Wednesday Y&R Transcript 3/31/04

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/31/04 -- Canada, Tuesday 4/1/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Dru: (Sighs)

Dru: Ew! Oh Damon, Damon, you get your tantric-lovin' self down here right now so we can talk!


Nick: Did Miss Lerner sound desperate?

Neil: Not at all. She just laid out her proposal. That was it.

Nick: She offered to give us the raw materials for the product if we gave her a job at Newman Enterprises?

Neil: Vanessa's done a lot of preliminary research on this hair straightener. She may know as much about it as Damon Porter does.

Nick: I find it hard to believe that Jabot hasn't got her tied up legally.

Neil: Well, she claims she hasn't signed anything.

Nick: That would make her a free agent.

Neil: Apparently. And the product is still in the public domain, because it's a plant.

Nick: Right. Let me think about it. You know, I may not even be in a position to make a decision on this.

Neil: Really? What do you mean?

Nick: My father's making serious noise about replacing me.

Neil: You mean hiring someone else to run this company?

Nick: Yeah, while he's on probation.

Neil: Who does he have in mind?

Nick: I don't know. What I do know is if I'm gonna have a fighting chance, I'm gonna need your support. In fact, without it, I might as well pack up my briefcase and head home.


Kevin: Ah, freedom. What a concept.

Michael: Someone once said it was just another word for nothing left to lose.

Kevin: Yeah, well, whoever said that never spent a night in jail. I'm telling you, the air is sweet. The light sparkles off everything. It's the best.

Michael: So everybody should be incarcerated every once in awhile just to make sure they're appreciating the world around them, huh?

Kevin: No, no, don't even joke about that. Never again.

Michael: It bothered you.

Kevin: Well, you know I don't like to be confined, especially not with a bunch of guys with tattoos who want to shoot hoops with my skull.

Michael: Well, word got around about your history with young girls on the internet.

Kevin: A totally distorted version, of course. Okay, not totally. Just make sure I don't have to go back there, okay?

Michael: I can guarantee that. You were in the police lockup. If you're convicted in the Brittany Hodges case, you will be in state prison, which will make what you just went through look like sitting in a bar sharing a beer with your brother.

Kevin: Well, thanks for that. I needed to be more scared than I already am.


Miguel: Welcome, Mrs. Carlton. Mrs. Newman is expecting you.

Ashley: Thanks, Miguel.

Miguel: May I get you anything?

Ashley: No, I'm fine.

Miguel: Well, in that case, I'll get Mrs. Newman.

Ashley: Thank you.

[Ashley remembering when Abby was born and Victor seeing Abby for the first time.]

Victor: How did it go?

Ashley: Fine.

Nurse: She has a perfect healthy child.

Ashley: That's all I care about.

Nurse: They'll be bringing your baby momentarily, Ms. Abbott.

Victor: How do you feel?

Ashley: Tired. I'm kind of cold.

Nurse: That's what these blankets are for, dear.

Nurse #2: Here's your girl.

Victor: Oh, my goodness.

Nurse #2: You have a beautiful baby daughter, and I know you want to hold her.

Victor: Oh, my goodness.

Nurse #2: Oh, there.

Victor: Oh, my goodness. Hi, sweetheart.

Victor: You're so beautiful. The nurse made a mistake. She thought the baby was mine. You're so beautiful.

Ashley: She shouldnít... she shouldn't have done that.

Victor: I'm just holding her.

Ashley: Victor, would you please give her to me, please? I'm moving on with my life. Would you, please...

Victor: Why are you talking like this?

Ashley: Victor, give me my baby, please.

Victor: Your baby's perfectly fine. Don't get upset now.

Ashley: Give me my baby right now.


[Back to present.]

Ashley: Well, Victor, you're gonna know tonight what I should have told you then. That little baby you held in your arms is yours.


Damon: (Whistling)

Dru: Mighty long shower you took there.

Damon: Yeah, sorry. I thought you'd be gone by now.

Dru: You thought wrong.

Damon: You know, darling, I must say, I do not appreciate you coming in here like a tornado and running my new lady friend out.

Dru: Your lady friend. Phyllis Abbott? It hurts me to even say the name. Does it hurt your ears to hear it?

Damon: No, actually. I rather like the sound of it myself.

