Tuesday Y&R Transcript 3/23/04

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/23/04--Canada; Wednesday 3/24/04--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Michael: Thank you. Hello.

Michael: A vow of silence, Brother Kevin?

Kevin: You let them lock me up.

Michael: Let them? I don't recall Detective Weber asking for my permission. I, uh, do recall trying very hard to get you into a bail hearing. Rough night?

Kevin: You have no idea.

Michael: Someone hassle you?

Kevin: No, not someone. Everyone. They brought this guy in who overheard one of those bonehead cops talking about me. "Yeah, we got this stud in here who likes to go after little girls on the internet." So naturally, he tells everyone in the lockup, and they're all fighting over which one gets me.

Michael: That's bad.

Kevin: Yeah, no kidding. So I yelled and screamed enough, and finally, they gave me my own cell.

Michael: More bearable, I hope.

Kevin: No, actually-- actually, it was almost worse. You know, all alone in this box with bars... you know, I thought I was gonna lose it. So I just closed my eyes, and I hummed to myself, and I imagined wide-open spaces.

Kevin: I didn't sleep, not for a minute. So I'm spent. Please, tell me I'm never gonna have to do that again. I mean it, Mike, just tell me. Otherwise, I may as well just hang myself or something.


Glenn: Hey.

Chris: Oh, hey.

Glenn: You're really into the music, huh?

Chris: Actually, I'm listening to a series of lectures on the history of the Supreme Court. It's fascinating.

Glenn: I bet it is. Look, Chris...

Chris: Yeah, uh, are we talking work?

Glenn: Just a little.

Chris: Okay, I just... I have to get going soon.

Glenn: I know. Kevin Fisher, bail hearing.

Chris: Yeah?

Glenn: This kid's name has been coming up a lot, never in a good way.

Chris: Well, he's no one's idea of a boy scout, Glenn.

Glenn: Well, I'm glad you agree.

Chris: Why?

Glenn: I don't want Fisher out on the street. I want you to go in there and convince Judge Stewart to hold him without bail.


Dru: Morning. Thank you.

Dru: Oh, my goodness, it finally happened.

Lily: What, Mom? What finally happened?

Dru: Honey, you scared me. Oh, my gosh.

Lily: I'm sorry. I didn't know that you were so into the paper. Here, let me see it. I'm supposed to read the front page every day for civics.

Dru: You just got here. Have some breakfast. Relax.

Lily: Well, I just need to glance at it, but it has to be before class.

Dru: Can't it wait?

Lily: What is going on? What don't you want me to see?

Dru: Nothing. Nothing.

Lily: Give me the paper. Mom! Thank you. Gosh.

Lily: "Arrest made in attack on Marsino's dancer. Kevin Fisher was arrested last night in the attempted electrocution of exotic dancer Brittany Hodges."

Lily: Well, good. They finally got him for something.


Paul: I'm glad you remembered these contracts need to go out this morning.

Lynne: Here are the last two. I wanted to get your signature last night before you left.

Paul: That's what I love about you, Lynne. You're always on top of things.

Lynne: Someone has to be.

Paul: (Chuckles) all right. Anything else?

Lynne: No, that's it for now. I will take these to the post office right away.

Paul: Okay, thanks. Ooh, man, I gotta get a move on.

Lynne: Oh, you don't want to be late for your meeting with Mr. Cartwright.

Paul: No, I'm supposed to be at the lodge in a half an hour. So how do I look?

Lynne: I'd hire you to head up my security team.

Paul: Well, I hope Cartwright feels the same way.

Lynne: Do you want me to call you if I hear anything about Kevin?

Paul: Uh, no, that's all right. I'll make some calls later on.

Lynne: I bet you wish you could be at that bail hearing.

Paul: I'm just glad the cops finally arrested him for something. You know, he's been eluding them for months.

Lynne: How's Lauren handling this?

Paul: Well, she still feels guilty, setting Fisher up.

Lynne: Does she know he was arrested?

Paul: No, she doesnít. And you know what? I think it's better if Lauren doesn't know.

