Wednesday Y&R Transcript 2/11/04

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 2/11/04--Canada; Thursday 2/12/04

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

[knock on door]

Chris: Oh, no.

Chris: Victor, this better be a social visit.

Victor: The time for you and me to meet socially is over.

Chris: Then you're gonna have to leave.

Victor: No, I will not.

Chris: Look, I can't talk to you about your case.

Victor: There is no case. I've confessed. End of story.

Chris: You come in here uninvited--

Victor: You're damn right I do. You and I made a deal-- I confess, you keep me out of jail.

Chris: Just settle down. Are you in jail? No.

Victor: That is simply because the court hasn't imposed the sentence yet. You know that Jack Abbott is waiting to convince the judge that I'm the criminal of the century and belong behind bars. What the hell are you doing to prevent that?


Brad: I still can't believe these numbers, Jack. There's not a region we're not in trouble in.

Dru: Hello, gentlemen. Are we here to celebrate, or what?

Jack: Oh, I think it's a tad early for that.

Dru: Oh, stop it, Jack. We have the orchid, right?

Damon: Yep, but there's still a mess of work to be done, isolating the chemical properties that'll lead to an actual product.

Dru: Well, then why aren't you working your magic in the lab, genius?

Jack: Damon is as aware as any of us how fast we have to move. With the second neofinetia in Newman Enterprise's hands, we don't have a moment to lose.

Dru: Jack, about that second neofinetia--

Jack: Can I just finish, please?

Dru: Of course. Of course.

Jack: Normally, we would be operating on a level playing field right now, but the Newman family is a mess and the corporate structure of their company is in shambles.

Brad: And we need to take advantage of that.

Dru: I couldn't agree with you more, but it seems we have more time than we think.

Damon: Why would you say that?

Dru: Seems the competition doesn't have the other orchid.


Paul: God.

Lauren: Doesn't look like that call answered any of your questions.

Paul: No, it didn’t.

Lauren: I hope it was good news, at least.

Paul: I'm not sure yet. This morning, I sent J.T. Out to trail Kevin Fisher. And he tracked the guy to Michael Baldwin’s apartment.

Lauren: You're kidding?

Paul: It's definitely one of the pieces to the puzzle, but I have no idea how it all fits together. You see, Michael Baldwin was the only other person in the world that knew you and I were going to the dance together. Then Kevin Fisher finds out. And now J.T. Sees him coming out of Michael Baldwin’s apartment. So the question is what? Why were they discussing us? What is the connection between those two?

Lauren: I don't know. Although, I mean, Michael is a lawyer.

Paul: So you think Fisher was seeing Baldwin for legal advice?

Lauren: It's possible, isn't it?

Paul: Well...


Kay: I don't understand you, Arthur. You come into my home only for the second time in all these many years, and then blurt out this outrageous question?

Arthur: Is it outrageous?

Kay: How did you come to this astonishing conclusion? You learned that I had a daughter you knew nothing about, and immediately, you felt she was yours? I mean, my God, what an ego.

Arthur: So you're saying that Jill is not my child.

Kay: Oh, please, if you knew her better, you would be grateful.

Arthur: It troubles me, Katherine, this tremendous bitterness that you feel toward your daughter.

Kay: Why? Why?

Arthur: I'm wondering if you've really given Jill a chance.

Kay: Oh, you have no idea the history. You have no idea the chances I have given this woman.


Liz: Well, I am sure glad I called you. This conversation is fascinating.

Jill: Well, forgive me for not being more entertaining.

Liz: I didn't phone you for entertainment. I phoned you for a progress report. I thought you said you'd keep in touch.

Jill: There has been no progress. Have you been in town this whole t-- why didn't you call me? I thought you'd gone back to England.

Liz: No, no, I just went and spent a few days with your brother Greg out west.

Jill: How is he?

Liz: Well, he's better than you.

Jill: (Chuckles) that wouldn't take much, would it?

Liz: No, it seems not.

Jill: Just for the record, this is not about self-pity, okay? I am really, really worried about my mother, and I don't know how to help her.