Dru: Oh, I can tell. I can tell, and every pot has a top. Do you realize what you're risking? Maybe you don't mind being unemployed, but I do.

Damon: What are you talking about?

Dru: I'm talking about you doing the do with the boss' wife.

Damon: Phyllis and i are consenting adults. We can pursue our pleasure any way we please, thank you very much.

Dru: Well, while you're pursuing your pleasure, let me remind you that you work for a company that's run by Jack Abbott, Phyllis' husband. He is our boss. Are you getting this? And don't you think that you're gonna antagonize him just a pinch when he finds out that you've been shaking her chakras?

Damon: Who's gonna tell him, Dru?

Dru: People have ways of finding things out. You didn't just fall off the turnip truck.

Damon: You need to relax. Phyllis and Jack are getting a divorce.

Dru: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Let's see how long it takes them to realize they can't live without each other once they discover how those attorneys are sucking them dry.

Damon: I'll take my chances.

Dru: Is she that good?

Damon: (Chuckles) you know, I still ain't quite figured out how you come into all this.

Dru: Let me spell it out for you, all right? Ashley, she's on a housecleaning bender, if you will, and our hair-straightening product is headed towards the guillotine. And Tuvia running a close second, I highly doubt that Jack is gonna fight his sister on keeping our precious product alive.


Neil: So you really think your father will replace you, huh?

Nick: The way he's talking, it sure sounds like it.

Neil: Obviously you've had some conversations about this.

Nick: Arguments, more like it.

Neil: Why? Is he unhappy about the way you're running things?

Nick: He wants to keep pulling the strings, and I don't make a very good puppet.

Neil: Nicholas, it is his company. I mean, naturally the man wants some say in how it's run.

Nick: No, it's more than that. This is payback, pure and simple. It's because I turned him in to the authorities.

Neil: Well, my friend, you knew when you did that there would be some consequences.

Nick: Does this mean you won't help me?

Neil: Nick, I'm not sure I can help you.

Nick: My father respects you, Neil. He'll listen to you.

Neil: I don't wan to get caught in the middle. Your father's been very good to me.

Nick: And you don't want to line up against the man who hired you.

Neil: Or who promoted me, who signs my paycheck.

Nick: I will sign your paycheck. Neil, we are talking about the immediate future of this multibillion dollar conglomerate.

Neil: Yeah, I know, but, Nick--

Nick: Seriously, can you imagine what this place will be like if my father brings in some corporate clown to run it?

Neil: Has he mentioned any names?

Nick: No, I can't pin him down, but it'll be one of his cronies. Michael Baldwin comes to mind.

Neil: Michael Baldwin? What does he know about running Newman Enterprises?

Nick: Nothing. The man knows nothing, but he did my old man's dirty work for months, and he follows orders.

Neil: Let me tell you something. If Victor is even considering Michael Baldwin, he's making a big mistake.

Nick: Does this mean I have your support?

Neil: It means that if your Dad asks my opinion, I'll tell him what I think, but that's all I can promise you.

Nick: I guess that'll have to be good enough.

Neil: Hey, why don't you just slow down, relax? Don't worry. One way or the other, I'm sure that Victor will make the decision that's best for this company.

Nick: Don't bet on it.


Michael: I am trying to scare you for a reason.

Kevin: I know, I know. You want me to play it your way, do what you tell me, not get all crazy and hurt my own case.

Michael: That's right. You screaming "I didn't do it" every time someone looks at you cross-eyed, it doesn't help. Creating a reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury, convincing them you had nothing to do with Brittany Hodges, that takes some smarts, some skill, some clever maneuvering.

Kevin: Which is what you're good at.

Michael: I have a respectable batting average, yes.

Kevin: Well, I'm a lucky guy.

Michael: You're a very lucky guy.

Kevin: I have a clever lawyer who's capable of coming up with $100,000 at a moment's notice to get me out of jail.

Michael: Yeah, well...

Kevin: I'm serious, mikey, I'm sorry for so o of the things that I've said. You really are a great brother.

Michael: I am a great brother, but I didn't come up with your bond surety.

Kevin: What? What are you talking about? You're the only friend that I have here or anywhere else.

Michael: Well, I guess that's not quite true.

Kevin: Okay, then who was it, Santa Claus? Come on, it was you.

