Monday Y&R Transcript 1/26/04

Y&R Transcript Monday 1/26/04 -- Canada, Tuesday 1/27/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

(Telephone rings) (Ring)

Neil: Hello.

Phyllis: Guess who.

Neil: (Whispering) Phyllis. What are you doing calling here so early? Dru could have picked up the phone.

Phyllis: Neil, don't get your panties in a bunch. I have big news.

Neil: (Normal voice) oh, yeah? What kind of big news?

Phyllis: I'm coming home... today.

Neil: Great! Great. Um, but you are bringing the orchids back with you, right? I mean, you are.


Raul: Did they tell you something?

Frederick: Yeah. The surgeon and doctor winters are still in with Brittany.

Raul: I guess that she made it through the night. That's the best news.

Frederick: Why are you still here?

Bobby: I'm gonna get some coffee. You want some?

Raul: Sure. Thanks.

Raul: Don't be so hard on him.

Frederick: You gotta be kidding, Raul. He's the one who did this to her. He's the reason Brittany’s lying in there.

Raul: No, you're wrong. He would never do anything to hurt Brittany.

Frederick: All right, fine. Then it was his boy, Angelo, who set up that metal pole to electrocute her. Either way, it's all the same to me. It sure as hell is all the same to Brittany. What?

Raul: You know what? Now's not the time to be worrying about blame.

Frederick: No, I wanna know. I really want to know what you're thinking. That it's my fault that Brittany’s in there fighting for her life?

Nurse: Third floor, make a right when you get off the elevator.

Bobby: All right, thanks. Anything new on Brittany Hodges?

Nurse: She's getting the best care available anywhere, sir. I can guarantee you that.

Bobby: Oh, you got a lot of nerve coming down here after what you did. You know, I got a good mind to put you in a room in this place.


Lynne: How'd it go with Chris last night?

Paul: How did you know I saw Chris?

Lynne: She was coming in as I was going out, and she said she'd say hello.

Paul: Oh. Well, we chatted for awhile, and then Danny showed up.

Lynne: You didn't say anything, did you?

Paul: And spoil their evening? No. I kept our little bomb to myself, for now, anyway.


Danny: Morning.

Chris: Good morning. I made some coffee.

Danny: I know. The aroma woke me up. Thank you.

Chris: You found a robe, I see.

Danny: Yeah, probably one that Paul left behind, I suppose.

Chris: I keep meaning to send that back.

Danny: Hey, it came in handy. How long you been up?

Chris: Not long. Listen, I have nothing in the kitchen. I haven't been to the store in a week.

Danny: Why don't I run out and grab some eggs and stuff and whip us up a couple omelets?

Chris: I'm too nervous to eat.

Danny: Ah, yeah, the big court date.

Chris: Yeah, and I don't have too long before I have to leave.

Danny: I shouldn't have kept you up so late.

Chris: You don't see me complaining, do you?

Danny: Look, um... about last night, I--

Chris: I am so surprised that I allowed that to happen, but I did.

Danny: Any regrets?

Chris: That's what's also very surprising-- not a single one.


(Knock on door) (Knock)

Kevin: Hi.

Michael: Hey, short stuff. What, aren't you glad to see me?

Kevin: How did you find my apartment?

Michael: I have a colleague with a friend at the phone company.

Kevin: That doesn't sound very legal. You'd be all over me if I pulled something like that.

Michael: No harm, no foul, Kevin.

Kevin: Well, that depends if you're here to beat me up or not.

Michael: Why would I do that?

Kevin: You used to love to.

Michael: Could we forget about that, please?

Kevin: Easy for you to say. You weren't the one being made to eat grass. What do you want?

Michael: God, you have such a memory. Listen, I am here to do something nice. You think you can handle that?

Kevin: Oh. So you're gonna cough up some money after all for your poor, unemployed little brother.

Michael: Better than that. I'm gonna give you the chance to change your life-- big time


Raul: Mr. Hodges, let's just drop this, okay?

Frederick: No. No, tell me, what did I do?

Raul: Do I have to paint you a picture? I mean, you threatened to shut down Marsino'S. That's like waving a red flag in front of a bull.

