Tuesday Y&R Transcript 1/13/04

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/13/04--Canada; Wednesday 1/14/04--USA


Brad: Hi, honey. I didn't realize you were up from your nap. I'm glad you're awake. Come on in.

Jack: I think you should leave now. Did you hear me?

Ashley: Victor?

Ashley: Hi.

Victor: Hi.


Danny: Hi.

Chris: Hi.

Danny: You okay?

Chris: A handsome rock star just kissed me. Why wouldn't I be okay?

Danny: Surprise, surprise.

Chris: You've always been full of those.

Danny: I didnít... I didn't come here expecting--

Chris: I-I know. I wasn't planning on... Danny, I--

Danny: Chris, I--

Chris: You first. Go ahead.

Danny: I was gonna say I... I'm glad it happened. It felt pretty good.

Chris: "Pretty good"?

Danny: You're teasing, right?


(Motorcycle approaches) (Engine revs)

Jill: Ohh. Come on. Yes, hello. I want to report an intruder

Larry: Jill! Hey!

Jill: Um, I'm sorry. It seems to be a false alarm. Everything's fine. No. No. Yes, I'm sorry.

Jill: (Gasps) oh, my god, Larry! Oh, look at you.

Larry: (Groans)

Jill: My God, it's freezing out there.

Larry: Yeah.

Jill: Get in here. Oh, my lord. Oh, my lord.

Larry: Ohh.

Jill: Ooh. Oh.

Larry: Ooh.

Jill: Larry, what in the world are you doing showing up here on a motorcycle?

Larry: Oh, I had no choice. I traded my car for it.


Brittany: Bob, I've been waiting around here forever. Look, I know you have somewhere to be tonight, but we really need to talk. I'm worried about my Dad. So call me on my cell, okay? Bye.

Kevin: Hey, Marilyn.

Brittany: Hey. What are you doin' here?

Kevin: Ah, I just have a little bit of work to do. What about you?

Brittany: Just waiting for Bobby. I thought he'd be here by now.

Kevin: Well, I hope I don't get in your way.

Brittany: Hey, Kevin, I just got an idea. Do you think maybe you could help me with something?


Nikki: Mom, I'm sorry you waited, but I have to get back to the office.

Nikki: I'm sure you can stay a few minutes. It's important.

Nick: I'm sorry. I canít. We'll have to talk another time, all right?

Sharon: Come on, honey. Let's go.

Nick: You drove your own car, remember?

Sharon: Oh, right. I did.

Nick: I'll try not to be late.

Sharon: Okay.

Nikki: Sit down, Sharon. I won't bite.


Chris: Oh, are we dissecting every little nuance?

Danny: Bad idea, huh? Kind of ruins the spontaneity.

Chris: Mm-hmm. But for the record, being kissed-- it felt pretty good to me, too.

Danny: So you don't, uh...

Chris: What, regret it? Unh-unh. Why would I?

Danny: That's a great wine, isn't it? It's a reserve. The weatherís been great lately, hasn't it been?

Chris: Okay, would you just stop?

Danny: I'm sorry. All of a sudden, I feel like a 15-year-old.

Chris: Maybe because you still kiss like one. Oh, and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

Danny: I can't imagine you saying anything if it were not in the nicest possible way.

Chris: You've been a little out of touch lately, haven't you?

Danny: You telling me you've changed?

Chris: Oh, everyone changes.

Danny: I see a million things running around in that head of yours. Danny Romalotti, complication 5,735.

Chris: Right. But who's counting, right?

Danny: But, you know, if you don't want me to be one of those complications-- (doorbell rings)

Danny: Are you, um, expecting someone?

Chris: No.

Paul: Hi.

Chris: Hi.


Victor: It's good to see you.

Ashley: Thank you.

Victor: For what?

Ashley: I didn't know you were stopping by.

Victor: If I had known that you were ill, then I would have come sooner.

Ashley: I think I'm better now.

Victor: I'm glad to hear that.

Victor: I'm very glad to hear that. I feel very badly about the argument that Brad and I had sometime ago.

Ashley: It was nice of you to come and see me.

Victor: You should concentrate now on getting well, do you hear me?

Ashley: Yeah.

Victor: You have your husband, and you have your family, and they all want to help you. You know that, don't you?

Ashley: Uh, yeah.

Victor: Okay. Well, I'm glad we had a chance to talk. I'm leaving now. You'll be in my prayers.

Ashley: Abby.


