Tuesday Y&R Transcript 1/27/04

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/27/04--Canada; Wednesday 1/28/04--USA


Frederick: So, Dr. Winters, are you saying my daughter will have a scar on her face?

Olivia: The plastic surgeon removed the absolute minimal subcutaneous tissue and surface skin.

Raul: So--but there will be a scar, something visible.

Olivia: Hopefully small, easily covered.

Raul: Hopefully. Oh, listen, don't get me wrong. We're glad that Brittanyís alive.

Frederick: Oh, I'm just so relieved that no damage to her brain or her heart, and her hands aren't badly damaged. It's--

J.T.: We're really grateful for that, doctor. Thank you.

Olivia: Okay, well, I know how much you all want to see Brittany...

Frederick: Yeah.

Olivia: And I'm sure it'll be good for her to see you, too. Why don't I go and arrange a visit soon?

Frederick: That would be great.

Olivia: Okay.

Frederick: Thank you.

Frederick: When I get my hands on whoever did this...


Jill: Mother?

Kay: Good morning, Jill.

Jill: What are you doing?

Kay: I'm fighting a war.

Jill: Were you up all night?

Kay: I think so. I'm... I probably dozed on the couch.

Jill: Have you, uh...

Kay: Not a drop.

Jill: Oh, my God. That is wonderful.

Kay: Small step.

Jill: Yeah, but it's a step.

Kay: Yeah, well, today, this battle I'm winning.

Jill: I am so proud of you.

Kay: Don't get your expectations too high, Jill. The ground is still very, very shaky.


Bobby: I'm tellin' you, Sal, I want to know. I got a girl in there burned, maybe scarred on her face for the rest of her life. Now I wanna know who did it.

Sal: I don't know.

Bobby: Bull. You tell me.

Sal: I don't take orders from you, Marsino. However, I do take orders from someone who can make your life very miserable. So you know what's good for you? You'll put your hands back in your pockets and leave 'em there.


Nick: Kids gone already? You were up early this morning.

Sharon: Couldn't stop thinking about what's going to happen today.

Nick: Sharon...

Sharon: Your father's going to be in court.

Nick: Yes, he is.

Sharon: Is that all you have to say about that?

Nick: What do you want me to say?

Sharon: Don't you think it's sad?

Nick: What I think doesn't matter anymore.

Sharon: It does to Victor.

Sharon: Honey, at least go see him, talk to him.

Nick: I would bet that he wouldn't be too thrilled to see the rat who blew the whistle on him.

Sharon: Damn it, Nick, please? I am going out on a limb here trying to keep this family together, and you won't lift a finger to keep it from falling apart.

Nick: What do you mean by that--"going out on a limb"?


Nikki: Darling.

Victor: Thank you.

Victor: Miguel's coffee is the best, isn't it?

Nikki: Mmm. Did you get any sleep?

Victor: Not much. How about you?

Nikki: Little.

Victor: It felt wonderful holding you in my arms.

Nikki: You sure you don't want me to come to court with you?

Victor: I couldn't bear the thought of you being there.

Nikki: So what's gonna happen now?

Victor: Well, I go to court. John Silva will meet me there, and then... I'll plead guilty to all charges.

Nikki: And then what?

Victor: Then we'll hope that the judge will accept my plea.

Nikki: What do you mean, "we'll hope"?

Victor: Well, you know that the federal prosecutors would like this case back in their jurisdiction. I told you about that.

Nikki: But that could still happen? I thought by you going to court and pleading guilty to state charges, that'd be the end of it.

Victor: Not necessarily, no.

Nikki: So we don't know for sure that you'll be coming home afterwards.

Victor: No. From this moment on, there's nothing that's for sure.


Jill: Mother, what's this?

Kay: What?

Jill: This.

Kay: Oh, dear lord, Jill.

Jill: Looks like an old photo album.

Kay: Obviously.

Jill: Oh, my goodness. Oh, my word. Mother, is this you?

Kay: No.

Jill: Yes, it is. Of course it is. How beautiful. You were such a beautiful young woman.

Kay: Mmm.

Jill: Why didn't you ever show me these?

