Monday Y&R Transcript 1/12/04

Y&R Transcript Monday 1/12/04


Sharon: Oh, thank God you're here. Come in. Come in, Michael. Michael, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry to keep bothering you, but you're the only one that I can talk to.

Michael: So what's got you biting your pretty little nails?

Sharon: The police. They want to talk to me.

Michael: About Cameron Kirsten?

Sharon: Nick called. He's over at the Athletic Club. He's there with a detective. They're waiting for me.

Michael: All right. So what's he after, did Nick say?

Sharon: No, Nick didn't give me any details.

Michael: Well, this may be a blessing in disguise, Sharon-- a chance for you to get this off your chest before it snowballs and you lose control.

Sharon: Oh, my God. You don't mean confess.

Michael: It may not be too late.

Sharon: Too late? Why would it be too late?

Michael: Sharon, they may have already found Kirstenís body.


Victor: You phoned, asked me to come here. Now you're reluctant to talk to me.

Jack: I think Bradley made that call in haste.

Brad: Jack.

Jack: It is premature to involve Newman, if not dangerous.

Victor: What do you mean, "dangerous"? What are you talking about?

Jack: We don't know how Ashleyís going to react when she sees you. Look, it's because of you--

Brad: All right, don't start with that! Victor, this isn't about laying blame. I know you're significant to Ash.

Victor: Then let me help if I can.

Brad: You're connected to a lot of bad things that happened to my wife.

Victor: Bradley, that is very heartbreaking to me. The last thing I want to do is hurt Ashley.


Chris: So Gina must have told you I was looking for you.

Danny: Yeah. Any particular reason?

Chris: Well, let's just say I could use a friendly face.

Danny: A tough day at the salt mines?

Chris: And then some.

Danny: You're not regretting it, are you, taking the job with the D.A.?

Chris: No. It's just definitely a challenge.

Danny: Well, if anyone I know is up for it...

Chris: Thank you.

Danny: I mean it. You're one strong woman. Just don't tell 'em your nickname.

Chris: Good thinking.

Danny: "Cricket Blair for the prosecution, your honor." "

Chris: You know what? You are the only one, and I do mean only one, who can still get away with calling me that.

Danny: Slap the rest in jail, is that how it works?

Chris: And throw away the key.

Danny: A hanging offense.

Chris: I think it was all those years of being called "the bug."

 Danny: By my not-so-lovely ex-wife Phyllis.

Chris: Hey, if you want the good wine...

Danny: What was her name again? Damn, I don't even remember.

Chris: Chianti or pinot grigio?

Danny: Surprise me.

Chris: Okay. I'll be right back.


Lauren: (Giggles) oh, is it hot in here or is it me?

Paul: Oh, it's you. It's all you.

Lauren: Ooh, that was the right answer. Wow, huh?

Paul: Well, I guess we haven't lost it, huh?

Lauren: Did you really think that we would?

Paul: No.

Lauren: You learned a few tricks along the way.

Paul: Me?

Lauren: Yeah. Well, both of us.

Paul: You know, I wasn't going to comment, but...

Lauren: Too gentlemanly?

Paul: Yeah. I would just rather express myself, my admiration... nonverbally.


J.T.: Thanks, man.

Trevor: No problem.

Kevin: Now what's that face for? Aren't you happy to see me?

J.T.: It depends. Are you dying or just leaving town? 'Cause either one's gonna make me really, really happy.

Kevin: Oh, that's good. I get it, because of... yeah, no, neither. In fact, you're gonna be seeing a lot more of me these days.

J.T.: Why, they putting your picture up at the post office?

Kevin: Another zinger, wow. That car magazine you're reading really must be expanding your mind. Tell me, are you this clever around Colleen? 'Cause I bet she loves it.

J.T.: Yeah. Yes, she does. Almost as much as when I beat the hell outta you.

Kevin: See, now the cops are gonna think that's funny, because if you even lay a hand on me... well, you're dumb enough to want to find out, aren't you?

J.T.: Don't push me, Fisher.

Kevin: Why not? I mean, you know how much I like your girlfriend.

