Monday Y&R Transcript 2/9/04

Y&R Transcript Monday 2/9/04 -- Canada, Tuesday 2/10/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Grace: Leaving so soon?

Sharon: Grace?

Grace: You seem surprised to see me.

Sharon: I am.

Grace: Sharon, what in the world are you doing way out here at a bar this time of night? Are you alone?

Sharon: Yes, I'm alone.

Grace: Where's Nick?

Sharon: Why?

Grace: Sharon, you're married. It's a school night, isn't it? Where are the kids?

Sharon: Where do you think they are?

Grace: I'm starting to wonder if you know.

Sharon: What the hell does that mean?

Grace: Look at you. You're a mess. What the hell happened? Why are you acting so totally weird?

Sharon: What is this, an inquisition?


Gina: That's wonderful.

Lily: I am so proud of you.

Gina: Congratulations.

Colleen: Thank you.

Gina: Now you girls be careful.

Lily: Okay, we will.


Gina: Hi, John, hi.

John: How are you doing?

Gina: Well, hi, guys. The girls are here. They're already seated, and I understand we have a reason for a celebration tonight.

John: Yes, we do have such good news, don't we?

Gina: Yes, well, just seeing you here, oh, Ashley, it's like a miracle.

Ashley: It is. I know, I feel like I've come back from--I don't know where-- someplace far away.

Gina: Well, welcome home.

Ashley: Thank you. I'm a very lucky woman to have this family and a husband like Brad.

Brad: I'm the lucky one.

Ashley: It's kind of strange. I feel like I've woken up from a very bad dream and realized how great my life is and what a wonderful future we have ahead of us.

John: You know, after everything these two have been through, a beautiful sight, seeing them like this.

Gina: Yeah, it really is.

Ashley: Thanks.

Lily: Well, pretty exciting day, huh?

Colleen: Oh, I still can't believe it. I actually have my driver's license. After what happened with J.T. Last summer, I didn't think my Dad was ever going to let me get behind the wheel of a car again.

Sierra: Ooh, watch out, world.

Colleen: I could barely sleep last night.

Lily: Your Dad must be so proud of you.

Colleen: I think he's more scared than proud.

Sierra: Why would he be scared?

Colleen: Worrying about the first time I drive solo.

Lily: Oh, that is gonna be so awesome!

Sierra: Now we can go places together with no parents.

Lily: I know.

Colleen: Well, not for awhile. The first nine months in Wisconsin I can only drive one friend at a time.

Sierra: Oh, bummer. I think we were both looking forward to having our own private chauffeur.

Colleen: I think my Dad wants me to have a little more driving experience under my belt before I start driving you guys around.

Lily: Oh, doesn't want us taking our lives in our hands riding with you, huh?

Colleen: Hey, my teacher said I did a good job.

Lily: Oh, really? How much did you have to bribe the guy to say that?

Colleen: That is so wrong.

Brad: What are you ladies talking about, as if I didn't know?

Sierra: Colleen was just telling us about the sports car you're going to buy her.

Ashley: Uh-oh. Let's go sit down.

Brad: Sports car? What sports car is that?

Colleen: She was just kidding, Dad.

Brad: Yeah, I hope so. I'm still getting used to the idea of my baby girl sharing the road with all those bad drivers.

Colleen: Thanks a lot.


Bobby: It's open.

Bobby: Oh, if it isn't Dick Tracy.

Paul: Hey, and the flesh merchant. So how's business going?

Bobby: Eh, it's fair. Did you come down here to check out the action?

Paul: No, I avert my eyes when I walk past that stage.

Bobby: Yeah, you gotta watch yourself. You'll turn into a pillar of salt.

Paul: Yeah, so I hear. Hey, uh, I'm still curious about Kevin Fisher.

Bobby: Personally, I want nothing to do with him.

Paul: Yeah, I know, but you did fire him, right?

Bobby: That's right.

Paul: So has he been around since then?

Bobby: Oh, no, he won't come down here. He knows he'll leave in a stretcher if he does.

Paul: Yeah, well, that's what I figured, but it didn't hurt to ask.

