Monday Y&R Transcript 4/19/04

Y&R Transcript Monday 4/19/04 -- Canada, Tuesday 4/20/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Kay: Mm-hmm. Well, if you can call it breakfast.

Jill: Something wrong with my cooking, Mother?

Kay: No, it's just, it's times like this that I really Miss Esther, really, really miss her.

Jill: Oh, stop it. If Wolfgang Puck walked in here and cooked for you, you'd find fault with him, too.

Arthur: Ladies, ladies, please. Why can't you two just get along?

Jill: I'm so sorry, Dad. Look, this morning I promised myself that no matter what she said, I was not gonna argue with her. Poor woman. It's not her fault anyway.

Kay: What do you mean by that?

Jill: I mean, you're a raging alcoholic, Katherine. Half the time I don't think you realize yourself what you're saying.


Sierra: So what's up, Coll? You've hardly said a word since you got here.

Lily: Yeah. Did your Dad find out that you went to L.A.?

Colleen: No, it's not my Dad.

Lily: Then what's the problem?

Colleen: It's J.T.

Sierra: Well, wasn't he happy to see you?

Colleen: He didn't even know I was there.

Lily: What? How is that possible?

Colleen: Well, when I got there, he was having a press conference. I had to watch from the hall. He didn't see me.

Lily: Well, didn't you wait till it was over?

Colleen: There was no point. I heard all I needed to hear.

Sierra: What do you mean?

Colleen: He denied ever knowing me.

Colleen: You're kidding.

Lily: No way. I mean, you must not have heard him right.

Sierra: Yeah.

Colleen: No, I heard right. He said it twice. First, when a reporter asked him if he brought a date to the valentine's dance, when Shiloh first heard him sing, and then when they asked him if he had a girlfriend. He said "no" both times.

Lily: Wait. Colleen.


Bobby: I was kinda surprised you called.

Brittany: Why?

Bobby: Last time I was here, it was like, "see ya, Bobby. Thanks for the memories."

Brittany: Oh, I wasn't that bad, was I?

Bobby: Yeah, you were that bad.

Brittany: You know, you'll always be important to me.

Bobby: Oh, wow. Really?

Brittany: Bobby.

Bobby: I'm just so happy to be important to you. I think that we should celebrate.

Brittany: (Gasps) thank you.

Bobby: They smell good.

Brittany: Yeah, they do. That was really sweet. I'll go put them in some water.

Bobby: So listen, on the way down here, I was kinda thinking.

Brittany: Thinking about what?

Bobby: Well, I need some time off work. You know, to tell you the truth, the club's been boring me lately, especially since you haven't been singing there.

Brittany: That's what I wanted to talk to you about.

Bobby: Yeah, yeah. How about we take a week off? I'm thinking of Rome, springtime, before the summer crowds get there.

Brittany: You're out of your mind.

Bobby: No, no strings attached. We'll get separate rooms.

Brittany: Hold on.

Bobby: Don't say no. This could be fantastic.

Brittany: Wait, Bobby. Hang on. Before you leave town, I have a surprise for you.

Bobby: This had better be a good one.

Brittany: The reason I called you... I want to sing again at your club, if you want me to.


Nick: So you've been holding Ms. Lerner at bay.

Neil: For the most part, yeah, but she's gonna want an answer soon, Nick.

Nick: Meaning if we don't bite...

Neil: She'll take her discovery elsewhere, as well she should.

Nick: I don't know, man. I am still on the fence about expanding our personal care division. I mean, starting up a whole new line, when "a," our acting division president is nowhere to be found.

Neil: And "b," it's not your favorite division to begin with.

Nick: It's a total anomaly within Newman Enterprises.

Neil: Yeah, but, Nick, it's our sole consumer retail division.

Nick: You know, I know it's heresy to even say this, but I'm telling you right now, if Victoria doesn't get her act together, come home and take responsibility for this...

Neil: What, you gonna put her division on the block?

Nick: It makes sense for a whole lot of reasons.

Neil: You know, Nick, I can't imagine that your father would agree with that.

Nick: No, he wouldnít. And you know why? Because then his bribery scheme to make a go of Safra would make him look even more ridiculous. I mean, it wasn't enough that his conduct seriously tarnished our buyers' perceptions.

