Friday Y&R Transcript 01/30/04

Y&R Transcript Friday 1/30/04--Canada; Monday 2/2/04

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Sharon: So you're saying your new man, this guy you're seeing--

Grace: Is Cameron Kirsten. Quite a coincidence, huh? He told me you met.

Sharon: He did?

Grace: Cameron had you and Nick and the kids to dinner. Then you helped him with his guest list for his party. If I didn't have a business thing I couldn't get out of, I met have been on a plane that night, surprised him, along with a lot of other people.

Sharon: Nick never mentioned...

Grace: Well, he probably didn't know. Cameron's very discreet. He promised to call me New Year’s Day, let me know how the party turned out, but he never did. I've been sitting in New York, wondering what could have happened, getting more and more worried and upset. I mean, for all I knew, this was your doing.

Sharon: What?

Grace: For Nicholas... or whatever it was. If Cameron let it slip that he and I were involved, and you decided to go for a little payback.

Sharon: Believe me, Grace, you have nothing to worry about.

Grace: What can I say? My mind was going in all the most horrible places as days went by and I didn't get a call. I mean, no one at Cameron’s office knew how to get a hold of him. And then I heard on the news that the police are investigating, that he's officially a missing person. Now can you understand why I came here first?


Arthur: Forgive me, Jill. I didn't mean to pressure you earlier.

Jill: Oh, no, you didn’t. Oh, are you worried that I'm embarrassed about my illegitimacy?

Arthur: All my questions, they may have pushed you to reveal more than you intended.

Jill: I don't consider this a deep, dark secret, Arthur.

Arthur: Nor should you, but there are some people who have different attitudes.

Jill: Look, I can see that you're curious about this. And I am not sensitive, so please ask me anything you like. I mean, it's only fair since I've asked for your help and besides, you need to understand the situation.

Arthur: Tell me about Katherine. Was she aware--

Jill: That I'm her daughter? Oh, no way. No, that is the last thing she expected or wanted. And I felt the same way.

Arthur: Uh-huh. Then this is all very recent?

Jill: Oh, yes.

Arthur: But you told me before that you and Katherine had a long history.

Jill: We do. You see, that is the huge irony in all of this because in this world, if there was one woman that I would not want as a mother, it's Katherine. And she felt exactly the same way. As a matter of fact, she actually suffered a stroke when she found out.


Brad: How is she?

Olivia: Resting.

Brad: She hasn't improved, has she?

Olivia: Not that I can see.

Brad: Is there any movement, anything to indicate there may be light at the end of the tunnel?

Olivia: I don't want you to lose hope. I know this whole thing's been a nightmare, but I need you to hang in there, Brad. She needs you.

Brad: Liv, I'm not giving up. I'm going to do whatever's necessary, the consequences be damned.

Olivia: You mean using Victor.

Brad: He's the only one who can bring her out of her shell. I have to put ash's welfare first.

Olivia: Wow. That couldn't have been an easy decision to make.

Brad: Well, what I feel isn't important. All that matters is that Ash gets well. I miss her, Liv. I miss that vibrant, alive woman I fell in love with. And I'm going to do everything in my power to bring her back, regardless of the cost.

Olivia: Cost? What are you talking about?

Brad: Victor will be here soon. I'm going to do what you and Wes suggested. I'm telling Victor he's Abby’s father.


Neil: You mean to tell me that there isn't a neofinetia falcataout there in someone's collection? Well, you people have a network where you can talk to one another, don't you? No, I understand that they're very secretive about their orchids. It's just as I mentioned earlier, we're offering a large-size reward here. No, I can't wait until next blooming season. I need that neofinetia right now, today-- yesterday as a matter of fact! I'm sorry. I'm very sorry. I shouldn't have been rude. It's just that things have been a little tough around here. It's kind of desperate, you know, and we-- all right, so you have my number in case anything turns up. Call me. It's been great talking to you. Bye-bye. Are you nuts? What if Victor catches you in the building?

Dru: Ooh, Victor Newman, Victor Newman, the man that's barely here. He has bigger fish to fry. He doesn't care who comes and goes out of the building. Besides, I gave your company something you really need-- the secret to the neofinetia, which entitles me. So where is it? Show me the orchid! You know, the one that Phyllis brought. Come on.


Diane: Jack, you are such a special man.

Phyllis: Oh, isn't he, though?

