Friday Y&R Transcript 1/9/04

Y&R Transcript Friday 1/9/04--Canada; Monday 1/12/04

Proofread by Emma

Jack: Please give me some good news, Bradski. This day so far has been the day from hell.

Brad: You came here looking for good news? Man, have you lost it.

Jack: So what's with Ashley? Dad said she's starting to recognize a couple of words.

Brad: One word-- "Victor." That's the only thing she hears, the only thing she responds to.

Jack: That's still the way it is.

Brad: Yeah.

Jack: You know why. He's made her life a living hell the last few months.

Brad: Think that's what it is?

Jack: Yeah, don't you?

Brad: That's what I want to think, but I have to wonder if it's not something else.

Jack: Like what?

Brad: Like deep inside, way down, she's still hung up on Newman.

Jack: I don't believe that.

Brad: And I don't wanna believe it, Jack, but she's drawn to him again and again. She can't cut the tie.

Jack: It's like a moth to the flame. Nothing good can come of this, Bradley.

Brad: Maybe not, but I'm gambling.

Jack: What does that mean?

Brad: Newman. I called him and asked him to come over, for Ashley.


Chris: Victor.

Victor: Hello, Christine.

Chris: I'd like to talk to you. Do you have a minute? First I have to ask, are you currently represented by counsel?

Victor: That depends. What do you want to hear?


Bobby: Hey, buddy, we're not open. You gotta come back in a couple hours.

Paul: Mr. Marsino?

Bobby: Yeah.

Paul: My name's Paul Williams. I'm a private investigator.

Bobby: If it's not one thing, it's another. What do you want?

Paul: Hey, take it easy, will ya? I'm not a cop. You seem kinda jumpy.

Bobby: Just been having a little problem with one of my dancers-- actually, her father. I never know when he's gonna pull something.

Paul: Yeah, well, this has to do with a guy by the name of Kevin Fisher. He works here, right?

Bobby: Yeah, Kev. Is he in trouble again?

Paul: What do you mean, again?

Bobby: Look, Kev's not my most favorite person in the world, but I don't feel comfortable talking about him unless I know why.

Paul: Well, let's just say sooner or later, he's gonna end up messing with your girls. And one day, he might even bring your club down. So tell me, does that sound like reason enough?


Kevin: Hi.

Lauren: Hi.

Kevin: Are you open?

Lauren: No, I'm actually doing inventory. Isn't there a sign out there?

Kevin: Unh-unh.

Lauren: Hmm. Thought I took care of that. Well, sorry. We're closed for the day.

Kevin: Oh.

Lauren: Is there something I can help you with?

Kevin: No, I just heard a lot about this place. I thought I'd come and check it out. Nobody else is working here, huh?

Lauren: Oh, nope. Just little old me.

Kevin: Well, that's too bad. I wish you were open.

Lauren: Well, you know, you're welcome to take a look around, and if there's anything you want, I'll put it aside. We reopen tomorrow at 10.

Kevin: Thanks. That's really nice of you. Most people aren't that way, you know?


Nikki: Well, I'm waiting for your answer. Where were you after that party?

Sharon: Excuse me. Where is this coming from-- concern? I don't think so, Nikki.

Nikki: The point is you weren't--

Sharon: The point is you are haranguing me about nothing.

Nikki: You told your husband at midnight you were going straight home. You didn't get home for hours. That's nothing?

Sharon: How do you know I wasn't at the club still?

Nikki: Because I talked to Gina. She said you dashed out of there so fast, you didn't even say good-bye your guests.

Sharon: Gina told you that? She actually saw me leave?

Nikki: No.

Sharon: Because she didn’t. She didn’t. You're just trying to paint some dark and incriminating picture here, aren't you, Nikki? But you can’t. So give it up.


Gina: Here you go.

Hank: Thank you, Gina. Wow, Gina, you haven't lost your touch.

Gina: Well, coming from you, Detective, that's high praise.

Hank: You're quite welcome. So tell me more about this fella you think may be missing, this Cameron Kirsten.

