Thursday Y&R Transcript 1/22/04

Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/22/04--Canada; Friday 1/23/04--USA

BY Eric
Proofread by Boo

Nikki:  My God, I can't believe this. What on earth would possess you?

Victor: I have no other options.

Nikki: So what are you saying? What are you telling me?

Victor: You know the charges against me.

Nikki: I never in a million years thought you would be convicted.

Victor: I don't think of myself as a criminal.

Nikki: Then why are you pleading guilty?

Victor: Apparently, I have no choice.

Nikki: You keep saying that, but I don't understand.

Victor: What I'm being accused of, as far as I'm concerned, is happening every day in the world in all walks of life. Nothing new.

Nikki: Victor, it doesn't make it right. It doesn't make it legal. I really don't know how I'm supposed to feel right now. My company was harmed by your bribery scheme. I suppose I should feel vindicated, but I donít. What's gonna happen now? Are you going to jail?

Victor: Apparently, if I plead guilty to the state's charges, I may avoid it, but there's no guarantee.

Nikki: Oh, my God.

Nikki: Why is this happening?

Victor: You know why this is happening. Because my own son betrayed me, that's why this is happening.


Raul: What am I invisible or something?

J.T.: Hi, dude. What's up?

Raul: What's your hurry?

J.T.: Stakeout. Well, not exactly, but I gotta get in someone's face.

Raul: Okay, Mr. Private eye.

J.T.: I'm talking about Kevin Fisher. I'm gonna go check out some of his local hangouts and see if I can track him down.

Raul: Wow. You're taking this sleuth thing pretty serious.

J.T.: Hey, this is one job I really dig.

Raul: Cool.

J.T.: So you headin' somewhere, too?

Raul: I'm going to work.

J.T.: Well, the boutique's closed, Raul.

Raul: I know. I got a job at Marsino's.

J.T.: What?

Raul: Yep.

J.T.: What, Bobby actually put you on his payroll?

Raul: Temporarily.

J.T.: What is it with that place? It's like a black hole suckin' everyone in.

Raul: Well, now I'll be closer to Brittany, in case she needs me.

J.T.: Oh, come on, man. Look, you may have gotten used to the idea of her stripping, but seeing those horny guys cheering and lusting after her every night, you really think you can handle that?


Bobby: Hey, Ange. Looks like we're gonna have a busy night tonight. I'm gonna put some extra $1s and $5s behind the register for you.

Angelo: Works for me.

Bobby: Listen, Freddie Hodges, he comes in tonight, you come and get me. You don't do anything. Just let me know. I'll get him out nice and quiet. No muss, no fuss.

Angelo: No muss, no fuss. Oh, by the way Sal said he might stop by and, uh, listen to the songbird tonight.

Bobby: Really? It's about time.

Brittany: Hi, guys.

Angelo: Excuse me.

Brittany: Talking to my one-man fan club?

Bobby: Ange likes you. It's just your father he's not that crazy about. Forget that. Sal Staleyís gonna be in tonight.

Brittany: Yeah?! That's great! Bobby, this could be my big break!

Bobby: Hey, it could be. Hope you got a hot little number worked out.

Brittany: Are you kidding? I have a song that's gonna knock his socks off.

Bobby: You're so cute when you get excited.


Paul: So how much longer?!

Lauren: So impatient.

Paul: Darn right I'm impatient. I want you all to myself. Let's get rolling, huh?

Lauren: Well, we would have been gone long before now if you hadn't been so distracting.

Paul: Oh. You want distracting? I'll show you distracting.

Lauren: Yeah? Later, okay? But you know what? I'm onto you.

Paul: Oh?

Lauren: You're not just here to hurry me along.

Paul: I'm not?

Lauren: No. You are standing guard in case that guy who you think is Kevin Fisher comes back.


(Knock on door)

Michael: Do I have to move to get rid of you?!

Kevin: You know, just once I'd like to feel welcome in my own brother's home.

Michael: Dream on.

Kevin: Look, I even got you a present. Don't say I never bring you anything.