Jack: Well, thank God you're back.

Phyllis: Yes, your wife is back. I can see how much you missed me.

Jack: It's not what you think.

Diane: He's telling the truth, Phyllis. I was just here because we're working.

Phyllis: Tell someone who cares, Diane.

Diane: Excuse me?

Phyllis: Like I'd really believe anything that came out of your mouth.

Diane: You're the one who took off with those orchids without telling anyone where you were going.

Phyllis: You smelled victory, so you rushed right over here.

Diane: No, your husband needed someone to talk to.

Phyllis: Please.

Jack: Diane was simply being supportive. She's here showing me sketches of a remodel.

Phyllis: Sketches of a remodel, I can see that. I'm out of town for a couple days, and you rush right over like flies on honey.


Sharon: Grace, what is it you think I can tell you?

Grace: Nick knows Cameron. You know Cameron. Maybe he said something.

Sharon: I had very little contact with the man.

Grace: You threw a party together.

Sharon: No. He threw a party. I only invited people.

Grace: Sharon, please.

Sharon: What do you want from me, Grace?

Grace: If Cameron said anything, anything at all that might shed some light on what happened to him.

Sharon: Why do you assume something did?

Grace: I thought about that. You know, he's very into traveling, loves to just take off at a moment's notice, but still, he would have told someone--me, his assistant. Sharon, no one's heard a word from the man.

Sharon: I agree. It's very disturbing, but Nick has told the police everything he can.

Grace: And what about you? Did you talk to them?

Sharon: Yes, as a matter of fact.

Grace: And?

Sharon: And what? I did the same. I answered all of their questions, but given that I barely knew Cameron, I don't know how much help I was. I did my best.


Neil: Dru, you're aware how delicate that orchid is, aren't you?

Dru: Oh, yes, I am, but what does that have to do with the price of tomatoes?

Neil: Well, you see, that neofinetia needs special care, even when it's not blooming.

Dru: Well, I know that, but does Phyllis know that? You know, she's not the quickest dog in the race.

Neil: It's true. Yeah, Phyllis. Phyllis, Phyllis has stored the orchids in a safe place-- temperature and humidity controlled, and I hope to heaven that she's protecting them from ethylene damage.

Dru: Excuse me, professor. Ethylene what? Ethylene...

Neil: Yeah, I know a lot more about orchids now since I've been talking to experts.

Dru: Why are you talking to experts? You already have the orchids, honey.

Neil: Well, just in case something should happen to them. The possibility of getting more is good.

Dru: Yeah, but you don't need more, right? Because Phyllis is going to bring yours, and then she's gonna turn one over to us at Jabot.

Neil: It's best to be safe, anticipate trouble.

Dru: Baby, there's not gonna be any trouble. Just tell me what the timetable's gonna be. When's Phyllis gonna bring 'em back?

Neil: I'm not sure. Actually, it's possible that Phyllis might give it to Jack herself.


Diane: Phyllis, Jack made it very clear that you're the woman he truly loves. He missed you. He's been worried about you.

Phyllis: Diane, how stupid do you think I am? You've been trying to get your hands on my husband since I've known you.

Jack: Would you just cool it, please?

Diane: No, no, no, it's okay. Phyllis, I admit that there was a time that I hoped that Jack and I could be together, but he made me realize that it was just wishful thinking.

Phyllis: Oh, really? So you want me to believe you've suddenly morphed into a woman with a conscience?

Diane: Look, maybe I'd better go.

Jack: I think my wife owes you an apology first.

Phyllis: Oh, don't hold your breath on that one.

Diane: I'll talk to you later, Jack. Excuse me, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Oh, pardon me, Diane. You know, Diane, watch your step on the icy driveway. I would hate for you to fall and break your leg again.

Diane: (Sighs)

Jack: I give up. I give up.

Phyllis: You know, Jack, despite everything that's happened, I expected a little more out of you.


Arthur: Evidently, Katherine’s had a complete recovery from her stroke.

Jill: It is amazing. She was practically a vegetable for awhile. I'm sorry. I'm sorry if that sounded insensitive.

Arthur: I had no idea that she'd been afflicted.

Jill: She really struggled back. She is such a fighter. At least, she's usually a fighter.

Arthur: You're thinking about her drinking, aren't you?

Jill: I'm telling you, I am so stunned that she's turned back to the bottle. I mean, I know she's trying to block out the pain and to self-medicate, but--

Arthur: Pain from what? Do you have any idea?

