Thursday Y&R Transcript 4/22/04

Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/22/04--Canada; Friday 4/23/04--USA

By Suzanne
Proofread by Emma

Lauren: You thought you were in trouble before. Now you are really in trouble.

Kevin: Story of my life.

Lauren: And you can just accept that, you know, to hell with anyone else who happens to care about you?

Kevin: And who exactly would that be? Not you.

Lauren: I paid $100,000 so you wouldn't have to spend another night in jail.

Kevin: Yeah, which made me think that I could trust you, so I spilled my guts.

Lauren: I did not mean for Paul to find out what you confessed to me.

Kevin: You're right. What am I doing here?

Lauren: Hopefully gonna turn yourself back in.

Kevin: I don't think so. You miss your hearing, that's bail jumping. When they catch you, it's no more Mr. Nice guy. They lock you up.

Lauren: And knowing that, why did you run?

Kevin: Because-- because I was scared, Lauren. Look, nobody wants to go to jail, right? But I have some real issues being locked up, big ones. I can't do it. I'd rather die. Yeah, I will die. I will, before I let them lock me up again.


(Doorbell rings)

Michael: This is getting out of control. No, forget it. Forget it. (Ring) (Ring)

Michael: Who is it?!

Neil: Its Neil Winters.

Michael: Great. Listen, Neil, I'm sorry, but I'm in for the evening. I'm into a good book, and I really don't feel like taking another load of abuse from you. I don't know where Kevin Fisher is. I didn't commit his crimes, whatever they were, if they even exist. The fact that we share the same mother, that's beside the point. I understand that you're frustrated because your daughter was harmed, and you haven't got your pound of flesh, but I am not your problem. So go away.

Neil: Ain't gonna happen, man.

Michael: All right, then I hope you enjoy the atmosphere out there, 'cause I'm going back to my book!

Neil: Baldwin! Michael! (Pounding on door)

Michael: Go away. Go away! Go away.

Neil: Baldwin, open the door. Come on!

Man: Hey! What's going on out here?

Neil: Baldwin! (Pounding on door)

Michael: Don't do this!

Neil: Would you prefer if I just stood here and banged on your door all night long?

Michael: All right, fine. You win. Come on in, please.

Neil: Thank you very much.

Michael: I'm sorry, Mr. Beaverhausen!


Jack: Will you just calm down?

Ashley: Don't tell me to calm down, Jack. Blaming me for everything that's gone wrong doesn't help things, all right? It doesn't change the facts.

Jack: Okay, sorry, sorry. I'm upset.

Ashley: Join the club.

Jack: You have no clue at all what Victor intends to do where you and Abby are--

Ashley: What part of "back off" do you not understand?

Jack: Okay, okay, fine. You will let me know?

Ashley: You'll be one of the first. I don't know where Victor's head is.

Jack: God, look at you. You're scared to death.

Ashley: We're changing the subject now.

Jack: To what?

Ashley: Phyllis and Damon-- what was that all about?


Olivia: Dru, if all you're gonna do is pace up and down...

Dru: Liv, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I know that you had a really long day, and you're very tired, but Phyllis Abbott has got to be stopped.

Olivia: What has Phyllis done?

Dru: You mean what has she done now. She's sticking her nose in my business, and she's trying to undermine me.

Olivia: Well, excuse me for noticing, but isn't that a 2-way street?

Dru: Whose side are you on?


Phyllis: My interest in Damon is strictly professional. It's professional. No, Phyllis, Damon doesn't like girls like me. Let me tell you, sister. No, let me tell you, sister. Let me tell you, you-- (door slams)

Phyllis: Hey. Hi. Um, how long were you standing there?

Damon: Long enough to catch the last few seconds of that performance.

Phyllis: Okay, yeah.

Damon: (Laughs)

Phyllis: You're laughing. That's good. I didn't realize i had an audience.

Damon: That's all right. (Claps)

Phyllis: Thank you.

