Thursday Y&R Transcript 1/8/04

Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/8/04--Canada; Friday 1/9/04--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Nikki: So you still have had no word. You have no idea where Victor could be? Alright, Connie. Look, do me a favor. If you should see him or hear from... never mind. I found him. Thanks, bye.

Victor: Hi.

Nikki: Hi. Where have you been? I've been trying to find you for hours.

Victor: I had no idea you were trying to find me. What's the problem?

Nikki: I'm not sure. That's what I'm trying to figure out.

Victor: What is this about?

Nikki: It's about Sharon, her mysterious disappearance after the party.

Victor: What about it?

Nikki: Something just doesn't sit well, Victor. And you know she has a history of being untrustworthy.

Victor: Are you trying to build a case against her?

Nikki: I'm just trying to make sense of what we know.

Victor: We know very little.

Nikki: I know. That's my point. Where could she have disappeared to all by herself until the wee hours of the morning?


[Sharon reliving killing Cameron.]

Cameron: I promise you... I promise you you're gonna like this.

Sharon: No!

Cameron: Ohh.

Nick: Morning, babe.

Sharon: Uh, want some orange juice?

Nick: No. I'm just gonna grab something on the way to the office.

Sharon: Was that the phone I heard earlier?

Nick: Yeah. It was the concierge at the Athletic Club.

Sharon: Oh?

Nick: It turns out Cameron never picked up that proposal I left for him. And he never checked out either. They've been calling his room all morning, and there's still no answer. Weird, huh?


Brad: Maybe Ash will eat something when she wakes up. God, how much longer can she go on like this?

Olivia: I know how difficult it is for you to discuss what has to come next.

Brad: Don't even mention the man's name, Olivia.

Wes: I am not sure we can avoid it.

Olivia: Victor's name is the only thing she's responding to.

Wes: Now you've been very emphatic, Brad. The hospital should be a last resort.

Brad: You think we're running out of options.

Wes: How can you refuse to try the one thing that might have a chance at suc--

Brad: You know why.

Wes: You and Victor have issues.

Brad: Issues? No, I don't have any issues. I despise the man with every fiber of my being. And he is the last-- I repeat, the very last person-- I would I call on for help.

Olivia: And yet, as long as Ashleyís in this state... Brad, I'm sorry. We may have no other choice.


 (Hammer pounding)

Bobby: How is she?

Jill: Thank God Katherine can't hold her liquor like she used to.

Bobby: She passed out?

Jill: Not completely.

Bobby: There isn't any booze up there, is there?

Jill: No. I mean, she used to have bottles hidden all over the house, but they're long gone. Is your name Dave?

Dave: Yeah.

Jill: Um, Dave, you and the boys take the rest of the day off.

Dave: But, uh, Bill said you were in a real big hurry.

Jill: Yes, I am, but itís... it's not a good day. It's not your fault. I just didn't realize that I would be around here. So come back tomorrow, and you can continue then.

Dave: Okay. Come on, Terry.

Jill: It's not a good day. Not a good day at all.

Bobby: So how long has your mother been sober?

Jill: Oh, God, 20 years. More.

Bobby: Ouch. They say that first sip is like stepping off a cliff.

Jill: Yeah, I'm sure it is. Only she was pushed, Bobby.


Jack: I tell you, I'd like to swat that husband of yours upside the head.

Dru: Jack, chill out. Relax.

Jack: My wife just left for parts unknown with what could possibly be the last two Neofinetia orchids in bloom on the planet, and you want me to chill out?

Dru: Do you actually think Neilís involved?

Jack: I think he's involved up to his ears, don't you?

Dru: Probably. But we're still on a pink cloud. We're newlyweds.

Jack: So?

Dru: So if you fly off the handle, you'll put him on the defensive. Let me handle this, okay? It needs a wife's delicate touch.

Jack: If Neil can convince Phyllis to get back here with those orchids, I don't care how it happens. Go ahead.

Dru: Thank you.

Dru: Hi, honey.

Neil: Hey, baby. How you doing? Always good to see... well, what's he doing here?

