Tuesday Y&R Transcript 3/2/04

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/2/04--Canada; Wednesday 3/3/04--USA

BY Eric
Proofread by Emma

Silva: Victor, believe me, there's no need to troop your supporters through the courtroom. If there were, I'd be doing it. The judge has already received a raft of letters of support.

Victor: Nikki wants to speak on my behalf.

Silva: Are you sure Nikki wants to help your case?

Victor: Oh, she wants to help my case. How could you ask such a question?

Silva: Victor, your wife is on the board of Jabot, the company you've confessed to undermining. Excuse me for suggesting this, be she may have an ax to grind, one that would not necessarily redound to your benefit in a sentencing hearing.

Victor: John, I trust my wife. How can you question that she would not testify for me? How can you even question that?


John: Well, we've certainly waited for this day for a long time.

Jack: Oh, you better believe that.

John: Yeah. What time is Victor's hearing?

Jack: 10:00. Sure you don't want to come along?

John: No, no, thank you, but I do appreciate you speaking on behalf of the family. I just do not have the stomach to be in that courtroom with him.

Jack: Believe me, I understand.

John: Yeah. Listen, last night you mentioned that Phyllis stopped by?

Jack: Yeah, for all the good it did.

John: Oh. Sorry to hear that, son.

Jack: Yeah, me too.

John: Say, did you, uh, did you talk to your sister this morning?

Jack: No. Why?

John: Well, I'm wondering if she's planning on being in that courtroom.

Jack: I sure as hell hope not. That's the last place that she should be today.

John: Oh, I couldn't agree more.

Jack: You know, that's another reason I want that bastard behind bars. I want him away from my sister for good.


Brad: How you doing?

Ashley: Oh, uh, I'm feeling the burn. I'm feeling the burn. Oh, boy.

Brad: (Chuckles)

Ashley: What?

Brad: Nothing. Just good to see you like this.

Ashley: Oh, I'm sure I look like a real beauty queen.

Brad: Well, as a matter of fact, you do. But I was referring to seeing you back in your routine, taking care of yourself. It's been a long time since we did our morning workout together.

Ashley: Yeah.

Brad: I missed it.

Ashley: I missed it, too, sweetie. I'm gonna be hurting tonight, though.

Brad: I might just have to whip out the massage oil, huh?

Ashley: I like the sound of that.

Brad: Well, consider it done. All right, I'm gonna go do my last set, take a shower and get going.

Ashley: What are you talking about? Thought we were gonna swim a few laps.

Brad: I can't, hone I've got to get over to the courthouse. I don't want to be late for Victor's hearing.

Ashley: Okay.


Colleen: Brittany's home? That's great.

J.T.: Yeah, but I gotta admit, she's a little more high-maintenance than usual.

Colleen: J.T., she could have been killed.

J.T.: I know she's got a lot going on, but she's making things worse for herself.

Colleen: You can't expect her to bounce right back.

J.T.: No, but I'm not gonna sit around and listen to her say she's got nothing to live for. That's a load of bull.

Colleen: You have to be patient. Anyone Kevin Fisher's gone after deserves all the sympathy in the world.

J.T.: Yeah, you're right about that.

Colleen: When I think about everything that he's done, all that he might do--

Johnny: Hey, Coll, keep your chin up. I think things are finally going our way.

Colleen: You really think that?

J.T.: Yeah. Yeah, I don't think it'll be long before the Fisherman's secrets come out.


Michael: How am I gonna tell Neil Winters that I'm the brother of his latest nightmare? (Doorbell rings)

Michael: Neil. Good morning. Come in, please.

Neil: Thanks. Appreciate that.

Michael: Uh, coffee?

Neil: No, thanks. I'm good.

Michael: Well, thanks for stopping by so early.

Neil: I wasn't all that surprised to get your phone call last night.

Michael: You weren't?

Neil: I'm sure both our minds are on the same thing these days. Pretty heavy-duty stuff.