J.T.: All right, that's it.

Kevin: Come on, J.T. You're making this too easy.

J.T.: Listen to me, you son of a bitch. Don't get smart with me, all right? 'Cause I know something you don't know, man. And guess what, you're done. You're history.

Kevin: Okay. Okay.


Hank: I wonder what's keeping your wife.

Nick: She'll be here soon.

Hank: Why don't I call Kirstenís office and see if anyone's heard from him? Where's his office located again?

Nick: Actually, Denver. I happen to have one of his business cards.

Hank: Oh, great. It's possible he checked in. In which case, he's not missing at all, and somehow you two just got your signals crossed.


Sharon: No. No, they couldn't have found the body, because if they did, it would already be on the news.

Michael: Uh, not necessarily. Police often hold back details, especially if they think they have a chance of flushing out a suspect.

Sharon: Yeah, but the snow hasn't thawed. I mean, when I went back there, the snow was still piled up...

Michael: Wait a minute. Wait a minute, I'm sorry.

Sharon: It was covering the body.

Michael: Hold on. You went back there? Why the hell would you do that?

Sharon: Because I was freaking out. I had to see if he was still there.

Michael: Okay. Um, Sharon, you just keep making one mistake after another.

Sharon: Oh. Well, what would you do if you'd killed someone, for God's sake? What do you do, show up at the police station and just say, "I did it"?

Michael: If I knew it was self-defense, yes, that's what I'd do.

Sharon: I can't do that, Michael. Don't you understand? I'm married, I have children, and this would destroy my whole family. And Nick would find out about Denver and--

Michael: Listen, Sharon. You have to talk to this detective. If you don't, it's just gonna look suspicious.

Sharon: Okay. Well, what if he tricks me? I mean, what if I say the wrong thing? Oh, my God. Oh, my God, how am I gonna hold this together?

Michael: Sharon, Sharon. Sharon, you know what you do? You suck it up, and you do it. You be brave. All right, look, if you do change your mind, if you do take my advice and come clean, you call an attorney-- any attorney-- you call me if you want, but you do not, you do not speak to anyone without legal representation present. You got me on that? Okay.

Sharon: Believe me; I have no intention of saying anything to anyone.

Sharon: You wouldn't say anything. You wouldn't tell anyone, would you?

Michael: Look, Sharon, our conversations are protected. That's one thing you don't have to worry about. However, are you sure that you cannot be placed at that motel the night Kirsten died? I mean, you're a Newman. Your face is splashed all over the society columns. I mean...

Sharon: No, Michael. No one saw me.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: And besides, I was wearing a coat, and it had a hood.

Michael: What about DNA evidence?

Sharon: What about it?

Michael: It wouldn't take much-- a strand of your hair on the body, your skin under the man's nails. Look... it could be dozens of little things that could prove problematic, to say the least. Trust me, you're not anywhere out of the woods yet.


John: There you go, son. Thank you.

Nikki: Hello, John.

John: Nikki. Well, what brings you by?

Nikki: Oh, I just need to speak to Nicholas. I know he's here. I'll catch him on the way out.

John: Would you like to join me while you wait?

Nikki: Well, sure. Yeah, thanks.

John: Please.

Nikki: Thank you. Whew. How's Ashley doing?

John: Oh, not very well. She's, uh... she's in her own little world. She just sits there and stares out in front of her. She's almost totally unresponsive.

Nikki: John, that's terrible.

John: It's really taking its toll on the family, all of us.

Nikki: Of course. I can imagine. Is this still as a result of the accident or losing the baby?

John: Well, she hasn't been herself since the tragedy, no doubt about that. But as for the real reason, itís...

Nikki: I understand if you don't want to talk about it.

John: Well, I think you know where I would be going.


Jack: Well, Victor, you know what they say about the road to hell.

Brad: If you can't keep your emotions in check, then maybe you should leave.

Jack: Don't you even think of asking me to leave. Too much hangs in the balance.

Victor: Jack, for your information, I understand your concern.

Jack: My concern, quite frankly, is your colossal ego. You're not exactly famous for knowing how your actions affect other people.

