Wednesday Y&R Transcript 1/14/04

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/14/04--Canada; Thursday 1/15/04

By Amanda
Proofread by Emma

Victor: Will you please put that down and listen to me?

Nick: Okay. What would you like to talk about?

Victor: I'm worried about you.

Nick: You talking about my work here?

Victor: What do you think?

Nick: I think you're gonna replace me.

Victor: And what choice do I have in that? You betrayed me, son. I've lost faith in your judgment.

Nick: Well, then this really isn't about my future, is it? It's just another excuse for you to scold me some more.

Victor: I think you failed to think through the consequences of your actions.

Nick: That's funny, coming from you. Son I'm concerned about you. I'm concerned about what will happen to you if I'm convicted of the charges brought against me. And every time you open your mouth, I'm more concerned.


Michael: Well, if these at-home visits keep up, I'm gonna have to start putting out wine and cheese.

Becker: I'd prefer meeting at your office, but you don't seem to be spending much time there lately.

Michael: Well, don't read too much into that. We all work in cyberspace these days. Where my broadband connection is-- that is where I hang my spurs. So what can I do for you, Mr. Becker?

Becker: I'm here to talk about your bribery case.

Michael: Mine? It's the state of Wisconsin’s bribery case. It's Christine Blair’s bribery case. It’s... unless...

Becker: Unless the, uh, U.S. Attorney's office decides to re-involve itself.

Michael: Are you?

Becker: Thinking about taking over the case? Yes.

Michael: And what can I say to talk you out of that?

Becker: Oh, you don't like that idea?

Michael: Why would I? Commercial bribery in this state, even with conspiracy charges, probably wouldn't produce a jail sentence for anyone. Federal charges, on the other hand, very likely will.

Becker: More than likely. Positively. For Victor Newman, at least. And for yourself as well if you choose not to cooperate with us.


Paul: You know, to me, the words "interesting" and "Danny Romalotti" don't really belong in the same sentence.

Lynne: I think I clicked on the wrong link. This is his bio, not--

Paul: Yeah, so what did you mean...

Lynne: It's a wedding picture with Chris.

Paul: Yeah. So this is the bio. What else is in here besides a photo gallery?

Lynne: Um, let's see-- a discography, awards, Broadway. He did "Joseph and the amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." It was a huge hit.

Paul: Yeah, that's where he met Phyllis and all the fun began.

Lynne: You're just not a fan, are you?

Paul: You know something, Lynne, when it comes to Danny Romalotti

Lynne: I know I won't get you his new cd for your next birthday.

Paul: Why, thank you.

Lynne: That is if there is a new cd. I think it's been awhile.

Paul: No, Chris mentioned something about a new one. I think maybe it was only released in Europe.

Lynne: Oh, you got the scoop when you saw him over at her place.

Paul: Right. So let's see what's going on with the guy. Click on "discography." Let's out about this new album.


Raul: Sure, Mom. Yeah. Understand. No, tell Dad not to worry about anything. We'll figure something out, okay? Okay, I love you, too. Bye.

J.T.: Bad news?

Raul: My Dad's health plan just changed, won't cover me anymore.

J.T.: Oh, that's too bad. How come?

Raul: Something to do with me not living at home. My Dad's already paying an arm and a leg just to keep my Mom's coverage, you know?

J.T.: I guess I'm lucky I'm still under my old man's plan, for now, anyway.

Raul: Damn. Damn. This couldn't have come at a worse time.

J.T.: Hey, I'm sure Lauren has some sort of employee health plan. I wonder if you could get a cheap policy through her.

Raul: Not likely, since I'm a diabetic, and any condition that's already existing just drives up the cost. Besides, I'm only working a part-time job anyway.

J.T.: Well, hey, man, I wish I could help.

Raul: You know what? Forget it, all right? I'll figure something out. Hey, have you seen Brittany?

J.T.: Yeah, earlier. Why?

Raul: Have you heard the latest?

J.T.: About what?

Raul: About her father and Bobby Marsino.


Brittany: Looking for something?

Bobby: What are you trying to do, give me a heart attack?

Brittany: Exactly.

