Tuesday Y&R Transcript 4/20/04

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 4/20/04--Canada; Wednesday 4/21/04--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Kay: Well, Mackenzie, why would you think a thing like that?

Mac: It's true, isn't it?

Kay: What, that I was drinking again?

Mac: Grandma, I can smell it on your breath.

Kay: I so desperately didn't want you to know.

Mac: Why not?

Kay: Because I'm ashamed, Mackenzie.

Mac: After all these years you've been sober, how did it happen?

Kay: I don't know. I do not know! Just one day I picked up that bottle. I poured myself a drink, and it just spiraled from there.

Mac: Grandma, come on. You didn't just start again for no reason.

Kay: I was weak. I was weak. I was also tempted.

Mac: This is Jillís doing, isn't it?


Jill: (Laughing) really?

Arthur: Yeah.

Jill: Oh, lord, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Dad, you are a very funny guy.

Arthur: Oh, not me, my darling. It's my court cases.

Jill: It sounds like you really enjoyed being a judge.

Arthur: It's been a very rewarding life, Jill. And it's provided me with some wonderful moments of humor and pathos.

Jill: Well, if I'm ever arrested, I pray I'll get a judge like you.

Arthur: Well, I don't think we have to worry about that.

Jill: I don't know. Sometimes I think it's a wonder I haven't been charged with murder up till now.

Arthur: Surely you're not speaking of your mother.

Jill: Do you know how many times I have wanted to strangle that woman with my bare hands?

Arthur: Before you knew she was your mother, of course.

Jill: Sorry, Dad, even after.


Shiloh: I thought I might find you here.

J.T.: Shiloh, you're back in town.

Shiloh: I'm here on a mission.

J.T.: I was actually about to take off.

Shiloh: No, don't leave yet. I have something to give ya. I could have overnighted it, but I wanted the pleasure of putting it in your hand myself, seeing your reaction.

J.T.: What's this?

Shiloh: Your cd.

J.T.: Wait, you mean my song?

Shiloh: Uh-huh. The one you recorded in L.A. It's your first single.

J.T.: Get outta here.


(Doorbell rings)

Lily: Colleen.

Colleen: Hi, Lily. I hope you don't mind I stopped by.

Lily: No, no, of course not. Come on in. But what's the deal? Why aren't you with J.T.?

Colleen: Well, I was for awhile.

Sierra: Well, what happened? Did you guys talk?

Colleen: Kind of. I mean, yeah, we did, but I'm more confused now than I was before.

Sierra: Why? I thought you were gonna clear things up.

Colleen: Yeah, but then he just started talking about L.A. And how much fun he had, and I don't know. I just-- we couldn't get into it.

Lily: Colleen.

Colleen: He just said exactly the right things.

Sierra: Well, like what?

Colleen: Like how much I mean to him, and how grateful he is to me for getting him to sign the contract. I mean, he was perfect, just like the old J.T. Until...

Lily: Until what?

Colleen: Until he talked about going back to L.A. Then it hit me all over again, like a slap in the face.

Lily: What did?

Colleen: How different he is, just like he was at the press conference. I'm so mixed up. I don't know what to think anymore.


Nick: Look, you tell them I want that by the end of the day. I don't care. End of the day.

Nick: Yes.

Victor: I met with the judge. My plan has been approved.

Nick: Your do-it-yourself community service.

Victor: He was quite impressed. He thought it was very hands-on and very involved on my part.

Nick: Oh, then you're not gonna delegate it out. Good for you.

Victor: I came here to let you know that I'll fade into the background for awhile.

Nick: Thanks for the heads-up.

Victor: I also came here to tell you that I will have appointed an interim C.E.O. by next week.

Nick: My replacement.

Victor: Until I make that announcement, I expect you to hold down the fort.

Nick: I understand Neil Winters is on the short list.

Victor: Among others.

Nick: You care to discuss them with me?

Victor: If I could depend on your input, son, I would, but you've been giving me nothing but attitude.

Nick: You know, Neilís a good man, but he doesn't have what it takes to run this company.