Liz: You mean Katherine’s still drinking?

Jill: Well, some days she fights it. I've thrown all the booze out of the house. I've even called the liquor store she used to order from.

Liz: Oh, girl, you know that's no way to stop it. It has to come from the inside--

Jill: How am I supposed to accomplish that, huh? Tell me, please. I want to know. She is my birth mother. How do I make her care whether she lives or dies?

Liz: Does she know that you're this concerned?

Jill: I tried to tell her.

Liz: Oh, honey, keep trying. She needs to know that someone cares.

Jill: Mama, there's, uh... there's something else. There's this man who showed up in town.

Liz: A man?

Jill: Yes, he's somebody from her past. And I went to see him, to ask him if he could help her.

Liz: Well, what did he say?

Jill: Well, it was a fascinating talk. I mean, this man obviously cares about Katherine. But I honestly don't know what he's gonna do.


Paul: So there really is no other reason that Fisher would be over at Baldwin’s place, is there?

Lauren: I can't think of one. But, you know, why else do you see a lawyer except to seek advice?

Paul: Yeah.

Paul: Maybe it's personal.

Lauren: How do you mean?

Paul: Well, Baldwin knows that I'm investigating Fisher. Maybe he just wants to get in the way, keep Fisher outta jail just to stick it to me.

Lauren: Mm, I don't know.

Paul: Well, we don’t know it, Lauren, there's got to be some reason he'd be taking this risk. Fisher doesn't have any money, does he?

Lauren: Not that I know of.

Paul: So that can't be it.

Lauren: Don't you think it's just a little paranoid to think that it could be about you?

Paul: Yeah, maybe you're right. I just don't want anyone or anything getting in the way of putting that psycho behind bars.

Lauren: Yeah, which reminds me; I gotta go and get ready for that Valentine's dance and my date.

Paul: So you're still gonna go through with that crazy idea of yours?

Lauren: Well, yes. We are so close. I can feel it. I mean, today or tomorrow or someday really soon, we're gonna get what we need on Kevin. And this date is a very important part of that.

Paul: Yeah. I just don't want you alone with the guy, all right? You're not to be alone with him, or all bets are off.

Lauren: All right. Look, I'm meeting him at the Athletic Club. I'm gonna go to the boutique now and change, and then I'll head over there... in my own car. I will not be alone with him at any point, I promise. Besides, I'm gonna be thinking about you the whole night.

Paul: Oh, well, that's not much consolation, but I'll take it.

Lauren: (Chuckles)

Paul: Look, be careful, will ya?

Lauren: Yeah. I promise. Alright. I'll call you from the dance.

Paul: All right.


Sierra: Are you sure this is a good idea, Colleen?

 Colleen: Yeah. If you ask me, we should have done this a long time ago.

Lily: No, I mean, Colleen's right. It's time we showed Kevin how bad he screwed up when he messed with us.

Colleen: Okay. Are you guys ready? Okay. (Knocks on door)

 Sierra: Knock again.

Colleen: Okay. (Knocks on door)

Colleen: He's not there. You still have that key you told me about?

Lily: You mean this one?

Sierra: Where'd you get that?

Lily: I had it made when Kevin and I were still dating. I wanted to surprise him one night, so I took his spare key and made a copy.

Sierra: He never knew?

Lily: Well, it was gonna be a surprise, Sierra. Anyway, I don't know what I was thinking.

Colleen: Hey, don't talk like that, okay?

Sierra: Come on.

Colleen: We all make mistakes. And now look, it's gonna help us get dirt on him.

Lily: Oh, you bet it is. I'm gonna make him pay for every time that he ever touched me.

Colleen: All right. Then you better hurry up. Get in there. Good luck.

Lily: Okay.


Chris: I expect there will be a great many voices raised in your support at the sentencing hearing.

Victor: You know damn well know that your voice is the most important as far as the judge is concerned.

Chris: But it's not my place to recommend a lenient sentence. What matters most from the prosecutor's end is that I not recommend a harsh one.

Victor: Or bring in people to testify who want my head on a plate.

