Thursday Y&R Transcript 4/1/04

Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/1/04--Canada; Friday 4/2/04--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Lauren: Well, when will they be ready? You know, you ID that to me last week. No, I hear you. I know you're having distribution problems, but have you checked the calendar? It's April already. No, I need the t-shirts on my shelves-- um, I need to call you back. Kevin.

Kevin: Hey, Lauren. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt your call.

Lauren: No, it's fine. Just one of my distributors.

Kevin: How have you been?

Lauren: Busy. You know, good but busy.

Kevin: Yeah. Well, the place looks great-- so do you.

Lauren: Thanks. So how are you?

Kevin: I'm a million times better now that I'm not locked up.

Lauren: Yeah. I heard that wasn't a very pleasant experience.

Kevin: It was horrible. The things that go on in jail, you wouldn't even want to know about. It was worse than I ever could have imagined.

Lauren: So did you just come to say hi or...

Kevin: Yeah, and to thank you. I know that you covered my bail.

Lauren: Michael told you?

Kevin: Was he not supposed to?

Lauren: No, you know, I just didn't want it to be a big deal.

Kevin: Oh, no, it is a big deal. It's the most incredible thing that anyone's ever done for me.


Bobby: Ange, you're right, this is the low bid, but there's no way in hell he's gonna be able to do it for that. He gets the job, he's gonna bang us up for overages.

Angelo: Bobby, the guy ain't gonna screw us. He works for Harry the hat.

Bobby: Yeah. Well, I don't like to call in any favors from those guys.

Angelo: Hey, I got news for you. We are those guys.

Bobby: No, Ange, you are, but--

Michael: Hello, gentlemen.

Bobby: Who are you?

Michael: Michael Baldwin, esquire.

Angelo: Lawyer. Don't tell me-- somebody says they cut their lip on a chipped glass.

Bobby: Chill out, Ange. Let him talk.

Michael: I represent Kevin Fisher.

Angelo: That's even worse. Come on, take a hike.

Bobby: Now hold on, Ange. I'm the boss. I get to throw him out. Come on.

Michael: I wouldn't do that.

Bobby: Really? Your client caused a lot of pain around here, all right? Let's go.

Michael: Whoa, whoa, no! Do not ever batter, badger, aggravate or assault an attorney. Now we can talk a little, or you can manhandle me and face a very expensive lawsuit.


Nikki: (Thinking) how do I tell you, Victor, that Abby is your daughter? It's been a secret for such a long time.

(Doorbell rings)

Nikki: Oh, Katherine.

Kay: I know I should have called first, but I have some great news.

Nikki: Well, come on in. Come on in. I don't have much time, though.

Kay: Really, you have other plans?

Nikki: Well, um, something that I can't put off, even for my dearest friend.

Kay: Well, I promise I won't stay too long then. No, I promise, I really do.

Nikki: So what's going on? What's your news?

Kay: Arthur has moved in with Jill and me.

Nikki: Wow. That was quick.

Kay: Well, he insisted. He would like to be a family. And I was against it at first, but then... oh, sweet man. My God, he did convince me that at our age, we don't have a hell of a lot of time to waste.

Nikki: Uh-huh. Um, what about Jill?

Kay: Well, you know my daughter. She loves to be difficult, but we will just see how that goes. And Arthur’s taking me to the Colonnade room tonight. Oh, Nikki, it's been such a long time since I've been courted by a gentleman or-- or any man, for that matter. Darling, what, uh, what's the matter? I mean, um... you haven't heard a word I've said.


Ashley: Well, you know that I'm always happy to see you, Olivia, but why do I get the feeling this is more than just a social visit?

Olivia: I just had a very troubling conversation with your brother.

Ashley: Mm-hmm, I'm sure I know what that was about.

Olivia: You're certain about your decision, about telling Victor he's Abby’s father?

Ashley: Mm-hmm, and I'm sure that doesn't come as a surprise to you.

Olivia: No, I just want to make sure--

Ashley: I hope he didn't convince you to try to talk me out of it.

Olivia: He has some very strong opinions.

Ashley: I don't give a damn about his opinions. This is my decision.

Olivia: That's exactly what I told him.

