Friday Y&R Transcript 2/13/04

Y&R Transcript Friday 2/13/04--Canada; Monday 2/16/04

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Colleen: I don't see him.

Lily: Do not worry. Kevin is going to show. He would not miss a chance to be seen in public with Lauren Fenmore.

Sierra: You think he'll fall into the trap?

Colleen: Oh, I hope so.

Dru: Hi.

Neil: Hey, girls, any sign?

Lily: Not yet.

Dru: I want you to stay away from Kevin Fisher, all of you. Let Lauren and Paul handle things, you understand?

Neil: That's absolutely right. The only reason why we're going along with this plan is because we know you're going to be smart and stay out of it.

Lily: Yes, Mom and Dad, of course we will.

Neil: That's my girl.

Colleen: Where's J.T.?

Sierra: Looking for the perfect place to park his hot rod, of course.

Brad: Hello, everyone.

Neil: Hi, Brad and Ashley.

Dru: Happy Valentineís Day.

Ashley: Same to you.

Brad: Any sign of Kevin yet?

Colleen: It doesn't look like it.

Brad: You girls be careful, all right? This isn't a game.

Neil: I was just telling e girls the same thing. Paul Williams is trying to catch a very dangerous criminal.

Lily: I got it, Dad.

Sierra: Yeah, we'll be careful.

Dru: All right, we're gonna see who else is here. Bye.

Neil: Bye.

Brad: So everyone's okay?

Sierra: Eh, I wouldn't mind a date.

Lily: Will you be my valentine, Sierra? Oh, please, please, please.

Sierra: I suppose you'll do.

Ashley: Girls, you know where to find us if you need us, right?

Colleen: Yeah, snuggled up in a corner holding hands, right?

Ashley: Very funny.

Brad: We'll see you later.

Ashley: We're watching you.

Colleen: They are such a cute couple.

Sierra: I hope I end up with a guy like your dad.

Lily: Yeah, me too.

Colleen: Well, work the room, ladies.

Sierra: In this place? We'll get someone as old as your dad.

Lily: Ew, don't be gross! Come on, let's mingle.

Gina: Well, hello, girls. Don't you look beautiful.

Lily: Gina, hey. The decorations are incredible.

Gina: Oh, thanks, honey. Colleen, everything is set to go.

Sierra: Awesome.

Gina: Wait a minute. They know?

Colleen: About J.T.'S surprise, of course!

Gina: I should have guessed. So where is the man of the hour?

Colleen: He will be here soon, and you've got his guitar stashed?

Gina: Everything is set to go, like I said.

Lily: Man, J.T.'S mind is going to be blown.

Sierra: This is so cool of you. Thank you.

Gina: Well, I love music, and I love young love. It's quite a combo.

Colleen: Yes, it is.

Gina: Have a good time.

Colleen: Thanks, Gina.

Lily: You, too.

Lauren: Friends of yours?


Paul: You and Kevin Fisher are brothers? You expect me to buy that?

Michael: Yeah, that's right. I made it up, so why don't you just get out of here?

Paul: You're awfully anxious to get rid of me.

Michael: You got that right.

Paul: Well, you still haven't answered my question. I'm still not leaving.

Michael: Look, as I explained, Kevin Fisher dropped by for some legal advice.

Paul: Which you gave him.

Michael: And for one last time, I'm not his attorney.

Paul: I still want to know the connection, because I don't believe...

Paul: My God, are you for real? Is it possible?

Michael: No, it's not possible. You said so yourself.

Paul: Yeah, I know I did, but I never noticed... the resemblance before. So it's true? You and Kevin Fisher are brothers?

Michael: Half brothers. We only share half the DNA.

Paul: Oh, my God. You know something, I never thought I'd say this, but I feel sorry for you. Truly, truly, I do. Even you don't deserve this.


Colleen: Hey, Lauren.

Lauren: Hey, Colleen. Oh, you all look fantastic.

Colleen: Thank you. You remember Sierra from when she worked at the boutique and lily, of course.

Lily: Hi.

Lauren: Of course. How are you?

Sierra: Fine.

Lily: Good, thanks.

Kevin: Well, the place looks great.

Colleen: Yes, Gina did a great job, didn't she?

Lily: Yeah, romantic, isn't it?

Kevin: Well, um, it was really great seeing you guys.

Colleen: Okay, well, have a good time.

Lauren: Oh, we will. Shall we?