Frederick: Oh, for caring about my daughter, I'm to blame?

Raul: I'm not saying that you're to blame.

Frederick: You know what? You and I did everything that we could to get her out of that place.

Raul: Yeah, but I did not threaten to take a man's livelihood away. Now look, you asked, I told you my opinion. And you know what? There's a lot of people that share the blame in this, but that doesn't matter right now, okay? What's important is that we focus all of our thoughts on Brittany.

Frederick: I know! I know that. And I am. But I'm gonna see that Angelo rot the rest of his life in jail. And I'm sorry, I can't help it. He hurt my baby.

Angelo: Go ahead, Bobby beat the tar outta me if it's gonna make you feel any better, but I didn't do anything. Look, you think I'd show up here if I tried to kill your girlfriend, man?

Bobby: You and Sal had that look in your eyes like something was gonna happen.

Angelo: Yeah.

Bobby: Yeah, and it did.

Angelo: But not like you think. Look, didn't you see terry and mario down there?

Bobby: Come 'ere. I don't know who those guys are. Were they the ones who grabbed Freddie right after--

Angelo: They were supposed to take out Hodges. At least, I mean, that's what I figured. Otherwise, why would they be there?

Bobby: All right, smart guy, answer me this-- how'd power get to that pole?

Angelo: I don't know. I swear, bobby, I don't know. I told the cops it must have been a short from one of the lights overhead. Look, they're down there, they're tearin' the place apart. Man, who knows what they're gonna find.

Bobby: They're gonna find the truth. And so help me, if I find out you had anything to do with this, you're gonna think that electrocution is the easy way to go.


Danny: Honest, no regrets?

Chris: What, do you want it in writing?

Danny: Yeah, in a nice, sturdy frame so I can hang it on my wall.

Chris: Hmm, you don't ask for a lot, do you?

Danny: Things feel different this morning.

Chris: How do you mean?

Danny: Last night just... it seemed so natural, being with you again.

Chris: We're hardly strangers.

Danny: Yeah, but it's been a million years. And I know you've been through a lot this past year. Your personal life has been...

Chris: Complicated.

Danny: Plus, you have a new job and a heavy workload.

Chris: Haven't we had this conversation?

Danny: Look, Chris, I know I showed up on your doorstep out of the blue, without warning.

Chris: You caught me totally off guard. I was stunned. But I certainly have been enjoying your company. You have made me laugh more than I have in ages. And you know something?

Danny: What?

Chris: I think it's exactly what I needed-- to lighten up, not take life so seriously.

Danny: Is that what you were doing before I arrived on the scene?

Chris: I had almost forgotten what it was like to have fun-- no pressure, not analyzing everything, just hanging out with a terrific guy who happens to be my ex-husband and a dear friend.

Danny: That's what we are, aren't we? Dear friends. It's pretty cool, huh?

Chris: If someone would have told me a few months ago that we would be sitting here at the beginning of the year, I would've thought they were nuts.

Danny: I had no idea... or what to expect when I saw you again.

Chris: Are you disappointed?

Danny: It was like I had never left.

Chris: I am so glad to have you here. I mean that.


Lynne: I just have to wonder why Danny’s playing this game.

Paul: She's probably the one person in the world that he wants most to think that he's a big shot.

Lynne: Do you think she suspects that he isn't?

Paul: No, not now.

Lynne: She's bound to find out sooner or later.

Paul: Yeah, that's what worries me. But you know, on the other hand, Lynne, Chris isn't into fame and guys with money. I mean, look at me. I'm pretty ordinary. And there was a time when she thought that, uh, I was as good as it gets.

Lynne: Paul, you're not ordinary at all, but I agree. It isn't about stardom, not with Chris.

Paul: Yeah. I just think that with everything going on in her life right now, the last thing she needs is someone she trusts lying to her.

Lynne: I agree. And I don't want to get involved. I don't think you should either. Hear that noise? It's things piling up on my desk. I'll see you back at the office?

Paul: Yeah, I'll be in. I might be a little late, though.


Kevin: A one-way ticket out of town?

