Wednesday Y&R Transcript 1/28/04

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/28/04--Canada; Thursday 1/29/04

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Michael: Sit down somewhere. You're making me dizzy.

Sharon: I didn't ask you to come here, Michael.

Michael: Well, luckily I was in the neighborhood earlier, visiting Victor.

Sharon: Right, and then Nicholas saw you, which is the last thing I need, is my husband seeing us together and king questions.

Michael: Relax. He's at work by now.

Sharon: Right, relax, right. Like that's gonna happen.

Michael: It's easy. A second cup of coffee, phone off the hook, you can plop down on the couch with the morning paper.

Sharon: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.


Silva: Hello, Christine.

Chris: Hello, John.

Silva: Interesting seeing you on this side of the courtroom.

Chris: Interesting for me, too.

Silva: I'm glad we have a minute before the judge comes in. Chris, are we still on track here?

Chris: Meaning...?

Silva: Nothing you need to tell me about, potential roadblocks that might have arisen?

Chris: None you don't already know about. Federal prosecutor called, said he wants the case back.

Chris: Hello, Victor. I told Victor if he was going to plead guilty in the state court, now would be the time to do it, before the federal government gets a hold of it with a much heavier set of penalties.

Victor: May I come in?

Silva: Absolutely.

Victor: Let me ask you a question, Christine. In case the judge throws the book at me, you will oppose that, won't you?

Chris: I canít.

Victor: What do you mean, you can't? What kind of a deal is that? In that case, I'd rather take a chance with a jury.


(Door opening and closing)

Jill: Why don't you walk right in without ringing?

Esther: There's no need to ring, Jill. I have a key.

Jill: Yeah, something else I'm not too happy about.

Esther: Look, I don't have time to find out what you're unhappy about. I just got back from a trip out of town. I'm looking for Mrs. Chancellor. Where I she?

Jill: She's--ahem--upstairs. She's resting.

Esther: Why?

Jill: Why what, Esther?

Esther: What on earth would she be doing back here? I mean, I can't believe that you two have reconciled, or that you asked Mrs. C. To move back in. Something must have happened. Is she ill?

Jill: Some people might call it that.

Esther: Damn it, Jill! Would you stop messing with me? What is going on?

Jill: Brace yourself, okay? Katherine has started drinking again, Esther.


Silva: Victor, victor, please wait. To leave right now would be a very bad move.

Victor: But why? In my book, when I make a deal with someone, that means both of us get something of value. What Christine is saying is that even if I plead guilty, the judge may still put me to jail.

Chris: John, you need to talk to your client.

Silva: We've talked about this before. This is the lesser of several evils.

Victor: I could get acquitted by a jury.

Silva: No, not anymore. You agreed to make a full confession. You can't take that back.

Victor: Look, she just said that she does not know what Beckerís about to do. Even if I plead guilty, he may still decide to come after me.

Silva: Unlikely. We're dealing with percentages here, Victor.

Victor: Oh, really? What kind of percentages? In Russian roulette, one in six chances you blow your brains out, but it's 16 2/3%. Now how likely is that?

Silva: Victor, trust me. Please, trust Christine. Neither one of us wants to see you go to jail. Now this is the best way to stay out of Franklin Beckerís clutches, and believe me, you want to stay out of his clutches. (Cell phone rings)

Victor: You'd better be right about this. (Ring)

Chris: Christine Blair.

Becker: Christine, its Franklin Becker. Where the hell are you, if you'll pardon my French?


Paul. Sticking with aspirin?


Michael: Yep. Things are moving right along.

Sharon: Nicholas told me the police were investigating.

Michael: Mm-hmm. And our friends in the press have jumped on the bandwagon, too. You know the old saying-- if it bleeds, it leads.

Sharon: Will you please stop being so damn cheerful?

Michael: Well, yelling and screaming and jumping up and down has no effect on you, Sharon. Nobody's being rational, or you would have followed my very excellent advice some time ago.