Victor: Neil Winters will not be working in a vacuum. I'll support him. I expect you to do the same.

Nick: So I'm being demoted, yet you want me to help make my replacement successful.

Victor: You're getting the drift.

Nick: I'll tell you what. Why don't you take your C.E.O. job and shove it? Zach:


Raul: Hey.

Brittany: Hey. Where'd you go?

Raul: Breakfast. Nice flowers.

Brittany: Smell them. They're great.

Raul: Why, when I have you here? Mmm. Even better.

Brittany: Nice day outside?

Raul: It's not bad. Light overcast. How about you? Everything okay?

Brittany: I'm fine.

Raul: Yeah. Did, uh, anything new happen?

Brittany: No.

Raul: Hmm?

Brittany: Well, I did have a visitor.

Raul: Is that right?

Brittany: Now come on. You know I did.

Raul: Let me guess-- Danny Romalotti.

Brittany: Good guess.

Raul: Did you guys talk? How'd it go? Come on, babe. I want to know.


Angelo: What are you looking so happy about?

Bobby: Any reason I shouldn't be happy?

Angelo: I don't know, Bobby. Help me out. Tell me some good news.

Bobby: Yeah, well, this one you're not gonna like.

Angelo: Hey, hey, I said, "good news," okay?

Bobby: Brittany's gonna sing again here at the club.

Angelo: Well, I don't suppose I get a say in this.

Bobby: Oh, sure, you do. Let's hear it.

Angelo: No way.

Bobby: You've been out-voted. She's singing.

Angelo: Well, look, you might as well invite her old man to the opening night because, well, you know, he's gonna show up anyway.

Bobby: Ange, you don't have to make this into a bad thing.

Angelo: No, me? No. It don't need no help, okay? It's bad already. It's way bad.


Arthur: I think in some strange way, you and your mother actually enjoy your feuding.

Jill: (Laughs) I don't know. There's never a dull moment, though.

Arthur: Yet deep down I sense you'd be lost without her.

Jill: Lost without her?

Arthur: She's exceptional, Jill. I hope you realize that. And I feel so fortunate that I found her again.

Jill: You two had something real special back then, didn't you?

Arthur: Special enough to produce you. And I feel even more fortunate to discover I have a beautiful, successful daughter. I couldn't be more proud.


Kay: I would love to blame Jill for all of this, but it wouldn't be fair.

Mac: I know the way she treats you, Grandma.

Kay: Yes, but you're forgetting one thing. See, I have struggled with that woman for the last 20 years without taking one drink of alcohol.

Mac: Are things as bad between you two as they were before?

Kay: Sometimes. Sometimes she acts practically human.

Mac: You'd think finding out that she was your daughter would have chilled her out.

Kay: But you don't understand. It was a tremendous shock to her.

Mac: To you, too. That's what caused your stroke, isn't it?

Kay: No, no, no, no. Not you nor I can-- no, we cannot blame Jill for that. No, we were both stunned to the core.

Mac: Why are you trying to protect her?

Kay: I'm not! I'm really not. I'm just-- I'm just saying it was a huge adjustment for Jill. In the beginning, she-- it's true. She didn't handle it at all well.

Mac: How do you mean?

Kay: Well, you have to remember, at first, she was the one who drowned her troubles in the bottle.

Mac: I'm sure that made her miserable personality even worse.

Kay: Bottom line is no one, but no one, forced me to take that first drink, Mackenzie.

Mac: So you just started again.

Kay: Mackenzie, I guess I just got tired of fighting temptation. And in a moment of vulnerability, I stumbled. Stumbled. And that's as simple or as complicated as it gets.


Shiloh: Aren't you gonna say anything?

J.T.: Well, I'm just kinda blown away. I just recorded this a couple of days ago.

Shiloh: Yeah, well, we don't like to waste time when it comes to a sure thing.

J.T.: So have you heard it? I mean, how do I sound?

Shiloh: Like the extraordinarily talented musician that you are.

J.T.: Well, I still can't believe everything's that happened.

Shiloh: Believe it, J.T. And this single is just the beginning.

J.T.: I can't wait to hear it.