Kay: I didn't think you would be interested, Jill.

Jill: Not interested in seeing my mother, in getting a glimpse of her before I knew you?

Jill: Oh, my God. This is priceless to me. I mean, I just found out recently that I have a whole history I knew nothing about.

Kay: Well, you know that first time... uh... what was it, about 30 years ago?

Jill: It was almost exactly 30 years ago, yeah.

Kay: Huh. You were... such a forward, persistent little cuss.

Jill: Do you remember what happened?

Kay: Yes, I believe I do.

Jill: Well, I remember. I called this house, and I spoke to your maid, and it was before Estherís time. Oh, my God, I remember this like it was yesterday. I told her that I had some time that day if you wanted me to do your hair.

Kay: Yes, I do remember. I do remember. Oh, God, you had gall.

Kay: Theresa?

Theresa: Yes, Mrs. Chancellor?

Kay: You might also tell her I don't appreciate her soliciting me for business over the phone.

Jill: I was so embarrassed that I had called you. But you know what? You came into the shop that day anyway, and then you weren't feeling well. Right, and then I called you a cab, and I brought you home in a cab. My God, what a fateful day that was, walking into this house for the first time.

Kay: Yes, indeed. Fateful.

Jill: Coming into my mother's home 30 years ago and I had no idea, and neither did you. How remarkable is that? 30 years, Katherine. 30 years it took us to discover the truth. Even back then, fate was laying out the course for us, for you and me, for this incredible journey.


Victor: I guess this is the first time in a long, long while that I've not felt in charge of my destiny. I guess my future's up for grabs.

Nikki: Well, I'm gonna hold positive thoughts. This whole town remembers all the good things you've done.

Victor: I'm worried about you.

Nikki: Well, then we're even, because I'm worried about you.

Victor: No, donít. You know I'm a survivor.

Nikki: I know that you've never been through anything like this before, Victor.

Victor: It's killing me inside.

Nikki: Me too.

Victor: I guess there are two things I've learned in this whole ordeal... number one, that the rules of business have changed, probably for the better... and number two, that I'm a very lucky man.

Nikki: Lucky?

Victor: Because you haven't given up on me.

Nikki: I will never give up on you, ever. (Doorbell rings)

Nikki: Who is that?

Victor: I don't know.

Victor: Didn't expect to see you here. Come in.

Michael: Thank you. Uh, I felt I should be here in case you needed me. I hope you don't mind.

Victor: That's all right.

Michael: Hello, Nikki.

Victor: Come on in.

Nikki: Michael. I'll leave you two alone.

Victor: All right, sweetheart.


Nick: Sharon, is there something going on I should know about?

Sharon: Nicholas--

Nick: Babe, I'm serious. Lately you've been so jumpy, you know? You're not sleeping or eating. What's going on?

Sharon: Look, your father might go to jail. It is very possible that he might not come home tonight, and you turned your back on him. How would you feel if that happened?

Nick: Sharon, right now I've got other things to think about, you know, like Cameron.

Sharon: Cameron?

Nick: Yes. He just disappears in the middle of this huge negotiation. It's weird. Well, at least the police are looking into it now.

Sharon: Oh, they are? Did you talk to them again?

Nick: Yeah. Weber said enough time has lapsed that they can turn up the heat on the investigation.

Sharon: How? What will they do? Where will they start looking?

Nick: Wherever Cameron was last seen before he dropped out of sight. You know, they'll start questioning people, following leads.

Sharon: Did Detective Weber say who they might start questioning?

Nick: You seem kind of shaken up about this. How come?

Sharon: Oh, like you said, I'm just--I'm on edge about everything these days.

Nick: All right. Well, don't do that, okay? We ought to let the cops deal with this. I need you to de-stress.

Sharon: I just don't want anything to ever happen to us.

Nick: Nothing ever will, baby. I mean that. We're solid.

Sharon: You don't know how much it means for me to hear you say that right now.

Nick: You take it easy today. Get some rest, all right?

Sharon: I'll try. Oh, and will you at least stop up at the main house; see your father before he goes to court?


Michael: I just wanted to make sure you had all your bases covered before you went over to the courthouse is there anything I can help you with?