Damon: I could use the comic relief after the day I have had.

Phyllis: It was a bad day?

Damon: It was a horrendous day.


Olivia: Sweetie, what has she done? Tell me, please.

Dru: All right, for starters, how about the two orchids she stole, which cost the Jabot lab precious time, not to mention that she zeroed in on Damon Porter?

Olivia: What do you mean, she "zeroed in" on him?

Dru: You know, Phyllis and Jack aren't even divorced, and guess who's shacked up with Damon? Mm-hmm.


Damon: I was meeting with Ashley. Actually convincing her not to cancel my research, and your husband-- I mean, soon to be ex-husband, showed up and shot his mouth off at precisely the wrong moment.

Phyllis: Ow.

Damon: Here's to you.

Phyllis: Okay. Is Jack still upset about seeing us at the Athletic Club?


Dru: Miss tacky personified. Jack knows about it. He wants to kill Damon. He's eighty-sixed our project. Three guesses why. Phyllis, Phyllis and Phyllis. Now do you feel me? Now do you see why you need to help me shut her down?


Damon: What do you think?

Phyllis: I'm not really thinking a lot right now, but, um, ahem, I-I, uh... I don't think it's my fault.

Damon: I didn't say it was.

Phyllis: Somebody else said it was. Drucilla. Mm-hmm. She said I'm ruining your career. Is that true?


Colleen: You know, you still haven't told me what the surprise is.

J.T.: That's why it's called a surprise.

Colleen: We couldn't have done this in the coffeehouse?

J.T.: No, we couldn't have done this in the coffeehouse. Stop asking so many questions and let me get the lights.

Colleen: What are these?

J.T.: Look like flowers.

Colleen: For me?

J.T.: Yeah, you surprised?

Colleen: Totally. Wow. This was really sweet of you, J.T. They're beautiful.

J.T.: I wasn't exactly sure what kind to get. I knew you liked daisies.

Colleen: They're perfect. They smell wonderful. What is this?


Brittany: Can i get you anything to drink? Iced tea, soda?

Rose: (Speech impediment) oh, no, thank you. I'm fine. What a gat apartment.

Brittany: Thanks. I'd introduce you to my roommates, but they're not here.

Rose: How many people do you live with?

Brittany: Two--Raul and J.T.

Rose: A couple of fellas. Way to go, Brittany.

Brittany: It's not like that.

Rose: What, you're just friends?

Brittany: Well, it...

Rose: More than that?

Brittany: It's complicated. Raul and I were pretty serious for awhile, and J.T... I don't even know how to describe our relationship.

Rose: Bet you had a lot of good times here.

Brittany: Yeah, we have. Would you like a tour?

Rose: Oh, no, thank you. I don't want to be a nuisance.

Brittany: No, not at all. I'm really glad I ran into you. How have you been?

Rose: Never mind about me. How have you been? Have you been singing?

Brittany: Not yet, but I'm going to.

Rose: When?

Brittany: Tonight. I get up on stage in a couple of hours. And I'm terrified.


Bobby: Hey, your pen. I was wondering when you'd show up.

Raul: Look, Marsino, we need to talk.

Bobby: Yeah, I'm real busy.

Raul: Yeah, I know, getting ready for your big show tonight.

Bobby: It's Marilynís big show.

Raul: Hey, do me a favor. Stop calling her that.

Bobby: Do me a favor. Get over yourself. Look, she's gonna be terrific. Why don't you come down, catch the show? I'll buy you a soda.

Raul: Come on. Seriously, let's think about what's best for Brittany. She shouldn't be singing in this place.

Bobby: Something wrong with my club?

Raul: What, I have to remind you?

Bobby: What, you think that I forgot that Brittany got hurt here? I think you forgot that some good things happened to Brittany here. She got to sing. She got to find out that she had talent.

Raul: Hey, these jerks in here, they will applaud at anything that's not wearing any clothes.

Bobby: So what are you saying, she can't sing? Does she know you feel that way?