Nick: What do you want to know?

Hank: When was the last time either of you had contact with him?

Gina: Well, the last time I saw him was at his party, of course. I saw him speaking to Nicholas shortly before midnight.

Nick: Yeah, that must have been when he told me to go back to my office and finish up that proposal.

Hank: The one you dropped off later that night?

Nick: Yeah, and I expected to hear from him first thing in the morning 'cause I knew he was checking out early.

Gina: Trouble is he never did.

Nick: And he didn't call me. So I was worried and decided to swing by here and see what had happened.

Gina: Now we're both worried.

Hank: Okay.


Bobby: Those are some heavy accusations.

Paul: Look, why don't you just tell me what you can about Kevin Fisher.

Bobby: Kev-- he's an adequate bookkeeper. He does my taxes, my payroll, inventory, pays my bills. He did have a brush with the law awhile back. Coffee?

Paul: Uh, no, no, thanks. Can you tell me about the brush with the law?

Bobby: Mmm. Evidently, he was seeing some girl that was underage. He swore he didn't know nothing about it, but the cops came down. They took his computer with my files on it. Didn't end up causing me any problems, but I didn't like it.

Paul: And you didn't fire him?

Bobby: Actually, I still haven't decided what the hell to do with him, but you being here isn't exactly helping him.

Paul: Right. Tell me something. How does he relate to the women around here?

Bobby: Kevin?

Paul: Yeah.

Bobby: Look, this kid's a geek. Most of the girls here-- they tease him. They come on to him just to see him squirm.

Paul: Yeah, I know, but he's a young guy working in a place like this.

Bobby: Right, so you'd think he'd be running around with his tongue hanging out. This kid, he comes in, does his work and he leaves. That's it. Look, you were saying something about him messing with my dancers. What's with that?

Paul: Well, the cops are right. He does have a thing for young girls.

Bobby: Well, listen, I don't have anybody underage working here. Let's just get that straight. All my girls are legal. By the way, who you working for? Who's paying you to ask me all these questions?


Kevin: Is it okay if I open this?

Lauren: Oh, sure. Yeah, help yourself, uh...

Kevin: Kevin.

Lauren: Pleased to meet you, Kevin. I'm Lauren Fenmore. I own the place.

Kevin: It's nice to meet you. You got some really cool stuff in here.

Lauren: Thank you. Fun project for me, you know? Keeps me young.

Kevin: You don't look old.

Lauren: Well, thank you, but I'm not exactly marketing to my own demographic here.

Kevin: Okay.

Lauren: That was a very interesting comment you made.

Kevin: When?

Lauren: You know, about people not being kind anymore.

Kevin: It's true, isn't it? I mean, everyone's in such a hurry. It's always me, me, me. And nobody wants to cut you a break unless you're rich or famous or if they think they can get something out of you.

Lauren: Well, gosh, you don't look like a cynic.

Kevin: No, it's just my experience.

Lauren: Sorry about that.

Kevin: You don't think it's true, at least sometimes? I mean, jeez, just looking for a parking spot-- people think it's a battle to the death, and they'd just as soon ram into you as look at you.

Lauren: (Chuckles) you know, I think we're shopping at the same mall. Are you okay?

Kevin: Uh, yeah. Yeah, you just-- I spaced out for a second. You threw me when you laughed. You sounded just like my mom.

Lauren: Really? Is that a good thing?

Kevin: Sure. I guess. She had a really pretty laugh. I didn't get to hear it much growing up, but I definitely remember it.

Lauren: Well, thanks for the compliment. So what was she like?

Kevin: Who, my mom?

Lauren: Yeah. Were you two close?

Kevin: Uh, no. No. I mean, she was beautiful. And she could be really charming when she wanted to be, but she wasn’t a very good person or much of a parent. A little too wrapped up in her own stuff.

Lauren: I understand.

Kevin: We lost touch awhile back, and that's okay with me. You know, sometimes you're better off. I can't believe I'm saying all this to you.

Lauren: I have one of those faces.