Michael: Mm-hmm, to anyplace you want to relocate. I'll throw in business class if it's more than 1,000 miles away. First month's rent, last month's rent, security deposit-- hmm, money for awhile until you put down some roots.

Kevin: I've got roots right here.

Michael: Oh, Kevin, let's face it; they're not the best of roots. You are public enemy number one in Genoa City. Don't you want a fresh start?

Kevin: How much money do I get?

Michael: You don't get any unless you move.

Kevin: And you're doing this because...

Michael: Because you're my brother. Because I really believe that you're trying to shape up. But you can't do it in a place where everyone is so suspicious of you.

Kevin: Come on, Michael. How dumb do you think I am? Huh? This isn't about doing something for me. This is about you. You have everyone in this town fooled into thinking that you're Mr. Upstanding citizen. If word got out that I was your brother, you'd have--

Michael: Half-brother.

Kevin: One-tenth brother, what difference does it make? It would still spoil your perfect little reputation.

Michael: My reputation isn't something for me to beat my chest about, believe me. But it's better than it used to be.

Kevin: And you want to keep it that way.

Kevin: No. I'm having fun here. I'm not going anywhere.

Michael: Oh, Kevin. You’re having fun makes me so nervous.


Raul: Did you talk to Mrs. Hodges yet?

Frederick: Yeah. Yeah, she just got to Houston yesterday and her sister lives quite a distance outside of town. So it's gonna take her awhile to get back to the airport. Anyway, she'll be back this evening.

Raul: She told you to back off, stop making threats, didn't she?

Frederick: Yeah. Yeah, she did after that Angelo creep talked to her and scared the daylights out of her, yeah.

Raul: Yeah, that wasn't cool.

Frederick: No but you know what? It proves what a lowlife scum he is. He can't face up to a man. He's gotta go after the woman.

Raul: Yeah.


Angelo: Come on, Bobby, man. Look, it's me. It's Angelo. I've never hurt a woman in my life. I never would. Look, I spit on guys like that.

Bobby: So what are you saying, this was all Sal?

Angelo: Look, you know, I'm not a rat either, okay?

Bobby: Well, you know what? You tell me before I tear you apart.

Nurse: Is there a problem?

Bobby: No we're just a little concerned about Brittany.

Nurse: We have other patients.

Bobby: I understand. We'll keep it down.

Bobby: I want you to tell me exactly what Sal said to you.

Angelo: Just that... look, he was gonna do something to stop Hodges. That you weren't doin' anything about the guy because of how, you know, how you feel about blondie.

Bobby: Sounds a lot like what you were saying.

Angelo: I agreed with him, Bobby. Look, you weren't takin' care of business.

Bobby: And you have no idea how electricity got to that pole.

Angelo: I wouldn't even know how to do that, Bobby. I mean, look at, how many different ways do I gotta say it? It wasn't me.

Bobby: Hey, kid, you lookin' for Raul?

J.T.: Yeah.

Bobby: He's in there.

J.T.: Where's Brittany?

Bobby: She's still in with the doctors.

J.T.: Hey, what the hell happened?

Bobby: Look, why don't you go talk to Raul? We're discussing something right now.

Woman: Dr. Forest, dial 118, please. Dr. Forest, please dial 1-1-8.

Bobby: You're gonna help me nail Sal.

Angelo: Wait a minute. He told me to stay out of it, keep my hands clean.

Bobby: Yeah, well, forget your hands. I want you to find that bastard, and you tell him to get down here 'cause I wanna talk to him.


Phyllis: You know, Neil, I never agreed to this little deal of yours. I mean, why should I give you the orchids? I don't even work for Newman anymore, or have you forgotten?

Neil: You know, you didn't really want to resign. I mean, you took off because of your squabbles with Jack. The man violated your trust. He failed to mention that he already had an orchid when you gave him yours. Do you remember that?

Phyllis: Well, I've given Jack a lot of reasons to be disillusioned with me lately, haven't I?

Neil: Okay, so cut to the chase. Are you, uh, giving Jack both the orchids? Is that your plan?

Phyllis: So you haven't told me what this secret is. Is it really that big of a deal?

Neil: It is, yes.