Jack: You know damn well what I'm doing here. Don't play dumb with me.


Victor: Why are you pressing this? Doesn't our family have enough problems the way it is?

Nikki: That's exactly my point. We can't endure another embarrassment.

Victor: Why are you so certain that's what this is?

Nikki: Because I know Sharon. She was out all night, and nobody knows where she was.

Victor: Look, our son was working till all hours of the night. Maybe she decided to have some fun before returning home to an empty house.

Nikki: Some fun? What kind of fun, and with whom? That's my question.

Victor: How the hell do I know?

Nikki: Look, we know that a bored Sharon is a dangerous Sharon. Walking the straight and narrow is not something she naturally does.

Victor: Are you suggesting that there's another man involved, or what?

Nikki: I don't know. I have no idea. I just think it's very strange the way she disappeared after that party. And ever since then, she's been acting weird. She's very evasive. She's very jittery.

Victor: Has it occurred to you that she may be jittery because you constantly look over her shoulders?

Nikki: Well, why would that bother her if she has nothing to hide?

Victor: Sweetheart, I don't have any answers to your questions, all right? Let's not talk about this anymore. I have some other problems.

Nikki: What?

Victor: I ran into Brad Carltonís daughter at the coffeehouse. She was babysitting little Abby. Ashley's daughter Abby. Now you talk about a woman who has problems...


Brad: Olivia, you, of all people, have to know what you're asking of me. Going to Victor, asking him to reach Ashley, draw her out of her shell, when I haven't been able to. Come on.

Olivia: Don't think of it that way. Focus on Ashley and how desperate you are for her to get better.

Wes: Brad, you cannot let your antipathy toward this man stand in the way of doing what's best.

Brad: I will always do what's best for Ash. I just don't happen to agree it's best to have her confront the man that has driven her past the brink of insanity. And it's not the first time, I might add.

Wes: What are you telling me?

Olivia: I told Wes a bit of their history.

Brad: But you didn't give him all the highlights, I guess, did you?

Olivia: You're talking about when she was in her 20s.

Brad: Ash was so traumatized by her relationship with Victor that she ended up in a psych ward. She wandered off to New York. She didn't know her name. She didn't know where she came from. It was a miracle her family found her at all. And they brought her back here so she could recover, and what happened? She got involved with Newman again. For years now, this has been their cycle. Ash gets sucked back in every time Newman gets the urge. And she always ends up devastated, over and over again. And when she's in a healthy relationship, Newman has to destroy it. It's a compulsion with him. He can't let go! And neither can Ash. So you're asking me to let him in when she's at her most vulnerable? Do you think I'm crazy?


Bobby: So you're blaming yourself for your mother's drinking?

Jill: My God, look at her. She's a mess.

Bobby: But you didn't even know she was your mother until, like, a year ago.

Jill: Yeah, but I've known her for years and years.

Bobby: Yeah, and you never got along, right?

Jill: God, no. We've been practically at war the whole time.

Bobby: She was an alcoholic before you even knew her.

Jill: Hard-core.

Bobby: So how is any of this your fault? I mean, I know people that fight with family members all the time, and they don't go back on the sauce.

Jill: You're very nice to try and let me off the hook.

Bobby: I'm not letting you off the hook. Jill, people spend too much time pointing fingers at each other, trying to figure out who's to blame. And when they can't figure it out, they hire lawyers. It's like a national pastime.

Jill: Well, you've got that right.

Bobby: If you want to help your mother, you gotta keep her away from the booze. Drinking, crying, spilling your guts-- it's not the answer. She's just gotta stay away from all alcohol, even if you gotta sit on her.

Jill: You sound like you've had some experience with this.

Bobby: A little. Some friends of mine, they got into partying. One day, it just turns into addiction. That's when the fun stops.

Jill: Just so you know, I do not have that kind of problem.

Bobby: They do say it can be passed from parent to child.

Jill: Well, it wasn't with me. Okay, once in awhile, I have too much to drink, but I don't have to have it.

