Tuesday Y&R Transcript 2/24/04

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 2/24/04--Canada; Wednesday 2/25/04--USA

BY Eric
Proofread by Emma

Hank: Looks an awful lot like you, doesn't it, Mrs. Newman?

Sharon: If you say so.

Hank: You don't agree?

Sharon: Frankly, no. But I can see where you might get that. So who was this witness, the one who supposedly saw this woman?

Hank: I'm sorry, ma'am. I'm not at liberty to reveal that.

Sharon: Oh, I see. So you walk in here, you wave a sketch from a police artist in front of my face, you wonder aloud whether it's me, and then you refuse to say who was that came forward or when or why?

Hank: The witness contacted us after seeing Mr. Kirsten's photo in the news.

Sharon: So you said, but what does that have to do with me? I didn't see Cameron after the party. I wasn't with him. Perhaps it was some other blonde woman that age, maybe his girlfriend Grace Turner. That makes a lot more sense, wouldn't you say?


Phyllis: How long are you gonna make me sit here?

Danny: I told you, this is not a good time--

Phyllis: And I told you, I want to know about my son. I specifically heard you and Christine mention Daniel, why?

Danny: What, I'm not allowed to talk about my son?

Phyllis: He's my son, too, or have you forgotten?

Danny: No, I have not forgotten.

Phyllis: Well, you sure act that way, the way you've cut me out of his life.

Danny: That's unfair, and you know it.

Phyllis: Do you want to know what's unfair? The fact that I haven't talked to my own son in years. I haven't talked to him, and I haven't seen him. The only thing I get is an occasional picture or a little scrap of information from you or Gina. If he walked into this room right now, he wouldn't even recognize me, and I'm his mother. I am a stranger to my own son.

Danny: And you agreed that it was best that way.

Phyllis: I agreed because some judge, years ago, deemed me unfit to raise my own son. Now listen, I know I had issues at the time. I know that, and I worked through them. I worked through my issues, and I'm a changed person. But I love my son. I love my son, Danny. I think about my son all the time. Please, I need to see him. I want to see him. Please, do not shut me out of his life.


Raul: Hey! Hey, hey, hey, what is that? Huh? I'll tell you what it is, it's a girl looking at herself-- her beautiful self-- and the only thing she can see is this one little thing she doesn't like.

Brittany: It isn't little, Raul.

Raul: All right. Fine. Have it your way. What do you want for lunch?

Brittany: What? Aren't you supposed to be in class?

Raul: I switched my schedule around.

Brittany: Why?

Raul: Why do you think?

Brittany: What, so you could make me lunch?

Raul: Yeah. You got a problem with that?

Brittany: Yeah, Raul, I do. I have a big problem.


Victor: Well, then let's hope we don't end up wishing we had sold anyway. All right. (Chuckles) all right. Talk to you soon, George. Thanks. Come in.

Michael: So, victor, what can I do for you?

Victor: How's your brother, by the way?

Michael: Half brother.

Victor: Did you get to him in time?

Michael: Thank you for your concern, Victor. Our little talk was more timely than you can possibly imagine.

Victor: In other words, he was in trouble.

Michael: Of a potentially fatal nature, but thanks to your advice, well, things are better.

Victor: So you acted as a brother should?

Michael: Yeah, I guess I did. And no one is more surprised at that than me.

Victor: Uh-huh. In other words, there's hope for you yet.

Michael: Hard to believe, isn't it? What about you?

Victor: (Chuckles) what about me? That might be even more surprising to you.

Michael: I assume this has something to do with the sentencing hearing?

Victor: Yeah, indirectly, it does. I went to Jack Abbott’s office, hat in hand; checkbook wide open... and he wouldn't take the bait.


Jack: (Muttering)

Dru: Jack. Yo, Jack!

Jack: Break my eardrums, why don't you?

Dru: Well, what planet were you just on?

Jack: I'm rehearsing what I'm gonna say in court tomorrow.