Victor: Find a way to turn back the clock, erase a few mistakes.

Michael: Rueful this morning, I see. A day of judgment can do that to a person.

Victor: Well, you know that from this day on, my life will be different.

Michael: I'm a bit rueful myself that I can't be there at this hearing with you.

Victor: Well, your proceeding is this afternoon, right?

Michael: It's cool. I've got game.

Victor: Yeah, you certainly do, Michael Baldwin. You certainly do, my friend.

Michael: That's the first time you've ever called me that-- your "friend."

Victor: I guess I haven't, have I? The reason I did is because you were ready to take the fall for me. I'll never forget that. Never.


Sal: You need to get a grip on your temper, Bobby. You don't think straight when you're mad. Nobody does. And I'm gonna cut you some slack since your blonde friend got hurt, but you need to treat me with a little more respect. Like I said, we are not kids anymore.

Bobby: Yeah? What kind of respect you show me? You come into my place and start dealing with my problems for me? Did I ask you to deal with Freddy Hodges? Did I ask you to bring your goons into my place? What were they gonna do, Sal, whack him right there in the club?

Sal: Don't be a jerk. We were gonna follow him outside.

Bobby: No. You don't bring that stuff into my life, and you don't play your little games where I live. I got enough problems with people thinking I'm a scumbag just 'cause I run a strip joint. Now I gotta worry about people getting hurt?

Sal: I told you, I had nothing to do with that chick.

Bobby: Yeah, well, I think you did, maybe not on purpose. You went to the old man, and you said, "Bobby Marsino's having a problem with a banker. Want me to handle it, boss?"

Sal: So what? That's what they pay me for.

Bobby: Yeah, "want to kiss your foot, too, boss?"

Sal: I told you, I'm making a name for myself.

Bobby: Yeah, well, not on my dime. How do you know that someone else didn't hear you bellyaching about my problems, and they decide they're gonna make a name for themself, too? So they cook up some idea about frying one of my girls on the pole just to teach Bobby Marsino a lesson.

Sal: You are really startin' to sound nuts.

Bobby: Yeah, I am nuts 'cause I'm trying to make a legitimate business, be a member of the community, earn myself some respect, and I get idiots like you bringing their caveman crap into my place.

Sal: It's all about cash flow, Bob. All right? The money needs to filter to the center. Now if it gets pinched off here or there, someone has to get it flowing again. You used to be good at that till you got involved with one of your dancers. Now you get your act together, and you won't have a problem with me, all right?


Jill: Mother, tell me about her.

Kay: Who?

Jill: This young Katherine.

Kay: Oh, Jill, I canít.

Jill: You can't? Why?

Kay: Maybe I don't remember her. She was lost long ago in an alcoholic fog.

Jill: Katherine, you have got to stay away from that stuff.

Kay: Yes, so you've said.

Jill: No, I mean it. Haven't you given up enough of your life to the bottle?

Kay: Too much... or not enough?

Jill: Stop it. Stop being so casual about this.

Kay: Oh, I'm not, Jill. I'm not being the least bit casual about it. I truly do not know if I can make it through this day.

Jill: Yes, you can. You can if you want to. And I know somebody who can help you-- that man who was here before-- Arthur. Arthur Hendricks.


Raul: When can I see her?

Olivia: Well, that's why I came out here. I think it would be good for Brittany to have a visit. Now she's on pain medication. She's a little groggy, but she's fine.

Raul: Great. Okay, where is she?

Olivia: Okay, Raul, I just need to prepare you.

Raul: Why? Does she look bad?

Olivia: No, but there are bandages. You're gonna see a lot of bandages, and here's the thing. I know you and your friend have been talking about Brittany and the scar that she may have.

J.T.: You don't want her to know, do you?

Olivia: No, not right now. I need her healing. I don't want her upset.

Bobby: She may want to take a look.

Olivia: Yeah, and I don't want that to happen right now.

Raul: You don't even want her crying, I bet, right?

