Thursday Y&R Transcript 4/15/04

Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/15/04--Canada; Friday 4/16/04--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

(we missed the first half)

Chris: You want to see Daniel, right?

Phyllis: Duh.

Chris: Yeah, well, if that's your goal, what are you accomplishing? Look around. Your son is not here. Danny is not here. I couldn't help you even if I wanted to, and every word that's coming out of your mouth is only turning me off more and more.

Phyllis: Really? So should I just leave with my tail between my legs?

Chris: You should leave before you do any more damage to your cause.

Phyllis: Like you'd really cut me some slack. How stupid do you think I am?

Chris: I'm not your enemy.

Phyllis: Who's my enemy?

Chris: You are, as usual.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, "Phyllis, you're your own worst enemy. You're your own worst enemy, Phyllis." That is so clever. I'm so impressed.

Chris: Danny wants this for you. In fact, when you're not openly antagonizing me, I want this for you, too. I think you and your son should have the opportunity to work out your issues and move on. But it's not gonna happen this second, not on your timetable.

Phyllis: Yeah, because you say so. You're in control. You call the shots.

Chris: Hardly.

Phyllis: Hardly. Hardly. And you know what proves it, Christine? That sweet little blonde speech you gave just now-- "you know what I believe, you know what I see is true, you know what I think is gonna happen?" Give me a break. You couldn't be more disingenuous.


Larry: Be careful. It's slippery.

Nikki: Oh my God.

Sharon: Oh, thank you.

Nikki: I can't believe I'm doing this. Oh, Sharon, the smell!

Sharon: I know.

Nikki: It's disgusting! Oh. (Screams) oh, there's rats! There's rats in here!

Sharon: Nikki, stop it. Calm down.

Nikki: (Screams)

Sharon: Calm down.

Nikki: Oh, my God, what have you gotten me into?

Larry: What's going on?

Sharon: Larry, where is the body?

Larry: It's gotta be around here somewhere. Let's give my eyes a little chance to adjust first, will ya?

Nikki: No, no, let's not. Let's go, let's go.

Sharon: No! Nikki, I need you.

Nikki: Sharon, what you need is a good psychiatrist.

Sharon: I am not crazy.

Nikki: Oh, yeah, then what are we doing down here?

Sharon: I told you, I need to see him. I need to make sure he's dead.

Larry: Listen, kid, okay? The guy that I dumped for you down here, he was dead—stone cold dead.

Nikki: Of course he was dead, Sharon. He couldn't have been anything other than dead. This is crazy. I'm going.

Sharon: No, Nikki, please. Don't abandon me now, please. I need you. I need you.

Nikki: Sharon.

Sharon: Please?

Nikki: Oh, damn it! All right. Let's just get on with it! I don't want to be down here any longer than I have to! Let's go!

Larry: All right. I put the body over here against the wall right... wait a minute. Maybe it was this one.

Sharon: Oh, God.

Larry: God, where-- where did I stash him?

Nikki: You don't remember?

Sharon: Are you sure we're in the right place?

Larry: Trust me, okay? You don't forget about something like this.

Nikki: Well, maybe somebody moved it.

Sharon: Like who, the police?

Larry: No, no, it would have been in all the papers. And besides, I guarantee you this guy didn't get up and just walk outta here on his own.

Nikki: Well, then what happened?

Larry: I don't know! Wait a minute. We had a snowmelt, okay? And then a couple days ago that big, heavy rain--

Nikki: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Larry: Well, all the water was rushing through the sewer. It must have moved the body.

Sharon: So where is it, Larry? Where?

Larry: Downstream.

Larry: (Coughs)

Nikki: Oh.


Jack: You don't really want me to make a decision right now on the spot.

Dru: I would just like a preview to the future, Jack.

Jack: Well, wouldn't that be nice for all of us?

Damon: What about Tuvia, Jack? Is that on the chopping block?

Jack: Who said anything about that?

