Friday Y&R Transcript 1/23/04

Y&R Transcript Friday 1/23/04--Canada; Monday 1/24/04


(Cheering and applause)

Bobby: Sal, what the hell is going on?

Sal: Watch the show, Bobby. She's great. You know, I predict a big future for that girl.

Bobby: Call those two guys off right now.

Sal: No can do.

Man: Whoa!

Man: Oh, look out now. Whoa. Watch out. (Cheers and applause)

Man: Whoa. Whoa.

Bobby: Brittany!

Frederick: Brittany!

Bobby: Brittany!

Frederick: Brittany!

Bobby: Angelo, call 911!

Frederick: Brittany!

Raul: Move her away from the pole.

Bobby: I got her, I got her. Get her legs.

Raul: I got her.

Frederick: Somebody call 911!

Raul: Brittany. Hey, baby. Hey, wake up, sweetie.

Frederick: Let go of me!

Raul: Here, tilt her head back. Tilt her head back.

Frederick: Damn you. Let go!


Paul: Continue surveillance, and see if there is, uh, anything out of the ordinary. I need to get in contact with a psychiatrist as well.

Lynne: Hiya, boss. It is so cold.

Paul: Hey, Lynne.

Lynne: Oh, that felt good. You record anything juicy on that?

Paul: Oh, nothing for your delicate ears to hear. Until, of course, you transcribe it.

Lynne: Okay.

Paul: So what's up?

Lynne: Oh, I wanted you to have your messages-- nice and cold-- before I call it quits for the day.

Paul: Yeah, they are. Hot date tonight?

Lynne: I'll let you know in the morning.

Paul: Mm-hmm. Anything from J.T. In here?

Lynne: Just that he checked in. He's staying on Kevin Fisher, and everything's going according to plan.

Paul: Okay. Good. So can I get you anything?

Lynne: No. I also did some more checking on Danny Romalotti, as you asked me to.

Paul: Oh. And?

Lynne: The concert dates are getting fewer and farther between. I mean, he's not exactly playing in bars yet, but it's pretty close.

Paul: Hmm. Well, I'm sorry to hear that.

Lynne: Are you gonna tell Chris?

Paul: Well, I don't see any reason to. I mean, it's gotta be hard enough on the guy. I mean, having to put on this act for everyone.

Lynne: I agree. I'm outta here.

Paul: Okay.

Lynne: My date's picking me up in an hour. Stay warm.

Paul: Have a good time.

Lynne: Thanks.

Chris: Hey.

Lynne: Chris, are you looking for Paul?

Chris: I-I wasn't, but I'll say hello.

Lynne: I know he'd like that.

Chris: Okay.

Lynne: Bye.

Chris: Bye.


Frederick: Brittany! Let go of me! Marsino!

Raul: Come on, Brittany, breathe.

Bobby: Let go of him. Let go of him. Get your hands off him now! Let go!

Raul: Can you hear me?

Bobby: Get out. Let's go. Out.

Raul: Wake up, baby. Come on, baby, wake up.

Raul: Help's coming. Help is on the way, okay? Come on. Brittany!

Frederick: Brittany.

Raul: Wake up, sweetie.

Angelo: Get outta the way. Bobby. Bob. Bob.

Raul: Brittany.

Angelo: They're on the way. What do you want me to do?

Bobby: Ange, what the hell is this?

Angelo: What do you mean? I don't know. She was just--

Bobby: You don't know?! You don't know what's going on?! You lying son of a--

Crowd: Ohh!


J.T.: Well, if it isn't Kevin Fisher?

Kevin: J.T., What a nice surprise.

J.T.: You know, I used to hate running into you. But now, kinda like it.

Kevin: Yeah? Well, I wish I could say the same.

J.T.: Oh, man, that kind of hurts a little bit.

Kevin: You think so? Try getting fired.

J.T.: Oh, come on. You still can't be mad about that?

Kevin: You had no right to do that to me, J.T., None at all.

J.T.: Hey, who says it was me? I was just the messenger.

Kevin: Oh, like I'm supposed to believe that?

J.T.: The word's out about you, man. Yeah, everybody knows a little something about the fisherman.

Kevin: Right. See, there's only one thing that matters though, and that's that I'm an innocent man.

J.T.: Oh, right.

Kevin: All these stupid claims people keep making against me, no one's got any proof. None. Got that, smart guy?

J.T.: (Chuckles)

Kevin: You know, some people might call what you're doing slander.