Dru: Oh, right, Victor Newman’s sentencing hearing.

Jack: Yeah, you’re looking at a man with a mission.

Dru: Well, I hope that mission includes going to the judge and telling him that Victor Newman is nothing but a low-down crook.

Jack: I don't have to tell anyone anything. Victor as much as admitted that when he pleaded guilty to the bribery charges. I just want to see that he spends his full time in the clink, and we're not talking about probation.

Dru: If you ask me, they ought to throw away the key after what he's done to Jabot and to Tuvia.

Jack: Yeah. No argument here. If it was up to me, he'd be working on a chain gang somewhere, busting up rocks.

Dru: (Laughs) no worries, no worries. With Victor Newman’s millions, he's gonna have to pay you royally in damages, and then its full speed ahead with our orchid research.

Jack: Not necessarily.


Chris: No, thank you. I am gonna go to the powder room.

Danny: Chris, you don't have to leave.

Chris: It's okay. You need to talk.

Danny: Are you happy now? Chris and I were having a very pleasant breakfast together, which, of course, was ruined thanks to you.

Phyllis: Do you think this makes me feel good, having to beg to hear news about my son?

Danny: All right. What do you want to know about Daniel?

Phyllis: I want to know everything. Everything. Is he happy?

Danny: Yes, he's very happy.

Phyllis: Good. Good. Does he have friends? Is he doing well in school?

Danny: Last time I spoke to his headmaster, he said Daniel was thriving.

Phyllis: Good. I'm glad to hear that. What does he do for fun? Does--does he play sports? Um, does-- does he do anything creative?

Danny: A little bit of everything. He's really good with computers.

Phyllis: He is? Oh. I guess he got that from me.

Danny: Phyllis, what's going on here? This isn't about Daniel. Did something happen? I mean, you and Jack hav--

Phyllis: No, no, no, no.

Danny: Having a problem?

Phyllis: No, no, no, no, no, I should go now.

Danny: No, no. Hey. Hey, wait. Wait a minute. I mean, come on, you-- you already drove Chris away. I mean, you might as well stay and tell me your problem. Maybe I can... maybe I can help.

Phyllis: I don't think you can.

Danny: Try me.

Phyllis: Uh, it... you know, it just has to do with Kyle.

Danny: Kyle? Kyle--you mean, Jack's son?

Phyllis: Yeah, my stepson.

Danny: What about him?

Phyllis: Um, I-I just... I spent the last couple of years forming a bond with him, and, um... it just... I don't know, just something is different now. I just... I think I'm losing him, just--just like I lost Daniel.

Danny: Well, I... I don't know what to say. I mean, you can't expect Kyle to think of you as his mom, not while Diane is in the picture.

Phyllis: No, no, no. I mean, Kyle... he has a mother. Diane's his mother. I understand that. I get that. But, you know, I just... it's just the way he looks at her. He lights up around her, and they have such a special connection. I want that.

Danny: So then why don't you get it?

Phyllis: Easier said than done.

Danny: Have you and Jack ever talked about having a kid together?

Phyllis: Yeah, that's, uh, that's not gonna happen.

Danny: Jack doesn't want to have another child? I mean...

Phyllis: No, no, no. It's just--

Danny: I mean, I think if you talked to him--

Phyllis: No, it's not... there's no use talking about it.

Danny: Well, does he at least know how you feel?

Phyllis: Yeah, he knows how I feel. It's not about that, Danny. It's not Jack, it’s... I can't have any more children.


Damon: Is there something I can do for you, Ms. Abbott?

Ashley: Am I interrupting?

Damon: Well, there's really nothing to interrupt, since you think what I'm doing is a waste of time.

Ashley: You're still doing it.

Damon: Frivolous pursuits are my hobby. You see, I've really had very little else to do with the last several months of my life.

Ashley: Damon, about that conversation we had earlier...

Damon: Yes, what about it?

Ashley: Well, I know it-- it wasn't exactly what you wanted to hear.

