Tuesday Y&R Transcript 2/10/04

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 2/10/04--Canada; Wednesday 2/11/04--USA

BY Eric
Proofread by Emma

Sharon: Okay, everyone, come on down. Breakfast is ready. Hope you're hungry. (Doorbell rings)

Sharon: (Screaming)

Sharon: Oh, my... (Footsteps pound on stairs)

Nick: Babe. Babe, are you okay?

Sharon: Oh, Nick.

Nick: Take it easy. It's me. Look, take it easy. You know, you were just having a nightmare.

Sharon: Oh, I... I fell asleep and... oh, I was dreaming.

Nick: Yeah. It wasn't a very nice one from the way you were screaming.

Sharon: Oh, I'm sorry. What time did you get home?

Nick: Like around 1. I got home; you were sacked out on the couch. You looked so tired; I didn't want to wake you.

Sharon: So uh, when you called from O’Hare...

Nick: (Groans) such a pain. So we're on the plane, right? Taxi us out to the runway, some light pops on that the pilot doesn't like. So back to the terminal we go to wait for three hours. They fix the problem; put us back on the plane. It was another two hours to Genoa City.

Sharon: Oh, uh, I know you-- you talked to Nikki.

Nick: Yeah, they let us use our cell phones. She said she was watching the kids.

Sharon: Yeah, I, uh, I was out a little later than I expected.

Nick: Well, I tried to call you first to let you know what was going on, but it just kept going right to voice mail. I guess we both had a pretty busy night, huh?


Lily: Here you go.

Sierra: Thank you. So you think Colleen will be able to surprise J.T.? I mean, its such short notice.

Lily: True, but if know Colleen, she'll make it happen.

Sierra: Yeah, I hope so. It'd be a real bummer for her if it doesn’t.

Lily: Yeah.

Sierra: She is so lucky, having a guy like J.T.

Lily: Oh, God, tell me about it. I mean, he's literally perfect.

Sierra: I know. Well, you know, maybe we'll get lucky, too. End up with guys of our own?

Lily: Come on, with who? I mean, I'm tired of meeting the same old losers.

Lily: Now you see, that proves my point right there. Big-time loser number one.

Sierra: Let's just ignore him.

Kevin: Well, ladies, if I can use the term loosely, seems like you're everywhere I go these days. What's the deal? You miss me?


Paul: (Thinking) what if he sees you with somebody else? What if he sees you with me?

Lauren: You know what? He knew that I was going with you to the Valentine’s Day dance, and that didn't deter him from asking me.

Paul: (Thinking) wait a minute. Did he tell you that I was taking you out to the Valentine’s Day dance? How would he know that? Did you tell him?

Lauren: No. He brought it up.

Paul: That's not possible.

Lauren: Well, yes, because I didn't tell him.

Paul: It still doesn't make sense. I mean, how could Fisher have known? There's no way.

Paul: There's no way unless... (Telephone rings)

J.T.: Hello?

Paul: J.T., Listen, drop everything. There's something important I need you to do.


Kay: Damn it. Damn you, Jill! Who made you my keeper?

Kay: If I want to drink, I should be able to drink. Uh, uh... yes. Here. If you think hiding all the liquor in this house is going to keep me from drinking, you have got another thought!

Kay: Liquor. Of course, Katherine. Of course. (Clears throat) all right. Liquor, liquor, liquor. Liquor, liquor. Ah, yes. Yes. Good girl, Katherine.

Kay: (Clears throat) hello, uh, House of Liquors? House of Liquors? Good. That's--that's wonderful. I would like, um, delivery.

Man: Yes, ma'am. Will that be cash or charge?

Kay: Cash, if you send it right away.

Man: What can I send you?

Kay: Uh, well, uh, half a case... no, no, make that a full case of vodka, please.

Man: Any special brand you'd like, ma'am?

Kay: Just don't send the cheapest you have, dear, you know? I-I don't care really.

Man: Okay, lady, your name and address, please?

Kay: 12 Foothill Road. This is Jill Abbott speaking.

Man: Ma'am, Jill Abbott called, said no deliveries to this address.

Kay: Damn her! (Doorbell rings) (Ring) (Ring) (Ring)

Kay: Yeah, who is it, and what... what--what do you want?

Arthur: Katherine, it's Arthur. Are you all right? You sound upset. Let me in, please.


Nick: Here you go, baby.

Sharon: Oh, thanks, honey.