Lauren: Better if Lauren doesn't know what?


Nick: You are the woman I love. It's you. And I will do anything I can to prove that, to ease your mind.

Sharon: Nick, just hold me. Hold me tight.

Nick: Babe, what are those?

Sharon: Mm... um, nothing.

Nick: You're not sick, are you?

Sharon: No. Mnh-mnh. They're just, uh, uh, a prescription I got from Dr. Hammet.

Nick: You didn't tell me you saw the doctor.

Sharon: Oh, I didn't? Oh, I guess I forgot.

Nick: What are they for?

Sharon: They're just some pills I need.

Nick: A sedative?


Ashley: Thanks.

Man: Good morning, Mr. Newman.

Victor: Good morning.

Man: Would you like some coffee?

Victor: I would like some coffee. Thank you. How are things?

Man: Good.

Victor: All right.

Ashley: I really wouldn't bother. It's all bad news.


Lauren: So what am I better off not knowing?

Paul: Hello, Lauren. I didn't hear you come in.

Lauren: Obviously.

Lynne: I have to go. Paul, I will see you back at the office. Bye, Lauren.

Lauren: Bye.

Paul: So how was your run?

Lauren: It was fine. What's going on? Paul.

Paul: The police arrested Kevin.

Lauren: When?

Paul: Yesterday. His bail hearing is this morning.

Lauren: So he spent the night in jail.

Paul: I would have told you sooner, but I didn't feel it was--

Lauren: Yeah, of course. You don't want me anywhere near Kevin Fisher. You've made that abundantly clear. So you going to his hearing?

Paul: No. I have a breakfast meeting with a potential client this morning.

Lauren: Is anyone else going to be there?

Paul: Anyone else? You mean, like his attorney? I'm sure it's Michael Baldwin.

Lauren: So nobody.

Paul: You know what? The guy does not deserve a cheering section when he walks into the courtroom.

Lauren: I have to take a shower.

Paul: Lauren... if I need to get a hold of you this morning, you will be at the boutique, won't you?

Lauren: Have a good meeting.


Chris: Glenn, there is no statutory basis for withholding bond from Kevin Fisher.

Glenn: If there were, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Look, Christine, I stood behind you on the Victor Newman case, didn't I? I mean, a lot of people thought he should go to jail. The federal prosecutor's office, they're still ticked off at me. But I hung in there with you. This time, the shoe's on the other foot.

Chris: So you want me to argue against bail for a kid with no record as a favor to you?

Glenn: Christine, I'm the D.A. I'm the head guy. I take the heat so you don't have to. I take the heat from the city council, heat from the press, from angry citizens, from anybody who wants to take potshots at me. And look, like you said, this Kevin Fisher isn't exactly a paragon.

Chris: Yeah, but if there's no basis for withholding bond--

Glenn: Find one. You're smart. This kid out on bail does something bad... I do not wanna have to deal with that, okay? We will get him into court pronto. He won't spend more than a few days in custody. He will survive just fine, I promise. And I'm gonna sleep better.

Glenn: You do want me to sleep better, don't you, christine? Chris, come on. Remember, you are on the other side now. You cannot let your heart bleed for every case. The police think this kid burned a girl, disfigured her for life. All right? Think about that. It'll make your job easier.


Michael: Kevin, I can't make you any promises. A bond hearing is just that-- a hearing. The judge listens to both sides, and then decides how much money it's gonna take to keep you from running off before your trial.

Kevin: Both sides? Who's the other side?

Michael: The prosecution. An assistant D.A.

Kevin: What do they care? Why do they want to see me in jail?

Michael: They don't, necessarily. They just want to make sure you show up at your own trial.

Kevin: What, they think I might try and run?

Michael: Oh, it happens.

Kevin: I would never be that stupid.

Michael: What if you thought you had to spend a whole lot of nights in a prison cell?

Kevin: Well, then I might... then I might run.

Michael: Kevin, listen to me. I'm gonna go in there, and I'm gonna get a reasonable bail set. But don't you make me look bad by taking off the minute they let you outta here.