Jack: Well, according to Abby's nanny, Brad and Ashley both left early to go work out.

John: Did Ashley say anything to Frances about going to the courthouse?

Jack: Nope.

John: You know, Jack, I think we're worrying about nothing. I mean, Ashley knows all the reasons why she shouldn't be at that hearing, and on top of that, I cannot imagine Brad would let her go.

Jack: Since when does Ashley let anyone tell her what to do? I'm gonna call her on her cell.

John: And say what?

Jack: And tell her to stay as far away from that courtroom as she can.

John: Jack, Jack, top that. That's a bad idea.

Jack: Why?

John: You know your sister as well as anyone. You said it yourself-- she does not take kindly to being told what to do. Now if she wasn't thinking of going to that courthouse, she certainly will once you tell her not to.

Jack: So what do I do?

John: Nothing. What are you gonna do? She's a grown woman. You can't stop her from going.

Jack: I realize that, Dad. I really, really don't want her in the courtroom today... until I've had a chance to talk with her.

John: About what? Jack, now look, if there's something going on that I should know about--

Jack: Dad, I've gotta get to the courtroom, okay?

John: Jackie, I'm serious now.

Jack: Dad, I will call you as soon as I get out of there, all right? I promise.


Ashley: Hey, honey?

Brad: Yeah?

Ashley: Um, what time's that hearing today?

Brad: 10. You're not thinking of going, are you?

Ashley: Crossed my mind.

Brad: Why would you want to put yourself through that?

Ashley: Because it involves my family's business, Brad.

Brad: And Victor Newman, a man who's brought a tremendous amount of pain into your life.

Ashley: Please, let's not do that.

Brad: I don't want you at that hearing.

Ashley: Why? You don't think I can handle it?

Brad: I don't know. What I do know is that you're getting your life back together. Abby has her mother back. I have my wife back.

Ashley: And you think that seeing Victor again will just destroy all that progress?

Brad: They're going to be saying a lot of nasty things about him. I don't know why you'd want to hear that, and I can't believe Victor would want you there, either.

Ashley: What do you mean?

Brad: Ash, it's not exactly the man's finest hour.

Ashley: All the more reason. He could use the support.

Brad: That's what his family's for.

Ashley: Mmm. And what family would that be, the son who turned him in or the daughter that can't be found?

Brad: Nikki will be there, and so will his attorney.

Ashley: John Silva. Well, then, of course.

Brad: My point is, Victor isn't alone. He'll have people on his side.

Ashley: Mmm. Well, he could always use another friend.

Brad: I don't get this. I mean, where are you coming from? What do you hope to accomplish, watching Victor get raked over the coals? Wait a minute. Are you thinking of going to that courthouse so you can testify on Victor's behalf?


Victor: If my wife offers to testify for me, then I trust her, all right? If there's anything negative that she has to say, she'd do it in the privacy of this house, not on public record, I assure you.

Silva: So she's already run her statement by you?

Victor: Unh-unh. She doesn't have to do that. I trust her.

Silva: So even though she felt hurt and betrayed by what you did--

Victor: John, listen to me! I trust her with my life.

Silva: All right. Victor, it's quite possible that Nikki fully intends to help, okay? It's more than possible. It's a certainty. But how do you know that in the heat of the moment, she won't reveal some fact, something--

Victor: She's not gonna do that.

Silva: I don't know. It just doesn't feel like a good idea. Like it or not, your wife has one foot in each camp here, and that makes me nervous.

Nikki: Victor, who's here? Oh, John, it's you. Don't let me stop you.


Ashley: I have to finish my workout.

Brad: Wait. I want to know what's going on in your head. Are you planning on going to that courtroom to testify on Victor's behalf?

Ashley: What if I did?

Brad: You'd be making a terrible mistake. Victor Newman committed a crime.

Ashley: And he needs to be appropriately punished.

Brad: Which is what we all hope will happen.

Ashley: That's not true. You want to make sure that he's behind bars, and I don't think that's what he needs. I don't think that's what the public needs, frankly.