Kevin: Yeah, it's more than that. It's like, I know you're not gonna judge me or make fun of me. You're a really nice woman, Miss Fenmore.

Lauren: Lauren. Please.

Kevin: See, even that. You treat me like an equal, like a friend. That means a lot.


Jack: Oh, I'm sure Newman was delighted to insinuate himself in Ashley’s life all over again.

Brad: Look, I hate this as much as you do--more. But I've got to do something, Jack. I can't stand by and watch my wife and children suffer.

Jack: What are we talking about? What are you gonna do with Newman? Are you gonna put them in a room together?

Brad: He's not gonna get anywhere near Ash until we talk. Look, I know this is the right thing.

Jack: I think it's risky.

Brad: Whatever I do or don't do, it's risky, but I have to try and pull Ash out of this. Wesley says it has all the earmarks of post-traumatic stress.

Jack: Which is ultimately curable, right?

Brad: There are no guarantees, Jack, but Ashley’s going deeper and deeper within herself. Something happened earlier with Abby that convinced me that it's time for desperate measures. I've got to do something, or I may lose my wife completely.


Chris: I would like to talk to you about your case, but if you're represented by counsel, I can’t.

Victor: I got you the job that you have right now. For the record, I'm not represented by anyone.

Chris: What about Michael Baldwin?

Victor: He's an employee, an advisor. He does not represent me in this case.

Chris: You're sure.

Victor: Yes, I'm sure. Now I don't have a lot of time. Get to the point.

Chris: Should there be any doubt, our investigation has been proceeding.

Victor: I'm sure it has. I'm sure you don't mind wasting taxpayers' money and your own valuable time.

Chris: You still feel showing scorn to this process is gonna make it go away.

Victor: Do me a favor, get to the point. I don't have a lot of time.

Chris: Hey, Victor, a lot of people believe that law enforcement is way too soft on corporate crime, that the laws aren't being applied equally across the board.

Victor: Let me explain something to you. It's because of people like me that the rest of the world has jobs. They can buy the goodies of life; can buy the comforts of life. You got that? Without people like me, none of that would happen.

Chris: I understand that. I understand that's true. Unfortunately, it is irrelevant. You are not above the law.

Victor: I have been around long enough to know that a certain amount of cases come before you. You have the discretionary power to decide which ones you're going to prosecute, don't you?

Chris: Can you just imagine the shoe on the other foot and you had been criminally wronged? You know damn well that you would be yelling at me to prosecute to the fullest possible extent.

Victor: The shoe is where it is. What are you gonna do?

Chris: Well, I have enough evidence in your case, Victor, I do, and it amounts to a smoking gun. A very convincing, easy to explain portfolio of admissions, confessions, bank records, witness statements.

Victor: Well, hallelujah. You've done your job. So I'm doomed. Want me to break out in a sweat or what?

Chris: No.

Victor: Hmm?

Chris: I know that would never happen. What I was hoping for, though, was to convince you to confess now. Please, Victor, confess now before it's too late.

Victor: Do you know how angry this makes me, that you of all people are prosecuting this case?


Hank: Now I'm sure you both know it's too soon to file a missing person's report.

Nick: Not enough times passed?

Hank: Well, so far, everything now is pretty much unofficial.

Nick: And if he'd been in some kind of an accident...

Hank: We'd know about it.

Gina: Look, no one here at the club has seen him since the party.

Hank: Have you checked his room?

Gina: I called the innkeeper. He came over and opened the room for us.

Hank: And...?

Gina: I didn't actually go in, but Nick took a peek in the room.

Hank: You didn't touch anything, I hope.

Nick: No, but to be honest, it didn't look like anyone had been in there since the last time the room was made up. I mean, his suitcase was still there. The bed was made. No sign that the guy had been there since-- well, I don't know when.

Hank: Well, I'm gonna have a look myself before I leave.

Gina: Nicholas, what about your wife? She co-hosted the party with Mr. Kirsten. Would she have any idea where he might have gone?


Nikki: Gina told me, to the best of her knowledge that you left right after Nicholas did at midnight.