Phyllis: Well, then maybe I should give these little babies to Jack. I mean what the hell? I do love him.

Neil: Phyllis, no. You really don't want to be burning bridges with Newman. I mean, 'cause that's what you'd be doing.

Phyllis: You know, whose side are you on, Neil? Because I really can't figure it out.

Neil: I made a promise to my wife that when she gets an orchid back, then I let Newman in on what's so special about it. The R&D boys can have at it, but until then... Phyllis, my marriage is riding on this. I really, really need you to come through for me.

Phyllis: (Laughs) okay. I get it. I get it. Now we're down to the nitty-gritty this isn't about Jabot. It's not even about Newman Enterprises. And it certainly isn't about fair play. It's about your new marriage. Let me tell you something. If your marriage hinges on this orchid, buddy, you got problems. I mean, just look at Jack and me.

Neil: I don't wanna look at Jack and you. I wanna look at the orchids.

Phyllis: Well, you can't! You can't, because whatever happens to them, it's my decision, because they're in my possession! Maybe I'm gonna flush 'em down the toilet!

Neil: Try explaining that to Nicholas. I'm sure he'd be very pleased.

Phyllis: Oh, like I owe Nick Newman anything. You know, I'm a free agent now.

Neil: Look, Phyllis, babe, I just want to play fair here, that's all.

Phyllis: Fair, yeah. Fair. What is fair? Now that's a tough question, isn't it?

Neil: Damn it! Damn!

Dru: Ooh. Who was that on the phone? Yeah, it sounded really intense.

Neil: Hey, baby.

Dru: Man, why don't you level with me? Was that Phyllis? Because I have a sneaking suspicion it was.

Neil: Oh, you do, do ya? So what if it was Phyllis?

Dru: Is she bringing back the neofinetia orchids?

Neil: Yes. She's actually bringing them home today.

Dru: Wow, really?

Neil: Yeah, really. Why?

Dru: Because, um, I'm not getting a good vibe here. I feel like things didn't go as smoothly as you had hoped.


J.T.: So that's all Dr. Winters said, they might have to operate?

Raul: It sounded to me like she thought they were gonna have to.

J.T.: It's that serious, Raul?

Raul: I guess, with a burn from electricity, the damage is more underneath the skin. So they have to... they might have to go in there and take stuff out.

J.T.: Stuff, like-- like flesh?

Raul: I guess, I don't know. I'm trying not to think about it.

J.T.: But it's just a couple of burns. That's it, right?

Raul: Man, it is so much more complicated than you could even believe.

Raul: It might have affected her heart.

J.T.: What?

Raul: Even her brain.

J.T.: No.

Raul: Now that part, it's fine right now, but they say it could change.

J.T.: Where is she burned? Her hands?

Raul: On her hands and some on her face.

J.T.: Oh, that's not good.

Raul: We don't know. We don't know. God, this waiting... this waiting is killin' me.

J.T.: I'm glad you called me, man.

Raul: Thanks for coming. I keep thinkin', I keep asking myself w-was there anything else I could've done.

J.T.: You were there, weren't you?

Raul: God, it was awful, man.

J.T.: You get a job at that dive just to keep an eye on her and then this happens.

Raul: Yeah, well, I didn't do that great of a job of protecting her, did I?

J.T.: How were you supposed to know that pole was electrified, Raul?

Raul: I couldn't have.

J.T.: Then don't beat yourself up, man. I mean, come on. This isn't your fault.

Raul: Thanks. I'll try.

J.T.: So what's Marsino and that goon bartender of his doing out there? Figured they'd be in Mexico or in jail or something by now.

Raul: Angelo's here?

J.T.: Yeah. They're out there talking.


Angelo: You sure you wanna go after Sal?

Bobby: What do you think? If he did this--

Angelo: If he did this, he had permission from you know who.

Bobby: Well, I don't care. And you know what? I don't believe it, 'cause he'd never go for putting a hit on a woman.

Angelo: Doesn't sound like Sal would do something like that either.

Bobby: Really? Go take a look at Brittany. Believe it.

Angelo: That bad, huh?

Bobby: I don't know. We don't have all the details. Just go find Sal and tell him to get his ass down here.