Lily: He cannot believe we didn't trash him.

Colleen: He totally thinks he's dreaming.

Sierra: He is if he thinks Lauren actually likes him.

Nikki: Well, this is lovely.

Victor: Yes, it is. Would you like a drink at the bar?

Nikki: Yes, letís. It's been a very long day for you.

Victor: I guess Ashley and Brad Carlton are here.

Nikki: How about that drink, huh?

Victor: Don't you have to mend fences with her?

Nikki: Darling, not right now. This is a day for couples. We're a couple, and they're a couple. Let's just leave it at that for now, okay?

Colleen: Well, it's about time.

J.T.: All the spots said "compact." I'm not parking my baby in a compact spot. Are you kidding?

Colleen: Oh, you and that precious car so you ready to go in?

J.T.: Yeah, hold on a second.

Colleen: What are you doing?

J.T.: I'm looking.

Colleen: Looking for what?

J.T.: For that surprise you've got hidden around here somewhere.

Colleen: You're so sure I've got one?

J.T.: Oh, yeah, I am. I'm sure. I'm not sure where it is or what it is, but don't worry. I'll find it.

Colleen: No, you wonít. Stop it! People are gonna think you're crazy.

J.T.: Okay, then tell me. What is it?

Colleen: There is no surprise.

J.T.: There is too a surprise.

Colleen: No, there's not.

J.T.: You're lying.


Lauren: That's what I said! I couldn't believe it!


Dru: Hi, may I have a martini, one olive? Make it dirty.

Neil: Honey, honey, over there.

Dru: Oh, I hope Lauren knows what she's doing with that boy.

Neil: Lauren can take care of herself. I'm not worried about her.

Neil: Man, if that guy so much as talks to our daughter...

Dru: Honey, relax, relax. He'd have to be crazy to pull anything while we're standing here.

Neil: That's the whole point. That man is crazy.


Kevin: Allow me, please.

Lauren: Oh, thank you.

Kevin: Man, you know, you really are something.

Lauren: What did I do?

Kevin: Just the way you're so comfortable around people.

Lauren: The Lesters?

Kevin: Yeah.

Lauren: Oh, well, I've known them for a long time.

Kevin: Still, you know, you just ease on in there. You know exactly what to say. You make everyone laugh a little bit and just put everyone at ease. You're, uh... you're great.

Lauren: I guess I've just had a lot of experience talking to people.

Kevin: You mean, being single?

Lauren: What does being single have to do with it?

Kevin: No, I meant that, um... oh, that was a dumb thing to say, wasn't it?

Lauren: No, no, it was fine.

Kevin: Really?

Lauren: Yeah, a little naive, but it was cute, cute.

Kevin: What I meant was, if you and I were married, we wouldn't go out a lot, because I wouldn't want to share you with anyone.

Lauren: Well, don't you think that would get stale after a period of time?

Kevin: Yeah, sure, you know, maybe after 20 or 30 years. And then we'd cross that bridge when we came to it, and in the meantime, we'd have some good times together.

Lauren: You are gonna make me blush.

Kevin: Well, I'd love to see that. I bet it looks great on you.

Lauren: I don't know, maybe.

Kevin: It's not like you don't, uh... God, you're striking.

Lauren: I don't know what I'm gonna do with all this flattery.

Kevin: Well, it's not that. Flattery's, like, false, isn't it?

Lauren: Yeah, I suppose.

Kevin: Yeah, well, I mean everything that I'm saying.

Lauren: You're very sweet.

Kevin: Yeah, well, you bring it out in me.

Lauren: You know those girls that we saw when we first came in-- Colleen and her friends?

Kevin: Oh, yeah, them. They, uh... they hate me.

Lauren: They were fine. I mean, they were very polite.

Kevin: I know. It's amazing, isn't it?

Lauren: Maybe you misjudged them.

Kevin: No, no, no, no. Yeah, they hate my guts.

Lauren: Why? You are such a nice guy. Did you do something to make them feel that way?

Lauren: Know what? I would love a drink.

Kevin: Me too. I think that's a good idea.


Michael: Spare me your sympathy.

Paul: Man, oh, man. I never would have guessed in a million years.

Michael: I'm sure you understand why I don't want people to know about this.

Paul: Oh, yeah, absolutely. I mean, having a lunatic, psycho brother wouldn't do much for your reputation around town, now would it, such as it is?

Michael: Your sensitivity's heartwarming.