(Door closes)

`Kevin: So what is it you'd like my help with?

Brittany: Well, I bet as Bobby's accountant, you know a lot about this place.

Kevin: Yeah, I know a lot about the financial side, but, uh, Bobby'd kill me if I told you any of that.

Brittany: Well, don't worry, I'm not gonna ask you to reveal any big secrets.

Kevin: So what is it you'd like to know?

Brittany: I've heard Bobby talk a lot about his partners. You know, his backers? You know anything about them?

Kevin: I know you don't mess with 'em.

Brittany: Well, duh. Come on. There's gotta be more than that.

Kevin: Maybe.

Brittany: Look, I promise I won't tell Bobby anything that you tell me.

Kevin: Well, it isn't Bobby that I'm worried about. But these guys are the real deal, Marilyn. It's not like the movies. I mean, they play for keeps. You cross 'em once and... well, you don't want to do that.

Brittany: So you're saying if you get on their bad side, I-if maybe you threaten them, then...

Kevin: Well, it wouldn't be pretty. I could tell you a couple of stories. Well, let's put it this way, I know about a couple of guys who are swimming with the fishes.

Brittany: That bad?

Kevin: Mm-hmm. These guys don't give you a second chance, but, uh... that's about all I can tell you.

Brittany: Well, didn't you ever want to find out more?

Kevin: Sure, but, hey, I'm the bookkeeper. I do the taxes and stuff. A lot of times, I think the less I know, the better off I am.

Kevin: But I could easily-- easily dig something up.

Brittany: You would do that for me?

Kevin: Sure, if it were safe. 'Cause I like you, Marilyn. I know we haven't always gotten along so well, but maybe we could change that.

Brittany: Maybe we could.

Kevin: So what do you say we go out and get to know each other a little better?

Brittany: Um, I'll tell you what, you get me that information, and it might not be out of the question.

Kevin: Great. 'Cause I'm really not a bad guy, Marilyn, honest.

(Door opens)

Brittany: Well, we'll see.

J.T.: Oh, you bet we'll see. We'll see right now. Sundays we're in slow motion


Chris: Paul.

Paul: Bad time?

Chris: Interesting time.

Paul: Well, I know I should have called first, but, I'm working on this case, and I kind of wanted to run it by you. You have a minute?

Chris: Uh...

Paul: It's, uh... I'm sorry. I-I didn't realize you had company. Hi, Danny. I don't want to be barging in.

Chris: You're not barging in. Is it urgent?

Paul: Uh, no. It's important, but it can wait.

Chris: Uh, so I can stop by your office later?

Paul: That would be great. So, Danny, how's it going?

Danny: Can't complain.

Paul: You know, uh, we've seen each other a couple times since you've been back, but we really haven't had a chance to talk. What have you been up to?


Jill: So can you talk? Why are you here

Larry: Missed you

Jill: You drove here on a motorcycle in the middle of winter--

Larry: Hey, I show up in a limo during a sunny day, what's that gonna prove?

Jill: So you're tryin' to prove something, huh?

Larry: Yeah, that I missed you.

Jill: Well, you proved that you're crazy is what you proved.

Larry: Hey, I never denied that. So how are... how are things going in your life right now?

Jill: Uh, life has been pretty difficult around here, Larry. Katherine is drinking again.

Larry: Ah, no.

Jill: Yeah.

Larry: You know, I gotta have a talk with that woman.

Jill: Ha! Good luck.

Larry: I hear you, but... hey, look, could we, uh, just kind of forget about everything else, put it all aside, except for... well, except for us?

Jill: Oh, I remember us.

Larry: Oh, yeah. Good times, huh?

Jill: Really good times.

Larry: Well, then, um... (chuckles) wow. Mmm.

Jill: Oh.

Larry: Ah.

Jill: Oh, I've missed you, too.

Larry: Hey, hey, we're, um, gonna keep things real simple, right?

Jill: Yeah. Simple. Simple.

Larry: (Chuckles)

Jill: Mmm.

Larry: Mmm.

Jill: Oh, my God!

Larry: What? What happened?

Jill: Lar, your hands are freezing!

Larry: Hey, they'll warm up. Trust me, they will warm up. (Laughs)

Jill: Trust you?

Larry: Mm-hmm.


Brad: Honey, come on. Let's sit down.

Victor: You know...

Victor: Abby is someone else who wants you to get well, needs you to get well.

Ashley: She's beautiful, isn't she?