Neil: Wait. Wait a minute. Wait. Wait a minute. You're not really serious about this.

Nick: Neil, I'm acting C.E.O. I gotta look at the big picture.

Neil: Then how come you're staring at a snapshot?

Nick: Should I take your reluctance to even discuss the business merits as a vote of "no confidence"? (Knocks on door)


Victor: Good morning, your honor.

Silva: Judge Billington.

Judge: Mr. Newman, I'd like you to meet your new probation officer.

Silva: What happened to Mr. Belfer, your honor?

Judge: I felt that someone with more experience was called for. Lorena Davis, meet your new probationer-- Mr. Victor Newman.

Lorena: How do you do?

Victor: Quite well under the circumstances. And you?

Lorena: Doing my job.

Judge: Have a seat. Well, what have you got for us?

Silva: Judge Billington, I think you'll be both pleased and amazed by what my client is going to propose as his community service.

Judge: Ms. Davis isn't altogether approving of this arrangement.

Lorena: I believe it's up to the court to determine punishment.

Judge: And if I'm not impressed with Mr. Newman's proposal, that's exactly what I'll do. So what have you got?

Judge: My, I'm impressed already. Let's have a look.


Kay: Jill, the things I said had absolutely nothing to do with my drinking, but everything to do with your so-called cooking.

Jill: Hmm, I burned the eggs a little bit. Why are you making such a big deal of it?

Kay: I am saying we need to have Esther back.

Jill: Why? You treated that dimwit as badly as you treat me.

Arthur: Now stop it, both of you.

Kay: Oh, Arthur, please.

Arthur: Now how long am I going to have to mediate your constant bickering?

Jill: You're absolutely right. I need to get outta here. I have to get some fresh air.

Kay: Can't be soon enough for me.

Arthur: Would you like me to drive you into town, Jill?

Jill: Oh, Dad, I would love that. Thank you.

Arthur: I'll be right back, Katherine. Is there anything I can get you while I'm gone? Anything you need, darling?

Kay: No, no, no. No, thank you, Arthur. I'm fine. I'm just fine.

Arthur: All right.

Kay: What you really need right now... is a drink.

Kay: Oh, Jill.


Lily: Colleen, you have no idea how sorry I am.

Sierra: Yeah, me, too.

Colleen: I just don't understand, you guys. You know, I go all the way out there to encourage him, and the next thing I know, he denies even having a girlfriend.

Sierra: It just doesn't sound like him.

Lily: I know. I mean, there has to be some reason he did that, right?

Colleen: I wish I knew what it was.

Lily: Wait a minute. Colleen, you said that he was at a press conference. With people from the label?

Colleen: Mm-hmm. It was him, Shiloh, some other guy, a bunch of photographers and reporters.

Lily: Okay, so maybe that's it. Maybe it had something to do with the press conference.

Colleen: What do you mean?

Lily: Okay, well, what if Shiloh or someone else from the label told J.T. not to say anything?

Colleen: You really think so?

Lily: Yeah, I mean, it's a possibility.

Sierra: Yeah, but why? I mean, what'd be the point?

Lily: I don't know. Maybe it's part of his new image, make the fans think that he's available.

Colleen: Yeah, but he's not. At least he wasn't before he went out there. Besides, the J.T. I know never would have said that.

Lily: Well, it might not have been up to J.T. Maybe it's all part of the business.

Sierra: It's the only explanation that makes sense.

Colleen: Yeah, but how do I know that's what it is? I mean, it's not like I can tell him I went out there.

Lily: Why not?

Colleen: I don't know, you guys. I just canít.

J.T.: You can't what?

Colleen: Hi. You're back.

J.T.: Yeah, I just got in. I thought I'd surprise you. See if you were here.

Lily: Well, here she is, surprised. And Sierra and I were just leaving.

Sierra: Yeah. I'll bet you want some time alone, right?

Lily: Yeah.

Colleen: (Whispers) guys.

Lily: Colleen, its okay. We'll catch up later. (Mouths) talk to him. Bye.

J.T.: Bye. So did you miss me as much as I missed you?


Neil: A vote of no confidence?

Nick: Is it?

Neil: That's some pretty strong language there, Nick.