Nick: Looks like you need it.

Sharon: I can't believe I fell asleep on the couch like that.

Nick: Come on, it happens. Tough night of shopping will do that to you.

Sharon: Well, you're the one who went through the wringer. It must have been really frustrating, being stuck on that plane all those hours.

Nick: Boy, I tell ya, it really makes you appreciate the private plane. Something happens to that thing; I got, like, an office there, my own bathroom. I could take a shower if I want.

Sharon: Gosh, I, uh, I must look a mess.

Nick: I think you look beautiful.

Sharon: Please.

Nick: I always think you look beautiful.

Sharon: Well, thank you, honey, but, uh, a nice, hot bath's gonna feel awfully good right now.

Nick: Especially if I join you.


Colleen: Well, hello.

J.T.: It's nice to see you, too.

Colleen: You have no idea. (Exaggerated kissing sounds) I missed you so much.

J.T.: Yeah, well, you saw me yesterday.

Colleen: Doesn't matter you know how much I think about you.

J.T Hey, Coll, Coll, hang on a second, okay?

Colleen: Why, what's wrong?

J.T.: Well, I'm on my way out. I got an assignment.

Colleen: You're kidding? Again?

J.T.: Yeah. Look, I really wish I could stay here and be with you, but we gotta catch this guy, you know?

Colleen: You can't just give me a few minutes, make me feel special?


Lily: Kevin, you are such a creep. You wish that we missed you.

Kevin: No, no, not really. You had your chance with me, Lily, and you blew it. You'd be lucky now if I gave you the time of day.

Lily: (Chuckles) "lucky"?

Sierra: Why, Kevin? Are we suddenly too old for you?

Kevin: Well, it's like I said before. I'm done with stupid kids like you.

Lily: Oh, that's right. I forgot. You have a date with an "older woman." And, um, who is she, your Mom?

Kevin: You know, I hate to disappoint you, though she is someone who can see me for who I really am. She understands me, which is why I came to tell the two of you, don't embarrass me tonight at the dance.

Lily: Or else what?

Kevin: Or else nothing. I'm bringing a special lady. That's all.

Sierra: Oh, yeah? Who?

Kevin: Well, I'd hate to ruin the surprise, but, uh, if you must know, it's Lauren Fenmore.


Paul: Well, I'm glad you could make it.

Lauren: Well, I'm glad that you called. I guess that means you're not too angry with me.

Paul: Well, um, define "too angry."

Lauren: Paul...

Paul: All right, fine, we won't talk about that now. But, um... there are a few things you're not gonna sell me on.

Lauren: Okay. So we're back to agreeing to disagree?

Paul: Not exactly. There are just couple of questions I want to ask you.

Lauren: Okay.

Paul: Remember when you told me that Kevin already knew that we were going to the Valentine's dance together?

Lauren: Mm-hmm.

Paul: Well, I still don't get it. It doesn't make any sense. Are you sure you didn't tell him first?

Lauren: Yes. I mean, actually, it was a little creepy. He said he had me all figured out, like he knew more than he was letting on.

Paul: Yeah, but he didn't tell you how he knew?

Lauren: No, but I chalked it up to our "intense," you know, "spiritual connection."

Paul: You see, any way I look at it, the answer is the same. There is no way that Kevin should have known that you and I had a date to go to the dance together. There's no way.


Sharon: Honey, you're all ready for work.

Nick: Well, I can get un-ready. You just say the word.

Sharon: It's tempting.

Nick: Well, then I'm gonna go fill up the whirlpool.

Sharon: Nicholas, uh...

Nick: What? Is there some law about me taking another bath today?

Sharon: Well, you'll be late.

Nick: I'm the boss. Who's gonna yell at me? Look... I want to make love to my gorgeous wife.

Sharon: Oh, honey, I want that, too. It's just, I... just not right now. I mean, not when I'm... I'm just not feeling that gorgeous right now.

Nick: Okay. I can take a hint. But if you change your mind, you let me know, and I will come running... just like the other day.

Sharon: God that seems like a lifetime ago.

Nick: Well, then we need a repeat. I'll give you a call later, though, and let you know what the police say.

Sharon: The police?

Nick: Yeah, the investigation about Cameron Kirsten. I talked to Detective Weber. They're really looking hard for this guy.

Nick: Look, I know this has kinda been stressing us out. You know, along with everything else that we're going through.

Sharon: Right.

Nick: Right. Okay. I love you. I'll call you later.