Kevin: I didn't do it, Mike, okay? I didn't try to electrocute Brittany Hodges.

Michael: All right. Then you have nothing to be afraid of, nothing to run from. Do I have your promise?

Kevin: Yeah. Just no more jail cells, okay?

Michael: Officer, take us to court.


Victor: Well, thanks for the tip. Won't waste my time with this. I'd much rather talk to you anyway.

Ashley: Well, good. In that case, I'll join you.

Victor: Can I get you anything?

Ashley: No, thanks. I just finished breakfast. You go ahead and order.

Victor: I'm just having coffee.

Ashley: So...

Victor: So...

Ashley: I understand you've been away.

Victor: Yeah, in a manner of speaking. After the hearing, I've been doing a lot of thinking.

Ashley: Well, it seems to have agreed with you.

Victor: Mm-hmm. I feel rejuvenated.

Ashley: I'm glad.

Victor: I'm mostly glad that you seem to be your old self again.

Ashley: Thanks to you. I'm even back in the saddle again at Jabot.

Victor: Well, I don't know if that's too good for me.


Sharon: Look, it's no big deal.

Nick: I know that. But why do you need 'em?

Sharon: Because I have had some trouble sleeping lately.

Nick: It's morning.

Sharon: All right, look, my nerves have been really shot lately.

Nick: Sharon, I know that b--

Sharon: And I just... I need them to help me get through the day.

Nick: You hate taking pills.

Sharon: Ordinarily, you're right.

Nick: I mean, you don't even take anything if you have a headache.

Sharon: Sweetheart, you said you wouldn't make a big deal out of this.

Nick: Baby, I'm not. It's just, I'm trying to figure out why my wife is taking tranquilizers.

Sharon: Mild ones.

Nick: Even so, can you blame me for worrying?

Sharon: Nicholas, they just... they take the edge off. That's all. They--they stop me from being so jumpy.

Nick: You know, I really wish you would tell me what is wrong.

Sharon: We have been all through this, honey. Let's not rehash it.

Nick: O-okay. Well, at least you have my mother to confide in.

Sharon: Nikki has been a really great comfort to me.

Nick: I never thought I'd hear you say that.

Sharon: Well, she's done a lot to put our differences aside, and I really appreciate that, more than you know.

Nick: I still can't help wondering if this is about Grace.

Sharon: What?

Nick: Why you're so jumpy these past few weeks.

Sharon: Well, it certainly doesn't help that she's in town.

Nick: Sweetheart, I know. But listen, how many times do I have to tell you this? You don't have to worry about her. She's no threat. I don't even like the woman.

Sharon: Well, I just hope she stays away from us.

Nick: I will make sure that she does, okay?

Sharon: Thank you.

Nick: All right, now I want you to take it easy on those things. Only use 'em when you really need to.

Sharon: Honey, I'm not stupid.

Nick: I know you're not. It's just, you don't have a lot of experience with this, so go easy. And you certainly shouldn't be driving a car.

Sharon: I wonít. If I need to go somewhere, I'll ask Miguel.

Nick: Okay. You all right?

Sharon: I'm fine. You better get a move on. You'll be late.

Nick: Okay. I'll see you tonight.

Sharon: Okay.


Lily: Man, can you imagine-- me, Colleen, now Brittany? All of us messed up by Kevin, especially poor Brittany. According to J.T., her face will probably be scarred for life.

Dru: Kevin's been accused, honey, not convicted.

Lily: Well, don't you think he will be?

Dru: I don't know.

Lily: Well, there must be a lot of evidence against him, or they never would have arrested him, like they never did with me or Colleen. You know, actually, I really don't care why they got him, I'm just glad they did. And I hope he rots in jail.


Man: Judge, you've gotta let me go. I'll lose my job.

Judge Stewart: Mr. Medina, this is your third D.U.I. And the second is still pending. If I let you go out and start drinking and driving again, people very well might lose their lives.

Medina: I'll take the bus, I swear.

Judge Stewart: You should have taken the bus last night. Bail is denied. Who's next?