Michael: Do I have to call the bomb squad?

Kevin: It's candy, all right? Jeez, are you always this nasty?

Michael: Chocolate-covered cherries.

Kevin: Youíre favorite, right?

Michael: No, Mom's favorite. I can't stand them.

Kevin: Oh. Well, it's the thought that counts, right, big brother?

Michael: Look, why don't you just tell me why you're here so we can get this over with? What is it you want this time?

Kevin: A job.


Brittany: I hope Mr. Staley likes the costume I picked out.

Bobby: I'm sure he will.

Brittany: My favorite one is at the cleaners. I wonder if I have time to pick it up.

Bobby: Don't worry about it. You're gonna look great in anything. And you're gonna sound great, too.

Brittany: Thanks.

Bobby: I'm not just saying that to pump you up. I mean it, Brittany.

Brittany: Bobby.

Bobby: Yeah, in case you hadn't noticed, I think you are one of the most beautiful, terrific people I've ever known. Well, there I go just running my mouth off again. (Sighs)

Brittany: Don't stop.

Bobby: Oh, you mean that?

Brittany: I like that you like me.

Bobby: You like it when I kiss you, too?

Brittany: Phew! I better save it for my act.

Bobby: Go knock 'em dead.


Paul: From the way you described him, Lauren, it was Fisher.

Lauren: Paul, I love how protective you are, truly, but knock it off!

Paul: Sweetheart--

Lauren: No, he hasn't been back. You don't have to watch over me while I'm alone here.

Paul: I want to.

Lauren: And... you are a doll. It just... it seems so silly. I mean, the guy who stopped by here--

Paul: Is a dangerous sociopath. He committed statutory rape, arson and attempted murder and God knows what else.

Lauren: But he wasn't convicted.

Paul: Lauren, have you forgotten what J.T. And Colleen have told you about the guy?

Lauren: No. No, I havenít.

Paul: Well, I don't want him showing up here again and harassing you.

Lauren: It just seems so unlikely.

Paul: Why, because he's polite? "Sensitive" is the word I think you used. Well, I want to tell you the truth about Kevin Fisher. He fixates on people. He is very volatile emotionally. He's smart and manipulative, especially where women are concerned.

Lauren: Well, I don't exactly think I'm his type, honey.

Paul: He is violent and unpredictable, I am telling you. And like it or not, I am not taking any chances.


Michael: So you need a job. Hmm. Did we get fired?

Kevin: Listen, I'm happy to get out of that place. It was a pit. And the guy that runs it was a real Neanderthal.

Michael: I don't even know how you earn your keep. And frankly, I'm not sure I want to.

Kevin: I'm a bookkeeper. What's wrong with that?

Michael: Nothing. That... nothing, that's the surprise.

Kevin: Anyway, you run a law firm. I figured you could throw some work my way. I mean, not full time. I have some other accounts, but I'm great with numbers, computers, whatever you need, Mike.

Michael: Kevin, Kevin, you gotta be kidding me, right?

Kevin: I'm not, okay? That job, it was my bread and butter. I can't live on what I make from my other gigs.

Michael: How big a check do I have to write for you to go out of my life, this time for good?

Kevin: I'm not a charity case, Mike. I went to school. I happen to be really good at what I do. You know, I don't need you handing me insults on top of all this other crap that I've been dealing with.

Michael: Spare me the details.

Kevin: You know what? Screw you. I should've known you weren't gonna help me.

Michael: Thanks for applying. We'll keep your resume on hold. Don't call us, we'll call you.

Kevin: That's real funny. Just don't come to me when you need something.

Michael: Oh, the day I come to you will be a dark day for the both of us.

Kevin: I have friends. I have people that I can go to that are gonna help me out.

Michael: What, 15-year-old girls? How many bookkeepers do they need?

Kevin: Try a beautiful, classy, mature woman who happens to be a really big deal in this town-- owns some stores, a couple of boutiques. She likes me. She respects me. We get along great.

Michael: Oh, dear God. Don't tell me. Surely you are not talking about Lauren Fenmore?


