Tuesday Y&R Transcript 4/13/04

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 4/13/04--Canada; Wednesday 4/14/04--USA

By Suzanne and Eric
Proofread by Emma and Boo

Nikki: Victor?

Nikki: Victor, are you here?

(Doorbell rings)

Nikki: Sharon. Victor's not down at your place by any chance, is he?

Sharon: No. Why?

Nikki: I-I just need to talk to him. What do you want?

Sharon: I have to talk to you, Nikki.

Nikki: About what?

Sharon: Grace Turner.

Nikki: Oh, Sharon, I have too much on my mind to worry about your feud with Grace.

Sharon: Can you believe she went to see Nick at his office, not to mention the police, making all kinds of terrible accusations?

Nikki: I can't talk about this right now.

Sharon: Not only that, I had another hallucination. Cameron Kirsten was outside of my window, and Grace was staring directly at him, only she didn't see him. And it totally freaked me out.

Nikki: Sharon, are you hearing me? I can't talk about this right now. God, I don't wanna hear your hysterics. I happen to be facing the worst situation of my life.


(Knock on door)

Diane: Oh, just a sec.

Diane: Hey, congratulations.

Phyllis: Excuse me?

Diane: I see you got a new job. I phoned for a messenger, you must be it.

Phyllis: (Laughs) Very funny.

Diane: Hey, uh, drop these off at Jack's secretary, okay? I'd give you a tip, but I don't have any singles.

Phyllis: Well, you know, I'll give you a tip, don't mess with me, not today.

Diane: Oh, wait, does that mean you're not with the messenger service?

Phyllis: Diane, it just isn't funny, okay? I came here to see Kyle. I'm in a bad mood, and he always cheers me up. And before you flip out, Jack told me I could see my stepson whenever I wanted. So where is he?

Diane: He's out with his grandfather, which you would know if you bothered to call first before barreling in here uninvited.

Phyllis: Wow, you know, how quickly we forget. You wouldn't even be living here if it weren't for me. You'd be in prison right now, away from your son. Uh-huh. I saved your life, Diane. So don't mess with me. You got it?


Damon: Hey.

Jack: Hey. Been working out?

Damon: Yeah. Felt good.

Jack: Yeah. I wish I had the energy.

Damon: You know, uh, that's how you get the energy.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, healthy lifestyle, yada, yada, yada.

Damon: Rough one, Jack?

Jack: Yeah, you could say that.

Damon: Bartender, uh, seltzer.

Jack: Careful. Misery loves company.

Damon: So what has got you so down?

Jack: If I said life, would it sound too trite?

Damon: It would sound honest.

Jack: Another.


J.T.: But I don't care what I do
just want to be with you
I've done all the things
I need to do
I just wanna be here
but I don't care
what they say
I just wanna hear from you
and I don't care what I do
I just wanna be here

J.T.: So what do you think?

Shiloh: It's good.

J.T.: You don't like it, do you?

Shiloh: No, I do. It's a beautiful song.

J.T.: Yeah, but you liked the first one better, right?

Shiloh: (Sighs) which one do you like best?

J.T.: I don't know. It's... I don't know. It's a tough call.

Shiloh: All right. It's no biggie. We'll get everybody else's opinion before we lay it down.

J.T.: I like the first one better. Yeah, I like the first one better. So what happens when we finish the track?

Shiloh: We get the promo department to send it around, get some buzz goin'.

J.T.: So I'm gonna be on the radio?

Shiloh: You never know. It might.

J.T.: Seriously? I could be driving in my car and hear my song?

Shiloh: Yeah, well, it's not gonna happen next week, okay?

J.T.: Yeah, but it could happen someday soon, right?

Shiloh: It's impossible to predict. If we can get a few stations to play your song...

J.T.: Mm-hmm.

Shiloh: Maybe a few more will pick it up. And then if we really play our cards right, it goes national, and we have a top 10 hit.

J.T.: Top 10, huh?

Shiloh: Mm-hmm.

J.T.: Yeah. Top 10. I think I could handle that.


Colleen: Well, I talked to my dad, and I told him I was staying at your house for a couple of days.

Sierra: And he was fine with it, right?

Colleen: Yeah. Hold on one second.