Chris: Kevin Fisher, your honor.

Clerk: Kevin Fisher.

Michael: Right here, your honor. And this is my client.

Chris: Your honor, we filed this morning a complaint for examination, charging Mr. Fisher with aggravated assault. We're considering an attempted murder charge as well. Now some of the circumstances are a little complex, but I'd be happy to explain them to the court.

Judge Stewart: Let's keep it simple. Was a weapon used?

Chris: We allege the defendant wired part of a nightclub with the intention of electrocuting his victim, a 20-year-old woman. This victim has suffered significant injuries, permanent scarring of her facial features.

Judge Stewart: Any prior record?

Chris: No, your honor.

Judge Stewart: Tell me about your client, Counsel.

Michael: Your honor, he is, in fact, my younger half brother.

Judge Stewart: He have a job?

Michael: Not at the moment, your honor. He's a freelance bookkeeper.

Judge Stewart: Does he live with you, Mr. Baldwin?

Michael: No, but he can if that would be a significant consideration in the amount of bail you plan--

Chris: Your honor, if I may?

Judge Stewart: Ms. Blair?

Chris: The state is recommending no bail be set.

Michael: No bail? That is a complete outrage. Your honor, the D.A. is way--

Judge Stewart: Mr. Baldwin, that's enough.

Michael: The assistant D.A.--

Judge Stewart: Mr. Baldwin, that's enough.


Sharon: Oh, God.

Sharon: You've got to take it easy, Sharon. I've gotta keep it together.


Judge Stewart: Mr. Baldwin, I've heard enough out of you. You'll get your turn when I say it's your turn. Now, Ms. Blair, I'd like to hear your rationale for denying bail to Mr. Fisher.

Kevin: No bail? Mikey, what's she talking about? I can't--

Michael: All right. Not now not now. Quiet. Sorry, your honor.

Judge Stewart: Go ahead, Ms. Blair.

Chris: Judge, Mr. Fisher was recently fired from his primary job. He has no apparent social ties to this community. Thus, we feel there is a strong risk of flight. On top of that, this crime was a particularly gruesome one, which left a young girl disfigured for life. Now it is alleged that the accused was revenging himself on his former employer, who owns the nightclub in question. And even though there are no prior convictions, Mr. Fisher is known as someone in this community with a violent temper and a taste for retaliation against his perceived enemies. We feel there is significant likelihood that he would seek to harm potential witnesses against him and others. Your honor, it is simply not worth the risk to let Mr. Fisher out of jail pending his trial.

Judge Stewart: He might run, but if he doesn't, he's dangerous.

Chris: That is correct.

Michael: Your honor that is not a fair characterization--

Judge Stewart: Hold on, Mr. Baldwin. I'd like to hear from your client. Mr. Fisher, where have you worked, sir?

Kevin: Um, a couple of places.

Judge Stewart: Here in Genoa City?

Kevin: All over.

Judge Stewart: Have you been fired before?

Kevin: Yes. And you can ask, I never did anything to anyone because of it.

Judge Stewart: But you did move on?

Kevin: It's a big world. Why stay in one place?

Judge Stewart: Well, if you have a court date, that's a pretty good reason.

Kevin: Your honor, ma'am, I promise you, I will not run. But, please, please, I can't go back to jail. It's like death. It's worse than death. I couldn't--

Judge Stewart: Don't get carried away, young man. If this young girl, your alleged victim, is going to live her life with a torn up face, you can take a few nights in jail.

Michael: Your honor, I will keep my eye on him. You have my personal guarantee.

Judge Stewart: Ms. Blair, I cannot agree there's a basis for denying bail altogether.

Judge Stewart: How much bail can your client afford, Mr. Baldwin?

Michael: Not much.

Chris: The state would like to see bond set at $2 million.

Michael: $2 million? Christine, what are you...


Victor: Are you back in the lab?

Ashley: Well, among other things. I'm dealing with some internal issues that... how shall I put it? They went on the back burner while I was away.

Victor: Hmm. I'm sure your guidance is sorely missed.