Victor: I'm not gonna dignify that with a response. Now, Bradley, would you kindly tell me how I can help?

Brad: I don't know if you can. But you're part of this situation, and I'm at the end of my rope. I'd rather not send Ash back to the hospital. I was hoping that being surrounded by the love of family and friends would be the best medicine.

Victor: But it's not working, is that what you're saying?

Jack: I don't know. What do you think Victor? She's not eating. She's not talking. She's walking around in a total daze, barely able to recognize her daughter. How do you think its working?

Victor: Jack, would you save your contempt for another day? Bradley, please tell me how I can help.

Brad: We can't seem to get through to her, penetrate this wall she's built around herself.

Victor: And you think that I can.

Brad: I think it's worth a try.

Jack: (Whispering) what makes you think this guy can get through to her in a way we can't?

Brad: You know damn well what motivated my call to Victor.

Victor: Would you kindly fill me in?

Jack: I say we send Newman home; we get Wesley Carter back here to tell us how to handle this.

Brad: You think I pulled this out of thin air? Wesley suggested that I bring Victor in on this. And so did Olivia, who's not just a doctor, but her best friend.

Victor: Bradley, with all due respect, I don't want to listen to the two of you bicker, nor will I continue listening to your brother-in-law insulting me, all right? Now you tell me what's going on with Ashley, otherwise I'm leaving.


Chris: Okay, Chianti it is. Will you do the honors?

Danny: Oh, absolutely. It's the one thing I mastered while living in Europe.

Chris: Oh, I'm so excited. This is the first chance I have had to just sit all day.

Danny: Good. Well, then I get to pamper you.

Chris: Am I hallucinating? A rock star is gonna pour me a glass of wine, and he's telling me he's going to pamper me? What's next, a foot massage?

Danny: You play your cards right...

Chris: You know, I had an old cd of yours on last night.

Danny: Hey, who you calling "old"?

Chris: It was "rock on." Probably my favorite, although who can choose? There have been so many great ones. Just call me a die-hard fan.

Danny: So, um... so what should we drink to?

Chris: How about your next album? I can't wait. I mean it. In fact, why don't you give me a preview? I dare you. Sing me something.


Michael: Sharon, there is, literally, a mountain of evidence that screams murder here.

Sharon: Why are you scaring me like this?

Michael: Because I'm trying to make you understand. If you wait for the police to come to you, your story's gonna sound so contrived. I want you to get a jump on the authorities.

Sharon: Confess.

Michael: No, no. Tell them what happened-- the truth.

Sharon: Damn it, Michael. This man was about to rape me. This was self-defense.

Michael: Sharon, tell them that.

Sharon: I canít.

Michael: Okay, listen to me. The fact that you've kept quiet thus far can be accepted because we can all assume that you're still in shock. But the time limit on that excuse is not gonna last forever. Sooner or later, Kirstenís body is gonna be discovered.

Sharon: I still don't see how they can trace it to me. And I don't know why I should admit to anything when I don't need to.

Michael: Because, because! I keep trying to tell you over and over again, this is your best shot of avoiding this before it escalates.

Sharon: Oh, God. I gotta go. I gotta get over there. Nick is expecting me.

Michael: Okay. I'll be in my office if you need me. Think about what I said, Sharon. The truth... it is your best shot at avoiding a world of trouble.


Paul: All right. What do you say, about ready to blow this pop stand? I I bet you're sick of this place, huh?

Lauren: Well, I wouldn't go that far. But it has been a long day.

Paul: I'm surprised you didn't have some of your kids help you with the inventory.

Lauren: Oh, well, you know, inventory can be tricky. It's not just counting. It's deciding what I want to reorder, you know, what I want to mark down.

Paul: Yeah, well, more efficient with one, huh?

Lauren: It can be. Of course, by the time that kid showed up, oh, I was ready to put him to work.

Paul: Well, knowing you, that had to be late in the day.

Lauren: Yes, I definitely needed a break by then.

Paul: So was he one of your regulars?

Lauren: No, I didn't know him.

Paul: Oh, that's right. You mentioned that already, didn't you?