Olivia: I don't want anything to happen that's going to affect what those bandages are doing. They're holding everything together. They're allowing things to heal. Now, Raul, I just need you to be calm, keep your emotions in check. Just go in there, pay her a visit. Don't talk about her medical situation at all. I know you can do it.

Raul: Of course I can.

Olivia: Okay. I'll talk to you after, okay?

Raul: Okay. Thank you.

Bobby: You gonna go see her?

Raul: Yeah.

Bobby: Just you?

J.T.: She doesn't need a lot of people crowding the room, Bobby.

Bobby: Look, I just feel responsible. Just want to see her.

Raul: Hey, listen, Bobby, you're not as bad a guy as I thought, but this is my girlfriend. Now you might have some kind of fantasy about Brittany and you, and that's okay, as long as you realize that that's all it is. So now I'm gonna go in there to see her, and I'll tell her you say hi, okay?

Bobby: It's not like I got a choice.

Raul: Frankly, no.

Raul: Thanks for being here, bro.

J.T.: Yeah. You give the princess a kiss for me, all right?

Raul: You bet.

J.T.: I'll walk you out. Come on.


Brittany: Do I look awful?

Raul: You look alive. That's good.

Brittany: My hands...

Raul: I know, babe.

Brittany: Did you see what happened?

Raul: Yeah.

Brittany: I don't remember.

Raul: Something in the-- in the lights, a wire or something, must've come loose. It touched the pole, and when your feet hit the ground, you got electrocuted.

Brittany: A shocking strip act... there's nothing new about that.

Raul: Well, you got your sense of humor anyway.

Brittany: Where's my dad?

Raul: He went to go pick up your mom at the airport.

Brittany: Oh. Oh, I forgot her trip to Houston. I ruined it.

Raul: Oh, stop that. No one cares about that.

Brittany: It's so hard to see. Why do I have all these bandages on my face?

Raul: Hey, donít. Leave 'em--leave 'em alone. Don't mess with them.

Brittany: Did I get a bruise?

Raul: Yeah. They're just... they're just trying to be really careful, babe, that's all.


Victor: So what, are you here to say good-bye and good riddance or what?

Nick: No. Just checking on Mom.

Victor: Good for you.

Nick: How is she?

Victor: How do you think she is?

Nick: Pretty torn apart.

Victor: You could say that.

Nick: You think that's my fault, don't you??

Victor: It's a little too late to point fingers, isn't it?

Victor: A little uneasy?

Nick: I know you must hate me.

Victor: Hatred is a costly emotion, son.

Nick: Now it's interesting that you would say that, given all the time you've spent acting out on hatred.

Victor: Are you talking about your beloved friend Jack Abbott?

Nick: Come on, let's not do this.

Victor: You think he's a saint, don't you? Well, I got news for you, son, he ain't above dirty wheeling and dealing in business. I know better and you will, too, very soon.

Nick: So what do you think is gonna happen today in court?

Victor: How the hell do I know I've never confessed to a crime.

Nick: I wish I could believe that meant you never committed one before.

Victor: So that's how you see it, huh? You think this empire I built is based on fraud? What are you gonna do, tear it apart, tear my legacy down, destroy Newman Enterprises to make amends?

Nick: I'm gonna clean things up. You can count on that.

Victor: Oh, how admirable of you.

Nick: Does that bother you?

Victor: What, that you intend to walk the straight and narrow in business? No. Good boy, but unrealistic, son. You're wet behind the ears. You don't begin to understand the complexities of the world that you're about to enter.

Nick: Well, once again, thank you for the vote of confidence.


Kay: I really can't imagine what you're talking about, Jill.

Jill: The man who was here-- Arthur. I got the feeling that he'd really like to see you again.

Kay: Where do you come up with this? I told you he's nothing more than an acquaintance.

Jill: Do you know where he's staying?

Kay: How would I know where he's staying? I barely know the man, Jill.

Jill: Okay. I guess I'll just have to get a little resourceful then. Let me see, where would a distinguished gentleman like Arthur Hendricks be likely--

Kay: Jill, don't drag him into this. Now don't do that, please.

Jill: Okay. Whatever you say. Oh, my God. Oh, you look so tired. Why don't you go upstairs? You didn't sleep all night.