Colleen: Yeah, he was, and, uh, he said that it was actually good for me to get away from Ashley and him for awhile.

Sierra: Sounds like whatever they're going through is pretty serious.

Colleen: Yeah, it is. I have no idea what it's about. Ashley was doing so much better.

Sierra: Don't think about that, okay? Just concentrate on having a good time with J.T.

Colleen: You bet I will. The first thing I'm gonna do is just wrap my arms around him and give him a big kiss.

Sierra: Yeah, that's the spirit. Give him a hug for me, too, okay? Let him know that everyone back home is cheering him on.

Colleen: Okay, I will.

Woman: At this time, passengers should please turn off all...

Colleen: All right. Well, I gotta go. Now remember, if my dad calls, be cool, all right? Tell him to call my cell phone. I promise you everything will be fine. Bye.


Phyllis: Well, I guess it's a little too much to ask you to show a little compassion.

Diane: I do hope you're not using my son as a bargaining chip in your divorce.

Phyllis: You would think that.

Diane: Because I know how you operate.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. If you've forgotten, Jack has full custody of Kyle. So if he allows me to have a relationship with my stepson--

Diane: Oh, please, please. You haven't lifted a finger to stay in touch with him since he came back here to live with me, which he only did because you made such a battleground out of your home, and now, what, you're showing up, being miss ex-stepmommy? Phyllis, he wants nothing to do with you. Face it. Face it, Phyllis. You made a choice. You chose Newman Enterprises over your marriage. You chose... You chose to go off and do your own thing for months, as opposed to spending any time with Kyle. And you know what? The thing about men, it doesn't matter whether they're 5 or 50, they know if they're not your first priority, and they respond accordingly. And I guess you're finding that out the hard way.

Phyllis: Wow. Such an expert on men. Well, I guess you'll be throwing yourself at Jack, since he treated you so beautifully in the past.

Diane: Ooh. Touché. Good one.

Phyllis: (Laughs) or what do you plan to do, what's your strategy? What are you gonna use as bait? Oh, it's not gonna be your son, of course, 'cause you've done that already. Maybe the orchid? Unless you've sold it to Victor and already bilked him out of more money.


Jack: Thank you, Brent.

Brent: You're welcome.

Damon: Any more fallout from that board meeting?

Jack: Oh, I'm pretty sure I'm still the only one who's happy we got a shot at getting what we deserve from Newman.

Damon: Meantime?

Jack: Meantime what?

Damon: Well, things are still rather, uh, precarious, are they not?

Jack: We'll do what we have to do. Jabot will pull through, despite all the doom and gloom scenarios I keep hearing.

Damon: Like axing our research project, maybe even Tuvia. Have you spoken to Ashley about that?

Jack: I asked you to speak to her.

Damon: Y'all met with Victor before I had a chance.

Jack: Don't worry about my sister, okay?

Damon: Meaning you haven't spoken to her.

Jack: Meaning I outrank her. I know, she pulled a little end run I hadn't anticipated.

Damon: That was hardly little, Jack. She lined up the whole board against you.

Jack: Well, thank you for reminding me.

Damon: Look, I'm... No disrespect, man.

Jack: None taken. Don't worry about it. No, I haven't talked to my sister. I've had a pretty full plate.

Damon: Not just business?

Jack: Beg your pardon?

Damon: Well, I've seen you stress over work before. Must be something else going on for you to be hitting the scotch this hour of the afternoon.

Jack: Yeah, there's something else.

Damon: Phyllis? The divorce?

Jack: You know what really gets to me? The fact that Phyllis has moved on so easily. It's like the heartache and the pain are all behind her already.


Shiloh: No, you stay in Houston and get that song on the air. All right. Call me tomorrow.

J.T.: What time am I recording this thing?

Shiloh: Ah, we should get downstairs pretty soon.

J.T.: Do I have time to call Colleen?

Shiloh: Not really. Can you do it later?

J.T.: Yeah. Yeah, sure, I guess. I just kinda wanted to let her know how things were going. But I can call her when we're finished.

Shiloh: That's not really a good time, either.

J.T.: Why not?

Shiloh: Well, I forgot to tell you, as soon as you're finished in the studio, we've gotta get right back here. You're doing a press conference.

