Monday Y&R Transcript 3/1/04

Y&R Transcript Monday 3/1/04 -- Canada, Tuesday 3/22/04 -- U.S.A.

By Suzanne

(Missing first 15 min., will put it up Wed.)

Diane: I suppose you've been speaking to a certain redhead.

Damon: Does that surprise you?

Diane: No, nothing about phyllis surprises me anymore.

Damon: That's interesting. She feels the same way about you.

Diane: Mm-hmm, and was the orchid the only thing on phyllis' little mind, or was there something else that she just needed to talk to you about?

Damon: Well, you know, the fact that you asked, would lead me to suspect that you already know the answer to that question.

Diane: Well, I suppose she told you how evil I am, trying to get my hooks into her husband.

Damon: Would that be true?

Diane: Because i work at jabot, I'm spending a little time with the father of my son? Last time I checked, those things weren't mortal sins.

Damon: Well, I imagine from phyllis' perspective you could...

Diane: No, no, no, phyllis abbott is her own worst enemy, and if she would stop blaming me for all of her problems, she might actually be able to salvage something with jack. But, no, instead of trying to work things out with her husband, she goes running to you, which makes me wonder, damon, about this little friendship you have with phyllis.

Damon: What about it?

Diane: Well, I picked up on a vibe, a little connection between the two of you. And she's awfully possessive of you for a married woman.

Damon: Are you really all that ready to give up what you had with jack?

Phyllis: I'm not sure i'm the one who's given up. I mean, every time i try to talk to my husband, diane's hanging all over him, and he really doesn't seem to mind. So what does that tell you?

Damon: It tells me you better hurry up and make your move.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, when i do, she'll be there to let it sliput that she forced me to give him the orchid, and then he'll really want nothing to do with me.

Damon: You are not a woman who's powerless. That ain't you. That's an imposter. That's somebody pretending to be phyllis. What you need to do, beautiful child, is make a decision. Figure out what it is you want, and then take it.

Diane: But, you know, given phyllis' history, it shouldn't surprise me that she'd be drawn to one of genoa city's most eligible and attractive new men. So the real question is you.

Damon: Meaning?

Diane: Well, this interest you have in phyllis. Are you really just friends, or is there more?

Phyllis: So it's all me. It's all me. This is all my fault. Nothing is diane's fault. Nothing is your fault. It's all me, that's what you're saying?

Jack: A lot of mistakes were made, phyllis, by a lot people. No one is saying it's one-sided.

Phyllis: Oh, thanks, I appreciate that.

Jack: Would you just loosen that jockstrap? God, diane has changed! Anyone can see it!

Phyllis: Oh, my god. Are you kidding me? Oh, god, jack, she has not changed. She's more subtle. She's more clever. She's not changed, and she still wants me out of your life.

Jack: You have been out of my life for some time now, if you haven't noticed, and diane had nothing to do with that. Diane's life is about kyle right now.

Phyllis: Yeah, right, right. I am not asking you to fire diane as kyle's mother. She doesn't have to work with you, too.

Jack: Diane is working on a major remodeling project for jabot. I'm not gonna fire her right now.

Phyllis: Okay, well, now I know where i stand in the relative order of things.

Jack: It isn't a fair request.

Phyllis: Of course it's not fair, because we don't want to be unfair to diane jenkins, do we?

Jack: You know, this is getting really tiresome.

Phyllis: It is tiresome. Well, that conversation deteriorated pretty quickly, didn't it?

Jack: Why don't you tell me why you're really here?

Phyllis: I came here to salvage our marriage, jack.

Jack: Really?

Phyllis: Yes.

Jack: I could have sworn earlier i heard you say you wanted to convince me to accept victor's offer of $75 million.

Phyllis: Yes, that was the reason for my first visit.

Jack: And you were doing that because...

Phyllis: Because it makes sense. Jack, $75 million could save your father's company. It could solve all your problems.

Jack: It could solve all my problems. You think so, do you?