Sharon: I told you why I haven't gone to the police and told them what happened that night with Cameron.

Michael: I know. I know. You're afraid it will destroy your marriage. Nicholas learning that this man tried to rape you, causing you to strike out at him in self-defense is gonna destroy your marriage. Meanwhile, going to prison for manslaughter and obstruction of justice, that won't affect your marriage at all.

Sharon: Sarcasm doesn't help, either.

Michael: Oh, then what will help, Sharon? What will get you off the dime? Because in case you haven't noticed, I'm not wearing a coat. If that doesn't scare you, it damn well should.


Esther: 20 years of sobriety all gone. Oh, sweet Jesus.

Jill: See, unfortunately, you can never assume that an alcoholic is cured because all it takes is one drink.

Esther: I know, but Mrs. C. Has been through so much since she quit, and yet, she always managed to find a way to stay sober. She's been an inspiration to so many people.

Jill: Esther, I understand how you feel. It's hard for me to believe it myself.

Esther: Oh, you can't believe it-- oh, that's a laugh, Jill. This is all youíre doing. If Mrs. Chancellor is drinking again, it's your fault.

Jill: Look, I know I've made some dreadful mistakes.

Esther: Mistakes? You have hated that dear woman for years, and even when you found out that she was your mother, did you reach out? Did you try to start fresh and make amends for all the bitterness? No, you rejected her. You broke her heart. You drove her out of this home that she loved! And this is the result. Are you happy, Jill? Are you?


Chris: I'm sorry, Mr. Becker, I didn't cat t that.

Becker: I asked where you are.

Chris: Why?

Becker: Why? Because I just heard that Victor Newman is gonna plead this morning.

Chris: So?

Becker: Why didn't you tell me that last night?

Chris: You didn't ask.

Becker: Don't get smart with me, counsel. You know we want to take this case over.

Chris: Yes, I do. I also know that you have no authority to prevent this from proceeding in this jurisdiction.

Becker: We'll see about that. What time is Newmanís plea set for?

Chris: This morning.

Becker: Damn it! What time this morning?

Chris: Why, so you can run over here and tell the judge how much you don't trust him or me?

Becker: I just need to explain the facts of life.

Chris: I'm sure he'll appreciate that.

Man: Turn off all cell phones, please.

Chris: Gotta go.


Michael: It's warming up out there. First time in weeks the temperature may get above freezing, meaning the snow will be melting. Meaning a certain corpse behind a certain dumpster should be popping up anytime soon to say, "hi."

Sharon: Stop it, all right? Stop it! Why won't you listen to what I'm saying?

Michael: I am listening to you, Sharon. And as someone you've asked for legal advice, I'm telling you, your logic stinks.

Sharon: It's not about logic, all right? It's about not wanting to lose my family, which I will if the truth about Cameron comes out.

Michael: Which truth, Sharon? Denver? The only witness to what happened there is our dear departed friend Mr. Kirsten. And as for whatever took place at that cheap dive...

Sharon: So what? I tell the whole world my version and then I'll get off scot-free? Nick won't ask me what I was doing in that sleazy motel room with his business associate? Nikki won't have a field day at my expense? It's not just the police I'm panicked about.

Michael: Oh, Sharon, I'm not denying you have a mess on your hands.

Sharon: A mess of my own making. Say it, Michael.

Michael: Listen to me. I am here trying to help you cut your losses.

Sharon: So I go to the police. I tell them I was panicked before. I was terrified, but now I'm coming forward. I tell them the whole story, how Cameron attacked me, and I acted in self-defense, causing his death, and then I got scared, and I hid the body. And I just hoped that it would all go away. I tell them all that, and then I'll be in the clear?

Michael: Unfortunately, no. I can't guarantee that, not at this late date.


Man: People vs. Victor Newman and Michael Baldwin. Motion of defendants for a change of plea.

Judge: Morning, counsel. Approach. Do you represent both defendants?

Silva: No, your honor, just Mr. Newman.

Judge: Where's Mr. Baldwin?

