Thursday Y&R Transcript 2/19/04

Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/19/04--Canada; Friday 2/20/04--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

(Knock on door)

Michael: Kevin, open up! Kevin, let me in! Lauren, are you in there?

Kevin: Shh, shh!

Lauren: Be careful, he's--

Kevin: Shut up! I said shut up!

Michael: Lauren, open the door.

Michael: Kevin, I swear I'll break this door down! Open it now!

Kevin: Michael, go away! Go away, you're intruding! I've got a date in here.

Lauren: No, no, don't leave!

Kevin: Knock it off!

Michael: Kevin, I swear, I will break it down! Open it up!

Kevin: All right!

Michael: Open it now! Now!

Kevin: Shh, shh. What? What are you so worked up about, big brother?

Lauren: Brother?

Kevin: Yes, little heartbreaker, Perry Mason here and I are family.

Michael: Are you all right?

Lauren: He's got a gun.

Kevin: Just a little .38 special. It's no big deal.


Paul: Thanks for coming by on such short notice, Detective. Weber.

Hank: No problem, Mr. Williams. I was in the area.

Paul: Detective Weber, J.T. Hellstrom.

Hank: Yeah, we met. Mr. Hellstrom.

J.T.: Hey.

Hank: So you said this was about Kevin Fisher.

Paul: I have information you can use to nail the guy.

Hank: What do you got for me?

Paul: Brittany Hodges.

Hank: The girl who was burnt at Marsino's?

J.T.: Damn near electrocuted.

Paul: Look and listen, I know this is circumstantial, but I think it's pretty strong stuff. Fisher apprenticed as an electrician for awhile. Plus, certain tools and equipment were seen in his apartment that could indicate he was playing with wires and switches.

J.T.: Which is pretty unusual when you work as a bookkeeper.

Hank: Okay, gentlemen, I'm gonna need more than that.

Paul: Don't worry about it. I have more.


(Wolf howls)

Sharon: Aah!

Nick: Babe, what's wrong? Why'd you scream like that?

Sharon: Someone's out there!

Nick: What?

Sharon: A man, I saw his face through the window.

Noah: Who, Mommy?

Sharon: I don't know. I don't know.

Nick: Kids, go upstairs.

Cassie: Dad...

Nick: Cassie, take your brother and go.

Sharon: Nicholas, don't go out there, no!

Nick: Sharon, lock the door behind me and then go upstairs with the kids.


Jill: I'm feeling a little bit uncomfortable.

Kay: Do you hear that, Arthur? You are making Jill feel a little uncomfortable.

Arthur: I'm sorry. That's certainly not my intention, Jill.

Jill: I'm confused.

Kay: About what, dear?

Jill: There is something going on between you two. Tell me.

Arthur: That's why I'm here.

Jill: Go on.

Kay: Shouldn't we discuss it a bit more first?

Arthur: My decision is made, Katherine.

Kay: Well, I still think it is possibly ill-advised.

Jill: Look, sort it out between the two of you. If you need me, I'll be upstairs.

Arthur: I do need you, Jill. Did you hear me?

Jill: Yes, but I don't understand... why do you keep looking at me that way?

Arthur: Forgive me for staring.

Jill: Why are you staring?

Arthur: You have no idea?

Jill: You know, I had this idea that occurred to me. It's more like a crazy fantasy.

Arthur: Yes, tell me about this crazy fantasy.

Jill: Well, it started when I first realized that you were someone out of my mother's past.

Arthur: Go on.

Jill: On that first day I met you, when I walked in on you and Katherine, there was just something about the way you were looking at her. It was the way you were looking at each other. Where is she?

Arthur: Evidently she sneaked out on us.

Jill: Why would she do that?

Arthur: She has her reasons.

Jill: What are they?

Arthur: Let's go back. I was listening, and you were talking about this strange fantasy.

Jill: Why would you be interested in my fantasy?

Arthur: I'm interested in anything you have to tell me, Jill-- anything and everything.