Angelo: All right. (Door opens)

Raul: What the hell is he doing here?! What, you wanna make sure you finish the job?

Bobby: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Just go do what I said, Ange.

Raul: Let's see how you do against a man, Angelo!

Bobby: Ange, go! Ange, go!

Raul: Come here! I'll rip your heart out, you son of a bitch!

Bobby: Ange, get outta here!

Raul: Come here, man! Give me a chance.

Bobby: All right, just relax. Relax. Hey, relax.

J.T.: Why are you protecting that guy, Bobby?

Bobby: I'm not. He didn't do it. Look, look, look at me, okay? Look at me. He didn't hurt Brittany. He's not the one.


Danny: Paul.

Paul: Hey, Danny. You mind if I come in?

Danny: Sure.

Danny: Look, if you're here to lecture Chris about her love life--

Paul: No, actually, I'm not. I'm here to talk to you.

Danny: How'd you find me?

Paul: Well, I knew that Chris had an early court date, and I called your room at the Athletic Club, and when there was no answer, I figured you might be here.

Danny: Interesting. Considering I didn't expect to be here myself this morning.

Paul: Well, I saw it coming. I wasn't expecting it so soon, but, uh... I really wasn't that surprised, considering.

Danny: Considering what?

Paul: Old lovers, bittersweet memories, time together-- I mean, all those things are a potent combination.

Danny: Oh. So what was so important that you had to track me down?

Paul: Well, I was really hoping to get to you before things between you and Chris went too far. But now that that's happened, there's no time to waste.

Danny: No time to waste. What are you talking about?

Paul: Danny, I know what you're doing. And I think you are being incredibly unfair to Chris.


Kevin: I like that I make you nervous.

Michael: (Chuckles) well, don't let that be a reason for your sticking around.

Kevin: Oh, get over yourself. Of course not.

Michael: And I hope this isn't about Lauren Fenmore either.

Kevin: Why not?

Michael: Because that is so not going to happen.

Kevin: What's the matter, Mikey, you're not a romantic?

Michael: And you are romantic? Jumping 15-year-olds romantic?

Kevin: It was. Lily liked me. She thought I was cool.

Michael: Well, Lauren doesn't think you're cool, trust me.

Kevin: How do you know that? You weren't there. We hit it off. She thought I was cute. And besides, older women get flattered when younger guys look at them with, um... you know, uh...

Michael: Lust.

Kevin: Yeah, exactly.

Michael: You're such a dope. No matter how old she is, you can't look at Lauren Fenmore and use the words "older woman." It just doesn't fit.

Kevin: She is a fox.

Michael: Mm-hmm, and she can have her pick.

Kevin: Maybe she'll pick me.

Michael: She’s already hot and heavy with someone else.

Kevin: So? Hey, everybody has a past.

Michael: Paul Williams is her past and her future.

Kevin: You know what? I don't care. I'm gonna take a chance.

Michael: Three months.

Kevin: What?

Michael: Three month's extra pocket money and another month's rent.

Kevin: No. I'm not interested.

Michael: Please.

Kevin: No.

Michael: I'll make you eat grass.

Kevin: Like hell you will.

Michael: Kevin, if you ever, ever want help from me ever again, if you want the option of coming to me and asking for money to get out of town, the only way that's ever gonna happen is if you don't let it around that we're related.

Kevin: Like I'd want to be related to you. Please.

Michael: Fine. Good. You hold that thought.


Dru: Honey, I'm just a little bit concerned, because we never had an official guarantee. And I was just wondering, you know, could this whole deal go kablooey and Jabot end up without an orchid? Just wondering, you know.

Neil: No.

Dru: I just want to remind you that this was Jabot's idea. This was our orchid. I'm getting the feeling that we're about to get ripped off.

Neil: I already told you, it's not gonna happen.

Dru: So then you have that wildcat Phyllis under control, right?

Neil: Yes, I am... working on it.

Dru: Work-- working on it? How can I step to Jack with that? I need something substantial!

Neil: Okay, would you please, just please... I'm doing the best that I can, you know? Pressure isn't gonna help.