Victor: She's very beautiful. I saw her earlier at the coffeehouse with her bigger sister Colleen.

Ashley: You saw her?

Victor: Mm-hmm. It's incredible how she's grown. She's no longer a little baby.

Ashley: She's my big girl.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: No more babies.

Victor: She needs you. She needs her mother, you know?

Ashley: I know.

Victor: That's why you have to get well soon, so that you can be a mother to her. Do you understand that?

Ashley: Yes, Victor.

Victor: This is a very important time in a child's life. I remember when Victoria was that age. I just loved being with her. Unfortunately, I didn't have all that much time to spend with her, and I have regrets about that.

Ashley: Regrets?

Victor: Well, regrets about not spending so much time with her. Please don't make the same mistake with Abby.

Ashley: I've already made mistakes.

Brad: Okay, honey. I think that's enough.

Ashley: I'm really tired.

Victor: Okay. Maybe you should go upstairs. Go and rest.


Sharon: You mind telling me what that was all about?

Nikki: What?

Sharon: That "important conversation" you had to have with Nick.

Nikki: Well, Sharon, I think you can guess.

Sharon: You are unbelievable, you know that? You were actually going to tattle your suspicions of me?

Nikki: Something obviously happened the night of the party, something you don't want other people to know about.

Sharon: All right, we've already had this conversation. I'm leaving.

Nikki: You're still not willing to be straight with me, are you?

Sharon: I tried telling you. I was outside saying good-bye to guests.

Nikki: For that long, in the freezing cold? Sharon, please, you can do better than that.

Sharon: Why are you so hell-bent on accusing me of something?

Nikki: Because I don't trust you.

Sharon: Or maybe you're just bored, Nikki. Maybe you just need to get a life of your own and stop obsessing about mine.

Nikki: (Gasps)


Brittany: What are you doing here? You can't just walk into Bobby's office.

J.T.: Well, apparently, I can.

Kevin: You heard the lady, now get out.

J.T.: No, no, no, no. I think we should have a little party. You know, just the three of us?

Brittany: Why do you always think you're so damn funny? You can't be in this club. Don't you remember what happened last time? Now get out.

J.T.: No, no, no. Hold on a second, princess. I came to talk to you. And from the looks of it, you could use some better company.

Brittany: J.T.!

Kevin: Wait a second, you know this guy?

Brittany: Unfortunately. He's my loser roommate.

J.T.: You didn't think I'd follow you here, did you, Fisher?

Kevin: Yeah, I wouldn't put it past you. You take every chance you can to harass me.

Brittany: J.T., What are you doing harassing Kevin? Do you always have to be such a jerk?

J.T.: This guy isn't who you think.

Brittany: Oh, come on. He's Bobby's bookkeeper. He's shy, which you could use a dose of, believe me.

J.T.: You're so far off base. Okay, you want to know what he's really about? Ask Colleen or ask Lily. They'll tell you all about this sick pervert. Isn't that right, Fisher? Or should I call you "Fisherman"?

Brittany: Oh, my God. That's who you are?


Lynne: Click, boom, got 'em. (Laughs) yeah. They're a little off to the left. They're pretty close to the stage, they're just not right in front of the speakers. Well, maybe that's why your ears are always ringing. Oh, no, it's all taken care of. They're gonna mail 'em to my address in plenty of time before the concert. I know. I'm really glad you called. It's gonna be a blast. See ya. (Printer whirs)

Lynne: You know, Chris always liked this band. She said the lead singer sounded a lot like Danny. I wonder if he's going back on tour. That is easy enough to find out.


Danny: Just what am I up to?

Paul: Yeah, you know, your singing and all that.

Danny: Oh, I see. Just what am I up to with my career?

Paul: Yeah, right, that or anything else.

Chris: Danny's career is going gangbusters. A new cd in Europe, concert dates-- isn't that what you were telling me?

Danny: Yeah, I got a few things lined up.

Chris: Always so modest.

Paul: So I guess that means you have to be heading back soon then, huh?

Danny: Well, we just finished one circuit, closed out in Germany. There's still a... well, a big one in the planning stages. There's really no rush.

Chris: Well, what about the U.S.? You still have a lot of fans here.

Danny: Yeah, we're working on a North American tour for the summer.

Paul: Really? That's exciting.

Danny: Yeah, in fact, I might make Genoa City my home base, who knows? I mean, nothing's set in stone. Tell you what, I'll keep you posted.

Chris: I know Gina would love to have you here.