Sharon: Okay.

Nick: You know, I'm gonna be thinking about you in that bathtub.


J.T.: Look, I'm sorry, coll, but I gotta go.

Colleen: Well, it seems like I barely get to see you anymore.

J.T.: Yeah, I know, baby. I hate it, too. Look, I got a job. Paul's counting on me.

Colleen: Okay. Well, the least you could do is tell me where you're going.

J.T.: I can’t. I can’t. Paul doesn't want me talking to anyone.

Colleen: Not even me?

J.T.: Especially not you.

Colleen: Well, why not? I'm not gonna tell anybody. And anyway, it seems a little convenient, don't you think?

J.T.: What do you mean?

Colleen: You know, sounds like a cover if you ask me. You know, if someone wanted to go out and plan a surprise for someone.

J.T.: Wait, you're still trying to catch me, aren't you? Look, I told you, baby. I'm not planning anything.

Colleen: I know you better than that. I bet Paul didn't even call you.

J.T.: No, he did. Look, I've been working on this case, like, 24/7. I'd be lucky if I had time to go out and buy you a box of chocolates.

Colleen: So you really aren't planning anything for me?

J.T.: No. I'm sorry. Not this year.

Colleen: I don't buy that.

J.T.: Why not?

Colleen: Because I've already got my surprise all set up for you. And I know that you wouldn't want me to surprise you without you planning something for me in return.

J.T.: All right. Well, if you think you've got this figured out, then why don't you guess what I'm tryin' to do?

Colleen: I thought you said you weren't planning anything.

J.T.: I'm not.

Colleen: Then why would I wanna guess? You know, if you were smart, you'd try to figure out what I'm gonna do, not that you ever could.

J.T.: You're so... you're really, really lucky that I'm focused on this case.

Colleen: Yeah, right. It's because you have no clue what I'm gonna do.

J.T.: All right, when I get back here, I'm gonna figure out what you're up to, okay? And don't even try to distract me.

Colleen: I won’t. Don't even worry about it, J.T. I'll give you all the time you need alone.

J.T.: Oh, now you're really killing me.


Kay: Forgive me for being so slow in answering the door. It's just, I... well, as you see...

Arthur: You were upset?

Kay: Yes, I was, actually. Uh, I... it's silly. It's good to see you, Arthur. I, uh, I thought you might have left town.

Arthur: Without seeing you one more time? Do you think I'd do that?

Kay: Well, I had hoped you wouldn’t. I am just not feeling too secure with myself these days.

Arthur: I have one question, Katherine.

Kay: What?

Arthur: When you introduced us, why didn't you tell me Jill is your daughter?


[Chirping of birds]

Michael: Well, well, well, if it isn't--

Sharon: Save it. Save it, Michael.

Michael: I can tell by looking at you that you didn't take my advice and leave well enough alone.

Sharon: "Well enough"? Oh, you mean Cameron’s corpse behind that motel where I left it, where I had been seen, where I might have been implicated?

Michael: All right, all right, all right, all right. Poor choice of words. I'm almost afraid to ask.

Sharon: Then don't, I'll just tell you.

Michael: So after you dismissed me from your living room...

Sharon: I got the car with the biggest trunk, and I had it totally cleared out--

Michael: Oh, Sharon, Sharon, you didn't, huh?

Sharon: Yes, damn it, I did. I had no choice, Michael. If Cameron’s body had been found there, that would have been it for me.

Michael: So you went back to the motel. You actually moved the body.

Sharon: It was, uh, it was behind the dumpster where I left it.

Michael: Did anyone see you?

Sharon: Yes. But it was after I had already closed the trunk.

Michael: Okay. So it's fine. Nothing to worry about.

Michael: I suppose next you’ll be telling me that the guy who saw you was the same damn clerk who you talked to before, huh?

Sharon: What if I told you yes, you were right?

Michael: I'm sorry, what?

Sharon: That is only the beginning, Michael. It was a night from hell. Maybe when I tell you everything I went through, you'll have some words of sympathy.


Lauren: There has to be a good explanation. Maybe he saw you buying tickets at the Athletic Club.

Paul: No, you don't get it. I didn't come up with the idea to go to the dance until last night when we were together. I didn't even know you were gonna say yes. And almost as soon as you did, Kevin said he knew about our plans.

Lauren: Well, that makes it a little stranger. So it was just a spur-of-the-moment thing?