Bobby: You still after him 'cause of that fire at Gina’s?

Paul: Oh, yeah, that and a few other things. You know, that is one of the side effects of being a P.I. Every once in awhile someone comes along, and it stops being a job. You just really want to see 'em off the streets.


Kevin: Lauren? Lauren, did you hear me?

Lauren: Yes, uh, I'm just a little surprised, that's all.

Kevin: Is that a bad thing, or...

Lauren: No, it just was unexpected.

Kevin: Yeah, well, maybe I should ask you again, give you a chance to be prepared this time.

Lauren: Uh, I'm not sure I'm ready for that question.

Kevin: I was afraid of that. So, um, so you're shooting me down then? Is that it?

Lauren: No. No, I did not say that.

Kevin: Well, you didn't have to. I can see how it is. And that's okay. I know you have guys hitting on you all the time. You're beautiful, Lauren, but all I want is the chance to show you that I'm not like everybody else.

Lauren: And I can see that already. You know, you seem like a really nice guy.

Kevin: I am, I am, and I would love to get to know you better. You, uh, you represent something in my life that's good.

Lauren: We barely know each other.

Kevin: I know enough. So, what do you say? Will you be my date on Valentine’s Day, please?


Grace: From the way you look and sound right now, I'd say I have every right to be asking questions.

Sharon: You have no rights, Grace, where I am concerned.

Grace: What the hell's with you? You're freaking out about something.

Sharon: Why don't you get out of my face?

Grace: What have you been doing?

Sharon: None of your business.

Grace: What about Nick? Is it any of his business? I wonder what he'd say if I happened to mention I ran into you out here.

Sharon: You stay the hell away from my husband, Grace. You hear me? Damn it, you stay the hell away!


Lauren: Kevin, don't you think that a Valentine's date is moving a little fast?

Kevin: Maybe, but its how I feel. You make me want to do something crazy and just throw caution to the wind.

Lauren: You could get hurt that way.

Kevin: So what? I can't keep doing what I've been doing, Lauren. It doesn't cut it. I want more.

Lauren: Meaning what?

Kevin: Um, okay, from the minute we met, I knew that you were this incredible woman.

Lauren: Because I was nice to you at the boutique? I mean, why?

Kevin: Well, I mean, that was part of it, but we connected, and I think you felt it, too. Look, I've seen you talking to other guys, like that guy that works here.

Lauren: Cody?

Kevin: Um, yeah, and it's not the same. I mean, you're nice, and you smile, and you flirt a little, but it's nothing more than that.

Lauren: Because we're friends. You know, he knows that we're never going to be anything more than that.

Kevin: Exactly, 'cause you don't have that connection with him. But with us... I'm telling you, Lauren, I feel it. I feel it right now.

Lauren: But how do you know that that's real?

Kevin: What, are you saying that it isn't?

Lauren: No, um, I'm just saying that sometimes it's easy to believe that you're falling in love with somebody that you barely know.

Kevin: So you have to start somewhere, right?

Lauren: I suppose.

Kevin: Okay, believe me, Lauren, I can totally understand you feeling a little bit strange. I mean, if I were saying these things to me, I would totally think it was crazy.

Lauren: Well, or maybe you're just a hopeless romantic.

Kevin: Well, what can I say? You know, there's a lot of things about me that you don't know. You know, a lot of things that I want to share with you.

Lauren: And I would really like that, but, you know, Valentine's Day. I mean, what if I already have plans?

Kevin: Well, you could change them, couldn't you? It's your prerogative. And I don't think Paul Williams would mind all that much.

Lauren: How do you know about Paul?

Kevin: You don't realize how well I have you figured out.

Lauren: And what does that mean?

Kevin: It's like I said. We have this connection. So now you have to ask yourself-- do you really want to go to the Valentine's dance with Paul Williams? 'Cause deep down, wouldn't you rather go with me?


Bobby: You really seem to like this whole cloak and dagger thing. I'm curious, how come you never became a cop?

Paul: I tried. I'm no good at taking orders.