Nikki: Does Nicholas know you're pleading guilty?

Victor: What difference does that make? It's what he wants.

Nikki: No, I don't believe that.

Nikki: My God. What have we come to?

Victor: As much as that boy infuriates me... (sighs) something in me feels for him. I know that once he sees life through less idealistic eyes, he'll come to realize what he has done to his father, what he has done to our family. I wonder if we'll ever recover from it.

Nikki: That's not true. Don't say that.

Victor: Well, look at us-- my own son betrays me, our daughter's gone, haven't heard a word from her. She's gone.

Victor: In some way, I have a feeling that my children wanted to see their father go down in ruin.

Victor: And I suspect you somehow share their feeling.

Nikki: I just-- God, I just want you to make this all go away. I want you to turn back time and change it all.

Victor: I wish I could.

Victor: Never in a million years did I think that my son... my own son would betray me, never.

Nikki: Victor, I truly believe he thought he was doing the right thing. You have to try to understand him.

Victor: I'll never accept what he did. It was wrong. I don't give a damn what his rationale is.

Victor: I don't know if I'll ever be able to look him in the eye again. But you know...

Victor: When all this sinks in, I have a feeling he'll need some help. And I hope that you'll be there for him.

Nikki: What about me? Victor, who do I turn to?


 (Knock on door)

Bobby: Hold on a second. Come in. What the hell you doin' here?

Raul: Reporting for work.

Bobby: No, no, no, no, no. I got a room full of customers out there. The books, they get done during the day.

Raul: You told me not to quit my day job.

Bobby: Yeah, but...

Raul: No buts. I got school, too.

Bobby: Yeah, and you wanna see Brittany when she's workin'.

Raul: I believe we discussed this already. Wow, hey. Your demon computer is still in one piece. That's good. All right. Where are your receipts, your tax forms, your pay stubs?

Bobby: Bottom drawer on the left, filed by month.

Raul: Your w-2's already sent out?

Bobby: Yeah.

Raul: All right. Okay. So go run your club. I'll handle this.

Bobby: Listen, you stay in here with the door closed. Got it?

Raul: Bobby, I don't need to peek my head out that door to see any stripping. Huh? I can get that at home.


(Applause and cheers)

Sal: Scotch rocks.

Angelo: Hey. Look what the cat drug in.

Sal: Oh, that's nice.

Angelo: What, is that your big-shot music guy outfit?

Sal: Are you sure you wanna talk about clothes?

Angelo: Look, no sign of Fred Hodges.

Sal: Hey, I'm here to listen to a girl sing. Now if Freddie shows up, that's extra. We're ready for him, right?

Angelo: Oh, yeah. We're ready. Whoa, Sal. What are you, a magician? Check it out.

Sal: Oh, this is beautiful.

Angelo: Wait, what's that? What are you doin'?

Sal: Hey, get with the program, Ange. I don't wanna get my hands dirty any more than you do. We got people for that stuff, remember?

Angelo: Look, if Bobby sees this guy, he's gonna move him out before anything happens.

Sal: So don't let Bobby see him. Simple. Yeah. Yeah. Roll two. Marsino's. You got it. Gonna be some kinda showtime, Ange... in more ways than one.


Michael: How is it possible you even know the woman?

Kevin: I met Lauren awhile ago. She was really nice to me. We had a great talk.

Michael: About what?

Kevin: About lots of stuff. Anyway, I bet she's got a whole army of bookkeepers. She would hire me in a second.

Michael: The pestilence that is Kevin Fisher is spreading like wildfire. Everyone run for your lives. What is that?!

Kevin: Go ahead, make jokes. But Lauren won't, I guarantee it. We hit it off, big brother. We hit it off real well.

Michael: What are you saying? That you're interested in her, as in romantically interested?

Kevin: There was a spark. Big time.

Michael: You are insane.

Kevin: Just save it, all right? I know what's what. Lauren is the kind of woman I could really go for, you know? She's funny. She's sweet. She listens. She's on the ball.