Michael: No. I guess I'd better tell you. Uh, it was Lauren Fenmore.


Neil: Yes, Victor?

Victor: You got a minute?

Neil: Of course I do. How can I help you?

Victor: Please sit down.

Neil: You know, when someone asks you to sit down, generally it's not for good news.

Victor: Let me preface this by saying that your work around here has been exemplary.

Neil: Thank you. Thank you very much. Those are very kind words.

Victor: My decision to hire you as my right hand has turned out to be far more advantageous to me than I had thought.

Neil: I appreciate you giving me a second chance.

Victor: Everyone deserves a second chance, Neil. I should know. I've been given one.

Neil: Your probation, you mean?

Victor: I could have ended up in jail. You know that.

Neil: Yes, I do know that. I still can't believe I let myself get hooked on alcohol to the point where I couldn't function, you know?

Victor: Yeah, but you faced that problem head on. You looked for help, and I respect that. And that shows the strength of character that I've been looking for.

Neil: What do you mean you're looking for?

Victor: You're on the short list to replace my son as interim C.E.O. of Newman Enterprises.


Damon: Jack Abbott is a businessman. He didn't run with Tuvia because it meant Drucilla Winters would have herself a job. He got behind it because he knew that there was a pot of gold at the end of our rainbow.

Dru: Ashley doesn't believe that.

Damon: Well, what are we gonna do? They're just gonna have to fight it out now, ain't they?

Dru: That's exactly my point. Jack will not duke it out with Ashley, especially if he figures he's doing you a favor. Especially if he learns what you've been doing with Phyllis.

Damon: I disagree. Remember, its business.

Dru: Horse of a different color.

Damon: You know, even Ashley knows you don't make progress by standing still. Now Jabot has got a big ol' chuck of change coming from Newman. That money needs to be spent to reinvigorate this company, and our hair-straightening product will do just that.

Dru: Now we get to the point as to why I came in the first place.

Damon: We do? And it wasn't just to stick your nose into my personal business?

Dru: No, there will be no money from Newman. That's right, no $75 million, because Newman has taken his offer off of the table.

Damon: You're sure?

Dru: If I'm lyin', I'm flyin'. So now do you understand why Jack is so important? Now do you understand why you shouldn't be fiddlin' with freaky Phyllis and the mysterious ways of the kama sutra?


Nikki: Hello, Ashley. Thank you for coming.

Ashley: I'm not really sure why I'm here.

Nikki: You have no idea why I would ask to see you, just the two of us?

Ashley: Well, I guess you think everything's going to change.

Nikki: I don't know what to think. I don't know what's going to happen.

Ashley: I think you're over dramatizing it just a little bit.

Nikki: I wonder if you would be so cavalier if I was about to drop this bomb on your husband.

Ashley: Nikki, I don't mean to appear cavalier, and I don't intend to ruin your marriage.

Nikki: I just don't understand why you think it would be so beneficial to bring this out in the open, when you say you don't want anything to change. What's the point?

Ashley: The point is, this is something Victor needs to know.

Nikki: All right, well, I asked you here for a reason, something I pray you will do.

Ashley: Don't ask me not to tell victor, because I have to.

Nikki: No, you donít.

Ashley: Nikki, I'm going to tell him.

Nikki: I could do it. Please, Ashley, let me be the one.


Damon: I'm surprised.

Dru: Why? That a seemingly innocent slap and tickle could carry so many consequences for so many people? Just open the history books. It's all there.

Damon: No, no, no, no, no. That Victor wouldn't accept that settlement for $75 million. He could have put the whole thing behind him, for what, pennies on the dollar.

Dru: I'll tell you why. It's emotional, people hating each other.

Damon: And you think my dalliance with Phyllis...

Dru: Oh, your dalliance with Phyllis has everything to do with this. It's that kind of a thing that stirs up emotions in people, and at the end of the day, people are people.

Damon: That include me? Do I get to have an emotion or two?

Dru: Yes, you do, but your timing stinks and so does your choice. Yeah, what about Vanessa? She's smart, she's not married and hold up. She's a sister.

Damon: You did not say that.

Dru: Oh, yes, I did.

Damon: I don't choose my paramours from some laundry list, Dru! It happened!