Shiloh: Well, listen, do you have time for a cup of coffee?

J.T.: Actually, I need to go. I want to talk to Colleen.

Shiloh: Is everything okay?

J.T.: I'm not sure. She was here earlier, and the way she was acting, I don't know. I think something's going on with her.


Lily: You talked to J.T. You didn't tell him what happened in L.A.?

Colleen: No, it just didn't seem like the right time. Then all of a sudden, I lost it, like I just had to get out of there.

Sierra: Why?

Colleen: I don't know. J.T. had a surprise for me, and he wanted me to go with him so he could show it to me. I couldn't even move my feet. I guess I was just weirded out.

Lily: So what did you tell him?

Colleen: That I had to study. Now I feel stupid for ruining everything.

Sierra: Col, that's why you have to talk to him.

Lily: This is not good, you guys. Look, you have got to let him know what you're going through. If you don't, this could be the end for you and J.T.

Colleen: I felt really stupid. I mean, he was being so wonderful and then I had to go and freak out.

Lily: Well, I'm sure if you explain it to him, he'd understand.

Colleen: But that's the whole point. I don't wanna explain it to him. I don't wanna feel this way. I should be happy for J.T. You guys, when he was out there, he cut a single. He could be playing on the radio.

Sierra: Are you serious?

Lily: That's awesome.

Colleen: I know. I'm so proud of him, but at the same time, he shouldn't have to worry about me. He needs to concentrate on his music.

Sierra: Look, J.T. cares about you. He can't just walk away, and he's not going to.

Colleen: Don't you get it? This is the biggest thing that could happen to J.T., and I don't want to hold him back.

Lily: As if you ever have. No, Colleen, just stop, okay? You were taking what that Shiloh woman said way too seriously. You' the reason that he's out there, and J.T. knows that.

Colleen: Then why did he say what he did in the conference? Why did he say he didn't have a girlfriend?

Sierra: Well, did you ask him?

Colleen: No, I didn't want him to think I couldn't handle it.

Colleen: Well, you canít. Look at you. You're freaking out about it.

Colleen: Yeah, but if J.T. wants to be with me, it's because he wants to, not because he feels guilty.

Sierra: Okay, well, what about all that stuff he said in the coffeehouse-- how much he cares about you? I mean, doesn't that mean anything to you?

Colleen: Yeah, sure, it does, but he shouldn't be spending all of his time reassuring me.

Lily: Well, maybe he wouldn't have to if you'd open up to him.

Colleen: Are you sure? I mean, what if it makes things worse? Look, I should be so thrilled about J.T.'s success, but I can't, not after what I heard. And I don't want to be a drag, and I don't want to make this his problem.


Victor: You said you wanted me to learn a lesson. Wasn't that part of your motivation for turning me in to the authorities?

Nick: Yeah, so?

Victor: Now I have a lesson to teach you.

Nick: And what would that be?

Victor: What is the name of this company?

Nick: Don't play games with me.

Victor: I said, "what is the name of this company?!"

Nick: Its Newman Enterprises.

Victor: Meaning our name is synonymous with this company.

Nick: No, that means the name of the person in charge of this place shouldn't be named Winters or anything other than Newman.

Victor: And that is where you're wrong, dead wrong.


Brittany: Well, it was certainly a surprise to see this guy standing at my door. I mean, I was never really a fan but...

Raul: He was pretty big back in the '80s, huh?

Brittany: But still a major name in rock and a really nice guy.

Raul: So what'd you guys talk about?

Brittany: Oh, you know, this and that.

Raul: Brittany, come on, I wanna know.

Brittany: Same stuff you and  Bobby have been saying to me ever since.. this-- "get on with your life. Don't let it get you down."

Raul: That's it, just more of the same stuff?

Brittany: It was different hearing it from somebody who's been through it already. Danny knows what it's like to stand up on a stage, be terrified and thrilled at the same time, and wanting so badly for that audience to like you, knowing that you can't want it too much, or you'll be awful.

Raul: Keep going.

Brittany: He said I should use what happened to me, treat it as a challenge, instead of a disaster. He said all real artists use their scars, instead of hiding from them.

