Thursday Y&R Transcript 3/11/04

Y&R Transcript Thursday 3/11/04--Canada; Friday 3/12/04--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Nikki: You wanted to see me?

Nick: Hey, Mom. How you doin'?

Nikki: I would think you'd be asking about your father.

Nick: Well, he ought to be great. Heard he got off easy.

Nikki: I don't know that I would call three years probation "easy."

Nick: Well, I would, compared to a year in prison.

Nikki: Yeah, that's what you wanted, wasn't it? You and your best buddy Jack.

Nick: Mom, I don't want to talk about the hearing, all right? Actually, I called you here to thank you.

Nikki: For what?

Nick: For befriending Sharon. You stood up for her. You set aside your differences.

Nikki: Well, I know how deep your feelings are.

Nick: She's my whole world, Mother. She means everything to me. But something is eating her alive. That's why I wanna ask you if you know anything, anything at all, please tell me what is going on with my wife.


Sharon: You were at the Lakeside bar that night?

Larry: Yeah.

Sharon: I didn't see you there.

Larry: No, no, but I saw you. I was out revving my bike up, warming the engine when you pulled into the parking lot. You know, you just stumbled out of the car like you were pretty wasted. (Engine revving)

Larry: But I knew that there had to be something else. I mean, a classy lady like you wouldn't be hammered out there alone in the middle of nowhere.

Sharon: I only went in there to use the rest room.

Larry: Yeah, but there was something else going on with you, wasn't there? Seemed like you were in real rough shape, like something really, really bad had just gone down that night.

Sharon: Oh, God, Larry. If you only knew.


Josh: Mr. Hodges.

Frederick: No, Josh, it's all right. I asked for your opinion.

Josh: There are other jobs here at the bank that Brittany could do.

Frederick: Yeah, I know. I know. I just have to rethink this whole thing. It's a little hard realizing that our customers might be offended by my daughter's scar.

Josh: I didn't say "offended," sir. I only meant our most desirable accounts need to know how much we value them. They're capable of switching banks on a whim. If something bothers them, even subliminally, they'd go somewhere else.

Frederick: Yeah, well, what's the worst reaction they could have? Disgust?

Josh: No, sir, it's not that bad, but pity. I'm sorry to say it. No one enjoys feeling pity.

Frederick: Pity. Is that what you felt when you saw my daughter's face?

Josh: Mr. Hodges, I've said all I want to say. If you insist, we can put Brittany on the platinum accounts department, right on the front lines, hand-holding our wealthiest depositors, but I'm on record that in my opinion, it may not be the best place for her.

Anita: Honey, are you all right? Brittany, are you okay?


Dru: Sorry for interrupting, Jack. I know we should have called first.

Jack: Oh, that's all right. I was about to scare up some dinner.

Dru: Well, then we've come at the right time.

Jack: What's that?

Dru: Comfort foods-- burger, fries, ketchup. Thought you could use it right about now.

Jack: Guess you heard about Phyllis, huh?

Damon: I'm sorry, Jack.

Jack: Yeah, so am I. Anyway, thanks. This is very thoughtful.

Dru: How you holding up?

Jack: About as well as can be expected.

Dru: Anything we can do?

Jack: Not really. Think I'm kinda talked out on the subject.

Dru: All right, well, then let's talk about something else, shall we?

Jack: Now why do I think you already have a topic in mind?

Dru: Well, we didn't solely drop by to bring you your supper.

Jack: Kinda figured. What's going on?

Damon: It's about your sister.

Dru: She's not serious, is she?

Jack: Serious about what?

Dru: Putting the kibosh on Damonís research. You can't let her do it, Jack.


Ashley: Here's your spreadsheets. I made some notes.

Brad: I'll look 'em over and get back to you.

Ashley: Anything else?

Brad: No.

Ashley: Okay, see you at home.

Brad: Actually, there is one more thing.

Ashley: What?

Brad: The hair-straightening project.