Paul: Bobby Marsino says that when he fired Kevin Fisher for being an all-around weirdo, that Fisher claimed that he thought Brittany was the one who turned the boss against him.

J.T.: Hey, see, that's the thing with this guy. No matter what he does, it's always somebody else's fault when he gets in trouble.

Hank: Believe me; I see a lot of people like that in my work.

Paul: Yeah, but how many are gonna fry an innocent girl? How many are gonna lock somebody in a building and burn it to the ground? That's not your average finger-pointer.

Hank: Agreed. So where is he?

Paul: Lauren Fenmore was seen leaving the Athletic Club with him over an hour ago. She should be back here by now.

Hank: And you think she's in danger?

Paul: I really don't know. Kevin Fisher thinks he's in love with her, and she is playing him. She is trying to get him to say something that we can use.

Hank: I hate it when you people try to get cute. It always blows up in your face or mine.

Paul: Detective, I'm making progress, and you're not.

Hank: Maybe you are, Mr. Williams, but at what cost?


Michael: What are you doing with a gun?

Kevin: Oh, you know, crazy stuff. I'm a crazy guy, right?

Michael: Get out of here, Lauren.

Kevin: No, no, she's my date.

Lauren: This boy needs help, Michael.

Kevin: Oh, I knew it. I knew it. I knew you thought of me as a boy. You are one of the most cruel, most dishonest people I have ever known, and I've known a few.

Michael: Go. Go!

Kevin: No, no, I say when she goes, Mikey.

Michael: No, you donít.

Kevin: Yes, I do. Do you see this? Do you see this? This makes me the boss!

Michael: No, it makes you an idiot. Now, Lauren, please leave. I've got this under control.

Kevin: No, you don't, Mikey! You don't! This is my show! I am the star of this! And I'm gonna do something big. I'm gonna do something really big. And I'm gonna get it right once and for all, and nobody can take that away from me.

Michael: What are you talking about?

Lauren: He's been talking about shooting himself.

Michael: Well, then you're gonna have to shoot me, too, 'cause Miss Fenmoreís leaving. Come on.

Michael: Listen, do not go to the police, I am begging you. Do not go. It'll just push him further over the edge. Don't!

Michael: Give me the gun.

Kevin: Over my dead body. (Snickers) get it? I made a joke. My dead body. Get back! Mikey, get back!


Jill: Is that the way my mother looked when you knew her?

Arthur: The most beautiful woman I've ever seen and her daughter didn't fall far from the tree.

Jill: Don't, please, you're teasing me.

Arthur: No, no, please, I'm very sincere. You're blushing.

Jill: I just don't know what to make of you.

Arthur: You really don't?

Jill: There, you're looking at me like that again, so deep. It's the way you look at her. It just makes me wonder...

Arthur: If that's because you're her daughter?

Jill: Is it?

Arthur: Yes.

Jill: I don't see any resemblance between us. Do you?

Arthur: No, not really. Personality-wise, though, I do. You're very much your own person, Jill, as your mother was back then and still is, apparently.

Jill: Arthur, you've never really told me why you came here or why you stayed here.

Arthur: Well, I felt my business here wasn't finished, which, it turns out, is true.

Jill: But what business is that? What is the point of your visit?

Arthur: It changed since I arrived. My purpose for being here, it has changed quite dramatically. And now tell me about your fantasy.

Jill: Oh, my God. No, no, that's silly.

Arthur: No, no, it won't seem silly to me.

Jill: No, it's just all of my life, I've just had this desperate need for a role model, for a father figure, you know? 'Cause I never really had one. My adoptive Dad left me when I was just a little girl, and he didn't come back until many years later. And when I met you, you know, after we talked that day, I just found myself feeling, that you were that kind of man, I mean, that you were strong and you were supportive, and you were like father figure. That's all. I told you it was silly.

Arthur: It's not silly. You felt that way for a reason, Jill.

Jill: Did I?