Bobby: All right, what I do to you?

Brittany: You can't imagine why I'd be angry with you?

Bobby: No.

Brittany: One word--Angelo.

Bobby: Whoa. What's this all about?

Brittany: He walked into the Genoa City Athletic Club, cornered my mother alone and made threats about my father, serious physical threats.

Bobby: Oh, boy. He didn't lay a finger on her, did he?

Brittany: No. So what's that mean its okay?

Bobby: No, I'm not saying its okay. It's just... look, I sent Angelo down there to drop off your old man's keys. He must have just bumped into your mother or something.

Brittany: No! He came after her. Bobby, I don't think you're getting the picture. Angelo pulled his whole scary guy routine on her. She was terrified.

Bobby: I'm sorry. Angelo gets a little freaked out when people threaten him. He only knows one way to react.

Brittany: You're defending him?

Bobby: Wait a minute. It's okay to threaten a man's livelihood, wreck everything he's worked for his whole life and throw him on the street with nothing? But God forbid that he should fight back. Why sit still for that, hm?


Lauren: Okay. Oh, finally. Oh!

Danny: Hello?

Lauren: Hey stranger!

Danny: You still open?

Lauren: Isn't the sign there?

Danny: What sign?

Lauren: That says I'm closed for inventory.

Danny: And here's all the riffraff, wandering in off the streets.

Lauren: And not for the first time today either. (Laughs) nothing. Long story. Come here. I’ve give me a hug. Hi, honey. Ooh. Ooh. Always a jet-setter, huh?

Danny: You know, you're pretty well traveled yourself, young lady.

Lauren: Yes, I am. But you know what? I've been pretty content staying here, peddling my wares. I figure it'll keep me young.

Danny: Well, let me tell ya, it seems to be working.

Lauren: Aren't you the charmer?

Danny: Goes with the whole European thing.

Lauren: Got it. So are you just here to turn my head, or is there a deeper, darker reason you're here?


Lynne: Look all these albums, the to the man's had an amazing career.

Paul: Yeah, I... scroll down. I want to see the latest release.

Lynne: There it is. "'Whispers,' Danny Romalotti, Barcelona records, 2003."

Paul: Huh?

Lynne: What?

Paul: Well, according to this it was a "limited rerelease," cause "whispers" originally came out in '96, right?

Lynne: You're right. You know, I don't think I have that one.

Paul: Well, that makes sense. It would have been an import, and it's a pretty small label. Let's see if we can find the latest new release. Wait a minute. That can't be right, can it?

Lynne: That's a long time ago.

Paul: That's a long time ago. In fact, Lynne, look, the last four albums all have come from the recycling bin.

Lynne: Paul, that's mean.

Paul: It's not mean. I’m just stating a fact. I’m getting a look over.

Lynne: Hey, there’s not much going on.

Paul: To say the least.Hm his last live performance was in Düsseldorf, Germany, September, and that was a nostalgia booking. You know that's where a bunch of old acts get together for a trip down memory lane?

Lynne: Yeah, I know. And it looks like it took place at a club. Not a stadium or a very large venue. He’s not really bringing 'em in, huh.

Lynne: Paul.

Paul: Well, look, come on he’s not touring at all. He had three gigs in the spring, four gigs all summer long, and they're all small potatoes, and then the one in Germany. And then what, Gina’s burned down in October? And he showed up here a few weeks later, so he hasn't been working a lick. Hmm. Nothing planned for the future either. Look--"to be announced."

Lynne: Yeah, I know, I know. It just doesn't make any sense, because thought he was supposed to be on tour all this time.

Paul: Well, if that's true, it's certainly a well-kept secret. I mean, he's not working. That’s not the impression he's giving Lynne. Wonder what the real story is.

Lynne: You know, maybe the web site isn't up to date.

Paul: It looks pretty well maintained to me. After all, it's got the Düsseldorf gig on it. No. I mean, if I were to make a judgment from what I see here, I would have to say that our friendly neighborhood rock star isn't nearly as successful as he would like us to believe.

Chris: Hi.

Chris: What's so fascinating?


Jill: So what do you need a motorcycle for anyway, especially in the dead of winter?