Chris: Your honor, we've reached a separate agreement with Mr. Baldwin. He'll appear in court at a different time.

Judge: Very well. Mr. Silva.

Silva: Your honor, Mr. Newman moves for leave to withdraw his plea of not guilty, previously entered. And to enter in lieu thereof a plea of guilty to both counts of the indictment.

Judge: I'm going to ask you some questions, Mr. Newman, regarding your awareness of the charges against you and the potential penalties you face, your understanding of your constitutional and statutory rights, and what you're giving up by your plea of guilty. Finally, I want to know what inducements, if any, have been made to you to persuade you to change your pleas. Do you have any questions?

Victor: No, sir.

Judge: Very well. Swear in the defendant.


Jill: Damn it, Esther. Whether you believe it or not, I am sick about this.

Esther: Well, what did you expect to happen? You never stop torturing the poor woman.

Jill: My God! You can't make me feel any more guilty than I already feel. If I could change things, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Esther: Well, it's obviously too late for that.

Jill: Well, obviously, but maybe it's not too late for us to stop her from drinking. That's where I need your help.

Esther: Why should I help you, after everything you've done?

Jill: Because we're both on the same side. Because we want to keep her from killing herself.

Esther: All right, what do you want me to do?

Jill: I want you to convince her to move back into this house. I will even let you move back in.

Esther: No way.

Jill: Isn't that what you always wanted, for the two of you to be in this house together, for Katherine and me to work on our relationship?

Esther: Until I have talked to Mrs. Chancellor myself, I am not agreeing to anything.

Jill: Why are you fighting me on this?

Esther: Because nothing you could ever say would convince me that you and your mother should live together under the same roof ever again. In fact, maybe this time, you should just move out yourself.

Jill: What? What?

Esther: Okay, call me, Jill, when she wakes up, or else I promise you that I will be back.

Jill: My God. (Telephone rings) (ring)

Jill: Yes.

Arthur: Jill Abbott?

Jill: Yes.

Arthur: Arthur Hendricks. You left me a message.

Jill: Oh, yes. Thank you for returning my call. I don't know if you remember me.

Arthur: Of course I do. Katherine introduced us at her home.

Jill: Could we meet somewhere, Mr. Hendricks?

Arthur: Would you mind telling me what this concerns?

Jill: Yeah, it concerns Katherine.

Arthur: Is something wrong?

Jill: You know what? I'd rather not discuss this over the phone. You're still staying at the Genoa City Athletic Club, right?

Arthur: Yes.

Jill: Why don't I come over there? I can leave right now.

Arthur: Fine, Miss Abbott. I'll wait for you in the dining room.

Jill: Great.


Judge: Do you understand what I have just told you, Mr. Newman?

Victor: Your honor, I understand that you can hand down the maximum sentence for something I have great difficultly considering a crime. In fact, I personally find it rather incomprehensible.

Judge: Would you please explain to your client, Mr. Silva, why I am doing this?

Silva: Under the law, his honor must advise you of the maximum sentences.

Judge: That doesn't mean it's the sentence I will impose, Mr. Newman. Is there a factual basis for this plea, Miss Blair?

Chris: There is, your honor.

Judge: In concrete form?

Chris: A recording was made of a question and answer session between myself and Mr. Newman.

Judge: Well, I don't need to listen to it if you'd just run down the salient facts.

Chris: The defendant, your honor, arranged for and did make payments to persons holding responsible positions in companies to which his company wishes to sell its product. These payments were made to influence the judgment of those persons in favor of Mr. Newman's company. Not only would the state be able to prove all of this by the testimony and exhibits of third parties and the recipients of the bribes, but the defendant has acknowledged this and more by his complete and comprehensive statements.

Judge: Sounds like commercial bribery to me.

Chris: That and conspiracy, of course.

Judge: Mr. Newman has Miss Blair or any other representative of the state made any promises, made any promises at all to you to influence you to change your plea of guilty?