Arthur: I should be a father figure to you, because I am. I am your father.


Paul: Look, Detective, I have uncovered evidence on Kevin Fisher that, so far, no one else has. And I'm thinking that this may be your best and maybe your last chance to get any real physical evidence.

Hank: Okay, who saw it?

J.T.: Lily Winters-- sitting right on his desk.

Hank: What was Miss Winters doing at Kevin Fisher's apartment?

Paul: Being foolish.

J.T.: Who cares? It's evidence.

Paul: And if you'll notice, I'm not over there getting it myself because I realize what is required for it to be admissible in a court of law.

Hank: So you're saying I should get a search warrant.

Paul: Bingo.

Hank: Fine. I'll call the judge in the morning.

Paul: No, I'm telling you, you gotta call now. Every second counts.

J.T.: Detective, please. I know a lot of people this guy's hurt.

Paul: Let's put a stop to this right now. You don't want to be the one who hesitates and lets something else happen.

Hank: Trudy, it's me, Hank. Look, patch me through to Judge Rudolph. Yes, Trudy, I know it's late. Gentlemen. Thank you, Trudy.


Michael: What are you going to do?

Kevin: I haven't decided yet.

Michael: That's good.

Kevin: But whatever I do decide, itís gonna be my choice, you got that?

Michael: I don't have a say?

Kevin: No.

Michael: I can help.

Kevin: Oh, right. I've already seen that movie, you know, the one where the priest tries to talk the guy down from the window ledge. (Irish brogue) "everything's goin' to be fine, laddie. You don't want to jump. Ya got your whole life in front of ya."

Michael: That's good. I didn't know you did accents.

Kevin: There's a lot about me you don't know.

Michael: Sit down. We need to talk. Sit.

Kevin: Fine. I'm tired anyway. No, no, no, no. You, you stay there.

Michael: You got it.

Kevin: You know, I read once that the reason that people off themselves is that they don't see things getting any better.

Michael: I read once that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Kevin: This isnít... this isn't temporary, Mike. It's always been like this.

Kevin: People tell you you're a loser, and eventually, you know, that's what you are.

Michael: Only in your head.

Kevin: No, no, in reality. Don't you get it? You know, it's like they bend you all out of shape, and then the glue dries and you're stuck like that, you know, all twisted up. And you're no good to anyone.

Kevin: What'd be the big deal anyway, you know? There's six billion people in this world and counting. I mean, who's gonna miss Kevin Fisher?

Michael: I will.

Kevin: Right. Look, its Father Mulcahey again-- (irish brogue) "come on down, lad. We all love ya." It's bull, man.

Kevin: Go away.

Kevin: Please, just let me do this in private, will you?

Michael: You're not gonna do it.

Kevin: Mikey, it's gonna be messy. I don't want you around for this.

Michael: I'm not worried, because it's not gonna happen.

Kevin: Oh, Mikey, it's over, okay? What's the point?

Michael: I can help you. I know how you feel.

Kevin: Right.

Michael: I went to prison. It doesn't get much lower than that. What's with you anyway? You think you're the only person who's ever gone through anything? You're the only person who's had to look at himself in the mirror and say, "there has to be changes"?

Kevin: There's gonna be a change. I'm gonna make a big change. You can't stop me.


Nick: I didn't see anything, but I've got security searching the grounds right now.

Sharon: You didn't see a footprint, nothing?

Nick: No.

Cassie: Guess you're right, Mom, it's just your mind playing tricks.

Nick: You really think that's all it was, just your imagination?

Sharon: Um... well, I guess it was. I mean... I mean, since you didn't find anything.

Nick: Describe what you saw or what you think you saw.

Sharon: I barely even remember now.

Nick: You said you thought you saw a man.

Sharon: His face looking in.

Nick: Describe it for me.

Sharon: Nicholas--

Nick: Just humor me, okay? Was he young, old, black, white, somebody you think you know?