Chris: Why would I do that? You say I broke our deal. I haven't, and if I really wanted your head on a plate, I would bring in all the people who were hurt by your actions and let them tell their sad stories to the judge. But I said I wouldn't do that, and I won’t. On the other hand, you're free to bring in every friend you've ever made and have them tell the judge what a wonderful man you are.

Victor: What about Jack Abbott? Is he free to bring in my victims and parade them before the judge?

Chris: Yes, he is. I don't think he will.

Victor: Are you kidding me? The man is chomping at the bit to dance on my grave. He wouldn't pass it up for the world.

Chris: Maybe not. But don't you think he might for money?

Victor: What are you talking about?


Jack: Dru, what are you talking about?

Brad: Phyllis gave one orchid to us and one to Newman Enterprises, right?

Dru: Do you have proof of that, brad?

Jack: There is no doubt in my mind. Phyllis gave the other orchid to the folks in Newman’s lab.

Dru: Maybe. Maybe not.

Damon: Dru, do you know something we don't?

Dru: Well, I can't give away the details, but I heard some things that led me to believe that we're the only ones with an orchid in our lab.

Damon: I see, and you heard these things where, your husband?

Jack: Dru, if you've got something to tell us, spit it out.

Dru: Jack, why don't we get down to the nitty gritty?

Damon: If she means the funding of this project, I couldn't agree more.

Jack: I don't think we're gonna have to worry about that anymore.

Brad: We'll be filing a huge civil suit against Newman Enterprises.

Damon: Looking for significant damages, are you?

Jack: Well, we're asking for the moon. Is that gonna be enough for you?

Damon: Well, what about your time line? I mean, a legal case with Newman Enterprises could take forever.

Dru: We don't have forever, gentlemen.

Jack: It may not take as long as you think.

Brad: The court's already accepted Newman’s guilty plea. The sentencing should happen fairly quickly.

Jack: Once his lawyers get a good look at our civil case, my hunch is they're gonna want to settle out of court.. they're gonna fork over as much cash as they have to keep this out of trial and out of every major newspaper in the country.

Brad: Whatever we get, it'll never be enough. This goes way beyond the damage Newman did to Jabot.

Dru: You're talking about Ashley.

Brad: And no amount of money is gonna make up for that, the pain we all went through. As far as I'm concerned, there'll never be any justice, not for Ash or our son or for me.


Liz: So you're not certain about this man, what he'll do?

Jill: I think he wants to help my mother. He seems to.

Liz: But something's holding him back?

Jill: I don't know. I-I don't even know him. I know barely anything about him.

Liz: Well, he has to have a name.

Jill: Hendricks. Arthur Hendricks.

Liz: (Whispers) Arthur Hendricks.

Jill: Does that mean anything to you?

Liz: (Normal voice) no. Arthur Hendricks.

Jill: Look, mama, a little while ago you told me that you didn't know anything about Katherine’s past and the men in her past.

Liz: Oh, we were never that kind of confidant.

Jill: Oh, my God. Oh, what a thought that is, you and Katherine sitting around, talking about sex and men.

Liz: Oh, Jill, will you just stop with that?

Jill: Oh, my God, you're blushing.

Liz: Of course I'm blushing, that kind of talk. I mean, just... what did you expect?

Jill: Oh, God, mama, you are such a breath of fresh air to me.

Liz: Oh, baby. This all has taken a terrible toll on you.

Jill: All I seem to be to Katherine is this reminder of all the pain she's been through, you know? And then she turns around and tries to make me feel guilty for destroying for her life.

Liz: But you still want to help her.

Jill: Oh, I do want to help her. She won't let me help her. She resents me for even trying, and that's why I thought this Arthur might be able to bring something to her life. I mean, it would be the perfect answer. But, mama... I can't help wondering who he is, you know? Because if you had seen the way they looked at each other... he was very special to her.

Arthur: I gather you've put all the effort you care to toward developing a relationship with your daughter.

Kay: Arthur, some things just aren't meant to be.

Arthur: That's a rather cavalier attitude, isn't it?