Ashley: What about it?

Brad: I don't think killing it's a smart move.

Ashley: I already made my decision.

Brad: So I heard.

Ashley: We don't have the money to bankroll a venture of that magnitude, Brad, so I pulled the plug, and that's all there is to it.


Brittany: I'm fine, Mom.

Anita: I thought that meeting went well, didn't you?

Brittany: It was okay.

Anita: Joshua, he seemed like a nice young man, didn't he? I mean, when you meet a guy like that with that kind of enthusiasm for his job, it kind of rubs off on you a little bit, doesn't it?

Brittany: He likes working here.

Anita: Okay, well, I'll just come right out and ask you. So did he convince you that having a job in your father's bank wasn't the worst thing in the world?

Brittany: Mom, I...

Anita: Oh, honey.

Anita: Look, sometimes we have to make changes in our plans, you know? Things happen. I mean, people don't always get accepted to medical school. They don't hit the ball far enough to play in the majors, but people all around the world are making adjustments, you know, facing reality and responsibility. And you know what? They go on to have really happy, beautiful lives. How you deal with this is up to you.

Brittany: Take me home, Mom.

Anita: Wait a second. I thought we were gonna have lunch.

Brittany: Please, just take me home.

Anita: Baby, what's wrong? Please talk to me.

Brittany: I'm tired, that's all. I'm very tired.


Nikki: Nicholas, I know that your wife is going through something.

Nick: You must have some idea what it is.

Nikki: Why would you think that?

Nick: The other day when I confronted her with that stupid police artist sketch, you stood up for Sharon and you pointed out how off base I was.

Nikki: Because you were. Making crazy allegations about your wife because of Grace Turner, what were you thinking?

Nick: I was an idiot, but my head's straight now.

Nikki: Well, it's no wonder that Sharon is at the end of her rope with you saying all of these crazy things, all of these accusations.

Nick: I apologized for that.

Nikki: I certainly hope so. I hope you've done more than apologize.

Nick: I have done everything I can to show Sharon how much I love her. She means everything to me, Mom, but no matter what I do, I feel like she just keeps slipping away.

Nikki: Honey, what do you want from me?

Nick: Mom, it's just a little scary. Sharon's always agitated, on edge, and she doesn't seem able to talk to me.

Nikki: Maybe she just needs a little time, a little space.

Nick: No, no, that is not what she needs. Mom, there are times when she is afraid for me to walk out the door. I can see it in her eyes. It's panic.

Nikki: I need to ask you, is there something going on between the two of you that would make her feel so insecure?

Nick: No. It's nothing between us. In fact, I've never been more convinced of how much she loves and needs me. And that's why I keep coming back to the question, what is going on in her life? There is something happening that is pushing her to the edge, and I don't know what it is.


Larry: Sharon, are you okay?

Sharon: When I think about that horrible night, it all comes rushing back to me, how terrified I was.

Larry: After you went into the bar, I decided to have a little look around. I went over to check out your ride, and I was getting ready to split when I noticed this little piece of cloth hanging out of the trunk of your car.

Sharon: Oh, God, Larry.

Larry: So I opened your door--it wasn't locked-- and popped the trunk. And I guess you could imagine how surprised I was when I saw what was in there-- a dead body wrapped in a sheet. You want to tell me what it was doing in there, the body in your trunk?

Sharon: It's such a horrible story.

Larry: Well, tell me, all right? All of it, Sharon, okay? 'Cause I need to know.

Sharon: (Sighs) it all started a year ago when I was at the lowest point of my life.


Brad: I understand why you'd have reservations about the project.

Ashley: Well, then why are you questioning me?

Brad: Because you didn't consult with anyone. You made this decision on your own, and that's not how we do things around here.

Ashley: You're upset with me for keeping you out of the loop? If I wasn't so damn furious, I'd laugh in your face.

Jack: Ashley and I haven't discussed the project recently.

Dru: Oh, so you don't know if she's gonna toss the whole thing overboard or not.