Brad: So we give him a little slap on the wrist, he goes on his merry way?

Ashley: You know what, Brad? Don't put words in my mouth. He's already paid dearly. He's gonna pay even more once that civil suit is filed, but this obsession of making sure that he serves time is based on one thing, and that's yours and Jack's personal hatred for Victor.

Brad: Your brother and I didn't get this ball rolling.

Ashley: You know what? That makes me even more sad-- how terrible Victor must feel knowing that his own son turned him in.

Brad: Nicholas did the right thing.

Ashley: I don't know. Did he? Maybe, but I wonder if he would've even contacted the authorities if he hadn't been egged on by Jack.

Brad: Look, Ash, the bottom line is this--

Ashley: No, wait, wait, wait. Let's not do this, okay? What's done is done. I just wish that Victor had done something.

Brad: Like what?

Ashley: Well, you know, extended an olive branch or made some kind of a financial settlement offer. Something, anything, just so the judge might go a little easier on him.

Brad: All right, um, look, I've gotta get going. Remember what I said about the hearing.

Ashley: I don't want to fight with you.

Brad: Good.

Brad: I'll see you at the office later, okay?

Ashley: Mm-hmm.


Nikki: If you two want some privacy, I understand.

Victor: Unh-unh. We are finished. Besides, it's time to go to the courthouse.

Nikki: John?

Silva: Victor tells me you intend to speak to the judge today.

Nikki: Well, it's my understanding that anyone who has a stake in the court's ruling can be heard.

Silva: That's very true.

Nikki: What were you two just talking about?

Silva: Just what to expect, procedures.

Victor: I'm well aware of all of them.

Nikki: So everything is just up in the air?

Silva: Whether the judge will impose a jail sentence? I'd have to say yes. This is an important hearing, and it's important that we set the tone rather than allowing someone else to.

Victor: You're talking about Jack Abbott?

Silva: Or anyone.

Victor: All right. Let's get going.

Silva: I'll drive.

Nikki: I'm scared.

Victor: Don't be scared. We'll always have each other, and I take enormous comfort and strength from that, okay?


Colleen: Hey, you know what? Let's talk about happier things.

J.T.: Like what?

Colleen: Like my perfect valentine surprise. I cannot thank you enough.

J.T.: Well, for awhile there, you didn't think it was so wonderful. You should've seen your face when I took you out to my friend's place on the lake.

Colleen: Well, can you blame me? I thought we were going ice fishing.

J.T.: Oh, come on. I wouldn't do that to you. That's punishment, not a present.

Colleen: Well, hope you didn't feel that way about my surprise.

J.T.: I gotta give you points for originality-- getting me up onstage to sing you a love song?

Colleen: I really thought you'd be happy about performing again. Well, you should've been. You were amazing.

J.T.: Of course you would think that.

Colleen: No, it wasn't just me. Everyone was talking about it.

J.T.: Yeah, well, I think everyone at that party had a little too much to drink.

Colleen: You really don't know how good you are. You didn't even rehearse that song, and it sounded like you'd been playing it forever. Think what you could do if you actually tried.

J.T.: Hey, maybe I could end up on "TRL's" top ten.

Colleen: Maybe someday.

J.T.: Did somebody slip something in your coffee?

Colleen: No, I'm serious. I bet you could really make it. I mean, yeah, you'd have to start out small...

J.T.: Colleen, I like singing in my room, in the car, for you, yeah. But in public, no, not so much.

Colleen: Because of that little stage fright thing? You'll get over it.

J.T.: I'm not getting over anything, Colleen. I'm not doing it again. I got enough going on.

Colleen: Okay. Well, what about the future? You mean, you're never gonna be a 9 to 5 suit and tie guy.

J.T.: Got that right. I'm not getting stuck in some cubicle.

Colleen: That's right. You gotta do something that you love, and you love music.

J.T.: It's a hobby, Colleen. A hobby.