J.T.: A press conference?

Shiloh: Yep. It's something we do when we sign a new artist to the label.

J.T.: Wait, so I have to talk to a bunch of reporters?

Shiloh: Only a few. Don't worry. I know it sounds intimidating, but it's what we do to introduce you to the media.

J.T.: What the hell do I say to them?

Shiloh: Just talk about yourself. You know, tell 'em where you're from, uh, what you like to do for fun, who your musical influences are. But keep it simple.

J.T.: All right. I guess I can do that.

Shiloh: Yeah. There's nothing to worry about. And if a reporter asks you a question, and you don't know how to answer it...

J.T.: Mm-hmm.

Shiloh: Say nothing. Let me handle it.

J.T.: Got it. My very own press conference.

Shiloh: Welcome to the big leagues.

J.T.: I really wish Colleen were here. She would love all this stuff.

Shiloh: Oh, that reminds me, if a reporter asks if you're dating anyone, say, "no comment."


Sharon: What is it, Nikki? I've never seen you this upset.

Nikki: Victor knows.

Sharon: Knows what?

Nikki: About Abby. Victor knows that Abby Carlton is his child.


Diane: You know, Phyllis, Victor isn't the only game in town for that orchid. Besides, he has enough on his plate right now.

Phyllis: What do you know about Victor?

Diane: Just that he's going through a rough time.

Phyllis: Yes, he is. How do you know that?

Diane: Well, how do you know?

Phyllis: I saw him earlier.

Diane: Well, fancy that, so did I.

Phyllis: Really, when?

Diane: He asked me to come to the ranch. He wanted some information.

Phyllis: What information?

Diane: Well, that's between Victor and me, although it's obvious the guy's going through something heavy.

Phyllis: Well, it doesn't surprise me he wouldn't confide in you.

Diane: Oh, like he did with you?

Phyllis: Well, yes, he did. I know exactly what the issue is.

Diane: Really?

Phyllis: Yes, I do. Victor and I have grown very, very close, Diane. Don't you know that? But I'm not gonna share my conversations with you.

Diane: Oh... (Snickers) that'll be the day, you and Victor close.

Phyllis: Oh, believe what you want. Anyway, if you're not gonna give the orchid to Victor, who are you gonna give it to?

Diane: Well, I was thinking maybe Damon Porter might be interested.


Jack: Hell, the ink isn't even dry on the separation papers, and Phyllis is taking the whole thing in stride.

Damon: Why do you say that?

Jack: Why? Damon, I don't know if you've ever been married before, but when it's over, boy, you know it.

Damon: Well, I'm sorry to see you so unhappy.

Jack: I saw Phyllis earlier today, first time since we got the lawyers going, and... It was all so friendly, so matter-of-fact.

Damon: Well, that sounds positive.

Jack: Ah, yeah, it was... It was great. It was all very adult. I guess that's what hit me like a sledgehammer.

Damon: Well, what would you rather, Phyllis were crying and carrying on and whatnot?

Jack: Oh, god, no. I-I don't want to sound callous.

Damon: You just prefer she were a little bit more... Oh, what should we say, um, broken up?

Jack: Yeah, I guess that does sound a little callous, huh?

Damon: Sounds human.

Jack: It's not like I'm a neophyte. Hell, I've been through broken relationships before. I've been widowed and divorced, and I've been the dumper, I've been the dumpee. But, you know...

Damon: It doesn't get any easier.

Jack: Well, tell that to Phyllis. You know, the truth is she's no stranger to heartbreak. Maybe it does get easier. Maybe I'm just the one with the slow learning curve. Anyway, it got to me. It got to me, seeing her and sensing the finality of the whole thing. The end of an era. Brent, put these on my check.

Brent: Yes, sir.

Jack: Thank you for listening.

Damon: Jack, can I... Can I tell you something?

Jack: You--you know what? I'll be fine. You've been a good friend. Thanks. I mean it. You take care.

Damon: You too.


J.T.: "No comment"?

Shiloh: Yeah. I know it sounds cheesy, but you say it enough times, it just sort of rolls off the tongue.

J.T.: No, Shiloh, that's... Why can't I talk about Colleen?