Paul: And that's why you fought so hard not to tell me what was really going on. You don't anyone to know you're family. So how long has your brother been in town?

Michael: Half brother! I don't know. The first time I realized he was anywhere on the canvas was... was after Ginaís burned down.

Paul: Oh, so he came to you to get him out of that?

Michael: No, let's get one thing straight. He's never admitted anything to me.

Paul: So you don't know whether or not he's guilty?

Michael: And neither do you, as I have pointed out numerous times.

Paul: Oh, come on, Baldwin. You have admitted to me that you think your brother is dangerous.

Michael: I wanted to get rid of you.

Paul: Oh, really? So you don't think so? Is that what you're saying?

Michael: I'm the lawyer here. I'm not on trial.

Paul: You know where he is tonight, don't you?

Michael: I suppose you're gonna tell me.

Paul: You're damn right I am. He's on a date with Lauren! And I swear to you, if anything happens to her, it will be on your head. I hold you personally responsible!


Victor: You give my best to Sally, all right? Sorry about that.

Victor: You seem preoccupied.

Nikki: Oh, I just-- I just really need this night.

Victor: Well, that's why we're here.

Nikki: I know it's not really your...

Victor: Certainly is not my cup of tea. No, it isnít. However, I'm spending Valentineís Day with my wife.

Nikki: And I'm loving every minute of it.

Victor: There's no place I'd rather be.

Victor: It's good to see Ashley out and about, seemingly her old self again.

Nikki: Yes, it is quite a miracle.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: Largely of your making.


J.T.: Watch out!

Colleen: What was that? J.T?

J.T.: Nothing, I guess.

Colleen: What do you mean, "nothing"?

J.T.: Well, I thought for a second that guy was gonna throw a pie in my face.

Colleen: Okay, now you've, like, officially lost it.

J.T.: No, it's just-- look, I don't know what you're planning. So I gotta be ready for anything.

Colleen: I'm not gonna throw a pie in your face. I promise.

J.T.: Are you sure?

Colleen: Yes. Not after what you did for me last Valentine's Day. Remember that beautiful song you wrote me? I would never repay you that way.

J.T.: All right, then how are you gonna repay me, huh?

Colleen: That was really cool, J.T. I mean, how many girls have a song written for them, performed live in front of an audience?

J.T.: Well, I loved doing that for you.

Colleen: Do you think it could ever happen again?

J.T.: I don't know. I mean, I guess I could write you another song. Maybe. But I will only perform it for you when we're alone.

Colleen: Why?

J.T.: I don't really get a chance to practice that much anymore, you know, and I real d don't like singing in front of people. It's not my thing. The truth of the matter is I get kinda nervous. Really nervous, actually, so... you know, let's forget about that, okay? Let's just dance.

Colleen: Okay.


Brad: Sure you won't have some wine?

Ashley: Yeah, I'm sure. Feels too good just to be me again.

Brad: I can understand that.

Ashley: Honey--

Brad: I probably won't finish this one myself.

Ashley: I'm assuming that you've seen Victor and Nikki over there.

Brad: Yeah, hard to miss.

Ashley: You give him way too much power.

Brad: Think so?

Ashley: We owe him a debt of gratitude.

Brad: I suppose.

Ashley: You suppose?

Brad: Honey, you never would have been in the state you were if Victor hadn't meddled in our lives in the first place.

Ashley: But, honey, he was able to help.

Brad: Yeah, he was. And I prayed for that, so I shouldn't be ungrateful.

Ashley: No, you shouldnít. Besides, ungrateful doesn't look very good on you.

Brad: Does this look better?

Ashley: It does. Much better.


Kevin: Wow.

Lauren: What, you okay?

Kevin: Yeah, I feel, uh... I feel, like, dizzy.

Lauren: You're kidding. The beer did that?

Kevin: No, no, no, no. It's a good dizzy. It's a good dizzy. Trust me.

Lauren: Oh, I see.

Kevin: You?

Lauren: I can tell you, I'm feeling pretty good myself.

Kevin: Oh, man. I tell you, Lauren... no, I can't tell you. Words would just ruin this.

Lauren: How can anybody hate you? I don't get it.

Kevin: People don't understand me.

Lauren: Is that all?

Kevin: Look, when I get mad, or if I feel like somebody doesn't like me, I, uh... no, never mind.

Lauren: No, no, tell me. What?

Kevin: No, Lauren, there are so many other things I would rather be telling you.