Colleen: Okay, well, it doesn't have to b I get that you're scared.

J.T.: Oh, I'm not scared.

Colleen: Yes, you are.

J.T.: No, I'm not.

Colleen: Because you actually care about this. Aren't you even a little bit curious to see if you have what it takes?

J.T.: Honestly, I haven't even thought about it.

Colleen: You don't care about the money and fame, people adoring you wherever you go?

J.T.: Well, if you put it that way, maybe I should think about this a little more.

Colleen: Hmm.


Michael: That's one way to describe it--"heavy-duty." Listen, Neil, before you say anything, I just want to exp--

Neil: Hey, wait a minute. Do you have any advance word how it's likely to go?

Michael: Oh.

Neil: I mean, I assume that's why you wanted to talk-- give me a heads up, what to expect over at the salt mines.

Michael: Actually, no. I'm out of the loop on that one.

Neil: Really? Now that's surprising, because I thought you were advising Victor.

Michael: Only informally. John Silva’s handling that case.

Neil: Gotcha. So if you didn't get me over here to discuss Victor's situation, then what?

Michael: Um, well, actually, what I wanted to talk to you about, Neil... I wanted to talk to you about your daughter and what she went through with Kevin Fisher.

Jack: Hey.

Brad: Speech ready to go?

Jack: You kidding me? I've been preparing this one for years.

Brad: And you're sure you don't want me to sound off, too?

Jack: I don't want to take the risk of irritating the judge with a lot of repetition. You made sure, though, Ashley is not coming, right?

Brad: I hope so, Jack.

Jack: You hope so? Damn it, Brad-- well, think again.

Brad: I'll deal with my wife. You concentrate on getting the judge to put Newman away. Ash...

Ashley: Don't tell me I shouldn't be here, because I need to be.

Brad: I don't like it.

Ashley: Yeah, well, neither do I. Excuse me.


Nikki: Hello, Christine.

Chris: Nikki, I'm so sorry about all of this.

Nikki: It's not your fault. You've tried to help. I'm surprised there aren't more people here.

Chris: There are ways of keeping a hearing off of the published schedule. Just don't tell anyone I said that.

Nikki: We appreciate that. So do you have any sense of--

Chris: Of what the judge is gonna do? None.

Nikki: Well, I would like to speak on behalf of Victor.

Chris: That won't be necessary. The probation officer's report--

Nikki: No, I want to. Victor wants me to.

Chris: Okay. I'll call you first.

Nikki: I'd rather go last.

Chris: Jack Abbott has already asked for that spot.

Nikki: That's okay. Doesn't matter. Thank you.

Chris: Okay.

Clerk: Court is in session, the honorable Theodore Billington presiding.

Judge: Good morning, everyone.

Silva: Good morning, your honor.

Victor: Good morning.

Judge: As I'm sure you're aware, this hearing is intended to help the court decide on a fit, appropriate sentence for Mr. Victor Newman, who has pled guilty to commercial bribery and conspiracy to commit commercial bribery-- a sentence that fits both the intent and the letter of the law, serves the community and though he may not see it that way today, serves the salutary purpose of helping Mr. Newman face the consequences of his actions. The court has received a report from Mr. Conrad Belfer, the probation officer in charge of Mr. Newman's case. It is now my intent to hear any further comments or statements that may aid the court in arriving at an appropriate sentence.

Silva: Excuse me, your honor?

Judge: Yes, Mr. Silva?

Silva: Before we begin, I think your honor should be aware of something that I'm certain is not in Mr. Belfer's probation report.

Judge: Go ahead.

Silva: Recently, in an attempt to make redress for the damages caused by his admitted actions, my client, Mr. Newman, contacted Mr. Jack Abbott of Abbott Cosmetics and asked for a meeting. At that meeting, Mr. Newman offered Mr. Abbott the sum of $75 million in restitution for damages caused by Jabot during the rollout of its Tuvia line of products and in the weeks following.