Damon: No, nor was it anything I ever would have expected to hear.

Ashley: I'm sorry.

Damon: You're the president of this company, Ms. Abbott, I'm an employee. There's no need for apology.

Ashley: I'm aware of all the work you've put in, and I just wanted you to know that I truly appreciate it.

Damon: I have been very well paid. I can't complain.

Ashley: But you're not happy.

Damon: What would you expect? I left a good life to come and work for your company to develop a product that could revolutionize cosmetics, only to have you pull the rug right out from under me. I am not happy. Do you know how I feel, Ashley? I feel betrayed. I feel betrayed and ripped-off!


Dru: What do you mean, "not necessarily"?

Jack: You are aware my sister is back at work?

Dru: Yeah. I saw her car in the parking structure. What does that have to do with the research for the Neofinetia?

Jack: She thinks it's a complete waste of our time and money.

Dru: What? Is she out of her mind? This is the best opportunity Jabot has had to grab the brass ring in ages, Jack.

Jack: Dru, Dru, chill. No decisions have been made yet.

Dru: Well, my, my, my, aren't we calm about this?

Jack: Right now I'm kinda busy.

Dru: Yeah, I know, the Victor Newman sentencing hearing. Well, let me remind you that this project is not only your baby, Jack. It's Damon’s, it's mine. Now... oh, my God. You are on Ashley’s side, aren't you? Aren't you?!

Michael: So you went to Jack Abbott with your checkbook wide open, which means, I assume, that your lawyer recommended that you attempt to pay restitution to Jabot cosmetics before sentencing.

Victor: Yeah. I'll be paying out eventually anyway.

Michael: Yes, and a seemingly voluntarily offer to make amends looks so much better than one made under duress.

Victor: You don't think a potential year in jail is being under duress?

Michael: The key word being "potential." I think it unlikely you'll spend any time behind bars.

Victor: I can't gamble on that.

Michael: Well, I understand. But don't tell me that Jack Abbott did not break both legs diving over his desk trying to grab the check you were holding out.

Victor: He didn’t. That S.O.B. Would rather see me suffer than do what is in his own best interest.

Michael: How much, the offer?

Victor: I opened at 50.

Michael: $50 million?

Victor: Well, what did you think?

Michael: Well, I would have started lower.

Victor: He spit in my eye.

Michael: So you went higher?

Victor: 75.

Michael: You're telling me that Jack Abbott turned down $75 million?

Victor: He dismissed it disdainfully.

Michael: Jack Abbott turned down $75 million, cash on the bar-- what is he thinking?

Victor: Good question.


Raul: Come on, babe. I just want to keep an eye on you.

Brittany: That's the last thing I want, you looking at me.

Raul: You really don't get it, do you? Brittany, you think that little mark you got on your face... you think that makes a difference to me?

Brittany: Raul, don't insult my intelligence or yours. It isn't a little mark, and you would have to be blind and crazy for it not to make a difference.

Raul: Whoo-hoo! Yeah! Oh. Hey, hey. Who turned out the lights? Hey, I guess I must be both! Whoo-hoo!

Brittany: Stop it, Raul.

Raul: Whoo-hoo!

Brittany: Stop it. I'm serious.

Raul: What and I'm not seriously blind and crazy? Whoo-hoo!

Brittany: Stop it.

Raul: Well, you're no fun.

Brittany: No, I'm not.

Raul: Okay. Well, Britt, I am still here, so I could still go make lunch. Or I could give you a back rub. Hmm?

Brittany: Those are my choices?

Raul: At the moment, yes.

Brittany: Well, my shoulders are a little tense.

Raul: Boy, I'll say.


Hank: Right. Got it. Thanks for the heads up. Appreciate it. Okay. Sorry about that. Getting back to the question I asked before, can you tell me approximately what time you left the party?

Sharon: Well, it was after midnight. Um, I didn't check my watch. I was talking with people. They would have thought that was rude.

Hank: What people?