Bobby: Yeah, well, I hear you on that one. Listen, Paul, I gotta finish up this paperwork. You're not a cop. You're not on duty, so I can buy you a drink. Why don't you go see Angelo? Tell him what you want. It's on the house. Grab a seat, catch the show. There's nothing but good, clean fun here at Marsino's.

Paul: Thanks, maybe I will. Hey, listen, somebody told me there was an incident here the other night.

Bobby: An incident? It was more like a nightmare.

Paul: One of your girls was hurt--Brittany Hodges.

Bobby: Not just one of my girls, my best girl.

Paul: Do I detect a note of personal attachment?

Bobby: Yeah, a big one.

Paul: Electrocution? That seems odd.

Bobby: We've got a lot of lights on that stage.

Paul: Yeah, you do. Hey, listen, you're right. I am not a cop, but I know a few guys who are, and word has it that it was not an accident.

Bobby: Really? Do they know who did it? 'Cause I'd certainly like to know.

Paul: Really, you don't?

Bobby: If I did, his head would be in a jar on my desk.

Paul: His head? Does that mean it's not a jealous girl?

Bobby: Look, enough with the detective stuff. I told you, I don't know who did it. What else did your cop friends tell you?

Paul: They seem to think you are, uh, connected with the wrong kind of people.

Bobby: Everybody's a judge.

Paul: Are you?

Bobby: I know some people. Most of them I'm friends with. Sure you'd like 'em, too.

Wendy: Bobby, you promised I could have the 9:00 slot.

Bobby: All right, I did, and you can. Wendy, say hello to my friend Paul.

Wendy: Oh, hi, I didn't see you.

Bobby: You know what; I just realized that I promised the same thing to Marcy. I had a lot on my mind. I'm sorry.

Wendy: Because of Marilyn?

Bobby: Yeah, will you forgive me?

Bobby: Sure, Bobby, but don't let it happen again.

Bobby: Oh, I won’t.

Wendy: Come see the show. I'll do a little something special.

Bobby: Wendy, don't be selling in my office, hmm?

Bobby: (Chuckles) oh, man, where were we?

Paul: I have no idea.


Ashley: So, Colleen, your Dad tells me that you aced your written exam.

Colleen: Yeah, there were a few tricky questions. I just got lucky.

Sierra: Did the guy giving you the road test have you parallel park?

Colleen: Mm-hmm, but I practiced a lot in front of the house last week.

Brad: You should see the tires.

Colleen: Hey!

Lily: I think that will be the hardest thing for me, though.

Sierra: Yeah, me, too. I'll be a nervous wreck.

Lily: Oh, what about seat belts?

Colleen: Well, you buckle up every time you get in the car, naturally.

John: You girls really seem to be on top of this.

Colleen: Getting behind the wheel of a 300-pound machine is a huge responsibility, right, guys?

Sierra: Absolutely.

Lily: Oh, yeah, huge responsibility.

Brad: That was quite a performance.

Lily: What do you mean, Mr. Carlton?

Brad: I don't know. It just almost sounded like your conversation was scripted.

Colleen: Oh, no, Dad, we meant every word.

Brad: Well, there's one rule that wasn't in your book.

Colleen: What's that?

Brad: Driving is a privilege, not a right. It has to be earned.

Colleen: Gotcha, Dad.

Lily: Mm-hmm, gotcha, Mr. Carlton.

Sierra: Me, too, gotcha, sir.

Brad: Okay, well, now that we're clear on that, a show of hands for who wants dessert.

Colleen: Oh, I do.

Lily: I do.


Grace: You haven't answered a single question I've asked you.

Sharon: Well, don't you have better things to do than stand here and ask me questions, Grace?

Grace: Yes, as a matter of fact, I do. I'm in town for one reason-- to help find Cameron.

Sharon: Yeah, well, if I were involved with you, Grace, I think I might disappear, too.

Grace: I had forgotten what a bitch you can be.

Sharon: If you don't get out of my way and let me get into my car--

Grace: You're making threats who to me? You really think that's wise?

Sharon: Meaning what?

Grace: You know, I think I still have Nicholas' cell phone number in here.

