Monday Y&R Transcript 2/23/04

Y&R Transcript Monday 2/23/04 -- Canada, Tuesday 2/24/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

 Sharon: Well, gee, let me guess. You want to request that I disappear off the face of the earth. Am in the ballpark?

 Nikki: Sharon, I repeat, I am not here to harass you. I am here out of concern.

 Sharon: Right that you won't get your own way about something. So what is it this time?

 Nikki: Are you aware that your daughter picked up the phone at 6:00 this morning to call and tell me how worried she is about you?

 Sharon: Cassie and I talked. I'm aware of how upset she is.

 Nikki: Well, I spoke to Nicholas, too.

 Sharon: Great.

 Nikki: Sounds like it was quite an eventful evening.

 Sharon: So what do you want, Nikki? You want to rehash the whole thing in hopes that you can pick up on something you can use against me? Is that your plan?

 Nikki: Look, I realize I am partly to blame for your paranoid attitude.

 Sharon: Partly to blame?

 Nikki: I don't have a lot of time. I still have to make that appointment that I talked about earlier, but before I do that, you and I have to come to an understanding right now.


 Gina: So I take it you've been seeing quite a lot of my brother lately.

 Chris: You could say that.

 Gina: So is there anything I should know?

 Chris: Gina!

 Gina: Oh, come on. Cut me some slack. It's perfectly normal for a big sister to be a little nosey about her brother, that's all. You're not gonna tell me anything, are you? Okay. Coffee? Juice?

 Chris: Yes, coffee would be fine, thank you.

 Gina: I'll bring you some.

 Chris: Okay.

 Chris: (Gasps) for me?

 Danny: I'm sorry I'm late.

 Chris: No, you're not late.

 Danny: Oh. Well, in that case, I'll--

 Chris: Oh, no. You're late. You're so late. Thank you. They're beautiful.

 Danny: They're not as beautiful as you.

 Chris: Mmm. Thanks.


 Diane: Okay, where do you think that one goes? Of course. Brilliant. Where does the farm truck--

 Kyle: Tractor.

 Diane: Good! Good job. Farm, tractor. Okay, what's this one? Where do you think this one--

 Kyle: Helicopter.

 Diane: Helicopter. Okay. And where does this one go?

 Phyllis: Oh, I think that one goes there, right?

 Diane: Phyllis. He can do it himself, you know.

 Phyllis: Oh, hi to you, too, Diane. Hey, how you doing, honey? Hey, why are you so quiet? What's going on?

 Diane: Nothing's going on. He just hasn't seen enough of his stepmom lately, that's all.

 Phyllis: Oh, you haven't seen enough of your stepmommy? Well, let's change that. You want to come over to my house, and we'll spend all day together playing games and doing stuff?

 Kyle: Do I have to, Mommy?


 Jack: But you're confident you're on the right track?

 Damon: I've synthesized two of the main properties we're gonna need from that orchid root. It's only a matter of time till I have the rest.

 Jack: And what about Vanessa Lerner’s original lab notes?

 Damon: Oh, Jack, they're a huge help. It eliminates all the early experimentation. I can cut right to product formulation as soon as I have a complete breakdown of the root chemicals.

 Ashley: Good morning, gentlemen.

 Damon: Look whose back in the saddle.

 Jack: Yeah, my saddle, no less.

 Ashley: I hope you don't mind me borrowing your desk for a few minutes.

 Jack: I don't mind at all.

 Ashley: I was just going over the latest sales figures for our Tuvia line.

 Jack: Should you be back at work so soon?

 Ashley: Well, I feel great. You're gonna be seeing a lot of me, jack, so you'd better get used to it.

 Jack: Well, in that case, I will let Damon bring you up to speed on our newest product.

 Ashley: That's right, the magical hair straightener.

 Jack: I have a little meeting with Victor Newman shortly, and he can bring you up to speed while I'm talking with the mustache.

 Ashley: Why are you meeting with Victor?

 Jack: Beats me. His idea, not mine. He's on his way here now.

 Damon: Ms. Abbott, if you would like to head down to the lab, I can show you exactly where we stand on our new product.