Raul: Hey, right on.

Brittany: And, like, if you've got pain or there's something you've lost, something you're longing for, use it in your music. Honestly, I don't know if I can do this, Raul, but it made sense. It felt really right when Danny was saying it.

Raul: You can do it. And if you don't try, you're just gonna end up beating yourself up later when you're older and the chance is gone.

Brittany: Well, that's the real news. It's not gone.

Raul: Oh?

Brittany: I'm gonna sing again... soon.

Raul: Honey, that's great. That's great. Where? Hey, how about at the university? You know, you can rent out the auditorium there for next to nothing on the weeknights. And let's not forget Crimson Lights, where our world-famous J.T. Hellstrom performed. Baby, there are so many places you can get an audience to play--

Brittany: Hold on, Raul. I'm gonna sing at Marsino's.

Raul: No. Brittany, no! What are--

Brittany: Yes. Bobby came here and I--

Raul: Wait a minute. Bob--

Brittany: Yeah.

Raul: Are these flowers... these are... oh, and let me guess. He said he's gonna roll out the red carpet for you, and it's gonna be Marilynís triumphant return back to Marsino's, right?

Brittany: How did you know that?

Raul: Because that's what he does. He cons you, Brittany, then he uses you.


Bobby: When Brittany sings, she's still gonna go by Marilyn, because that's what the guys are expecting. But when she sings, she's not strippin'.

Angelo: Oh. Well, that's even better.

Bobby: No, it is. 'Cause that was the old man's beef.

Angelo: Wait, so even though we're a strip club, we're gonna put on a different kinda show so we don't upset Freddie the banker.

Bobby: We're a strip club with class. There's no reason why we can't have a singer that just sings.

Angelo: No, absolutely, absolutely. And while we're at it, why don't we get some stand-up comics and a juggler? Or better yet, why don't we put up a tent, we'll get some elephants and lions, and we'll call it, you know, marsino's 3-ring circus?

Bobby: Oh, ange, calm down. You know the guys have been asking about her especially the ones that were here the night she got hurt.

Angelo: Yeah, a night we should all forget.

Bobby: No, a night that we should make up for by lettin' her put on another show. Ange, we are going to do this. And I prefer that you help me with it, instead of gripe about it.

Angelo: Bobby, you got no trouble with me, okay? But there are other friends of ours who ain't gonna like this.

Bobby: Yeah, I was told to run this club how I see fit.

Angelo: Yeah, as long as we made money and we don't draw a lot of attention to ourselves. You know, kids of rich citizens gettin' hurt is not exactly low profile, Bobby.

Bobby: Yeah, well, that's not gonna happen again. Or is there somethin' that you know, Ange, that you're not tellin' me?


Jill: Dad, I think that one of the reasons I have been so resentful towards Katherine is 'cause I don't wanna share you with anyone.

Arthur: But we're family now, Jill. That's what families do, they share.

Jill: That doesn't mean I have to like it, does it?

Arthur: There's enough love in my heart for both you and Katherine.

Jill: Oh, I just wish Katherine were sober enough to appreciate that.

Arthur: With all the recent upheaval in her life, it's not surprising she turned to a bottle to ease her pain.

Jill: By upheaval, you mean me.

Arthur: No, I'm not blaming anyone. I don't know the circumstances. I wasn't even here at the time.

Jill: Well, you can thank your lucky stars for that. It was pretty ugly.

Arthur: Mm-hmm. Well, let's hope all of that is going to change. It's a new day.

Jill: So I just put on a happy face and the two of us start all over again?

Arthur: Something like that. Look, why don't you take the day off, hmm? Go home. Be with your mother. I have a feeling she might like that.

Jill: Yeah, and I have a feeling that you're wrong.

Arthur: Please, do it for me. Mend some fences. You might be surprised how it'll turn out for both of you.


Kay: Do we have to talk about this now? I mean, after all, you just-- you just got home.

Mac: I know. I'm just trying to understand.

Kay: All right. After you left, I recovered from my stroke, and I presented Jill with a chance to live alone for awhile.