Sharon: It was just a flash through the window, and I was so taken aback--

Cassie: Mom, you must remember something.

Sharon: Cassie, I donít. I really donít.

Cassie: But--

Sharon: Honey, you know what? It's late. Why don't we just drop this? Why don't we all just go to bed? (Knock on door)

Cassie: That sounded like the door.

Nick: Who could be here at this hour?

Sharon: Nicholas, just ignore it, okay?

Nick: I'm just gonna go see who it is.

Sharon: Nicholas, please don't!


Jill: Am I dreaming this?

Arthur: You're not dreaming this.

Jill: Are you sure?

Arthur: That you're not dreaming this or that I'm your father?

Jill: Both.

Arthur: I just found out myself. Now I have no reason to doubt Katherine. It's not the kind of thing that she'd make up at this late date.

Jill: No, I don't imagine that she would. There wouldn't be any... there wouldn't be any point.

Arthur: I don't know why, but she's kept it from me all these years. Even now, she wanted to keep it from me.

Jill: You are my father. You're my father. I can't believe it.

Arthur: It must have been a huge surprise for you.

Jill: God, are you kidding me? I am thunderstruck.

Arthur: Oh, you're thunderstruck. What about me? To learn that I have a smart, beautiful, successful daughter.

Jill: Oh, my God. You gotta tell me everything about you. I want to know everything about you.

Arthur: I think its best we take it a bit slowly. You know, I've lived for a good many years.

Jill: Yes, and I want to know about every damn one of them. I want to know your history. I want to know everything there is to know about Arthur Hendricks.

Arthur: We'll take time, Jill. We'll learn, and we'll get to know each other.

Jill: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Arthur: No, no, please. Don't apologize. Don't ever apologize for showing emotion.

Jill: I never knew I was adopted. And when my father left us, it was unimaginable pain. I felt like there was a hole in my heart and it would never go away. I don't-- all of a sudden, now I have a father. And now I have hope that maybe that hole will be filled, and I won't have to feel that loneliness ever again.

Arthur: I know all about that loneliness, Jill, the loss, emptiness. I don't want to feel that pain anymore either.

Arthur: Come here, my little girl.


Kevin: I know what you're thinking-- "Kevin doesn't really want to do this. He's waiting for Mikey to jump on him and take the gun. That way, Kev has had his little cry for help without doing anything really bad like blowing his brains out."

Michael: That's a damn good idea. Kevin, I get that you're unhappy.

Michael: I get that you think you lost hope. So, yeah, we don't have to go through the whole messy suicide thing. You've made your point.

Kevin: You don't get it, Mikey. I don't wanna be here anymore.

Michael: Are you sure about that? Look, you know, I read this article not too long ago. It was about people who jumped off the golden gate bridge and survived.

Michael: And, um, they all said that the instant their feet left the ledge they thought to themselves, "what the hell am I doing?" All of a sudden, all those small problems that looked so big, they got very small again in comparison to not existing.

Michael: Makes you wonder, doesn't it, about all those other people who felt that exact same thing at that exact moment but didn't make it?

Michael: Kevin, suicide, itís... it's really not the smart solution, is it? Really isnít.

Kevin: You crack me up. You know that? Since when... since when do you give a damn about me?

Kevin: I've never been anything more than an inconvenience to you. And that, you know, and that's on our good days. Now suddenly you can't live without your little brother.

Michael: Kevin...

Michael: What if I said yeah, you're right, I can't?

Kevin: No, no, no. Don't, don't, don't do that, Mikey.

Kevin: You know, Lauren Fenmore-- that was the last straw, the last time I ever want to feel like something stuck on the bottom of somebody's shoe.

Kevin: It's just so clear. It is so clear. It's clear to me what I have to do. And now you're throwing all this stuff at me. You're the only person in the world that can get me with this. Okay, no, no, no. No, no, no. Okay, no. Okay. Okay, I've made up my mind. I know what I have to do. Itís... okay, it's totally clear, so just donít... don't do any... don't do that.