Sharon: Get out of my way!

Grace: You look like hell! You're acting like a crazy person. You won't tell me what you're deal is, what you're doing miles away from your cozy, little lifestyle.

Sharon: Fine, fine, you want to know what I'm doing here. You want to know? Come here, I'll show you. I'll show you what I'm doing, Grace. Take a look for yourself. Oh, my God. Oh, my God! Oh, no, I don't believe this! I don't believe this! Oh, my God!

Grace: Can't believe what? Are you insane? I always knew you had problems, Sharon...

Sharon: Got to get out of here. I have to go.

Grace: Sharon, no, wait! No, Sharon, wait, Sharon! Sharon, you... Sharon, don't go! Sharon, Sharon!


Bobby: Just let her know that I called and was checking in. And I'm gonna drop by in about an hour. Yeah. Okay, thank you.

Paul: How is she doing?

Bobby: She's resting. They had to shoot her up with a whole bunch of tranquilizers. She really went nuts when she saw what happened to her face.

Paul: Is it a bad scar?

Bobby: Are any of them good?

Paul: Yeah. So, um, who is this Marilyn?

Bobby: That was Brittany’s stage name.

Paul: Was?

Bobby: Who knows? Enough people wanted her to stop working here before. Now this? Anyway, she's always got a job here, no matter what.

Paul: Yeah, so what do you think of that rumor I heard? That someone thinks that these nice people that you're connected to might have intentionally wired that pole to send you a message of some kind?

Bobby: Look, if somebody needs to get in touch with me or send me a message, I got a phone right here, and I got a front door right there. All they gotta do is call me or stop by. Now listen, Paul, I gotta finish up this paperwork. Wendy's on right about now. Why don't you go have that drink? She may have that little something special for you.

Paul: Yeah, all right. If you happen to hear from Kevin Fisher, you give me a call, please.

Bobby: I won't, but if I do, I'll let you know.

Paul: And don't bother to mention I was asking about him, will you? Just call me.

Bobby: Yeah, if you hear anything interesting from the police, you could return the favor.

Paul: Yeah, you got it.


Lauren: Kevin, you haven't exactly left me an easy choice.

Kevin: Come on. I'm sure you can let him down gently.

Lauren: That's not the point. I've already made plans.

Kevin: So change them. You can if you want to. What's so hard about that?

Lauren: He asked me first.

Kevin: Okay. But who would you rather go with? See? Life's too short. You can't make yourself miserable.

Lauren: Paul's not gonna like this.

Kevin: Well, that's his problem. And to tell you the truth, I'm tired of people like him always getting what they want. This is our turn, Lauren. Just give me a chance. That's all I'm asking.

Lauren: All right. You have got yourself a date.

Kevin: Great. Great. That's great. I... I knew it. I had a... I knew that this was gonna go my way. I had a feeling about it. And I assure you, you are not gonna be disappointed. I promise.

Lauren: I'm sure I won’t. All right, well, it's late, and I really should tell Paul before he buys tickets.

Kevin: Right. Right. That's a good idea. We don't want him to get too upset, right, valentine?

Lauren: Right. Okay, I'll see you soon.

Kevin: Uh-huh. Bye.

Lauren: Bye.


Sharon: I don't understand. What the hell happened?

Clerk: Lady, what do you think you're up to? Don't I know you from somewhere?

Cop: You have a taillight out in back.

Sharon: Oh, really? I had no idea.

Cop: It's probably a loose connection. If you wanna pop the trunk for me, I can take a look.

Sharon: No. I-I mean, that's all right. Um, I'll just have it looked at right away. Thank you for letting me know.

Cop: Some pretty rough stuff goes on around here. It's probably not a place you want to be.

Sharon: He was in the trunk. People saw him.

Man: Yo, we got a body in the trunk, kid.

Man #2: Man, stop playing.

Man: Yo, she got a body in the trunk, son.

Buzz: Yo, a dead man, for real?

Man: No, no, I'm making it up. Come look for yourself.

Sharon: I gotta get rid of the body. The police are right on my trail. What am I gonna do?