Sharon: So you were over at the club interrogating her, too?

Nikki: Why is it so difficult for you to just answer a simple question? That makes me wonder, Sharon.

Sharon: About what? Where do you think I went? What do you think I was doing that's got you in such an uproar?

Nikki: Why don't you tell me the truth for a change? Then I won't have to imagine all of these scenarios.

Sharon: Well, that's half your problem, Nikki. You always have your nose stuck in somebody else's business.

Nikki: Well, you know what? My son's happiness is my business.

Sharon: All right. Fine. Now we're getting down to it then. So you are accusing me of what, hurting Nick somehow, making him unhappy all because I came home a little late from a party the other night?

Nikki: Oh, more than a little.

Sharon: I lost track of time because I was outside saying good-bye to people.

Nikki: Outside?

Sharon: Yes, I walked some of the guests to their cars, and we stood there talking for awhile on the street.

Nikki: Which guests?

Sharon: Does it matter?

Nikki: I don't know.

Sharon: I see what you're doing. You're trying to play detective, and you know what? You can forget it, Nikki. I've told you what happened. If you don't accept it, it's your tough luck.


Paul: To tell you the truth, Mr. Marsino, at the moment I am not working for anyone in particular.

Bobby: What are you, the lone ranger?

Paul: Not exactly. This underage girlfriend of Fisher's--her father is a really good friend of mine, and Kevin Fisher ended up giving her a sexually transmitted disease, which, as you can imagine, just added insult to injury.

Bobby: Hmm, I can believe he did that.

Paul: Why? What makes you say that?

Bobby: No, nothing. I can believe he'd do that. A couple times I had to get rough with the guy, and he just melted into the carpet. He just cowered down, and he put his hands up. He was like, "don't hit me, don't hit me," you know? You know, like he'd been slapped around a lot when he was a kid.

Paul: What do you mean, by his father?

Bobby: Well, his father, his mother's boyfriend, his uncle. That's not the point. I just know guys like that. They're like a newspaper-shy dog. Any sign of a threat, and they just fall apart. But a young girl--no threat. It makes perfect sense.

Paul: All right. Um, let me ask you about this fire thing. Have you ever seen him do anything with fire?

Bobby: All right, you mentioned that before. What is he, a firebug now?

Paul: Well, I think there's a pretty good chance that he's the one that burned down Gina’s restaurant.

Bobby: You gotta be kidding me. He swore to me that he had nothing to do with that. Why haven't you gone to the cops about this?

Paul: I don't have any hard evidence, but Fisher had motive, and the timing was right. But whoever did it didn't leave a trace.

Bobby: Well, look, if I can do anything to help find out who did this to Gina, you count me in.

Paul: All right.

Bobby: I read somewhere that people who start these fires-- they're the same as these guys who get slapped around.

Paul: Right, that's the profile. They're consumed with feelings of powerlessness.

Bobby: Right, right, so they start the fires to say, "here I am. I'm a badass. Notice me."

Paul: Yep, you got it.

Bobby: Well, sounds like our boy Kev fits that profile. I'm not saying I know that he did it, you understand?

Paul: Right. Don't worry. If he did do it, he will have his day in court just like anyone else.

Bobby: Mm, you're putting me in a little bit of a jam here.

Paul: Why is that?

Bobby: See, I got the kind of business where I don't need somebody's problems becoming my problems. Now this has already happened once, and what you're telling me is this could happen again. I don't need it.

Paul: Right, so if you want to fire him, fire him.

Bobby: Fire him? I figured you'd want me to keep him on and keep an eye on the kid.

Paul: No, don't worry about it. You gotta look out for number one. Besides, I wouldn't mind him feeling a little pressure right now. He could make a mistake.

Bobby: All right. Well, you're the P.I.

Paul: Just the same, I'd check to make sure that your smoke detectors are working.

Bobby: (Chuckles) I find a match in his hand, I'll chop his whole arm off.

Paul: All right. Um, thanks for your help. I'll be in touch.

Bobby: All right, you do that. Hey, anybody who keeps an eye on young girls and firebugs is all right in my book.