Damon: Well, it's a bit of a lame duck. I mean, I see a great deal of potential in the future, but you don't seem to be thinking too far ahead, so I just thought--

Jack: I'd be careful if I were you.

Damon: You don’t. Sorry.

Jack: Do you have any idea what I do upstairs? All day, every day, I juggle resources so that you can work down in this lab. You'd last about five minutes in my job without a straightjacket.

Damon: And you don't know how much I appreciate that, Jack. That's what makes you the boss, the decision maker. It doesn't mean I have to agree.

Dru: Can we just answer the question, Jack? Where's tuvia?

Jack: Tuvia is on life-support. It's alive. It's not well.

Dru: So then my job is hanging by a thread.

Jack: This whole company is hanging by a thread, Dru! You would know that if you could take the focus off yourself for more than a minute.

Damon: We have put all our-- all our effort into this project!

Jack: Well, starting a project doesn't guarantee you get to see it through. But you know that. You've been around. Look, I have better things to do than listen to you moan and groan. Give my regards to your red-headed friend.

Dru: I told you! (Glass shatters)

Dru: I told you that this had to do with Phyllis! Way to go, brother.


Brittany: Gee, this is fun.

Bobby: I just wanted to come over and hang out with you.

Brittany: So if we can't talk about me singing again, we're out of conversation?

Bobby: Okay. You come up with something.

Brittany: Well, I don't want to sit here and talk about the weather.

Bobby: Well, neither do I. That's why I just clammed up.

Brittany: Look, I got an earful from Raul about how I should keep the dream alive. He thinks I should become a backup singer.

Bobby: Really? That's the first smart thing I've heard come out of him.

Brittany: I don't want to be a backup singer. Look, I've got nothing against them. I just--

Bobby: I know. Once you're in the spotlight and you get the audience in your hand, there's no way you can go back, even if it was at Marsino's. You know, listen, I had this friend when I was in high school. He was about two years ahead of me. His name was Larry, big football player. He takes a long pass at the end of the game for the big win senior year, the biggest moment of his life. It was also the worst moment.

Brittany: I know. I know, because it never happened again.

Bobby: Exactly. So now are you gonna let this happen to you? You gonna be a has-been at the ripe old age of 20?


Raul: I don't know what to do. Singing is the most important part of Brittany’s life. And ever since she got hurt, it's just like she doesn't even care anymore.

Danny: Wow. It sounds like a difficult situation.

Raul: It'd be different if she was no good, you know, 'cause then I could be like, "hey, honey, how about a different dream?" But I'm telling you, this girl has got a real gift.

Danny: And you don't want to see her throw it away.

Raul: What would you do? If you were in my shoes, what would you do?

Danny: That's, uh... that's a difficult one.

Raul: But you wouldn't let her give up.

Danny: I...

Raul: You're kidding me, right?

Danny: It's complicated. I don't need to tell you that. I mean, you don't want to see Brittany throw away everything she's worked so hard for, but on the other hand, if you push too hard, I mean, it could backfire.

Raul: No, I get that, I really do. I get that, but this is about more than just her singing.

Danny: What do you mean?

Raul: Brittany is majorly depressed. All she does is mope around feeling sorry for herself. Now granted, some days are better than others, but if she could just get back on that stage, it'd be good for her, you know? It would pull her out of her funk.

Danny: You might be right. Hey, there's nothing like being in front of a crowd.

Raul: You see, you know what I'm talking about.

Danny: Yeah, but I have never been in Brittany’s shoes.

Raul: Let me ask you something. When you first started out, did you ever feel like just throwing in the towel? I mean, just seriously shelving the whole music thing and doing something totally different?

Danny: Sure I did. I think every singer has felt that at one time or another. I mean, it's a tough business. There's a lot of rejection there.

Raul: But you can also have a lot of fun, right?

Danny: Oh, it can be-- it can be pretty great.

Raul: Look, I'm not saying that Brittany has go out and become this huge success like you did. I would just hate for Brittany to turn her back on singing, especially when she loves it so much.