Bobby: All right. Maybe not today, but you gotta worry about tomorrow.

Jill: No, no. I can take a drink and then I can stop. But it's not the same with her. When she gets on a roll, whoa!

Bobby: Well, you can't let that happen.

Jill: Oh, my God. Do you know what that means? That means she and I are gonna have to live together.

Bobby: Can you handle it?

Jill: I don't know.

Bobby: Look, Jill, she's your mother. She's not gonna change. Once they reach a certain age, you gotta give 'em respect, even if they're old-fashioned or a little out there. You gotta laugh at their jokes and make 'em think they got all the answers in the world.

Jill: You know what? I have a good idea. Why don't you adopt her? Then you can give her all this wonderful Italian respect and I can just--

Bobby: No, no, no, no, she's your mother. I can't just snap my fingers and all of a sudden, she's my mother.

Jill: I know.

Bobby: It's a nature thing. I can't change it.

Jill: All right. Okay, okay, I know.

Bobby: So what are you gonna do?

Jill: Got any suggestions?

Bobby: The first thing you gotta do is find a different way of treatin' each other.

Kay: Jill. Jill!

Jill: Mother, I'm in here.

Kay: Oh, God. Oh. No. No. Please. Please. Thank you very much.

Bobby: All right.

Kay: Why did you bring me back her why, Jill? I mean... what in the hell where you thinking?!

Kay: I asked you a question.

Jill: I thought that this would be the best place for me to keep an eye on you.

Kay: An eye on me? For God's sake, I have Esther to do that.

Jill: Well, she's not doing a very good job, obviously.

Kay: Oh, please. (Chuckles) oh, I want outta here. I can't stand what you're doing to my house. It's just too much for me to take in one fell swoop. My God, what--

Bobby: Mrs. Chancellor, why don't you just stay? Stick around a little bit. The workmen are gone.

Kay: Yeah, well, their trail of destruction is still here, that's for damn sure.

Jill: Mother, come, sit down. Sit down. Now I am not going to let you out of my sight, not until we've got you back on the program again.

Kay: Taking over my life, are you? I mean, I don't think so.

Jill: Uh, Bobby, you've been an angel.

Bobby: Yeah. You want to be alone with your mother?

Kay: Mr. Marsino, don't go. Please don't go. As much as I dislike you, I dislike being alone with her even more.

Bobby: Come on, Mrs. Chancellor. That's no way to talk.

Kay: (Laughs)

Bobby: Look, I got news for you. Your daughter here, she loves you.

Kay: Oh!

Bobby: I know things are screwed up between you, and I got no reason to lie to you. She really cares about you. Now a lot of people don't even have that, so don't be so quick to throw it away.

Jill: Thank you, Bobby.

Kay: Thank you for nothing, Bobby.

Bobby: Are you sure?

Jill: Yeah, I'm sure. I'll see you soon.

Bobby: All right. Good-bye. Mrs. Chancellor, be good.

Kay: I tried that. It's highly overrated. (Sighs) so... let's have a drink. Shall we?


Neil: Is there a problem, Jack?

Jack: Oh, I think you know just what my problem is.

Dru: Oh, Jack, I thought that you were gonna let me handle this, yeah?

Neil: Handle what, Dru? If this is about that number you pulled on your wife, accepting her gift of an orchid, forgetting to mention you already had one...

Jack: You sure paid me back for that now didn't you?

Neil: If you mean because Phyllis left town, that's your fault, man, not mine.

Jack: We're not talking about Phyllis leaving town.

Dru: We're talking about what she took with her, Neil.

Neil: No, what she stole.

Dru: Right.

Neil: Stole? Stole what?

Jack: You want to play innocent with me? Fine, I'll spell it out for you. The orchids are missing. Both of them.

Neil: What? What do you mean missing?

Jack: Missing. They're gone. They vanished.

Neil: Well, isn't this fascinating.

Dru: We know Phyllis stole them, okay? She left a note behind.

Jack: And we highly suspect you're in cahoots.

Dru: Yeah.