Paul: Hi-ho, silver.

Bobby: (Chuckles)


Lauren: I guess I believe "do unto others..."

Kevin: Well, that makes you pretty unique these days.

Lauren: Part of me hopes that you're wrong, but I understand exactly where you're coming from.

Kevin: Well, thank you for saying that.

Lauren: I mean it. Apparently we're on the same wavelength.

Kevin: Yeah, I get that, too. And you're just; you're so easy to talk to.

Lauren: I am?

Kevin: Yeah, most girls my age forget it. They...

Lauren: A little quick to judge?

Kevin: Exactly!

Lauren: Well, the good news about getting older is you want to get to know somebody more before you judge them, throw them in the discard pile, so chin up, okay?

Kevin: Yeah.

Lauren: Anyway, it was great meeting you. I've got to get back to work, 'cause I have a slave driver as a boss.

Kevin: All right. Well, thanks for the talk and, again, you've got some really great stuff in here.

Lauren: Thanks. Come back any time.

Kevin: I will. Bye.


Victor: Are you trying to frighten me?

Chris: Yes, I am. I'm hoping you'll see the wisdom in pleading guilty to these charges now instead of taking your chances on a trial.

Victor: What chances? If I plead guilty, then what?

Chris: Victor, as I said, there are so many people that would love to see a big corporate honcho like yourself behind bars. Victor, if you plead, you will be subject to relatively insignificant penalties.

Victor: No jail time?

Chris: Very unlikely, as I said, relatively.

Victor: There has to be a guarantee that there will be no jail time, none.

Chris: Whatever it is, it risks being so much worse later.

Victor: You could say that about almost anything, Christine. Now if the law deems that I have sinned and need to be punished, then so be it. I will not speed the process along. You do whatever you have to do, and we'll see how it works out. Meanwhile, you live with your conscience.


Paul: Man, oh, man, who folded that stuff?

Lauren: I know. They ought to be shot, right?

Paul: By a firing squad.

Lauren: The kids will have their work cut out for them in the morning.

Paul: They certainly will.

Lauren: What smells so good?

Paul: Oh, you mean, besides my aftershave?

Lauren: Ooh, is that dinner I smell?

Paul: Well, I stopped by the lodge, and they had a special on ribs.

Lauren: Oh, my God! How did you know I've been craving these?

Paul: Careful. Don't drool on the merchandise. You're beginning to scare me just a little bit.

Lauren: No, I have been sitting here starving deciding what to order, what to not order.

Paul: I doubt you've been sitting.

Lauren: That's true.

Paul: So you about wrapped up with all this nonsense here?

Lauren: I would say close enough.

Paul: And you are hungry, right?

Lauren: And not just for ribs. Come here.

Paul: Oh, my, naughty girl.

Lauren: Yeah, always.


Nikki: All right, so let me get this straight. You were outside the club in the street, snow coming down, saying good-bye to people that you refuse to identify for hours? What's wrong with that picture, Sharon?

Sharon: No matter what I tell you, you're obviously not going to buy it, so why even bother?

Nikki: Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you? You would love if I would just drop this and stop asking all these inconvenient questions.

Sharon: You know, I really thought that we were making some progress. I thought that we both wanted the same thing-- to see this family heal, but clearly I was wrong. One step forward, two steps back.

Nikki: Maybe that's because you can't--

Sharon: So I came home a little late from a party. So Gina didn't see me. What's the big deal? Is it really cause for this inquisition? You come in here, and you're pointing fingers. You're accusing me of god knows what, when we're all in enough turmoil as it is.

Nikki: Do you think that I enjoy mistrusting you, Sharon?

Sharon: Frankly--

Nikki: Well, I don't, but unfortunately my every instinct is telling me that you're hiding something, and I simply want to know what it is.

Sharon: Your instincts are wrong. Deal with it.

Nikki: You could clear this up in an instant by just being straight with me, but I know you're not gonna do that.