J.T.: Oh, oh, yeah, but there'd be one thing wrong about that. We got facts. We got lots of facts, Kevin.

Kevin: You are a funny guy, J.T. All this talk all the time about facts and evidence and never having any. So come on. You got something for real? Tell me what you got. I'd love to hear it.

J.T.: Well, yeah, if you really wanna know, I guess I could tell ya.

Kevin: Actually--actually, you know what? Back up. Back up. I'm not gonna waste my time, 'cause I know that you don't know jack. So you have a good day.

J.T.: He'll be back.


Lauren: Come on, Lauren just do what paul said. Just get one of the security guys to come up here and walk you to your car. It's no big deal. Kevin is long gone. Oh, this is ridiculous. This is ridiculous. You're being silly. Scaredy-cat.

Lauren: Damn right, I'm scared. That was Kevin Fisher. Oh, my God. What if he's still out there?


Paul: Hey, Chris.

Chris: Forget to pay your office rent?

Paul: No, I've already knocked off for the day. What about you?

Chris: What about me?

Paul: Well, are you on your way home from the D.A.'S office, or are you pulling the all-night shift?

Chris: Actually, I'm here to meet Danny.

Paul: Oh. Well, um, care to join me while you wait?

Chris: Sure. Why not?

Paul: Can I get you a latte or something?

Chris: No. I'm fine.

Paul: You're looking really good.

Chris: It's amazing what a little makeup can do for dark circles.

Paul: Job pretty stressful?

Chris: You have no idea.

Paul: So, um, you and Danny are becoming quite an item lately.

Chris: Paul...

Paul: I'm not gonna make any wisecracks.

Chris: But you're tempted.

Paul: No, I'm not, not really. You, uh, seem pretty happy and relaxed when you two are together, so...

Chris: I could say the same thing about you and Lauren.

Paul: You know, there was a time when you and I used to make each other feel that way.

Chris: Yeah, I know. Let's not talk about it. It will just make me sad.

Paul: Just so you know, that's all I want, your happiness, whether I'm in your life or not.

Chris: I know that. Let's hope the day never comes when we aren't a part of each other's lives.

Paul: A piece of advice?

Chris: Lay it on me.

Paul: Don't get in too deep too soon.

Chris: Sounds like good advice for both of us.

Paul: Yeah. Well, I just you know you. When you give your heart, that's all she wrote.

Chris: Meaning I'm a pushover?

Paul: No, it's just that I think you trust too easily. Trust is something that needs to be earned.

Chris: You know something about Danny I don't?

Paul: Uh, no. I would say that no matter who you were dating.

Chris: You're sweet for worrying.

Paul: Just be careful. That's all I ask.

Chris: I will. You're not an easy act to follow, you know that?

Paul: Oh, I know. All the chicks tell me that.

Chris: Why are you bringing this up tonight? Are you sure there isn't something going on I should know about?

Paul: Hey, Danny.

Chris: Hey.

Danny: Hi. So is this a private conversation, or can anyone join in?


Angelo: Let's go. I'm sorry. Listen, come by next week. We'll make it worth your while, all right? Stop by next week. Drinks on me next week, okay? Just take it easy. Come on.

|Bobby: Okay, guys, put this on her. Put this over her.

Frederick: Just get the hell away from her, will you?

Raul: Bobby, what the hell... what happened? That was electricity, right?

Bobby: I don't know. It was a short circuit or something.

Raul: It went right through her head.

Bobby: Look, we don't know what happened. Just wait for the doctors. Where the hell are they?

Angelo: Hey, Sal...

Sal: Ange, that's a nasty looking bruise. Might wanna put some ice on that.

Angelo: Damn it, Sal, what did you do?

Sal: Take your hands off me. I didn't do nothin'.

Angelo: Yeah, well, you said you were--

Sal: Yeah, yeah, I said. What can I tell ya? Stuff happens.

Brittany: (Moans)

Frederick: Brittany. Where the hell are the paramedics?

Bobby: Just calm down. Your yelling's not gonna get 'em here any faster.

Frederick: Don't you tell me to calm down! Brittany, honey... come on, kitten. Come on, Britt.


Danny: I'm sorry I'm late.

Chris: Just by a few minutes. Paul kept me company.

Danny: Yeah, I, uh, I see that.

Paul: So what do you kiddies have planned for tonight?

Danny: Dinner. You know, we'll just, uh, what, improvise?

