Monday Y&R Transcript 3/15/04

Y&R Transcript Monday 3/15/04 -- Canada, Tuesday 3/16/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Nikki: I know what Jack did was wrong, but I do feel for him.

Ashley: Why?

Nikki: Well, you have to admit, we did all gang up on the poor guy.

Ashley: He'll get over it.

Nikki: You really are upset with him, aren't you?

Ashley: Well, he never should have rejected that offer.

Nikki: I agree. He shoulda come to the board.

Ashley: That's right. That's why Jabot has a board of directors.

Nikki: Well, now we have voted 5 to 1 to accept the $75 million.

Ashley: And Jack's just gonna have to suck it up and learn to deal with our decision.

Nikki: If only he and Victor could somehow end this stupid vendetta, our lives would be so much easier.

Ashley: Nikki, I appreciate your support on the settlement issue, however, there is some other business that we need to attend to once Victor surfaces. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.


John: Jack, our decision is for the best. Try to understand that.

Jack: Why don't we just hand Newman the whole damn company? Throw in the towel. You and I could retire.

John: Oh, come on. This way we avoid a court battle, and we solve our financial problems all in one--

Jack: How do we know the $75 mil is still on the table?

John: (Sighs)

Jack: Well, of course it is. It's the only way Newman could get off so damn easy. It makes my blood boil the way you people can't see that.

John: Son, listen to me. What's important here is that you join the rest of us. You become a team player, make this decision unanimous.

Jack: If you think I'm gonna be part of any meeting where we tell Victor we accept his crummy offer, dad, think again. You're doing that on your own.

John: Now, Jack, come on. You're allowing your anger to cloud your business decisions. Now you have your opinion, we have ours.

Jack: It was 5 to 1, Dad. I was sandbagged.

John: No, you were outvoted fair and square. Now get over it.

Jack: I can't talk about this anymore. We'll pick this up later.

John: No. Will you listen to me? You're really--

Jack: Nothing you can say is gonna change my mind. You people made a terrible mistake today eventually you will see that I'm right, only then it'll be too late.

John: Oh, Jack, will you... (Sighs) damn.


J.T.: Los Angeles?

Shiloh: Yeah, it's kinda where the music business is.

J.T.: Yeah, I know, but--

Shiloh: You didn't realize we'd be going out there?

J.T.: Well, not right now. I-I'm in school, you know? Middle of the semester.

Shiloh: This is an important trip, J.T. You're gonna have to carve out some time. We gotta get a jump on this before summer.

J.T.: Okay, okay, but I just don't know how I'm gonna be able to juggle everything.

Shiloh: You may not be able to. Music is great, but it's a demanding business. You've gotta give it your all.

J.T.: I know, but college... I mean, it's, like, it's what I've been doing.

Shiloh: Well, you told me you weren't much of a scholar.

J.T.:Right, but just to bag everything right before midterms? What happens next fall?

Shiloh: Let's see what happens over the next few months. You know, well, if you're a huge success, having a great time, having a blast cutting your first cd... I know it's a little overwhelming.

J.T.: No, no, I understand what you're saying. It's just a lot to take in. It really is.

Shiloh: Yeah, well, your head'll be spinning for awhile, I'm sure. But don't worry. I've done this before.

J.T.: Well, that makes one of us.

Shiloh: Trust me, J.T., Okay? Just breathe. Roll with it.

J.T.: Okay. So what else are you gonna tell me that's gonna completely change my life?


 (Doorbell rings)

Lauren: Hey, handsome.

Paul: Lauren. What are you doing here?

Lauren: Well, hello to you, too.

Paul: I thought you were gonna be at the boutique all day.

Lauren: That was my plan. And then I said, "you know, I think it's time I take the day off." And now so are you.

Paul: Oh, I am, am I?

Lauren: Yeah. Come on. Let's take a drive in the country or go to a movie or entertain ourselves right here.

Paul: I admit, it sounds very tempting.

Lauren: Well, good. Good, good, good. Okay, so call Lynne, tell her to hold down the fort.

Paul: I canít.

Lauren: Wh--

Paul: I'm working outta the house today, and I'm expecting some very important phone calls any minute.