Jill: From life, Arthur. From the curves it's thrown her.

Arthur: Are you speaking of her marriages, what?

Jill: Well, yes. Did you know Gary Reynolds?

Arthur: Yes, we weren't very close. We played golf together, hung out at the club, that sort of thing.

Jill: Well, I believe that they had some serious problems in their relationship, didn't they?

Arthur: Yes, they may have. I remember Gary went off to Europe for awhile.

Jill: Well, I guess it doesn't matter because they obviously patched up their differences and went on with their lives.

Arthur: Yeah.

Jill: Until he died. And then she met Phillip Chancellor, and Phillip Chancellor was the love of her life.

Arthur: I never met the man.

Jill: Oh, he was so special. Actually, that's how it all began, this saga of Katherine and me.


Sharon: Why are you looking at me like that?

Grace: I wish you hadn't said "knew." That you barely "knew" Cameron. Past tense.

Sharon: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be insensitive.

Grace: Cameron means everything to me. Everything, Sharon. If you knew how desperate I was for even just a scrap of information.

Sharon: Look, Grace, I already told you--

Grace: Look, forget what you told me, okay? Think back to any conversation you had, any message he left, anything Nick might have said in passing! Damn it! I love him. Cameron is my life. You have to help me, Sharon. You have to.

Sharon: I can't help you, all right, Grace? Stop it! Oh, I'm sorry. Look, I'm just... there's a lot going on in my life right now, and I'm under a lot of stress.

Grace: Look, um... I'm staying with a friend outside of town. I'll write you the number.

Sharon: Sure.

Grace: I'll give you my cell, too, okay? Just in case you think of anything-- anything, Sharon, you think might help. Call me day or night.

Sharon: How long will you be in town?

Grace: Until Cameron is found.


Olivia: You've thought carefully about this?

Brad: At this point, it's pretty much a no-brainer, Liv.

Olivia: Because there's been no improvement.

Brad: And because Victor is the only one who can get through to her. How can I deny my wife a chance for a breakthrough?

Olivia: I know, but are you sure you're ready for this-- telling Victor the truth about Abby? You had some serious doubts before.

Brad: You don't think I've agonized over this? But as you warned me, how can I risk Victor being blindsided?

Olivia: Well, I know you've got to be concerned about his reaction.

Brad: How would you feel if you found out you had a daughter that you never knew you had? That everyone had been lying to you about it for years? No one could take that in stride. And given the precarious situation that Ash is in, I can't take that chance-- the negative impact it could have.

Olivia: I know. I just want you to realize that once Victor knows about Abby, it's likely he's gonna want to be a part of her life.

Brad: If it were just that, I could cope. But it's so much more.

Olivia: What do you mean?

Brad: You know how connected Ash feels to Victor. Once he finds out they have a child together-- the only child she'll ever have-- Ash is going to want him in Abby’s life and hers as well.

Olivia: Come on, Brad. Your wife loves you. And the Ash that's so connected to Victor right now is mentally ill. I mean, once she's recovered, you can't assume that she'll feel the same way about that man.

Brad: I think you're forgetting something.

Olivia: What?

Brad: This fixation that Ash has for Victor, it didn’t just come out of left field. They share a history.

Olivia: Yes. But Ash could be, on some deep psychological level, just going back to a time when her life seemed simpler.

Brad: Or Victor could be the only man she ever truly loved.

Olivia: Oh, come on now. That's your pain talking. You don't mean that.


 (Doorbell rings)

Dru: Neil, why are you stealing my thunder? I told you I was the one that had to give that orchid back to Jack.

Neil: I'm sorry, Dru. It's out of my hands.

Dru: It's out of your hands? I told you the hot water I'm in over at Jabot, how important this orchid was!

Neil: Yeah, well, after all their years in business, surely those people over there know that you gotta give something to get something.

Dru: I gave you something! I gave you the information about that orchid, so I could get it back and give it to Jack!

Neil: Okay, all right. The end result is all that matters, isn't it?

Dru: That depends. You know, when Damon Porter gets that orchid and he gets to the business at hand, he is going to have a product that's gonna set the hair care world on fire.

Neil: Yeah, unless we beat you to it.

Dru: Not a chance. We're gonna jettison through that red tape like white on rice. And let me tell you, we're gonna be in stores before you can say "neofinetia." Jabot is gonna be back on top, mark my words.