 Ashley: Actually, I'd like to speak with both of you. I've come to the conclusion that this entire project is a waste of our time and money.


 Victor: Well, I know it's not the perfect time to sell, but I need a large amount of money in a hurry, all right? Well, I hope not the full amount. No, I don't know how much exactly. No, it's not to buy something else, and it cannot be a tax-free exchange. I need cash, George. Never mind what for. Just line up the sales, then you call me when you are ready, all right? I'll give you further instruction. Thank you.

 Victor: This will all be over very soon, I hope.


 Phyllis: This dump truck. Great.

 Gina: Diane, you want some more coffee?

Diane: I'd love some, Gina. And you know what? We're out of cream, so do you think maybe that you and Kyle could go off to the kitchen and bring some back?

 Gina: Oh, I'd love to. Kyle, you want to come with me?

 Diane: Yeah.

 Gina: Let's go see what the chefs are doing, all right? Let's go.

 Phyllis: It's so interesting. He just so willingly goes off with Gina, yet he can't stand the sight of me.

 Diane: He's a little boy, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Well, when we were living together, we became very, very close. He used to run right into my arms.

Diane: Well, what do you expect? You've been away a long time. It's very confusing for him.

 Phyllis: Mm-hmm. I've always been there for him.

 Diane: Well, things have been hectic, but give him time. I'm sure he'll adjust.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah. I'm sure he'll adjust. He just needs to find his bearings. Then he'll warm up to me, right, Diane?

 Diane: Phyllis, it could happen, but I'm afraid it's entirely up to you.

 Phyllis: What does that mean?

 Diane: It means that you need to get your life in order and decide what you really want.

 Phyllis: Oh, please. I'm not talking about my life with you, all right? I know what I want.

 Diane: Are you sure? 'Cause I'm not. Is it Jack and Kyle, or are you still looking out for number one?

 Phyllis: Diane, I get you, okay? I know all about you here. You're talking to me about improving my life like you really care.

 Diane: I do care-- about Jack.

 Phyllis: Yeah.

 Diane: And right now, evidently, that means you.

 Phyllis: Yeah, and if he picks you, hey, what the hell?

 Diane: You know, frankly, I don't think that you deserve him, but it's his choice. He would take you back in a second if you asked, but you haven't even called him. What does that say?

 Phyllis: It says-- uh, it says, uh, "none of your business" is what it says. Yeah. I gave him back the orchid. I played your little game, Diane. Now let me tell you something. Stop trying to destroy my marriage.

 Diane: Oh, Phyllis, if anyone's going to destroy your marriage, it's you. Not me, not Jack, not some little flowering plant, but you.


 Ashley: I expected this would come as a shock.

 Damon: As a shock? I'm appalled.

 Jack: Actually, I'm a little blown away myself, sis.

 Ashley: Well, I can handle the fallout, Jack. I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me on this.

 Damon: With all due respect, isn't this rather arbitrary, considering you just returned from a lengthy leave of absence?

 Ashley: Well, Damon, I've given it an awful lot of thought. Also I've read your preliminary report on the orchid root research as well as your lab notes.

 Damon: Yes, which are purposefully minimal or in a rather jumbled shorthand.

 Jack: For secrecy's sake.

 Ashley: I understand that. Regardless, I think continuing with this project is a drain on Jabot's resources.

 Damon: That's absurd!

 Jack: Damon, Damon, let's hear my sister out, okay?

 Ashley: Our company has devoted an awful lot of time, energy and money on this endeavor. Far too much, I think.

 Jack: Ash, I don't have to tell you it takes money to make money.

 Ashley: And what do we have after we've spent all that money? We don't even know if the hair straightener works.

 Damon: Uh... of course it works. Vanessa Lerner is an experienced chemist. Her initial research already shows us it works and works well.

 Jack: And if it works, Ash, it could revolutionize the industry.

 Ashley: Jack, I know that you've come to believe that this is our so-called silver bullet, but if you're honest with yourself, even you have to admit it's a long shot. Given the time for research and development, this could go on for--

 Jack: We are already well on our way.

 Ashley: Are we? It could take years for the government to give its stamp of approval. In the meantime, Tuvia's costing us a fortune. If we continue with this project, no matter how promising it may be, we're not only jeopardizing Tuvia, we're compromising our other divisions as well.