Raul: You know that's not what I think. Listen, bobby, I didn't come here to fight with you, okay?

Bobby: That's good.

Raul: I was hoping we'd talk about what's best for Brittany, but obviously, I can see that you're still thinking about what's good for Bobby, what's good for Marsino's.

Bobby: Look, nobody ever wanted a singer in here, okay? I made that happen, and I did it because she wanted to sing. All right, so I got caught up in her little dream, but it was never about the money for me.

Raul: Well, excuse me. You're a patron of the arts. I didn't realize that.

Bobby: You know, you keep saying that you got Brittanyís best interests at heart. Mnh-mnh. What she needs to do is she needs to get on a stage.

Raul: Somewhere else, not here.

Bobby: What, you got Carnegie Hall lined up?

Raul: There's the university, okay? They have a great, big stage over there.

Bobby: Yeah, and about 1,000 seats that are gonna be empty, except for you, me, a couple of her friends and her parents in the front row. Get real. Excuse me.


Neil: Hey, look, this is about your brother.

Michael: He's gone. I don't know where. If you have issues with my brother, I suggest you go and find him. I'm not his whipping boy.

Neil: All right, look, you know, man, I'm not here to argue with you--

Michael: I already told your wife that you should be dealing with the fact that Lily took a walk on the wild side and not obsessing about Kevin.

Neil: What? Are you actually blaming Lily for what happened to her?

Michael: No, I'm just saying she has a role. I'm saying, as her parents, that should be your concern.

Neil: I can't believe this. I suppose you don't think that your brother deserves punishment.

Michael: Believe me, Neil, you wouldn't wanna be my brother. He's already been punished more than most people, and most of it, undeserved.

Neil: Oh, I see. I'm supposed to feel sorry for Kevin.

Michael: Would it kill you? You sanctimonious people make me crazy. So ready to look down your nose at other people, without ever wondering what you'd be like if it had been your life.


Lauren: I realize that you're young, Kevin, but when you talk like that, you sound like a child.

Kevin: You don't think I mean it?

Lauren: No. I don't think you wanna die.

Kevin: When I was a kid, I spent half my life locked in a closet.

Lauren: What?

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah. My old man couldn't handle me. He couldn't deal with being a father. He hated it. He hated me.

Kevin: He would shove me in a closet and slam the door.

Kevin: That way he didn't have to deal with his little boy who needed things that he couldn't give him, you know?

Kevin: You read about people who get trapped, you know, like in an earthquake or something. I'm like, I know how that feels.

Lauren: I can't even imagine what you went through, but unfortunately, you don't get a free pass in life just because you have bad parents.

Kevin: I know.

Lauren: So what are you gonna do now?

Kevin: I have no idea.

Lauren: Where'd you go when you ran?

Kevin: Detroit. I went to see my dear, sweet angel of a mother. What an enormous waste of time that was.


Jack: Trust me, you don't wanna know. It's a personal thing.

Ashley: Oh, but my personal life is fair game, huh? Phyllis and Damon--what?

Jack: It seems our good friend and colleague didn't waste any time when he found out my wife and I were getting divorced.

Ashley: You're kidding me. They're involved?

Jack: Yeah, that's the word on the street.

Ashley: And you're blaming Damon for this?

Jack: Don't go there.

Ashley: Hmm, I hit a nerve, huh?

Jack: What, and you didn't think it would?

Ashley: No, obviously, you're still in love with her.

Jack: Well, it sure didn't take her long to get over me, did it?

Ashley: So when you walked in here and you saw Damon, that's what all that tension was about?

Jack: No, it was about seeing him schmoozing you after I told him his project was dead.

Ashley: Oh, the project that you were gonna use to show me who's boss around here. You know, suddenly it all becomes so clear--why you'd do a 180 when you were trying to muscle that project through.

Jack: My decision had nothing to do with Phyllis.