Lauren: Well, honey, bring your cell phone.

Paul: Oh, you know how much I'd love to play hooky with you today, but I gotta get through this mountain of paperwork. I tell ya, I've just been putting it off for too long.

Lauren: What is this stuff anyway?

Paul: It's nothing. It's just a bunch of contracts. It's just that I've been spending so much time working on Kevin Fisher, I have been neglecting my, uh, my real clients.

Lauren: So what's happening with that? What's happening with Kevinís case?

Paul: Well, um, as a matter of fact, I just got a call from one of my contacts at the police department. They are over at Kevin Fisher's apartment right now... with a search warrant.


Kevin: "Motive, intent, criminal design to electrocute one Brittany Hodges." When are you gonna get off this, Detective? You already searched my place once. What, are--are you stupid?

Hank: Hey, easy, Mr. Fisher. Now you need to chill. Okay, gentlemen, go ahead.

Kevin: "Cuttings or scraps of sloth and rubber insulation covering the wire used to electrify the pole, the tool used to cut the wire and fit it to the pole and the source of electricity." You are... you're terminally dumb. That's the only explanation.

Hank: Or smart. That depends on how this turns out.

Kevin: I already told you how it's gonna turn out. Look, if I had done this and I saw you come in here and search the place, what would I do? I'd be so relieved that you didn't find anything, I would clean up everything with a fine-tooth comb, right?

Hank: Or you figure you dodged a bullet, get complacent and not clean up the place.

Kevin: No, no, because I'm not the dumb one. You are.

Hank: Can the abuse, Fisher. Now the bottom line is, if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to hide. See, that warrant is very specific. If we find a stolen milk crate or your extensive collection of porn, we're not gonna do anything about it. We're here for one reason-- to find out if you wired up that pole at Marsino's.

Kevin: Well, how do I know you're not gonna plant evidence? You're so gung ho to nail me.

Hank: How do you know I'm not here to whack you over the head when you make a grab for my service weapon, huh? See, it's your word against mine.


Michael: Bad timing?

Victor: Not particularly. Come in.

Michael: All right. You're looking very woodsy.

Victor: I just came in from a walk.

Michael: Oh. You been taking many of those?

Victor: Yeah.

Michael: It's good for the heart and soul.

Victor: What brings you by?

Michael: Well, you know, a phone call didn't feel like enough and a parade felt like overkill, so, uh, I split the difference.

Victor: Let me guess. You're having trouble with your half brother?

Michael: Oh, actually, things are relatively quiet on that front. And I hope they remain so.

Victor: If you don't mind my asking, what brings you by then?


Brad: Well, Jill, I've gotta hand it to you. You did well with Albertson at your Atlanta meeting. These supplier numbers are a lot more favorable.

Jill: I just explained to them that times are very tough. Bradley, I'm telling you, unless we get some good breaks, things are going to come to a screeching halt on the men's line.

Brad: Not just the men's line.

Jill: Okay. What did you really think in that session this morning?

Brad: I think we have a very angry C.E.O.

Jill: Do you think Jack is going to pull rank on his father, or try to?

Brad: Jack is hell-bent on getting Victor to pay through the nose.

Jill: Yeah, but John was very clear that's not gonna happen. We're gonna sit down with Victor, accept his offer and be done with it.

Brad: Yeah, I know what John said. But I also know that Jack can be very persuasive when he wants something. And Jack Abbott wants revenge in the worst way.


Michael: So how are things?

Victor: All right.

Michael: People are wondering where you are.

Victor: Well, let them wonder. I've been thinking things over.

Michael: Hmm. Mapping out a slightly different future than the one you had in mind?

Victor: I'm determined to turn recent events and the sentencing into something positive.

Michael: Well, you're talking about your community service.

Victor: Among others, yeah.

Michael: Don't tell me you're gonna try and reinvent yourself.

Victor: Little too late for that, isn't it?

Michael: I don't know. I did it. It's a long, hard road. I slip up occasionally. Sometimes the past, it reaches out, pulls you back.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Did you and your half brother have the same father?

Michael: No, no, no. Mine was just a loser. His was a sadistic monster.