Victor: Miss Blair has simply said that she would not recommend a sentence to the court.

Chris: Specifically your honor, I said, "I would bring all the facts that I feel are appropriate for your honor to consider to the court's attention." But I would not recommend a specific sentence or type of sentence.

Judge: Very well and based on what has been presented here--

Becker: Just a minute! May I be heard, your honor?

Judge: Who are you, sir, and what is your justification for this interruption?

Becker: My name is Franklin Becker, your honor. I'm chief of the criminal division of the United States attorney's office for this district, and I am here to prevent a miscarriage of justice.


Kay: Jill? Aah! Jill, are you here? Jill?

Kay: "Mother, sorry to leave you alone. Something came up. I won't be long. Fresh coffee in the kitchen. Back soon. Jill."

Kay: Back soon. Back soon. Yes, back soon. Back soon. Back soon. Back soon. (Doorbell rings)


Sharon: No. How many times have you told me that my only option was to go to the police?

Michael: Exactly. How many times, Sharon? How long has it been? Your chances would have been a lot better if you'd done what I said long before now. I mean, before the police got officially involved, before the press got wind of Cameronís disappearance. His picture is front and center. The police are gonna question that motel clerk, the one who checked the man in, the one who confronted you at the elevator shortly thereafter, the one who you don't think got a good look at you, but you can't be sure, but the one who definitely heard your voice. They're gonna question him, and the evidence is gonna start to surface.

Sharon: Okay, stop it, all right? I still say they're not gonna be able to attach it all m me. That motel clerk is never gonna be able to recognize me.

Michael: If you're very lucky, but you could have left evidence in the room-- any telltale sign will do.

Sharon: I didnít. I thought about that. Right after I hid the body, I was already out to my car, and I realized-- I sneaked back in, Michael. I went back into the room.

Michael: Okay, you did what?

Sharon: I had to clean up the glass. I had to clean up the broken glass from the bottle. I had to get out of the room. And I even dabbed all the blood that had dripped on the carpet. I wiped off the lamp and the telephone with a towel, so there would be no fingerprints, and then I made the bed, and the room looked completely normal. No one would ever guess what happened in there.

Michael: You hope. You never told any of this to me. With every word you say, you make things worse for yourself, Sharon. To panic and hide a body while you're still in a state of shock, that's one thing, but to go back and clean up the mess, that's all way too deliberate.

Sharon: I was in a panic, okay? I was in a total state of shock.

Michael: What if someone else saw you?

Sharon: No one did.

Michael: Can you be positive? Would you stake your life on it? And how do you know someone didn't overhear you? It could have been a very loud argument with that bottle shattering.

Sharon: All right, look. I'm in trouble. I'm in big trouble, and I gotta do something. I have to, but what? What am I gonna do?

Michael: My answer's still the same, Sharon.

Sharon: Oh, go to the police, but you just said...

Michael: Yeah, I can't guarantee you'll come out of it on a good legal footing, no, but it's still preferable to hiding what happened, to taking your chances on not being caught, thereby transforming what is essentially an accident, into a very serious crime.

Sharon: Okay, enough, all right? My head is spinning.

Michael: It's still not too late, Sharon, but if you wait much longer, it's not gonna--

Sharon: Please, just go. Please, please, just go, Michael. I can't deal with this right now.


Jill: Ahh, Mr. Hendricks, thank you so much for meeting me.

Arthur: Arthur, please.

Jill: Then you must call me Jill.

Arthur: Very well, Jill. I must say, I was a bit surprised when I got your message.

Jill: Oh, I'm so glad I reached you. I didn't know if you'd still be in town.

Arthur: Now you mentioned that this was about Katherine.

Jill: Yes, it is.

Arthur: Is there some problem?

Jill: Do you know, in all the years I have known Katherine, I don't recall her ever mentioning you.

Arthur: Well, it doesn't surprise me. That was many years ago.

Jill: And you haven't stayed in touch?

Arthur: No, not really. Our lives went separate ways.

Jill: And now you've come back.