Neil: Don't you think you're overstating it just a bit?

Dru: No, I've got all kinds of confidence here. I feel so great about this, and it couldn't happen soon enough. Yes, we were in doom and gloom, but that's 'cause your boss was playing dirty pool. But that's water under the bridge right now, you know why? 'Cause we're gonna have plenty of money for research and development, plenty of money for advertising, and, yes, plenty of money for my big bonus.

Neil: All right, why don't you slow your roll, sister? Because nothing in this business is ever a slam dunk.


Dru: You ever heard of being in the right place at the right time? And speaking of time, we're wasting it. Do you think you could pick up the phone and call your fanciful friend Phyllis and tell her to get her fanny over here so we could fulfill the affair?

Neil: Yeah, well, I would. I would do that, but, um, there's something you need to understand.

Dru: What's that?

Neil: Phyllis didn't make that deal. I did.


Jack: Don't you start giving me the evil eye. I am not going to feel guilty. I haven't done a damn thing wrong.

Phyllis: Wow, coming here was a mistake, wasn't it?

Jack: Then why did you come here?

Phyllis: I missed you. How pathetic is that?

Jack: Then talk to me. Don't walk away.

Phyllis: I thought there was a chance for us. And every time I trust you, you prove me wrong.

Jack: Wait, that is not true.

Phyllis: Diane Jenkins. I almost went to prison for many years because of Diane Jenkins. Yet you insist on making her a part of our life.

Jack: She is the mother of my son. Of course she's going to be part of our lives.

Phyllis: Do you know what it did to me to walk into this house-- my house-- and see the two of you embraced?

Jack: Did it ever occur to you; maybe I needed someone to confide in?

Phyllis: And you choose Diane?

Jack: You sure as hell weren't available! You took the orchids and you left town!

Phyllis: You betrayed me.

Jack: Okay. I will admit I should have told you that Jabot had an orchid of its own. I was trying to return yours when you just took off.

Phyllis: And I'm supposed to just take that on faith.

Jack: You don't trust me.

Phyllis: Any more than you trust me.

Jack: Oh, God, God, God. How did we make such a mess of this? How did we make such a mess of this?! It wasn't that long ago we promised each other we would not let business come between us.

Phyllis: Well, that's easier said than done, isn't it?

Jack: So now you can't even look me in the eye?

Phyllis: I'm afraid of what I'll see.

Jack: I do still love you, you know that.

Phyllis: If you still love me, how could you betray me like that? How could you pull such a dirty trick on me?

Jack: I don't know. I don't know.

Jack: I guess that's what we've stooped to-- striking out, hurting each other every chance we get.


Victor: Hello, Bradley.

Brad: Come in, Victor.

Victor: Olivia, nice to see you.

Olivia: Victor. Well, I really do have to go.

Victor: All right.

Olivia: Do you need me to stay?

Brad: No, Liv, thanks. I have to do this on my own.

Olivia: You're a brave man, Brad Carlton.

Brad: Well, I believe if the roles were reversed, Ash would do the same for me.

Olivia: I know she would. Good luck.

Brad: Thanks.

Brad: Thank you for coming so quickly, Victor.

Victor: If you don't mind my saying so, I was rather surprised to hear from you. What can I do for you?


Sharon: Come on, come on, come on, hurry!

Michael: All right. All right, I'm sorry. Wasn't I just out here?

Sharon: Well, I'm sorry, but I needed you.

Michael: What fresh hell could possibly have befallen you in the time it took me to drive back into town and get--

Sharon: Michael, you will not believe it. I don't even believe it.


Arthur: Thank you. So let me get this straight. Katherine was destroying herself with liquor. You were her paid companion, and Phillip Chancellor fell in love with you.

Jill: That's right. And then when he got back from the Dominican Republic with his divorce, Katherine met him at the airport. And she convinced him to let her drive him home, except she was drunk, and she drove him over the side of an embankment, and he was killed.

Arthur: Are you saying she did this on purpose?

Jill: You know, for a lot of years, I thought that that was the case, yeah.

Arthur: But you don't now.

Jill: No. No, I know that she loved him. She would never intentionally have taken his life. So now you can maybe understand why this is so difficult for Katherine and me being mother and daughter. I mean, it's a pretty cruel twist of fate, wouldn't you say?