Ashley: Well, good. Then you're supporting me.

Olivia: It's not really that easy, though. Look, I'm sorry, Ashley, but I do have to ask-- are you ready to handle the fallout of Victor finding out about Abby?


Brad: Victor.

Victor: Bradley.

Brad: Good workout?

Victor: No pain, no gain.

Brad: Well, sometimes there's a lot of pain and still nothing.

Victor: You're talking about the boardroom meeting.

Brad: More like a train wreck in slow motion.

Victor: You shouldn't have let Jack Abbott speak for you.

Brad: He's our C.E.O.

Victor: Didn't behave like one.

Brad: You know, Victor, I have a huge investment in a company you're trying to put out of business. In case you didn't notice, I tried to shut Jack up.

Victor: Well, he still fouled things up for you, Bradley.

Brad: Is that right?

Victor: You bet.

Brad: That's your honest opinion?

Victor: Isn't that just what I said?

Brad: And you always, always try to be honest, don't you, Victor?


Bobby: Is this how you do business, Baldwin-- come into the place, you make a nuisance of yourself, and when we try to get rid of you, you threaten to sue?

Michael: No, in fact, I've never done it before, and I probably wouldn't have done it now, I just needed your attention.

Angelo: What do you want?

Michael: The truth.

Angelo: About what?

Michael: About what you know about the night Brittany Hodges burned herself so badly while performing on your stage, and I mean the truth.

Angelo: You accusing us of somethin'?

Michael: Now don't get so touchy. How can i properly defend my client if I don't know what I'm up against? So I simply want to hear it all, no matter how much it hurts my case.

Bobby: You gotta be kiddin' me. You think we're gonna help you defend Kevin Fisher? You're outta your mind.

Michael: Look, you're gonna have to tell the truth in court, on the stand, under oath. So what's so different now? Hmm? Say it, get it over with, I'll leave.

Angelo: You know, I got a better idea. You leave, and we go back to what we were doing before.

Michael: You're really hot to see my client take the fall for this, aren't you?

Bobby: Yeah, what was your first clue?

Michael: Well, then all the more reason to talk to me. Hmm? Look, I can impeach you in court by telling a jury that I came here looking for the truth, warts and all, and you were uncooperative, tried to stonewall me. Judges and juries, they have problems with guys who hide stuff.

Angelo: Yeah, you know, we're not hiding anything.

Michael: Well, great. Then can we stop playing pat-a-cake and get on with it, please?


Lauren: You do know that your brother was gonna post bail for you?

Kevin: Yeah, I know. But it would have taken him days to come up with that much money, and there's no way I would have survived another night in there.

Lauren: Well, it's amazing what you can do when you have to.

Kevin: Do you mind if I ask why you did it?

Lauren: I was worried about you.

Kevin: You were? Really?

Lauren: Michael told me that you have a problem with small spaces.

Kevin: Yeah. It's been like that since I was a kid. My Dad would, uh... forget it.

Lauren: And that the inmates were really hard on you.

Kevin: They found out about Lily Winters.

Lauren: Well, I just didn't want you to be harassed. I feel like you've been through enough already, you know? And when I saw you at the bail hearing--

Kevin: Wait a second. You were there?

Lauren: Yeah, I got there late, and I sat in the back.

Kevin: You came to support me?

Lauren: When I saw what being locked up was doing to you, you know, I... I had the money. I felt I had to help you.

Kevin: You are an amazing woman.

Lauren: No.

Kevin: Yes, you are. I didn't think people like you existed in this world.

Lauren: Please don't make me a heroine.

Kevin: That's exactly what you are to me.

Lauren: You still have to face those charges.

Kevin: I will. Michael already gave me a lecture about what'll happen if I skip town, and you don't have to worry. I won't do that.

Lauren: I trust you.

Kevin: I trust you, too. It means so much to me, having you in my corner.

Lauren: All right, let's just get something straight right here. You know, just because I posted your bail does not mean that I think that you're innocent. It doesn't mean that I think that you're guilty either, you know? I just believe that everyone deserves a fair shake.

Kevin: Well, that's what makes you so special. You know, um, I'm looking forward to going back to court and proving that I did not try to electrocute Brittany Hodges.