Judge: We who toil in these courtrooms are always hopeful that matters can be settled outside our walls. It's a waste of time and energy adjudicating matters that a simple handshake could well put to rest. What was the response?

Silva: Mr. Abbott refused unequivocally to settle the matter.

Judge: It was in Mr. Abbott's rights to do so. Well, let's get started. Who's first on your list, Miss Blair?

Chris: Mrs. Nicole Newman would like to speak, your honor.

Judge: Swear her in, please.

Nikki: (Whispering) you are a damn fool!


Colleen: See, I knew I'd get through to you. I should have mentioned the stardom and groupies first.

J.T.: Hey, I was teasing, all right?

Colleen: Why won't you try?

J.T.: Why are you obsessing about this, Colleen? It's crazy. It's not gonna happen.

Colleen: I'm not giving up on you.

J.T.: Aren't you running late for class or something?

Colleen: No. Yes. I have to go. Call me later?

J.T.: Yeah, you got it.

Colleen: I can see your next performance right over there. All you need is a stool, a mic and a big tip jar.

J.T.: Colleen, you're delusional, all right?

Colleen: Next, gigs on campus, local clubs. Pretty soon, you'll be on the cover of "Rolling Stone."

J.T.: Get out of here, okay?

Colleen: Okay.

J.T.: Get out of here.

Colleen: Bye. Love you.


Neil: Kevin Fisher-- now there's a name I'd like to see in the obituary column.

Michael: Mmm. You and a number of other people.

Neil: Anything new on the legal front, evidence against him?

Michael: Not that I'm aware of.

Neil: I mean, don't you have ties to the D.A.'s office? Come on.

Michael: Don't I wish.

Neil: Not even Christine?

Michael: She's got her hands full with Victor's case.

Neil: Of course she does. I was hoping that you might've heard something. I mean, I am so sick of waiting for the police to make an arrest.

Michael: For?

Neil: Are you kidding me, man? Come on. Pick your felony. I would love to see Kevin Fisher put away for everything he's done for as long as possible.


Shiloh: Excuse me.

J.T.: Hi.

Shiloh: Uh, I don't know if you remember me.

J.T.: Actually, you look familiar.

Shiloh: We bumped into each other, literally, at the Valentine party at the Athletic Club.

J.T.: That's right. Hey, I'm still sorry about the wine.

Shiloh: Oh, it was nothing. Listen, if you're not running off somewhere, could I get you another cup of coffee and join you?

J.T.: Actually, I'm good on the coffee, but you can have a seat.

Shiloh: Great. It's J.T., Isn't it? J.T. Hellstrom.

J.T.: That's a great memory.

Shiloh: Not really. It's just some people are more memorable than most. I'm Shiloh.

J.T.: Hi. That's a cool name.

Shiloh: Pleased to meet you officially.

J.T.: You too.

Shiloh: Thanks for the company. It gets old eating alone.

J.T.: I bet that doesn't happen to you a lot.

Shiloh: So tell me, J.T., are you a student at the university?

J.T.: Yep. How about you? You said you weren't from around here.

Shiloh: I'm from out of state. I'm visiting a friend.

J.T.: Must be a good friend.

Shiloh: Why do you say that?

J.T.: Winter in Wisconsin?

Shiloh: (Laughs)

J.T.: I mean, come on. Wouldn't you rather be in Miami or something?

Shiloh: I don't mind the cold, and besides, this trip has turned out to be even better than I had hoped.

J.T.: Oh, those cheese heads have been good to you, huh?

Shiloh: Definitely. I wasn't sure about going to that Valentine's party at the club, but my friend's a member and insisted. And as it turns out, I had a fantastic night. Partly because I got to hear you sing.

J.T.: Oh, come on. Do you have to bring that up?

Shiloh: Why not? I was very impressed.

J.T.: Look, you don't know me. You don't have to be nice.

Shiloh: Believe me, I don't run around flattering people.

J.T.: Well, um, thanks for the compliment.

Shiloh: So can we talk a little bit more about your performance?