Lauren: Yeah. An interesting kid.

Paul: How so?

Lauren: Well, he seemed a little unsure of himself, actually, a little bit more than a little. He was very sweet, though, seemed sensitive, insightful.

Paul: Well, it sounds like you talked about more than just the weather.

Lauren: It's the oddest thing. That kid spent a lot of his life feeling alone and beaten down, and kindness was at a premium.

Paul: Bet you charmed the pants off the guy, huh?

Lauren: No, honey. I saved that for you.

 Paul: Just the same, I bet you were nice.

Lauren: I think it was more like penance. Because when I was that age, I wouldn't have given that guy the time of day. You know, I felt sorry for him. I really did. I think he saw me as kind of a shoulder.


Kevin: Come on, lay into me.

Kevin: What, that's it? You're just gonna walk away.

J.T.: Like I said, man, you're history.

Kevin: All right, I'm quaking in my boots. Listen, J.T., There's only one way to settle things between us--

J.T.: Hey, you know, if you're trying to pick a fight with me, forget it, man. It's not gonna happen.

Kevin: You're itchin' to belt me, I know you are.

J.T.: Yeah, I am. God, I wanna kill you, but I'm not going to. I'm not gonna lay a finger on you.

Kevin: Why not? It's not like the cops are really gonna do anything.

J.T.: You think you're so smart, don't you-- messing around with these underage girls, setting fires, attempted murder? God, you're lucky I don't waste you right now, man.

Kevin: Well, what's stopping you, hmm? Don't tell me you're afraid of little ol' Kevin.

J.T.: You're pathetic, you know that?

Kevin: What was it that you were saying earlier, that you knew something? What was that about?

J.T.: Oh, man, I know enough.

Kevin: That's a load of crap. There's no evidence. Anyone could have started that fire, and Lily... oh, let me tell you something about Lily. She was begging for it, okay? She knew exactly what she wanted. It's a shame that she got that S.T.D., But my blood came back clean, so it must have been some other guy.

J.T.: Fine. You keep thinkin' that, man.

Kevin: I will. 'Cause, you know, this whole thing is just a big joke. You know what the funniest part is? You. You think you're this big hero-- Mr. Tough guy, Mr. youíre lucky I don't waste you right now. What is that? Did you get that from a movie or something?

J.T.: Kevin, I'll tell you what I know, man.

Kevin: Tell me, please, 'cause this ought to be good.

J.T.: No. No, on second thought, I'm gonna let you find out on your own.

Kevin: Well, say hi to Colleen for me. Let me know. I appreciate your time. Thank you.


Sharon: Sorry I'm late. The roads are just a mess from the snow, and I really didn't want to take any chances.

Hank: No problem, Mrs. Newman.

Nick: Thanks for coming.

Sharon: I take it you still haven't heard anything from Cameron.

Hank: Right, though it may be by choice.

Nick: What does his office have to say?

Hank: Well, no one's heard from the man. Apparently that's not unusual, though.  travels a lot, doesn't always check in.

Sharon: I'm surprised the police are involved.

Hank: Only unofficially. We're not even sure he's missing yet.

Nick: I still say it's totally out of character for a man like Cameron Kirsten to just up and vanish. I mean, he was so adamant that I finish up this proposal for him. He had me up working half the night.

Sharon: Doesn't a person have to be gone for at least a day or two before they're considered missing?

Hank: Oh, that's usually how it works, but your husband asked me to look into his disappearance now, so I'm doing this on my own time, ma'am.

Sharon: Then you're not really convinced that anything's wrong.

Hank: It's quite possible Mr. Kirsten will show up and wonder what all the fuss is about, but on the other hand, he's a very high-profile exec, well known, so we're just being cautious. But it's too early to shift into high gear.


Nikki: John, if there's anything I can do to help, please, let me know.

John: Thank you, Nikki. You're very sweet. That's very kind of you.

Nikki: I just feel terrible about this. Even though I don't agree that it was solely Victor's fault, he certainly should not have gotten involved. But I do want you to know that my business loyalty as always been to you and Jabot.