Paul: Yeah, I'm sure she would. She'd probably like to spend some time with her nephew, too. How is Daniel? I bet you he misses you a lot.

Danny: Daniel's great. He's in boarding school. We talk a couple times a week, share a lot of e-mails.

Paul: Yeah, well, it's not the same as being together, though, is it?

Danny: Oh, Paul, I hear you're a father, too. Congratulations. How old's your boy?

Paul: He'll be 2 in May.

Danny: Hmm, great age. Will I get to meet him?

Paul: Well, I don't know. He lives in Los Angeles with Isabellaís parents.

Chris: Yeah, it's-- it's best for now.

Danny: Well, it must be tough. I mean, you probably miss him like crazy. It's definitely not the same as being together.

Paul: No, no, it isnít.

Danny: Hey, how's the detective biz?

Paul: It's great. You know, people are always doing something they shouldn't, so...

Danny: Still that old cops and robbers stuff, huh?

Paul: Mm-hmm.

Danny: It's gotta be grueling.

Paul: Grueling? No, not really. Why?

Danny: Come on. I mean, we're... we're not kids anymore.

Paul: Well, I would assume it's kind of like your line of work. You know, it's a young man's game.

Danny: Well, don't tell Mick Jagger that. He'd be crushed.

Paul: Ha. Yeah.


Jack: Victor, you should leave now. Please, before my sister comes back downstairs.

Victor: Your brother-in-law asked me to come here and speak with him, and I won't leave until I've done that.

Jack: Well?

Brad: She went right back to sleep. Wouldn't say another word.

Jack: Went right back into her shell?

Brad: Yeah, afraid so.

Jack: Damn. It felt like we were making progress.

Victor: It certainly seemed that way when she and I were talking, until you interrupted us.

Brad: Yeah, I did that for one reason, Victor. When Ash started talking about mistakes, I didn't want her going down that path. That would lead to blame, recrimination, regret. These are all things that were in her mind before she slipped away. That's the last thing she needs. I don't want to send her to a place that's darker than where she already is.

Victor: You mean, even darker than where she is now?

Jack: Believe it or not, what you saw today is progress.

Victor: Well, then with all due respect... perhaps you should have asked me a little sooner to come and speak with her.


Sharon: Oh, sure. Yeah. You have, uh, a husband who's maybe going to prison, a son that turned him in and a daughter who ran off because her family life is so messed up.

Nikki: You're blaming me for all of that?

Sharon: No, I am just saying that the Newmanís have enough problems right now without you dredging up more.

Nikki: I am just trying to protect my son. That's what a mother does.

Sharon: From me? From his wife?

Nikki: You know, it would be a lot easier if you would just tell me, and then you wouldn't be forcing me to go to Nicholas.

Sharon: You know, I'm getting really sick and tired of you threatening me all the time.

Nikki: Tell me the truth, and then I won't have to.

Sharon: Or maybe I'll just give you a little taste of your own medicine, see how you like that.

Nikki: Sharon, what is that supposed to mean?

Sharon: Well, are you forgetting? I happen to know a little secret you have, something that you don't want Victor to find out about Ashleyís daughter Abby.

Nikki: What are you saying? You would go to Victor?

Sharon: If you don't quit threatening me and quit making accusations about where I was after that party, you are damn right I will. I will go straight to him and tell him something that I happen to think he has a right to know, that he is Abby Carltonís biological father.


Jack: You know, Victor, just when I think you couldn't be more insensitive, you manage to surprise me.

Brad: Don't waste your energy, Jack. Ash is my wife. I'll decide what's best for her.

Jack: And there was never any indication that that was you.

Victor: Did you just happen to notice that when I talked to her, she smiled and responded? Is that really such a high price to pay for that result?

Brad: To undo the damage that you've done, I don't know, Victor.

Victor: All I care about is Ashley, all right?

Jack: And we haven't forgotten who got us in this mess. Just because my sister said a few words today doesn't get us out of that.

Victor: You may not like what I'm about to tell you, but from what I just witnessed, I'm all you've got, Jack. So the two of you make up your mind what's more important-- your wife, your sister, or your contempt for me.

(Door closes)


Danny: Hey, as long as we're talking about the tour, its great Laurenís around. Maybe she'd sing a few songs with me on some of the local dates.

Paul: Yeah, I'm sure she would love that.

Danny: You think?

Paul: Sure, as successful as she's been, I know a part of her misses being on stage and misses her life back then.