Paul: Oh, rich rock star like you, uh, we're probably talking the colonnade room, aren't we?

Danny: Would you like me to bring you back a doggie bag?

Paul: No, thanks.

Danny: So what about you? What's on your schedule for this evening?

Paul: What, you mean besides work? Well, Laurenís joining me.

Chris: Oh, surprise, surprise.

Danny: Okay. Well, we better, uh...

Chris: Yeah.

Danny: Get going.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: I'll see ya.

Paul: Later.

Danny: Allow me.

Chris: Thank you.

Paul: Oh, what's keeping Lauren?

Michael: Talking to your imaginary friend?

Paul: You know, I don't recall asking you to join me.

Michael: I just saw Christine with her ex-- her other ex-- as I walked in here.

Paul: Yeah, so?

Michael: So she sure got over you in record time.

Paul: So what's going on with you and Victor? Is Chris still on your tail, legally speaking?

Michael: Oh, Victor's more than mine, I'm afraid.

Paul: This is something I don't understand. You see, Newman never had trouble with the law until he hired you.

Michael: Heck of a coincidence, huh?

Paul: Really? I don't think so.

Michael: So what about you, hotshot? Catching any criminals lately?

Paul: Well, I've been chasing a few.

Michael: Wouldn't surprise me if one of 'em was Kevin Fisher.


Frederick: She moaned once or twice, and she moved a little bit.

Paramedic: That's good.

Frederick: But does that mean anything? Her face was against that pole. The electricity could have gone through her brain, right?

Paramedic: They'll be checking that out when we get to the hospital, sir.

Raul: What about her heart?

Paramedic: It's beating, that's the main thing. No irregularities at this point, but, uh--

Bobby: Look, guys, just let 'em do their work, okay?

Frederick: Let me tell you something, Marsino.

Bobby: You know what? Save it, Fred. I already know what you're gonna say.

Frederick: I'm gonna see you in jail.

Bobby: There's nothing you can do to make me feel worse than I already do.

Paramedic: Is there an elevator?

Bobby: There's a service elevator right through that door.

Paramedic: Is anyone riding with us?

Frederick: Yeah. I'm through here for now.

Bobby: You got room for two?

Paramedic: Yeah.

Bobby: Go ahead. I'll see you at the hospital.

Bobby: Damn it. Damn it! Are you ready, boots?


Chris: Let's see, I think I have leftover pot roast, or we could order in. Whatever you want.

Danny: Man, are you a cheap date or what?

Chris: And a tired one. I am sorry.

Danny: Oh, hey, don't worry about it. We'll, uh, we'll go out another time. I'm not that hungry anyway.

Chris: Neither am I.

Danny: All keyed up for the big day tomorrow in court?

Chris: Never in my wildest dreams...

Danny: You against Victor Newman. Wow. Pretty heavy stuff.

Chris: I took this job because I wanted to be a part of big, important cases. Talk about being careful what you wish for. Anyway, it will be nice to just kind of have a quiet evening, get to bed early.

Danny: Is that the only reason you didn't want to go out tonight?

Chris: What do you mean?

Danny: Well, when I called you were totally up for it. And then after we met at the coffeehouse, well, your mood changed. I mean, not that I mind being here and having you all to myself, of course. It's just...

Chris: What?

Danny: I don't know. I feel there's a little wall between us. And I can't help wondering if it has something to do with what you and Paul were talking about.


Paul: What do you know about Kevin Fisher?

Michael: So you've heard of him?

Paul: Yeah, I've heard of him. But I'm kind of surprised you have.

Michael: Phyllis Abbott mentioned him to me.

Paul: In what context?

Michael: She works with Neil Winters. Her husband works with Brad Carlton at Jabot. When Ginaís burned down, everybody was wondering who had set the fire, right?

Paul: Ah. So I should have known you'd be into all the rumors.

Michael: Oh, from what I hear, it's more than rumor. Apparently, Fisher is your prime suspect.

Paul: So they say.

Michael: And the girls' families are pretty upset because he's not behind bars already.

Paul: Can you blame them? Colleen was almost killed, and the other girl got sucked into having sex with the creep.

Michael: Yeah, that's sick, yeah.

Paul: Yeah. But what I don't get is why you automatically assume that I'm involved.

Michael: Seems logical. Once Genoa City's finest aren't doing anything, who do you call? Paul Williams, private eye.

Paul: Yeah, but I'm not the only P.I. In Genoa City.

