Wednesday Y&R Transcript 1/7/04

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/7/04--Canada; Thursday 1/8/04

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Johnny: Coffee, Mrs. Abbott?

Jill: You know what, Johnny? Let's just cut to the chase. Make me a Bloody Mary.

Johnny: Sure, why not?

Jill: (Sighs) oh, no. Don't look at me. It's too early.

Bobby: You have been partying a lot lately. I don't know how you do it. I can't do that two, three nights in a row anymore.

Jill: Weakling! Thank you.

Jill: (Moans) I don't suppose I could talk you into joining me?

Bobby: No way. This is way too early for me. Besides, I already got a headache from the paper.

Jill: Mm.

Bobby: So you been partying, or this more like reality bites?

Jill: The latter.

Bobby: Mm-hmm. So I assume you're still dealing with that situation with your mother.

Jill: Dealing with it, not dealing with it-- neither way feels right.


Vanessa: Guess who.

Damon: (Laughs) security? Am I under arrest?

Vanessa: Yes, I am taking you away for being far too desirable.

Damon: Taking me away? Away where?

Vanessa: Well, let's see. My place, your place, been there, done that. So that leaves the broom closet or the executive washroom. Your choice.

Damon: Well, they both sound lovely, but I'll need to take a rain check, as I am extraordinarily busy today.

Vanessa: Well, I know, and I'm at your service. You are going to start extracting the chemicals from the neofinetia root today, aren't you?

Damon: Yes, but I am perfectly capable of handling the work myself, thank you.

Vanessa: Well, I know, but it's faster and easier with me as your lab assistant.

Damon: My lab assistant? Vanessa Lerner, you are a highly respected pharmaceutical researcher. Since when have you demoted yourself to lab assistant?

Vanessa: Well, since I came to Genoa City to work on the discovery of lifetime with a man I adore.

Dru: Well, howdy, folks. Perhaps you should get yourselves a room.


J.T.: Here's your coffee.

Colleen: Oh, thanks, J.T.

J.T.: Are you sure Abby doesn't want anything?

Colleen: She said she didn't, although you could ask her yourself, you know. She doesn't bite, at least not anymore.

J.T.: That's really funny.

Colleen: It's true. She used to, but she's a big girl now. Okay, I can see kids aren't your strong point.

J.T.: Well, I just haven't been around that many.

Colleen: Okay. Well, here's your chance. You're not gonna get any better unless you try, and I'm sure Abby wants to be your friend, don't you, Abby?

J.T.: (Chuckles) oh, great. Well, it was really nice of you to offer to take her out, you know, to give your Dad and Ashley some time.

Colleen: Yeah, well, I did it for her, too. It's rough on her, the poor thing. She doesn't understand at all what's going on with her Mom.


Brad: It was so strange. Every time John or I mentioned Victor's name, she seemed to respond.

Wes: But that was it? No response to anything else?

Brad: No, nothing. I mention Abby, look straight into Ashley’s eyes and I just get a blank stare. But as soon as I mentioned Victor, it's like Pavlov’s dog. She repeats his name.

Wes: Do you think there's identification, or is it just rote?

Brad: Mostly rote.

Olivia: Obviously that name touches something.

Brad: Yeah, well, of course it does, Liv. The man's responsible for every tragedy that's happened to Ashley’s life these past months.

Wes: Brad, I have to ask, does Ashley view Victor in the same light you do?


Jack: Phyllis, it's me again. Call me, please. Just stop the car and call me on my cell. We need to talk.

John: Lose something, Jack?

Jack: Yeah, my office keys. I can't seem to find them anywhere. Have you seen them?

John: No, sorry. (Slams folder)

Jack: Hey! Hey, what's going on? You seem a little upset.

John: I am worried about your sister.

Jack: You've seen Ashley recently?

John: Oh, yes, I've seen her, and to tell you the truth, I don't like what I saw.