Arthur: So what is it you want to know, Jill?

Jill: Arthur, I pray that you might be able to help Katherine because truthfully, somebody has got to.


Nikki: Katherine? Anybody?

Kay: I'm coming. Just a moment. Yeah, just a moment, Nikki. I'm coming.

Nikki: Hi.

Kay: Oh, so wonderful to see you. Ooh, please, come in. Come in, darling. Come in.

Nikki: What took you so long to answer the door?

Kay: Well, be careful. I was napping, to tell you the truth.

Nikki: Oh, really? That's not like you. Are you not feeling well?

Kay: Oh, yes, darling. I'm doing fine. I'm just a little bit-- a little bit surprised by your visit.

Nikki: Well, I tried to reach you at your hotel, and you weren't there, so I was concerned

Kay: Well, I just stayed here overnight.

Nikki: Oh, you did?

Kay: Yeah.

Nikki: Well, that's good, isn't it?

Kay: Uh, well, Jill and I-- oh, come on, Nikki, let's not dwell on that. God, it's such a good-- it's so wonderful to see a friendly face. What brought you here?

Nikki: Well, I'm sure you can-- oh, no, I guess you canít. We haven't talked in awhile.

Kay: No, we havenít.

Nikki: Victor's in court today.

Kay: Why?

Nikki: Well, you know the charges against him-- the bribery, the conspiracy. He's confessing to everything.


Judge: Counsel, be seated. Mr. Becker, is it?

Becker: Yes, your honor.

Judge: I hardly think it's necessary to be so melodramatic when making an entrance. Why don't you calm down and explain to me what interest the chief of the criminal division of the U.S. Attorney's office for this district has in interrupting my court?

Becker: I apologize, your honor. I hope our interests will be clear in a moment. Our office is prepared to submit this case to the United States grand jury for this district. For reasons that I'm sure you've already heard, we fully expect the grand jury to return an indictment, charging Mr. Newman with several counts of a more serious offense-- mail fraud.

Judge: Why should that affect my case?

Becker: Well, frankly, your honor, we don't want to prosecute someone who's already been prosecuted on the same basic facts.

Judge: You could if you chose. It wouldn't constitute double jeopardy as I understand it.

Becker: No, sir, it wouldn't, but it's good policy not to pursue an individual repeatedly for the same conduct.

Judge: Isn't that what you're doing here?

Becker: Well, your honor, that's what I'm trying to avoid. We're hoping that your honor will dismiss this case.

Judge: Only the state can dismiss a case.

Becker: Obviously, Ms. Blair is not willing to do that.

Chris: I am not willing to treat the defendant as a pawn in Mr. Becker's power play. Mr. Newman has acknowledged his guilt and accepted responsibility for his conduct by pleading guilty. What am I supposed to say to the court and Mr. Newman? That's not enough? This court is not the proper authority to administer justice in this case?

Becker: Your honor, this man's actions may well have gone beyond the boundaries of this state--

Chris: But the effect of his actions was well within the state, I assure you. And, Mr. Becker, if you feel that I'm not prepared or competent to prove this to the court, I invite you to attend the sentencing in the first row out there.

Judge: That's assuming, Miss Blair, that I accept Mr. Newman's plea of guilty. You know the clean feeling

Silva: May I ask, judge, what happens if you don't accept the plea?

Judge: As I said, we'll set a trial date within the next week or so and proceed on the defendant's plea of not guilty.

Becker: But then, your honor, we'll be hard-pressed to convince Washington to allow us to go ahead with the second prosecution.

Judge: I'm interested in one thing, Mr. Becker. Surely you knew about this matter before now. What made you wait so long before acting?

Chris: They knew about it before we did your honor. They didn't want it, so they turned it over to us.

Judge: What makes you want it now?

Becker: It's bigger than we thought.

Judge: So what you turned over to Miss Blairís office was an accusation, not a case. And once she made it a case, you wanted it back.

Becker: Your honor, no, that wasn't it at all.