  Danny: No, if I remember correctly, you were the one in the helicopter freaking out on the honeymoon, not me.

 Chris: Well, then you don't remember correctly. You were the one that was scared. I was fine.

 Dayna: Danny?

 Danny: I think you're right. I was scared. Dayna?

 Dayna: I thought that was you. When did you get back from Europe?

 Danny: Hi. I got back a couple months ago.

 Dayna: What a surprise. What a surprise. I had no idea.

 Danny: Oh, I'm sorry. Where are my manners? Christine, this is Dayna Devon. Dayna, this is Christine Blair. Dayna is the--

 Chris: The anchor of "Extra." I know. I watch you all the time.

 Dayna: Thank you. I really appreciate that.

 Danny: Chris is an assistant district attorney.

 Dayna: My, my. I didn't know we had fans in such high places.

 Danny: Hey, join us for a minute.

 Dayna: I'm not interrupting?

 Danny: No, no. Come on. Sit down.

 Dayna: Oh thank you. Thank you.

 Danny: So how long are you in Genoa City?

 Dayna: Not long, unfortunately. I'm speaking tonight at the women's expo and then taking a red-eye back to L.A. I can't believe this. When was the last time we saw each other?

 Danny: I think it was a few years ago at an awards show.

 Dayna: In Berlin.

 Danny: Yes.

 Dayna: We ran into each other backstage. You won three statues that night. You were flying.

 Danny: It was an incredible evening.

 Dayna: So what's next, Mr. Rock star? Give me a scoop I can tell my viewers about. What's next for Danny Romalotti?


 Sharon: You just-- you never get tired of talking down to me, do you, Nikki?

 Nikki: I don't know what's going on with you, Sharon. No one does. But that's gotta change.

 Sharon: Everything is fine here. There is no need for you to get more involved.

 Nikki: Why don't you tell me about last night? Tell me about this man you saw outside the window, or thought you saw. Must have been quite an apparition for you to scream like that.

 Sharon: Well, obviously, you've already gotten the scoop from everyone else, so why ask me?

 Nikki: And then after that, you had other visitor, equally unpleasant? My God. Grace Turner and Cameron Kirsten? When Nicholas told me that, I almost fell over.

 Sharon: I know. I couldn't believe it, either.

 Nikki: Oh, I can believe it. That woman is such a predator, and he...

 Sharon: He's what?

 Nikki: Let's just say that it's not often that I dislike somebody from the minute they open their mouth.

 Sharon: And you had that reaction to Cameron?

 Nikki: He was just a little too polished, a little too slick-- the kind of person that one should not trust.

 Sharon: So what does this have to do with your inquisition, or are you about finished?

 Nikki: I just find it fascinating that a man like that would take up with your worst enemy, then disappear. She shows up on your doorstep during the middle of a family crisis.

 Sharon: It was not a family crisis. We had a lovely evening together, and then I had a little bit of a scare which turned out to be nothing. Why are you making such a huge deal out of this?

 Nikki: Because it's a pattern, Sharon, a very disturbing pattern that has been taking shape for awhile.

 Sharon: What pattern? What are you talking about?

 Nikki: You just go along acting like everything is fine, when actually; it's part of an elaborate cover-up.

 Sharon: Oh, for heaven's sake.

 Nikki: Sharon, I know you, and I know when you're hiding something. I've seen it too much to just brush it off. Now whatever it is that's hanging over you, it's about to blow up. The walls are closing in on you. You have nowhere to go, and I know you're just hoping, magically, this whole thing will just disappear and nobody will notice how strung out you've been. Well, let me tell you something. They have noticed. People who actually give a damn about you have noticed. That is why I'm here, Sharon-- to implore you to please take a different approach and tell the truth!


 Damon: Ms. Abbott, I know that research is your department, that I only came on board because you were on leave--

 Ashley: I'm sorry you're upset, Damon, but you really need to look at the big picture and consider the company as a whole.

 Damon: Well, if you don't mind my asking, when did you arrive at this conclusion?

 Ashley: Why does that matter?