Danny: Raul, maybe she needs more time.

Raul: How much time? Because I don't know how much I can take of this, seeing Brittany miserable all the time. I just, I really miss the way things used to be.

Danny: You really care about her.

Raul: I love her. And I want to see her happy again. I want to see her smile again.

Danny: I've got an idea.

Raul: What?

Danny: Maybe I could talk to Brittany.


Nikki: Sharon, will you just face facts? The body is gone. It's probably out in the lake by now. The storm washed it away.

Sharon: No. It has to be here.

Nikki: How do you know that?

Sharon: Because of the smell. It's getting worse. We have to be getting closer.

Nikki: Oh, closer to what?

Larry: That's what I'm wondering. I mean, we could be smelling a dead cat or a dog. I mean, it could be anything.

Sharon: But it's not. You know and I know exactly what it is.

Nikki: You know, Sharon, even if it is Cameron, how do you know he's even recognizable at this point?

Larry: Oh! You know what? Maybe we should turn around. This stench is getting way too raunchy.

Nikki: Yeah, okay.

Sharon: Fine, you know what? I'll do it myself. Just give me the flashlight.

Nikki: No, Sharon no, no!

Sharon: Yes, okay? I have to find him. I have to see-- Larry, just give me the flashlight, please?

Larry: All right, all right, all right, don't drop it.

Sharon: Shoot!

Larry: Be careful. It's slippery, slippery. (Coughing) oh!

Sharon: (Gasps)

Nikki: (Gasps)

Larry: (Gags)


Dru: Man, didn't I tell you that if you started tangling with Phyllis, Jack was gonna find out about you and his wife?!

Damon: Ex-wife.

Dru: Not yet, dodo bird. Do you think because a man and a woman get divorced that their feeling shut down? Quite the contrary. They actually get stronger! Or don't you know anything about people?!

Damon: I believe what Jack said about it being business.

Damon: Oh, please, that's an easy exit for you. That way you don't have to admit to thinking with the wrong part of your anatomy.

Damon: Woman, will you shut your mouth for once?! I made it known to everyone when I came on board here that I do not do politics. If Jack Abbott cannot hang on to his wife, it is not my fault. I was hired by Jabot to help them create and sell cosmetics products. What I do in my spare time is strictly my affair!

Dru: That's handy for you, slick. Then I have to deal with the politics. I get squashed. Thanks a lot, brother.


Raul: Would you do that? You would talk to Brittany?

Danny: I don't know if it'll do any good.

Raul: Hey, I am willing to try anything.

Danny: All right, then what the heck? Let's give it a shot.

Raul: That's great. Thank you so much.

Danny: No problem. So how do you want to handle this? Do you want Brittany to call me?

Raul: It'd probably be best if we went to her. Now how's tomorrow morning?

Danny: Works for me.

Raul: Good. Cool. Now is it cool if you come to us? Because Brittany--she doesn't really leave the apartment much. She's still uncomfortable in public.

Danny: Yeah, no, that's fine. Where do you guys live?

Raul: Oh, I'm right around the corner-- 850 Beeker, Third floor.

Danny: I know exactly where that is.

Raul: Cool. You know, I really think at it's gonna do Brittany a lot of good to talk to you.

Danny: I will give it my best shot. But, Raul, remember what I said-- if Brittany doesn't want to sing, I mean, you can't force this. This is gonna have to be her decision.

Raul: Yeah.


Brittany: This is your idea of cheering me up--telling me I've had my big moment and now it's downhill?

Bobby: No, no, no. That's what you're tellin' me. You're the one that's giving up.

Brittany: God, I am so sick of being encouraged.

Bobby: Well, that's what happens when you have friends. It's part of the package. They're not always gonna tell you that you're right.

Brittany: I don't want friends.

Bobby: Yeah, well, who needs 'em? They're a pain in the butt-- always thinking more of you than you think of yourself, always trying to help you get in a better place than you're at. You're right, who needs friends? What was I thinkin'?!