Lauren: Well, it's not for me to decide.

Kevin: No, but I'm innocent. I swear. I admit I have done some horrible things in my life that I'm not proud of, but this isn't one of them.

Lauren: Of those other things, how horrible were they?

Kevin: I don’t... I don't want to talk about it.

Lauren: I think sharing our innermost secrets can be very cathartic. Is there anything you want to share with me?

Kevin: I don't think I should.

Lauren: It's not good to let things stay inside and let them eat away at you.

Kevin: You know, it would be nice to talk about it, get it out in the open.

Lauren: You have me, Kevin. I'm right here.

Kevin: Okay. Okay, I'll do it. I'll tell you everything.


Ashley: Why are you raising these concerns now, Olivia? We've talked about this, and you know how I feel.

Olivia: I know you're determined, possibly for good reasons.

Ashley: Now it's "possibly"?

Olivia: You know when you reveal this, it's gonna change your whole relationship with Victor. You have to be prepared for that.

Ashley: And you don't think I am prepared.

Olivia: I don't know. You have a lot going on in your life right now.

Ashley: All the more reason to resolve things with Victor now. You know, you've supported me through this whole thing. Why are you changing your mind now? Is there some medical reason I should know about?

Olivia: No. I'm here as your friend tonight.

Ashley: Well, then why shouldn't I do it? You said yourself that in your medical opinion, this might be what's best for me.

Olivia: Yeah, and medically, I still believe that.

Ashley: Great, because I am strong enough, and I am stable enough. I can handle it.

Olivia: Mentally, I know you can. But have you thought about what this is gonna do to your life? I don't know, Ashley. I don't know if you really should do this.


Victor: If you have anything else to say, you say it, Bradley.

Brad: You expect me to believe that Jack's behavior came as a big surprise? You two have been tossing insults back and forth for years.

Victor: There's a time when enough is more than enough.

Brad: Well, you picked an interesting moment to draw a line in the sand, victor, a pretty convenient moment.

Victor: What are you talking about, Bradley?

Brad: You knew Jack would act out big time. You wanted all that drama. It was a slick way of not having to write a check, while at the same time, not coming off as the bad guy.

Victor: For your information, I made that offer good faith.

Brad: Did you?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Brad: (Laughs) you knew Jack would turn down $75 million. You knew it wasn't enough, but you could still tell the judge you made the attempt. And when Ash and John tried to make that original offer fly, you knew Jack would shoot off his mouth and blow the whole deal.

Victor: Well, now, Bradley, you have got your version of the events, I have mine, all right? You have a nice evening.

Brad: You in a hurry, Victor? Where you off to?

Victor: Since when is that your business?

Brad: Well, I'd say it's my business when you're going off to a private meeting with my wife.


Kay: Nikki, what is it? What's wrong?

Nikki: Katherine, I don't want to get you involved in this. It's just such a horrible mess.

Kay: Oh, stop it. What are friends for?

Nikki: I have a very difficult evening ahead of me.

Kay: How so?

Nikki: There's something I have to tell Victor-- a secret that I've kept from him.

Kay: And you're worried that, what, that it could possibly have an effect on his feelings for you?

Nikki: I pray to God it doesn’t. You know, if he's upset with anybody, it should be with Ashley.

Kay: Ashley? Well, my God, what does she have to do with this?

Nikki: Everything.

Kay: Well...

Nikki: If I tell you, you have to promise me that you won't tell another soul.

Kay: Oh, darling, please. Would I ever betray your confidence? For God's sake, this secret, what... come on, what is it?

Nikki: It's about Abby.

Kay: Abby? Brad and Ashley’s little girl?

Nikki: Yeah, that's what everybody thinks, including Victor.

Kay: Oh, my God. You're not saying that... oh, sweetheart, no.

Nikki: She's his. Victor is Abby Carlton’s biological father.

Kay: Honey, how could that possibly be? Ashley and Victor-- they weren't even together way back then, were they?

Nikki: I know, I know. That's why it's so bizarre. All right, I'll tell you everything, just sit down. You may have trouble believing it, but it's true.