Michael: And she's not 15! Let's see. How do I put this in the fewest possible words? Never happen!

Kevin: How do you know?

Michael: Because I'm acquainted with the woman, a lot better than you are.

Kevin: You two are friends?

Michael: That doesn't give you an in, Kev, so don't get excited. As much as I've sparred with Lauren, you are still the last person that I would want to inflict on her.

Kevin: Oh, she doesn't like you much, huh? Now I like her even better.

Michael: And the second reason you don't have a snowball's chance, among the possible 88,000 or so reasons, is she's involved with someone.

Kevin: Paul Williams-- so what?

Michael: Yes, her former husband. That's no small thing. Besides which, you do not want to mess with this man.

Kevin: Oh, please. He's so not even in her league.

Michael: Whatever! Lauren is not for you. Trust me. So you get that thought out of your mind.

Kevin: She liked me, Mike. I know she did. She kind of reminded me of Mom. God, it was really something the way we connected.

Michael: Okay, Kevin. Here, take your chocolate-covered cherries and whatever's left of your mind and you run, don't walk, to the nearest psychiatrist, because you have serious problems.

Kevin: I--

Michael: Problems that Lauren Fenmore does not need. So you stay the hell away from her, you hear me? And you take your little spaceship, and you fly back to planet earth. You go get help! Please! For all our sakes.

Kevin: Not for me? (Sighs) we'll just see about that.


Paul: After what Fisher did to Colleen Carlton, he is capable of anything. I don't want him anywhere near you.

Lauren: I will be careful.

Paul: Not just careful, extra careful.

Lauren: I promise. I do, okay? Now all in favor of dropping the subject of deranged psychopaths say "aye".

Paul: Aye.

Lauren: Yay! Now I'm almost ready to blow this pop stand and have some fun.

Paul: What do you mean, almost?

Lauren: This is ready for the bank. So will you please just put it in the night deposit box for me, okay?

Paul: Why can't we both do it on the way to dinner?

Lauren: Because I have a few more things to wrap up here.

Paul: Under one condition-- you lock the door soon as I leave, and you ask one of the guards at the lobby desk to accompany you down to the parking garage.

Lauren: That is a deal.

Paul: Promise?

Lauren: I do. Okay, come on. I'll lock the door.


(Applause and cheers)

Frederick: Well, well, well, if it isn't the record producer and the lady-killer.

Angelo: You know I never laid a finger on your wife.

Frederick: Yeah. Well, you shouldn't have even talked to her. You know why? 'Cause once I found out about it, I decided I wasn't gonna sleep until I put you and your boss right back on the street.

Angelo: You wanna step outside, Fred, huh? Huh? 'Cause I'll break your back in a couple of places, then maybe we can keep talkin'.

Sal: Angelo, down. Tranquilize yourself. You got customers.

Sal: You know, I heard Mr. Marsino say if he saw you in here, he was gonna throw you out. Now if you wanna catch the show, might I suggest a seat out of sight? Oh, and here, listen. Drink up. Stay outta trouble.

Sal: Angelo, you need to relax, all right? And you trust me on this one thing, okay?

Bobby: Hey, Sal.

Sal: Hey, Bobby. How you doin'? Yeah, it looks like it's gonna be a night to remember. Listen, um, where's the best place to sit?

Bobby: I don't have a bad seat in the house. I'm sure you can hear fine from right here.

Angelo: Hey, Bobby, you know, I got it under control. Why don't you go in the back, relax, you know, take a load off?

Bobby: Is somethin' going on here?

Angelo: No. No way.

Sal: Unh-unh.

Bobby: There better not be. (Audience cheering)

Brittany: Bobby, have you seen my... Raul?

Brittany: What are you doing here? Bobby's gonna have a fit.

Raul: Bobby knows I'm here.

Brittany: What do you mean, he knows?

Raul: I'm helping him with his books.

Brittany: You're working here?

Raul: Yeah, just until he can find a permanent replacement for Kevin.