Shiloh: It's an image thing.

J.T.: I don't understand that.

Shiloh: Look, if it were up to me, you could talk about anything you wanted, but our P.R. Department gets a little, uh, weird, if new artists start talking about their love lives. It's better if you don't let anybody know you're seeing somebody.

J.T.: Better how?

Shiloh: Makes you more appealing.

J.T.: So you're saying people won't like my music because I have a girlfriend?

Shiloh: I'm saying that some people may not find you as captivating-- young women, for instance-- if they feel you're... 'taken'.

J.T.: That is so weird.

Shiloh: There'll be a time and a place for you to talk about your relationship with Colleen. This isn't it. We need to focus on you and your music. Hey, trust me.

J.T.: If you say so, Shiloh.

Shiloh: Chances are they won't even ask.

J.T.: Yeah, I hope not.

(Telephone rings)

Shiloh: Oh, excuse me. (Ring)

Shiloh: Shiloh. Okay, we'll be right there. They're ready for you in the recording booth.

J.T.: Here we go again.

Shiloh: Hey, relax. This the fun part. This is where you get to dazzle them with your talent.

J.T.: You ever get tired of being my cheerleader?

Shiloh: If I did, I wouldn't tell you. Come on. Let's go.

J.T.: All right.


Colleen: Hey, sierra, it's me again.

Sierra: Uh, hey. Where are you?

Colleen: Um, about 30,000 feet above Colorado or Utah.

Sierra: Wow. Okay, so what's up?

Colleen: (Sighs) I don't know. I'm feeling kind of...

Sierra: Kind of what? You're not having second thoughts, are you?

Colleen: No. It's just, I hate lying to my dad, you know?

Sierra: Yeah, but you're doing it for a good cause. You're doing it for J.T.

Colleen: Yeah.

Sierra: Look, Colleen, he's gonna be so excited to see you.

Colleen: You really think so?

Sierra: Totally. You know how much he wanted you there.

Colleen: Yeah. Yeah, he did.

Sierra: See? So relax. It's gonna be cool. Man, I wish I could be there and see the look on his face. This is gonna be such a great surprise.

Colleen: Yeah, it is. Gosh, I can't wait. Thank you so much, Sierra. You're such a good friend. Well, I'll call you when I get to L.A., Okay? Bye.


Phyllis: What makes you think that Damon Porter would even give you the time of day?

Diane: What makes you think he wouldn't? He's quite the man, our Mr. Porter.

Phyllis: (Laughs)

Diane: I find him very attractive.

Phyllis: Listen... (Clears throat) you don't even wanna go there, okay?

Diane: Oh, really, I don't? Why not?

Phyllis: Well... (Chuckles) um... You're not his type. Take my word for it.

Diane: Is that why he asked me out?

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, right.

Diane: He did.

Phyllis: Oh, please. When?

Diane: At the gym. He was quite charming about it, actually. I think I'm gonna call him up and collect.

Phyllis: Oh, Diane, just leave the poor guy alone, all right?

Diane: What do you care? Can't take the competition?

Phyllis: Meaning what?

Diane: Oh, please. It's as plain as day that you're hot for the guy yourself.

Phyllis: Oh, my gosh. You are so off base.

Diane: It's tacky, really. I mean, your divorce from jack hasn't even been filed, but, oh, well, I guess that's one way to wallpaper over that little failure.

Phyllis: I am so bored of this conversation, okay? Just tell Kyle I came to visit, and I'll see him soon, all right?

(Cell phone rings)

Phyllis: Pardon me. (Ring)

Phyllis: Hello.

Damon: Hey, you. Come have dinner with me.

Phyllis: Really? Where?

Damon: Athletic club. Something tells me you're in need of just a little, uh, something.

Phyllis: Oh, you are such a psychic. I'll be there shortly.

Diane: Mr. Wallpaper?

Phyllis: Bite me, Diane.


Sharon: Victor found out the truth about Abby? How?

Nikki: It's not how he found out, it's that he knows. He didn't talk to me at all last night. He slept in the guest room.

Sharon: Oh, Nikki, I'm sorry. I am so sorry.

Nikki: Yeah, I'm sure you are, seeing as that takes away the leverage you had on me.