Nick: Just trying to see where you stand. Tell me something, has my father approached you yet about replacing me, filling the C.E.O. slot?

Neil: Yeah, we've talked.

Nick: You have.

Neil: If it's any consolation, your father still hasn't made up his mind.

Nick: About what, replacing me or firing me?

Neil: Nick, you asked for my support trying to persuade your father not to make any changes.

Nick: Yeah, I did. And as I recall, you said that you would only give him your honest opinion.

Neil: That's right.

Nick: Did you?

Neil: Yes.

Nick: You mind if I ask what that was? What is Neilís take on who should be running this place when the founder and chairman serves out his sentence?

Neil: Actually, we had a very interesting conversation.

Nick: Interesting how?

Neil: Let's just put it this way, Victor surprised the hell outta me.

Nick: Just cut to the chase, all right? What'd he say? Where's his head on this C.E.O. Thing?

Neil: Victor's thinking of appointing me.


Judge: This is going to be a very interesting experience for you, Ms. Davis.

Lorena: Should I be worried?

Judge: Mr. Newman has proposed a rather large expenditure of money-- his own money-- to benefit Genoa City in general and to mitigate hardship for employees of Jabot Cosmetics in particular.

Lorena: I hope he's not expecting to buy his way out of trouble.

Judge: Why don't you tell Ms. Davis yourself what it is you're proposing?

Victor: Gladly, your honor. Ms. Davis, as you may or may not know, I've offered Jack Abbott $75 million in reparations to Jabot. He refused that offer. And since he does not allow me to make amends, I hope that the people who were affected by my actions will.

Silva: We're talking about a program of low-interest loans, even no-interest loans,  for displaced jabot workers. Unsecured loans to provide security while they look for and train for new jobs. In some cases, they will be outright grants. Also day-care and child-care programs for their children during this process.

Victor: I will also be funding a new recreation center for inner-city boys and girls.

Lorena: Your honor, I'm hearing a lot of money being spent, and that's good. Mr. Newman has money to burn. To my way of thinking, community service involves personal commitment and some personal inconvenience. I'm not seeing that here.


Bobby: Do I want you to sing at Marsino's? Come on, I've been down on my knees begging you to.

Brittany: Well, you haven't gone that far.

Bobby: Oh, this is great. And you know what? I knew you were listenin' to me the whole time you were fightin' me like a dog.

Brittany: Actually, it wasn't you.

Bobby: Yeah, right.

Brittany: Ever hear of Danny Romalotti?

Bobby: Rock 'n' roll guy, his music's not really my cup of tea, but he's big. Well, used to be.

Brittany: He came and talked to me.

Bobby: Where, here?

Brittany: He said I could use what happened to make me a better singer, or I could just run away.

Bobby: Wait a minute. I've told you this about a hundred times.

Brittany: I needed to hear it from someone else, maybe a singer. Don't get mad. Danny said all real artists have scars.

Bobby: All right, fine. You had to hear it from somebody else. That's great. I'll take it wherever I can get it. Does your little college boy know about this yet?

Brittany: Raul doesn't know my decision.

Bobby: Oh, he's gonna flip out when he finds out, you know that?

Brittany: I don't think he will.

Bobby: No, after everything he's done to get you to quit?

Brittany: It was Raulís idea for Danny to come over and talk to me.


Colleen: So how was L.A.?

J.T.: It was incredible-- the people, the places. I even met the president of the label.

Colleen: Wow, how was that?

J.T.: Great, great. The guy totally dug me, and the studio was awesome. Yeah, I feel like a star just being in there.

Colleen: Sounds like you had a really good time.

J.T.: Oh, yeah, I did.

Colleen: Uh, J.T.--

J.T.: Colleen, you have no idea how much I have to tell you. I just wish you would've been there with me

Colleen: You do?

J.T.: Yeah, you would've loved it. And I owe it all to you. Come here.


Kay: Are you back so soon?

Mac: Hi, Grandma.

Kay: Mackenzie. Oh. Oh, God, I've missed you so much. Oh, Mackenzie, I've missed you so much.

Mac: I missed you, too. I missed you, too.

Kay: Why-- why didn't you let me know you were coming?

Mac: Well, I wanted to surprise you.