Larry: Hmm, I don't know. I kind of felt like I was, you know, going soft.

Jill: (Laughs) You? Never.

Larry: Oh, what can I say? I like that noise it makes. (Imitates motorcycle engine)

Jill: (Laughs) well, maybe in the spring, you'll take me for a ride?

Larry: I, uh, I thought I just did, ma'am.

Jill: I meant on the bike.

Larry: Oh, sure. Come by and you, we can go for a cruise out in the country, go for lunch.

Jill: Oh, that sounds nice.

Larry: But, um, I'm not.... you know, not...

Jill: No, I know, I know, I know. Not making any big plans. No, let's not. I'm really glad you dropped by or roared by or climbed by, whatever just happened here.

Larry: You forgot already? Tsk,sk, tstsk. Jill Jill, Jill, Jill. You know what? Maybe I need--mmm-- to remind you again.

Jill: (Laughs)

Larry: Oh, yeah.

Jill: Ooh.

Larry: Ahh.


Brittany: I can't believe you think it was all right for Angelo to threaten my mother.

Bobby: I didn't say that it was all right. I just said that I understood it.

Brittany: Violence, Bobby come on.

Bobby: You know what? You gotta tell your old man to get off this vigilante kick of his

Brittany: My mother and I told him that.

Bobby: Yeah? You think he listened?

Brittany: Maybe. But I wouldn't be surprised if he comes back in here again and makes a fuss. Listen to me, no matter what, you gotta make sure that goon doesn't hurt my Dad.

Bobby: All right, I promise. I will talk to Angelo. I will tell him that your father is off limits. I already told him that I think Freddie’s just full of hot air. How's he gonna close us down? We're legit. We play by the rules.

Brittany: Maybe. But you got some pretty weird people working here.

Bobby: Yeah, well, Angelo’s whose he is. You'd have to have known him as long as I have to understand that.

Brittany: He's not the only one. You know who else is bad news? Kevin. Yeah. Your mousy little bookkeeper-- what a psycho he is.


Raul: Brittany's tried to get her Dad to back off, but he's just so determined on closing this place down.

J.T.: So one of the goons threatened Anita?

Raul: Yeah.

J.T.: That's crazy, man.

Raul: Told her to pass the message along to Fred-- back off, or you're gonna get hurt.

J.T.: Well, I guess Brittany’s gonna quit for sure now, right?

Raul: She hasn't said anything about that.

J.T.: What? Dude, talk to her, man. Convince her.

Raul: You think she's gonna listen to me? Besides, I don't think Bobby would ever hurt her.

J.T.: Yeah, but someone he knows might.

Raul: No, he wouldn't let that happen. For one thing, she's worth too much to him.

J.T.: Okay, this is funny, man, because for the longest time, I tried to get you to relax about Brittany’s job, and now you got these goons threatening people--

Raul: And now you're the one worrying.

J.T.: Right and you're being cool about it.

Raul: No, I've just had enough of fighting it. That's what.


Nick: You're worried about what's gonna become of me?

Victor: You know that I will have lost a lot of credibility with the people I do business with. I'll have to go to the outside to bring in someone to run this company.

Nick: So?

Victor: What do you mean, "so"? So people will know that you're responsible.

Nick: I can live with that.

Victor: Oh, can you? What about your credibility, son, not only with the business world, but with your own children? How will this affect the rest of your life?

Nick: Dad, you're being a little melodramatic.

Victor: Don't you tell me I'm being melodramatic. One day, son, your righteousness and your hatred towards me is gonna wreck your life. Mark my word.

Nick: I'm sure it's a little embarrassing, getting caught cheating, Dad, but these are state charges. You're probably gonna get off with a fine and a slap on the wrist.

Victor: I can't believe I'm even having this conversation with you. There’re not just gonna slap my wrist. You don't know that. And you didn't know that when you went to the feds, did you? You had no idea they were gonna turn that over to the state authorities. If I had been brought up on federal charges, I would have been convicted, most likely, and faced some serious jail time don't you try to soft-pedal this now. You know damn well what you were doing.


Michael: "Positively," huh?