Lauren: All right. Let's dance some more.

Kevin: Okay.


Colleen: Hey.

Sierra: Hey, where's J.T.?

Colleen: He's in the men's room.

Sierra: Oh, my God. There are no guys our age in the whole place.

Colleen: You guys, I'm in trouble. J.T.'s surprise--it's ruined.


Lily: Are you sure he meant it?

Sierra: I mean, J.T. has stage fright? Talk about oxymoron.

Colleen: I'm telling you. He does not like to sing in public. He did it once for me, but he doesn't want to do it again.

Lily: That stinks.

Colleen: I know and now--

Sierra: We gotta go find Gina, tell her not to make that announcement.

Colleen: All right, I'll look over here. You guys go that way.

Lily: Okay.


Woman: Oh, excuse me. Ooh! Oh!

J.T.: I'm sorry.

Woman: That's okay. That's okay.

J.T.: Did I spill on you?

Woman: A little. It's white wine. Don't worry about it.

J.T.: God, I'm so clumsy. I apologize.

Woman: And you have manners.

J.T.: Yeah, well, my mom always taught me to say "thank you," "please" and then "sorry" if you spill someone's wine on them.

Woman: She did, huh?

J.T.: Yeah.

Woman: You're a lucky man to have a mother like that.

J.T.: I guess. So I have never seen you around here before.

Woman: Do you know everyone this town?

J.T.: Not hardly.

Woman: Well, even if you did, I'm not a local.

J.T.: Well, then welcome to Genoa City.

Woman: Romance capital of the world.

J.T.: Yeah, got that right. Speaking of which...

Woman: You have to get back to your sweetheart.

J.T.: Yeah. Yeah. Well, now where's yours?

Woman: I'm still looking.

J.T.: That's hard to believe.

Woman: Go on.

J.T.: Sorry.


Man: Here we go.

Woman: Thank you. Cheers.

Man: Cheers to you.

Woman: Honey, I love you.


Kevin: I'm gonna get you a drink. Bartender, when you've got a moment.

Neil: Lauren.

Lauren: Neil. Oh, my God! How long has it been?

Neil: It's been a long time. Good to see you.

Lauren: Good to see you, too.

Neil: You remember Drucilla, don't you?

Dru: Honey, of course she remembers me. I'm always in Fenmoreís.

Lauren: That's right. I think my front window mannequin is naked because of you. You look wonderful.

Dru: Thank you. Maybe it's because I'm a newlywed.

Lauren: Really?

Dru: Yes, it's a long story, but Neil and I have remarried.

Neil: In Japan.

Lauren: Ahh, so sweet. Well, they do say second time's a charm. Have you met Kevin Fisher?

Neil: Yeah.

Dru: Mm-hmm.

Neil: We've met.

Kevin: Hi there.

Neil: Anyway, is s good to see you again. You have a good evening.

Lauren: Yeah, you too. Bye.

Neil: Cheers.

Lauren: What's the matter?

Kevin: Nothing. Nothing. I'm fine.

Lauren: Nice people, huh?

Kevin: Yes, they're nice. Nice, nice, nice. Thank you.

Lauren: Thank you.

Kevin: Oh, what a day. What a day. What a day. Cheers.


Paul: So you're not surprised, are you, that Kevin is out with Lauren?

Michael: No, and neither are you, because it's a setup, isn't it?

Paul: So why didn't you stop him?

Michael: Well, I didn't know. No, I suspected. Don't you think I tried?

Paul: What, he didn't listen?

Michael: No, he's in love.

Paul: This whole thing could explode! You realize that, don't you?

Michael: Yeah, well, I'm praying it wonít.

Paul: Yeah, me too.

Michael: Why the devil aren't you out there?

Paul: I'm the jilted lover. I can't be there. You are well aware how dangerous he is, aren't you? And don't tell me there isn't enough evidence! He is clever, and he's sick. And he is smart. That's why he's so dangerous.

Michael: Yes, he's smart, and he has a dark side! And I wish he never came to Genoa City!

Paul: But he did. And you know him better than anyone else. So the question is, Michael, knowing what your brother is capable of, what the hell are you gonna do about it?


Lauren: You having a good time?

Kevin: The truth? This is the best night of my life.

Lauren: You know, when we were with Dru and Neil, I thought I sensed you tense up.

Kevin: Yeah, well, it all worked out fine.

Lauren: It could have worked out differently?