Kay: Well, you certainly surprised me. So how... how long you plan to stay?

Mac: For as long as you'll have me.

Kay: For as... then this isn't just a visit? It isn't just a visit?

Mac: Grandma, you're crying. What--

Kay: Well, it-- it's your timing.

Mac: Hey.

Kay: You-- how did you know that I needed you?

Mac: Is something wrong?

Kay: No, everything is wonderful. Oh, God, everything is wonderful now that youíre here. Oh, Mackenzie. Oh, I am so glad you are back. Oh, thank you, God. Everything's all right.


Silva: I beg to differ, Ms. Davis.

Victor: John, if I may? Ms. Davis, I don't intend to simply write a check and then walk away. I intend to be very hands-on.

Lorena: I'm glad to hear that.

Victor: And I will not resume control of Newman Enterprises for at least a year's time because it will take that long to complete all the projects I have in mind.

Lorena: So you intend to do what you normally do every day, run a bunch of businesses. I still don't see the hardship.

Judge: Ms. Davis, let me interject. Knowing what I know about Mr. Newman, I believe that leaving his vast business empire in the hands of someone else for upwards of a year constitutes quite a bit in the way of punishment.

Lorena: And I'm supposed to oversee all of that? Your honor, the probation department doesn't have the resource to determine whether Mr. Newman is fulfilling the conditions of such a complex arrangement.

Judge: Do you think we should reject this proposal and come up with something else?

Lorena: Something more conventional, yes.


Nick: You? Wow.

Neil: Look, no one was more surprised than I was, Nicholas.

Nick: Puts you in a hell of a position, doesn't it? Catbird seat. Interim C.E.O. of Newman Enterprises.

Neil: Like I said right up front--

Nick: No decision's been made.

Neil: That's right. No decision has been made.

Nick: Then you still have time to make a choice for yourself.

Neil: So you feel I betrayed you?

Nick: Not yet, you havenít.

Neil: Nick, you know, I never made you any promises.

Nick: No, you didn't, did you? But you were very smart, very cagey.

Neil: You accusing me of something?

Nick: You really didn't see this coming?

Neil: Absolutely not. I was shocked when your father told me that I was one of his top candidates to take over.

Nick: Then you're actively considering it?

Neil: Wouldn't you in my position? I mean, come on, man. It's the deal of a lifetime. Not that we've had any conversations since. For all I know, Victor's probably changed his mind, decided to leave well enough alone.

Nick: Yeah, well, as far as my father's concerned, I just don't fill the bill around here. And you, well, you gotta look out for number one.

Nick: So if I have any chance of hanging on, then I'm obviously gonna have to do it without your support.


Colleen: J.T., I need to talk--

J.T.: Colleen, hold on a second. I know what you're gonna say.

Colleen: You do?

J.T.: Yeah. I can't thank you enough. You are so amazing, you know that?

Colleen: You mean it?

J.T.: Yeah. You're the reason I went out there, the only reason. You believed in me when I didn't even believe in myself.

Colleen: That's because you're special, J.T.

J.T.: Yeah, well... you're, like, the first person that's ever really let me know that. You mean so much to me.

Colleen: Honestly?

J.T.: Yeah. How could you even doubt that? Because of you, I'm livin' my dreams. And I can't think of another guy as lucky as I am.

Colleen: How do you always know exactly the right thing to say?

J.T.: I'm just saying what I feel.

Colleen: So tell me about L.A. I mean, did you get to do things, or was it all meetings?

J.T.: It was a ton of meetings, yeah. But, uh, you're not gonna believe this. I actually got to record a single.

Colleen: Are you kidding, a single?

J.T.: No, I'm serious.

Colleen: Wait, you mean, I'm, like, gonna hear it on the radio?

J.T.: Maybe. Shiloh said that it was supposed to be for them to build the buzz around my name. But I don't know, if enough people request it, it could get local radio play, and then who knows? Maybe national.

Colleen: Oh, my gosh. I am so proud of you. I knew you could do it.

J.T.: Yeah, well, there's still a lot of ifs.

Colleen: Oh, it doesn't matter. I mean, this is huge.

J.T.: It could be. But I don't know, we'll just have to see what happens next time.