Ashley: Oh, come on, Jack. Sticking it to me versus sticking it to Damon-- there's no contest.

Jack: I'm not sticking it to anyone. Did it ever occur to you maybe I recrunched the numbers? We can't afford that project thanks to your pal Victor.

Ashley: Yeah, right. Okay, stop pretending this isn't about Phyllis, okay, now that she and Damon are, what? What are they exactly?

Jack: I don't know, and I don't care.

Ashley: (Imitates Jack) and I don't believe you.

Jack: Are you just doing this to torment me?!

Ashley: (Normal voice) we're sure getting along well these days, aren't we? Kinda like old times.


"The Young and the Restless" will continue.


Damon: Baby, why would you ever, ever listen to anything Drucilla had to say?

Phyllis: Well, I'm not ruining your career then, right?

Damon: No, of course not. I had a career before Jabot. And I will have a career after Jabot.

Phyllis: Okay. So what are you gonna do? You gonna take your show on the road and develop the hair straightener yourself?

Damon: I doubt it. Too many complications going it alone. I don't wanna talk about this. Let's just put this day behind us.

Phyllis: Okay. All right. What about Drucilla?

Damon: What about her?

Phyllis: Well... Have you ever, you know?

Damon: What, you're askin' me if I have some kind of involvement with Drucilla?

Phyllis: Yeah, I am. I was just wondering, because she's very proprietary when it comes to you.

Damon: Uh-huh, you know what? For the last time, you need to relax. There has never been, nor will there ever be anything between me and Mrs. Winters, thank you very much. I don't go after married women.

Phyllis: Oh, hello, I'm married--technically.

Damon: That's right.

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah, that is--

Damon: Happily married. Happily married.

Phyllis: Yeah?

Damon: Anyway, what the hell is this about? I thought you trusted me.

Phyllis: I trust you. I trust you. I do. It's just, um... Aye-yi-yi. Hey, you know, I'm angry, you're angry, it doesn't... Not at each other, it's just... Let's start over.

Damon: And how would you suggest we do that?

Phyllis: Well, hmm, if Iíve learned something from you, there's gotta be a way to take all this negative energy, right, and do something with it other than being angry and suspicious, don't you think? Don't you?


Dru: Because of Phyllis my career is falling apart at the seams, and I know she takes great delight in that.

Olivia: Well, do you think it's fair to demonize Phyllis when Damon Porter hasn't exactly been prudent?

Dru: Oh, I am not happy with him either. But we have tuvia hanging by a thread, and if it breaks, I'm out of a spokesperson job. My fanny is gonna be flapping in the wind, Liv.

Olivia: I'm sorry, honey. You're really worried about this.

Dru: Of course I'm worried about this. This job's meant everything to me. I'm not an ex-model anymore. I'm a spokesperson. Everything I say and do, they listen to, and now I've got nothing. I mean...

Olivia: Now you're in the crossfire. I know it's not fair, but you know what? When you're playing at this high level, the politics can be brutal.

Dru: Oh, so what are you recommending, I just turn over and play dead, game over?

Olivia: What choice do you have?

Dru: I have a choice not to fail. There has got to be a way that I can convince Jack and Ashley to resurrect this project. I'm gonna have to do it, not Damon, 'cause his name is mud. Why? He dipped his pen in company ink.

Olivia: Sweetie, listen to me on this. Just keep your head low. Let those bullets fly over you. Stay focused on your work. That's probably the best strategy.

Dru: For you, not for me. Dru doesn't sit around and wa--

Olivia: What were you gonna say, wait, what?

Dru: I know exactly how to handle this. Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh.


Colleen: Is this for me?

J.T.: Must be. Open it up.

Colleen: A bookmark? I don't get it.

J.T.: Yeah, that is pretty weird. Maybe you should check out some of the other flowers.

Colleen: A ticket stub? Okay, what is going on?

J.T.: Keep going.

Colleen: Okay, I don't understand. I mean, do these all have some sort of connection?

