Don't worry about him. He always takes in more than he puts out.

Brittany: Hi, guys.

Raul: Hey, baby.

Brittany: I'm so glad you two are here.

J.T.: You don't think we'd miss the big show, did you?

Brittany: I hope there is gonna be a big show.

Raul: Uh-oh. Are you nervous?

Brittany: Well, I know I'm supposed to be a little, but I am a lot, so I'm gonna get dressed. Go have a seat, have a...

Raul: Don't worry. No beers tonight.

J.T.: Yeah, go on. We're good, all right? And break a leg.

Brittany: Don't say that.

J.T.: Hey, she'll be fine.

Raul: Look at all these guys in this place. What makes Marsino think that these guys are gonna sit here with their hands on their lap while Brittany’s singing?

J.T.: Whatever happens, happens, Raul.

Raul: Oh, and its okay with you if Brittany gets her heart broken tonight?

J.T.: Well, you'll just have to fix it if it does. Now come on. I'll get you a Shirley Temple with a little crazy straw.

Raul: Thanks, moron.


Damon: If it makes you feel better, look for someone to blame.

Dru: I don't have to look far. You're standing right in front of me.

Damon: Well, you think what you want. You're kidding yourself if you think Jack's support would have changed a damn thing.

Dru: Naturally, you would think of that to say.

Damon: Touch up your résumé and smile. You're a talented woman. You're gonna find something else. So anyway, what are you doing here this time of night?

Dru: Um, my secretary called me when you signed in upstairs.

Damon: Why?

Dru: She's loyal. She's loyal, and she looks out after me. Besides, what are you doing here so late?

Damon: Dru, I'm sorry. I'm sorry you're so upset. I'm sorry it's like this. I hope we can part as friends.

Dru: Oh, sure. Why not?

Damon: You know, there are quite a few clichés running through my head that might offer you a little peace. My personal favorite, however, is cheer up. It's not the end of the wor-- Today. You want them, cook them will kick off.


Bobby: You need any help?

Brittany: No, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Bobby: Can I get you anything, maybe some water?

Brittany: No, Bobby, I don't want a glass of water. If I wanted one, I could go get one.

Bobby: You nervous?

Brittany: No. You're just--you're hovering.

Brittany: I'm sorry.

Bobby: Don't worry about it. You edged that kind of energy. Just make it work for the song.

Brittany: Remember. Remember.

Bobby: Remember what?

Brittany: What Danny Romalotti said to me, about digging down deep inside and using everything that ever happened to me, the good and the bad, and making it a part of the music.

Bobby: Ready?

Brittany: Yeah, I'm ready.

Bobby: Well, for what it's worth, this is gonna be the best you ever sang in your life, even if all you got going on for you out there is me and my faith in you, 'cause I got enough of that going on to make it happen all by itself. So you got nothing to worry about, all right?

Brittany: Thank you, Bobby.

Bobby: Come on. Let's knock 'em dead.


Brad: You really are a piece of work, Victor. If that's your idea of a starting point, we have nothing further to discuss.

Jack: Oh, Victor knows exactly what he's doing here. This arrogant, so-called offer is based on his belief we're running a little scared right now. We're just quaking in our boots, wondering what his next move is gonna be now that he knows about Abby.

Brad: Back off about that, Jack!

Jack: I'm right on the money, aren't I? So what else is going on in that scheming, twisted mind of yours? How else you gonna milk this for all it's worth?

Victor: Abby is something I'm not gonna discuss with you, but only with Bradley, when I'm good and ready. Now you take my offer to the board... if you want to. $10 million in cash. Good evening.

Brad: Had to bring that up, didn't you?

Jack: Look, Brad...

Brad: No, you look. You had no right to butt in. None!

Jack: You'd better start listening to me. Not long ago, I was in Newman’s shoes, finding out that I was a father, after the fact, without my consent, without my okay. Think about it. When the dust settled, who got custody of Kyle?


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Olivia: Promise me you're not gonna play guinea pig with these potentially dangerous chemicals.

Nick: It seems pretty likely that Cameron Kirsten is alive.

Bobby: These guys wanna hear you sing.

Brittany: No, they don’t.

Bobby: That's not true.

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