Becker: Mm-hmm.

Michael: It appears we don't need a trial. It sounds like you've got the man all tied up.

Becker: You know it doesn't work that way.

Michael: Then let's stop talking as if Victor Newman’s behind bars already. He's not, Becker.

Becker: That's where you come in. Are you going to help?

Michael: In the deal I agreed to with Christine, I was helping her convict a man who might get a slap on the wrist, a fine, a little bad press. If I assist the federal authority in convicting Victor Newman, I send him to jail.

Becker: The alternative is if you don't help us, you go to jail right along with him. You like that option better?

Michael: I assume you've researched this case very carefully.

Becker: I haven't examined all the evidence, but since Ms. Blair continues to pursue the case, I assume that she's confident of getting a conviction.

Michael: Well, remember, it is her first case as a prosecutor. It's quite possible she's overestimated the probative value of a few desperate admissions and a few bucks nobody can place.

Becker: Come on, Baldwin. Why pretend you don't know the score? A jury is made up of good, ordinary people who save grocery store coupons. You don't think they're gonna be suspicious of someone who can't explain what happened to that much money? They will. They will be very damn suspicious.


Lynne: Chris, we were just, um...

Chris: Are you guys playing on the internet?

Chris: Is that what I think it is?

Paul: You know, I walked in here and caught her drooling all over the keyboard.

Lynne: Oh, come on. You guys both know I'm a big fan of Danny’s.

Chris: Well, don't be embarrassed. I do it, too.

Paul: Oh, brother.

Chris: Paul, I'm here. Let's talk about your case..

Paul: All right. Here, let's step into my office. Bet you're a member of the fan club, too.


Danny: What, "deep and dark"? I mean, I need a big, fancy reason to come see my favorite redhead?

Lauren: Oh, I'm glad I got the edge over Phyllis.

Danny: (Imitates cat screeching)

Lauren: I couldn't resist. Sorry. Come on. Let's sit down. Catch up.

Danny: Why don't we go out and grab a drink?

Lauren: Honey, I am so dead on my feet, one Cosmo, and that would be it.

Danny: Now we can't have that.

Lauren: Come on.

Lauren: Oh. Oh. This feels so good. Ooh.

Danny: Here. Allow me.

Lauren: Mmm. If this doesn't earn you a place in heaven...

Danny: Do I still have the touch?

Lauren: Oh, that's right. You used to do this for me after our concerts. Oh, yeah, I'd be up there with those killer high heels, and then afterward, you'd give me the most glorious foot massage. For starters, anyway.

Danny: Good memory.

Lauren: (Laughs) you kidding? We were a hot item back then.

Danny: Those were the days, huh, Lauren?

Lauren: Yeah. Some of the best in my life. You know, when you and I were up there singing together, and the big crowds and... God, the band was cooking-- it was just electrifying. I mean, there's no other words for it. You know, it was just a rush from beginning to end-- the applause, the people screaming for more. You know, for you, of course.

Danny: No, for us.

Lauren: No. I was just along for the ride. But what a glorious ride it was, while it lasted, anyway.

Danny: What was it like for you, when it ended? How did you deal with it?


Bobby: Don't even get me started on Kevin. As soon as I see him, he's gone.

Brittany: So you know?

Bobby: Oh, yeah. I heard everything-- firebug, child molester, all-around freak.

Brittany: Who told you?

Bobby: Some private investigator--Williams. He's friends with the parents of the girl that he messed with.

Brittany: Lily.

Bobby: All right, now listen, this thing that your old man's doing, it's not cool. I mean, it's not bad like what Kevin’s doing, but it's bad. And I don't care if it's all talk, you gotta get him to stop.

Brittany: I'll try. But you have to keep Angelo under control.

Bobby: Don't worry about him.

Brittany: I do. He's dangerous.

Bobby: Ange? He used be. He's a pussy cat now.

Brittany: Bobby...

Bobby: I'm on it. Listen, I got another meeting I gotta get to.

Brittany: And I'm outta here.

Bobby: Wait a minute, you're not dancing again?

Brittany: Not tonight.

Bobby: Good. Then I won't be missing anything. You know how much I love to see you dance.