Danny: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Paul: Yeah, ain't that the truth?

Chris: This case you're working on, do you need me to do any research before I stop by?

Paul: Um, no, don't worry about it. We can talk later. Danny, really good seeing you again.

Danny: You, too, paul.

Paul: Good luck to you.

Danny: Thanks. (Door closes)

Chris: Hmm, that was entertaining.


Brittany: Fisherman-- you mean, that's you? The guy that was trolling for teenagers on the internet?

Kevin: Marilyn, it's not what you think. J.T. has it all wrong.

Brittany: I don't think so. You put Colleen in a cooler at Ginaís.

Kevin: He can't prove that! Nobody can, because I didn't do it!

J.T.: Whatever, man. Everyone knows who you are and what you are, Fisherman.

Kevin: Would you stop calling me that?

J.T.: Why? Does it bother you?

Brittany: My God, Colleen could have died, and I know what you did to her friend Lily, too.

Kevin: Marilyn, please, listen to me. None of this is true.

Brittany: No, Kevin, I have heard all about you, and you should be ashamed of yourself. Look at you. You're nothing but a pervert, a child molester, a predator, an attempted murderer! God, I can't believe I was gonna call you my friend. And, you, why haven't you told me I've been working with this sicko?

J.T.: I just found out myself, okay?

Brittany: People like you should be locked up, not roaming around Genoa City terrorizing teenage girls. What the hell is wrong with you?

Kevin: There's nothing wrong with me! It's all in his head! You know what? I don't have to sit here and be persecuted by you guys. I have work to do. I want both of you to get out of here.

J.T.: Oh, no, you donít. See, that's something else I know. Congratulations. You're about to be fired.

Kevin: What the hell are you talking about?


Jack: Thanks. I'm telling you, I almost lost it when I saw my sister coming down those stairs.

Brad: I know. I'm still not sure Ash was ready for what happened tonight.

Jack: Yeah, I'm not sure either.

Brad: On the other hand, maybe it was the best thing for her, seeing Newman, talking. He did get her to respond, which is a hell of a lot more than I've been able to do.

Jack: Yeah, at least we know there's something going on in my sister's head.

Brad: You know, it killed me that Newmanís the only one who can reach her.

Jack: Yeah, no kidding. It does make you wonder, though.

Brad: What?

Jack: Oh, I was being too hasty trying to keep Newman out of this.

Brad: You really want him involved?

Jack: God, no, but we have to face the fact she responded to him.

Brad: And you know what the cost could be. I was dying when Newman started talking about remembering his little girl at Abbyís age. I'm telling you, Jack, too many moments like that, Ash is gonna blurt out the truth. Abby's his little girl. I have nightmares about that.

Jack: Brad, I hear you. Newman has no idea what he's messing with. You and I have to think about what's best for Ashley, and he's getting places with her that we canít.

Brad: Talk about opening Pandoraís box.

Jack: You and I would both give anything to have Ashley back with us. Am I right?

Brad: I can't help wondering, Jack.

Brad: If Victor finds out the truth, will I ever have Ashley back? Will I ever have my daughter?


Victor: Shouldn't you be home with your family?

Nick: I'm just looking at the year end reports for all our divisions.

Victor: You don't intend to read all that tonight, do you?

Nick: No, but I'd like to make a dent in them.

Victor: Have you finished the proposal for Cameron Kirsten?

Nick: Yeah, I tried to give it to him, but it turns out the guy's missing.

Victor: Missing how?

Nick: He hasn't been seen or heard from since the night he threw the party at the Athletic Club.

Victor: Hmm, did he check out of his hotel room?

Nick: Not likely, since his bags are still in his room.

Victor: Have the police been involved?

Nick: Yeah, but it's too early for them to start an official investigation. I think something bad happened to this guy. There's too much at stake for him to just take off.

Victor: You're talking about your proposal.

Nick: Yeah, he was so damn anxious to get his hands on it, and now he's just gone? I don't know. It's got Sharon rattled, too. Damned if either one of us can make sense out of it.


Nikki: My God, you really are terrified.

Sharon: You don't know what you're talking about.

Nikki: Why else would you bring up Abby unless you were scared out of your wits that I was on to something?

Sharon: Like I said, Nikki, I think Victor has a right to know that he has a beautiful little girl.

Nikki: That's what you said before the gala. You never told him.

Sharon: Because you begged me not to.

Nikki: Do you actually think I believe that you kept quiet for my sake?