Phyllis: Yes, i know so, 'cause it's co, hard cash. Jack, it's cash now, not at some undefined future date, if that ever happens.

Jack: Oh, then you did all this for me? Be honest, you did this for you. You were looking out for number one, trying to find some way to get your job back at newman.

Phyllis: I told you i'm willing to leave that all behind.

Jack: Yeah, you know what? I have a sneaking hunch that decision was already made for you.

Phyllis: What are you talking about?

Jack: Newman didn't bring you back on board, did he? He didn't give you your job back.

Nick: You were with my mom after the new year's eve party? Why wouldn't you just tell me that?

Sharon: Well, like nikki said, honey, I-I thought you knew. And then you just started ranting and raving and making all these accusations.

Nick: I wasn't making accusations. You flipped out as soon as i started asking questions about that night. Babe, come on. You've been acting so weird lately.

Nikki: Honey, let me see this sketch.

Nikki: Oh. Now look at this, okay? Take a good, long look. What we're dealing with is the power of suggestion that this bears the slightest resemblance to sharon, and you're only thinking that because grace put it in your brain. God, to think that this woman could cause you to think such terrible things about your wife, it's disgusting. That woman is trouble. She's big trouble. She always has been, she always will be. For the sake of your family, for the sake of your peace of mind, stay away from her. Stay far away from grace turner.

Sharon: Honey, I love you so much. I wouldn't want you to think such terrible things.

Nick: (Sighs) yeah, I guess cameron's disappearance is weighing on me a lot more than I thought.

Nikki: Sharon, um, the reason i came down, remember, you promised you'd help me with those photo albums?

Sharon: Oh, right. Yeah, I almost forgot. Um, honey, would you mind if i went up to the main house with your mom?

Nick: That's fine.

Sharon: Okay. The kids will be home soon from basketball. They need to go straight to bed, okay? Okay.

Nikki: Good night, nicholas.

Nick: Good night.

Nikki: I'll see you later, honey.

J.T.: Man, I haven't seen you that upset in a long time. I don't think talking about brittany is what did this to you? What happened?

Raul: What do you think happened? I saw kevin fisher in here.

J.T.: Really? How'd it go?

Raul: You don't want to know.

J.T.: No, try me.

Raul: I almost punched the guy, except he had a little can of pepper spray.

J.T.: You're kidding.

Raul: I swear. I don't know. You know what? It just got me, seeing him sitting there, without a scratch on him--

j.T.: I hear you, man. I hear you. That's exactly how i felt after what happened to colleen. But you gotta lay off him.

Raul: What? Why?

J.T.: We're this close to nailing him, man.

Raul: For real?

J.T.: Yeah. Yeah, paul's got the cops in on this. They're all over it, man. And it's not gonna be long, buddy. We're gonna nail him soon.

Raul: Well, it better be. Because, i'm telling you, the way I'm feeling, I don't know how much longer i can take this.

Michael: You have some nerve, williams.

Paul: You know, i asked you a very simple question. So you need to give me a simple answer.

Michael: I know what you asked me, whether he said anything incriminating, I heard.

Paul: Ha. Did he?

Michael: Unbelievable. Unbelieva-- you and lauren team up against kevin, you put a vulnerable person in a highly volatile situation over which you have no control...

Paul: Oh, michael, spare me, please.

Michael: You almost push him over the edge, and then you ask me for help?

Paul: You know your half brother is a very dangerous man. He belongs behind bars.

Michael: For what? Threatening to take his own life?

Paul: Oh, he's done a lot more than that, and you know it. How many innocent lives does he have to destroy--

michael: Prove it, prove it. You know, prove it! I'm not saying he's a saint. The man has definite issues. But if he's truly done all the horrible things you say he has, why haven't the police arrested him?

Paul: Oh, come on. I should have known you'd defend the scum.

Michael: I'm not doing that.

Paul: Then why don't you cooperate with me?

Michael: First, i have told you everything I know. Second, this country has laws. If kevin is guilty--

if he is guilty-- he should be tried in a court.

Paul: Believe me. I would like nothing more.