Brittany: You're sweet.

Bobby: You really think so?

Brittany: A lot more than I thought when I first met you.

Bobby: Really? Well, stick around. I keep getting sweeter the more you know me.

Brittany: You're so full of it.

Bobby: Mm-hmm.

Brittany: I better go.

Bobby: (Sighs)


Jill: Are you sure you have to leave?

Larry: Y-yeah.

Jill: Baby...

Larry: Look--

Jill: It is freezing out there.

Larry: I know that, and it's so nice and warm and comfy in here. Look, I could get used to it way too easy.

Jill: Larry--

Larry: No, no, no, please. Jill, don't tempt me.

Jill: Okay, I won’t.

Larry: (Sighs) and listen, I am really sorry to hear about Mrs. C. And that bottle.

Jill: You know, it was my fault. I did it.

Larry: Hey, hey, hey, whoa, whoa.

Jill: Sorry.

Larry: Look, I'll check in with her, see if I can help.

Jill: Oh, that would be good.

Larry: But before I go, I need to see a little smile on those lips.

Jill: What's all this boo-hoo, huh? 'Cause it was really great.

Larry: For me, too.

Larry: All right. The night rider's outta here.

Larry: Thank you.

Jill: Wait, I'll get it. Oh. Oh. It's so cold.

Larry: Whoo. Ha ha.

Larry: Bye. (Groans) whoa-ho! Whoo! It's cold here. (Motorcycle engine starts)


Paul: All right. There you go.

Chris: Thank you. Is this official or unofficial?

Paul: Oh, strictly information gathering.

Chris: I'll do my best.

Paul: Could you tell me if there's anyone in the D.A.'s office investigating a guy by the name of Kevin Fisher?

Chris: Not that I'm aware of. It doesn't mean the answer's no. Even if something were underway, I wouldn't be at liberty to discuss it with you.

Paul: Oh.

Chris: Is this someone you're investigating?

Paul: Well, I'm not at liberty to say right now.

Chris: Oh. Well, is that it?

Paul: Well, unless I can prevail upon you to do some digging.

Chris: I think you know what the answer to that will be.

Paul: Well, I guess that's it then. No more business. Thanks for stopping by.

Chris: No problem. Although, I did turn down a dinner invitation.

Paul: Three guesses with who. You seeing a lot of each other?

Chris: I wouldn’t say "a lot."

Paul:You've been spending time together.

Chris: We have fun.

Paul: So tell me something, um, how is it that Danny can spend so much time here in Genoa City? I mean, aren't his people clamoring for him?

Paul: Hmm?


Lauren: Well, our last concert together, you know, I didn't know it was our last concert. It wasn't like we had a farewell tour or anything.

Danny: Well, no, but when you realized that-- that a lot of time had passed, that that phase of your life was probably over...

Lauren: How did I deal with it?

Danny: Yeah.

Lauren: Well, you know, like every wonderful thing that comes to an end. I mean, I was sad, but it wasn't like I cried myself to sleep every night.

Danny: Well, you had the stores to think about.

Lauren: Actually, not right away. But then when my Dad passed away...

Danny: You moved on.

Lauren: Yeah. What other choice did I have?

Danny: We never do, do we?

Lauren: What's that... what's that saying? "Life is what happens you while you're busy managing other plans"?

Danny: John Lennon.

Lauren: Figures you would know who said that.

Danny: So you were okay with it eventually?

Lauren: Yeah. And it's not that I don't envy you, hearing the applause, you know, the roar of the crowd, but I'm good. I'm happy. Now are you rehearsing while you're here? You know, you gotta keep your pipes tuned up.

Danny: Yes, Mom.

Lauren: Oh, come on! You know how important that is, especially when you're performing all the time.

Danny: Trust me, I'm-- I'm doing what's necessary.

Lauren: Are you writing new songs? You know, I hope Christine isn't too much of a distraction for you.

Danny: I was waiting for that one.

Lauren: Well?

Danny: Happy to know you're so interested.

Lauren: Always, my friend. So carry me to my car?

Danny: With pleasure. Come on.

Lauren: Okay.