Victor: Whoa. You know, I often thought that there should be a test for parenthood as there's one for getting a driver's license.

Michael: Amen to that.

Victor: Well, I certainly have not been a paragon of a parent. But the problem is that once you begin to realize what mistakes you made, too late.


Nikki: Okay, well, so much for walking on eggshells around you.

Ashley: I'm not doing this to hurt you. I'm doing this for me.

Nikki: Yeah, of course. Everything is about you, Ashley, as usual, and to hell with everybody else.

Ashley: Nikki, you know what keeping this a secret was doing to me.

Nikki: I'm sure you think that that's the reason you had your breakdown.

Ashley: I know it is. Not telling Victor that he's Abbyís biological father was eating away at me, to the point where I couldn't even face reality anymore.

Nikki: Well, I guess I had foolishly hoped that since you hadn't told him yet--

Ashley: Had a change of heart.

Nikki: I prayed that you had. My God, haven't we all been through enough? Finally, this Tuvia thing is over. Victor's going to make restitution, and he's not going to have to go to jail. Which reminds me, I want to thank you for standing up for him in court.

Ashley: Well, I agreed with you. Victor could do a lot more good on the outside than sitting somewhere in a cell.

Nikki: That's right. So why on earth would you want to open up this other can of worms, throw all of our lives into chaos again?

Ashley: I keep telling you, it doesn't have to be chaos.

Nikki: You know how Victor is. You know how important family is to him. If he finds out he has a daughter that he never knew about--

Ashley: What, what? He might want to be a part of her life? And that's a bad thing? How?

Nikki: My God, you are so transparent. This has nothing to do with your mental health. You want to share Abby with him.

Ashley: Nikki...

Nikki: And you wonder why I'm terrified.

Ashley: I want what's best for my daughter, yeah. Now I'm sorry you feel this way. I wish I could make you understand. I have to come clean with Victor. It's the only way I can get on with my life.

Nikki: Mm-hmm.


Shiloh: Thank you.

J.T.: Thanks, man. All right, so I'm gonna meet with the studio guys, execs, P.R., That kind of thing?

Shiloh: Mm-hmm. Yeah, we'll have you play some of your original songs, give everyone a feel for what you can do.

J.T.: I don't have a lot of original stuff.

Shiloh: No problem. We'll work with what we have.

J.T.: So I really gotta play for all these pros?

Shiloh: Get over this nervousness, J.T.

J.T.: All right, I will.

Shiloh: Okay. Look, nobody expects you to be ready to hit the airwaves just yet, okay? We just wanna see what we have to work with, start developing your image.

J.T.: Okay, about this image thing, I don't wanna come off like some boy band.

Shiloh: Well, good, because I don't want that either.

J.T.: All right.

Shiloh: I doubt we'll make any dramatic changes. We just have to figure out a way to market you. But I'm sure that won't be too difficult. Your face was made to go on a poster.

J.T.: I don't know about that.

Shiloh: Hey, trust me on this, J.T.

J.T.: Yeah, you're right. So what happens next?

Shiloh: Okay, we hire a band to back you up, some really excellent session musicians.

J.T.: Cool.

Shiloh: And then once school is out for the summer, your whole life will be about music-- writing it, playing it, performing it and recording it. Now we're gonna do our part to get your name out there. And once your first album is finished, you shoot the video for your first single.

J.T.: No way this is happening to me. I can't believe I'm having this conversation. This is crazy.

Shiloh: It's intense, huh?

J.T.: Amazing.

Shiloh: Just think, J.T., This time next year, your whole life could be completely different. Uh-oh. I don't like the look on your face. I hope I haven't said anything to scare you off.


Lauren: The police are at Kevinís apartment now?

Paul: Who knows? They may have already arrested the scum.

Lauren: But I don't understand. They already searched his apartment.

Paul: Well, I guess they have some new information.

Lauren: What kind of information?

Paul: Couldn't tell you. What's wrong?

Lauren: I just, you know, I hope they're not harassing him.

Paul: Harassing him?

Lauren: Well, they've already decided that he's guilty.

Paul: Uh-huh. He is their prime suspect.