Sharon: That is the last thing I was thinking about. Now Victor has an awful lot to sort out.

Nikki: Yes, of course he does. That's what I'm worried about. I don't even know if I have a marriage anymore.

Sharon: After all you two have been through; the one thing I'm certain of is his love for you.

Nikki: You know, if he doesn't already know how much a part of the deception I was, he's about to.

Sharon: And you don't think he'll understand you were just trying to do the right thing for everyone?

Nikki: No, actually, I doubt very much that he'll understand, Sharon.

Sharon: He might surprise you.

Nikki: I just wish I knew where he was so I could talk to him.

Sharon: Well, maybe it's best that he has some time to let this sink in.

Nikki: No! That's what I'm afraid of. I don't want a lot of time to pass without him hearing my side. Oh, God, I've known this day was coming. I have dreaded it.

Sharon: I still say you shouldn't anticipate the worst.

Nikki: You know, it's not just that Victor knows the truth about Abby. She knows that he's her father, and that's gonna make him even more anxious to make her a part of our lives.

Sharon: Would that be all bad, sharing Victor's child?

Nikki: I want my life back the way it was before everything went to hell.

Sharon: Well, that's something that you and I can both agree on, Nikki. Now I know that you're in no mood--

Nikki: No, I'm not. I'm really not. I can't think about you or Grace or poor, dead Cameron Kirsten right now.

Sharon: Nikki, listen to me, please. I can't go on the way that I have been. I told you before, I have to be positive. I have to be absolutely certain he's dead.


Colleen: (Thinking) are you okay?

J.T.: Yeah, just a little out of breath. It's not easy running through the field in the wind and the rain like that.

Colleen: Oh, you are soaking wet.

J.T.: Lucky I had these blankets in my car.

Colleen: I don't want you to catch cold.

J.T.: Thanks.

Colleen: Sure.

J.T.: You know, when I was a little kid, I used to love storms. I still do.

Colleen: I love the smell.

J.T.: You cold?

Colleen: Yeah, a little.

J.T.: Here. I'll share my blanket.

Colleen: Thank you.

J.T.: What?

Colleen: Nothing.

J.T.: No, what were you thinking about?

Colleen: Being here... with you. It just reminded me of last fall when you found me in the park. I was sitting on the bench, I was crying because I'd just seen you with another girl. I was so devastated. And I didn't think we'd be together ever again. And then I looked up and... there you were.

Colleen: (Thinking) we have a lot of good stories, though. Like that one time we got caught in the rainstorm, spent the night on the porch wrapped in two blankets.

J.T.: That's when I knew I needed to get you back.

Colleen: Even though I drove your car into a ditch?

J.T.: Yeah. When I didn't kill you, that told me everything.

Colleen: That's what makes us special, all of our good memories.

J.T.: What do you say we make a couple of other good memories? May I have this dance?

Colleen: Why, certainly, kind sir.

Man: 'Cause I do wanna take your hand I do wanna be your man

Woman: Ladies and gentlemen, we're about to begin our final descent into the Los Angeles area. Please make sure your seat belts are fastened, your seatbacks and tray tables are in their full, upright and locked positions.


Shiloh: Well, I thought you sounded terrific.

J.T.: Really? What about the bridge? It felt a little weak to me.

Shiloh: We'll listen to it later. If we have to redo it, we will.

Ryan: Oh, good, you're back. Everyone's here.

Shiloh: What, are we late?

Ryan: No, they're early.

Shiloh: That's a switch. All right. You ready to face the press?

J.T.: Ready as I'll ever be.

Ryan: And Shiloh told you--

Shiloh: Oh, he knows, he knows. When in doubt, say nothing.

J.T.: Yeah, nothing. Okay.

Shiloh: Okay.

Ryan: Smile. Okay. Wait right here a minute.

Shiloh: Thanks, Ryan.

Ryan: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming. Now for those of you who don't know me, I am Ryan Vanderbilt, head of promotions for beach front records. Now I'd like to introduce to you our newest discovery.

Shiloh: Just breathe.

Ryan: A young man you're going to be hearing a lot about-- Mr. J.T. Hellstrom. J.T.