Dru: Yeah, I know that. I know that, honey. I just need a little reassurance, 'cause mommy's in the doghouse at Jabot. Now can we just focus on me, just right here?

Neil: Yeah. Okay, I'm right here.

Dru: Okay, can you assure me that there will be no major snafus? Can you?


J.T.: You sure Ange wasn't the one who set up that pole to electrocute Brittany?

Bobby: Yeah, I think I know who it was, but I wanna check it out before I name names.

Raul: Fine, as long as I get first crack at him.

Bobby: Don't worry, we'll take turns on him.

Frederick: Why haven't you left?

Bobby: I'm not goin' anywhere until somebody tells me that Brittany’s okay.

Frederick: That's fine. Then I'll have you thrown out.

Bobby: This isn't a bank, Fred. You can have your pals take away my loan, but you don't have any pals in here.

Frederick: Hey, nurse, can I get some disinfectant over here? We got some scum that needs--

Bobby: Just shut up.

J.T.: Hey, come on, guys. This is a hospital, all right?

Nurse: I'm afraid I'm gonna--

Olivia: It's okay. I can handle it. It's all right.

Raul: Dr. Winters, can you tell us something?

Bobby: Did you perform surgery on her?

Frederick: They operated. I signed the consent form. Is she conscious? Can I see her?

Olivia: Wait a minute. First of all, I didn't do the surgery on Brittany. We had a highly-skilled specialist do it. He's a brilliant plastic surgeon. He would have come out here and told you himself, except he had to be called away on an emergency.

Raul: So tell us, how is she?

Olivia: Okay, let's take this in order of importance. Not only did Brittany make it through the night, but we're convinced that her E.K.G and E.E.G. Are solid enough where I can say that there's no heart or brain damage. She's gonna live. She's gonna be her old self. Internally. Her hands are burned, and there's a top-notch burn unit doing what needs to be done. Her hands should heal, and she should regain her full range of motion. She may need some physical therapy, which I indicated to you before.

Frederick: What about her face?

Olivia: Well, your daughter was burned on the path of contact with the pole. I won't get into a lot of science about skin conductivity, but Brittany received minor burns along her legs and up across the lower part of her chest and up under her arm. The next point of contact was, apparently, her cheek, that received more damage. I know you didn't see much evidence of burning after the accident, but electrical burns burn the skin differently than a flame or metal would. Of course, the surgeon is well aware that we're dealing with the face of a young woman. And he and I consulted, but he felt that it was necessary to get underneath the necrotic tissue to make sure that there was no infection, so that there wouldn't be more damage to the tissue.

Frederick: So what you're saying is you had to cut under the skin?

Olivia: Yeah, but I'm glad we did, because we did find dead tissue, and by removing it, we eliminated some of the problems.

Raul: Will there be a scar?


Danny: Oh, okay. I get it now. I know what this is all about. You don't like the idea of Chris and me being together. In fact, you don't like anybody being with Chris except for you.

Paul: You know, I admit, it hasn't been easy.

Danny: Paul, isn't that kind of a double standard? I mean, its fine for you to move on with Lauren, but if Chris wants to have some happiness in her life, your nose gets out of joint?

Paul: Danny, I realize that I am not in a position to tell Chris what to do. But I do still care about her. And I intend to watch out for her.

Danny: So you can relax, all right? I'm no threat.

Paul: I wish I could agree.

Danny: If you're referring to the past and the pain I've caused her, let me tell you something, you are not one to talk.

Paul: This has nothing to do with the past.

Danny: Well, then what?

Paul: It has to do with what you're doing now, right now, Danny.

Danny: All right, you know what? Can you just stop with the riddles and just spit it out? Because I have no idea where you're coming from, all these terrible things that I'm doing to Chris.

Paul: Okay. Passing yourself off as a successful rock star with a booming career, when the truth is, you really haven't been doing that well, not for some time.

Danny: I didn't realize I was under investigation.

Paul: You weren’t. It's not like that.

Danny: Really, oh-so-clever Mr. Detective?

Paul: No, Danny, I came upon this information totally by accident. Lynne is one of your biggest fans, and she was checking the internet to find out if you have a new cd coming out or you're going to be on tour soon. But that really isn't happening, and it hasn't been, not for a long, long time.