Colleen: Next time?

J.T.: Well, yeah. I mean, there's gonna be other trips out to Los Angeles. We don't have to talk about that right now. Um, I got something I want to show you. Come with me.

Colleen: J.T.

J.T.: What?

Colleen: I canít.

J.T.: You can't what?

Colleen: Um, I can't go with you right now.

J.T.: Why not?


Bobby: Okay, maybe the kid wants you to sing again, but not at Marsino's.

Brittany: Don't be too sure. Raul told me he'd do anything to get me back on stage.

Bobby: Yeah, once he finally sees how miserable you are, then he's full of help.

Brittany: I thought you'd be grateful.

Bobby: Yeah? Well, he's a little late jumping on the bandwagon, don't you think? Come on, I been in your corner since day one.

Brittany: So when's a good night?

Bobby: Are you kidding? Soon as possible. I keep telling you, all the guys keep asking, "when's Marilyn coming back?"

Brittany: I was thinking I could go by Brittany now.

Bobby: Nah, you don't wanna mess with a brand name that works, okay? They want to see Marilyn, that's who they're gonna get.


Jill: You are gonna love the cappuccino here. It's the best in the city.

Arthur: I'll be the judge of that.

Jill: Ooh.

Arthur: (Chuckles)

Arthur: Ahh. Very good.

Jill: (Laughs)

Arthur: But you should let me pick up the check.

Jill: Oh, not on your life. I owe you. At least you tried to keep the peace this morning. I really wish we could have gone to the Genoa City Athletic Club, but, uh, the woman who runs the dining room-- Gina Roma...

Arthur: Yes, someone you don't like.

Jill: Well, she doesn't particularly like me either.

Arthur: This, uh, this place is fine, Jill. Very charming, actually.

Jill: Yeah, it's all right. Sometimes the music gets kinda loud. Yeah, it's not exactly my cup of, uh, anything.

Jill: What, is my lipstick on crooked?

Arthur: I was just thinking about something you said, about this woman at the Athletic Club.

Jill: Gina--what about her?

Arthur: It's something I've noticed more and more about you lately.

Jill: Oh, dear, I don't know if I want to hear this.

Arthur: Yeah. You have issues with a number of people, don't you? Katherine, this Gina person-- are there others you want to tell me about?

Jill: No, that is not true. Actually, I get along quite well with just about everybody. Even Gina has her good points. But all right, I admit it, when it comes to Mother, we're just like oil and water. We don't mix. And I'm damned if I know how to fix it.


Kay: Oh, Mackenzie. Mm, let me look at you. I swear, you get more beautiful every time I see you.

Mac: It's so good to see you up and around.

Kay: Oh, that's right. The last time you saw me, I... oh, dear lord, I'd just had the stroke.

Mac: You were still in a wheelchair, just starting to say a few words.

Kay: I know. That was a terrible time. I... oh, God, I'd just found out that Jill was my daughter. And you had...

Mac: I had just learned that her son, the love of my life, my wonderful new husband, was my first cousin.

Kay: Well, you, uh, must have felt that your whole world had collapsed.

Mac: Hmm, that was one of the worst times of my life. Though I feel guilty, leaving you here when you were so sick.

Kay: No, no, no, no. Please, darling, we do what we have to do to survive. Believe me, I-I understood.

Mac: I just had to get outta Genoa City, you know? I'm sorry I didn't keep in touch more.

Kay: Mackenzie, you don't have to apologize. My God, you suffered a terrible blow. I mean, think about that. Anyway, I'm more curious about what you've been doing with your time.

Mac: I've just been trying to find myself. Looking for the right path to follow.

Kay: Well, darling, you take all the time you need. Hmm?

Mac: Thanks, Grandma.

Jill: You know, I-- I hesitate to bring this up, but have you been in touch with Billy?

Mac: I thought about calling him, but it just hurt too much. Besides, it wouldn't have changed anything. What about you? Have you made a full recovery?

Kay: Uh, oh, yes. I... the doctors say I'm fit as a fiddle, and, uh, well, you know, for anyone my age.

Mac: What about Jill? Has she mellowed out any?

Kay: Well, we have our ups and downs.

Mac: Is Esther in the kitchen?

Kay: Esther doesn't work for me anymore.