Arthur: Perhaps. Maybe not. Perhaps it says how much alike you are, that you both fell so deeply in love with the same man.

Jill: My God. I have never once thought of it that way.

Arthur: Well, Jill, I'm a firm believer that things usually happen for a reason.

Jill: You know what? I believe that, too. That's why I had to see you to ask you to help my mother. Because I believe there is a reason you showed up on her doorstep after all these years.


Victor: You seem at a loss for words.

Brad: Please have a seat, Victor.

Victor: I assume this has to do with Ashley.

Brad: It does. Since your last visit, she continues to drift in and out of her malaise.

Victor: I'm very sorry to hear that. I thought there might have been some improvement by now.

Brad: Well, there hasn't been.

Victor: I cannot help but think that there's someone somewhere in his world who specializes in whatever ails Ashley.

Brad: What are you getting at?

Victor: That I could use all of my international contacts to find that someone.

Brad: The Abbotts and I have made all those inquiries to no avail.

Victor: Are you giving up?

Brad: Did I say that?

Victor: Then I guess you have some sort of game plan. All right, I'm glad you were kind enough to inform me about the state of affairs. I have got to go back to work.

Brad: Victor, wait.


Michael: Hmm. Grace Turner and Cameron Kirsten. Wow. Wow, wow, wow.

Sharon: I know. I almost lost it when she told me.

Michael: Do you think she suspects something?

Sharon: About me? No. She's too freaked out about his disappearance.

Michael: Well, how involved are they?

Sharon: Involved enough, according to Grace. And supposedly, they weren't sleeping together when they were in New York.

Michael: And you still don't trust her.

Sharon: Why would I?

Michael: Yet you believe she's telling the truth about this.

Sharon: You know, a part of me feels that those two deserve each other.

Michael: Oh, well, don't you think you should warn her about, you know, the man's proclivities?

Sharon: Why, Michael? The man's dead.

Michael: That's right. Good point. He's dead.

Sharon: And besides, Grace Turner is the last person I would ever want finding out about me and Cameron.

Michael: Well, the list is getting longer.

Sharon: Is that supposed to be helpful?

Michael: Well, if you're not gonna listen to a word I say, I don't know what I'm left to say to you.

Sharon: Well, deal with it, damn it! I'm living a nightmare here, and it gets worse by the minute!

Michael: That's right! Every minute the temperature rises out there, a little more snow melts, putting you that much closer to what? Uh, finding a body, an explosion of publicity, a certain motel clerk will be questioned. And now a young lady, who would just as soon betray you as say good morning, has suddenly decided to join the cast of your little drama and is insistent on solving the problem of, hmm, Cameron’s disappearance.

Sharon: Well, thank you for telling me everything I already know for 500 bucks an hour.

Michael: All right, I'll tell you what. I'll give you a freebie-- the best legal advice you'll ever hear.

Sharon: For the 10,000th time, I am not turning myself in to the police. So either help me come up with a plan or get the hell out of here and send me the bill!


Dru: You want to explain that to me?

Neil: Yeah, see, that deal that I made with you, Phyllis didn't exactly sign off on it.

Dru: You're joking me, right?

Neil: No, baby, I wish I were.

Dru: Oh, okay. All right, let's recap, all right? You were supposed to convince Phyllis that this was our discovery, all right, that Jabot held all the cards before that freak caught my bridal bouquet. And now you're telling me without any investment of time, any investment of money, she's gonna call the shots? It's not fair. It's not gonna go down like that.

Neil: I wish I could convince her of that.

Dru: You're telling me you haven't?

Neil: At this point, I'm not sure, Dru.

Dru: Neil, she has two orchids. All she has to do is turn one of them over to us. You have the juice to get her to do that, don't you?

Neil: Yeah. Yeah, I have the juice. I hope I do.

Dru: You hope-- honey... baby... you made me a promise. You made a promise to your wonderful new bride, and I know never in your wildest dreams would, um, would you want to disappoint her, right?

Neil: Yeah. Right, but... as it stands right now...

Dru: Uh-huh.

Neil: I can't be sure that those orchids are headed our way.


Phyllis: I thought all the difficult times were behind us.

Jack: After New Year’s Eve, you mean.

Phyllis: Yeah. That was a wonderful night. You thought so, too, didn't you?

Jack: Yes, yes. It was a magical night. Phyllis, one great night together does not undo all the damage we did to each other.