Sharon: Based on what, hmm? Your own paranoia? Your ongoing crusade to try to drum me out of Nicholas' life? What is it with you, Nikki? What do you want from me?

Nikki: My goodness, we are a bit stressed out, aren't we?

Sharon: Yes, we are, and it's because of you. This is totally pointless, it's insulting and it is a waste of time for both of us.

Nikki: You're right. It is a waste of time, because you obviously have no intention of telling me the truth.

Sharon: All right, this conversation is over. There is nothing I can say to you, no answer I can give you that would possibly appease you, so would you please just leave?

Nikki: Yes, I will do that, happily. This is not over, Sharon. You're lying to me, and there are many others who will agree with me. I'm going to get to the bottom of it with or without your cooperation.

Sharon: What other people? Nikki, wait!


Nick: I'm afraid my wife is in the darks as much as I am.

Hank: Did you talk to her about this?

Nick: Yeah, this morning. I thought Cameron may have mentioned a possible change in plans to her.

Hank: But he hadn't?

Nick: No in fact, Sharon told me that she hardly spent any time talking to him that night. She was just too busy doing her hostess thing.

Hank: Okay and he didn't mention anything to you about going someplace afterwards?

Nick: No, and I got the distinct impression that he was heading back up to his room.

Hank: He tell you that?

Nick: No, but he was just so anxious for me to get out of there and finish up that proposal, 'cause he wanted to leave first thing in the morning.

Hank: Okay, what about the other people at the party? Did either of you notice anyone monopolizing his time?

Gina: Well, as I recall, he was pretty much working the room. I can't think of anyone that he didn't talk to.

Nick: And I left right after midnight, so I wouldn't know anything that happened after that.

Hank: Okay, you know, perhaps I'd better speak with your wife.

Nick: Why?

Hank: I just want to ask her a few questions, get her take on this.

Nick: Well, I really don't know what she'll be able to add. You know, like I said, she told me she hardly spoke to him all evening.

Hank: Perhaps not, but she might have been the last person to see him that night.

Nick: Yeah, you're right. I'll give her a call.


Jack: I hope you're not making a big mistake here, Bradley. You know, Ashley could totally freak out when she sees Victor.

Brad: I'll be watching things very closely.

Jack: If it happens, it happens. The damage is done.

Brad: As I said, I know it's a gamble.

Jack: I don't know if it's worth it.

Brad: You haven't seen your sister.

Jack: It's that bad, huh?

Brad: Worse.

Jack: So what happened with Abby?

Brad: I thought if anything could reach Ash, it would be her little girl.

Jack: And that wasn't the case?

Brad: She looked right through her, Jack, like she didn't even recognize her.

Jack: Oh, my God.

Brad: The poor kid's standing there. "Mommy-- why won't she talk to me? Why won't she talk to me?" That's when I realized I've got to do something. I can't justify holding out because of my personal feelings for Victor. If there's any chance he can help, I gotta take it.

Jack: If, if, if? How can you turn to the one man who caused all this?

Brad: Because my hostility is making things worse, Jack.

Jack: Wait, we're gonna get all mired down in guilt now?

Brad: It's not about guilt, and it's not about blame. It's about doing whatever I can to help my wife. (Doorbell rings)


Lauren: Mmm, this is so fabulous.

Paul: Mmm. Not exactly first date food.

Lauren: Well, fortunately...

Paul: It's our 46,000th? Yeah.

Lauren: Especially if you count from way back.

Paul: Yeah, maybe that's why I feel so comfortable.

Lauren: Yeah, it does feel comfortable, doesn't it?

Paul: So inventory, huh?

Lauren: Can you stand the excitement?

Paul: Yeah, I think I'd put it right up there with 8-hour stakeouts, maybe.

Lauren: Well, I did have a visitor today.

Paul: Oh, really? Anybody I know?

Lauren: No, I don't think so. I didn't know him. Sweet kid, you know, didn't realize we were closed.

Paul: Well, at least you had company.

Lauren: For a few minutes, anyway. So how was your day?

Paul: A lot more titillating than yours, with an emphasis on the first syllable.

Lauren: Really?