Neil: Ha ha. Well, I'm not. I mean, I kind of wish I would have been, though.

Jack: Why don't you get Phyllis on the phone right now?

Neil: Hey, slow down, cowboy. Why don't you call her yourself?

Jack: I tried. She won't pick up.

Neil: Do you blame her?

Dru: Can you get us back one orchid, Neil?

Neil: You--you're assuming I even know where Phyllis is.

Jack: Oh, you know where she is, all right. You probably have her stashed somewhere, working with the people who are gonna work on this project in secret.

Neil: You two are killing me. You're giving me way too much credit, Jack.

Jack: I am telling you, Neil, I will have your sorry ass in court--

Neil: Whoa. Whoa. Now wait a minute. In case you've forgotten, we don't even know what this "project," as you call it, is all about.

Dru: Well, Newman certainly is determined to find out, huh?

Neil: What can I say? It's a dog-eat-dog world.

Jack: You son of... I will wipe that smirk off your face.

Dru: Wait, J-Jack. Jack, Jack. Neil, are you saying its okay for you and Phyllis to break into the jabot lab?

Neil: If that's what happened, Phyllis did it on her own.

Jack: I don't believe you.

Neil: Well, I don't care what you believe. You know, you got a lot of gall, standing in my living room, accusing me, threatening me. I don't know where your wife is, but I'll tell you one thing, if Phyllis did take those orchids, more power to her, because after what you pulled, you deserve all the misery she throws at you, man.


Nick: You know what bugs me the most? Is that the guy insisted I get that proposal to him before he left town.

Sharon: Well, maybe he left later because his plane was delayed.

Nick: Yeah, I guess snow could have backed up the planes at the airport. Unless...

Sharon: Unless what?

Nick: Maybe he decided to do a little more celebrating after the party was over. Did he mention anything like that to you?

Sharon: To me? Uh, no, but I was pretty busy. I really didn't have much to do with Cameron at the party.

Nick: Yeah, but you two were co-hosting the thing together. You must have talked.

Sharon: Well, sure, but--

Nick: Was he drinking a lot?

Sharon: A lot?

Nick: Yeah, you know how people get at parties. One drink leads to another and next thing you know, they're totally wasted. Or maybe he got lucky, you know? He picked up some chick, didn't even stay the night at the club after all. Think that's a possibility?


Nikki: What were you doing at the coffeehouse?

Victor: What do you mean, what was I doing at the coffeehouse? Since when do I report to you where I'm going? For your information, my son hasn't banned me from the damn place yet.

Nikki: I wasn't insinuating that he had.

Victor: The less I have to do with that boy, the better.

Nikki: Is that why you don't wanna help me deal with Sharon?

Victor: I don't think there's anything to help with.

Nikki: She had to be somewhere that night.

Victor: Look, if our son isn't concerned, then why should I be?

Nikki: How do you know if he's concerned or not? I'm sure he has no idea she stayed out. I mean, he thinks that she just went straight home. Look, I just think he has a right to know where his wife was.

Victor: And I will let you know that I want nothing to do with this. I'm sick and tired of intervening in my son's life.

Nikki: What about Cassie and Noah? You don't care what happens to them?

Victor: Will you stop this? You're becoming obsessed. Let's talk about something else.


Wes: Look, no one is questioning your devotion to Ashley.

Brad: Just my judgment.

Olivia: Brad, we're not the enemy, and neither is Victor, as much as you don't want to hear that. Look, I understand your concerns. Believe me, I share them. Ash is not only my patient, she's my friend.

Brad: Then why are you pushing this?

Olivia: Because Wes and I have a responsibility as doctors to present all the options, no matter how unpalatable you might find them.

Brad: I will do whatever takes to bring Ash back to us. But Victor? I can't believe he's the answer.

Brad: Hey, you guys. Hi.

Abby: Hi, Daddy.

Brad: Hi, honey. Come here. Ohh.

Colleen: Has there been any change?

Brad: Hi.


Jill: Here. Tomato juice is supposed to be good for you. It replaces whatever it is that alcohol takes out of your system. Drink.