J.T.: Well, let's see. This bookmark right here, this is what I used when you were tutoring me. Remember that list of books that I had to read before freshman year-- "Great Gatsby"--

Colleen: "Moby Dick."

J.T.: Yeah, and hundreds of others.

Colleen: Yeah, you got through them okay.

J.T.: Yeah, only because of you. Let's see. This ticket stub was from your dance recital.

Colleen: The one you videotaped for my family.

J.T.: Yeah, because they couldn't make it. The guitar pick-- this was the guitar pick that I used when I first sang you a song. And my old key chain-- I haven't used this since that day I took you driving, and we got stuck in the rain.

Colleen: I will never forget that night.

J.T.: Well, how could you? Rain pouring down, it was freezing outside.

Colleen: But you kept me warm. Okay, so, um... What about this one?

J.T.: Well, this is the penny I found on Valentineís Day.

Colleen: Right, outside the Athletic Club.

J.T.: You promised it would bring me luck, and you were right. It did. My entire life changed that night, Colleen, and it was all because of you.

Colleen: Wow. I don't know what to say.

J.T.: I kept these things because they remind me of you. I took 'em with me to L.A. and at night, when Iíd go back to the hotel, I'd pull 'em out, and I'd look at 'em. Made me think you were right there with me.

Colleen: I wish I could've been.

J.T.: Well, yeah, next time.

Colleen: But not all the time.

J.T.: No, you're right, Colleen. There'll be trips I have to take by myself. But it doesn't mean I won't be thinking of you every second I'm gone.

Colleen: J.T., that's what I'm afraid of.


Brittany: So I thought about it, and I decided enough's enough. I'm tired of being cooped up in this apartment letting the world pass me by. So I called Bobby and asked if I could sing at his club again. And he said yes.

Rose: Good for you.

Brittany: I figured you'd be happy. You were the one who told me to stop feeling sorry for myself, not to worry about what other people think.

Rose: And I meant it. But I'm also a little bit surprised.

Brittany: About what?

Rose: Well, you're going back to Marsino's, the place you got hurt.

Brittany: Yeah, I'm a little surprised, too.

Rose: There are other places you can sing.

Brittany: No, no. I want to do this. I made a commitment to Bobby.

Rose: That's his problem.

Brittany: What?

Rose: Well, it's not like he can't get another performer.

Brittany: Okay, now I'm confused. Do you think I should sing again or not?

Rose: I don't think you should do this if you're not ready. I mean, it's great that you're going back out there, but this is a huge step, Brittany.

Brittany: Well, I'm really not a baby steps kind of person.

Rose: I have an idea. Why don't I go with you tonight and hear you sing, you know, give you some moral support?

Brittany: Oh, that is so sweet, Rose, but...

Rose: But what?

Brittany: I don't really think Marsino's is your kind of place.

Rose: Oh, please. Don't you think I figured out what kind of a place it is? It's a strip joint, right?

Brittany: Well, yeah, but...

Rose: Well, I've been to a place like that.

Brittany: You have?

Rose: Once or twice. Trust me, there's a lot you don't know about this girl.

Brittany: Okay. Sure, I would love it if you came.

Rose: Great. Um, you know, you know the guy that owns the club, you know, Bobby?

Brittany: Yeah.

Rose: Does he need some new dancers? You know, I'm short on rent this month, and I really need the money. (Laughs) I'm kidding.


Michael: Sometimes bad things happen to good people, you know? Life isn't fair. I'm sorry about what happened to your daughter. But you are spending way too much time obsessing over Kevin.

Neil: So you'd like me to back off right about now, I'm sure.

Michael: Why not? It might not matter anymore. We may never see his face again, any of us. So what are you gonna do? Hmm? You gonna make a Kevin doll and stick pins in it? Gonna use his picture as a dartboard? Gonna give yourself an ulcer thinking of him down in Mexico sipping margaritas on the beach? Look, man, any way you slice it, you'd be better off if you move on.