Michael: Oh, no, what you would like nothing more is to mete out your own special vigilante brand of justice! You are as pathetic as everybody else in this town. Why don't you just all get together and stone kevin to death? Better yet, tie him up and burn him at the stake. That would be a good time, wouldn't it?

Kevin: That's not what i meant! I don't want to hurt anyone. All right, damn it, I'm afraid. Everyone wants to hurt me. Do you know how many people have grabbed at me today? I'm scared all the time.

Bobby: You ever think maybe you got it coming to you?

Kevin: I don'T. Okay, maybe I've done some bad things in my life. I bet you have, too. But I didn't wire up some pole, okay? I wouldn't even know how.

Bobby: Oh. So you're gonna tell me that you've never had training as an electrician?

Kevin: Oh, god. That was years ago. How does anyone even know about that? All right, look, i worked for this guy for awhile, okay? I followed them around, and they let me carry stuff. I think maybe once or twice i got to put some wire nuts on a connection or two.

Bobby: You know what? I'm not gonna mess you up today. Somebody probably saw you come in. I don't need the headache. I'm gonna wait, let the police do their thing, finish their investigation.

Kevin: Yeah? Well, they're not gonna find anything.

Bobby: You better hope they don't. Now I want you to get your ass outta here. 'Cause the next time i see you is only if i find out that you did this to brittany. Do you understand me? No. Get out. Out, now!

Sharon: Thank you, nikki. Thank you. Oh, god. I can't believe the way you came through for me. You've given me the first ray of hope in weeks. You were brilliant, the way you handled things with nick.

Nikki: You mean i did well lying to my son?

Sharon: I'm so sorry to put you in that position.

Nikki: Yeah, you should be. You should be sorry for getting involved in this whole disaster.

Sharon: I told you, it couldn't be helped. Cameron forced me--

nikki: What did he have on you?

Sharon: What?

Nikki: You heard me. This nasty man who's going to make up lies to use against you with your husband, where would he get an idea like that? Why would he think you would be vulnerable?

Sharon: Um, i don't know.

Nikki: I don't believe you. There is more to this story, so you better start talking right now.

Damon: Phyllis and i are friends, diane. Just friends.

Diane: Or are you just being a gentleman?

Damon: Is it me, or were we discussing an entirely different topic just mere moments ago?

Diane: Oh, right. The second orchid.

Damon: That's right. That's right. That's right. So what were you planning on doing with it?

Diane: You know, I-I don't believe I said. But you needn't worry, because knowing how valuable it is, I won't let anything bad happen to it.

Damon: Would that be valuable in your hands or valuable where jack is concerned?

Diane: Well, now that's an intriguing question, isn't it?

Damon: Isn't it, though?

Diane: Mm-hmm.

Damon: I have a wonderful idea.

Diane: What's that?

Damon: Why don't you and i get together for dinner one night soon?

Diane: Oh, is this so you can grill me some more about my intentions, or do you have some more intriguing questions?

Damon: Well, now, diane, I suspect that there are any number of those a lovely lady like yourself and I could explore. May I call you? Please, don't say no.

Diane: Very well. I won't.

Damon: Wonderful.

Jack: Well, come on, it's true, isn't it? You were feathering the nest with a little incentive, trying to talk me into accepting the $75 million, maybe keep the old guy outta jail. He'd be grateful, and he'd hire you back.

Phyllis: That's why i came by earlier, yeah. But the reason i came by tonight was to save our marriage. Stupid me.

Phyllis: And I thought that maybe you would care enough about our relationship to fight for what we once had.

Jack: Divided loyalty's a bitch, ain't it?

Phyllis: Ain't it?

Phyllis: So what are you gonna do? You gonna go to court tomorrow, make sure that victor pays through the nose?

Jack: Victor newman went to criminal lengths to destroy my father's life's work. He cost my sister her baby and any chance of having another. And now... And now it appears, much as I hate it, he has cost me my marriage. What do you think I'm gonna do?

Phyllis: Well...