Michael: You're friends with most of these people. All right, you know, maybe I'm totally off track. Maybe you're not on this case.

Paul: No, as a matter of fact, I am, but what do you care one way or the other?

Michael: Well, I was thinking, if this guy really is an arsonist and a child molester, he shouldn't be on the streets.

Paul: Or are you trying to drum up business?

Michael: What is that supposed to mean?

Paul: Well, when we get this guy, he's gonna need a defense attorney.

Michael: Oh, Paul, I realize you don't believe that I'm capable of sincere concern, but from what I hear, this guy has caused a lot of pain and fear. Preying on underage girls, thatís... that's despicable.

Paul: Yeah, no argument there.

Michael: I'd prosecute him myself if I could.

Paul: The trouble is he has been extremely clever in covering his tracks.

Michael: You're sure he's guilty?

Paul: Oh, he's guilty, all right.

Michael: You just can't prove it.

Paul: I'm working on it, making progress, but I don't have enough, not yet. I just hope we get this psycho before he gets his next victim. (Cell phone ring)

Paul: Oh. (Cell phone rings)

Paul: Lauren, where the devil are you?

Lauren: The boutique. You're probably wondering what happened to me.

Paul: Are you okay? You sound sort of--

Lauren: He was here, just as I was leaving.

Paul: Who was?

Lauren: Kevin.

Paul: Kevin Fisher was there? Are you sure it was him?

Lauren: Yes. He told me his last name.

Paul: Did he do anything to you?

Lauren: No. No. God, he left a little while ago, and I'm still shaking.

Paul: Did you lock the door?

Lauren: Yes.

Paul: All right, you don't move. I will be right there.

Michael: What's the problem? Paul, Paul, what happened? Pa--

Michael: Oh, God.

Michael: All right, Kevin, this has gotta stop. Big brother's gonna have do something before things get all the way out of control.


Trevor: Man, you must love the coffee here. Don't you have a job?

J.T.: Hey, I'm gonna pay my bill, Trevor, all right? Don't worry about it.

Trevor: All right.

Kevin: You're still here?

J.T.: Oh, we didn't finish our talk.

Kevin: Like you really have any evidence. Somehow I doubt that.

J.T.: Why's that, man? Did you cover your tracks too well?

Kevin: Nice try, J.T., But we're talking about cold, hard facts here, not your paranoid accusations.

J.T.: You think I'm bluffing, don't you?

Kevin: I know you're bluffing, and that's what's so great about it. I couldn't pay for entertainment like this.

J.T.: Entertainment? Kind of like last summer when you had all that entertainment at my expense?

Kevin: Last summer? I don't know what you're talking about.

J.T.: Really?

Kevin: Yeah, and why are you going back to last summer?

J.T.: Because I've still got some questions, questions I've been thinking a lot about lately. Like that night in the park when you scared the hell out of Colleen. You remember that?

Kevin: No.

J.T.: Oh, I think you do, 'cause that was the same night that somebody wrecked my apartment. And that's one hell of a coincidence, don't you think, Kev?

Kevin: How so?

J.T.: Well, how many reasons do you want, man?

Kevin: None, really. I know you're just trying to do a number on me.

J.T.: No, no, let me tell you how I see it. All right, all of the sudden, out of the blue, somebody goes over to the loft and destroys it, just rips it up, man. And then, that very same night, you happen to run into Colleen in the park and scare the hell out of her. Then later I found out that she left a message on my machine asking me to meet her at the park. Only, Kevin, my answering machine was destroyed. Now who do you think did that, huh?

Kevin: This is all fascinating, really, but I have no idea why you're telling me any of it.

J.T.: Yeah, I think you do. I think you know exactly why I'm asking you this. 'Cause you're the one who destroyed it.

Kevin: Now I know you're losing it.

J.T.: Don't you want to hear the end of the story? 'Cause it's really good. This is how I know what I know-- a fingerprint, one great, big clear fingerprint right there in the apartment. And the cops made a match and everything.

Kevin: Okay, that's impossible. Now I know that you're lying, because I didnít...

J.T.: What's that? What did you say?

Kevin: It must have been somebody else's print. I don't even know where you live.

J.T.: Oh, man, you almost slipped up, Kevin. You gotta be more careful.


Frederick: Get the doctor! Where's the...

Olivia: What do we got?

Paramedic: Female, 20 years old. Electrical burns to the hands and face from contact with a charged metal pole. EKG is normal.