Lauren: I just, you know, I-I hope they're not pressuring him, just trying to make him incriminate himself just so they can wrap this thing up.

Paul: No, I'm sure Weber knows what he's doing. He's being very careful. Gonna play everything by the book. The last thing he wants is for Kevin Fisher to get off on a technicality.

Lauren: Do you think that's a possibility?

Paul: If there is a loophole, you can bet his big brother Baldwin will find it.

Lauren: I'm sure Michael just wants to see justice done.

Paul: What he wants is for Kevin Fisher to be handled with kid gloves.

Lauren: And what does that mean?

Paul: Well, according to Baldwin, he thinks everyone's ganging up on his brother.

Lauren: And you don't think that he has a point?

Paul: Maybe he does, but so what? Kevin Fisher has hurt a lot of people in this town, and he has made a lot of enemies. And I think it's high time he gets what's coming to him.


Kevin: I'm not gonna make a grab for your gun, that's for sure.

Hank: But you're still going to imply that I'm a crooked cop.

Kevin: Look, I didn't mean to... I'm just scared, okay? I mean, first Brittany shows up, showing me her scar, blaming me for it. Then you show up with another search warrant. This is getting to be like a really bad dream.

Hank: Okay. Where were you in the afternoon the day the incident occurred?

Kevin: I already told you this.

Hank: Tell me again.

Kevin: I went to Marsino's, and Bobby fired me. And I know what you're gonna ask next, and, yes, I was... I was really mad at Brittany. I figured she was the one who told Bobby about J.T.'s lies. You know, about what an awful person I was, and that I shouldn't be working there at the club. I mean, why else would he fire me? But I swear, I never... I never thought about doing anything to Brittany.

Hank: Really? Most guys would.

Kevin: Well, you know, there you go again being stupid.

Hank: Watch it, little man. That's your last warning.

Kevin: But it's so obvious. You're trying to get me to say that I was mad enough to hurt her. And there's no way that was on my mind. If I were bigger and stronger, maybe I woulda tried something with Bobby, but, uh, he's too dangerous for me.

Hank: You're talking a lot, but you're not saying a lot.

Kevin: Oh, why, because I'm not confessing? There's nothing to confess. I was at the club earlier, and then I left. I saw a bunch of people that night. I already gave you a list.

Hank: You ever come on to Brittany? She ever turn you down?


J.T.: Scare me? No. It's just, you know, like I said...

Shiloh: A lot to absorb.

J.T.: Yeah.

Shiloh: I understand. But just think of this as an adventure, a whole, new, exciting twist your life is taking. You'll still be you, the same terrific guy that you are. Only now you'll sleep, eat and breathe something you love. How many people get to say that?

J.T.: Well, since you put it that way...

Shiloh: I won't let you be thrown to the wolves, J.T. I promise. I will be with you every step of the way.

J.T.: Yeah, it really helps, definitely, knowing you're gonna be there for me.

Shiloh: That's my job.

Colleen: Does this mean what I think it means?

J.T.: Yep. I'm signing on the dotted line.

Shiloh: (Laughs and applauds)

Colleen: Are you kidding? Oh, my gosh. I'm so excited! Yay!


Nikki: You know, my marriage isn't the only one at risk here. What about yours?

Ashley: Brad understands why I need to do this, Nikki.

Nikki: He has been the only father that little girl has ever known. Now you expect him to share her with Victor?

Ashley: I don't think you give Brad enough credit. Victor either, for that matter.

Nikki: You are living in a dream world if you think we're all gonna be one, big happy family.

Ashley: Why are you so intimidated by me?

Nikki: I'm not.

Ashley: Obviously, you are, and it's not necessary. Victor loves you. He's committed to you. This does not have to be the disaster you think it will be.

Nikki: And you're willing to bet your relationship with Brad on that?

Ashley: My marriage is very strong. I thought yours was, too.

Nikki: It is.

Ashley: Well, then stop seeing a crisis where there isn't one. I am telling Victor. It's time.

Nikki: You're making a terrible mistake. You're playing God with too many lives.

Ashley: I'm sorry you feel that way. Honestly, I donít... I don't know how I've allowed this to go on for as long as I have. I could have saved myself a lot of heartbreak if I had told Victor the truth a long time ago.