Mac: Jill finally talked you into getting rid of her.

Kay: Darling, it's a long, long story. My God, I mean, there have been so many changes around here.

Mac: What changes?

Kay: Well, we--we have a new guest in the house.

Mac: Who?

Kay: Arthur Hendricks.

Mac: Grandma, do you have a boyfriend?

Kay: As a matter of fact, he's an old, um, he's an old beau.

Kay: He's also Jillís birth father


J.T.: I donít get it, Colleen. Why can't you go with me?

Colleen: Uh, I just canít.

J.T.: Why not?

Colleen: Because I have to go to the library. I've got this really big project that's due.

J.T.: Colleen, its spring break. I just got home. Why can't we spend a little time together?

Colleen: I'm sorry.

J.T.: Colleen, seriously, this is really important to me.

Colleen: Yeah, well, so is this. It's really important.

J.T.: Yeah, but I planned this especially for you. I... you're gonna love this. I promise you.

Colleen: I'm sorry, I canít. Just right now, okay?

J.T.: Colleen, please, I--

Colleen: J.T., Don't push me. I'm sorry. I have to go.


Brittany: You understand, Bobby, no stripping?

Bobby: Not if you don't want.

Brittany: I donít. And I don't want anyone there having any expectations, like, if they yell "take it off" enough times, I'll change my mind.

Bobby: You got it. They'll treat you with courtesy and respect.

Brittany: Can you guarantee that?

Bobby: You just leave that to me.

Brittany: I don't even have to dress sexy.

Bobby: Listen, no matter what you put on, you're gonna be sexy. Now any other demands?

Brittany: No.

Bobby: So what's with this romalotti character? He teaching you how to be a diva?

Brittany: Oh, Bobby.

Bobby: Come on. Next thing you know, you're gonna want a motor home out in the alley, you're gonna want a couple of cute muscle guys carrying you up on stage.

Brittany: Yeah, right. That's exactly my style.

Bobby: All right, whatever. You pick the style, I'll see you get it.

Brittany: I just wanna sing, Bobby.

Bobby: Yeah. Just wanna feel that audience back in the palm of your hand.

Brittany: Do you think that'll happen without the stripping?

Bobby: I don't know. Well, we're gonna find out.

Brittany: Well, when you look like this, you better damn well sing great, right?

Bobby: Hey, don't even start with that. Okay, the guys all know what happened to you. They're all in your corner.

Brittany: Like you've always been.

Bobby: Hey, I'm your number one fan.

Brittany: Thanks, Bobby.

Bobby: What, is that all I get?

Brittany: More than I can ever say, thank you.


Victor: If I may, your honor? Ms. Davis, I have no intention of adding to the burdens of the probation department. In fact, I will take care of all the organizational and administrative costs that may be incurred. I will also do my damnedest and work very hard and hands-on to make sure that these projects come to fruition as quickly as possible.

Lorena: Well, in that case... it's probably worth a try.

Judge: I was hoping you'd say that, Lorena. I think Mr. Newman's has enormous potential for benefiting our community. If you think something isn't going as promised, we'll meet again and discuss it. Mr. Silva's probably pointed out to you, Mr. Newman, that this $75 million, which you say was intended for Jabot Cosmetics but was turned down, spending it as you have proposed in no way relieves you of legal obligation to Jabot nor does it hinder them in any way from suing you for damages to their company.

Victor: I understand that, your honor.

Judge: Fine, then. Let's get on with our day. John.

Victor: I guess you and I will be seeing quite a bit of each other, Ms. Davis.

Lorena: Judge Billington is a generous and very trusting man.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Lorena: I won't allow you to disappoint him.

Victor: I have no intentions of doing that.

Lorena: Good.

Victor: You have a nice day.


Neil: All right, look, Nicholas, what do you want me to say?

Nick: There's really nothing to say, is there? In a matter of days, maybe sooner, you could be in, I could be out.

Neil: I'm sure we all want the same thing, whatever's best for Newman Enterprises.

Nick: Well, my father certainly doesn't, or he wouldn't be...

Neil: Wouldn't be what, considering me?

Nick: This is a privately held, family business.

Neil: Oh, I see. Oh, because my name isn't plastered all over the building outside, I'm not qualified to run it, is that it?