Jack: Couldn't tell you.

Damon: How do you feel, Jack? Are you committed to the project?

Jack: I think we should table this conversation.

Dru: For how long?

Jack: Until the damage suit against Newman is settled.

Dru: I don't like the sound of that.

Jack: Don't worry about it. Newman sabotaged Tuvia's rollout. We are due some compensation, and it is going to be substantial.

Damon: And when exactly is this windfall supposed to be coming our way?

Jack: That's a little more difficult to predict.

Damon: But until then, the project's on hold. The work we've done, the plans we've made, it's all in limbo. That's what you're telling us, ain't it?


Raul: Hey. Brittany, you should have told me your Mom was coming over. I would have baked a cake or something.

Anita: That's not necessary, Raul.

Raul: Where you guys been?

Brittany: I need to rest.

Anita: Honey, please, at least tell me how you felt about your meeting. You didn't say a single word all the way over here.

Brittany: Tell Dad thank you. I appreciate what he's trying to do, but I'm just not interested in a job at the bank.

Anita: Honey!

Brittany: I'm not interested, Mom.


Sharon: You have to believe me, Larry. It was self-defense.

Larry: So this scum, he was blackmailing you?

Sharon: And he wouldn't leave me alone. You know, if he had told Nick about what happened in Denver, that would have been the end of my marriage.

Larry: So this Kirsten dude, he's the guy in the papers that they say is missing?

Sharon: I'm sure the police think he's dead by now, but they haven't found a body.

Larry: And they wonít.

Sharon: It was you, wasn't it? You were the one who took him.

Larry: Look, Sharon, it seemed like you were in big trouble and that you needed some kind of help.

Sharon: Oh, my God. Oh, my God!

Larry: So I took the guy out of your trunk, and I got the hell out of dodge.

Sharon: What did you do with him?

Larry: Sharon, its better if you don't know, believe me.

Sharon: You're probably right.

Larry: I'll tell you what, though, it was a scary few minutes there. It's not like the cops take too kindly to ex-cons walking around with a stiff, you know?

Sharon: You realize you saved my life?

Larry: Hey, I would have told you sooner, had I not dumped my bike and winded up in the hospital.

Sharon: I'm never gonna be able to thank you enough.

Larry: You owe me one.

Sharon: You're not gonna say anything to anyone?

Larry: Hey, I've been called a lot of things, Sharon, but a snitch ain't one of them. Long story short, I've always had this soft spot for you. So if there's anything else I can do to help, let me know.

Sharon: If I think of anything, I'll be in touch.

Larry: All right, I'll give you my number. Don't hesitate to call. And, look, you take it easy, all right? Don't worry. From what I hear about this Kirsten dude, he was bad news. I'm not gonna lose any sleep over it. You shouldn't either.


Nikki: I'm afraid that I can't answer your questions.

Nick: I kind of got the feeling that she had confided in you.

Nikki: Well, if she had, I wouldn't be a very good confidant if I rushed right off to her husband, would I?

Nick: Has she talked to you?

Nikki: Honey, sometimes in a woman's life, there are issues that are very personal. She just can't talk about them.

Nick: Not even to her own husband?

Nikki: Not to anyone.

Nick: Mom, she's not sick or anything, right?

Nikki: Oh, no, no, nothing like that, nothing physical.

Nick: So then is it mental problems? Is that what this is about?

Nikki: She's just under tremendous stress.

Nick: From what? What is causing it?

Nikki: Sometimes life is overwhelming, Nicholas, but don't think that she doesn't love you. I know that she loves you. She wants you and your family. She wants that more than anything.

Nick: You know, you're awesome. You've totally set aside your differences to help Sharon. Thank you. So, please, if you could, do anything you can to help her, 'cause right now it seems like I canít.


Raul: So... you and Brittany went down to your husband's bank, huh?

Anita: Yes, for an interview.

Raul: Even though she told you about a thousand times she didn't want to work there?