Man #2: Well, I'll tell you what we're gonna do, man. We ain't gonna get involved with all this. Nah, hell no. Close that, dawg.

Sharon: Cameron was there. He was in the trunk. The body was in the trunk. And then I... I went into the bar. And I came back out... God, where could he be?

Grace: Sharon, what in the world are you doing way out here at a bar?

Sharon: Okay. Okay. It's over. It's over. I can't worry about how. I have to get home. Nick will be back by now. I have to think. Where have I been? What have I been doing?

Grace: What the hell happened?

Sharon: What if Grace... oh, God.

Grace: Why are you acting so totally weird?

Sharon: What am I gonna tell Nicholas?


Girls: (Laughing) (cell phone rings)

John: Oh, kids, excuse me. I'm expecting an important call. John Abbott. Oh, hi, Peter. Uh-huh. How'd it go?

Lily: Mm-hmm. Hey, I thought your stepmom was sick or something.

Colleen: She was. That's why this is so incredible, seeing her and Dad out like this. She was so out of it, and then she just suddenly was fine.

Sierra: That’s s kinda weird.

Colleen: Yeah.

Brad: I'm so glad you felt well enough to come with us tonight.

Ashley: You poor guy. What you must have gone through, those weeks I was so messed up.

Brad: All that matters is that you're back and in my arms.

Colleen: Thanks. You guys, I still have no idea what to get J.T. For Valentine’s Day.

Sierra: You guys are still trying to outdo each other?

Colleen: Yeah, only he doesn't think I can hack it. He is so cocky. It's like he's the only one in the world who could pull off a surprise.

Gina: Hey, girls. Can I get you anything else?

Colleen: No way. I am stuffed, Gina.

Gina: Oh, yeah, I bet.

Sierra: What's going on over there? Do you know?

Gina: Oh, well, that's the stage we're building for our Valentine’s Day party. Listen, it is going to be a great evening, so I hope you guys will come.

Colleen: Yeah.

Lily: Of course. That sounds like fun.

Sierra: I know. I wonder who's gonna go.

Lily: I wish I had a date.

Colleen: I've got it! I've got it! The perfect surprise for J.T.

Lily: What?

Brad: Everybody, the witching hour has arrived (imitates old man voice) for all of us old-timers here over 30. (Normal voice) so Ash and I are gonna head home.

Colleen: Okay.

John: And that goes for your Granddaddy, too.

Brad: Listen, you guys stay, have fun, and the driver will be outside waiting for you whenever you're ready.

Colleen: Thanks so much for today, Daddy.

Brad: You're welcome, honey. I'm so proud of you.

Colleen: Bye.

Brad: I love you.

Colleen: Love you, too.

Lily: And thanks for inviting us, Mr. Carlton.

Sierra: Yeah, this was really cool, thank you.

Brad: You're welcome. Nice having you.

Ashley: Bye, girls. Have fun.

Colleen: Bye.

Ashley: Bye.

Colleen: Bye.

John: Bye, my little beauty.

Colleen: Bye, Granddad.

John: Bye. Bye-bye, girls.

Lily: Bye, you guys. So come on. Let's hear about this surprise.

Colleen: I don't know if I can trust you guys to keep a secret.

Sierra: Unh-unh. Oh, my God.


Sharon: Nick? Honey? You awake?

Sharon: Oh, good. Good. He must be asleep.

Nikki: No, he isn’t.

Nikki: He called. His plane will be late.

Sharon: Nikki, what the hell are you doing here, standing there in the dark like that? You scared me half to death.

Nikki: You should be scared, because I doubt very much you'll be able to explain where you've been half the night.


Lauren: Paul?

Paul: Yeah.

Lauren: Hey. I used my key. I hope you don't mind.

Paul: No, not at all. That's why I gave it to you. I was wondering about the lights, though. I don't get it. I thought you were going home.

Lauren: Well, I was, but I stopped at Crimson Lights on the way for a tea and had a very interesting encounter.

Paul: Interesting? Why do I get the feeling I know I what that means?

Lauren: It was like Kevin was waiting for me.