Nikki: Yeah, you, you, you. Well, just remember this, when this whole thing blows up in your face, you'll have nobody to blame but yourself.

(Door slams)


Jill: You know, it seems to me that if anyone were to be desperate for revenge, it would be you. And yet, you were strangely quiet during the meeting.

Brad: Well, I've kinda been through the wars, you know?

Jill: Yeah, I know. But luckily, your wife seems to be back in full force now.

Brad: Yep.

Jill: Well, you're not unhappy about that, are you?

Brad: No, no, of course not. It's what I prayed for, to have my wife back with all her strength and vitality. I didn't know if we'd ever see this Ash again.

Jill: Do you credit Victor with that? Bringing her around, I mean.

Brad: Not entirely. That wouldn't be psychologically sound. But I will say that he was somehow a catalyst in breaking through her shell. She could hear him when she couldn't hear anyone else.

Jill: Why do you think that is?

Brad: She's not still involved with the guy, if that's what you're thinking.

Jill: Which is Jack's theory.

Brad: I happen to believe in my wife's love for me, Jill.

Jill: Good for you. Because I'm telling you something, Ashley would be a fool if she didn't feel that way. And Ashley is no fool.

Brad: Well, thanks, I think.

Jill: No, I'm serious. You know, there are a lot of women who would kill to be in her position. After everything you've been through, Brad, you have been the perfect husband. I don't mind telling you, if I let myself, I could be more than a little jealous.


Jack: Exulting in your latest triumph?

Ashley: I'm sorry?

Jack: I can't wait to see what you've cooked up for your little victory dance in the end zone.

Ashley: This isn't a game, Jack. It's about real people whose lives are affected by decisions the board makes.

Jack: Yeah, wrong decisions.

Ashley: Well, that's your opinion. Five other people disagree. By the way, what happened this morning wasn't about competition.

Jack: Oh, really?

Ashley: Yeah, really. It was about what's best for the company, our company.

Jack: Oh, so we're taking the high road, are we? Showing grace in victory, is that it? There's one problem with that, Ash. It's all a crock.

Ashley: Why do you insist on making this personal?

Jack: Oh, like your attacks on me haven't been personal lately?

Ashley: Attacks? I only acted the way you've acted in countless board meetings, Jack.

Jack: Oh, really? How is that?

Ashley: Pushing an agenda, convincing people of something you believe in.

Jack: Well, you sure convinced 'em, didn't you? They buried me.

Ashley: Because they saw the wisdom of accepting Victor's offer because it's best for Jabot cosmetics.

Jack: We could have gotten twice that amount.

Ashley: Oh, you keep saying that. The one problem is, Jack, you let your hatred for Victor and your desire for revenge color your thinking. It's so obvious.

Jack: Do you have any idea how it kills me that we're caving in on this?

Ashley: Caving in? Getting $75 million out of Victor is nothing short of a miracle. Rejecting that $75 million is nothing short of insanity.

Jack: You may have won this battle, sis. Don't for a minute think you've won the war.

Ashley: Jack, if you're determined to hold on to your anger, I can't stop you. I just hope that your male pride, or whatever the hell it is, heals, and quickly, so you can see the truth. I prevailed because my point of view was based on logic and good business, not emotion.

Jack: Oh, my God. You are so full of it. Your "point of view," as you put it, was based purely on emotion.

Ashley: What emotion, Jackie?

Jack: Your soft spot in your heart for the great man.

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Your feelings for a man who's tried to destroy us. That's where this is coming from, Ash. Why don't you admit it?


Colleen: Oh, my gosh. I'm so excited. Congratulations.

J.T.: Thank you.

Shiloh: Hey, I'm glad my partner in crime could be here to help celebrate.

Colleen: I know. I ran over as soon as class let out. Gosh, I was hoping this would happen.

J.T.: Hey, easy. You're gonna bruise the merchandise.

Colleen: I'm sorry. I'm just so excited. I can't believe you did this. I was hoping I'd get through to you.

Shiloh: Yeah, well, J.T. told me that you were instrumental in getting him to sign with us.