Mac: Did you ask her to move out?

Kay: No, no. Esther and I moved out.

Mac: But this is your house. Where did you go?

Kay: To a hotel.

Mac: Okay, Grandma, I don't get this at all.

Kay: All right, well... you know, I suppose I was testing Jill. I was hoping that she would miss me or ask me to stay. But anyway, once she got in here and lived by herself for awhile, she started renovating this place.

Mac: That's crazy. This house is so beautiful already.

Kay: Yes, that's what I thought. I mean, when I saw my beloved home being totally devastated-- it was literally torn apart-- I mean, something happened to me and...

Kay: And your grandmother snapped.

Mac: And that's when you took your first drink.

Kay: Oh, it was stupid, you know? I know that. I mean, to get so upset over some damn plaster and some ridiculous wallpaper.

Mac: No. Grandma. Grandma, that's not stupid. You love this house and everybody knows that, including Jill.

Kay: Shh, shh. Now you listen to me. You're being too hard on Jill, you really are.

Mac: No, I'm not! Jill is a mean and hateful person, and she couldn't care less about anybody else's feelings.

Kay: No, no, no, no. Mackenzie, Mackenzie. She's really trying to change. She really is, darling, she is.

Mac: I highly doubt that.

Kay: It's true. It's true, and when she heard and she saw how devastated I was...

Kay: Then she stopped the renovation, and she-- she put everything back the way it was.

Mac: Sure, after she'd already driven you to drink, of course.

Kay: Darling, listen to me. The last thing that I want-- listen to me. Look at me. The last thing I want is a war between my daughter and my granddaughter.

Mac: Does my Dad know about all this?

Kay: Brock? Oh, God, no. I don't want him to either. I'm mortified as it is.

Mac: Oh, Grandma, I hate seeing you like this.

Kay: You know, I really thought I had control of my demons, but somehow, I mean, they have control of me. And you want to know something? You want to know the honest to God's truth? I just don't have the strength to fight them anymore.

Mac: Yes, yes, you do.

Kay: No, no.

Mac: Yes, you do. You are gonna beat this thing, and I'm gonna help you.

Kay: No.

Mac: I promise, okay? You got me?

Kay: Oh, Mackenzie. Oh. Help me, please.


Lily: Okay, bottom line-- do you love J.T.?

Colleen: With all my heart. But all I could think about on the flight home was how he didn't need me anymore, how this could be the beginning of the end for us.

Sierra: Colleen, it doesn't have to be.

Lily: Yeah, Sierra is right. You two have been through so much together-- that whole ordeal with Kevin.

Sierra: Yeah, and how about all the wonderful things he's done for you? Colleen, he loves you, and he's proven it over and over again.

Colleen: I know, it's just...

Lily: It's just what? I mean, what are you waiting for? I'm sorry, but it's not fair to J.T. To not tell him how you're feeling and why. You haven't even given him a chance to explain.

Sierra: Which isn't cool. You need to tell him the truth.

Colleen: Maybe I'm afraid of what he'll say.

Lily: Oh, afraid of losing him, you mean?

Colleen: Yeah.

Lily: Look, he's not gonna tell you anything worse than what you're already thinking, is he?

Colleen: What if it's too late?

Sierra: It's not too late, but it will be if you wait too long.

Lily: Yes, you may have to work a little harder to hold things together, but it seems to me that J.T. is worth it, don't you think?

Colleen: Of course. I mean, he is the best guy--

Lily: When you talked at the coffeehouse, he didn't say one thing to make you think that his feelings have changed, did he?

Colleen: No, but--

Sierra: No buts.

Lily: Colleen, talk to the man now before it really is too late.

Colleen: All right. Okay, I'll do it.

Lily: Okay, when?

Colleen: Now. I'll go back to the coffeehouse. I'll tell him how much he means to me and why I was acting so weird. Thanks so much, you guys. I'll talk to you later, okay?

Sierra: Bye.


Shiloh: Did you two have an argument?

J.T.: No, it's nothing like that. But I just got back, you know, and I missed her. I wanted to hang out with her.

Shiloh: Colleen wasn't going for it?