Anita: Well, in case you haven't noticed, things have changed.

Raul: Why, because her face got burned? She has to lower her expectations? Is that seriously the message you're sending your daughter, Mrs. Hodges?

Anita: You know what? Don't use that tone with me. This is reality. Its fine to think the sky's the limit when you're a child, but part of growing up means taking a levelheaded look at your options.

Raul: You can't force this on her.

Anita: What am I forcing on her-- a high-paying job in the world of finance? Come on. Raul, you could be a really big help to Brittany.

Raul: Oh, no, oh, no, I am not talking Brittany into taking a job at the bank.

Anita: Oh, no, of course not. That would be asking too much. Please, at least do not encourage her to think that a real job is beneath her, that if she sits around here feeling sorry for herself some miracle is gonna happen to put everything back like it was. It's not healthy. It's not practical. It's not good. Now, Raul, please, if you... if you care about Brittany like you say you do, you help her get past this, so she can do something with her life. Please.


Brad: Let's make one thing clear. Victor came to Jack with that settlement offer. I had nothing to do with it.

Ashley: You knew Jack turned him down.

Brad: Yes.

Ashley: So why didn't you tell me?

Brad: Ash, what did you expect me to do? You'd just come through a very traumatic ordeal. You were finally making some progress. The last thing I wanted to do was argue about Victor Newman.

Ashley: You should have given me a heads up, so I wasn't blindsided in the courtroom.

Brad: You shouldn't have been in that courtroom in the first place. I told you I didn't want you to be there. I thought we'd agreed.

Ashley: What Jack did was out of line.

Brad: He had his reasons.

Ashley: Are you saying you would have done the same thing?

Brad: Maybe.

Ashley: Well, that's good to know.

Brad: Ash, don't be naive. Victor made that offer to save his own skin, period. It wasn't about righting a wrong. The guy couldn't be more transparent.

Ashley: You want to talk about being transparent? How about Jack rejecting an offer of $75 million because he can't see past his hatred for Victor?

Brad: All right, this isn't getting us anywhere. Let's forget about Victor and focus on the future of this company. The hair-straightening product--

Ashley: There is no hair-straightening product, Brad, and as for the future of this company, we might have to drop the entire Tuvia line. If that happens, we have Jack to thank.


Jack: Yes, for now the hair straightener is on hold. That does not mean its dead.

Damon: Unless Ashley gets her way.

Jack: We are strapped for cash right now. That is going to change.

Dru: When, in the next decade?

Jack: What can I say that will make you feel better?

Damon: That you'll fight for this project.

Jack: I am already fighting for this project.

Dru: How exactly?

Jack: Look, this is a difficult time for Jabot, all right? And things are probably going to get worse before they get better. We are all going to have to find ways to tighten our belts.

Damon: Jack, cutbacks are one thing. I can deal with less materials, lay off staff if I have to, but we are at a very critical point in our research. If you shut us down now, even temporarily, I am not at all sure we'll be able to recover.

Jack: What do you want me to say, Damon?

Damon: I want you to say you won't let your sister win this round. Stand up to Ashley. 


Brittany: Hey.

Raul: Hi there, hey. How was your nap?

Brittany: I didn't sleep.

Raul: No? Just had to get away from dear old Mom, huh?

Brittany: Yeah. She means well. So does my Dad.

Raul: So did anything exciting happen at the bank? Listen, babe, I've been thinking...

Raul: Maybe this isn't the worst idea in the world.

Brittany: Raul, not you, too.

Raul: No, really, listen. You do need to get out in the world, okay? You can't just hole up here. And working for your father, you're probably gonna start pretty high up on the ladder. Am I right? I mean, did he offer you something?

Brittany: Yeah. Actually, it didn't sound that bad, helping look after the bank's richest customers, making them feel appreciated.

Raul: Not standing behind a teller window.

Brittany: No.

Raul: So compared to some other jobs maybe you can imagine, it's not horrible.