Lauren: What do you want to tell me?

Kevin: First, you have to give me your word, promise me that you won't repeat what I'm about to tell you, not to anyone.

Lauren: I won’t.

Kevin: I mean it, Lauren, not another soul.

Lauren: I promise.

Kevin: On your life?

Lauren: Kevin, on my life.

Kevin: Okay.

Kevin: All the things that I was being accused of last fall, with Lily and the fire at Gina’s...

Kevin: It's all true.

Lauren: I see.

Kevin: You have no idea how sorry I am. All that I can say is that I used to be a different person. You know, before I met you, I didn't care about anything. I thought that life was about getting revenge. Believe me, if I could go back and erase all the things that I've done, I would do it in a second.

Lauren: But that's not how it works. You can't go back.

Kevin: I know.

Lauren: Do you realize all the people that you've hurt and the lives that you have damaged? You took something precious from Lily. You destroyed the restaurant that Gina loved and almost cost Colleen her life.

Kevin: Okay, please, please don't be upset with me. I feel terrible enough.

Lauren: And what about Brittany?

Kevin: No, no, I swear, I had nothing to do with that.

Lauren: I think you should go.

Kevin: Why?

Lauren: I just have a lot of work to do.

Kevin: You lied to me.

Lauren: What?

Kevin: You want me to go so that you can call the cops.

Lauren: No. No.


Bobby: Yeah, that's about it. Afterwards, they found a wire from the ceiling connected to the top of the pole.

Angelo: They told me the guy who did it, he went around the breaker box, and he got the juice directly from the main. So obviously, he knew what he was doing.

Michael: Why would my client want to hurt one of your dancers?

Bobby: No, not just "one of my dancers"-- Brittany. He thought she got him fired.

Michael: Did she?

Bobby: Well, she told me some stuff about him. But I had already decided that he was a little too weird for this place.

Angelo: Yeah, the guy wasn't too, um, you know, solid where the females are concerned.

Bobby: All right, look, we're done here. Now if you don't mind, I got a business to run.

Michael: No, I'm not finished yet. Now I find it very interesting that you two are so dead certain that Kevin Fisher-- whom you really didn't know very well-- is the guilty party here. I mean, it's so tidy for you two. You know, the guy's a little uncomfortable with girls, he might have done a thing or two that he shouldn't have in the past, so you've got yourselves a scapegoat.

Bobby: Whoa, you sayin' that we did it, that we set up a beautiful girl to get her face scarred for the rest of her life? Okay, now you've gone too far. I think I'm ready for that lawsuit right about now.


Kevin: No, I'm right. I'm right. As soon as I walk out that door, you're calling the cops.

Lauren: No, I'm not gonna--

Kevin: You said I could trust you.

Lauren: Kevin--

Kevin: How could I be so stupid? I let you set me up again.

Lauren: No, listen to me.

Kevin: Okay, you know what? I'm not going back to jail. I can't, not after what they did to me. I won't do it. I'd rather die than go back there.

Lauren: Okay, will you just stop? I'm not going to say anything to the cops.

Kevin: How can I believe you?

Lauren: We're friends, right? Friends can count on each other.

Kevin: 'Cause if the cops come after me, Lauren, I don't know what I might do. I really don’t.

Lauren: Kevin.

Kevin: I have to go. Good night, Lauren. Don't betray me.


Victor: Don't read meanings into this that aren't there. Your wife asked me to meet her in private. I intended to respect her confidence, all right?

Brad: What makes you think Ash would talk to you about something she's hidden from her husband?

Victor: I don't know, Bradley. I have no idea. If you do, why don't you tell me? Since you seem to know what her agenda is, why don't you share it with me?

Brad: No. This is Ash's deal all the way.

Victor: That sounds rather ominous. What?

Brad: Just wondering.

Victor: You're wondering what, if I can be trusted with your wife alone without you there to protect her? Haven't I proven to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have your wife's best interests at heart?

Brad: Look, Victor. You've been way too involved in her life for years, even while having a family of your own.

Victor: Let's cut to the chase, Bradley, man to man. If you know what's on her mind, you share it with me. It may be the businessman in me, but I hate to go into a meeting blind.