Jill: Mother.

Kay: So you know.

Jill: Yes, I know.

Kay: Well, if you'd rather I left--

Arthur: No, no, no, no, Katherine. We want you to stay.

Kay: Jill?

Jill: Why have you kept this from Arthur and from me?

Kay: Jill, I haven't seen that man for... since before you were born. Suddenly he appears at my door, and that is the last thing that I ever expected.

Jill: Yes, but why did you keep it from us?

Jill: Mother, are you listening to me?

Arthur: Katherine, please don't do that.


Nick: What the hell are you doing here?

Grace: Listen, I know it's ungodly late, but it's freezing outside. Why are you staring at me like that?

Nick: (Scoffs) Grace, I didn't even know you were in town.

Grace: Sharon didn't tell you? I stopped by and talked to her awhile ago. I can't believe she didn't mention it.

Nick: Well, she probably just wanted to forget the whole thing.

Grace: Nice.

Nick: So what are you doing here? You just here to hassle my wife?

Grace: For your information-- you know, on second thought, maybe it was a mistake to even come here.

Nick: No, you came all the way out here. You say what you gotta say.

Grace: I've been seeing Cameron Kirsten.

Nick: What?

Grace: Before he disappeared.

Nick: So you two are...

Grace: We were dating, involved, boyfriend/girlfriend, whatever you want to call it.

Grace: I can see you're stunned all over again.

Nick: Yeah, I'm stunned.

Grace: Why, because it's such a small world, or because your ego won't allow you to believe I could actually get over you and move on?


Michael: Look, Kevin, if you really want to end things, I can't stop you. I just want you to know that--

Kevin: That before you do this, I'm gonna say something to make you feel worse than you already do?

Michael: No, I want you to realize what you're leaving behind. You only get one go-round. And, yeah, you wish things would turn out different sometimes.

Michael: But you have free choice. You have the power to change things. You know, damn it, we have each other!

Kevin: Oh, I forgot... you know the two of us, the two musketeers. What a pretty picture, huh?

Kevin: I don't want to die, Mikey. But I've blown it. Now there's no going back. I can't undo all of these things that I've done. I'm messed up. No oneís ever gonna love me. You know, I wish I could push a reset button.

Michael: But you don't start over. You're gone.

Kevin: Yeah, but maybe that's better, you know?

Michael: I can help you. I know something about reinventing yourself.

Kevin: So what do I do? Tell the cops, "you've got the wrong guy. I'm not Kevin Fisher anymore. I've reinvented myself"? Mikey, you haven't been listening. I'm in trouble.

Michael: I will help. I am a lawyer, remember? I'm a pretty great one.

Kevin: You need to be a magician.

Michael: I'm your brother.

Michael: I will stand by you. You will not be alone.

Kevin: You mean it?

Michael: I do.

Kevin: You promise?

Michael: I will not...

Michael: I'm so sorry. I will not abandon you... never again.

(Knock on door)

Hank: Kevin Fisher, open up! It's the police.

Kevin: Oh, God!

Michael: No, no, no, no. You listen to me. Trust me, Kevin. Trust me. Whatever happens... you're alive. Hmm?

(Knock on door)

Michael: Okay?

Hank: Mr. Fisher, it's the police.


Nick: So that's why you're here in Genoa City? It's connected to Cameronís disappearance.

Grace: Well, I guess I have to repeat myself since Sharon didn't bother to fill you in. Cameron and I... we were deeply in love.

Nick: (Snickers)

Grace: We were, Nicholas.

Nick: All right. Okay, whatever. I just... I find this hard to believe.

Grace: Why'd I even come here? What do you care?

Nick: For your information, Grace, I've been really worried, too.

Grace: Did... did Cameron, did he ever mention being involved with anyone?

Nick: No, he never talked about a relationship of any kind, or specifically, you. He just said that he wasn't interested in settling down with anyone right now. I'm sorry if that hurts you.