J.T.: Okay, do we have to? I'm really trying to forget all about it.

Shiloh: Why? You've got a lot of talent. You captured the attention of every person in that room, especially the women. But I'll bet you're used to that.

J.T.: Hey, I'm not sure where you're going with this, but--

Shiloh: I live for music, and it's rare that I find someone who excites me. I went online to find out where you'd be playing next. I couldn't find anything.

J.T.: 'Cause I'm not playing anywhere else. My girlfriend put me up to that. That was her valentine's surprise.

Shiloh: Smart girl. Evidently, she knows talent when she sees it, too, and when I say that, I'm speaking as a professional.


Judge: Mrs. Newman, any time you're ready.

Nikki: I know, judge. Sitting up here, looking at all the faces in the room... they've all been so significant in my life. I thought I was ready for this, but I don't know how anybody can ever be ready for something like this. And how does one explain the aberrations that can affect a person, a family...the jealousies, the hostilities...

Judge: Mrs. Newman.

Nikki: I'm sorry. I don't want to waste the court's time. I do have things to say... and I say them as a woman, as a wife and as someone who has been hurt by what Victor Newman has done. When the rumors first started to circulate, I did not believe them for a moment. I couldn't believe that he would be capable of such a thing. I refused to believe them until Victor came to me and told me he was going to confess. Then it really hit me-- the overwhelming, heartbreaking sense of betrayal.

Silva: (Whispering) Victor, please let me stop this.

Victor: (Whispering) no. Let her go on. My fate is in her hands right now.

Judge: Mrs. Newman, is this statement on behalf of your husband?

Nikki: I'm just trying to explain how I felt, how I feel.

Judge: Very well. Proceed.

Nikki: I was absolutely flabbergasted when Victor told me of his plans to confess, and before that moment, I just believed what I wanted to believe-- that it had not happened, and if by some God-awful chance it had happened, Victor would certainly never be convicted. It was at that moment that he told me he was going to confess that my world changed. My entire belief system changed, and I realized how wrong I had been in my blind faith.


Michael: Neil, I'm sorry I don't have more information of the type you're looking for, but there is something I do need to talk to you--

Neil: You know, Paul Williams called about this very same subject-- Kevin Fisher. Hey, coffee. May I?

Michael: Oh, be my guest.

Neil: Thanks.

Michael: So you and Paul spoke?

Neil: Paul called late last night and left a message. I think as soon as I'm finished up here, I'll give him a call, see if he's made any progress in his investigation, although you'd think he would have mentioned something.

Michael: Huh. What did he say in his message?

Neil: What did he say? That he's on the case, that he's got some questions for me. I should call him as soon as possible. I don't know. As you can tell, I'm still pretty freaked out about it.

Michael: Yeah, no doubt.

Neil: Mike, I am telling you, there are times that I would like to hunt that guy down for the animal that he is and personally wipe that smirk right off his face. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. Get in line. Take a number, right? If it isn't me, it's who, Brad Carlton, J.T. Hellstrom, Gina?

Michael: Yeah, there's quite a list.

Neil: I assume you're on it.

Michael: Me?

Neil: Well, you know what he's capable of doing. I can't imagine that you'd want him out there roaming the streets any more than the rest of us.

Michael: Neil, I can empathize with what you've been through, you and your family. Believe me, I can.

Neil: Hey, you said you want to talk to me about Lily, what she went through with that sleaze.

Michael: Uh, you know, before you go any further, there's probably something you should know, something I wanted to tell you before anyone else did.

Neil: Preemptive strike, right?

Michael: Yeah.

Neil: Okay, go on. I'm listening.

Michael: Kevin Fisher-- the thing is, he is just not some guy that I've heard rumors about.

Neil: You know him?

Michael: You could say that.

Neil: Really? How do you know him?

Michael: We're brothers.