Brad: There's no way to prepare yourself for this.

Victor: Meaning what?

Brad: I'm not gonna say any more. You go have your meeting with Ash. Get it over with. Just promise me one thing, you meant what you said about wanting what's best for Ash, what's really best.

Victor: You obviously know something that you're not willing to share with me. But I will do my damnedest to do what's best for her. You have a nice workout. Excuse me.


Kay: Oh, that's amazing. All these years that woman has kept this secret.

Nikki: Yeah, a secret that she vowed to take to the grave. And then when I found out--

Kay: She made you take a vow of secrecy?

Nikki: Against my better judgment.

Kay: Nikki, what made her decide to open up after all these years?

Nikki: Well, you know what happened with her, the accident and losing the baby.

Kay: Yes, yes, yes. I know that.

Nikki: Well, that's when it all started.

Kay: Oh, her mental condition, you mean.

Nikki: Yes, and it was Victor who brought her back. Nobody else could get through to her but him.

Kay: I see. And now she's done a complete about-face, and she expects you to drop this bomb on Victor?

Nikki: Oh, she wanted to tell him. I begged her to let me do it. But, Katherine, she has always had a piece of Victor's heart. He has never been able to really let go of her.

Kay: Nikki, Nikki, Nikki, he loves you so much. Darling, he has proven this a hundred times.

Nikki: Can you guarantee me that his feelings won't change when he finds out he shares a child with Ashley? I am terrified.

Kay: Oh.

Nikki: After everything we've been through to find our way back to each other, I don't know if I could bear it if I lose him again. I don't!

Kay: No, no, no, no, shh.


Ashley: I'm just gonna bottom line it. I am not gonna carry around this secret any longer. Victor has a right to know that he has another child.

Olivia: Have you thought about how you're gonna tell him? Do you have a plan?

Ashley: Of course. I've agonized over it. And I've reached a decision. He's gonna know tonight.

Olivia: Tonight? You're gonna spring this on him tonight?

Ashley: I know, it's gonna be a hell of a shock.

Olivia: Have you warned anyone? Does Nikki know?

Ashley: Yes, she does. In fact, she's gonna be the one to tell him.

Olivia: What?


J.T.: Shiloh thinks that, you know, your coming would... look, it's just not gonna work out this time. Colleen, look, I'm sorry. I know we had plans.

Colleen: And Shiloh doesn't think it'll work, us going to L.A. together?

J.T.: Well, it's gonna be solid business. I wouldn't even have time to spend with you outside of that.

Colleen: She doesn't want some starry-eyed kid tagging along the whole time, right?

J.T.: No. Colleen, come on. It's not personal, honestly.

Colleen: That's how she feels, though, right? You know what? Never mind. I understand. You don't have to explain.

J.T.: Colleen, look, I want you to understand.

Colleen: Honey, its okay. It's not your fault. I know how much you wanted me on this trip.

J.T.: You know what? You're coming, all right? They can just deal with it.

Colleen: J.T., no.

J.T.: Why shouldn't I bring whoever I want, huh?

Colleen: Because Shiloh is the expert, okay? This is her business. She knows the people involved, her bosses at the record label. Plus, they're gonna need to spend time with you.

J.T.: Yeah, but I want you there.

Colleen: You have to listen to her, all right? Do what she says. This is what you guys were arguing about when I came over, isn't it? See, that's not good. She's sticking her neck out so that you can have an amazing career. You have to think long term, so that one day when you have an entourage, then you can get specific, you know-- what kind of potato chips you want in your dressing room and how many backstage passes I can give to my girlfriends.

J.T.: Yeah, right.

Colleen: But until that happens, Shiloh’s right. You gotta work really hard and get a lot accomplished. And I'll be waiting with open arms when you get home, your number one fan.

J.T.: You're, like, the most amazing woman. You know, I couldn't have done this without you, seriously. I owe you so much.

Colleen: Just go out there and knock 'em dead. That's what I want more than anything.


Victor: Well, that's a rather odd place to do your homework.

Colleen: Mr. Newman, hi.

Victor: What are you working on?

Colleen: Oh, I had a half day at school today, only my teachers made up for it by giving us a ton of homework.