Brittany: I thought we had decided that this was a bad idea?

Raul: You decided that this was a bad idea.

Brittany: I can't believe Bobby would want you working here.

Raul: I made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Brittany: Oh, please don't tell me you two are becoming friends.

Raul: No. I wouldn't go that far. But he and I do see eye to eye on a couple of things.

Brittany: Well, what about my act? I've told you I don't want you watching me onstage. I'll be too nervous.

Raul: Brittany, it's not like I haven't seen you with your clothes off before.

Brittany: (Sighs) Raul, why are you doing this?


Lauren: Purse, purse. Oh!

Kevin: Hi.

Lauren: Kevin.

Kevin: Did I scare you? I'm sorry.

Lauren: Yeah, I-- you know, I was coming out. I wasn't expecting you.

Kevin: Gosh, I'm really good at showing up right when you're closed, huh?

Lauren: Yeah, well, you know, I wouldn't worry about it.

Kevin: Thanks. I'm glad you're not mad.

Lauren: No, why-- why would I be mad?

Kevin: Well, you look like you're kind of in a rush.

Lauren: Actually, yeah--

Kevin: I wanted to see you about something. It's kind of important. Would that be okay if we talk for a minute?

Lauren: Sure.

Kevin: Thanks.

Lauren: Uh, you know, I only really do have a minute.

Kevin: Okay. I'll--I'll make the most of it.

Lauren: Okay.

Kevin: Oh, here, I got you something.

Lauren: Candy?

Kevin: Yeah, they're chocolate-covered cherries. They were my Mom's favorite. Remember, I said you kind of reminded me of her?

Lauren: Yeah. Yeah, how could I forget?

Kevin: I know it's small, but, well, you don't look like you eat much chocolate.

Lauren: Well, thank you. It was very sweet of you.

Kevin: Literally.

Lauren: Right. So you said you had something to say to me?

Kevin: Oh, yeah, I did when I was on the way over. But now that I'm here and we're just talking like this, I-- I'm just really glad to see you, Lauren. Really glad.


Raul: We have been all over this, babe. I'm worried, okay? Your dad keeps running around causing problems for Bobby and all his silent partners.

Brittany: Well, you know my Dad. He thinks he's bulletproof.

Raul: Bobby's people are gonna retaliate, I guarantee you.

Brittany: And that's why you're here, to keep an eye on things?

Raul: Not things. You. So quit complaining, okay?

Brittany: What am I gonna do with you?

Raul: I do have one idea.


Victor: I feel like I'm abandoning you.

Nikki: Well, I guess you will be if you go to jail.

Victor: It's the last thing I want you to feel, okay?

Nikki: This is just unbelievable. After everything that you've accomplished, the empire you've built all the good things that you've done, that this would happen.

Victor: Whatever comes my way, I'll handle it. I'll deal with it. I don't want you to worry about it.

Nikki: I do worry. I worry about how it's gonna affect the f-- oh, my God, wait until the media hears about this.

Victor: Don't you worry about that, okay? Christine Blair will keep it under wraps.

Nikki: Oh, yeah. Christine, your friend.

Victor: Well, in a strange way, she is. If she hadn't interfered, then this whole thing would get out of control. It still may.

Nikki: What are you not telling me?

Victor: What I'm not telling you is that the federal authorities are still interested in my case.

Nikki: And what would that mean?

Victor: Serious jail time. Very serious jail time.

Nikki: Do you want me to go with you to court in the morning?

Victor: Oh, no. Thanks for the offer, but I don't want anyone that I love to be dragged into this, okay?

Nikki: Victor...

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: I won't turn my back on you.

Victor: I know.

Nikki: I donít... I don't want us to be over.. I love you. I love you.

Victor: We will never be over.

Victor: You're a part of me. And I'm a part of you.

Nikki: Well... we don't know what... we don't know what tomorrow will bring. But we have tonight. Don't we?

Victor: Yes, we do.

Victor: Let's go.


Lauren: Well, it's nice to see you, too, Kevin.

Kevin: I'm holding you up. You probably already have plans.