Nikki: After Victor told me he intended to confess, I started to look at the implications, what it really meant, and it was profound that this man, this proud man, would have to admit that he made a mistake, that people had been hurt, that there would be a price to pay. I started to see things very differently, and that was a huge concession for Victor. And now having just learned in this courtroom minutes ago that he tried to make reparations, I'm more convinced than ever that Victor Newman is a man who has learned from this horrific experience. I know he was drawn into a vendetta with an old enemy, but I also know that he realizes now how foolish that was.

Nikki: The real question is, what is to become of Victor Newman? I've been told that he could go to prison for a year. I've been told that his company will face a civil suit involving hundreds of millions of dollars to rectify the damage done to Jabot Cosmetics that he orchestrated, and that seems well and good to me. That seems like an appropriate consequence for the crime. It would offer help to people who were hurt. But prison? What purpose would that serve? I know that it would satisfy the hunger of those who want revenge, but at what cost? Here we have a powerful, contributing member of society, and, yes, he faltered. He knows he faltered. He can never again walk down the street and receive the same unwavering respect that he used to enjoy and had earned. He's going to pay for this in the business world. He's going to pay a tremendous price. He knows that. His name is tarnished, and it will remain tarnished. That can't change. He can't unring the bell. This is something he will carry with him the rest of his life.

Nikki: Victor Newman is flawed. Wow. Who isn't? He's human. He made a terrible mistake, and he knows that there has to be consequences for that mistake. But for this man who has built himself up from nothing-- literally nothing-- who thrives on the power and respect that he created, those consequences are very real. The life that he has lived is over. It will never be the same again.

Nikki: It's already happening.


J.T.: Professionally? You're a talent manager?

Shiloh: I work for a record label called beachfront.

J.T.: Yeah, I've heard of them. They're a small label, right, owned by one of those huge companies?

Shiloh: I've been with them for a few years, and you wouldn't believe how many performances I have had to sit through where I felt nothing. But I couldn't take my eyes off you.

J.T.: Yeah, well, there wasn't a whole lot else going on at that party.

Shiloh: I wasn't drawn in out of boredom. You've got something special, J.T.

J.T.: Come on. That's ridiculous.

Shiloh: I mean it. Now you said you're not playing anywhere now?

J.T.: No, not now, not ever. The party was a fluke.

Shiloh: Do you want it to be?

J.T.: I'm just trying to get through the semester working a couple of jobs.

Shiloh: Hmm. Taking it day by day, huh?

J.T.: Yeah.

Shiloh: Then you don't have any long-term plans?

J.T.: I'm more of the spontaneous type.

Shiloh: So if an extraordinary opportunity were to fall into your lap, you'd run with it?

J.T.: I don't know. Maybe. You don't get far in this world by playing it safe, do you?

Shiloh: Then if you really feel that way, I won't have to convince you to take a chance on me. On behalf of my record company, I'd like to sign you to a contract.

Nikki: Taken on the whole, Victor's life has been a force for good. He started with nothing. He built the American dream. Yes, people have been hurt by what he did. I'm one of them. But I am also so aware of the good that is generated by this man. I know firsthand that he's used his position and power to change the lives of so many people for the better. His business interests locally and worldwide have provided the livelihood for thousands and thousands of families. And yet some say, "send him to jail!" What would that accomplish? Is he a danger to society? Absolutely not. I mean, you can put him in jail, I suppose, and get him out of the public eye, shut him away in the darkness. For what? To pay for being a flawed human being who did something wrong, who did something bad?

Nikki: It's like blowing out a candle. Once you extinguish the flame, the heat and the energy, they're gone, too. And a man with victor's power, with the strength of personality that he has and all of the resources he has available to him, my God, the things he could do for this community. But he can't do them if he's locked away in a cold, empty cell, denied the right to utilize his talents.

Nikki: What a waste that would be. What a waste... of a talented, very generous man.

Nikki: Your honor that would be the greatest miscarriage of justice.

Judge: You may step down, Mrs. Newman.

Jack: Your honor, my name is Jack Abbott. I have something I'd like to say.

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