Victor: Well, I'm sure they wanted to make certain that you got your money's worth.

Colleen: Lucky me.

Victor: I just ran into your Dad in the locker room.

Colleen: My Dad's here? Oh, I didn't know. I brought Abby for some ice cream.

Victor: Oh, you're babysitting your sister. How nice.

Colleen: Yeah, I try to whenever I can. She's growing up so fast.

Victor: They have a habit of doing that. Where is she?

Colleen: Oh, she's in the back with Gina, helping run the place, I'm sure.

Victor: Perhaps she will develop as good of a head for business as her mother.

Colleen: Or her Dad.

Victor: Yes, or like her Dad, just like Bradley.

Colleen: I should probably go check on her. Hey, honey, what you got there?

Victor: There she is.

Abby: Apple slices. Gina said not to eat too many sweets.

Victor: Well, then she gave you very good advice.


Paul: Hey.

Lauren: Oh, Paul.

Pl: Sorry. I didn't mean to startle you.

Lauren: I was just zoning out.

Paul: Thinking about Kevin Fisher? I saw him leaving just now. Let me guess. He was here to thank you for making his bail.

Lauren: Yeah.

Paul: You okay?

Lauren: Fine.

Paul: No, you're not. What happened? Did he say something to you? Did he hurt you? Did he touch you?

Lauren: No.

Paul: Then what happened? Lauren, would you please tell me what's going on here?

Lauren: Nothing.

Paul: (Sighs) you expect me to believe that?

Lauren: We just talked, okay? Can we just leave it at that?

Paul: No, I can’t. Did he finally open up to you?

Lauren: Please let it go.

Paul: Lauren? Lauren? He did, didn't he? We are in this together. Did he mention something about Brittany?

Lauren: No.

Paul: Oh, come on, he confessed to something. Now what is it? Was it Lily? Was it starting the fire at Gina’s?

Lauren: Paul!

Paul: He did, didn't he?

Lauren: I swore I wouldn't say anything, okay? Just drop it!

Paul: What was it? Tell me what he said!

Lauren: Please, just let it go.

Paul: Come on.

Lauren: Where are we going? What?

Paul: Come on. We are going to the police. You're gonna tell them everything.

Lauren: No, I can't!


Michael: Don't be a moron, Marsino. Goes for you, too, big buddy. Just makes you look guilty.

Angelo: Hey, for your info, this guy here, he's in love with little Miss Hodges, okay? And me, I ain't in love with her, but I don't hurt women.

Michael: But you know people who do.

Bobby: Unh-unh, no, we don’t.

Michael: Maybe you know people who want to hurt men, but they're not too smart. Look, why are we talking around this? Brittany's father's been giving you a hard time 'cause he doesn't like his precious little package working in your establishment. It's not like you can call the police, 'cause he has friends downtown and you don't so--

Bobby: So wait a minute. So we fried her, right, our main attraction right here in the club, to calm her father down, make him see that it was all right for her to work here? Come on, Baldwin. You're supposed to be the smart guy. Think about it. Doesn't make any sense.

Michael: Marsino, violence very rarely makes sense. Okay. I've got enough for the moment. I may see you again-- here or in court-- but I hope it's as pleasant an experience as it's been this evening. So long, gentlemen.

Bobby: Idiot.

Angelo: Yeah, really. A real idiot. You?


Victor: I bet you those apple slices taste good.

Colleen: You remember Mr. Newman, don't you, sweetie?

Victor: Did your sister bring you here for a special day?

Abby: Uh-huh.

Victor: It's nice to have a big sister, isn't it?

Colleen: She's a little shy, especially around people she doesn't really know.

Victor: Well, I understand that. (Cell phone rings)

Colleen: Excuse me. Hello. What? What's going on?

Victor: Why don't you take that call, okay? I'll watch Abby for you.

Colleen: Are you sure?

Victor: Sure.

Colleen: Thank you. Excuse me. I don't understand. How could that happen?

Victor: So what's going on?


Kay: All right, now. Come on, come on. Let's, uh, let's, uh, try and pull ourselves together.