Jack: Wait, don't tell me she's worse.

John: No, no, she's about the same.

Jack: Has she said anything yet?

John: Yeah, a couple words.

Jack: Hey, I think that's encouraging. It's at least a sign that she's starting to come out of it.

John: Not really, Jack. Unfortunately, the only thing she responds to is when Victor's name is mentioned.

Jack: What is that about?

John: Oh, I wish I knew. Look, if you get a chance, stop by to see her later. That's all.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, I'll get by there later today. I've got other things I'm dealing with right now.

John: Well, do you want to talk about it, son?

Jack: Oh, I think my conscience is bothering me.

John: About what?

Jack: A dirty trick I played on Phyllis-- it appears to have backfired.

John: Well, what did you do?

Jack: I let my hatred for Victor Newman get the better of me. I took advantage of Phyllis' generosity, and now she's left town feeling betrayed, and frankly, I can't blame her.


Damon: (Laughing)

Dru: Mm-mmm.

Vanessa: You have rotten timing, Drucilla.

Dru: Hey, I just turned the corner and found the two of you sucking face.

Vanessa: Well, for your information, we were just celebrating.

Dru: Celebrating what?

Damon: Today is the day we begin polishing.

Dru: Polishing?

Damon: Yes, you know, that silver bullet our Miss Lerner discovered.

Dru: Wait a minute. Today's the day that we're gonna start extracting those little miracles from the Neofinetia orchid?

Damon: Orchids, Dru--plural.

Dru: Come again.

Damon: Long story, short, Jack got a hold of another orchid that was floating around town. We now have two in our possession.

Dru: Get outta town! Why didn't anybody tell me?

Damon: I just did.

Vanessa: Okay, time is a-wastin'.

Damon: Right, you are. Let's get a-move on.

Dru: Hey, listen, you don't mind if I stick around as a spectator, do you?

Damon: You're liable to be bored. It's tedious work.

Dru: Mnh-mnh. I've got lots of time. Besides, I love watching genius at work.

Damon: I'm gonna go get those orchids.

Dru: You better.


Jill: Johnny.

Bobby: So have you seen your mother recently?

Jill: Yes, last night at the house. They're beginning phase one of my remodel.

Bobby: They're givin' the place a facelift.

Jill: Completely destroying it, according to Katherine. Although, I don't know, maybe you agree. You told me you liked antiques.

Bobby: No, I just said that the place had a certain flavor to it that was it.

Jill: Yeah, dust and mold baked over a long, slow heat. Phooey.

Bobby: Well, still, it's gotta be tough on your Mom. How long she live there for?

Jill: Since Dick Clark was in diapers.

Bobby: Okay, see? You gotta take it easy on her.

Jill: Bobby, I try, okay? She makes it impossible. I mean, did she have to come over exactly at the point that they were demolishing the living room walls?

Bobby: It's like rubbernecking a freeway accident.

Jill: Exactly, it's like some morbid fascination. You know what? I refuse to feel any guilt. I refuse.

Bobby: But you do feel some guilt.

Jill: Yeah, a little. Angst. But see, the thing is if you're gonna make an omelet, you gotta break some eggs, right? I have got to live my own life; otherwise I'm no good to anybody.

Kay: Oh, absolutely, Jill. If one can't be selfish and insensitive, exactly what is the point in living?


Colleen: You know, I bet she'll let you color with her.

J.T.: Oh, excellent.

Colleen: Why, Abby, what do you say we let J.T. Color with us, huh?

Abby: No, it's my coloring book.

Colleen: Hey, what did I say about sharing? What color do you want to give him?

Abby: This one.

Colleen: Oh, and what color is that?

J.T.: Green.

Colleen: Not you, Abby. I know you know your colors.

J.T.: I think they've made some new ones since the last time I colored.

Colleen: Uh-huh, because it's been so long.

J.T.: I swear, I don't know half the colors in that box, not that I ever really liked to color in the first place.