Sharon: I walked a few of the guests out to their cars, and we chatted for awhile. Then I went home. I was in no particular hurry. Nick was tied up at the office working on Cameron’s proposal.

Hank: Can you provide me with the names of some of these guests?

Sharon: Detective, come on. That was months ago.

Hank: Even one person, Mrs. Newman, someone who can verify where you were that evening after you left the club.

Sharon: In other words, you don't take my word for it. You have to double-check my story.

Hank: Its standard procedure, ma'am.

Sharon: This is outrageous.

Sharon: I'm sorry. I can't remember.

Hank: You can't recall a single person you spoke to that night?

Sharon: It was a party, for God's sake. It was late. There was a lot of champagne.

Hank: Okay. Would anyone else have seen you-- parking valet attendants, doorman, perhaps?

Sharon: You would have to ask them. I have no idea.

Hank: Mrs. Newman, would you be willing to be in a lineup, see if our witness identifies you?


Jack: I am not taking Ashley’s side in this. Research is her strong suit. Much of what she said was reasonable.

Dru: How can you say that after everything we've been through? How can you even consider axing this project?

Jack: Dru, listen to me.

Dru: No, you listen to me. Your sister has been out of it for weeks, and you know it. Who's to say she still doesn't have a couple of screws loose? If you ask me--

Jack: Don't you ever talk about my sister that way again, you hear me?

Dru: I'm sorry. Do you suppose Victor Newman has anything to do with this?

Jack: No, no. This is not personal.

Dru: I cannot believe this. What if Ashley manages to squash this project?

Jack: Would you stop panicking?

Dru: How can I not panic? First it's gonna be the orchid research, then it's gonna be Tuvia, and before you know it, it's gonna be my damn job!


Ashley: I sympathize with your disappointment.

Damon: Really?

Ashley: However, continuing to fund this project is a money pit that Jabot simply can't afford.

Damon: That ain't true, and you know it.

Ashley: I beg your pardon?

Damon: I know all about the plans for a civil suit with Newman Enterprises, Ashley. Given the fact that Victor has admitted his guilt, there's not a judge on the bench won't award this company huge damages.

Ashley: I agree. That concerns me even more.

Damon: Why? You stand to receive millions.

Ashley: Because, Damon, for the first time in years, Jabot will be out of debt. We'll be in the black. We'll be able to retire our loans.

Damon: With plenty to spare, most likely.

Ashley: And I hate the thought of sinking that money back into a project that has no guarantee, a project that, until recently, was little more than a dream. "The magic silver bullet." What if that bullet turns out to be a blank?

Damon: You surprise me, Ms. Abbott.

Ashley: Why?

Damon: You became a legend in the field of cosmetics because you weren't afraid to take chances. What happened to you?

Ashley: I'm not sure. Maybe I've become more cautious in my old age.

Damon: No. No. You are still a young, vital, extremely talented chemist. You are at a time in your life when you should be aching for new challenges, blazing new trails.

Ashley: A pep talk isn't going to change the reality as I see it.

Damon: All right. Well, let me ask you another question.

Ashley: Go ahead.

Damon: Would you still feel this way if Jabot had the second orchid?


Danny: You can't have kids?

Phyllis: No.

Danny: What? Did something...

Phyllis: Yeah. I just... you know, I had a medical emergency a few years ago, and it left me sterile.

Danny: I'm sorry. I really am. I had no idea.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. I bet you wish you'd never asked.

Danny: No, I'm glad I did.

Phyllis: That's why this thing with Kyle is so hard for me. You know, I kind of saw him as, um, my last shot.

Phyllis: I thought I'd even surprise myself and... get it right this time.

Danny: There's something else that I could tell you about Daniel.

Phyllis: What?

Danny: He's coming to the states.

Phyllis: When?

Danny: After spring term.

Phyllis: Really? Is he coming to Genoa City? I want to see him.

Danny: I know you do, but I--

Phyllis: No, no, but what?