Neil: Well, Michael, I have to say, if I'm ever caught in legal hot water, I'll want you talking to the jury on my behalf.

Michael: (Chuckles) I'll take that as a compliment and your exit line.

Neil: No, no, no, no. Wait now, I'm not finished. I have something else I have to ask you. What do you know about Kevinís whereabouts the day that Brittany Hodges was hurt?


Lauren: You went to see your mother?

Kevin: Yeah, well, that's using the term loosely.

Lauren: She didn't protect you from your father, did she?

Kevin: How'd you know?

Lauren: Unfortunately, it's pretty common.

Kevin: Yeah. Well, when it's happening to you, it feels pretty special. When you go to school with bruises... You feel like the only kid in the world who ever went to school with bruises.

Lauren: Didn't anyone notice?

Kevin: You kidding? I hid them. And terrible Tom was always very careful, you know, body blows only.

Lauren: Kevin, I-- I can't even imagine how horrible.

Kevin: Yeah. Well, it's like you said, you know, that and 3 bucks gets you a cappuccino.

Lauren: So what was it like seeing your mother?

Kevin: She, um... She read this book, you know, about putting the past behind you. So she's all, "I'm okay, and you're okay, and we're all okay." She's totally useless.

Kevin: Lauren, you have to help me. Please. There's no one else that I could turn to.


J.T.: You don't want me to think about you when I'm gone?

Colleen: No. I mean, yes. But not if it's gonna mess you up.

J.T.: It's not going to.

Colleen: All right, so if Shiloh called right now and told you about this incredible opportunity, but it was in Europe, and we couldn't see each other for a year, would you do it?

Colleen: See what I mean?

J.T.: Well, you're talking about something that's not gonna happen, Colleen.

Colleen: You don't know that. It might.

J.T.: Yeah, and I might lose my voice tomorrow. We can't worry about the future. We just, you know, we gotta take things day by day. Look at me, Colleen. Do you love me?

Colleen: You know I do.

J.T.: And you know I love you, too, right?

Colleen: Yes.

J.T.: That's all that matters. Think about everything we've been through, everything we've overcome to be together. We can make this work.

J.T.: Come here.

J.T.: You're not getting rid of me, blue eyes.

Colleen: I would never want to get rid of you. J.T., youíre the best thing that ever happened to me. I just want you to be happy.

J.T.: Well, I have never been happier than I am right now, right here with you.


Olivia: Drucilla, you're scaring me. You've got that look in your eye.

Dru: I know, and I haven't even told you my idea.

Olivia: Well, what is it?

Dru: Okay, you know Damon has done enough research, right? Okay, so he's developed, like, a synthetic version of the hair straightener that Vanessa was experimenting on, and there's two test tubes worth of it.

Olivia: Vanessa was working with him in the lab on this?

Dru: Not exactly. She's been kinda missin' ever since that Phyllis-- well, never mind.

Olivia: So wait, he's been improvising, is that what you're saying?

Dru: He is an excellent cosmetic chemist, I'll have you know.

Olivia: I don't doubt that.

Dru: Okay, so the product exists. I need to get my hands on it.

Olivia: Why?

Dru: So I can show the brass that we're sittin' on a gold mine!

Olivia: How are you gonna do that?

Dru: Test it.

Olivia: On whom?

Dru: You're lookin' at her.

Olivia: No, no, no, no, no.

Dru: Oh, yes. It is the only way. If I can prove to Jack and Ashley how effective this product is, they won't eighty-six it. Stop shakin' your head. It is my only hope.


Phyllis: (Hums) yes. Ooh.

Damon: Mmm.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Damon: You got the hang of that in no time.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah? Well, I learned from the best. I'm a quick study.

Damon: Oh, darlin', you are much more than that. I can't even remember what I was angry about to begin with.

Phyllis: No.

Damon: Phyllis--

Phyllis: Shh, shh. Be relaxed. Be Zen. Shh.