John: I know this. There's never been any question in my mind about your loyalty, and I have no issue with you or anyone else in your family except one person. And we all have to take responsibility for our actions. (Cell phone rings)

John: Excuse me. John Abbott. I see. All right, if you need me to come over, líll stop by. Right, I'll be there shortly. Sorry.

Nikki: That wasn't more bad news?

John: No, I just have to run to the office, so if you will forgive me...

Nikki: Oh, of course. Before you go, I just want you to know how sorry I am. The doctors haven't been able to come up with anything to help her?

John: Well, not yet, no. But, you know, Ashley was coming back to us. And then Victor again gets in a conflict with Brad, and that's what seemed to make her completely withdraw.

Nikki: Really? Victor told me about that argument.

John: It just seems like that conflict just pushed her over the edge.

Nikki: And she hasn't responded at all to anything?

John: No, no. You know, there is one thing that's cruelly ironic.

Nikki: What?

John: Victor's name. That's the only thing she responds to. Well, you have a good day, Nikki.

Nikki: You, too, John.

Nikki: Only to Victor's name... oh, my God.


Jack: If you let him know what's really going on with Ashley, you are asking for trouble.

Brad: Victor's here, he wants to help, and nothing else has worked.

Jack: You want him to know the truth?

Brad: It's not about what I want. It's about doing what's best for my wife.

Jack: He is not what's best for your wife. He never has been. He has been a never-ending source of pain in her life.

Brad: But there's something there, Jack, something she's clinging to.

Jack: Well, buddy, I think you know what that is.

Victor: Gentlemen, I'm sorry, but you either fill me in or else I have to go, because I have things to do.

Jack: Fine, go. You don't belong here anyway.

Brad: No, no, no, no. Victor, wait. You're right. You need to know the truth. You need to know the reason I called.

Victor: All right.


Paul: Okay, so I just have one question. Why would a guy that you've never met before come in here and start telling you his problems?

Lauren: Actually, I should stop calling him a kid. He's in his 20s. I don't know. He was telling me about his mom, about how people treat him. Actually, I don't think he's that smashed with girls his age.

Paul: You know, that almost sounds... describe him.

Lauren: Uh, soft-spoken. Kind of nerdy.

Paul: How old? You said he was in his 20s. Early 20s? Late 20s? What?

Lauren: Well, I would say kind of in the middle there. He's on the shorter side, slim, dark hair. Has really intensive blue eyes.

Paul: Oh, my God.

Lauren: What?

Paul: Did he give you a name?

Lauren: He told me that, too, and I can't remember.

Paul: Was it Kevin?

Lauren: Yeah.

Paul: (Sighs)

Lauren: Honey, why are you having this kind of reaction?

Paul: Because I think there is an excellent chance that the guy that came in here was Kevin Fisher.


J.T.: You don't know when to quit, do you?

Kevin: What did I say? I was just being friendly.

J.T.: Friendly? Hey, we're not your friends, dude, okay? You have no friends.

Kevin: I have lots of friends. I have important friends.

J.T.: Oh, really? Do you? Then let me sit down here. Tell me about your big, important friends you've got.

Kevin: No.

J.T.: That's what I thought. You're B.S.-ing me, Fisherman. You've got no friends. You've got nothing.

Kevin: You don't know that. You don't know anything.

J.T.: Well, I know you didn't cover your tracks that well, Fisherman.

Kevin: Stop calling me that, and you can't prove anything.

J.T.: Whatever you say, Fisherman.

Kevin: I see what you're trying to do, and it's not gonna work, because you know nothing. Nothing.


Hank: Yes, that's correct. I'll be at this number all evening. Thank you. Sorry about that.

Nick: No problem.

Sharon: So you said it's too soon to shift into high gear. What exactly does that mean, detective?

Hank: Well, normally I would send a man out to check the airlines, private charter planes, train stations. We'll track Kirstenís credit card purchases.

Nick: Sounds like a lot of manpower.

Hank: Oh, yes, it is, which is why I'm reluctant to take those steps this early.

Sharon: Because, like you said, he could just turn up at any moment.