Danny: I'm not sure he's ready for that.

Phyllis: Oh, no, no, no, he is, he is. Listen, it doesn't have to be some huge production, Danny. It could just be the three of us, and we could have dinner somewhere. It'll be wonderful.

Danny: Phyllis, I really don't--

Phyllis: Please, don't say no. Please, don't say no. Don't say no, okay? You have no idea what it would do for me to see my son. Please. I mean, I-- I want to see him. I really need to see him.

Danny: I'll talk to him.

Phyllis: Really? You promise?

Danny: If he's up for it, then I'll see what we can do.

Phyllis: Thank you. Thank you.


Brittany: Okay, stop. Your thumbs must be falling off.

Raul: I'm the one who decides when the massage is over.

Brittany: That felt good. Thank you.

Raul: You're welcome.

Brittany: Raul, um, I really can't have you nursemaiding me like this.

Raul: That's not what I'm doing, babe. Come on. You have a little transition to make, and I'm just trying to make--

Brittany: Raul, you keep using that word, "little," as if you can play this thing down.

Raul: Okay. All right. Fine. Let me start over. Brittany, you have this great, big, huge transition to make. Is that better?

Brittany: Meaning while I get used to looking like a freak?

Raul: No.

Brittany: Well, what then? While I get over myself?

Raul: Those are your words.

Brittany: Well, I'm sorry, Raul. I don't see that happening.

Raul: Well, you might just surprise yourself... with some help from the right man, a little huggin' and cuddling and kissing... making you feel like you're the most beautiful woman in the world, which, to me, you still are and always will be, no matter what.

Brittany: Raul, stop it. You can't do this. You can't make magic. I hate the way I look. I'm going to hate it for the rest of my life.

Raul: So I'll have to love you more to make up for it. See, 'cause my love cancels out your hate. That's pretty neat, huh?

Brittany: You're so sweet. You're kind and generous.

Brittany: But it just isn't enough. I'm sorry.

Bobby: Hello. Anyone home? Ah, there she is. There's my girl. Listen, let's put on some music, break out some beers, get this party started here.

Raul: Perfect timing, as usual.


Sharon: A police lineup?

Hank: I can arrange it this afternoon if you're available.

Sharon: Well, I'm not. Why are you accusing me?

Hank: I'm not accusing you of anything, Mrs. Newman. I would just like to know if you have an alibi for the night Mr. Kirsten disappeared.

Sharon: And if there aren't enough details to satisfy you, you'll start treating me like a suspect? Is that what you're telling me?


Danny: Thank you.

Chris: I am sorry I took so long. I ran into Judge Mitchell in the hall.

Danny: Oh. No problem.

Chris: I see you managed to get rid of Phyllis.

Danny: Yeah.

Chris: What's wrong?

Danny: I told Phyllis that Daniel’s coming to the states.

Chris: You did? How did she react?

Danny: Well, she's thrilled. She wants to make plans to see him.

Chris: How do you feel about that?

Danny: I'm not sure. I mean, a few years ago, I would've discouraged it, but now I...

Chris: You think she's changed?

Danny: She says she has. I think I believe her. I mean, she has turned things around. Maybe she's ready to be a mother again.


Michael: I can't believe Jack Abbott would go through a whole civil lawsuit. It could drag on for years. The man's a maniac. He needs the money, right?

Victor: He needs it desperately. I told him how long it would take to come up with an exact figure for the damages.

Michael: Hell, yeah. He can trot out his sales reports, his projections. He can show the judge that his sales fell short. He can march the employees-- the poor employees who didn't get their Christmas bonus right through the courtroom, but we'll have an answer to each and every one of his points. We'll hire expert witnesses to say it was the economy, that Jabot's sales projections were unrealistic. We'll have professors of chemistry say that there's something about Tuvia's formula that's off-putting. In the end, we'll have shot so many holes in their case that Jack Abbott will crawl over broken glass to you, begging for the $50 million you originally offered him.