Kay: I call that self-protection.

Arthur: Well, if that was your intention, it hasn't worked out very well, hahas it?

Kay: What do you mean?

Arthur: Well, it seems to me that jill is the reason you started drinking again, that she's the cause of all this upset in your life. Your desire for self-protection has been sadly ineffective, it would seem to me.

Kay: All right, Arthur, what is your point? What is your point?

Arthur: Maybe you're taking the wrong tack. Perhaps you should reach out and embrace this newfound daughter. Draw her more into your heart, rather than trying to push her away.

Kay: Arthur, I have tried. Over and over again, I have tried, but it has backfired. And I repeat, you don't know enough about what you're-- you're talking about to voice an opinion.

Arthur: I think perhaps I do. Far more than you realize.


Sierra: How much longer do you think she'll need?

Colleen: I don't know. She hasn't been in there that long.

Sierra: I just hope she hurries up.

Colleen: Yeah, me too. I would hate for... hi, Kevin.

Kevin: What the hell are you two doing here?


(Doorbell rings)

Michael: Uh, Williams.

Paul: I hope I didn't come at a bad time.

Michael: No. No, of course not. Come in.

Paul: Lovely chimes, by the way.

Michael: Why, thank you. So to what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?

Paul: Well, you stopped by my place last night, so I simply thought I'd return the favor.

Michael: Oh, that's very thoughtful. If I'd known you were coming, I would have micro waved a potpie.

Paul: Well, I'm glad I saved you the trouble. After all, I didn't offer you anything.

Michael: Well, I caught you unprepared. Don't worry about it.

Paul: It's not as though you left my place empty-handed. As a matter of fact, I think you got exactly what you wanted from me.

Michael: And what would that be?

Paul: The same thing I want from you--information.


Victor: You're suggesting that I try to buy off Jack Abbott to keep him out of the sentencing hearing, is that what you're saying?

Chris: Hardly. But you are going to buy him off, in a way. Victor, Jack is extremely likely to sue you in civil court for damages caused by your bribery of retailers carrying Tuvia products and for illegally restraining trade and causing enormous financial losses to jabot cosmetics.

Victor: What does that have to do with my sentencing?

Chris: Don't you think the Abbotts are in a big hurry to get their hands on some of this reparation money?

Victor: They could do that while I'm behind bars.

Chris: It's much more time-consuming-- "where are the records, Victor? Well, I'm sorry, but you're gonna have to wait until I get out of jail before I can get my hands on them."

Victor: So that could delay things?

Chris: Look, you know as well as I do, delay is a potent tool when it comes to a civil lawsuit. As much as Jack and the other people at Jabot would like to see you behind bars, they need their money more.

Victor: Then you admit that if someone has a sufficiently convincing argument I could still go to prison.

Chris: I honestly don't believe that will happen.

Victor: And what would you care? It's not you behind bars.

Chris: Damn it, Victor. Don't try and make me feel guilty for something you've brought upon yourself. I didn't force you to bribe anyone.

Victor: That much is true.

Chris: And I hope you've gotten rid of this idea that if I wanted to I could have brushed this all under the table.

Victor: I think you could've made this go away, yes.

Chris: You're wrong, okay? But I did offer you a deal where another prosecutor might not have.

Victor: Because you didn't have enough evidence.

Chris: I had excellent evidence.

Victor: But you weren't sure that the jury would be convinced.

Chris: I don't suppose that this could just be that I tried, within boundaries, to help you.

Victor: How the hell were you trying to help me, when I can still go to jail?

Chris: I did what I could.

Victor: What did you do?

Chris: I took chances. I did my best to keep the federal prosecutor off your back.

Victor: You mean more than waltzing me into state court?

Chris: Yes, I mean...

Victor: You mean what?

Chris: Never mind.

Victor: What are you talking about?

Chris: I said never mind. Just let it go, okay? The meeting is over. You are--you are in a much better position than you have any right to expect, frankly. And yet, all I hear about is how unhappy you are about my role in this mess you made. You never should have me to my residence to talk about your sentence in the first place.