Paul: You will never guess where I was before I picked up dinner.

Lauren: Oh, try me.

Paul: A gentlemen's club.

Lauren: Oh, Paul! In the middle of the afternoon? That's really sleazy.

Paul: Oh, come on, don't be so provincial.

Lauren: Okay, you keep that up, and I'll remind you that the tomcat club has limo service.

Paul: Oh, thinking about a girls' night out?

Lauren: Why not? Up the road, Lake Geneva.

Paul: So tell me, what do they charge for a martini there?

Lauren: Very funny, and you know I only drink cosmopolitans.

Paul: I love it when you're feisty.

Lauren: Okay, getting back to why you were at a strip club.

Paul: Isn't it obvious?

Lauren: Oh, you're not exactly the type, honey.

Paul: Well, if you must know, I was working on a case.

Lauren: Poor you.

Paul: It's pretty sordid, actually. There is this lowlife scum that... you know what? I say forget it. I don't want to talk about it. I'm not going to take the chance that it might taint our evening.

Lauren: I agree. Work is off-limits. So what do you want to talk about?

Paul: Who says we have to talk? Sundays we're in slow motion

Lauren: Now that's an idea.

Paul: I have one of those every so often whether I need it or not.

Lauren: We cap off a day at the salt mines with blissful silence.

Paul: Now I didn't say that.

Lauren: All right, then how about sighing and moaning and the little noise you make just before...

Paul: What little noise?

Lauren: Has it been that long?

Paul: Oh...

Lauren: My, I have my work cut out for me.

Paul: Oh, and now it's work. I see. Just keep 'em coming.

Lauren: I think what we have here is a failure to communicate.

Paul: You know, if you would just take my advice and stop all this talking... what are you doing?

Lauren: You have a little schmear of...

Paul: Schmear?

Lauren: Mm-hmm.

Paul: Oh, look, I think I feel some... move over here. Mmm.


Victor: I had no idea you were going to be here, Jack.

Jack: Ashley's my sister, or had you forgotten?

Victor: So Ashley’s the reason you called me?

Brad: Yeah.

Victor: What is this about?

Brad: She was getting better. Then she saw us arguing at the club.

Victor: I want you to know that I am very sorry about that. That was most regrettable.

Jack: It sure as hell was.

Brad: Enough, Jack!

Brad: Since that night she's hardly spoken. She doesn't eat. She's in a total malaise.

Victor: How can I help?

Brad: I'm not sure that you can.

Victor: Then why did you ask me to come here? You must know, if it is something to do with Ashley, I'll do anything, anything at all to help her.


[Sharon remembering.]

Cameron: I promise you... I promise you you're gonna like this.

Sharon: No!

Cameron: Sit down! You want to play it this way, huh, huh? Take off your dress. Get that dress off. Do it. Take it off. That off that dress now. Don't make me ask you again. Don't make me.

Sharon: I would rather die.

Cameron: You little whore.

Sharon: Aah!

Cameron: Come here!

Sharon: Oh!

Cameron: Ooh! Aah, you bitch!


 (Telephone rings) (ring)

Sharon: What now? Hello?

Nick: Hey, babe, it's me. Have you heard from Cameron?

Sharon: No, Nicholas, I haven’t.

Nick: I was afraid of that. Listen, I need you to do me a favor. I need you to come down to the Athletic Club.

Sharon: The club? Aren't you at work?

Nick: Well, I was worried about Cameron, so I decided to come by the club and check on him.

Sharon: So he hasn't called you yet?

Nick: No, and no one has seen or heard from him since the party.

Sharon: Well, I really don't see how I can help, Nick.

Nick: Well, Detective Weber’s here, and he wants to speak to you.

Sharon: To me?

Nick: Yeah, so do me a favor and get here as soon as you can, all right? We'll be in the founder's room.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Danny: I never once stopped thinking about you.


J.T.: If you're trying to pick a fight with me, forget it, man. It's not going to happen.

Kevin: You're itching to belt me. I know you are.

J.T.: Yeah, I am.

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