Jack: You come back here, and you try to take over. You subvert my effort to get from Victor what we deserve, and then you tell him, "hey, we share a child." Did it ever cross your mind that I might have a problem with any of that?

Ashley: So you want to be at each other's throats from now on, is that what you want?

Jack: I didn't say that.

Ashley: Well, it seems to me that you're just itching for a fight wherever you can find one.

Jack: Oh, great. Well, now we're really getting places, huh?

Ashley: Just telling you what it's like to be around you these days, Jack.

Jack: You haven't exactly been a barrel of bliss yourself.

Ashley: Is this meeting adjourned?

Jack: Were we having a meeting?

Ashley: You know, I don't think we were. I came in here to check in with my husband. Why the hell are you here?

Jack: I'm beginning to ask myself the same thing.


Michael: You want to know--

Neil: Where Kevin was when Brittany was almost electrocuted.

Michael: Neil, do you not think that if I had an alibi for my brother during the time, that I would have long since provided it to the police and anybody else who would've listened?

Neil: All right, fine. So let me ask you this then, did he ever confess to you?

Michael: (Laughs) you really have no idea how this works, do you?

Neil: Michael, I don't care how this works. I need to know.

Michael: And I'm supposed to just tell you like that?!

Neil: Yeah, you are. You're supposed to tell me just like that.

Michael: Well, I realize when I do tell you this, you'll probably just write it off to Kevin being my brother, or the fact that you think I'm a slimy, lying sack of refuse. But I really, really don't believe Kevin tried to hurt Brittany Hodges!

Neil: Have you talked to Marsino?

Michael: Not for awhile.

Neil: Well, his guy Angelo said that Kevin was there that day, right when the pole would have had to be wired up.

Michael: Yeah, I met Angelo. (Imitating Angelo) hey. (Normal voice) and do I believe that he will tell the absolute truth no matter what because he still believes in the boy scout oath? Not really. Come on, Neil. Something's goin' on. What is it? What's up? What are you after?

Neil: I gotta take off. I'm sorry to bust in on you.

Michael: No, hey, hey, hey. Whoa. Whoa. You cannot leave like this. What's going on?

Neil: I don't know, Michael. I don't know.

Michael: Neil, hey!

Michael: This-- this place is like grand central station.


Lauren: Kevin, I can't help you. I can be there for you, but if you're asking me to hide you or pay for you to run, no.

Kevin: But you owe me, Lauren. I wouldn't be in this jam if you'd kept your mouth shut.

Lauren: If you start making me responsible for all the stuff that you've done, you are gonna lose me.

Kevin: Okay. All right, I'm sorry. You're right, you're right. I'm sorry. I know that I'm the bad guy here. Look, if I could've gone to trial for the Brittany thing, I know I could've beaten it. I didn't do anything to her. But now with Paul knowing everything that I told you, you know, about Ginaís, I'm so screwed.

Lauren: No, no. Stand and fight.

Kevin: I canít. I canít. I can't let them put me back in that closet. I mean, jail. You see? You see, it's the same thing. They're always trying to put me in a hole, you know, to bury me, so that I can't see and I can't move and I can't breathe. I--no, no, no, no. Anything is better than that. Being dead is better than that.

Lauren: No, you are wrong.

Kevin: No, you're not me. You don't know. You don't know. Okay. Okay, I have to go. I have to leave. So, um, thank you, Lauren. Thank you. I don't know for what, but... You really did mean something to me.

Lauren: No, Kevin. You don't have to go.

Kevin: I do. I have to go far away. So you take care, and... And tell Mikey, um... Tell Mikey that I love him.

Hank: So I was right. You did know where he was.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Kevin: All right, step back!

Ashley: Don't tell me you still think of me as a threat!

Nikki: Of course you're a threat.

Sal: This doesn't have to be your club, Bobby.

Bobby: Don't you threaten me, Sal, 'cause I swear, I'll tear you apart.

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