 Damon: Well, it had been my understanding that you had, well, other things to deal with recently.

 Ashley: Oh, you're being polite in referring to my illness, my mental illness.

 Jack: He's not referring to anything like that. He's saying-- and I happen to agree with him-- that this whole new attitude comes out of the blue.

 Ashley: I understand that it could appear that way.

 Damon: We poured our hearts and souls into that project. We went through every sort of stress just finding that orchid to begin with. I really can't believe you want to throw it all away.

 Ashley: I'm trying to explain my reasons.

 Damon: Your reasons don't make any sense!

 Jack: You know what? Much as I hate to break this up, I have a meeting with Victor in a moment. Maybe the two of you could calmly find your way to your office or the lab--

 Ashley: That won't be necessary, Jack. I've said everything I need to say on the matter for now. Will you excuse me? I have a million things to do. (Intercom beeps)

 Jack: Yeah, Jennifer? Yeah, send him in.


 Jack: Yeah, Terry, that's the best news I've had all week. Excellent. Okay, well, you give me the details as they come, but so far, this sounds like a winner. Great. Cheers. Oh, yeah. Listen, I'm a little busy. What's the big emergency?

 Victor: So things are going well?

 Jack: Nowhere to go but up. What do you say we cut the chitchat? I got meetings.

 Victor: You know that I've pled guilty to charges brought against me?

 Jack: Wise man.

 Victor: And I know that you will sue me.

 Jack: You figured that out already, huh?

 Victor: Mm-hmm. And we also both know that a lawsuit will take a lot of time and cost a lot of money.

 Jack: You know, when you're guaranteed of winning that is not as big a consideration.

 Victor: Well, you and I have lived long enough to know that there are no guarantees in there.

 Jack: So you think you're gonna get off without paying damages for crimes you committed and have admitted to committing?

 Victor: What I'm suggesting to you is that I pay you reparations for damages done. Thereby, we can avoid a long, drawn-out lawsuit.

 Jack: Reparations, hmm? Well, okay, Victor, get it out on the table.

 Victor: $50 million.


 Phyllis: You won't give up, will you? You just won't give up. Game's the same. Different tactics, but the game is the same. You are still after my husband.

 Diane: Phyllis, this is such old and worn territory.

 Phyllis: Oh, the lay of the land never changes.

 Diane: You don't want Jack? Fine. Wonderful. I would be more than happy to pick up the pieces.

 Phyllis: I bet you will. And don't think I don't know how you're gonna do it. You have that little orchid up your sleeve, don't you still? Don't think I haven't forgotten about it, Diane. I haven’t. So how exactly are you going to use that little flower to-- let me see—worm your way into my husband's heart?

 Diane: I'm not. I'm only keeping it safe.

 Phyllis: Oh, safe? Really? Well, why don't you give it to me? I'll keep it safe. I did what you wanted. I gave Jack the orchid. Why don't you give the other orchid to me?

 Diane: So you can give it to Victor? How do you think that would make Jack feel? Phyllis, you ought to be thanking me for refusing to let you do something so incredibly stupid. You can't have it both ways. It's not going to work. It's Jack or Victor. That's it. Yeah.

 Gina: Here we go. We had such a great time.

 Diane: Oh, thanks, Gina, but I really have to get going.

 Gina: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Please bring him back.

 Diane: I will.

 Gina: All right.

 Diane: You think about what I said, okay, Phyllis?

 Phyllis: Oh, yeah, I'll think about what you said, Diane. Bye, sweetie.

 Diane: Hey, Kyle, why don't you say good-bye to your step mommy? Come on, just a little good-bye.

 Kyle: Bye.

 Phyllis: Bye.

 Diane: Thank you. That's very nice. Come on.

 Diane: Thank you very much.


 Vanessa: Hello, lover. Miss me?

 Damon: Hey.

 Vanessa: "Hey"? I'm gonna need a better greeting than that. Mmm.

 Damon: That's nice. Thank you.

 Vanessa: Wow. What's the matter? Are you having a bad day?

 Damon: It is turning out that way, yes.

 Vanessa: Well, I can't imagine why. I mean, you're saving a drowning company. If you ask me, the brass upstairs ought to be giving you a medal.