Brittany: It doesn't matter, Raul.

Raul: Of course it does. Did you talk to anybody else at the bank besides your father?

Brittany: Josh McNolte.

Raul: Yeah, and who's he?

Brittany: He's in charge of all their platinum accounts.

Raul: And what? What, he thought you couldn't handle the job?

Raul: What the hell is wrong with this jerk? You could do that. Even I know it.

Brittany: It wasn't him, Raul, it was me. They can't have someone who looks like me scaring away their best customers.


(Door opens)

Nick: Hey, good lookin'.

Sharon: Nick, I, um... I didn't know when you'd be home.

Nick: Mmm, getting all sweet smelling for me?

Sharon: I was a little wound up, so I took a bath.

Nick: Did it help?

Sharon: Some. Um, I didn't make any dinner. The kids are out at a game, and I thought they'd eat with their friends anyway.

Nick: That's okay. I'm not even hungry. Are you?

Sharon: No.

Nick: Well, I am thirsty.

Sharon: Champagne? What's the occasion?

Nick: I want to celebrate being the luckiest guy on earth.

Sharon: Oh, sweetheart.

Nick: Now we can go out later if you feel up to it, but right now we're just going to chill, because I want you all to myself. I know, babe, that you have been under a lot of stress lately, and I'm partly to blame, 'cause I've only been adding to that. So tonight is your night. Dinner, dancing, a movie, I don't care. It's your choice. The sky's the limit. Cheers.

Nick: Baby, what's wrong?

Sharon: All I want is you. I need you. I just want to be here with you in our house and know that you love me no matter what.


Brad: That justification isn't going to cut it.

Ashley: What does that mean?

Brad: We can't drop this project because we don't have Victor's $75 million.

Ashley: You know what? I don't want to talk about this anymore. I want to get home to our daughter. Whatever else you have to say, save it for the board meeting.

Brad: What board meeting?

Ashley: I asked the members to meet at Dad's tomorrow morning, off the record, informal.

Brad: Does Jack know about this?

Ashley: No, but he will once he comes down to breakfast.


Sharon: Oh, you must think I'm such a basket case.

Nick: No. I just think you need a hug. And I also think that I don't tell you enough how much I love you and how grateful I am that we found our way back to each other.

Sharon: And here I am messing things up.

Nick: No, babe, don't say that. I will admit that I am worried.

Sharon: Because of how weird I've been acting? That's what people keep telling me lately.

Nick: It's just because you're so stressed out. You know, there's obviously something bothering you, and it's making you...

Sharon: What, crazy? Say it, Nick.

Nick: I was gonna say that maybe you feel like you need a little extra reassurance, and that's why I'm here. Because, baby, I don't think you'll ever know how much you truly mean to me. And I wasn't gonna let another night go by without telling you that.

Sharon: Thank you.

Nick: Now we don't have to talk or say anything if you don't want to.

Sharon: Nicholas, sometimes I wonder...

Nick: About what?

Sharon: If maybe I am going crazy.


Raul: Brittany, is that what this McNolte jerk said to you? That you would scare off all the customers?

Brittany: I told you, Raul. It wasn't him. I mean, it was, but...

Raul: I'm gonna kill this guy.

Brittany: No, Raul, stop! You don't understand. He was nice to me.

Raul: Oh, yeah, right, real nice.

Brittany: Mom and I were going to go to lunch, and she had to make a stop. So I went back to Dad's office, and the door was partially open. I was going to thank Josh and tell him that I hoped I didn't seem too negative, that I was interested, I guess.

Raul: Did you overhear something?

Brittany: They were talking, and Josh said he didn't think it was the right job for me. He was trying to be nice about it.

Raul: Nice, you keep saying that, nice. How is that nice? How is he nice? Brittany, you are not scary-looking. You're not gonna drive anybody away. My God, people have flaws. For God's sakes, even with a little scar--

Brittany: It isn't little, Raul!