Sharon: I don't care what you believe, but I am warning you now. If you keep up this constant harassment, I will do it.

Nikki: You really mean that.

Sharon: Yes, I do, damn it. I am sick and tired of your constant accusations. You really just can't stand it that Nick and I have worked out our problems, and we're back together, can you?

Nikki: I still have a lot of questions about what went on when you were gone. And what kind of a wife and mother abandons her family, anyway?

Sharon: The point is that Nicholas has forgiven me, and things are good between us now. I will not have you trying to ruin it for us, so leave me alone, you hear? You want trouble? I will give you more trouble than you have ever imagined.


Chris: Here we go since neither of us had any dinner.

Danny: Hey, you want to run out and grab a bite?

Chris: Uh, I'd better not.

Danny: You got to stop by Paulís tonight?

Chris: Since he behaved himself, relatively speaking.

Danny: Seemed a little tense.

Chris: What, when he showed up here out of the blue?

Danny: It still throws you, seeing him.

Chris: I just never know what's gonna happen or how we're gonna handle it. It's weird.

Danny: It must be hard for you.

Chris: Sometimes.

Danny: You miss him.

Chris: Part of me does, even though I know it's best that we're not together right now. And as much as I want Paul to be happy, itís... its painful knowing that he's moving on without me. Does this make any sense?

Danny: Oh, absolutely, it's all part of letting go.

Chris: Well, you know, since you mentioned it, it was a little bit easier seeing Paul this time.

Danny: Why do you think that is?

Chris: Gee, I wonder.


Paul: What, you haven't knocked off yet? Hello?

Lynne: Oh, hi, boss. Sorry, I guess I got caught up.

Paul: "Danny Romalotti's ultimate fan page." Oh, jeez, Lynne.

Lynne: Okay, go ahead, give me a hard time.

Paul: I'd rather give you a course in music appreciation. You know, I just ran into the guy. He was over at Chris'.

Lynne: He must be getting ready to go back on the road?

Paul: I don't know. He didn't seem in any hurry.

Lynne: Really? Do you want to take a look at his schedule? This should be easy enough. Let's see. Here we go--upcoming concerts.

Paul: Oh, wow.

Lynne: Don't you love the internet?

Paul: Yeah, more information about Danny Romalotti than I ever thought possible.

Lynne: Okay, here it comes. Whoa, that's interesting.


Victor: Do the police have any theories?

Nick: Detective Weberís going to look into it, but at this point he can't push for a full investigation.

Victor: Mm-hmm, you seem really concerned.

Nick: Yeah, I am. I worked my butt off to finish that proposal for him. It seems out of character for him to just leave without telling anyone.

Victor: Do you suspect foul play or what?

Nick: I don't know. I just know that I don't want this deal to fall apart.

Victor: Hmm. Talking about things falling apart, I think you and I had better have a talk, all right?

Nick: About what?

Victor: About you and me.

Nick: Look, Dad, if this is another lecture...

Victor: Whether you like it or not, you're gonna hear what I have to say.


Kevin: You can't fire me. I don't work for you.

J.T.: No, no, you're right, but Bobby can, and believe me, after he heard about you, he couldn't pull the plug fast enough.

Kevin: You had me fired?

J.T.: No, no, I didn't say I did it, but, yeah, somebody talked to him, and he was not happy.

Kevin: Lies. Lies, you told him nothing but lies. Do you see this? Colleen started this. I mean, she hates me, and now she's got everyone against me. You know what? I bet that she started that fire herself just so she could frame me. Do you see this, Marilyn?

Brittany: No, Kevin, I only see what's in front of me. You went after those girls.

Kevin: Because of women like you! I mean, you pretend to be my friend just so you can stab me in the back! But you know what? Now you'll see. Now you'll see what kind of guy I really am--not some nice, little Kevin, that's for sure. And, you, I haven't done anything to you. I haven't done anything, but you've completely destroyed my life. But now, now you're gonna--

J.T.: Now what, huh? Okay, if you'll smart you won't lift a finger because everybody's watching you, Kevin, everyone. And pretty soon everybody's gonna know the truth. Everyone will know what you did. So enjoy this freedom that you think you have, 'cause believe me, it's not gonna last long, man.

Kevin: I can't work here. Bobby is not gonna like this.

J.T.: Stay away from him, okay? He's dangerous.


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Becker: If we take this case back, which side are you going to come down on? Are you gonna help us get Victor Newman?

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