Paul: He didn't try anything, did he?

Lauren: No. It wasn't like that. He was very sweet.

Paul: So you spent some time talking to the freak?

Lauren: What choice did I have? I mean, he was so happy to see me.

Paul: Yeah, I bet.

Lauren: Paul, he thinks that we're falling in love, that we have some sort of spiritual connection, and he even asked me to the Valentine’s Day dance.

Paul: Oh, man, the guy's worse off than I thought. I hope you let him down easy.

Lauren: Actually, no. I said I'd go with him.

Paul: Lauren, the guy is certifiable.

Lauren: I know that.

Paul: Well, but talked about this. I don't understand this. You're making me think that you are as crazy as he is. You're not making any sense here.


Sharon: "Half the night"? Come on, Nikki.

Nikki: Well, it's after 10. And you left here... do you realize how many hours it's been?

Sharon: So once again, you're keeping tabs on my every move. You need a life.

Nikki: Would you like to know why I know how long you've been gone? Cassie and Noah, your children? They came home from school today to an empty house-- no mother, no babysitter, no dinner. You hadn't made any arrangements, Sharon. There was not even a note. They didn't know what to think.

Sharon: I assume they're up at the main house?

Nikki: Oh, my God, that's it? That's all you have to say?

Sharon: I was detained. It was unavoidable, couldn't be helped.

Nikki: Really? Unavoidably detained, doing what, shopping? I know that's the excuse you gave Miguel.

Sharon: I'm sorry if my children were a burden, Nikki.

Nikki: Oh, don't you dare take that tone with me.

Sharon: Will they be staying the night up there, or should I bring them back?

Nikki: You are unbelievable.

Sharon: What do you want me to say? I was out. It took longer than I expected. Give me a damn break.

Nikki: Look at you. Listen to you. You don't even sound like yourself. What is wrong with you? Are you ill?

Sharon: Like you would give a damn.

Nikki: This just proves once again what kind of person you are, what kind of mother you are.

Sharon: All right, that's enough. Get out.

Nikki: No! I'm not leaving until I get a satisfactory explanation.

Sharon: For what?

Nikki: Of where the hell you have been and with who and what you were doing. Start talking, Sharon. Now!


Lauren: You know, just hang on a minute. I think you're being unfair.

Paul: Oh, you think I'm being unfair?

Lauren: Yes, I am doing this for you, for your investigation.

Paul: Lauren, I don't want you to help me with my investigation. You know, the last thing I remember is that we agreed to disagree.

Lauren: Yes, we did. And then I didn't realize I was gonna run into Kevin.

Paul: Well, that still doesn't explain why you said yes. You could have told him you had other plans. Why does this seem so difficult?

Lauren: Because I wanted to play it smart and not antagonize him.

Paul: Oh, and you think this is smart, by accepting a date when you had other plans? What if he finds out that you were going out with me? I mean, he's going to know that you were just using him.

Lauren: That's not gonna happen.

Paul: It's not?

Lauren: Kevin sees what he wants to see.

Paul: What if he sees you with somebody else? What if he sees you with me?

Lauren: You know what? He knew that I was going with you to the Valentine’s Day dance, and that didn't deter him from asking me. He is so sure that I want to be with him that I don't think he'll give it a second thought.

Paul: Oh. So that's why you said yes? That's why you think nothing will go wrong?

Lauren: Paul, I can do this.

Paul: Lauren, you don't think like him. You don't get it. He has a sick mind. You don't go around locking people into restaurants and trying to roast them. This is not a game.

Lauren: I understand that. But you should hear the way he speaks to me. He said he wants to be with me, he wants to share things with me. If it were you, you would have thought it was a risk worth taking.

Paul: Every inch you give him is a chance you're gonna press the wrong buttons. He could flip out. He is a dangerous man. Look, maybe you should talk to Lily and Colleen.

Lauren: Please stop comparing me to Lily and Colleen. I am a grown woman. I can handle a little nerd like Kevin Fisher.