Dru: Oh, it happened. It happened. That's what you all... you know what? You know what? I knew it was too good to be true.

Damon: What?

Dru: You, the job. Oh, Damon. Damon. I never thought I'd find something as exciting as when I was a model, and then I got appointed as spokesperson for Tuvia. I mean, I turned that out. All the stars were lined up.

Damon: Drucilla, I don't want you to lose your job, but I cannot control what happens.

Dru: You can help.

Damon: By breaking it off with Phyllis.

Dru: It's a start, and hope that Jack never finds out what you've been doing to her chakras. You know, let me remind you that our president/head chemist is about to do away with a project that we have put our blood, sweat and tears into.

Damon: Maybe you're right.

Dru: I know I'm right. Jack is our hope.

Damon: I'm not even sure he can stop it.

Dru: Oh, so now you're the pessimist. Man, look, do me a favor and just put Phyllis back on the shelf where you found her. Are you hearing me? You know, I'm gonna go meet my husband, okay?

Damon: Maybe it's time we took this whole thing in an entirely different direction.

Dru: And what direction would that be? Out the window, down the toilet, up in smoke, what?

Damon: I'm not sure.

Dru: Okay, you know what? You think about it, and you get back to me.


Victor: You're not saying anything.

Neil: I'm stunned.

Victor: I can see that.

Neil: I would ask if you were serious, but I know that you'd never joke about something this important.

Victor: You're damn right I wouldnít.

Neil: And you're not ready to take over again yourself.

Victor: No, I'm gonna to devote myself to the duties that the court imposed upon me.

Neil: I understand.

Victor: I'm taking my punishment seriously. This is a chance for me to pay back to the community.

Neil: So you're not convinced that Nicholas can handle things, huh?

Victor: Sad to say, but I no longer trust his judgment.

Neil: Because he turned you in to the authorities.

Victor: Yeah. I cat begin to tell you how devastating that was. Obviously one expects loyalty from those who work for one, but I expected loyalty from my son above all.

Neil: As well you should.

Victor: Now having said that, I'm not gonna give up the reins entirely.

Neil: Then you'll still be closely involved with overseeing whoever takes over for Nick.

Victor: Right.

Neil: Acting C.E.O., that's a hell of a step up.

Victor: You'll be compensated properly. Just remember that this is an interim job.

Neil: Understood.

Victor: And this is not a firm offer, because I'm looking at other candidates.

Neil: I'm honored that you're even considering me, Victor.

Victor: So you're interested?

Neil: Very much so.

Victor: All right, that's enough for now. We'll talk again.

Neil: Absolutely. And, Victor, whether or not this works out, I can't thank you enough for your vote of confidence in me.

Victor: You're a good man, Neil. Have a nice day.


Dru: Thank you.

Waiter: Could I get you something while you're waiting?

Dru: Cabernet, please.

Waiter: Okay, I'll be right back.


Kevin: Lauren Fenmore put up my bail?

Waiter: One house cab.

Michael: Ten percent of a million bucks, which she loses if you don't show up.

Kevin: I don't know what to say to that. That's, uh... well, I guess I should thank her, shouldn't I?

Michael: I don't know. Let's look at that, shall we? Are you still convinced you were in love with her?

Kevin: I was, I was. There's no question about it. But when I found out she was setting me up, I just... I don't know. I guess everything was happening so quickly I didn't think about it, but now... mikey, doesn't this mean she has feelings for me?

Michael: She does, but not the same kind you have for her.

Kevin: You're saying she feels sorry for me?

Michael: I didn't say that. You did. Lauren is a very compassionate woman. She thinks you've had some rough breaks. She doesn't want to think of you sitting in a jail cell, and she trusts that you will show up at your trial so she doesn't lose a hundred grand.

Kevin: I'll show up, Mikey. I won't let her down. Wow, Lauren.


Nikki: So how is your daughter?

Ashley: Do you really care, or are you just asking to be polite?

Nikki: She's about to be a very big part of our lives.

Ashley: Not necessarily.

Nikki: Yeah, I know you keep saying that, but if you didn't want to have a connection to Victor through this child, why would you tell him?

Ashley: Whatever you think about me and my motives, this is something that's going to happen. I'm not going to live with this secret any longer, Nikki. I simply wonít. Now obviously you don't want this to happen, so why should I put it in your hands?