Victor: That's the Michael Baldwin I know. You're looking forward to this battle, aren't you?

Michael: But... my main concern is getting you through the sentencing hearing. But, boy, oh, boy, when it comes to Jabot suing you for civil damages, yeah, you better believe it. I'm looking forward to it.

Victor: However, with question right now is how much damage can that S.O.B. Who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth do to me in that courtroom?

Michael: Well, the civil suit's cut and dry in comparison, but the sentencing hearing-- that's gonna be about something completely different if I know Jack.

Victor: He'll try to make me out to be criminal and vicious and corrupt and--

Michael: Yes, yes, yes, indeed. A man in dire need of a long sojourn in prison. He'll talk about how you've been wanting to destroy him forever, how this isn't about business. It's all about hate and vitriol going back months, years, decades. Victor Newman painted as a man who was out to do actual harm, not just to enrich himself. Frankly, that's exactly what I'd do if I were on the other side of the courtroom.

Victor: Well, the bottom line is that he would cause trouble if he comes to that hearing.

Michael: You're not planning to do something drastic to get rid of him? Like hire a hit man?

Victor: Mnh-mnh.

Michael: Good.

Victor: But the idea of standing in that courtroom and have Jack Abbott, of all people, defame me in front of the judge for the public record-- it's more than I can take. I wouldn't hire a hit man to deal with someone like that. I'd do it with my own bare hands.


Dru: Wouldn't surprise me if Ashley’s just doing this out of spite to get rid of me.

Jack: Oh, for God's sake, Dru, this is not about you.

Dru: You know, she can't stand me, and if she had her own way--

Jack: This is about Jabot-- nothing more, nothing less. Some of Ashley’s concerns are valid.

Dru: Damn it, Jack, do you realize I've staked my entire career on this?

Jack: No rash decisions are going to be made. In fact, there will be many discussions before any decision is made.

Dru: Well, I certainly hope so.

Jack: Try to keep in mind, Dru, I have as much time and energy invested in this as you do.

Dru: Meaning what?

Jack: Meaning I can be very persuasive when I put my mind to it. I know my sister. I know what buttons to push. When it comes to crunch time, I can handle Ashley. Dru... calm down. Relax. Let me handle this.


Ashley: I seriously doubt if having that second orchid would change my mind. Sorry, I'm responsible for an awful lot of employees, not to mention my family.

Damon: Think how many more people this company might employ if we brought this product to market.

Ashley: If, Damon-- if. And the odds against our success are huge, not to mention the untold millions to find out.

Damon: Millions well worth it, as far as I'm concerned.

Ashley: Well, now isn't that easy for you to say, since it's our money and not yours.

Damon: (Sighs) so does this mean that you are definitely pulling the plug on this project?

Ashley: That's my intention, yes.

Damon: There's nothing I can say, nothing I can do to change your mind?

Damon: Your brother and Brad may disagree.

Ashley: Well, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Again, I truly, truly am sorry.


Bobby: All right, this place definitely needs a shot of energy. What do you say we call up, order some pizzas and beer, hmm?

Raul: It's barely afternoon, Marsino.

Bobby: So? Can you even drink beer maybe the doctor--

Brittany: I don't want beer. God, Bobby, you just come in here like a hurricane and take over.

Bobby: Somebody's in a bad mood.

Raul: No, not so bad.

Bobby: Yeah? Could've fooled me.

Raul: Actually, Bobby, we were talking about something before you came.

Brittany: Hey, you two can have this conversation all by yourselves.

Bobby: No, no, no. Hold on. Sorry, Brittany. What is it that you wanna do?

Brittany: Nothing.

Bobby: Well, you gotta do something.

Brittany: Says who?

Bobby: Says me.

Raul: Hey, hang on a second, Marsino. We were doing something before you showed up. What happened is you interrupted us.

Bobby: All right, so sue me. Listen, I walk in, and you two are standing around like you're at a funeral or something. What, you expect me to come in and play the violin? All right, you don't wanna eat, fine. Let's put on our jackets. We'll take a nice long walk; get out in some fresh air.