Brittany: Bobby, I didn't mean to chase you away.

Bobby: No, you're right. I got no business coming down here, handing out advice to you. I'm not the one with the makeup problem.

Brittany: It's more than a makeup problem!

Bobby: Yeah, you're right. I can't get where you're coming from. I'm not sensitive enough. That's why I'm gonna just shut my face. You know, just give me a call sometime, let me know that you're still alive.


Chris: Disingenuous? Where do you get that?

Phyllis: Yes, disingenuous. You persuade a judge to take away my only child. Then years later, when I'm desperate to see him again, you manipulate things so he's living here with you. How convenient. You're the gatekeeper. And then-- and then you try to convince me that you're on my side.

Chris: Whatever I say, you're just gonna twist it into something ugly.

Phyllis: Into the truth. Because for some sick, demented reason, you're trying to keep me from ever seeing my child.

Chris: You're right. You got me, because I have nothing better to do with my life.

Phyllis: Oh, I'm sure you think you're being sarcastic, but it's the truth. You live to undermine me.

Chris: Why would i even bother do-- okay, I want you out of here. I have to finish cooking. I have to get ready for a hearing that I am not looking forward to. I am done with this. Now why don't you get out? I will tell Danny to call you.

Phyllis: Don't bother. I'll be back. Count on it.


Damon: Why don't we try and lighten up just a little bit, shall we? You ain't been squashed yet. You got a big ol' gold star on your résumé behind this gig, even if it ended tomorrow.

Dru: Yeah, I can see me now on my job interviews talking about how I was part of a big plan and it was gonna change the world, except one of my colleagues got the hots for the boss's wife. They're gonna snatch me up real quick after I tell 'em that one.

Damon: You're no better than Jack, Dru, thinking in the short-term. Let's look at the big picture. The hair straightener is still a good idea, and we have still made progress. We have the essential elements of that orchid root separated and identified. We just need to rethink what we're gonna do with 'em, that's all.

Dru: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's what you said before and then you got all mysterious about it. I really didn't know what you were talking-- what do you mean, rethink what?

Damon: Well, let's start with the concept that we ain't gonna let Ashley and Jack ruin a good idea.

Damon: No, dawg, we ain't gonna do that.


Nikki: Oh, God!

Larry: (Grunting)

Nikki: (Coughing)

Nikki: Oh, God. I don't think-- (coughing)

Larry: Hang in there, Mrs. Newman. This will be done in a minute.

Nikki: Don't take the sheet off.

Sharon: We've come this far, Nikki. Come on. We have to do it.

Nikki: Sharon, what more do you wanna see? This is the body. It's got the sheet wrapped around it. It's at the end of the sewer. (Coughs)

Sharon: Look, if you're feeling squeamish, just don't look, okay?

Nikki: Sharon...

Larry: Look, ladies, why don't you both turn away, all right? There's no reason that more than one of us has to take a peek here.

Sharon: Larry, you don't even know what he looks like.

Larry: Oh, I've seen his picture in the papers.

Sharon: No, I-- I-I have to see him. I-I have to know it's him.

Larry: Okay, but listen-- ooh. Once I pull the sheet back, what you see you will never forget.

Sharon: Look, Cameron’s face is already burned into my mind as it is. I have to be sure he's dead.

Larry: It's your call. Are you ready?

Sharon: Yeah.

Nikki: Oh, God.

Sharon: Aah!

Nikki: Sharon, Sharon, Sharon! She's fainting. She's fainting.

Larry: Easy, easy. Sharon.

Nikki: Sharon? Sharon?

Larry: Hey, hey, you okay?

Sharon: (Coughs)

Nikki: We have to get her out of here. We gotta get outta here.


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Brad: It's J.T.

Colleen: I'm having a lot of second thoughts.


Nikki: Abby has a family, Victor. She has a mother who loves her and a father who loves her very much.

Victor: Brad Carlton is not really her father.

Nikki: Yes, he is.

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