Nikki: You know, I have a lot more to lose here than you do. My entire future is at stake, and you're calling all the shots. All I am asking is for you to let me tell my own husband in my own way that he has a child with you. I think that's fair.

Ashley: Why should I trust you? Are you just trying to stall?

Nikki: What would be the point of that? You have already made up your mind from the very beginning. You have manipulated this whole thing. You've made every decision, Ashley. You stole the goods. You arranged for the insemination. Victor didn't know anything.

Ashley: He wasn't married to you then. I'd like to remind you of that. And maybe it wasn't my best judgment.

Nikki: Maybe? Yeah, maybe not. Unfortunately, I can't rewrite history. This is going to be a shocking revelation. I don't know what he's going to do or say. He could be furious that I knew about this, that others knew about it, and he didnít. I cannot predict what's going to happen, but he's my husband, Ashley, not yours. And I think that you owe me the opportunity to be the one to tell him he has a child with you. This could affect our lives profoundly. Even though you pretend that it's not going to, it will. You must realize that.


Neil: Hey, baby. Mmm.

Neil: What's the matter?

Dru: Hi.

Neil: I'd say more like low.

Dru: If you're trying to cheer me up, cheer me up.

Neil: Bad day, huh?

Dru: Oh, and it's about to get a lot worse tomorrow.

Neil: Ooh, now that's a really gloomy outlook.

Dru: Yeah, that would be me-- typically gloomy.

Neil: No, no, no, actually, you're never that gloomy. You've got more positive energy than a nuclear reactor.

Dru: Yeah, yeah, yeah, so...

Neil: So if you're feeling down, there must be a reason.

Dru: Did Victor Newman tell you about the $75 million?

Neil: We talk large sums of money all the time, but, no, that one doesn't ring a bell.

Dru: Yeah, he was gonna pay Jabot $75 million because of the bribery debacle.

Neil: Get the... I didn't know about that.

Dru: Wouldn't have mattered if you did, because he changed his mind.

Neil: Well, he must have had a reason.

Dru: Whatever.

Neil: So you all are short on money, huh?

Dru: No kidding, Sherlock. We can't see our way out of the hole. You know what? Let's just change the subject, okay?

Neil: Cool.

Dru: How was your day? Don't mention Newman.

Neil: Oh, no, no can do that, because, you see, Victor Newman, he was big, big, big part of my day. It was a great day. You're not gonna believe how incredibly great it was.


Ashley: You're very frightened.

Nikki: Do you blame me?

Ashley: Don't you know how much Victor loves you?

Nikki: I am very confident of his love.

Ashley: After everything the two of you have been through...

Nikki: Just one more little test, huh? The fact that he shares a child with you, that shouldn't be too hard to get past, no.

Ashley: Nikki, I have to reiterate I am not doing this to hurt you.

Nikki: I always knew this day would come. >From the minute I heard that he was the biological father of your child, I knew there would be a day of reckoning, and it's here.

Ashley: I repeat, Victor loves you very deeply.

Nikki: Ashley, let me do this. Let me tell him the truth, please.

Ashley: You have to do it tonight. Don't put it off. I'll just do it myself.

Nikki: Don't worry. I don't want to drag this out. Victor will be told. He'll know the truth tonight.

(Door closes)


Michael: What?

Kevin: Okay, when somebody does something like that, like what Lauren did for me, a real act of kindness, you know, reaching out and making a difference in your life because they're good people or because they think you deserve some help, I mean, does that really happen? Because I'm thinking that this is pretty special, that this is pretty unusual.

Michael: Fortunately, no. People do, in fact, commit random acts of kindness, sometimes not so random. If they didn't, all the nastiness and conflict in the world, it would be unbearable.

Kevin: Yeah. I knew, I knew the minute that I met Lauren that something good was going to happen.

Michael: Good. Good? You almost killed yourself.

Kevin: Well, yeah, well, that was just because... well, she did a bad thing, but she realized it was a bad thing, so she did a good thing to make up for it. And that's what I want to focus on, because that's what I can learn from.

Michael: All right, I think that would be a move in the right direction, but I still think you should be careful about getting carried--

Kevin: No, no, no, no, no. You're gonna tell me that it's just because she's a good Samaritan, and she doesn't have feelings for me, but you don't know.