Chris: Oh, of course it was. You tossed it to us because you were too busy and it didn't look all that easy to prosecute. In the meantime, we have obtained Mr. Baldwin's cooperation, not to mention Mr. Newmanís.

Judge: Have you discussed Mr. Becker's request with your supervisor?

Chris: No, sir, I haven't had a chance.

Judge: I'm going to take a break and call Glenn Richards. 5-minute recess.

Victor: It's not going too well, is it?

Silva: It's not going quickly. And I wish to hell Becker hadn't showed up.

Victor: Makes two of us.


Kay: Oh, you poor darling. What you've been through. I'm sorry.

Nikki: I have no idea what this day will bring. I don't know if Victor's gonna come home or if they're gonna take him away in handcuffs.

Kay: Now please, you really think Victor's going to go to jail?

Nikki: What he did was wrong, Katherine.

Kay: Well--

Nikki: People were hurt, and I'm one of them. But I certainly don't want him to go to prison. I mean, what purpose would that serve? Oh, this whole thing is just too depressing. I came here to get away from that. Give me some good news, will ya?

Kay: (Chuckles)

Nikki: I see that Jillís still determined to destroy this house. The demolition is well underway. I just wish you could stand up to her, tell her this is unacceptable.

Kay: (Laughs) yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Stand up to Jill. Yes. Tell her this, tell her that. I mean, as though it would make a difference, as though she would even listen.

Nikki: Well, Katherine, I can see that you're miserable. You still can't put your foot down with her?

Kay: Oh, Nikki, you came here wanting good news, and it's just so ironic.

Nikki: Listen, I asked you before to come and stay with me at the ranch. I wish that you would. I-I don't think it's good for you to be here with Jill.

Kay: Yeah, but she is trying to make me stay here with her, and--

Nikki: Then again, I don't really like the idea of you being alone in a hotel either. Please come. Please come stay with me. I might be alone myself.

Kay: Oh, darling, I, uh, I just don't think going to the ranch with you right now would be such a good idea. I donít.

Nikki: Why? Why not?

Nikki: Katherine... oh, my God. What is this doing here? What is it doing here?


Jill: Tell me about your history with Katherine. I know you said it was a long time ago.

Arthur: Before you were born, I'm sure. Well, we were both young. I found her fascinating. We had some good times. But then...

Jill: What?

Arthur: Then life got in the way. Reality. I went back to law school, moved out west, ultimately became a judge.

Jill: A judge? Is that what you do?

Arthur: Yes. U.S. Court of Appeals. I've taken senior status, which means nothing more than that I'm eligible for retirement.

Jill: Is that what you're planning on doing, retiring?

Arthur: Why do you ask?

Jill: I just want to know if that's why you're in Genoa City. I mean, evidently, you've been away for a great many years.

Arthur: Yes, I have.

Jill: And you're back now. Arthur, uh, you've seen Katherine.

Arthur: Yes, I have. So what's your point? I assume you have one, Jill.

Jill: Yes, I do have a point.

Jill: You are not aware of what a tremendous impact your visit had on Katherine.


Man: Court is in session. Come to order.

Judge: Let the record show that I have spoken to Mr. Richards, the district attorney of Walworth county. As I suspected, Mr. Richards has no strong feelings about Mr. Becker's request and equally neutral feelings about Ms. Blair's position. I should add, however, that he supports whatever decision his assistant makes. That being said, the ball rests squarely in my court, to mangle an old clichť. Does anyone have anything to add to what I have just said?

Becker: With all due respect, your honor, I would not have expected Mr. Richards to have said otherwise, and I mean that as a compliment. I cannot fault anyone for wanting to fulfill their sworn duty by going forward in an effort to enforce the law. But there is such a thing as mutual professional respect, especially in our form of government. And I don't think I'm out of line in saying that it's unusual-- in fact, your honor, it's highly unusual-- for a state to ignore a request of this nature by the federal government.

Judge: I've got to agree with you on that score, Mr. Becker.