Victor: Let me remind you of something. You and I made a deal-- I confess, and you keep me out of jail. I'll hold you to that.


Brad: Newman deserves to rot in the darkest hole in the darkest prison for what he's done. Once again, he's getting off easy.

Dru: If you hit Newman where it hurts--and I think we all can agree that's the wallet-- it might ease the pain a little.

Damon: That would be a lovely little irony, wouldn't it? Newman's money would end up funding the development of our new product.

Brad: One we hope will crush his entire company. Wouldn't that be sweet revenge?

Jack: You know what? We might even do better than that.

Brad: Meaning?

Jack: Thank you for this meeting. I know we have a couple other things to discuss. Let's table them for the time being.

Damon: Are you sure?

Jack: Yeah. You keep things going in the lab?

Damon: Yeah.

Jack: Dru.

Dru: I'm on it. I'm on it.

Brad: What's going on here? Is something on your mind?

Jack: Yeah, I do.

Brad: What is it?

Jack: I promise I'll let you in on it later.


Arthur: Did you really believe I would leave town without saying good-bye?

Kay: Well, you have no obligation to me.

Arthur: It's not a matter of obligation. I told you before, I care about you.

Kay: And I appreciate that, truly I do.

Arthur: Even after all these many years?

Kay: Yes, of course, I feel that way.

Arthur: That means a great deal to me just knowing that you remember a special time we shared. We were so young, and you were fighting to escape a stifling life.

Kay: Is that what I told you?

Arthur: Well, I know your husband was away in Europe with your young son, and you were free for those few months to be the woman you always wanted to be-- answering to no one, living on your own terms. Those were wonderful days for you.

Kay: So, so I thought. But it all has a price, you know? Sometimes its years later and only then you really can realize the price you've paid.

Arthur: But you mustn't forget the value received.

Kay: God, you do have an ego.

Arthur: (Chuckles) it was the most unforgettable time of my life, Katherine, because of you. Unfortunately, you weren't free to feel the same way. Although I often flattered myself that you did. Then I left town to pursue a law career. And, well, knowing that Gary would be coming back and you had some decisions to make, and when I found you, I realized that things had changed.

Kay: But, Arthur, I felt I had no choice. I had this husband. I had a son I certainly couldn't abandon.

Arthur: Although it meant giving up a child, evidently, one that no one else knew about.

Kay: Yes. Well, it was a child who should have never been conceived.

Arthur: After all these years, that child has come back into your life. How fortunate you are, Katherine, to have found a child rather than to have lost one.


Kevin: Look, this isn't funny. What are you doing here?

Colleen: We just came to pay you a little visit.

Sierra: Yeah, we had some things we wanted to say to you after the way you treated Lily and me at the coffeehouse today.

Kevin: Well, that's too bad, because I don't have time to listen to your whining right now.

Sierra: No, Kevin, you're gonna listen to us-- every word.

Kevin: This is ridiculous.

Colleen: It's for your own good.

Kevin: Oh, okay. Well, now I've heard everything. What could you twerps possibly tell me that'd do me any good?

Colleen: Lots of things, like, for instance, I don't think you should go to the Valentine’s Day dance. You're gonna ruin it for everybody.

Sierra: Yeah, I mean, you told us not to make a scene, but how do we know you won't?

Kevin: Wow. Wow, what is it with you two? I start seeing someone else, and suddenly you're all over me.

Sierra: Don't flatter yourself, Kevin.

Kevin: I don't have to. But the two of you-- you're still the same sad little girls you always were. Seriously, when are you gonna grow up?

Colleen: Tell us again, Kevin, why it was you who spent so much time in teen chat rooms.

Kevin: You can forget about that. That's over now.

Colleen: Not to us, it isn't, and not to our parents.

Kevin: What is that supposed to mean?

Colleen: I know Lily's Dad has a bone to pick with you and so does my father, and they're all gonna be there at the dance.

Kevin: So what? It's not like I'm going there to start anything. I just want to have a good time with my date.