Kevin: I had some issues with them awhile back. But that's all in the past now. Time heals all wounds, like they say.

Lauren: Yeah. Seems like you have issues with a lot of people.

Kevin: Yeah, well, you know, you can't have everybody like you.

Lauren: Yeah, ain't that the truth? So tell me about yourself.

Kevin: Okay, what do you want to know?

Lauren: I want to know the nasty stuff.

Kevin: (Stammers)

Lauren: No, no, no, no, not that. I mean, just don't give me, "I went to school, and I go to work." I want to know the stuff that stories are made of. I want to know about the times where you did something and almost got caught, you know? That kind of stuff.

Kevin: Yeah, I know what you're talking about. And I've got some pretty exciting stories. That's for sure. But, um... you know, Lauren, the truth is that tonight, you know, like right now, I didn't know who that person was. You know that Kevin Fisher? He is... he's gone. You know, he's so far away. I just, um... I feel so good, you know, so comfortable when I'm with you. And I just wanna enjoy that right now. 'Cause the past is, uh... who needs it? Not when the present is like this.

Lauren: What a nice thing to say.

Kevin: Yeah, well, I mean it.

Lauren: Kevin...

Kevin: Yeah.

Lauren: I would really like to get to know you better.

Kevin: Well, you will. You will. Believe me. If things keep going this well, you will.


Victor: I don't think you should begrudge Ashley her recovery.

Nikki: Victor, I donít. Of course I donít. It just seems like there's always some crisis with her, something that demands your complete and immediate attention.

Victor: We can't always choose who becomes part of our lives.

Nikki: That's exactly my problem. I don't have any choice in the matter.

Victor: Well, don't let it be a problem. There's no reason it should be.

Nikki: Look, I know my feelings are very complicated where Ashley is concerned. I admit that.

Victor: And I understand now.

Victor: I guess when we leave, we're gonna have to walk by their table.

Nikki: Oh, Victor, I'd really rather not.

Victor: I don't see how we can avoid it.


Colleen: I can't find Gina anywhere.

Lily: Yeah, and none of the waiters know where she is.

Sierra: She was in the ladies' room.

Colleen: What am I gonna do?

Lily: I don't know.

J.T.: You look like you're plotting something.

Colleen: J.T.

J.T.: Yeah, what's going on?

Colleen: Uh-oh.

Gina: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Happy Valentineís Day. I'm so glad you're all here. Today I have a wonderful surprise for you. We have right in our midst, right here in Genoa City, someone who sings so beautifully, plays the guitar so beautifully, and I hope you will join me in welcoming J.T. Hellstrom tonight to sing a very special song for all of us. (Applause)

Gina: J.T.!

Colleen: Um, that's it, J.T. That's your surprise

J.T.: All right. I'm gonna get you for this.

Colleen: I love you.

J.T.: All right. (Playing medium-tempo tune)

J.T.: Uh, Jack, you know, this is kind of a piano song. Mind backing me up in "b" maybe?

Jack: No problem.

J.T.: Thanks. (Music resumes)

J.T.: Hail to the light that my baby watches me in the darkness of the window I can hardly get to sleep wish for the hour that the nighttime soon shall pass and a morning dew will bring us to a day our souls can last love has a reason there's a meaning to the world we're givin' love situation candlelight enough to see the bits around you but it's never very bright stare at a memory you through the grapevine heard the truth it's good to learn from your mistakes but that only works in youth love has a reason there's a meaning to the world we're givin' love givin' love restless minds curtain calls follow fanfares troubled hearts just a walk down that hall restless hearts you take a punch just to land one troubled minds it's only fair after all moutain, the trail but you got it in sight sometimes the only way is jumping I hope you're not afraid of heights reach in my pocket for a bill that isn't there and to face all of the undoings still isn't more than I can bear love has a reason there's a meaning to the world we're givin' love givin' love givin' love givin' love givin' love givin' love there's a meaning to the world we're givin' love (cheering and applause)


Kevin: That was great, wasn't it?

Lauren: Oh, J.T. is one talented boy. That's for sure.

Kevin: Well, that's not what I am to you, is it?

Lauren: What?

Kevin: A boy.

Lauren: Oh, no, Kevin. You are a man. Definitely. And a man I would like to get to know better.

Kevin: Would you excuse me a second?

Lauren: Of course.

Lauren: What?

Kevin: Lily, hey. What are you doing?

Lily: Waiting for Sierra, if you must know.