Grace: Well, I mean, his company does business with Jabot's New York office. That's how we met. He hates gossip, so I'm really not surprised he kept it to himself.

Nick: Did you ever tell him about us?

Grace: I'm sure that's another reason.

Nick: He wasn't interested in comparing notes.

Grace: As I told Sharon, Cameronís very discreet. He has far too much class for anything like that. Well, speak of the devil. Hello, Sharon. I was just bringing your husband up to speed on a few things.


Kay: Yes, I do believe I have had enough liquor for one day. And who knows? Tomorrow may be the first day of the rest of my life. Now I'm sure that you have something to talk about, so I'm just going upstairs and retire.

Arthur: I'm not giving up, you know?

Kay: On what, Arthur?!

Arthur: The three of us becoming a family.

Kay: Never happen. Never happen.

Arthur: You wanna lay odds?

Kay: Bet against you? I don't think so.

Arthur: Wise decision.

Kay: Indeed?

Arthur: You'd lose, honey.

Jill: The three of us becoming a family? You are an eternal optimist.

Arthur: Perhaps.

Jill: Can I ask you a question?

Arthur: Anything.

Jill: If all those years ago when this all started you had known about a baby, would you have wanted me?

Arthur: If I had known, I would have lived an entirely different life. And you would have, too, Jill, as my daughter.


Sharon: And what things would those be, grace?

Grace: Gee, there's quite a list, it seems, right, Nick? He had no idea I was in Genoa City or what would bring me here.

Sharon: And what gives you the idea that he would be the least bit interested?

Grace: Oh, I can assure you he's interested.

Nick: All right.

Grace: Very interested!

Nick: That's enough, you two. That's enough.

Sharon: How much have you told him?

Grace: Everything... almost.

Sharon: Whatever that means.

Grace: I'm sure you know exactly what that means.

Sharon: Do you have any idea what time it is?

Nick: Sharon's right. Its late let's not get into anything too heavy. I understand your concern about Cameron

Grace: I just want to find him, Nick, so desperately.

Nick: I do, too. We were in the middle of a major deal. I'm thinking of hiring a private investigator to light a fire under the police.

Grace: Yes, do it! That's a wonderful idea. I mean, if there's anything I can do to help, please let me know.

Nick: I'll let you know, Grace, but you can count on this-- if he has been harmed, or if there's been any foul play whatsoever, I am damn well gonna find the person who is responsible.


(Knock on door)

Lauren: Paul! Paul!

Paul: Thank God. I was so worried. Oh!

Lauren: You were so right.

Paul: Are you okay?

Lauren: I was so in over my head.

Paul: I know you were. What happened?

Lauren: I don't know how, but he figured out what I was up to.

Paul: What, did he guess?

Lauren: No, he knew. He knew and then we went to his place and...

Paul: What?

Lauren: He... I didn't realize he knew what I was up to. He had a gun!

Paul: Oh, my God, Lauren. I'm so sorry.

Lauren: Michael Baldwin showed up. They're brothers.

Paul: Yeah, I know. What did Baldwin do?

Lauren: He got me the hell out of there. Kevin was talking about shooting himself, and Michael said not to call the police, you know, because he would take care of it.

Paul: I know. I know, I know. It's too late for that now.

Lauren: I don't want that kid's blood on my hands.

Paul: I know. I know.


Michael: I'm sorry. What is all this about electrical equipment?

Hank: That's what we're looking for, Mr. Baldwin, the kind of materials you might use to electrocute someone.

Michael: This could be 2 feet of wire with both ends stripped. It's so prohibitively nonspecific.

Hank: Look, the judge said I can search. You want to call his honor and wake him up again? Go ahead. Would you like me to wait?

Michael: Kevin?

Kevin: I don't care. I don't know what he's talking about, but let him do what he wants. I don't care anymore.

Michael: Well, Detective, be my guest, but I must say, even for you, this is lame.

Hank: I guess we'll see if it is or not, won't we?

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