Brittany: No, thank you.

Bobby: Well, you can't just sit around here all day, doing nothing, feeling bad.

Brittany: Oh, I'm sorry. I don't know how else to feel right now. You two with your "let's cheer up Brittany" act. I'd like to see how cheerful you'd be if you lost all your hair forever.

Bobby: Well, they do say bald is beautiful.

Brittany: Yeah, well, scar is scary.

Bobby: See? That's quick.

Brittany: Both of you just go. Please.

Bobby: Listen, uh, give me a few seconds with her, huh?

Raul: All right, listen, I gotta pick up a prescription at the pharmacy. I'll be back in 15 minutes.

Brittany: Raul...

Raul: I'll be right back.

Bobby: Listen, I got a little surprise for you.

Brittany: A new face?

Bobby: Come on, enough with the face stuff. You look great.

Brittany: Yeah, wonderful. What's that?

Bobby: Sheet music.

Brittany: For what?

Bobby: For the new song you're gonna sing at Marsino's this weekend. Here, look at it. Tell me what you think.


Chris: Sounds to me like you need to have a talk with your son.

Danny: Well, I promised Phyllis I would.

Chris: Has he expressed any interest in seeing his mom?

Danny: Not recently.

Chris: Is he angry with her? Does he feel she abandoned him?

Danny: No.

Chris: Are you sure, Danny? Because, you know, sometimes children-- they misinterpret things.

Danny: Daniel knows the whole story.

Chris: You told him why Phyllis lost custody?

Danny: But I've never done anything to poison Daniel against his mother. He knows that Phyllis loves him, but she's never been in any kind of shape to take care of him. While she's getting her life back on track, she agrees that he's better off with me.

Chris: That's just a lot for a kid to deal with.

Danny: He's a strong boy.

Chris: It just-- it seems odd to me. You would think that he would have a million questions about his moth---- at the very least, wanna see her.

Danny: I guess he was waiting for Phyllis to make the first move.

Chris: Now she has.


Victor: Come in. My goodness.

Phyllis: (Laughs)

Victor: What a surprise. I haven't seen you for so long.

Phyllis: Yeah. I've been meaning to stop by.

Victor: Yeah. How's life been treating you?

Phyllis: Not great, frankly.

Victor: Well, I'm sorry to hear that.

Phyllis: Yeah. Um, it brings me to the reason that I stopped by.

Victor: And what's that?

Phyllis: You told me when I went away that my job would be waiting for me when I returned if I still wanted it.

Victor: Mm-hmm. I remember.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Did you mean it?

Victor: I meant it then, yes.

Phyllis: Oh, oh. You meant it then.

Victor: Right. A lot of things have happened, Phyllis. There have been some drastic changes.


Hank: This is an ongoing investigation into the disappearance of a man you and your husband know personally, Mrs. Newman. You know, I think you would want to cooperate.

Sharon: I am. I am answering your questions the best I can. I can't remember who I talked to.

Hank: You can't tell me the name of a single person you spent time with after midnight on the evening in question?

Sharon: Do you want a copy of the guest list?

Hank: Already have it.

Sharon: And do you plan to go down it, name by name, badgering everyone else for an alibi?

Hank: Ma'am...

Sharon: Nikki Newman.

Hank: Your mother-in-law.

Sharon: Yes, I was with her after the party.

Hank: Is she home?

Sharon: What, now? No. She had an appointment.

Hank: Okay, where?

Sharon: I have no clue. You are way off base with this, Detective, and so help me, if you go to my husband with this ridiculous charge...

Hank: First of all, I'm not charging you with anything... yet. And secondly, I don't wanna talk to your husband until I know I have something to go on. But you can rest assured I will be talking to Mrs. Newman. Good day, ma'am.

Sharon: Nikki, this is Sharon. Please call me immediately. It's urgent. Oh, dear God. What have I done?

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