Ashley: Not universally. Certain people seem to have forgotten that I'm more than just head of R&D. And, no, I don't want to talk about it.

Victor: I want to thank you, by the way, for standing up to your brother Jack at my hearing. Um, didn't have a chance to do that. You had left.

Ashley: It was a difficult day.

Victor: I'm sure it was. But onward and upward.

Ashley: Eventually. A certain issue needs to be resolved first.

Victor: You, by chance, talking about the civil suit that I'm sure Jabot will file against me after my sentencing?

Ashley: I sincerely hope there won't be one.


Dru: Okay, lily, let's put that paper down now, all right?

Lily: No, Mom, I canít. It does my heart good to read this. The police finally got the dirt bag. He is going to pay. I mean, that is the best news.

Dru: A-and I see why you feel that way.

Lily: Well, don't you?

Dru: I just think you should be careful, sweetheart.

Lily: About what?

Dru: Baby, he's been arrested and charged, but not convicted, and not for what he did to you.

Lily: Yeah, well, it seems like they're never gonna get him for what he did to me. So they'll put him in jail for something else, fine. As long as he's gone.

Dru: I wouldn't count on that too soon.

Lily: What are you trying to tell me?

Dru: I don't want you to get your hopes up, honey, in case he doesn't go to jail, in case nothing happens.

Lily: What, you think that he'll get off again?

Dru: I'm don't know. There's not enough information yet.

Lily: He better not. I mean, the police finally get an arrest, and this jerk still might slip through their fingers? That cannot happen, Mom, not after what he did to me. I just... I feel so gross every single time that I think about going out on a date, thanks to Kevin Fisher. So, please, do not tell me that he might walk away from this thing with Brittany, too. Do not tell me that.

Dru: Baby... it breaks my heart every time I think about the awful things that man did to you. But you cannot count on the conviction of another crime for your own vindication.

Lily: Why not?

Dru: Baby, please, just get over your obsession over Kevin Fisher.

Lily: Mom, there is not a day in my life that goes by where I don't think about what he did to me. I can't help it. I'm a different person because of him, and he deserves to pay for that.

Dru: I know you're a different person, but you have to own a piece of that, honey.

Lily: What, because I was stupid and let myself be manipulated?

Dru: No, because you were young and vulnerable, and you thought there was something there that wasnít. Now I've gotta ask you, if you think back, did you really believe that Kevin Fisher abused you? Didn't you think he loved you, honey?

Lily: Wait a minute; you're saying this is my fault? You're blaming me?

Dru: Honey, I know Kevinís the adult. There is no question in my mind that he's guilty of statutory rape.

Lily: But he's never gonna be convicted.

Dru: I'm afraid you're right.

Dru: But that doesn't mean... sweetie, give me your hand. That doesn't mean that your happiness has to be contingent on what happens to Kevin Fisher. This hatred that's coming out of you-- it's not healthy.

Lily: How do you expect me to feel? He took something from me that I can never get back. But over and over again, he gets off scot-free. I mean, where is the justice in that? I don't know what I'll do, Mom, if it happens again. I mean, don't you see? I need him to pay, or I don't know if I'll ever be able to leave this behind me and get on with my life.


Michael: Christine, what are you doing? This is ridiculous. Your honor, $2 million is still the same as no bail. My client can't come up with the required 10%, $200,000.

Judge Stewart: You said he could stay with you.

Michael: Yes, I said that.

Judge Stewart: I'll set bail at $1 million on the condition that Mr. Fisher live full-time with you, Mr. Baldwin.

Michael: I'm sorry, your honor, but $1 million is still too much.

Judge Stewart: It's enough to ensure that Mr. Fisher will be here for his trial, and the court would certainly hope that he won't be harming witnesses or anyone else until then.

Michael: Your honor, I understand the court's intentions, but you do realize that you are in effect sending my client back to jail.

Kevin: Please donít your honor.

Michael: Quiet! Now you said there's no reason for denying bond, but that's what you're doing.