Colleen: Well, I think Smokey had a little bit of influence.

J.T.: Maybe a little bit.

Shiloh: Yeah, well, it was a tremendous idea, Colleen. Very creative. Maybe you'll be in the business yourself one day.

J.T.: Hey, now there's an idea.

Colleen: Huh, I never thought of that. Well, now that J.T.'s on his way, I'll be learning a lot, that's for sure.

Shiloh: Mm-hmm.

Colleen: So what happens first?

Shiloh: All right, well, once we get your boyfriend to clear the decks, we're off to L.A., get this show on the road.


Colleen: L.A., Wow.

J.T.: Isn't that great?

Colleen: Yeah. I mean, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It's not like Genoa City's where all the action is.

J.T.: Well, I think it's more of a quick in-and-out thing, right, Shiloh? Just go meet some people, get the ball rolling?

Colleen: And then?

J.T.: And then I come back here and finish the semester.

Shiloh: And then after that, we keep him very busy.

J.T.: All right, Coll, you wouldn't believe everything. It totally blew my mind. It's amazing.

Colleen: My gosh. That's so neat. I'm really, really happy for you. I can't wait to hear all about it.

Shiloh: All right, listen, you two. I gotta go. I gotta start making some calls, get some paperwork going.

J.T.: Meanwhile, I will try to come down from the ceiling.

Shiloh: You do that. I'll be in touch.

Colleen: Thanks so much, Shiloh.

J.T.: Thanks again.

Shiloh: My pleasure, J.T. Take care.

Colleen: Bye. L.A., Wow.

J.T.: (Chuckles)


Michael: Victor, you may feel that you've been a less-than-perfect parent, but nobody's perfect. And coming from where I come from, believe me, you're a dream.

Victor: I had money. That softens the blow, I guess.

Michael: Not always. Although if my stepfather had been able to afford making drinking his full-time occupation, he would have been passed out more often. And he was always at his best passed out.

Victor: Do you think there's any hope for your half brother?

Michael: If Kevin can keep his nose clean long enough to develop some sort of self-esteem, sure. Whether or not that's gonna happen, who knows?

Victor: Well, maybe you can be a good influence.

Michael: Yeah, I can only try, but I can't be around 24/7. And I'm telling you, Victor, trouble has a way of finding this kid.

Victor: Hmm.


Kevin: No, no, I didn't come on to Brittany. I mean, she's hot, and I wouldn't have minded, but... no, wait. Wait, I did ask her out once. She said no. Huh. Oh, so what? What? Guys-- guys get turned down every day, Detective. They don't go out and try to kill the girl.

Hank: You're not just any guy, Kev.

Kevin: Oh, right. I'm special.

Hank: Yep. You were an apprentice electrician once.

Kevin: I don't believe this. I worked for a guy who was trying to teach me a trade. Believe me, I didn't learn much.

Hank: That setup at Marsino's was not too challenging. Clever, but crude.

Kevin: Well, whoopee. I still didn't do it.

Kevin: What, is that... is that my stuff? What is that? There's nothing here. I swear.

Hank: Kevin.


Lauren: You know, something still doesn't make sense to me.

Paul: What's that?

Lauren: Why would he hurt Brittany? I mean, what did she do to him?

Paul: Well, I do know they got into an argument a few days before the incident. And she found out what he did to Lily and Colleen.

Lauren: And because of that, he tries to electrocute her?

Paul: Well, Lauren, Marsino fired him over the same issue. And I think we're all aware that when Kevin gets angry, he gets even. We know he has a background in electrical work. I mean, it does kind of add up.

Lauren: Yeah, but do they have any real proof, any evidence?

Paul: Not yet, unless Weber finds something at Kevin Fisher's apartment.

Lauren: You know, I-I really hope you're right. I hope that Weber handles this right, 'cause I would hate to think what might happen, you know, if he came on too strong.

Paul: What's the matter? You think Kevin might try to take himself out again?

Lauren: I just thank God he doesn't have that gun anymore.

Paul: Lauren, I know you feel responsible for what Kevin is going through, but you're not. You are not responsible. In fact, I wish you never got involved in the first place.