Paul: Well, I hope so, because I'd hate to see anything... wait a minute. Did he tell you that I was taking you out to the Valentine’s Day dance? How would he know that? Did you tell him?

Lauren: No, he brought it up.

Paul: That's not possible.

Lauren: Well, yes, because I didn't tell him.

Paul: Are you positive?

Lauren: Yes. I mean, I may be tired, and it could be late, but I know what I said and what I heard.

Paul: His doesn't make any sense at all. (Sighs)

Lauren: You know what? I'm really tired. I have a lot of work at home, and I need some rest, so let's just talk tomorrow, okay?

Lauren: Don't be too mad at me.


Colleen: So what do you guys think? I mean, don't you think J.T. Is gonna be blown away?

Sierra: Totally.

Lily: Yeah, but if you can make it happen.

Colleen: Yes, I...

Sierra: You will.

Kevin: Well, if it isn't the three stooges.

Colleen: What, you didn't see the sign, Kevin? It said, "no dirt bags allowed."

Sierra: Yeah, what's a creep like you doing in this club?

Kevin: Making reservations for the Valentine’s Day party.

Lily: Oh, and who are you bringing, a sixth grader?

Kevin: No, actually, a real woman. Not some little twerp like you.

Lily: God, you pig! You ought to be put behind bars for what you did to me.

Colleen: Come on, Lily. It's okay. He's not worth it.

Sierra: Stop.

Colleen: Come on.

Kevin: Bye.


Paul: Oh, I can't believe all this. Lauren's going on a date with that creep on Valentine’s Day? How the hell did she get involved in all this? I swear, she's out of her mind. What about Fisher? Is he psychic? I mean, there's no way he could have known that i was going to take Lauren to the Valentine’s Day dance. I didn't know myself until earlier this evening. And I certainly didn't tell anyone.

Paul: Except Baldwin.

Paul: Baldwin?


Sharon: Well, I don't feel the need to explain myself, Nikki, not to you, anyway.

Nikki: Oh, you don't? You leave your children to fend for themselves and leave me to reassure them that their mother hasn't abandoned them all over again-- which I had no idea if that was true or not-- and then you have the nerve to waltz in here and tell me that you don't owe me an explanation? Let me tell you something, miss high-and-mighty, when Nicholas comes home, he's gonna get quite an earful. I promise you that.

Sharon: Oh, yeah? An earful of what? I talked to Nick. He got a hold of me on his cell phone right before he left Chicago.

Nikki: Really? Well, if that's true, that was hours ago, Sharon.

Sharon: What do you mean?

Nikki: Because I spoke with him shortly before you traipsed in here. His plane hasn't even left yet. They have mechanical problems.

Sharon: What?

Nikki: He just assumed that you were here, talking on the phone, letting the incoming calls go to voice mail, and I didn't correct him. I covered for you, God knows why. I stupidly thought that you would agree that you owed me an explanation. But I see that you're just gonna stonewall me. I will just have to chalk that up as another example of your bizarre behavior.

Sharon: And you are just itching to go straight to him and make me look bad, aren't you?

Nikki: Sharon, all I have to do is give Nicholas the facts. You manage the rest all on your own.

Sharon: Well, let me remind you of something, Nikki.

Nikki: Oh, hold on a second. I sense that you are about to bring up the truth about Abby. That little ax that you've been holding over my head, threatening to go to Victor if I don't play your way.

Sharon: You keep your mouth shut, and I will return the favor.

Nikki: There's only one problem with that. Victor is about to find out. Ashley's gonna tell him herself. So I guess your little insurance policy is about to expire. You're not gonna be able to blackmail me into silence or anything else. The only silver lining for me is to have the extreme pleasure of blowing you and your feeble excuses to kingdom come. Now don't you worry at all. I'll make sure that the kids get to school in the morning. You have sweet dreams, dear heart. Enjoy them while they last.

Sharon: (Sobbing) no. Oh, no. No! No!


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Paul: There is no way that Kevin should have known that we had a date to go to the dance together.


Lily: Lauren is going out with Kevin as part of Paul and J.T.'s investigation?


Michael: People like lauren don't say yes to people like you.

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