Olivia: Yeah, that can change.

Paramedic: Semi-conscious when we arrived at the scene, but lost consciousness en route. Pupils have good response. She's yours now.

Olivia: Okay, much appreciated. Come on, let's get her into trauma one stat!

Raul: Dr. Winters, this is Brittanyís father.

Frederick: Is she gonna be all right?

Olivia: You know what? I have to evaluate her first, check her heart. We're gonna do an E.E.G., Evaluate her burns.

Raul: The burns, they don't look that bad.

Olivia: Yeah, well, these are electrical burns. They could be... I'm sorry.

Frederick: Doctor, just come back, tell us!


Danny: I don't know. It sounds like Paul was warning you off me.

Chris: No.

Danny: You sure he wasn't acting out of self-interest?

Chris: He wasn't acting jealous or possessive at all. Why would he? He's got Lauren keeping him so busy.

Danny: I'm still not sure what to think about all that "concern" of his.

Chris: Especially 'cause it's you. I mean, God, it's not like we just met. I don't think we could pull the wool over each other's eyes even if we wanted to.

Danny: Have I told you how much it means to me being a part of your life again? I have treasured and cherished this time we've spent together.

Chris: Me too. I feel like I can be my whole self with you-- the good and the bad. No walking on eggshells or hiding my feelings, worrying about if I've said the wrong thing.

Danny: It's sort of like falling off a log.

Chris: Kind of.

Danny: I mean, it's the way it should be.

Chris: A true friendship, you mean.

Danny: Let me tell you something. Wherever you go, that's my home. I mean, it's the one place in this world, the one place I was meant to be. When I'm with you, it's like nothing else matters.

Danny: That's the truth.


Paul: Lauren, it's me. Open up.

Paul: You okay?

Lauren: Fine. I'm just shaken up.

Paul: So the guy told you his name? It's definitely Kevin Fisher?

Lauren: You were so sure it was him, but actually hearing him say it...

Paul: Did he threaten you? Did he harm you in any way?

Lauren: No, not at all.

Paul: Okay, so what the devil was he doing coming by here again? Did he ask about J.T. Or anyone else that works here?

Lauren: No.

Paul: Are you sure? Because J.T. has made it his mission to give the guy grief. I wouldn't put it past Fisher to be planning some sort of revenge.

Lauren: Paul, I don't think his focus is J.T. I think it's me.


Raul: That pole-- is it a conduit? Are there wires running through it?

Bobby: I don't know. It's a pole. I had it put in by a guy that installs poles. There's no wires running through it.

Raul: It was a setup, all right? Somebody rigged that thing to burn Brittany.

Bobby: You don't know that.

Raul: Bobby, this is exactly what I warned you about. Now I know you didn't do it, but somebody that you know did it.

Bobby: If it was anyone, I hate to say it...

Raul: Angelo?

Bobby: He gets crazy at the idea of anybody shutting us down. Why won't this guy leave us the hell alone?

Frederick: What are you looking at, Marsino? I'm talking to the cops.

Bobby: See, he doesn't even realize that this is all his fault.

Raul: Damn it, Bobby, this isn't all his fault. You don't respond to threats with violence. He can't even close down your club unless you break the law.

Bobby: Hey, don't tell me. Tell Angelo. Sal had something to do with it, too, probably.

Raul: What, the music guy?

Bobby: I don't know. I don't know. I can't even think straight until I know she's okay.

Frederick: I've got the police, the fire, the building and safety people all headed to your club, Marsino. We're gonna find out why this happened.

Bobby: "Why it happened." It happened because...

Frederick: Why? Do you know?

Bobby: No. It just happened.

Frederick: Yeah, in a pig's eye, Marsino.

Raul: Mr. Hodges, Bobby wouldn't hurt Brittany.

Frederick: You know what? You're incredibly naive, Raul. This greasy punk doesn't care about anybody but himself. Look at him. Look at the business he's in. He's corrupt, he's cheap and he's dirty.

Bobby: You know what? I've had just about enough of your mouth!

Raul: Hey, hold it, not here! Not here!

Frederick: Let him go, Raul! He's a violent man. That's all he understands.


Lauren: So I let Kevin think that I might be willing to go out with him, you know, just to get him out of here.

Paul: Right, so you did what you had to do. But it makes me sick that this pervert is zeroing in on you.

Lauren: Well, I think he's got a bit of a mommy complex.