Hank: And I wind up with egg on my face if he has a good explanation, which is why I want to talk to you, Mrs. Newman. Please, have a seat.

Sharon: Uh, sure. I'll help any way I can.

Hank: Did Mr. Kirsten mention that he was planning on going anywhere after the party?

Sharon: Um, I really spoke to him very little that night.

Hank: Yes, ma'am, your husband told me that, but surely you two spent some time together.

Sharon: Uh, not really.

Hank: Even though you were co-hosting the event?

Sharon: Well, especially because of that. We were both busy mixing and greeting, and I would say we hardly even spoke two words to each other.

Hank: Then he didn't mention that he decided to stay in town longer?

Sharon: No, on the contrary, he was planning to leave the next morning.

Hank: He told you that?

Sharon: No, Nicholas did. Mr. Kirsten didn't discuss his itinerary with me. We really weren't that close.

Hank: Okay, could he have met someone at the party, someone he was attracted to?

Nick: Sharon and I discussed that.

Hank: And he wouldn't necessarily have taken her up to his room here at the club. They might have gone to her place or a motel.

Nick: Why would he do that?

Hank: Kirsten's a man in the public eye, fodder for the tabloids.

Nick: Yeah, but it just seems so unlikely. I mean, this guy seemed like he was all about his work.

Hank: Yes, but from what I've seen on television and in news photos, I mean, he's a good-looking cat, wealthy, unmarried, quite an attractive target for a woman looking for companionship.

Nick: So you think he got sidetracked?

Hank: A couple of drinks under his belt, a pretty lady, oh, yeah-- the perfect recipe for a change of plans.

Nick: Well, I guess that's a possibility.

Hank: Did you notice Mr. Kirsten paying special attention to any particular woman that evening, Mrs. Newman?


Danny: Come on, you know I don't sing on command.

Chris: For me, you do.

Danny: You're right, I do. No, actually there is an album out.

Chris: Really?

Danny: Yeah, it came out in Europe for Christmas.

Chris: Oh, so who do you have to know to get a copy?

Danny: I'll tell you what. I'll put out some feelers.

Chris: I love a man with clout. You know something; I'm going to be serious here. It is really great to have you home for a visit. But how'd you manage to get away for so long? You must have rehearsals and concerts.

Danny: Yeah, sure, I just, you know... I just needed a break. Plus, I wanted to spend time with Gina.

Chris: I know she appreciates it. Okay, tell me, what does the world-famous Danny Romalotti have up his sleeve for his adoring public?


Sharon: So at this point, this is all pretty speculative. I mean, you know, maybe Mr. Kirsten has relatives in town or other business dealings.

Hank: Did he indicate anything of the sort?

Sharon: No, no, I just meant that there could be any number of logical explanations of why he isn't in his room.

Nick: No, I think Cameron would have mentioned if he had other business here in town.

Hank: What about the days before the party?

Nick: What do you mean?

Hank: Maybe he said something in passing, Mrs. Newman, something about his plans, something you're forgetting.

Sharon: Uh, no, no, it wasn't like that. My involvement in the party was very little. It was thrown together at the last minute. I made a few phone calls, gathered some guests.

Nick: Yeah, but there was that day when you were up at the main house talking with him. Remember, I came home, and you guys were together?

Sharon: Oh, right. Right, I forgot about that.

Hank: You forgot it?

Sharon: Yeah, I'm just... I'm a little bit nervous. I mean, this man is missing. Nick's been negotiating with him for weeks, and I can just imagine how he must feel.

Hank: Well, let's hope it turns out to be nothing.

Nick: Yeah, I just... I don't think so. I think that something bad has happened to Cameron Kirsten. The question is what?


Lauren: Kevin Fisher? You really think he was that Kevin?

Paul: It sure as hell sounds like it.

Lauren: I just... I can't believe this.

Paul: Well, tell me, what do you know about the guy?

Lauren: Actually, quite a bit from what J.T. And Colleen have told me.

Paul: Did Kevin ask about them, either one of them?

Lauren: No.

Paul: He's probably being cagey. He's got to know J.T. Works here, right?

Lauren: Are you positive? I mean, you really think he's that guy?