Brittany: Hello.

Raul: Hey, there.

Brittany: How's everything on the home front?

Raul: Pretty calm compared to what you're used to, I'm pretty sure.

Brittany: What is that supposed to mean?

Raul: Well, you tell me. You're the only person I know who hangs out with real live gangsters.

Brittany: Bobby is not a gangster.

Raul: Oh, yeah? All right. Well, then what is Angelo?

Brittany: Well, Angelo is another matter.

Raul: Yeah, I'll say. Telling your Mom what he's gonna do to your Dad if he doesn't back off-- the guy's a goomba.

Brittany: So I suppose you told J.T. About that.

Raul: Was it a secret?

Brittany: Not really. So what'd he say?

Raul: He thinks you should quit your job at Marsino's.

Brittany: And you don't?

Raul: Sure I do. And I can understand where your father's coming from.

Brittany: Oh, please, Raul--

Raul: But I am done making a big deal outta this.

Brittany: Thank you. (Sighs) God, my Dad really does need to butt out, doesn't he?

Raul: Yeah. It's kind of touchy, isn't it? You don't know if Angelo’s really full of hot air or not.

Brittany: Well, Bobby promised nothing would happen.

Raul: Yeah? Well, what if Bobby can't keep his promise?

Brittany: Bobby and Angelo go way back. I assume he knows how to control the guy.

Raul: There are more people involved. Bobby's got partners, right?

Brittany: But it's his club.

Raul: Well, partners mean money, and money means that people are gonna defend their turf, Brittany.

Brittany: Raul, there's only so much I can do to protect him.

Raul: And you still think that quitting wouldn’t help?

Brittany: I don't want to quit, not when all my Dad has do is stop.

Raul: God. Brittany, do you really like working there at this club, or are you just being stubborn?

Brittany: Yes, I really like it. God, haven't you gotten that yet? It's where I shine. You haven't been onstage before it's--it's hard to understand.

Raul: All right, well look, I meant it when I said that I'm done harassing you about quitting, but I gotta be honest with you--

Brittany: "But" what? What? You think I'm in danger?

Raul: Yes, I do.


Nick: You're right. I didn't think about the penalties when I turned you in. But I believe in the system. I thought the punishment would fit the crime.

Victor: What if I get off easy?

Nick: Nothing would make me happier. It was never about me wanting you in jail.

Victor: Really? What was it about then?

Nick: It was about you being held accountable for your actions.

Victor: I see. More evidence of your poor judgment.

Nick: How so?

Victor: You don't burn down the house to kill a few termites, son. It's a perfect example of your "leap before you look" thinking, that convinces me that you're not capable of running this company.

Nick: And where do you think I learned that? I learned that from watching you. You see a problem, you blast it out of the water. It's considered gutsy, forceful action. I do it, and it's poor judgment.

Victor: You know what makes me sad? It's your hatred and hostility towards me.

Nick: If you expect me to apologize for what I've done, its not gonna happen. Now I'm sorry that you stand to lose everything you spent your life building, but that's the chance you took when you broke the rules.


Chris: I think Danny’s people work for him, not the other way around.

Paul: Ah. So he's told them to hold off booking any new dates?

Chris: You were there. You heard him talk about his North American tour.

Paul: Yeah, it sounded like it was in the preliminary stages.

Chris: Sounds like.

Paul: What about his new album? Did he give you an autographed copy?

Chris: Are you looking for one for yourself?

Paul: Lynne's birthday is coming up. I...

Chris: My gosh, you're right. February 7th I'm so glad you reminded me. I'll ask Danny for a cd if you think she'd want one.

Paul: Yeah, that'd be great, if you can remember.

Chris: Unless this is just an excuse.

Paul: For?

Chris: Taking a lot of little jabs and snipes at the guy.

Paul: Oh, so you think I'm a closet Danny Romalotti fan?

Chris: Are you?

Paul: Well, I gotta admit, it's kind of fun knowing someone world-famous. Is that a crime? I guess you would know that, wouldn't you?

Chris: I presume this is a little deep, dark secret.

Paul: Yes, you presume correctly. If this were to get out...