Danny: It's not what you think. I'm not trying to play games or impress anyone.

Paul: Maybe not, but you've been letting people believe the myth.

Danny: I didn't want anyone's pity. Okay, fine. My career is not going so well. But I also haven't lost hope that I could turn it around.

Paul: You sure you're not kidding yourself?

Danny: Paul, I know my career won't be what it used to be. But I also have a lot to be thankful for. Some artists will never reach the level of success that I did in my glory days.

Paul: Danny, you can't live in the past.

Danny: Don't you think I know that? My life is changing. It's tough. So why don't you cut me some slack?! You know, I bet you're really enjoying this, aren't you?

Paul: No, I'm not.

Danny: Really? You're not just itching to rub my face in it?

Paul: No.

Danny: So what now? You gonna run straight to Chris, tell her that I'm a big liar, I'm all washed up?

Paul: No, I'm not gonna tell Chris anything. You are.


Dru: Neil, you gave me your word.

Neil: I know I did, okay? And I'm doing my best to make sure it works out. God, you know, I love you so much.

Dru: Yeah, don't even try it. What if it doesn't?

Neil: "What if," "what if," "what ."." Don't even go there.

Dru: Neil, listen, you told me that-- that you would guarantee me an orchid. You damn near twisted my arm about it, too.

Neil: I never said that.

Dru: Let me refresh your memory. Let me refresh your memory. You said if I told you about the secret properties of that orchid, you could get me one. Yes, you did. Don't stand there and lie.

Neil: And I will.

Dru: You better, 'cause I don't know what I'm gonna do if you don’t. Y-you have to get me one. to humiliate you.


Danny: Coulda fooled me.

Paul: I am here because I care about Chris, and I want what's best for her.

Danny: And in your opinion, that's not me.

Paul: Hey, you know what? That is not for me to decide.

Danny: Gee, what a relief.

Paul: I just don't think it's fair for her to be falling for some out-of-date image of Danny Romalotti. And I think you know that, too. Danny, you can't build a relationship on dishonesty.

Danny: How do I tell a woman as special as Chris that everything she believes about me is a lie?

Paul: Oh, come on. She doesn't care about your career. This is about you as a person.

Danny: I-I... I kept telling myself that I had it in perspective. You know, I... what a fool.

Paul: The worst thing you can do is let Chris start living a lie. She needs a man who can be truthful with her.

Paul: Think about it. Level with her, before she finds out on her own.


Olivia: Will there be a scar? Yes. There was significant necrosis of the tissue, which is dead tissue close to the surface, in several areas. We had to remove the skin, and then we took the remaining margins and pulled them together and glued them with tissue adhesive. Now no two people heal the same. And provided there's no infection, and the fact that we used state-of-the-art technology to minimize the scar formation, it's possible that Brittany’s appearance will only be altered slightly, but it will be altered.

J.T.: Yeah, I mean, if you took out stuff from underneath the skin...

Olivia: There'll be a depression. I mean, there's no avoiding that. I mean, the surgeon did his best to follow along her cheekbone to preserve the symmetry of her face. Obviously, there were constraints with location and depth. But I want you to know that we know exactly what we're doing, and we've done the very best.

Frederick: I know. Thank you, doctor.

Raul: Thanks.

Bobby: So when can we see her?

Olivia: Well, Brittany is on a lot of pain medication right now, and they're changing her dressing frequently, so there's a lot of activity going on. I mean, I do want her to have visitors, but not right now.

Frederick: It's okay, doctor. It's your call.

Olivia: I'd say our greatest concern right now is the danger of infection.

Bobby: Sal.

Sal: Hey, Bobby, listen. Hospital's give me the screaming creeps, all right? So can we go talk somewhere else?

Bobby: Did I say talk?

Sal: Yeah, that's what Angelo said.

Bobby: Forget Angelo. This is between you and me.

Sal: You look tired.

Bobby: Yeah, well, I am. You know why? 'Cause I been up all night sitting in that chair wondering what kind of sick animal would do what you did. Now that you're here, you tell me.

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