Colleen: Yeah, I'm sure you do. But how do you think they're gonna feel about that? My Dad hates you, and you've seen him when he's angry. You think I'm gonna be able to stop him if he goes after you?

Kevin: You'd better.

Sierra: Or what?

Kevin: Or I'll call the cops. I'm not gonna let anyone ruin my night.

Colleen: That's taking an awful big chance, don't you think? I mean, if something did happen, how embarrassing would that be?

Kevin: No, no. I'm not gonna let you guys do this to me. My mind is made up, and Lauren and I are going to the dance. There isn't a damn thing that either of you can say about it. Now get out of my way before I really get angry. Move.

Lily: Hey, guys. Long time, no see.

Colleen: My God, Lily. Thank God, I thought he was gonna catch you.

Sierra: That was such a close call.

Lily: Yeah, tell me about it. Thankfully I heard you guys out here and I knew I had to go. So I went out the fire escape and I came around front.

Colleen: So what'd you find?

Lily: I will tell you in a minute, but first, let's get out of here.

Colleen: Please, let’s.


Michael: Information, hmm. About what?

Paul: Well, for starters, I don't think you were the least bit interested in talking about Chris at all last night.

Michael: Oh, really? So tell me, why did I come over? I mean, let's face it; we're not president of each other's fan club.

Paul: No, we're not, which is why your visit came as such a surprise.

Michael: What can I say? I was concerned.

Paul: That, I believe, but not about Chris.

Michael: Then who?

Paul: Lauren and me.

Michael: (Chuckles) Lauren and you? No offense, but why would I care?

Paul: That, I was hoping you could answer. I was never aware of any love lost between you and Lauren. And yet you were so filled with warnings and concern, and that got me thinking.

Michael: Ooh. About what?

Paul: Kevin Fisher, that slime ball you told me that you would never represent.

Michael: Okay, what, what, what? What do you want? You're chasing something.

Paul: The kid is dangerous. I think you know that. I want him off the streets permanently. And my question is-- what is your game?

Michael: Game? Didn't know I had a game.

Paul: Oh, I don't buy that, not for a second.

Michael: Well, suit yourself.

Paul: After everything you told me that day at t coffeehouse, you would never stoop so low as to represent that psycho now, would you?


Liz: Are you gonna see this man again, Jill?

Jill: He said that I had given him a lot to think about and that he would get in touch with me and that I should count on it.

Liz: Well, then that sounds like you will be hearing from him.

Jill: Mama, I just can't help wondering if maybe he’s... I just--I just don't know how much he and Katherine meant to each other.

Liz: Well, like I said before, there is one person who can answer that question.

Jill: I don't think she'll tell me.

Liz: Well, you don't know unless you ask.

Jill: Look, here is this man, he's from way back in her past, and he still seems to be in love with her maybe.

Liz: Well, things like that do happen, I mean, now and again. You really felt this strong thing?

Jill: Oh, my God, the way he looked at me, he wanted to know everything, everything I could tell him about Katherine. And then just before we said good-bye, he gave me this deep, penetrating look. I'm telling you, I haven't been able to get it out of my mind.

Liz: This man and Katherine, they knew each other when?

Jill: Years ago, before I was born. That's why he was so surprised when he found out that Katherine had a daughter. Mama, he never knew she had a daughter.

Liz: Well, neither did anybody else, Jill, not until a few months ago. Even Katherine put it out of her mind.

Jill: Yeah, that's true. It's true, it's true. It's true. I'm just being silly.

Liz: No, no, no, no. That's not silly. We want what we don't have, really never had. But I can't help thinking that... it is wishful thinking.

Jill: I know. I know it's probably wishful thinking. But, oh, mama, wouldn't it be something if it wasn't?


Kay: You're, uh, thinking about your son now?

Arthur: The son I once had.

Kay: Well, surely you must have tried to locate him, Arthur.

Arthur: Of course. He obviously didn't want to be found, which brings me back to you and Jill. Katherine, if I were to have one more chance, I would go to any lengths to establish some relationship with my son. It begins to feel very lonely as you grow older and you look around you and no one is there.