Lauren: Yes, actually.

Kevin: Yeah, me, too. I have somewhere that I need to be. Do you have a date? Sorry. I'm not trying to be nosey you know what? I am. I am trying to be nosey. I wanna know everything about you, Lauren. I think you're the most incredible woman that I've ever met.

Lauren: Wow. That's quite a compliment. I, um... I don't know what to say.

Kevin: Well, I meant it.

Lauren: I'm sure you did.

Kevin: You're... I mean, you're incredibly beautiful. The guys must be lined up around the block. And you-- you probably have a boyfriend, right?

Lauren: What is it you're trying to ask me?

Kevin: Well, um... I was wondering if some evening, when you're not busy, you and I could spend some time together.

Lauren: My goodness. I, um... I don't even know your last name.

Kevin: It's Fisher. Kevin Fisher. So what do you say, Miss Fenmore? Lauren. Would you be willing to go out with me sometime?

Lauren: You're catching me off guard here.

Kevin: I know. I know we just met, but I don't know. I just-- I just feel like we have this connection, you know? I feel so comfortable when I'm around you, and I never feel that way around people.

Lauren: It's lovely for you to say.

Kevin: Okay, well, why don't you think about it? Because I would love to get to know you better. Can I come by again sometime?

Lauren: Of course.

Kevin: Great. I will very soon, and the next time I won't do it when you're closing.

Lauren: Okay. Well, you have a nice evening.

Kevin: Okay.

Lauren: Take care.

Kevin: All right. You, too.

Lauren: Thank you.

Kevin: Okay.

Lauren: All right. Bye.

Kevin: Bye.


Bobby: All right, guys. Guys, settle down for a second. First off, I wanna thank each and every one of you for coming out to Marsino's tonight. Now you all know what time it is. (Cheering)

Bobby: I'm sorry. I didn't hear you. (Cheering louder)

Bobby: All right. Without wasting any more of your time, I'm gonna give you the beautiful, the talented, the amazing, Marsino's own-- Marilyn. Now put your hands together! (Cheers and applause) (Sultry jazz music playing)

Brittany: 3 A.M. We're lying here awake in the dark again trying to get it straight who was wrong or right it's a crazy kind of fight neither one of us can win up and down... (cheers and applause) Then we hit the ground I feel my strength inside slowly breaking down so I turn to say good-bye but when I look into your eyes one thing still remains no matter how far we fall no matter how close the call I won't give up my dreams they say once it rains the sun will come shining through and I believe it's true 'cause after all I'm still in love with you And if the thunder should ever tear my world apart you'll always know the way I feel inside my heart one thing still remains no matter how far we fall no matter how close the call I won't give up my dreams they say once it rains the sun will come shining through and I believe it's true 'cause after all I'm still in love with you I believe it's true 'cause after all I'm still in love with you (cheers and applause) (Cheers and applause)

Man: Ahah!

Man #2: All right!

Man: There we go. Yeah! Come on, baby!

Man #3: Oh, yeah! (Whistling)

Man: Yeah, show some flesh! (Whistles and yelling)

Man: Come on. Come on, baby, we want flesh! (Audience cheering)

Man: Take it off!

Man #2: There we go.

Man #3: Swing it! (Audience cheering)

Bobby: Sal, what the hell's going on?

Sal: Watch the show, Bobby. She's great. You know, I predict a big future for that girl.

Bobby: Call those two guys off now.

Sal: No can do. (Audience cheering and yelling) (Audience cheering)

Man: Look out now! Whoa! Watch out!

Man: Whoa! (Audience cheering)

Bobby: Hey, Brittany!

Frederick: Brittany! Brittany

Bobby: Call 9-1-1! Angelo, call 9-1-1!

Frederick: Brittany!


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Danny: Wherever you go, that's my home. I mean, it's the one place in this world that I was meant to be.


Paul: What do you know about Kevin Fisher?

Michael: You've heard of him.

Paul: Yeah, I've heard of him, but I'm kind of surprised you have.

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