J.T.: Hi, everybody.

J.T.: (Quietly) I thought you said it was only gonna be a few people.

Shiloh: (Quietly) I guess you're a bigger hit than we thought. Stay cool.

J.T.: Yeah.

Shiloh: Keep smiling.


Damon: Shall we order you a drink?

Phyllis: Yes. Oh, yes, I'd love a drink. How about tequila shots one after the other? Bam, bam, bam! (Chuckles) I'm just kidding... sorta.

Damon: I guess I was right when I called about your needing a little, you know, something.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, I need something, all right.

Phyllis: Are you sure you want to do this? I'm not gonna be very good company.

Damon: So far, darling, your company's fabulous.

Phyllis: Really?

Damon: Tell me what's happened.

Phyllis: Well, okay. In my quest to turn my disaster of a life around, I went to Diane’s hotel suite so I could spend a little time with Kyle.

Damon: And I'll bet that did not go as you had hoped.

Phyllis: How about that tequila?

Damon: You and Miss Jenkins had words, did you?

Phyllis: Yeah, words, words. We had words. Miss Jenkins, as you so beautifully refer to her, had a whole barrage of special insights for me. Yes, the woman with the perfect track record-- she couldn't help but tell me that you had asked her out.

Damon: Actually, I had mentioned taking her out to dinner some time ago-- weeks ago, I believe.

Phyllis: Oh. Before...

Damon: Us. Yes, definitely.

Phyllis: (Chuckles) were you just hard up or something?

Damon: Yes, I was hard up for that second orchid.

Phyllis: Oh, okay, and that's the only reason?

Damon: That's moot now. At least, that's the impression I'm getting. I'm starting to believe that whole project's dead in the water.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah. We're talking about the orchid project, not Diane.

Damon: Phyllis, baby, you got nothin' to worry about.

Phyllis: I mean, you know... why is that? You think you can handle her? You think you can handle Diane? Because let me tell you, Damon--

Damon: Thank you for the warning, but it really isn't necessary.

Phyllis: Oh, okay. Because you're not interested in her after all?

Damon: Where's this coming from, all this insecurity?

Phyllis: What? I'm not insecure. I'm just... listen, oh, I just know this woman and cold. I'm telling you if she wants a man, oh, she will use any-- any trick in the book and then some.

Damon: Maybe that's not the only reason.

Phyllis: Meaning?

Damon: I ran into Jack. He told me about your little talk. I wouldn't blame you a little bit if, uh... if you were feeling sort of shaky.

Phyllis: Is that what he said, that I was shaky?

Damon: No. He said just the opposite. >From what I understand, you put on your brave face.

Phyllis: I did.

Damon: Good for you. But I just hope you know that when you're with me you can take it off, all of it. That would make me very happy if you would just be completely you.

[Panting of dog]


Man: Would you spell your last name for us, please?

J.T.: Hellstrom, h-e-l-l-s-t-r-o-M.

Man: How old are you, J.T.?

J.T.: 20 years old.

Man: You're from the Midwest, is that right?

J.T.: From Wisconsin.

Man: Is this your first time in L.A.?

J.T.: Yeah, but I hope it won't be my last.

Man: Are you in school?

J.T.: I'm a sophomore at Genoa City University.

Shiloh: But he is taking some time off to concentrate on his music career. That's J.T.'S main priority.

Man #2: How would you describe your sound?

J.T.: Um, kind of a--

Shiloh: Oh, country-rock coffeehouse. We're trying to start a new trend here, you know.

J.T.: What she said.

Woman: Is it true you were discovered at a restaurant?

J.T.: Yeah, it was at a Valentine’s Day party.

Woman: So you were there with a date?

J.T.: Um... no.

Man: So you're not dating anyone?

J.T.: No. Uh, no, I'm not.

[Colleen in room, hears this. J.T. doesn’t see her.]


Damon: Is that not to your liking?

Phyllis: No, it's fine. It's great, the best salad I've ever had. Do you want some?

Damon: What's really bothering you?

Phyllis: Oh, you know, same old, same old, same old.

Damon: Is it Diane or is it Jack?

Phyllis: Hey, you know what? If Diane gets her wish, they'll be a package deal anyway.