Paul: He's got a lot bigger problems than that. You know, God, the thought of him anywhere near you--

Lauren: Look, I'm okay. I'm just really glad that you're here.

Paul: The first time he was here, I guarantee, it was on account of J.T. It had to be.

Lauren: And then I made that mistake of being too nice to him.

Paul: Yeah, well, you had no idea, so don't beat yourself up. Look, the question is now how do we deal with this guy? Because I tell ya, I'm not gonna allow Kevin Fisher to add your name to his list of people he's messing with.


Chris: I should get some sleep.

Danny: Right. I should get going.

Chris: Okay.

Danny: All right. So good night.

Chris: Good night.


Kevin: "Slipping up"? Nice try, J.T. Now I know you're messing with my head. Tell me this. If there was any truth to this, why haven't I been charged with anything?

J.T.: All right, I'll tell you why. Because everybody knows how slippery you are, Kevin. And the cops aren't gonna try to charge you with anything until they have a rock-solid case. And that's when they're gonna nail you, man. But until then, they're just gonna keep you on the loose, 'cause that gives you more chances to slip up. You see, man, keeping you free is the best thing that they can do. 'Cause they're gonna be watching you, Kevin, and so am I. But don't let that ruin your night, because I'm not gonna let it ruin mine.

Kevin: You're not near as smart as you think you are, all right? I'd be careful if I were you.

J.T.: Are you threatening me, Kevin, huh? Is that a threat, Kevin?


Paul: Kevin Fisher is insane. He's obsessive, and he's dangerous. I'm gonna have to put the fear of God in Kevin Fisher where you're concerned.

Lauren: But what about your plan with J.T.?

Paul: To hell with our plan. I'm pulling the plug. We'll find some other way to get the guy.

Lauren: No. You've worked way too hard to set this all up perfectly. There's no way that you're going to abandon this because of me. In fact, with me in the mix, it might help. I mean, this guy trusts me. We could use that.

Paul: Lauren, Lauren, you are talking about getting personally involved with a mentally unstable, violent man.

Lauren: Well, it wouldn't be the first time.

Paul: Oh, don't even joke about this. I care about you too much.

Lauren: But Kevin doesn't know that.

Paul: It's possible he has been stalking you for weeks. With a crazy guy like Kevin, anything is possible.

Lauren: So then I'll be careful. I won't try and hide anything. Please, if there's any way that my getting closer to this creep is gonna put him away, you've got to let me do this.

Paul: It's absolutely crazy. Why would you want to spend time with him? When I walked in here, may I remind you, you were trembling.

Lauren: Paul, I can handle this.

Paul: I don't want you to handle it. Lauren, you could be his next victim. Don't you see how precious you are to me?


Raul: Where's Mrs. Hodges? Is she coming?

Frederick: No, she's, uh... she's at her sister's in Houston. I didn't want to tell her about all this until we know more.

Raul: Dr. Winters.

Frederick: How is she?

Olivia: Brittany's heart is functioning well for the most part. The electrical system that works the heart is delicate, and damage doesn't necessarily show up right away. But for the time being, everything's fine in that area.

Bobby: What about her head?

Olivia: Well, I'd like to see more awareness. She's still a little fuzzy. Her E.E.G. was good, but, as I said, these are delicate and complicated systems. I mean, they're used to a microscopic amount of electricity, but they're certainly not made to take house current. All we can do right now is just wait and watch her closely. I know you all want to know when you can see her, but not right now. Soon, I hope, but not right now.

Raul: What about her burns?

Olivia: Well, that's tricky, too. I know it appeared that there wasn't much damage on the surface, but with electrical burns, the damage tends to be under the tissue. Her hands have been burnt severely, but with luck and therapy she should be able to regain full use of them with little or no scarring. What I'm really concerned about is her cheek. We may have to do a debridement, which means we have to go in there and cut under the skin, remove the dead tissue so that there's no infection, because as you all know, infection is the worst thing in a burn situation.

Bobby: Wow, she's gonna have to have surgery on her face?

Olivia: Yeah, that's possible, but right now I just want to get through the night.

Frederick: Wait, wait, what do you mean? What are you saying? She could...

Raul: The doctor explained it. The heart, the brain...

Bobby: You need 'em both.

Olivia: Look, I have to get back in there. You'll both still be here?

Raul: Absolutely.

Olivia: Okay.

Raul: There's a chapel on the second floor.

Bobby: I don't pray.


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Phyllis: I'm coming home.


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