Chris: I'll see what I can do-- the cd for Lynne. And I'll try and get one for you, too.

Paul: Thanks. Hey, and thanks for stopping by. And if you happen to hear anything about Fisher, you know my--

Chris: Yeah, I won't be at liberty to call you. I'll see ya.

Paul: See ya.

Paul: Hmm. So what's the deal with you, Romalotti? What exactly are you trying to pull?


Brittany: I'm not in any danger, Raul.

Raul: All right. Brittany, you are so blasé about everything. You know, there are things you don't know about Marsino, not even to mention those partners of his.

Brittany: Would it help if I said I'll be more careful?

Raul: You know what? I have an idea. Why don't I get a job doing something at Marsino's, too?

Brittany: What?

Raul: Yeah.

Brittany: You hate that place.

Raul: So what? At least I'll be near you to protect you in case you need me.

Brittany: You just want an excuse to hang out and watch all the girls.

Raul: No, I’m serious.

Brittany: This cracks me up. How familiar is this? You're tired of working at the boutique, just like me. You're looking for adventure, aren't you? Aren't you? Admit it.

Raul: No. I want to be where you are, Brittany, period.

Brittany: Well, that's very sweet, honey, but--

Raul: All right. You know what? Never mind. It's not like Bobby would hire me in a million years anyway.

Brittany: Well, besides, it's completely unnecessary. Stop being such a worrywart.

Raul: It's just that the thought of somebody even harming one hair on your head, Brittany--

Brittany: Honey, I'll be fine. But thank you for caring so much. My hero.

Raul: That's just the incentive I needed to go make us a nice dinner. I'm gonna get started on it.


Victor: I guess most people think that Newman Enterprises is my whole life.

Nick: It is your whole life.

Victor: No, son, it isn’t. My family is just as important to me, if not more so.

Nick: Your point?

Victor: My point is that I'm stunned how few of the lessons you have learned that I've tried to teach you.

Nick: Which are...?

Victor: The importance of loyalty, son, and the importance of maintaining a cool and levelheaded approach to difficult situations.

Nick: Well, when you never give someone a chance to function on his own or you constantly second-guess him, I guess this is what happens.

Victor: Because I was trying to teach you and prepare you for an opportunity that most young people would have killed for.

Nick: Ah, yes, the keys to the kingdom, the carrot you've been dangling in front of my face for as long as I can remember.

Victor: Son, some day this could have all been yours. You turned it away. Why-- to settle a score with me, because I didn't give you enough freedom when you grew up, because I looked over your shoulder, because I demanded discipline and obedience, because I knew what it takes to run this company?

Nick: You put me in this position. Do you think I enjoy seeing you humiliated?

Victor: I think you do.

Nick: You're wrong. I never set out to destroy you. I turned you in because you think you're above the law, that you're better than everyone else, especially me. You know, they say a son has to pay for his father's sins. Well, if one day this destroys me, too, I will have paid a very big price for your sins. But at least I'll have a clear conscience will you?

Victor: Do you know how painful it is for a father to have this conversation with his own son?

Victor: I hope to God this never happens to you.


Michael: I'm sorry, Mr. Becker. I had to take that call.

Becker: Not a problem. Look, let me spell this out for you. The public doesn't feel we are energetic enough in our pursuit of corporate criminals.

Michael: I don't disagree with the public, Mr. Becker. But Victor Newman is not the C.E.O.-Gone-bad you're looking for. He's a man who started a vibrant, profitable, job-producing company with his own hands.

Becker: So is John Abbott. But his company suffered because of your bribing of retailers.

Michael: Look, if John Abbott thinks that, let him sue us in civil court.

Becker: I may not be able to let this one go, Mr. Baldwin. I work for the taxpayer.

Michael: Right and it's an election year-- law and order for the people.

Becker: Spare me your cynicism. I work damn hard for what I do, and I believe in it. Now if we take this case back, which side are you going to come down on? Are you gonna help us get Victor Newman? (Scoffs) if we talk again, you and I, it'll mean I'm asking for your decision. I will only ask once. Think about it, Mr. Baldwin. Think about it very carefully.

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