Paul: Well, I don't know. I didn't see him. I can't be 100% sure. But, look, Lauren, the Kevin you described, come on, it would be a hell of a coincidence.

Lauren: It's just, he seemed so... he's not the least bit intimidating.

Paul: Yeah, well, he's got his act down cold. That's who I was investigating at the strip club--Kevin Fisher. He works as a bookkeeper there.

Lauren: You've got to be kidding.

Paul: No. And believe me; his boss' description of the kind of guy he is matches yours exactly.

Lauren: Yeah, I remember you were dealing with him at Cameronís party.

Paul: Yeah, but you didn't see him, or you would have recognized him.

Lauren: Yeah, well, I certainly will next time.

Paul: Look, if there is a next time, if Fisher comes back here, which is highly probable, I want you to call me right away. J.T. And I are working on a plan. Now I mean it, this guy is not to be messed with. He's dangerous. Do you understand? I'm not kidding.

Lauren: Yeah.


J.T.: Man, you're a trip, you know that, "Fishin4luv"?

Kevin: That's not funny, J.T.

J.T.: It's not? See, I thought this was all a big joke to you. Now come on, Fisherman, you seem a little stressed out.

Kevin: I told you to stop calling me that.

Trevor: Hey, everything all right here, J.T.?

J.T.: Yeah, yeah, everything's fine. I don't know. I don't know. Maybe it's that job down at Marsino's that's got you all stressed out.

Kevin: Yeah, maybe that's it. How do you know about that?

J.T.: I know a lot of things, Kevin, like I told you. I know a whole lot of things.

Kevin: Okay, I'll bite. What else do you know?

J.T.: Now why would I tell you that, huh?

Kevin: Then it's just as I thought, you don't know anything.

J.T.: Ah, see, that's where you're wrong, Fisherman. I got your whole life up here, man. See, Marsino's it's just the tip of the iceberg, so I'd step really, really carefully if I were you, Kevin, 'cause there's a lot of people watching you, watching your every move. Have a nice night.


Danny: Listen, beautiful, it's after the whistle, and I don't want to talk about work anymore, capisce?

Chris: Okay, okay. It's just so great, knowing what a success you've been. I think from the first time I saw you on stage, I knew you were destined for amazing things.

Danny: You and I both were, don't you think?

Chris: We were so young back then.

Danny: Had a lot of dreams.

Chris: And a few disappointments, too.

Danny: Well, I know my biggest one. I never once stopped thinking about you, about what we once had together. And I, you know, I kick myself--

Chris: Hey, wait, just donít. It's water under the bridge.

Danny: So how many rock stars does it take to screw up a marriage? I forgot the punch line.

Chris: You never could tell a joke to save your life.

Danny: Do you ever wonder?

Chris: Wonder what?

Danny: This.


Nikki: Nicholas.

Nick: Hey, Mom.

Nikki: I've been waiting for you. I didn't know you would be here, Sharon.

Nick: What's this about? And how did you know where to find me?

Nikki: Your secretary told me. Sit down. We need to have a talk. Sharon, you might as well join us. I think this will be interesting to you, too.


Brad: About this relationship between you and Ash...

Victor: We are friends.

Jack: You were a hell of a lot more than that in the past.

Victor: That was the past, Jack, all right? I care about your sister. That's the extent of our relationship.

Brad: Well, it's possible she doesn't see things quite the same way.

Victor: Why do you say that?

Brad: She's been non responsive since that night we argued at the club.

Victor: I'm sorry to hear that.

Brad: Except for one thing. One thing seems to create some small response.

Victor: Which is?

Brad: Your name. We don't know why, we don't know what it means, and we certainly don't know what she's thinking.

Victor: And you're afraid to find out?

Brad: No, I'm afraid of doing something that's going to hurt her more than it helps.

Victor: Then why, Bradley, did you ask me to come here?

Brad: You know, maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Sharon: I happen to know a little secret you have, something that you don't want Victor to find out about Ashleyís daughter Abby.


Ashley: You saw her?

Victor: It's incredible how she's grown. She's no longer a little baby.

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