Damon: And that disturbs you?

Phyllis: Ooh. Well, you know, after everything she put me through, yeah, it disturbs me.

Damon: All right, let's say we take Diane out of the equation.

Phyllis: Good.

Damon: You sure this isn't just about Jack?

Phyllis: Well, maybe you're right. Diane is certainly the icing on the cake, isn't she?

Phyllis: You know, I had everything, and I threw it all away.

Damon: Oh, I see. So it's all your fault. Jack had nothing to do with y'all splitting up.

Phyllis: Well, I'm not saying that.

Damon: Sounds like it.

Phyllis: You know, I have a lot of regrets, Damon, a lot of regrets.

Phyllis: I make mistakes. You know, I make a lot of mistakes. I mean, I'm not a very are you sure you want to do this? Because maybe you should just get the check right now, and we'll say our good-byes and call it a day.


Nikki: Oh, please tell me this isn't about your ridiculous idea of going to see the body.

Sharon: It isn't ridiculous, Nikki, not to me.

Nikki: No, it isn’t. It isn't ridiculous. It's insanity.

Sharon: Do you have any idea what I am going through?

Nikki: Sharon, I know. I know that you're traumatized. But how many times can I tell you it's all in your head?

Sharon: Well, I want to believe that, Nikki, but these hallucinations-- they are so real.

Nikki: Well, you know, hallucinations are like that. They seem real, but they're not.

Sharon: But how do you know for sure? How can you be so absolutely positive?

Nikki: Let me review some things for you. You killed a man and you dragged his body behind a dumpster, right? You left it there. Later, you came back. It was still there, having been under the snow for weeks and weeks. Good Samaritan comes by, helps you out and gets rid of the body, and you still wonder if that guy is actually dead? What's the matter with you?

Sharon: I am not sure! I hear everything you're saying, Nikki, and I want desperately to believe that you are right. Maybe then I could have some peace. Maybe then I could sleep, but I have to know. Can't you understand that?

Nikki: Well, if he's not dead, you didn't kill anybody.

Sharon: That's true, isn't it?

Nikki: Yeah, but it's insane, Sharon. It's not possible. It doesn't make any sense.

Sharon: Nikki, will you go with me? Please. Will you go with me so I can be sure?


Colleen: Bye, J.T. (Elevator dings)

Shiloh: Thanks, Ryan. Call me later. That could not have gone better.

J.T.: I'm glad you're happy.

Shiloh: Well, you should be, too. You handled those reporters like a pro.

J.T.: Except for when I lied to them about Colleen.

Shiloh: Why did you do that?

J.T.: You told me to.

Shiloh: I told you to say no comment. There's a big difference.

J.T.: Yeah, well, I guess I cracked under pressure. I should have never agreed to do that in the first place. You know how much I hate getting up in front of people.

Shiloh: J.T., Take it easy. It's no big deal. Just chill out.

J.T.: It is a big deal. It is a big deal to me. I feel horrible.

Shiloh: Listen to me, J.T. This is a business. I keep telling you that--

J.T.: No, Shiloh, you listen. Look, I know you want me to be all secretive d mysterious with the press and everything, but I can't, okay? I'm not cut out for that. Next time somebody says, "do you have a girlfriend?" I'm gonna be honest with them. And I'm sorry if that upsets you, but that's how it has to be.


Damon: I have no desire to ask for the check. I'm going to sit here and finish my meal and drink my wine and enjoy your... company.

Phyllis: Then I think you're a masochist.

Damon: Very possibly. However... if that is what you need, then that is what I'm here for. And I have no intention of leaving. So you can stop asking. Have I made that abundantly clear?

Phyllis: Uh-huh.

Jack: Hey, Brent, did I maybe leave a pair of rereading glasses here earlier?

Brent: You did, Mr. Abbott. Let me get them for you.

Jack: Thanks.

Brent: Here you go.

Jack: I'm telling you, I would forget my eyeballs if they weren't stuck in my head.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Sharon: How many times have you told me to get my head together?

Nikki: Looking at a badly decomposed body is not the way.


Jack: What is Porter's relationship with Phyllis?


Michael: I need a delay.


Glenn: This kid doesn't show, you throw the book at him.

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