Phyllis: Well, it couldn't have meant that much to you, since you stabbed me in the back right afterward.

Jack: I told you I was trying to undo that. I was trying to get the orchid back to you. You took off!

Phyllis: The orchids. The orchids. I wish I had never heard of them.

Jack: Tell me about it.

Phyllis: You know, maybe I'll just flush 'em down the toilet. They caused more trouble than they're worth.

Jack: No. After what Newman did, Jabot needs that orchid.

Phyllis: How did I know you were gonna say that?

Phyllis: Good-bye.

Jack: Phyllis.

Jack: What are you gonna do?

Phyllis: With the orchid? With the orchids?

Phyllis: I don't know. I don't know.


Victor: Do you think there's a way I can help?

Brad: You must really be enjoying this.

Victor: I beg your pardon. What are you talking about?

Brad: Oh, come on, Newman. It's not your style to play coy. This must be quite a boost to your already over inflated ego, validation of the way you see yourself-- the all-powerful Victor Newman.

Victor: For Ashley’s sake, I will ignore what you said, all right? But I infer by your remarks that my name is the only one that your wife is responding to. If that is the case, then I'm more than willing to help. It must be very hard for you, Bradley, to accept help from me of all people. But I promise you two things-- number one, I very much respect what you're doing-- putting Ashley’s welfare ahead of yours, at a very great cost to your own pride, I'm sure. Number two, I promise you that I would never interfere in your marriage.

Brad: Since when?

Victor: Look, let's stop all this nonsense. We both want what is best for Ashley. Let's get things back to normal as soon as we can. Best for all of us.

Victor: Now why do I get the feeling that something other than Ashley’s situation is on your mind?


Arthur: I'm still not entirely certain what you feel I can do for Katherine.

Jill: I want her to stop drinking. Unfortunately, I am one of the main reasons she started up again.

Arthur: Yes, you told me that before. But what happened?

Jill: Well, it was a lot of things, really. But the one that really pushed her over the edge-- and this was so silly-- it's just, I wanted to remodel the house, but she interpreted it that I was trying to obliterate every trace of her from my life. And that wasn't true.

Arthur: Well, I know that house holds so many memories for Katherine. And she's lived there since she first married Gary.

Jill: I know. I know it was very insensitive of me, okay? I still think the house needs updating. But I swear if I could put everything back the way it was and that would stop her from drinking, I would do it. Trouble is, I don't know that it would. It's gonna take more. It's going to take something that gives her a reason to go on living.

Arthur: Is that where I come in?

Jill: I don't know, is it? I mean, you told me that you'd assessed your life, looked for missed opportunities. Could my mother be one of them? Arthur, could this be something that you have missed? And please, I don't expect you to answer me right now. But would you... would you think about it?

Arthur: You've given me a great deal to think about, Jill, more than you know.

Jill: I hope that I haven't been presumptuous with all this.

Arthur: No, I'm glad we had this talk.

Jill: So am I. You know something funny? For the very first time, I kind of feel like there's hope for my mother and me. Don't ask me to explain that.

Arthur: I'll be in touch with you, Jill. You can count on it.

Jill: Thank you, Arthur. I will. And thank you, too, for listening and caring.

Arthur: Here, here, let me help you with that.

Jill: Thank you.

Jill: Thank you.

Arthur: Oh, dear God. Is it possible? Could it be?


Sharon: Damn it. I have got to do something now. Today.

Michael: What, Sharon? What? What could help you more than going to the police and explaining to them that this man's death, it was an accident?

Sharon: That body cannot be found where I left it behind that dumpster. That's all there is to it.


Phyllis: Such a horrible day. I should have stayed in bed.

Phyllis: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Where's the other orchid?

Diane: Looking for something, Phyllis?


Brad: You're right about one thing, Victor. I do want you to talk to Ash, try and bring her back to the real world.

Victor: All right. I'll do whatever I can on one condition.

Brad: What's that?

Victor: That you not be in the room when I talk to her.

Brad: Why the hell not?

Victor: Because obviously it would be very difficult for her and me to communicate freely if you're listening.

Brad: Point taken.

Victor: Do you want me to go upstairs now?

Brad: No. I'd rather bring her down here. Have a seat.

Victor: You're sure?

Brad: Have a seat.

Brad: Victor, before I bring her down here, there's something I have to tell you-- something important.


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