Colleen: What'd you do all day long at preschool?

J.T.: Oh, the usual-- ate paste, chased girls, took naps.

Colleen: That explains a lot, doesn't it, Abby?

Abby: Uh-huh.

Colleen: It all adds up now. You know, I bet he got hit in the head a bunch of times, too.

J.T.: Well, how do you think I got my way with the ladies? All those bumps on my head made me come out just right.

Colleen: Sure, whatever, J.T.

Abby: You're silly.

J.T.: I am?

Colleen: He is silly. Hey, what do you say we make a picture for our silly friend? And we'll use green just for him. Hello, Mr. Newman.

Victor: Well, hello. You're Colleen.

Colleen: Yeah.

Victor: Yes, my God. I haven't seen you for awhile.

Colleen: Yeah, I've been keeping busy with school and spending time with my boyfriend.

Victor: Are you the lucky young man?

J.T.: Yes, sir. J.T. Hellstrom. Pleased to meet you.

Victor: Hi, J.T. Wait a minute, I read about you in the papers. You're the hero.

J.T.: Yeah, I guess.

Victor: That's a great thing you did.

J.T.: Thank you, sir.

Victor: Yeah. And that is Abby?

Colleen: Yes, it is.

Victor: My goodness. I haven't seen you for the longest time. I'm Victor Newman. I'm a friend of your mommy’s.

Victor: Can I color the book with you?


Olivia: Ashley and Victor were once married. So it's fair to say that Brad and Ashley don't view Victor the same way.

Brad: She's never been able to let go of the guy, see him for what he is.

Wes: Would you say she has residual feelings?

Olivia: She's in crisis, Brad.

Brad: All right, fine. Yeah, I guess she has residual feelings, and yes, it drives me a little crazy when you consider all the pain he's caused.

Wes: Well, the human heart's funny that way-- things you can't let go of even when you know you should.

Brad: Is that what you think it is, Wes? She can't let go of Victor, even though she wants to?

Wes: Look, Brad, I'm the newcomer here. I can't presume to know.

Olivia: Victor is a very important part of her life. We can't deny that, hard as it might be for you to accept.

Brad: It's hard to accept because of all the damage he's caused-- to Ash, to me, to our life together.

Brad: How could she have anything other than contempt for someone that's hurt her so badly?

Wes: Look, this isn't about what she's feeling. But for some reason, if you're right-- that name is reaching her-- if it's true, that's a good thing. I think we need to find out.

Brad: Yeah. Let's find out.


Vanessa: So you really want to stay here and watch us do this scientific stuff?

Dru: Yeah, you never know what you might learn.

Vanessa: Yeah, well, you stick around, and you might learn a thing or two about something else.

Dru: Like what?

Vanessa: Well, I don't know. I just thought you might want a few kissing tips.

Dru: And she has a sense of humor. Well, darlin', let me tell you, these pillows of love here can out kiss your lips any old day, I gotta tell ya.

Vanessa: Oh, well, I don't know. There's only one way...

Dru: Damon, what's the matter? What's wrong?


J.T.: Here, have a seat, Mr. Newman. I'll grab a chair.

Victor: Thank you, J.T. That's very nice of you. My goodness, how you have grown. Last time I saw you had just been born. You were a tiny, little baby.

Colleen: Believe it or not, Abby is starting kindergarten next year.

Victor: That's incredible. I remember when my own daughter was that age. It's a wonderful thing for a father to have a little girl in his life, but Victoria’s all grown up now.

Colleen: Well, I guess we can't stay young forever, Mr. Newman.

Victor: Oh, yes, you can. You just ask your Dad. I bet he thinks of you as his little girl. He will always think of you and Abby as his little girl. How is your Dad, by the way?

Colleen: He's hanging in there. It's tough.

J.T.: That's why we're watching Abby today.

Victor: That's very nice of you. She doesn't cause you any trouble now, does she?