Kay: I don't suppose you can put just a little bit--

Jill: You don't suppose correctly. I am not putting any booze in that tomato juice. I am not letting you near a drop of alcohol, so just get over it.

Kay: Now what?

Jill: I have no idea.

Kay: I'm so sorry.

Jill: That's all right. It's not your fault.

Kay: Can I have that in writing?

Jill: You have a disease.

Kay: Oh, I wasn't apologizing for taking a drink, for God's sake. I mean, my alcoholism is-- is my problem. It's not yours.

Jill: Well, then what were you apologizing for?

Kay: Oh, Jill, I'm so-- so sorry. I am so sorry for con-- for contributing to what happened to you.


Nick: The simplest answer-- Cameron just overslept. But you'd think the phone would have gotten him up.

Sharon: Well, maybe he unplugged it.

Nick: Maybe. It still really bothers me, though, that he was so adamant that I get that proposal finished.

Sharon: Wow. You're really ticked off about this, huh?

Nick: Just because Cameronís the head of some big software company doesn't mean you treat people like this. I worked my butt off finishing that for him.

Sharon: Like you said, sweetie, uh, maybe he just overslept.

Nick: Yeah, maybe. Too much partying. I know the feeling. All right, I got to go to work.

Sharon: Have a good day.

Nick: You too. Oh, and if Cameron calls--

Sharon: I'll let you know.

Nick: Thanks. I hope that guy is all right. (Door closes)


Jill: All right, Katherine, what do you mean? What do you mean, what's happened to me?

Kay: When you found out you were adopted, you went looking for a birth mother. You were in search of-- of an answer. I don't think you even knew what the question was, but some had to do with you, why you are who... and you were so desperate... so desperate to find someone that you could bond with in a whole new way to fill this void in your life. (Laughs) and, uh, look what you got. You got me. But the joke's on you. I mean, be careful of what you ask for. Curiosity killed the cat.

Jill: Yeah, but here's the funny thing... I'm glad I found you.

Kay: Oh, yeah. Sure. Right. Oh, I'm sure about that. Look at this wonderful transformation I've brought in you. (Laughs) you're a lush. You're drinking from morning till night; surround yourself with a bunch of cheap, despicable men. You're tearing down my home that was just perfectly fine as it was, in the hopes that somehow you would find something that could change the way that you feel inside. Well, it is just a senseless, destructible exercise.

Jill: Stop. Stop.

Kay: No. You need to hear this, damn it!

Kay: I am sorry-- deeply, sincerely sorry-- that I was not this mother you needed so many years ago when I abandoned you. And God knows, I am sorry I'm not the mother that you need now.

Jill: But you are my mother. You can't change that.

Kay: Well, it's a biological fact, nothing more. It's a bit of science, genetics. I mean, how in the hell can you fill a void... with genetics?

Jill: Katherine, you can't fill a void with alcohol either.

Kay: Well, amen. (Chuckles) (Coughs) amen. Amen to that. So here we are... trying to deal with each other as mother and daughter, and it's not working, is it? It's not working. You cannot... oil... we're not oil and water. Do you know that? We're like two things you mix and it blends so well that-- that it produces this deadly poison.

Jill: Well, Katherine, there has to be an answer.

Kay: Oh, yes, there's an answer all right.

Kay: I'm leaving.

Jill: Leaving?

Kay: No, I'm... I'm... yeah, I'm not... I'm not going away. I'm not going down the street. I'm not going across town, because I want to tell you, I cannot stomach what is happening to me! Nor can I stomach what is happening to you.

Kay: So in the words of my granddaughter Mackenzie...

Kay: I'm outta here. I'm outta here.


Colleen: Here. You can color this one. So, uh, Wes was here because you needed a psychiatrist?

Olivia: Yeah. Your father and I were hoping that he'd find a way to get through to Ashley.

Colleen: But he didnít.

Olivia: No, and I'm really afraid at this point, there might only be one person who can do that.

Colleen: If you're talking about Mr. Newman, Dad really hates him.