Kay: Jill, did you hear me?

Jill: I heard you!

Kay: All right. But you're right. I am--I'm tired. Yes, I am. I'm exhausted. I am going upstairs.

Jill: Okay. And, mother... I'm really proud of you.

Jill: Athletic  Club? Good. I am trying to locate a Mr. Arthur Hendricks. Can you tell me if he's staying there? He is? Wonderful. Could you connect me, please? Oh, he just left the club. Darn. Yes, oh, yes. I very definitely want to leave him a message


Brittany: Oh, God, I hate hospitals. I can't wait to get out of here. Oh, that reminds me, um, I meant to ask, did anyone talk to Sal Staley?

Raul: The music guy.

Brittany: Yeah. He came to hear me, Raul. I did so great. I mean, I know I'm the one saying, but I hit every note just the way I practiced it.

Raul: You did do great. You did beyond great.

Brittany: (Giggles lightly)

Raul: I haven't heard you sing very many times, but you were totally professional all the way. If you put out a record, I would buy it.

Brittany: I hope Sal makes the call he said he could.

Brittany: I am ready, Raul. I really am ready to go to the next level.

Raul: You sure do love it up on that stage, don't you?

Brittany: Oh, you have no idea.

Brittany: I don't mean to get ahead of myself, but... what you were saying about records...

Raul: Yeah.

Brittany: Just imagine-- I'm driving down the road, and I've got the radio playing and a song comes on, and it's me. I mean, could you imagine a song playing on the radio that you made? It's your voice singing? What... an incredible experience that would be.

Raul: Totally, babe.

Brittany: (Giggles lightly)

Brittany: Maybe it'll happen if Sal makes that call...

Brittany: And I get with the right people, people who appreciate me and... and the timing is right.

Raul: Yeah.

Brittany: And, you know, I get the right material to work with--

Raul: Hey, babe.

Brittany: Well, I know. I know I'm... I'm getting carried away.

Raul: Well, I just want you to get better first, okay?

Brittany: I will. I'm young. I have lots of energy. I'll be bouncing out of here before you know it.

Raul: Still, you know, you gotta take it easy. Okay?

Brittany: Okay, doctor.

Brittany: What is it, Raul?

Raul: Nothing, babe.

Brittany: Is somebody out there?

Raul: It's all right. Don't move, okay? Remember, you have to take it easy.

Brittany: I was hoping Bobby would come in.

Brittany: I wanna let him know I'm all right. He's probably feeling pretty bad right now.

Raul: He said to tell you hi.

Brittany: That's all? Just hi?

Raul: Well, look who's here, babe.

Bobby: How you doin', kid?

Brittany: Bobby. I'm so glad to see you.

Brittany: I'm okay. See, I just have A... a few bandages.

Brittany: Did Sal like my song?

Bobby: Yeah, he loved it. In fact, he couldn't stop talking about it.

Brittany: Really?

Bobby: Yeah, really.

Bobby: Listen, Brittany, I'm so sorry for what happened.

Brittany: Oh, well... it was an accident.

Brittany: My hands hurt a little. I guess I have some... kind of a bruise on my face or something, but... I'll be fine.

Bobby: You have a bruise?

Raul: Yeah, Bobby. It's nothing to worry about. It's just a bruise.

Bobby: Yeah, that's what the doctor was saying earlier.

Raul: Yeah. She's got a nasty, ol' bruise, and I'm gonna give it a kiss.

Brittany: There you go. All better now.


Victor: You enjoy this power trip you're on, son. Whether I go to jail or not, I'm gonna have my board of directors remove you.

Nick: I don't think it's gonna be your board anymore. When this gets out into the public, they are not gonna be happy.

Nick: Why are you looking at me like that?

Victor: Whatever happens, you take care of your mother. She's taking this very hard.

Nick: You don't have to worry about it. I'll take care of her.

Victor: I asked the same of her, to be there for you.

Nick: After all that's happened, why do you care?

Victor: You even have to ask that question? You're the father of my grandson. I gotta go.

Nick: Dad.

Nick: I'm sorry.

Victor: So am I, son.

Victor: Very sorry.


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