Chris: May I just point out that Mr. Becker's request comes almost simultaneously with the moment when your honor is called upon to enter judgment.

Becker: I can explain that, your honor. We have reason to believe that this matter was rushed into your court this morning precisely because of a meeting I had with Miss Blair last night in which I expressed a renewed interest in this case.

Judge: At the end of the day, that doesn't matter. I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I'm finding the defendant's plea of guilty is freely, voluntarily and knowingly made and supported by the evidence. I'm therefore entering judgment on the plea. I'll refer Mr. Newman to the probation department for presentence investigations and reports. My clerk will advise you as to the date of sentencing. Mr. Becker, this ruling has left you no worse off than you were when you arrived this morning. If your superiors feel this case is so important, they can authorize you to go beyond the proceedings of this court.

Becker: They'll never do it, judge.

Judge: Then it seems my decision is the correct one. Court adjourned. (Bangs gavel)

Victor: I wouldn't celebrate until I'm sentenced.


Nikki: Katherine, please tell me that I am not reading this correctly.

Kay: Oh, Nikki, a person can only stand so much.

Nikki: Don't say that! Oh, my god! This is a battle we have both fought. Are you telling me after all these years you have given up?

Kay: All right. I won't tell you.

Nikki: I don't believe that. I will not believe that you are doing this to yourself. My God, where is Jill? I will strangle her!

Kay: She's out for the moment, and you don't have to worry, because she now fancies herself as her mother's keeper.

Nikki: I don't have to worry? How can you say that?

Kay: Nikki, come on. You have problems of your own without taking mine on.

Nikki: I cannot watch what you are doing to yourself!

Kay: I don't want you worrying about me! Don't you understand that?! I'm sick and tired of people looking over m my shoulders! I can handle this!

Nikki: No! Put it down!

Kay: No.

Nikki: My God. Jill has done this. Jill has done this to you.

Kay: Mnh-mnh. Mnh-mnh. Mnh-mnh. Mnh-mnh. No, it is what I have done to me. It is what life has done to me.

Nikki: Katherine, Katherine, it has been 20 years. You haven't had a drink in 20 years.

Kay: But I've been holding those demons at bay for 20 years, but--but not any longer. Do you understand? I mean, these same demons are right here, staring me in the face. It is a life of missed opportunities. It is a life of things that I should have done so... done so differently. But I didnít. I didnít. And now, young lady, it's just too late. Far too late.

Nikki: Katherine...


Arthur: Now you say that my visit had a lot of impact on Katherine?

Jill: Oh, it affected her very, very strongly. I mean, to meet with an old friend who still seemed to care about her, it--

Arthur: I do care, Jill.

Jill: Wonderful. Perfect. I sensed that.

Arthur: What do you think is wrong with her? There seems to be some problem that you're concerned about.

Jill: Arthur, I don't know if you're aware of this, but Katherine, up until recently, had 20 years of sobriety, and she started drinking again.

Arthur: Do you know why? Do you know what caused it?

Jill: Yes. I-I have my suspicions, yes. I do know why. It was because of me.

Arthur: Because of you?

Jill: Yeah.

Arthur: Well, that's hard to believe. When I met you at Katherineís, I didn't sense any problems between the two of you.

Jill: Well, that was, what, for about one or two minutes at the most? Look, I know it's been a long time since you've been around Katherine, but how did she seem to you?

Arthur: Older, of course. But still very vivacious, full of life.

Jill: Absolutely. Exactly. And she needs someone to bring that out of her. Now, Arthur, I don't know if you're planning on staying, but it would make such a big difference to her.

Arthur: Well, my plans are somewhat uncertain right now. But, Jill, I have to say this, Katherine is so fortunate to have a friend as concerned as you.

Jill: Oh, no, I'm not Katherineís friend, Arthur. I'm her daughter.

Arthur: Really? How odd. I... I wasn't aware that Katherine had a daughter.


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Neil: Unh-unh-unh. You look a little empty-handed.

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