J.T.: I don't know about that. If it wasn't for Colleen, I'd be lost. Kids aren't really my thing.

Victor: That'll change, J.T. In time you' l realize that family is the most important thing in life. It'll become your top priority.

J.T.: Yes, sir. Oh, well, right now my top priority better be getting to class. It was nice to meet you, Mr. Newman.

Victor: Nice to meet you, J.T.

Colleen: Don't forget your scarf.

J.T.: Oh, yeah, thank you. I'll see you later.

Colleen: Bye.

J.T.: Bye, Abby. See you later.

Colleen: Wave good-bye to J.T.

Victor: Let me see. Can I help you color?

Colleen: That beautiful hat.

Victor: Can I take this red pencil here? Yeah? Where do you want me to color there?

Abby: Anywhere.

Victor: Oh, anywhere.


John: Phyllis left town?

Jack: Yeah, according to Neil. I've been trying to reach her since yesterday. She's not returning any of my calls.

John: Well, why? I mean, because she was upset with you?

Jack: She has reason to be upset, Dad.

John: Well, Jack, what exactly happened? I mean, how did you betray her?

Jack: What you don't know is that Phyllis and I had been making real progress, so much so, that she came to me with a peace offering.

John: Meaning?

Jack: Her Neofinetia orchid, the one from Dru's wedding bouquet.

John: Oh, my God, Jack.

Jack: Yeah, I know. I know. It's a huge sacrifice, especially given the fact she had no idea we have one of our own.

John: So she thought she was giving you the only one.

Jack: Yep. And I took it. Didn't tell her the truth, that we actually didn't need it.

John: Hmm. Where is the orchid now?

Jack: I dropped it off in our lab yesterday, after I tried to find Phyllis to return it to her.

John: You were feeling guilty.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah. I talked to Neil. She’d already left by then. Guess she knew she'd been had, and so she up and split.

John: Did you offer to give Neil the second orchid back?

Jack: No. No, he ticked me off with his attitude. I'm not gonna do anything to help Newman.

John: Mm-hmm. Jack, you think anyone at Newman has any idea--

Jack: That this orchid contains extracts that could be used to straighten hair? No, but I bet money they'd give it to their lab and see what they could find out.

John: Well, son, in any case, it's good that we have both orchids. You know, this discovery is far too important to chance Newman beating us to it. You do realize that this could be Jabot's survival?

Jack: I know, I know. I still feel like a heel. Phyllis came to me to give me a gift of love and trust, and I stabbed her in the back.

John: Well, son, you and Phyllis have had a history of misunderstandings, and truthfully, I have to wonder if it's in the cards for you both.

Jack: Dad, I love this woman.

John: I know, Jack, but Phyllis is not an innocent party to all that's happened.

Jack: Maybe not, but I still feel like a jerk. (Cell phone rings)

Jack: Sorry. I gotta get this. Hello?

Damon: Jack, it's Damon. I've got some bad news.

Jack: What is it?

Damon: The orchids are missing.

Jack: What do you mean, they're missing?

Damon: I mean they're gone, both of them.

Jack: Okay, I'm on my way right now.

John: What is going on?

Jack: Oh, as if we don't have enough problems, both orchids have disappeared.

John: My God.


Jill: Well, that's not a very nice way to greet us, is it?

Kay: Us? Oh, you and your new friend Mr. Marsino. Mr. Marsino, how's business?

Bobby: Not bad. How are you?

Kay: Bad. Very bad.

Jill: I told you not to stay and watch them tearing into the living room.

Kay: I see you're, uh, drinking your breakfast, just as you were drinking your dinner last evening.

Jill: Yes, well, I'm under a lot of pressure, Mother.

Kay: Oh, poor Jill, my goodness sakes alive. I mean, awful, terrible, painful pressure.

Jill: Yes, most of it because of you.