Judge Stewart: No, Mr. Baldwin, I'm setting bail the court is comfortable with. Now I'm not gonna argue with you anymore. (Bangs gavel) next case.

Kevin: No, please, no. Mike, donít. Your honor--

Michael: All right, you said you'd listen to what I say, and I said, "Stay calm."

Kevin: No, Michael, no. I'm not gonna do this again. I canít.

Michael: No, you just need to calm down. It'll be okay.

Kevin: You can't leave me here.

Michael: I will be there. I will come to see you, okay?

Judge Stewart: Okay, State vs. Scott.


Sharon: Nikki?

Sharon: Nikki, are you here?

Sharon: Oh, I shouldn't have taken those last two pills. Okay.

Sharon: I gotta get it together. I gotta get it together.

Sharon: No, no. [Sharon sees Cameronís ďghostĒ]


Lauren: Michael.

Michael: Oh, Lauren, when did you get here?

Lauren: Just in time to see the judge set bail.

Michael: Outrageous, isn't it? 1 million bucks and all he's been accused of is aggravated battery.

Lauren: Is he gonna be okay?

Michael: I don't know. You saw him there. He's terrified. He barely made it through the night. I don't know how much more he can take.

Lauren: So what happens next?

Michael: Well, I pay the 10%, and I get him the hell out of there.

Lauren: Do you have $100,000?

Michael: Not yet, but you know, I can sell some bonds, take out a second mortgage on the condo.

Lauren: But won't that take awhile?

Michael: A few days, but I'll expedite it.

Lauren: Do you think he'll be able to hold on that long?

Michael: I don't know if he can hold on another hour, but you know, what else can I do?

Lauren: You can let me post bail.


Sharon: (Breathing heavily) no, you're not there. You're not there. You can't be real. No! Stay back! Stay back! (Thud)

Sharon: Please. Oh, God. No, I must be-- I'm hallucinating. I'm hallucinating. I know he's not there. He's not there. Okay. Okay. Oh, thank God. Oh, thank God.

Sharon: I know he's not here.

Sharon: No. Go away! Please just-- just go away! No!


Victor: No civil suit.

Ashley: The Jabot board would like to sit down and talk with you about an out of court settlement.

Victor: Really?

Ashley: We've decided it would be in everyone's best interest, provided we can reach an agreement, of course, not to pursue any further litigation.

Victor: Hmm. Are you speaking in your capacity as company president now?

Ashley: Well, of course.

Victor: So you have unanimous support?

Ashley: When would you be able to meet with us?

Victor: Later on today.

Ashley: Today?

Victor: Yeah, get this over with.

Ashley: All right, today it is. This afternoon, I'll call you.

Victor: My calendar's wide open.

Ashley: Well, thank you for being so cooperative.

Victor: So outside the office how are things going? How are things going with Bradley?

Ashley: Well, very well. He very much appreciates everything you've done to help me.

Victor: I didn't do anything, just tried to be there for you.

Ashley: Well, under a lot of fire, I'm sure. Anyway, we're grateful, both of us are.

Victor: How's your adorable daughter?

Ashley: Well, she's beautiful as ever.

Victor: Just like her mother.

Ashley: Thanks. Anyway... um, you know, once this settlement issue is dealt with, I'd like to sit down and talk about something else with you. Personal.

Victor: Personal?

Ashley: It's very personal, and it's very important.


Michael: Are you serious? You want to post Kevinís bail?

Lauren: Yes.

Michael: No, I don't think it's a very good idea.

Lauren: No, you just said to me that he can't stand being locked up.

Michael: Look, Lauren--

Lauren: No, I have the money! I want to do this.

Michael: You realize what people are gonna say.

Lauren: I don't care. I've made my decision. Now are you gonna stand here arguing with me, or you gonna let me help your brother?

Michael: All right, all right, all right, let's go do this thing.


Sharon: No. No!

Sharon: He's not there. He's not there. He's not there. (Crying) (screaming)

[Sharon climbs up on the window sill and falls thru as ďCameronĒ comes forward. Sharon crashes out of the window.]

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