Nikki: Katherine, I've dreaded this day coming ever since I knew. And now that it's the moment of truth, I don't know if I can go through with it.

Kay: My God, how can Ashley be so selfish, asking Victor to handle a revelation this life-changing?

Nikki: Exactly. But she insists nothing will change.

Kay: Well, she's wrong. You know she's wrong. She impregnates herself by devious means and then she wants to legitimize her actions, what, by confessing?

Nikki: I have tried to talk her out of it. She won't listen to reason.

Kay: All right, if I were you, I wouldn't tell Victor a thing.

Nikki: If I don't, she will.

Kay: Then find a way to stop her. Tell the woman to keep her dirty little secret to herself. Darling, you've got to make her understand how many lives she could affect or destroy if she confesses this truth.

Kay: Uh, darling, listen, I know you need me to leave, and I will. I need to go, but just remember one thing, sweetheart... oh, God. If you need anything, I'm just a phone call away.

Nikki: Thanks. Thank you.

Kay: I love you.

Nikki: I love you, too.

Kay: All right. All right.

Nikki: Thanks.

Kay: No more tears.


Paul: Why can't you go to the police? You just told me the guy confessed.

Lauren: I did not. You put that together yourself.

Paul: Oh, whatever, Lauren.

Lauren: I gave Kevin my word.

Paul: So what, are you making deals with the devil now?

Lauren: He's not. He's a messed up kid.

Paul: He has hurt a lot of people.

Lauren: I promised him.

Paul: So, what, you're a priest? Lauren, look at me. We are talking about protecting innocent people.

Lauren: I don't know what he's gonna do if I turn him in. He's terrified of going back to jail. And if the cops show up, I don't know what's gonna happen. He'll panic!

Paul: Oh, God, Lauren. So what, you're not gonna do anything at all?

Lauren: I don't know. I don't know. I just need time to think about this.

Paul: Oh, God, Lauren. We don't have time! There is a psychopath out there walking the streets! You have said time and time again that if Kevin is guilty, he needs to pay for his crimes. Well, he admitted his guilt! So what are you gonna do about it?

Lauren: I'm sorry. I know you're gonna hate me for this, but I will not turn him .. I won’t.


Olivia: Nikki is telling Victor?

Ashley: She begged me to let her do it.

Olivia: Why? I mean, I can understand, yes, she's his wife, but I certainly can't imagine wanting to tell my husband this piece of information.

Ashley: I know, which is why I'm not so sure I should have trusted her with it. Who knows what kind of spin she's gonna put on it?

Olivia: Well, it's out of your hands now. And you know what? Maybe it's for the best.

Ashley: I don't know. At the very least, I think I should be there, if for no other reason than to protect my daughter's interests.

Olivia: Ashley, you're playing a very dangerous game.

Ashley: I'm not playing a game, Olivia. This is my daughter's life.

Olivia: Well, you realize that Victor's gonna want to have a relationship with his daughter. How's that gonna affect Brad, your marriage, Nikki and Victor's marriage?

Ashley: I know there are risks, but I'm not gonna second-guess myself any longer. Victor's going to know, and he's going to know tonight.

Olivia: But why tonight? Why not wait?

Ashley: Because it'll save everybody a lot of pain if I deal with this now. Or would you rather he find out by accident? That would be the worst thing that could happen.


Victor: I think your sister is right. I think you're a little shy. But I understand that. You know, it's difficult. One doesn't know how to act around people one doesn't know. I know I'm a stranger to you, but I wish I weren't, because I think you're a very special girl. You believe that, don't you?

Abby: Why?

Victor: Why are you a special girl to me? Because I'm a friend of your mommy’s and your mommy is very special to me. And any child of hers is special as well. You know, I once had a little girl. She's all grown up now. And she isn't around that much anymore, and it makes me sad sometimes. But I used to have her all to myself.

Abby: Mommy says you're my father.

Victor: No, she didn't say that.

Abby: I saw her on TV. She said you're my Daddy.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Michael: Life was so much simpler before Kevin came into town. I wish I could just turn my back and walk and just keep on walking.

Paul: We need to talk.


Victor: Your daughter Abby told me something. I came here to find out what she meant.

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