Olivia: Uh, yeah, I'm well aware of that. But we might have no other choice.

Colleen: I can't believe that there isn't someone in this family who couldn't help.

Brad: Hi, everybody.

Colleen: Hey, Abby, look who it is. It's Mommy. Let's see how she's doing, okay?

Brad: She just woke up from a nap, might be a little groggy.

Abby: Hi, Mommy.

Brad: Look who's back, Ash.

Colleen: I just took Abby to the coffeehouse, and Cody helped her invent her own smoothie.

Brad: Well, how fun. What was in it?

Abby: Bananas and, uh...

Colleen: Peaches.

Abby: Oh, yeah.

Colleen: Yeah, and kiwi.

Brad: Wow, that sounds good, doesn't it, Ash?

Abby: Mommy, please talk. Why won't she talk to me?

Olivia: Wow, I bet you had a great Christmas, didn't you? Huh? Did you have lots of toys? Ooh, why don't you come show them to me? Oh, you've gotten so much bigger since the last time I saw you. (Laughs) remember that?

Brad: Come on, Ash. Let's sit down.

Colleen: I can't believe she's still like this.

Brad: Everybody's trying really hard, honey.

Colleen: Can't anyone reach her, not even her friends?

Colleen: I talked to Mr. Newman today at the coffeehouse.

Brad: You saw Victor?

Colleen: Uh, yeah. I know you don't like him very much--

Brad: Listen, honey, uh, I made something to eat for Ash. Let's go in the kitchen.


Nikki: So what would you like to talk about?

Victor: Anything but Sharon.

Nikki: Well, since you introduced her into the conversation, how about Ashley?

Victor: I'd rather not, but since you have brought it up, I've got to tell you that I'm very concerned. What Colleen told me about Ashley is very alarming.

Nikki: Victor, you have got to stay out of her life. Do you understand that? Why can't you just let it go? Our family is in a shambles, and you're worried about Ashley? Wh-where are your priorities?

Victor: How dare you suggest that I'm not worried about my family? But I also happen to be concerned about Ashley, who has suffered inordinately lately. And I'm somewhat responsible for that, and I feel a little bit guilty.

Nikki: You know what? I don't need this right now. The last thing I need to hear is about your sensitivity to Ashley. You need to get out of her life and stay out, for everybody's sake. I can't sit here and listen to this. Just stay out of it.


Jill: Katherine. Katherine. Mother. Mother, look at me. I am not letting you leave, all right? I don't know where you think you'd be doing me such a big favor. For the rest of my life, I would have to know that I... that I drove you outta your house, that I drove you to drink, that I drove you outta your hometown to a strange place where you don't have any friends! How is that gonna make me feel good about myself? Oh, no. Unless...

Kay: Unless what?

Jill: Unless this is your way of punishing me. Unless this is a passive-aggressive trick to make me feel guilty.

Kay: Feel guilty? For God's sake, don't feel guilty. I mean, how you take this is up to you, my dear. I'm not playing tricks. I haven't got the time or the energy for this. Now you hear me! And you hear me well! There's absolutely nothing for me here.

Jill: Katherine.

Kay: Not anymore.

Jill: Katherine! Please, I am asking you. Stay.


Colleen: Look, I'm really sorry, Dad. We were at a table and Abby was coloring, and Mr. Newman just came over to say hi.

Brad: The guy has no shame.

Colleen: Look, I realize you hate him, and I totally understand why. But he was really nice and super polite to J.T.

Brad: Did he speak to Abby?

Colleen: Yeah, a little. It was his idea to have Cody make her a smoothie so that we wouldn't talk about Ashley in front of her.

Brad: What did he say about Ash?

Colleen: Dad, he's really concerned. He feels terrible about everything that has happened, and if there is any way that he can help, I think that he would really like to. Just seeing Ashley right now, Dad, makes me really sad. I mean, it's like she didn't even realize Abby was there.

Brad: I know, honey. It's killing me. And I have to do something. I have to.


Dru: Okay, everybody relax. Now, Neil, this is not fair.