 Damon: It's the brass upstairs that has put me in this mood.

 Vanessa: Trouble with Jack?

 Damon: No. No. Trouble with his sister. She's making noises about pulling the plug on our project.


 Sharon: So, what, are you a mind reader now?

 Nikki: Well, when it comes to you, yes, I guess I am. Not only are you transparent, but you're very predictable.

 Sharon: Is that so?

 Nikki: If I were a betting woman, I could make a lot of money taking odds on when you'll ruin your life next, but this isn't a game to me. This is my family, and I'm not gonna stand back and watch you try to destroy it yet again. Do you understand that?

 Sharon: Oh, but destroying me, your own daughter-in-law, that's acceptable.

 Nikki: I have no intention of destroying you.

 Sharon: Don't you, Nikki? Isn't that what this is really about? I mean, you're not here to implore me or to make requests. You're here to put me on notice that if I don't cop to some accusation you're making, you'll retaliate.

 Nikki: Well, Sharon, if that's the only way to get through to you, by making threats--

 Sharon: Okay. Good. At least now we're getting someplace.

 Nikki: You know, Nicholas has begged me to try to keep peace with you, and I have tried my very best. I will not stand by and watch you continue to deceive him. I will not do that.

 Sharon: So what will you do, Nikki? What exactly are you threatening me with, just so I can pencil it into my calendar?

Nikki: You know, you can stand there all day and be sarcastic and try to get me going, or you could be smart for once in your life and you could tell the truth. You need help. You need to talk to somebody-- a minister, a counselor. I don't care. Someone! But you need to pull your act together, Sharon, because if you don't, you're right. Then I will be forced to take action for the sake of your family.


 Danny: Uh, Dayna, look, I--

 Dayna: Wait, wait, wait. Let me get my tape recorder. I want to get an exact quote.

 Danny: There's really no need to. There's not a lot going on right now. I mean, my calendar's wide open.

 Dayna: You're taking a little time off, recharging your battery.

 Danny: Not exactly. Look, the truth is the reason there's not a lot going on is because my career isn't what it used to be.

 Dayna: Oh.

 Danny: Yeah.

 Dayna: I'm sorry. I didn't--

 Danny: No, come on. Don't be sorry. I mean, hey, you know, I wish it was different, but that's the way it goes, you know? There's nothing I can do about it.

 Dayna: Well, you know, maybe it's just a dry spell. I mean, we both know how these things are. One minute you're down, the next minute you're up. It could happen, right?

 Danny: You never know.

 Dayna: I mean, Danny, look around. There are performers all the time making huge comebacks. There's no reason that couldn't be you.

 Danny: You think?

 Dayna: If it's what you want. I'm not sure it is. The music business is a very hard way of life, as you well know. Well, I gotta get going, but it was great seeing you.

 Danny: Oh, yeah.

Dayna: Call me when you get to L.A.?

 Danny: Absolutely. Hey, Dayna, thank you for those good words.

 Dayna: Thank you. It was really nice meeting you, Christine.

 Chris: You too.

 Danny: Whew. Okay. That wasn't too much fun.

 Chris: I am so proud of you. You handled that beautifully.

 Danny: You're proud of a washed-up has-been?

 Chris: Oh, would you stop it? You're not washed-up. You've had an amazing career. Maybe that part of your life is over. But like Dayna said, it's not an easy life, and I just happen to have this feeling that there are some pretty great things in store for you. In fact, I'm sure of it.


 Jack: That's your offer?

 Victor: Mm-hmm.

 Jack: $50 million? Let's get serious, shall we?

 Victor: It's a lot of money, Jack.

 Jack: It's a lot of money to find lying around in a paper sack. It's not a hell of a lot of money to pay for the damages done to me, my family and our company.

 Victor: And I'm told it takes a hell of a long time to establish the exact amount of the damages that you have incurred.

 Jack: Is that so?

 Victor: Mm-hmm. You would have to prove very specifically that Tuvia lost a certain amount of money because of my interference.

 Jack: And what, you think that would be difficult?

 Victor: You don't think it would? With the economy in a constant state of flux, consumer tastes changing every day, can you prove that I, and I alone, have caused you damages exceeding $50 million?