Phyllis: I'm always gonna remember the man I once knew... Before all this hatred turned you into somebody else.

Phyllis: See ya.

Paul: Obviously my coming here was a bad idea.

Michael: Well, if there's someplace you need to be, don't let me keep you.

Paul: Oh, yeah, rht. Good night, baldwin. Oh... There is one more thing. At some point, I will want to talk to neil and drucilla winters about their daughter's relationship with kevin.

Michael: And you're telling me this why?

Paul: Well, I know that you and neil both work for newman. And, uh, well, I can't guarantee that your-- your name won't come up in the course of conversation. Is that a problem?

Paul: Yeah, i thought so. Neil doesn't know that you and kevin are related, does he?

Michael: And why the hell would he need to know?

Paul: Well, i agree. I will do everything i can not to mention it, but, uh, you know, I can't guarantee anything. Just so you're prepared.

Michael: For what?

Paul: Whatever.

Michael: Yes, mr. Winters. Neil. Michael baldwin. Uh, how are you doing? Hmm. I was wondering if you could come over to my place in the morning. Uh, there's something I need to discuss with you. Yeah, I-I'd like to tell you when i see you. Uh-huh. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. Good evening.

Sharon: You're right, nikki. Cameron started causing problems for me the minute he got to town. He wanted me. And he made it evident that if his deal was gonna happen with nicholas, I was gonna have to chip in a little on the side.

Nikki: And you never told your husband about this ugly game this guy was playing with you?

Sharon: How could i tell him?

Nikki: How could you not? This guy was coming after you. Do you think for a moment that nicholas wouldn't have supported you?

Sharon: Well, I couldn't be sure.

Nikki: What are you talking about? This man was abusing you. Nicholas would have stopped doing business with him like that! (Snaps fingers)

sharon: Well, that's just it. I knew how important this deal was to nick.

Nikki: No, no, no. There's another piece to this. What was it? Was this guy holding something over your head, was that it? Had you gotten in a little too deep?

Sharon: No, no. Nikki, it wasn't like that.

Nikki: All right. Well, then what was it like? How is it that cameron had you in this position? Is he another man from your past? Damn it, sharon! You have dragged me into this. You owe me some honest answers.

Sharon: Something did happen between cameron and me, something bad, and that's how i knew how abusive he was.

Nikki: When? When did this happen?

Sharon: Last winter, when i--

nikki: Oh, of course, when you left your family. Okay. What happened?

Sharon: I was at my lowest ebb, and he beat me so badly, he almost killed me.

Nikki: So that's what he threatened you with, not lies, but the truth, that you had been with him.

Sharon: I couldn't risk nick learning about that. You understand that, can't you?

Nikki: What i understand is that you are a disaster. My instincts about you were correct. You had this affair with this guy--

sharon: It was not an affair, all right? I was alone, and I was desperate, nikki. My marriage was on the rocks, and I was drinking in this bar.

Nikki: Oh, oh, drinking in a bar, and he just picked you up.

Sharon: I trusted him. You know how smooth he is. So i let him take me back to my hotel--

nikki: Please, stop. I don't want to hear anymore. You killed a man, you hid the body, you lied to the police, and now you've dragged me into the middle of it.

Sharon: But now that you've given me an alibi with detective weber, it's all gonna be over.

Nikki: I didn't support your alibi.

Sharon: What?

Nikki: You picked the wrong person to lie for you, sharon. I'm already on record with gina and victor and I don't remember who else that i didn't know where you were that night.

Sharon: But you told nicholas--

nikki: Yes, i covered for you with your husband, but that's just a stopgap.

Sharon: So detective weber is still after me, is that what you're telling me?

Nikki: I would imagine you're his prime suspect.

Sharon: What do i do?

Nikki: Well, you know, sharon, when you kill somebody, it doesn't just go away. I don't know what you're gonna do. But I'll tell you, that detective weber is gonna be back, and he's gonna want answers from me. Just know, I am not gonna risk my hide to save yours. Sorry. It's just something i simply will not do.

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