J.T.: No. She said she needed to work on a school project.

Shiloh: Oh. Well, that makes sense.

J.T.: It's spring break.

Shiloh: Oh.

J.T.: Yeah, I mean, she can't spare a few minutes for her boyfriend she hasn't seen in days? Something's bothering her.

Shiloh: Is she upset because she couldn't go with you to L.A.?

J.T.: No, it's not that either.

Shiloh: Are you sure?

J.T.: Yeah. Yeah, she understands why she had to stay here.

Shiloh: Well, saying that and meaning it are two different things.

J.T.: Yeah, I suppose you're right.

Shiloh: Do you want my unsolicited opinion?

J.T.: Sure, why not?

Shiloh: I think Colleen is upset because your lives are going in two different directions. We talked about this before. You are embarking on this amazing journey, and she's still in high school.

J.T.: Yeah,but we'll make it work.

Shiloh: Sure, you will, but for how long, J.T.? You're gonna be spending a lot of time apart. She's gonna be going off to college in a year. You're gonna be making more and more trips out to L.A., plus going out on the road. It's gonna get rough. You ready for that?


Victor: As a result of what you did, turning me in to the authorities--no matter how justified you felt-- you've undermined this company's credibility in every corner of the business world.

Nick: This again.

Victor: You still refuse to acknowledge the extraordinary harm you have done this company, don't you?

Nick: Why, because I didn't look the other way when I saw crimes being committed?

Victor: Will you stop being so damned naive? What crime are you talking about, son? I greased a few wheels! That's a practice as old as time! It wouldn't have been a blip on the radar screen if you hadn't turned me in to the authorities!

Nick: Yeah, I know. You have convinced yourself that what you did was no big deal, and then you used your relationship with Christine Blair to get off with a wrist slap.

Victor: The point is our company has been hurt, and hurt badly by what you have done! Don't you think that every competitor, every supplier will take advantage of that?


Brittany: Bobby isn't using me, not this time. If anything, I'm using him.

Raul: Oh, please, Brittany. I don't know how, but something told him that you were vulnerable. And like blood in water to a shark, here he comes with his flowers and his smooth talk--

Brittany: I called him, Raul.

Raul: You called him?

Brittany: Yes. I want to sing on that stage. I feel comfortable there.

Raul: Well, you stood up there taking your clothes off.

Brittany: I'm not going to strip. That's not part of the deal.

Raul: But for how long, Brittany? When all the guys start yelling at you to take off your clothes, and then the money starts flying all over the place--

Brittany: Oh, come on, honey, give me a little credit. This was my idea. No, actually, it was your idea.

Raul: But not at Marsino's.

Brittany: You said you wanted me to sing again, that you would do anything to help. You sent Danny Romalotti to talk to me. And it worked. So now you're complaining?

Raul: Baby, if it could just be anywhere else...

Brittany: It canít. Those guys at Marsino's like me. They like my voice, Raul.

Raul: Fine. Fine. Listen, I am really glad that you're singing, that you wanna sing again. But I am gonna keep an eye on Marsino. I don't trust him.

Brittany: I love that you wanna watch out for me. I really do. But you don't have to worry about Bobby. He's one of the good guys.

Raul: He better be, otherwise he's gonna have to answer to me.


Angelo: I didn't say anything was gonna happen if Marilyn sings again. It's just--

Bobby: Has Sal said anything to you? You guys talk about Brittany?

Angelo: Why would he? I mean, who would think you're dumb enough to let her on that stage again?

Bobby: Yeah, well, it ever occur to you that maybe I owe this girl another shot? I give her a job, I tell her she'll be safe here at my club, and what happens? My psycho bookkeeper ends up wiring up the pole. He fries her face, scars her for the rest of her life. I think I damn near owe her anything that she wants.

Angelo: Well, you know what? So buy her a diamond, Bobby. Send her on a nice cruise. Look, what happened here was like a message, a big sign that says, "stop! Go back, bad idea. Don't let society chicks work here." I mean, you ask me, we got off lucky.

Bobby: I think you're happy that Brittany got fried.