Kevin: Come on. Don't be like that.

Lily: Like what?

Kevin: Listen, just want to let you know I really appreciate you guys not dumping on me when I showed up with Lauren.

Lily: Don't mention it.

Kevin: But I want to. Lily, please, I... I know I hurt you. I was only thinking about myself, about what I wanted. And I was wrong. I understand that now, but I'm a different guy. I swear.

Lily: That's good.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, yeah, it is. I want you to know I'm sorry for the way I acted. I feel really bad about messing you up, you know? You're a really great girl, and you deserve the best. And you should feel really good about yourself.

Lily: I do, Kevin.

Kevin: Good, good, good. That's so good. All right, well, I gotta go.


J.T.: Man, you really pulled that one off. You wait until I started to think you were telling the truth.

Colleen: That there wasn't a surprise after all?

J.T.: Yeah, and then bam. You just sprung it on me.

Colleen: Are you mad?

J.T.: Are you kidding? I'm mad as hell.

Colleen: No.

J.T.: Yeah. They didn't want an encore. That makes me mad.

Colleen: You are a spoiled brat.

J.T.: Well, you know what? A guy could really get used to this, you know, being up here on stage, the microphone, the applause.

Woman: That was great music.

J.T.: Oh, you think so?

Woman: I know so.

J.T.: Well, thanks.

Woman: Good night.

J.T.: Good night.

Colleen: Bye. Who was that?

J.T.: No idea. Really. I don't know. But I bet you figure you're the only one with a little valentine surprise, huh? But guess what. I got one of my own.

Colleen: For me?

J.T.: Yeah, for you. But don't even try guessing it; 'cause you're not gonna guess it, not in a million years.

Colleen: You're taking me to the movies?

J.T.: Oh, come on, give me some credit.

Colleen: You're taking me to the moon?

J.T.: Well, that's close, yeah, but, no. That's not it, either.

Colleen: Come on. Tell me.

J.T.: No.

Colleen: Please.

J.T.: I love watching you beg.

Colleen: I know you do. Come on.

Neil: Great, guys.

Dru: Bravo.

Neil: Happy Valentineís.

Dru: Yeah.

Colleen: Bye.


Brad: Victor and Nikki are leaving. That's good.

Ashley: Why do you do that?

Brad: Because I think that every day that goes by, maybe you'll change your mind.

Ashley: About?

Brad: Telling Victor that he's Abbyís father.

Ashley: Brad.

Brad: Ash, when you consider the consequences, I think its one secret you could afford to keep for the rest of your life.

Ashley: Hello, Victor. Hi, Nikki.

Nikki: Hello.

Ashley: Why don't you two have a seat?

Nikki: Um... all right. Thank you.

Victor: Happy Valentine ís Day.

Brad: Happy Valentineís Day, Nikki.

Nikki: Yes, you too. My goodness. It's been awhile since the four of us have sat down together.

Brad: Yes, it has been quite awhile.


Michael: I am not my brother's keeper.

Paul: I know you're not, and I'm not suggesting that.

Michael: Well, what are you suggesting?

Paul: The kid should be off the streets. You know that. I know that. You probably know it better than anyone else.

Michael: What are you asking me? What are you asking me?

Paul: You don't want to see anybody else hurt, do you?

Michael: If there were any proof, if there were any evidence at all...

Paul: Then we'll have to get some.

Michael: You want me to help you go after my own brother. You want to use me to entrap him.

Paul: You make it sound like a dirty business. Think about what he's done.

Michael: Allegedly done. Allegedly.

Paul: Michael, look, you could help me prove this before he hurts somebody else, before somebody says or does the wrong thing and your brother flips out and somebody else pays the price.


Sierra: Anything interesting happen while I was gone?

Lily: How about disgusting?

Sierra: Ooh, do I wanna know?

Lily: Kevin. He talked to me. He told me that he was so sorry for messing me up. Can you believe he's trying to sell himself as a nice guy? I almost puked.

Sierra: Well, have you seen him with Lauren? He's acting like a puppy dog.

Lily: In other words, she's got him eating out of her hand.

Sierra: Yeah, God, it is so perfect. If that fool only knew she was setting him up.

Lily: I know. I mean, I am loving it. I am just loving it.

Sierra: With Laurenís help, Kevin is finally gonna get what's coming to him.

Lily: Yeah, I cannot wait.

Sierra: Yeah, let's go.

Lily: Come on.


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