Paul: Yeah, which is why I don't understand it. You and I were the only people who knew, and then you left, and I had a very unexpected visitor. So if you are absolutely positive that you didn't say anything, there is only one other explanation--him.

Lauren: Who?

Paul: My visitor? Michael Baldwin.


Sierra: There's no way Lauren Fenmore would go anywhere with you, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Kevin: See, now that's where you're wrong. That's where you're both wrong. Because she said yes.

Lily: And why would she do that? You're not good enough for her, for anyone, for that matter.

Kevin: You know, I think she would beg to differ, because she likes me a lot.

Sierra: You know, Kevin, did you ever think that, um, maybe this is all in your mind, like you made it up?

Kevin: Hmm. Nope see, I found somebody who feels about me the way that I feel about her.

Lily: And how is that possible? Everyone around here knows what you did.

Kevin: Oh, Lily, Lily, Lily, there's no proof. You need to move on, like I have. I'm finally happy.

Sierra: Yeah, 'cause you're living in a dream world.

Kevin: Okay, fine. Fine. Doubt it if you will. But you guys are both gonna be there tonight, right? So you'll see. And I'm warning you, don't pull anything.


Kay: My, my, my, who told you all that?

Arthur: You spoke to Jill as though she was some rather unwelcome guest. Then I find out she's not a guest at all. She's your daughter.

Kay: It had to be Gina. God, why couldn't she have just kept her mouth shut?

Arthur: Why? Katherine, I don't understand this. Jill seemed like a lovely woman.

Kay: Well, you just met her.

Arthur: You said you've been upset.

Kay: Yes. Yes, I have been. How much did you find out about Jill and me?

Arthur: A great deal.

Kay: Are you aware that we only learned about our mother/daughter relationship a few months ago?

Arthur: I also understand there's a long history.

Kay: (Laughs) Gina! I would have never expected her wagging tongue to do this.

Arthur: Katherine, you still haven't told me why you were so upset when I arrived.

Kay: A-Arthur, it was nothing. Believe me, it was nothing. It was just one of those moments where I felt... I...

Arthur: What? What? Felt overwhelmed?

Kay: Yes, yes, yes. Something--something like that. Overwhelmed.

Arthur: You seem... you seem agitated.

Arthur: Good lord, Katherine, what is all this?

Kay: I was looking for something.

Arthur: Well, looking for what?

Kay: Oh, memorabilia, photographs. I-I thought I knew where they were.

Arthur: Or was it more like a bottle?

Kay: Not that it's any of your business--

Arthur: I know about you falling off the wagon. You told me yourself.

Kay: Arthur, that's none of your business, so--

Arthur: Of course it's my business, Katherine. I care about you.

Kay: Oh, ho, ho, God, one more person who cares, one more person who cares about what I do with my life!


Sharon: So after I got rid of the clerk...

Clerk: Stop right there.

Sharon: And Mr. Friendly police officer and the disgusting creeps that wanted to rape me...

Sharon: What?

Michael: I'm sorry, Sharon. You'll have to forgive me. This just all sounds like something from a Hitchcock film.

Sharon: Well, I haven't even gotten to the best part yet.

Sharon: I went to a bar. I thought I was gonna lose it, and I couldn't just keep on driving without a plan, knowing that Nicholas was gonna be home soon. So I went inside, I found the ladies' room, I splashed some cold water on my face, and when I went back out to the parking lot, guess who was waiting there for me.

Michael: Um... Cameron’s ghost?

Sharon: Grace Turner.

Michael: Oh, for crying out loud, the man's girlfriend.

Sharon: Could I be any more lucky?

Michael: Were you this nonchalant at the time?

Sharon: I was in a state of shock, Michael. I still am.

Michael: Yeah, go on, go on.

Sharon: Well, she was acting totally obnoxious. She was hounding me with questions. She wouldn't let me go, and so something just finally, I don't know, snapped, and I said, "Fine, you want to know what I'm doing here? Have a look. See for yourself."

Michael: You let her see the... let her see the body, so... Grace knows?

Sharon: What Grace knows is that when I opened the trunk of my car, it was empty. There was nothing in it, Michael.

Michael: You have to repeat that.

Sharon: How does a 170-pound, half-frozen corpse just disappear from the trunk of your car?

Michael: I have no idea. I... is it possible that--

Sharon: What, that Cameron was really alive, and he somehow got out by himself? No. He was stiff as a board. He was just as I left him weeks ago. How'd he just... I-I don't understand. I mean, this whole thing is just so bizarre.