Angelo: Bobby, she coulda got killed, okay? We could be outta business. Listen to me. We got off easy here, okay? Let's not push it.

Bobby: All right, I've listened to your spiel. Brittany is going to sing here, and I'm gonna be all over this place makin' sure nothin' bad happens. And you're gonna help me, do you understand?

Angelo: Sure, Bob. You're the boss.

Bobby: That's right, I'm the boss. I'll be in my office.


Kay: Ah, all right, enough of this depressing talk. Are you hungry?

Mac: Not really. I could use a cold drink, though.

Kay: Well, you know where everything is. So why don't you go and fix something?

Mac: Okay. But before I go, I want you to know that I'm not gonna let Jill treat you like dirt anymore.

Kay: Darling, please. For my sake, try to get along with her. There's enough tension in this house as it is. Please?

Mac: I'll try. But the first time she gets in your face, she's gonna get an earful from me.

Jill: Mother!

Kay: I thought you went to work.

Jill: I decided to take the rest of the day off.

Kay: What on earth for?

Jill: I thought that maybe you and I could spend some quality time together.

Kay: Right. And I just bought the dark side of the moon for a dollar and a half.


J.T.: What are you saying, that I should break up with Colleen?

Shiloh: I'm saying that you should be prepared, J.T. The music industry is demanding enough, and it's awfully hard on relationships.

J.T.: Yeah, well, maybe the music industry isn't for me then.

Shiloh: Oh, come on! You don't mean that. You had a blast in L.A.

J.T.: Yeah, so?

Shiloh: So now that you've gotten a taste of it, are you willing to just walk away?

J.T.: For Colleen, yeah, I would.

Shiloh: J.T., Listen--

J.T.: Shiloh, no, I need to say this. Colleen isn't just some girl to me. She's the most important person in my life. And I don't care how famous I get or how much money I make, it's not gonna mean anything without her.

Shiloh: Have you talked about the future?

J.T.: A little.

Shiloh: I think you need to sit down and talk about where you're headed.

J.T.: Isn't it a little bit early for that? I just got done recording my first demo. We don't even know what's gonna happen with it.

Shiloh: Handle it how you want. I'm just saying that you and Colleen need to sit down and have this conversation. 

Shiloh: Don't worry. Whatever happens, you'll be all right... and so will Colleen.


Nick: You are deluding yourself if you think I'm the reason we're in trouble.

Victor: So you still refuse to accept your responsibility in this disaster.

Nick: What I accept, Dad, is that our founder, our chairman and C.E.O. is a convicted criminal who's on probation and too busy serving out his sentence to run this company. Yet you want to strip your own son-- a Newman-- of that responsibility just so you can get back at him.

Victor: I'm teaching you a lesson, as you so arrogantly believed you were teaching me.

Nick: And what is that lesson?

Victor: I'm forced to appoint a new C.E.O. because I no longer trust you to run this company.

Nick: You couldn't appoint your own son and show everyone that there is solidarity?

Victor: Appoint my own son after what you have done to me? That'd be a lie, pure and simple, and everyone in the business community would know that.

Nick: Yet by appointing Neil or whomever, and expecting me to hold their hand and show 'em how to do this-- that's not a lie? I don't get your logic.

Victor: Someone other than a Newman has to run this company for awhile so the public can regain its faith in our company.

Nick: Not in our company-- in you.

Victor: Son, I will not spar with you any longer. My decision is made. I expect you to help the new C.E.O. during the difficult period of transition. Meanwhile, I'll fade into the background for awhile.

Nick: For how long?

Victor: I have no idea. However long it takes for people to forget what you have done to your own father.

Nick: And what if I say no? If this doesn't work out for me, what happens then?

Victor: Let me tell you something, my boy. You are free to walk out of here, but you will never walk back in. I'll make sure of that. So you think long and hard about whatever is left of your pitiful career.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Phyllis: Neil would be very intrigued by our conversation right now.

Dru: You know what? Do not stir the pot where my marriage is concerned.


Eddie: I hope you're not insinuating that my people would fill in a log entry carelessly.

Neil: A man's life depends on this.

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