Lauren: But it was my idea.

Paul: And I should've put my foot down, like I'm gonna do right now.

Lauren: What do you mean?

Paul: I want you to stay away from Kevin Fisher. I want you to promise me.

Lauren: Paul...

Paul: I mean it. I can see what it's doing to you. It's eating you alive, and it has got to stop. I want you to try and stop thinking about Kevin Fisher.

Lauren: How? How do I block all that from my head?

Paul: Well, can you try, at least, to distance yourself, maybe try and work through these feelings? Maybe you should talk to someone.

Lauren: You mean, like a counselor?

Paul: Yeah. Maybe that would be best.

Lauren: Maybe.

Paul: And I want you to tell me if there's anything I can do. But you've got to stop worrying about Kevin. There's nothing you can do now. The guy is too far gone.


J.T.: Can't you see me now with those headphones on, sitting in a studio, cutting tracks?

Colleen: I know. Not just playing for the walls of your apartment.

J.T.: Yeah, but who knows if they'll release anything? Could be like, "thanks, J.T." Delete.

Colleen: Hey, stop that. What did I tell you in the car? That is negative thinking.

J.T.: Negative thinking. Negative... I know.

Colleen: Is hearing your own voice say bad things.

J.T.: Okay, I'll shut up. All right, I'll just go with it and see where it takes me.

Colleen: So when are you gonna tell your parents?

J.T.: I don't know. Tom and Martha-- won't that be a trip?

Colleen: Come on. I am sure that they are gonna be so thrilled.

J.T.: Yeah, until their baby boy screws up. Ow. Stop it!

Colleen: Come on. What am I gonna do with you?

J.T.: Seriously, Colleen. I mean, I could end up being Beachfront Records' dud of the year.

Colleen: Try stud of the year. Pretty soon you're gonna have your own groupies and your whole entourage. I'll try and call, and I'll probably get screened by one of your people.

J.T.: I'll let you have my private line.

Colleen: Well, thank you.

J.T.: I gotta have a hot chick on my arm, right?

Colleen: Ooh, will I make the cut?

J.T.: I'll have my people get back to you on that.

Colleen: Hey.

J.T.: What did I say? No more whaling on the star.

Colleen: Yes, sir.

J.T.: So you think it could really happen, this whole thing?

Colleen: Well, of course. I can totally see you pulling up to Crimson Lights in a limo, signing autographs through the window.

J.T.: Yeah, I guess I better keep it pretty humble until I actually do something.

Colleen: Hmm. J.T. Hellstrom, humble? Please.

J.T.: No, seriously. There's no guarantees here.

Colleen: Yeah, well, you gotta start somewhere. Why not from the beginning?

J.T.: That makes sense.

Colleen: So when are you leaving? When are you going to L.A.?


Jill: Come on, Bradley. Can't you take a compliment? We go back a long ways.

Brad: Oh, we sure do.

Jill: (Laughs)

Brad: I'm almost afraid to go there.

Jill: I don't mind going there. I remember the first time I ever laid eyes on you. I hired you as our groundskeeper on the spot.

Brad: And you were the lady of the house. John Abbottís young, very sexy wife.

Jill: Something you never quite took full advantage of.

Brad: Oh, come on now. I don't think you were ever quite fully offering, were you?

Jill: No. But I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that you were not a temptation. Do you remember those tight, tight shirts you used to wear, with all your lovely muscles bulging out everywhere? I am not gonna go there, though. Because you are a far too happily married man. But I have no regrets.

Brad: Of what?

Jill: Hiring you all those years ago. You were very good.

Brad: How did we get on this?

Jill: I think we were just all talked out on the heavy stuff. Bradley, I feel some very big storm clouds on the horizon. I just hope Jabot can weather them.


Ashley: Jack, that's B.S., And you know it.

Jack: Truth kinda hurts sometimes, doesn't it?

Ashley: I always knew you were a sore loser, but for you to dredge all this up again--

Jack: I can't wait to see what's next on your agenda.

Ashley: My agenda, what are you talking about?

Jack: I don't know. Maybe you think $75 million is too much.

Ashley: You are so stupid.