Michael: All I know is you are not home free at this point, not by a long shot. The motel clerk who confronted you twice now-- he's probably memorized your license plate for all we know. And the body, the body... the body's out there, God only knows where, probably covered with carpet fibers from the trunk of your vehicle. You have more evidence connecting you to the body, so when the police get their hands on it--

Sharon: Stop it. All right? Please. I don't want to hear this. Michael, I'm safer than I was. I mean, I really believe that. I have to believe that, all right? Damn it.

Michael: Sharon, far be it from me to be the bearer of truth, but...

Sharon: Supportive, as always.

Michael: Oh, Sharon, you... that's not fair. You know I'm... have a nice day.


Lauren: Now here's something I don't understand. Why on earth would you tell Michael Baldwin about our plans?

Paul: Well, he stopped d by, and I was... well, I was kind of kidding him on the square not to show up at the club on Valentine’s Day. I didn't want him to ruin my evening. You know, he's ruined so many before.

Lauren: So you think he told somebody?

Paul: Well, I don't know. I don't know when he would have had the chance. I mean, even in this town, gossip doesn't travel that fast.

Lauren: You know, there is something that we haven't really thought of. What if Kevin just guessed? I mean, it's not that far-fetched.

Paul: No, there's something about kevin guessing that really doesn't fit.

Lauren: And why not? I mean, we both know he's obsessed with me. It's, you know, logical that he would know that we were going out. It's not like we've been hiding it or anything.

Paul: No, but how would he know about our specific plans? It's not like they were public knowledge. Tell me, how did he seem when he asked you? Did you tell him that you already had a date?

Lauren: No, actually, I said "what if I had plans?"

Paul: Okay, then what happened?

Lauren: Well, he said it was my prerogative, and that's when he mentioned your name. And he said he was sure that you wouldn't mind if I changed our plans.

Paul: And he was confident, huh? He was full of himself?

Lauren: Well, maybe not in the beginning, but by the end, absolutely. You know, he kept telling me that he was sure that I wanted to be with him and not you.

Paul: And his attitude, his tone, it wasn't like he was guessing, was it?

Lauren: No, you're right. It wasn’t. He was just a little too confident. But there isn't any other way he could have found out, is there?


Michael: You have got to stop dropping by like this, or I'll have to give up drinking coffee. My heart can't take the stress.

Kevin: Oh, come on, Mikey, your heart's fine. Besides, if that's the way you feel, why do you keep letting me in?

Michael: I wish I knew. The last thing I need right now in my life is you and your problems. Do you even think of what could happen if someone saw you?

Kevin: Well, that's why I'm trying to make things better. You know, clean up my act. I want you to be proud of me.

Michael: That's a good one. (Computer dings)

Kevin: All right, look, I know that I've got a lot to straighten out, and, uh, I'm working on it. (Computer dings)

Kevin: I'm a new man. And I can prove it.

Michael: Yeah, how?

Kevin: Simple. I'm in love.

Michael: No, see, no. Please, God, don't say that again. We've already been through this. You're not still pining for Lauren Fenmore?

Kevin: I'm not pining for her. I love her.

Michael: But I already told you, that's never gonna happen.

Kevin: Well, you're wrong, Mikey, because it already has. She's going to the Valentine’s Day dance with me.


Colleen: Okay, I know this is, like, the third time I've asked this, but are you sure Lauren is going with Kevin? I mean, that's unreal.

Sierra: Well, that's what he told us.

Colleen: You sure he isn't lying?

Lily: Well, it was the way that he said it and the way he rubbed it in our faces.

Sierra: Yeah, it was creepy. It's like he's in love with her or something.

Colleen: Yeah, but that doesn't mean he isn't lying. Lauren is with Paul Williams. If she's going anywhere on Valentine's Day, I'm sure it's with him.

Lily: Yeah, well, not according to Kevin.

Colleen: That can't be right.

Sierra: I mean, I always thought Lauren was classier than that, at least smarter.

Lily: Well, so did I. But if you listen to Kevin, she's in love with him, too.

Colleen: There is no way that is possible. I've seen her with Paul. She's not in love with someone else.

Sierra: Are you sure?

Colleen: Yes. This is Kevin we're talking about. It's probably all in his head. Unless...

Sierra: Unless what?

Colleen: Could they be setting him up?

Lily: Who? Paul and Lauren?