Raul: You are still the most beautiful woman in the world.

Brittany: It wasn't about that.

Raul: And this guy, he's not even gonna give you a chance? I swear, Brittany, I'm gonna go down there, and I'm gonna talk to this jackass myself.

Brittany: No, Raul! He was right.

Raul: How can you say that?

Brittany: Because he was. He told my Dad that people would feel pity for me.

Raul: Pity?

Brittany: And that would make them feel uncomfortable, and they'd take their money to someone else's bank.

Raul: Well, so what? Who needs people like that? They can take their money, and they can shove it!

Brittany: My Dad can't afford to think that way, Raul.

Raul: You're accepting it just like that? Brittany, some jerk tells you you gotta put a bag over your face or go live in some hole for the rest of your life, and you're gonna go along with it? Brittany--

Brittany: No, Raul, you don't understand! Josh said that people don't want to deal with someone else's tragedy when they walk into a bank to get their statement sorted out. And from the bank's perspective, they're right.

Raul: No, no, he's wrong. He is shortchanging you, and you know what? He's shortchanging your dad's rich clients. Where the hell does this guy get off assuming that they're even that shallow? Babe, you are so beautiful. What do I have to do to make you understand that?


Jack: You're asking me to go to war with my sister.

Damon: Jack, I'm telling you this hair straightener is a guaranteed winner. It is guaranteed, but we do not have time to screw around. You have got to get through to her.

Dru: If you don't, she'll go after Tuvia. We won't have a leg to stand on, and sales are getting worse every day, Jack

Damon: It doesn't matter how much money in damages Victor pays you down the road. Right now he's got billions at his disposal. I'm sure he'd love to use some of that money to shut you down.

Jack: All right, I'll talk to Ashley.

Damon: And the board?

Jack: I will do what I can, okay?

Damon: Thank you. And look, for the record, if you need somebody in your corner during this court battle with Victor, you've got me.

Dru: Me too.

Jack: That's good to know. Thanks.

Damon: All right, well, it's late, huh? We should go. See you at the office tomorrow?

Dru: Good night, Jack. Thanks.


Brittany: You know, my Mom said something that made a lot of sense about making adjustments, growing up and realizing that not everyone can be a rock star or an astronaut.

Raul: Your Mom didn't know that you heard that Josh guy.

Brittany: No, but she was right, Raul. I've got to get used to the fact that this is reality now. People are going to look at me and feel pity.

Raul: Babe, it's not gonna be like that.

Brittany: You know, you get used to the looks on people's faces when they meet you, especially men. You can always tell when they find you attractive. You don't have to be conceited about it. It's just luck, but so what? What's wrong with being lucky? It feels good.

Brittany: But now I know I'm never gonna have that again. I'm going to see people trying not to react, trying to not let me see how they're, like, overjoyed that they don't have this scar on their face.

Brittany: That's what I'll be-- the girl everyone feels bad for. "Gosh, she used to be so pretty. See, kids, don't play with electricity, or this could happen to you."

Raul: Stop it.

Brittany: I will. I promise. But right now I just want to cry.

Brittany: Can I please just do that without you telling me how beautiful I am? Or that everything's going to be all right?

Raul: Sure, you go right ahead.


Nick: Babe, you just feel that way because of all the pressure you're under.

Sharon: No, Nick, I mean crazy, as in losing it. I'm losing my mind. Sometimes I have these thoughts and these fears, and they just seem so real.

Nick: They're not real. They're not, all right? You have nothing to worry about or to fear or to stress. Nothing. I have no interest in Grace Turner, all right? We are not gonna start things up again. I just... I'm not gonna let that happen, all right? I can't stand the sight of that woman. I would never make that same mistake again, okay?

Nick: You are the woman I love. It's you, and I will do anything I can to prove that, to ease your mind.

Sharon: Nick, just hold me. Hold me tight.


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Raul: It's Kevin Fisher.

Brittany: That little nerd?

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