 Jack: You know, just when I think you've broken all records for unmitigated gall, you manage to top yourself. How stupid do you think I am? You think I don't realize your lawyers told you to get your sorry butt over here and make reparations that your sentencing hearing would go a hell of a lot better if you paid Jabot what you owe us?

 Victor: And do you honestly think I'd deny that do you think I would come here to your office and humble myself before you, you silly, inconsequential man? This is a business proposition, pure and simple. I got my finger stuck in the cookie jar, and I'm willing to pay a price for that, that's all.

 Jack: And the judge will just look at this as a noble effort on your part to make reparations, to right the wrongs you did when you broke the law? He won't look at this as a man trying to stay out of jail, right? Boy, you're counting on a lot of people being pretty stupid.

 Victor: Right now, Jack, you're being egregiously stupid. I'm willing to help you be smarter.

 Jack: Tell me more about that.

 Victor: $75 million. That's the final offer.


 Sharon: (Screams)

 Sharon: Oh, God.

 Sharon: (Screaming)

 Sharon: (Screams) (knock on door)

 Sharon: Detective Weber. This is a surprise.

 Hank: Ma'am. May I come in? Thank you.

 Sharon: Um, if you're looking for Nick--

 Hank: Well, actually, I'm here to see you.

 Sharon: About what?

 Hank: Cameron Kirsten.


 Vanessa: I thought Ashley was on a leave of absence.

 Don: Not anymore. She is back with a vengeance.

 Vanessa: Well, why would she want to shut down the project? She's president of Jabot. I mean, surely she must know the company is in desperate financial straits.

 Damon: Mm-hmm. Well, they suddenly got a lot less desperate. Abbotts are expecting a hefty settlement from Newman.

 Vanessa: Well, still, the woman must realize the enormous potential of what you're working on down here.

 Damon: So far, she's only making noises. However--

 Vanessa: Well, then I highly doubt it'll go any further.

 Damon: What makes you say that?

 Vanessa: Honey, this project is too far along. Jack and Brad are not gonna let Ashley pull the plug this late in the game.

 Damon: I wouldn't be so sure. That woman has clout with both of them despite the fact that she's been out of touch with everything going on around here for months!

 Vanessa: Hey, let's not get all exercised over nothing. You just keep doing the work. The work speaks for itself. This whole thing will blow over.

 Damon: I don't know. The way Miss Ashley’s running her mouth; it would seem her mind is pretty well made up. In that case, I expect there's gonna be some fight convincing her how wrong she is.


 Sharon: Cameron? Have you found him? Is he all right?

 Hank: Well, I'm afraid the man's still missing.

 Sharon: Oh, I'm sorry.

 Hank: I know you two were acquainted.

 Sharon: Only through Nick.

 Hank: Still, you had your own dealings with him.

 Sharon: Dealings? Oh, you mean the party.

 Hank: Yes, ma'am.

 Sharon: Well, I thought I explained that. Really, all I did was put the guest list together, since Cameron didn't know too many people in town.

 Hank: So you phoned the guests, invited them, then attended the party yourself.

 Sharon: With Nick, but you already know that.

 Hank: Mrs. Newman, we're talking to everyone that Mr. Kirsten interacted with that night.

 Sharon: Well, I'm not sure if I could help you out. Um, I've really told you everything I remember.

 Hank: What time did you leave the Athletic Club after the party?

 Sharon: What time?

 Hank: Approximately.

 Sharon: Why does that matter? Maybe you better tell me what this is really all about.


 Danny: Hey, I have not told you my news.

 Chris: Is it good or bad?

 Danny: It's very good.

 Chris: Oh, I can always use good news. What is it?

 Danny: Daniel's gonna spend some time in Genoa City.

 Chris: That's wonderful. When?

 Danny: Right after spring term.

 Chris: Oh, you must be so thrilled.

 Danny: I am. I miss him like crazy. I cannot wait for you to see him again.

 Chris: Oh, me too. I bet he is so grown-up by now.

 Danny: He is a good-looking guy, I'll tell you. He's gonna be a heartbreaker.

 Chris: Any special plans when he's here?