Nick: No offense, but you don't have nearly as much at stake.

Neil: Only my career.

Nick: This isn't your family's lifeblood or your father's legacy.

Neil: Nick, your Dad ain't dead, man. And besides, whatever I might lack not being a Newman, I make up for with talent and determination.

Nick: So I'm not talented or determined?

Neil: You're not nearly as experienced or well-educated. Now when I first came on board here with my M.B.A. from Stanford, you were in grade school. I've been at your father's right hand for many, many years now.

Nick: Okay, whatever. You're right. You're the right man for the job and to hell with any loyalty towards me.

Neil: I'm sorry if you feel that I'm being disloyal because I want to step up and give this company the best that I've got, which, by the way, is still speculative, until your father makes a decision.

Nick: That's right. And until it's done, until it is a done deal, I plan to fight like hell to keep it from happening.

Neil: Thanks for the warning, Nick.

Nick: Anytime.


Arthur: If you can stand a compliment from your old man, I really admire the effort you're making with your moth.

Jill: Thank you. She is not an easy woman for me to get along with. Although, I admit that since you came into the picture, things have been better.

Arthur: Good. I sincerely hope that the three of us can learn to appreciate the sense of family we now have.

Jill: Oh, Dad, I want that so much, too. It's just, I hate to get my hopes up.

Arthur: You're worried about Katherineís drinking.

Jill: Well, she'd given it up for years. I mean, she'd been off it for decades. And now she's lapping it up like there's no tomorrow.

Arthur: No, I'm sure she tortures herself every day over her weakness, but she will stop again, Jill. I know she will.

Jill: You care for her very deeply, don't you?

Arthur: Oh, yes. Does that bother you?

Jill: No, it doesn't bother me. It's just, she's such a pain, and you're kind and sensitive. And I worry how this is gonna affect you.

Arthur: (Chuckles) after years on the bench, I've learned it takes all kinds of people to make up this crazy world of ours.

Jill: You just look for the good in everyone, don't you?

Arthur: Well, I give it my best shot.

Jill: I so much wish that I could promise you that Katherine and I would never argue again.

Arthur: (Laughs) my dear, sweet daughter, I couldn't possibly hold you to a promise like that.

Jill: I hope not. But I'll try. I promise you, I will try.

Arthur: Good. Just take it like they do in A.A., One day at a time, one minute at a time if need be.

Jill: You're such a calming influence on me. My God, I'm so glad you came.

Arthur: I plan to stick around, too.

Jill: Good. I'm gonna hold you to that, Judge Hendricks. But should one more disruptive influence come into our lives, all bets are off.


Mac: So Arthur just showed up at your door after all these years?

Kay: (Chuckles) you could have knocked me over with a feather, Mackenzie.

Mac: I'll bet. He and Jill really clicked, huh?

Kay: To say the least. She is tickled pink that she has found a real father, and she is wallowing in all that attention.

Mac: So this living arrangement, it's working out the way that you hoped?

Kay: Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say that, no. I... Jill and I can't seem to agree on anything. In fact, I worry about our constant bickering.

Mac: What do you mean?

Kay: Well, as much as I adore having Arthur under the same roof, I-- I worry that he's being put in the position as a referee.

Mac: Well, it seems like he's handling it pretty well, being a judge and all.

Kay: Oh, well, he's been very sweet about it. But, um, oh, Mackenzie, that is going to get very, very old.

Mac: Why does Jill have to be so difficult?

Kay: Well, it's not entirely her fault, you know? It, um, it takes two to tango.

Mac: Grandma, don't defend her. She enjoys making your life miserable.

Kay: Mackenzie, now, listen to me. I really... I adore you for wanting to stick up for me, but I don't want you caught in the middle. I've been dealing with that woman for years. And, darling, I tell you something, Grandma can fight her own battles.

Mac: How can I not be in the middle? Look what she's done to you.

Kay: What do you mean?

Mac: You're drinking again, aren't you?

Mac: Aren't you, Grandma?


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Brittany: I'm gonna sing at Marsino's.


Angelo: There are other friends of ours who ain't gonna like this?

Bobby: Is there something that you know, Ange, that you're not telling me?

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