Jack: Why do we need a settlement after all? A heartfelt note of apology might suffice. A nice warm and fuzzy from the great man himself.

Ashley: You know, the more you open your mouth, the more I realize how small and petty you truly can be. You're like a bratty little boy, Jackie, who doesn't get his way. So you resort to name-calling.

Jack: Oh, if you think I'm gonna stop at name-calling, you think again. I got plenty of sticks and stones at my disposal, too. And believe me, I'm gonna use 'em.

------------------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------------

J.T.: I'll be leaving pretty soon, I guess. I don't know when, though. Probably depends on when those guys have time to meet with us.

Colleen: Yeah. Well, I have a feeling Shiloh will get them to make time.

J.T.: Yeah. She seemed pretty excited that I said yes.

Colleen: You know, spring break's coming up. Maybe I could go to L.A. With you.

J.T.: Yeah. I don't see why not.

Colleen: California, here we come.

J.T.: You know it.

J.T.: How do I ever thank you?

Colleen: For what, pushing you off the cliff?

J.T.: Yeah.

Colleen: Just promise me that you're not gonna forget all the people you love back home when you're all rich and famous.

J.T.: I wonít. I promise.

J.T.: I guess things are really gonna change for me.

Colleen: Yeah. They sure are.


Michael: Well, Victor, I'll leave you to your ruminations.

Victor: Thank you for coming by.

Michael: Just want to make sure you weren't getting all penitential on us.

Victor: You know, I've been thinking about this whole thing. I don't think what we did was such a terrible thing. Having said that, I'm determined to re-evaluate my life and do something positive.

Michael: Well, might as well do it. But don't spend too much time out there in the wilderness. I don't see you turning into one of those wooly, bearded hermit types, you know?

Victor: Don't you worry about a thing. I'll re-engage sooner than you think. You take care of your brother, all right?

Michael: Yeah, I'll try. I dread that midnight phone call from the prison cell. But what I can do? He's gotta run his own life.

Victor: I'm sure you're helping him, Michael.

Michael: I hope.

Victor: Alright.

Michael: Anyway, you take care. Let me know if I can help you with anything.

Victor: Thank you for coming by.

Michael: All right.

Victor: Good night.


Ashley: Are you threatening me, Jack?

Jack: You take it any way you like.

Ashley: Why don't you explain it to me?

Jack: Fine. The hair-straightening project that you so cavalierly pulled the plug on, it's back.

Ashley: The hell it is.

Jack: Not your call, sweetheart.

Ashley: Actually, it is my call. I guess you've forgotten that I'm head of research and development. What goes on in that lab is my decision, Jack.

Jack: Yes, yes, I know. You're the lady of the test tubes.

Ashley: I'm the president of the company.

Jack: I am the C.E.O. of this company, and I am pulling rank. I will decide this.

Ashley: Gonna play dirty?

Jack: Tit for tat.

Ashley: You turn this into a war, Jack, I hope you realize the damage you could do to our company.

Jack: When this gets ugly, it's gonna be on your head. You try to remember that when you're gleefully counting Victor's $75 million.


Kevin: No. All right. You're--you're just trying to rattle me. You didn't find one damn thing.

Hank: No, you're right.

Kevin: You see? I told you. I had nothing to do with any of this.

Hank: We found a few damn things.

Kevin: What? That's impossible.

Hank: Well, maybe. We're only human, and humans make mistakes.

Kevin: Oh, c-- fine. Okay, you know, fine. Fine, fine, fine. Just take what you want and go. I don't want you here anymore.

Hank: Oh, we're going. You don't have to worry about that. But you're coming with us.

Kevin: What, no? No, no. Ha. No, no. You're not gonna drag me out of my home. No, I'm--

Hank: Even if I have to drag you, Kev, you're coming with me.

Kevin: No, no. Ah.

Hank: Come on, Kevin. All right. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to talk to a lawyer and have him present while being questioned. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed to represent you before you answer any questions if you wish one. Do you understand these rights I just recited to you, hmm?


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Dru: I want you to consider your brother Jack. I've watched this man ache.

Ashley: I smell a rat.


Phyllis: My own son doesn't want to see me. My own son!

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