Neil: Fair? Since when does Jabot play fair?

Jack: Oh, what exactly does that mean?

Neil: I seem to recall a certain business card-- you remember that-- that Drucilla-- this girl right here-- lifted off my desk without asking. A card that eventually led to the stealing of Damon right out from under us.

Dru: Ancient news.

Neil: And while we're at it, I thought we had an agreement.

Dru: Agreement about what?

Neil: About business issues, business problems, not being brought into our home. This is neutral territory, not a battleground.

Jack: You can't blame Dru for that. I insisted on seeing you.

Neil: Yeah, I figured you did.

Jack: Besides, this isn't a normal, everyday business discussion, is it? Theft is a crime, Neil. Or had you forgotten that?

Neil: Which, I will repeat for the last time, I knew nothing about.

Dru: So you expect us to believe that you and Red did not cook up this cockamamie thing together?

Neil: My own wife accusing me. Maybe you ought to spend a little less time grilling me and gettin' back to work, 'cause it sounds to me like you have some heavy, heavy challenges ahead.

Jack: I better not find out you've been lying.

Neil: What's so important about those orchids anyway? You want to tell me? I didn't think so. Oh, well. I have a feeling that we're gonna find out all on our own soon enough.


Kay: I really can't see why you're asking me to stay.

Jill: Because you had 20 years of sobriety, and I just screwed that all up for you.

Kay: Yeah, but I can't blame you for that. I mean, do you understand? That would be wrong of me. I have to take responsibility for my own actions.

Jill: You are gonna stop drinking now, aren't you?

Kay: Maybe. I don't know. I don't really care right now whether I do or not.

Jill: Oh, my God. I did that to you. Please don't leave.

Kay: I don't want... listen, I donít... see, I don't want to live in a hotel, Jill. But I've got to put my roots down somewhere.

Jill: I'm not talking about a hotel. I'm talking about here in this house.

Kay: But this is no longer my home, this house. This house is no longer my home.

Jill: Please. Stay.

Kay: No. I no longer want to live in this place. You understand that?

Jill: Please stay.

Kay: "Please stay." Why? So you won't have to feel guilty?

Jill: No. Because if you leave, it will be as if I killed you, and I can't live with that. If you care about me at all, please don't make me live with that.


(Knock on door)

Nikki: Hi.

Sharon: Nikki. Uh, this really isn't a good time.

Nikki: Oh, don't worry. I'm not gonna stay long. I just wanted to stop by and congratulate you.

Sharon: Oh, on?

Nikki: That was quite the party that you threw with Mr. Kirsten.

Sharon: Are you being sarcastic?

Nikki: No. It was a great event.

Sharon: Well, thank you. Yeah, everyone did seem to have a nice time.

Nikki: Oh, definitely, and you, too. You look a little worn out. Are you still recovering?

Sharon: Uh, I'm not sure what that means.

Nikki: Well, Sharon, you didn't get home until... what time was it again?

Sharon: I didn't check.

Nikki: I did. It was after 3. Well after.

Sharon: Well, if you knew that, then--

Nikki: It's just that Victor and I were concerned. I mean, he thought that you were gonna come straight home and wait for Nicholas to finish up at the office. But apparently, that's not what happened.

Sharon: I didn't realize that you would be waiting up for me. Gee, I'm sorry if there's been some kind of misunderstanding.

Nikki: No, Sharon, there was no misunderstanding. What basically happened was you told your husband one thing, and you did another. What I want to know is just where were you after that party?


Victor: Thank you, sir. (Cell phone rings)

Victor: Hello.

Brad: Itís Brad.

Victor: Hello, Bradley. What can I do for you?

Brad: I need you to come to the house.

Victor: You need me to come to the house? Why?

Brad: I have to talk to you. It's about Ash. That's all you need to know.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Paul: Why don't you just tell me what you can about Kevin Fisher? How does he relate to the women around here?

Bobby: Look, this kid's a geek.


Lauren: Are you okay?

Kevin: When you laughed, you sounded just like my Mom.

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