Michael: Oh, I--

Kevin: You donít. You don't know.

Dru: Honey, that is incredible! That's amazing!

Kevin: Goodie, my favorite people.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Dru: Baby, Victor Newman might make you C.E.O. of Newman Enterprises?

Neil: Accent is on "might" and "interim," honey.

Dru: I don't care if it's for five minutes. That makes me interim first lady of Newman Enterprises. Just think, you're gonna be C.E.O. of a multinational, multimillion dollar conglomerate. I'm gonna give a party.

Neil: Okay, slow your roll, all right? I'm not the only one he's considering.

Dru: Oh, he'll choose you if he's smart. You've had both hands on the steering wheel for years.

Neil: Minus some time out for a lost weekend or two, you know?

Dru: Shh, honey, that just builds character. Come on. What?

Neil: I was talking to Nicholas before Victor told me he was thinking about putting me in charge.

Dru: Oh, okay, so whoever Victor chooses, that person will replace Nick Newman.

Neil: Bull's-eye.

Dru: Does Nick know that?

Neil: That's what he wanted to talk to me about. He wants my support, wants me to stand with him to keep some outsider from coming in, taking over the throne, you know, messing things up.

Dru: Look, he made his bed. What did you tell him?

Neil: What do you think I told him? I told him that I would tell his Dad that he's doing an excellent job, that I think replacing him would be a bad idea.

Dru: Why would you do that? Victor Newmanís trying to give you the keys to the kingdom.

Neil: Why would I do that? Honey, there's something in this business called loyalty. I would be backstabbing Nicholas. I can't do that, no.

Dru: Better you up there than a stranger.

Neil: Mean, wouldn't you know it. The opportunity of a lifetime comes along, and damn if it doesn't have a catch, you know? (Whispering) honey, honey.

Dru: What?

Neil: Look over there.

Dru: What?

Neil: Look over there.

Dru: Oh.

Neil: Mm-hmm.

Dru: How is that boy out on bail?

Neil: Michael Baldwin.

Dru: Not for long.

Michael: Well, I think they've spotted us.

Kevin: Are we gonna let them drive us out of here?

Michael: No. I've got somewhere to go anyway.

Kevin: All right, me, too.

Michael: Look, Kevin, not for nothing, but you didn't wire that dancing pole at Marsino's, did you?

Kevin: Mikey, no, on everything that I hold sacred, on Laurenís life.

Michael: All right, all right. You just watch it, okay? Don't go there.

Kevin: I mean it.

Michael: I told you...

Dru: Well, well, well, you should look absolutely ravishing in the orange jumper.

Neil: Yeah, you know, I so want to be there when they slam that door and lock it, and you're in there all by yourself.

Michael: The law works both ways, folks. You keep this up, I'll take you to court for harassing and insulting my client. At the very least, you'll spend money on a lawyer.

Dru: Let's go.

Michael: You okay?

Kevin: God, they're so creepy. You know, it's like, they're like vampires.

Michael: Kevin, you listen to me. You did do something to their daughter, something that can't be undone. You show a little repentance, okay? All right, I gotta get going. And you stay away from Lauren Fenmore, you hear me? She knows you're grateful. Just leave it alone.

Kevin: Why would I leave her alone? The love of my life. I don't think so.


[Nikki remembering Christmas.]

Nikki: So what are you saying? You think we're soul mates?

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: There was a time I believed that with all my heart.

Victor: I think we can get it back.

Nikki: I don't know.

Victor: Have you forgotten that I'm the man who makes things happen, who makes dreams come true?

Nikki: No, I haven't forgotten.

Victor: Nor have I.

Victor: I haven't forgotten one moment of the life we've shared.

Nikki: Victor, oh, God, I loved you so much.

Victor: I have something for you.

Nikki: You do?

Victor: A belated Christmas gift.

Victor: Open it.

Nikki: It's lovely. Thank you.

Victor: But that isn't all.

Victor: Open it.

Nikki: So beautiful. Thank you.

Victor: This vase will always be filled, as my heart is filled with love for you.

[Nikki back to present.]

Nikki: How do I tell you, Victor? How do I find the words?

Nikki: And what will this mean for you and me?


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