 Danny: Oh, yeah, we're gonna take some road trips; maybe go to a couple Cubs games. You know, just, I have so much I want to show him, you know, all my old stomping grounds. He's probably gonna be so bored. He's gonna be screaming to go back to Europe.

 Chris: Oh, would you stop it? I'm sure he has missed you as much as you've missed him. This calls for a toast.

 Danny: With orange juice?

 Chris: With orange juice. To Daniel’s homecoming.

 Danny: I like the sound of that. To Daniel.

 Phyllis: What about Daniel?

 Phyllis: What about Daniel? Is there something about my son I should know?


 Jack: $75 million?

 Victor: Mm-hmm. Or a year or more in court before you see a dime.

 Jack: Or 365 cold, hard days behind bars for you, my friend.

 Victor: Now did I say this wasn't a trade-off?

 Jack: Yeah, but $75 million--

 Victor: Mm-hmm. I can keep you tied up in court for years, Jack. I've got the money to do it. You, although you pretend that everything is fine, I know are sucking for air when it comes to your finances. Now drop your childish glee about my situation and do business with me. $75 million.

 Victor: Take it.

 Jack: No. No, it's not a good deal for me.

 Victor: You can't be serious.

 Jack: I'm deadly serious. It not a good deal for me. Do you have any idea how long I have waited for you to screw up, for you to trip and fall over your own megalomania? You honestly expect me to help you out? No, I'm gonna be in that courtroom for the sentencing hearing. And I'm gonna do everything in my power, including telling that judge about this pathetic little attempt to pay me off, everything in my power to see that you serve your full time behind bars. And after that, yes, I'm gonna sue your pants off, and I don't care how long it takes! Because when that sweet day comes and you write me that check, you're gonna be writing it for a hell of a lot more than $75 million. Now get out of my office!

 Victor: Jack Abbott, you just made the worst mistake of your pitiful life.

 Jack: Jennifer, get me Brad Miller on the phone, will you? Thanks.

 Jack: Brad, how you doing?


 Phyllis: What's going on with Daniel? I want to know.

 Danny: Phyllis--

 Phyllis: No, I'm his mother! I'm his mother. I know you have custody, but I'm still his mother.

 Danny: Daniel is perfectly fine, all right? There's nothing to worry about.

 Phyllis: Oh, like you'd really know, right? I mean, you just shipped him off to boarding school somewhere.

 Chris: Oh, come on. Are you kidding me?

 Phyllis: No, you know what? I don't want to hear from you, Christine. I don't want to hear one word from you about my son. Not one word.

 Danny: What are you doing? Chris and I are in the middle of breakfast, all right? We'll talk about this later.

 Phyllis: No, I want to talk about it now. We're gonna talk about it now.

 Danny: Phyllis, are you listening to me?

 Phyllis: No. I want to talk about my son. I want to know what's going on with my son, and I'm not leaving until you tell me.


 Hank: Mrs. Newman, do you recall the approximate time you left the party the night Mr. Kirsten disappeared?

 Sharon: Why would you ask me that?

 Hank: If you wouldn't mind just answering the question, ma'am.

 Sharon: Well, I already answered it once before.

 Hank: You did?

 Sharon: Yeah, that morning back in January when Nick phoned me and asked me to come down to the club and meet you so we could both talk to you.

 Hank: I'm sorry, Mrs. Newman. Refresh my memory, will you? I don't seem to have this written down.

 Sharon: Look, Detective--

 Hank: Is there some reason why you're refusing to answer, ma'am?

 Sharon: I'm not refusing to answer.

 Hank: Hesitating, then.

 Sharon: Before this goes any further, maybe you should tell me what you're doing here. What's this really all about?

 Hank: A witness came forward after seeing the news coverage of Mr. Kirsten's disappearance. We obtained a description-- someone who may have been with him very late on the night in question.

 Hank: One of our staff artists worked with this witness to come up with this sketch.

 Hank: It looks an awful lot like you, doesn't it, Mrs. Newman?


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

 Phyllis: I think about my son all the time. Please, I need to see him. I want to see him.


 Dru: What if Ashley manages to squash this project?

 Jack: Would you stop panicking?

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