Colleen: Well, it's the only explanation that makes sense. Paul and J.T. Are investigating him, and Paul is Lauren’s boyfriend.

Lily: Wait. You think Lauren is going out with Kevin as part of Paul and J.T.'s investigation?

Colleen: Can you think of a better way to get Kevin to slip up?

Sierra: I don't know who to feel sorry for. I mean, Lauren will have him eating out of the palm of her hand.

Colleen: Exactly. This is all part of their plan. But there's only one thing missing-- that's us. We are the ones he's hurt the most. We are the ones that should help bring him down. So what do you say, girls? Are you in?


Michael: Look, Kevin, tell me you're kidding.

Michael: This isn't for real. Lauren would never, never in a million years, would she--

Kevin: I hate to break it to you, bro, but she did. Once she heard how I felt, she couldn't say no to me.

Michael: What do you mean she couldn't say no to you? Hey, Kevin, no. This didn't happen, okay? It didn't happen, at least not the way you think it happened.

Kevin: No, no, no. Mikey, you're wrong, okay? Trust me. I asked her to be my date for Valentine’s Day, and she said yes.

Michael: Kevin, she's going out with Paul Williams-- Mr. Private Detective. She doesn't have a reason to even give you a second look.

Kevin: Well, she did, okay? And she liked what she saw.

Michael: Oh, that's it. That's it! You know, people like Lauren don't say yes to people like you. It just doesn't happen in the real world.

Kevin: Well, in mine, it does, okay? And it felt real enough to me.

Michael: To you! To you, Kevin, not to everyone else.

Kevin: Can't you just congratulate me, huh? Admit that you were wrong?

Michael: Oh, God! Kevin, you know what? I say this as someone who wishes you would just disappear from the face of the earth-- you don't know what you're getting into.

Kevin: Yeah, well, I don't wanna know, okay? This is the first time in my life that I ever felt this way. Honestly, Michael, I think I'm in love.

Michael: No! God, no! Do not say that!

Kevin: Why not? Why not? It's the truth.

Michael: You don't love people, Kevin!

Michael: You get obsessed with them.

Kevin: No.

Michael: It's a sickness.

Kevin: No, no. No, not this time, not with Lauren.

Michael: Yes, yes, yes, this time! This time with Lauren!

Kevin: No, no!

Michael: Listen to yourself.

Kevin: No. I'm telling you that this is the way it is, okay? And I'm sorry that you can't handle that... but I can't go on being the same old Kevin Fisher forever, okay?

Michael: Oh, lord, how I wish that were true.

Kevin: It is.

Michael: It isn't!

Kevin: No, Mikey, it is! You got a second chance. Why can't you give me one? Lauren did.

Michael: Okay. All right. You wanna be a fool for love, you be my guest, but do not ask me to pick up the pieces.

Kevin: You're not gonna have to, Mikey, 'cause I got a really good feeling about this. Lauren Fenmore-- she's gonna change my life.

Michael: Oh, my God. They're setting him up. That poor dope-- they're setting him up and he doesn't even know it.


Paul: Can you see why I'm so confused about how Kevin knew we were going to the dance?

Lauren: There has to be some sort of simple explanation for this. (Cell phone rings)

Lauren: I mean, there has to be, right? (Ring)

Paul: Well, this could be it. J.T., What's up?

J.T.: Hey, boss, I followed Fisher like you wanted. You're not gonna believe this. I just saw him leaving Michael Baldwin’s apartment.


Kay: Will you please stop that? I do not like people picking up after me.

Arthur: Well, you've made quite a mess here.

Kay: Quite a mess of many things.

Arthur: You never answered my question. Why didn't you tell me about Jill being your daughter?

Kay: I don't really like her that much, you know?

Arthur: And yet, she lives here with you.

Kay: This was a bad idea, Arthur, a very bad, bad idea.

Arthur: Why?

Kay: Why? Why do you think?! Why do you think I have started drinking again?!

Arthur: I'm not altogether certain, Katherine. But I don't think it's fair to blame Jill entirely.

Kay: Yes, well, you have been far removed for well over 40 years, so why don't you just butt out?!

Arthur: Is it because she's my daughter, too? Is that a secret that you've kept from me for all of these years?


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Jill: The way they looked at each other, he was very special to her.


Kay: Jill has no idea.

Arthur: It's about time she did.


Colleen: Tell us again, Kevin, why you love spending so much time in teen chat rooms.

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