Kay: Well, how can you make things change when all of history militates against it?

Arthur: Do you mean all those years ago when you and Jill fought over the same man?

Kay: Where did you hear that? That's ancient history. I mean, did Gina finally open--

Arthur: No, it wasn't Gina. Jill told me.

Kay: Jill did?

Arthur: Jill asked to see me. She's terribly concerned about you.

Kay: I told her to leave you out of this.

Arthur: She seemed to think that I could be of some help to you somehow.

Kay: But, Arthur, you don't want to become involved in this! You can't help me! You don't want to be involved in this!

Arthur: Why do you keep saying this?! I don't understand what you're saying.

Kay: Well, I think you do. Yes, Jill is your child! You... (whispers) Jill is your child.

Kay: I didn't want to tell you because I just... I was so... so frightened she would break your heart. I...

Arthur: Jill is my child? Then it's true. Why have you kept this from me? Even today, you lied to me. Why have you been...

Kay: Arthur.

Arthur: So determined to hide the truth?! You must have had some idea what this would mean to me.

Kay: Jill is destructive. She is a hurtful, deceitful human being. I've known her for 30 years, Arthur. I didn't want to open you up to a world of heartache, for God's sake. Don't you understand, Jill cannot be trusted?!

Arthur: But it is you, Katherine, who cannot be trusted. How am I supposed to feel that you can be trusted now?

Kay: Well--

Arthur: How am I supposed to believe anything that you tell me now?!

Kay: Arthur, Arthur, where are you going?

Arthur: I don't know!

Kay: Arthur, please be careful. Please, I mean, Jill has no idea that you--

Arthur: Katherine, maybe it's time she did!

Kay: Arthur!

Arthur! Arthur. Arthur? Oh.


Chris: Oh,

Jack: Hi. Did I come at a bad time?

Chris: That depends, Jack. This isn't my office.

Jack: No, I realize that. I just didn't want to take the chance of missing a deadline if there is one.

Chris: For what?

Jack: For making the list-- the list of people who will speak at Victor's sentencing hearing. I'd like you to call me to testify. You can do that, can't you?


Michael: Williams... it is an ethical principle of the law--everyone deserves representation.

Paul: So are you representing him?

Michael: I didn't say that.

Paul: So what are you saying?

Michael: I'm saying that if I were representing him, you would have no right to complain.

Paul: Right, because you would be protecting his constitutional rights.

Michael: Exactly.

Paul: So just give me a straight answer. Are you or are you not representing Kevin Fisher?

Michael: Not that I owe you an answer, but no, I'm not representing him.

Paul: Next question-- are you telling me the truth?

Michael: Yes. Don't you think my life is complicated enough without taking on something like this?

Paul: Well, I would think so, yes, but my mind does not always work as yours does.

Michael: Well, I take that as a compliment. But you said the man is dangerous and I happen to agree.

Paul: So you don't want to see him out terrorizing young girls either.

Michael: What kind of advocate do you think I am?

Paul: Oh, no, you really don't want me to answer that one.

Michael: Oh, I see. You just assume I'm taking him on-- "oh, this guy's big trouble, Baldwin must be representing him." Is that your logic? Let me tell you something. Whether you believe it or not, I have a reputation in this town-- as tattered as it may be by the Victor Newman fiasco-- I would rather not see it shredded more by association with a sociopath.

Paul: You sure about that?

Michael: Yes, I'm sure. The last thing I need in my life is the likes of Kevin Fisher.

Paul: Well, now... that's fascinating.

Michael: Okay, I'll bite. What are you after?

Paul: An associate of mine saw Kevin Fisher coming out of your apartment today. So if you're not gonna have anything to do with the guy, how do you explain that?

Lauren: There you go, Kevin, all for you-- a perfect date.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Chris: Do you realize what a favor I've done you?

Jack: Oh, you've done me a favor? You made a bargain with the devil!


Michael: Where do you think you're going?

Paul: I'm gonna go talk to Fisher.

Michael: No, don't do that.

Paul: Why not, are you afraid he's gonna tell me the truth?

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