Kay: Well, I'm under a lot of pressure, too, Jill.

Jill: Yeah, that's of your own making.

Kay: You know, it's a talent... it takes a skill, Mr. Marsino, to avoid responsibility and make everyone else take the blame for everything? All right, Jill, I take the blame. You know, I'm responsible for my own misery. So I will just have to, uh, accept that fact and take my medicine.

Jill: Oh, my God, I wish you were sincere.

Kay: Oh, I am. Doctor, I, uh... doctor, I'd like to fill a prescription, please. I'll--I'll have one of those.

Johnny: Bloody Mary?

Kay: Yes, yes, please, and with, you know, all--all the trimmings.


Wes: It's been a long time since we've talked. I went back to Paris for awhile. Got an emergency call from one of my old patients there. He had a family tragedy and felt like his whole world was falling apart. I went back to see if we could get him through it, which I think we did, for now anyway. Loss can be very tragic... so hard to accept and go on. I know you must feel that, too, don't you, Ashley?

Wes: Olivia and I stopped by shortly after I got back. And you were out that day, but we had a chance to spend some time with Abby. She's really growing. She's such a lovely child. She must bring you so much joy.

Wes: You know, I've been reading a lot about Victor Newman since I got back.

Wes: That seems to affect you. Have you been thinking about Victor?

Ashley: Victor.

Wes: You saw Victor not long ago, at the Athletic Club. Do you remember that?

Wes: Did you speak with Victor? Do you remember anything about what happened that day with Victor at the Athletic Club? I mean, you were there with your husband--with Brad.

Ashley: We had to leave. We... we left.

Brad: This is upsetting her.

Olivia: He's reaching her. If she's agitated, it's not necessarily a bad thing.

Wes: Why did you have to leave, Ashley? What happened with Victor that day?

Wes: You seem agitated. Was there something upsetting about seeing Victor?


Victor: There. Now I'm gonna go make this right there. Look at this. There.

Abby: It's like he's--

Victor: That's beautiful. Wow. So tell me, Colleen, how is Ashley doing? I'm concerned about her.

Colleen: Well, there's not much I can say right now.

Victor: I understand. Cody.

Cody: Coffee Mr. Newman?

Victor: No, thank you. Would you take Abby and show her how to make a smoothie and maybe make her a special one?

Cody: Yeah, sure. We can do that.

Victor: Good.

Colleen: Hey, Abby, you want to see Cody make a smoothie? Yeah? Okay. Make sure you tell him what kind of fruit you want, okay?

Cody: You ready? Let's go.

Victor: She's adorable. So I'm very concerned about Ashley. What's going on? How's she doing?


Jack: We brought these damn orchids all the way back from Japan. How did this happen?!

Damon: We've been trying to figure that out, Jack.

Vanessa: So far, we haven't got a clue.

Jack: Is it possible you left the greenhouse door unlocked?

Damon: No, not a chance.

Vanessa: No, Drucilla and I just saw him unlock it.

Jack: What about the cleaning crew? Is it possible, for some reason, they threw them out?

Damon: They aren't even allowed in the lab unless I'm here. Besides, no one from maintenance has a key, not even the supervisor.

Dru: Okay, the orchids didn't grow little legs and walk outta here, folks. Somebody managed to get in here.

Damon: Yeah, we better find out who, and soon.

Dru: Who--who has a key?

Damon: Only Jack and I.

Dru: And where do you keep yours?

Damon: In my pocket. Why?

Dru: 'Cause you two have been gettin' rather cozy lately. I'm just gonna ask the question. Did you two spend the night together last night?

Vanessa: That is none of your business, and I don't even know how it's relevant.

Dru: Let's say you did, okay? You rocked his world, you fell out, she took the key, tiptoed over here and boosted the orchids, that's what I think.

Vanessa: Oh, come on. I understand that you're trying to figure this out, but I resent being called a thief.

Damon: You are so outta line.

Dru: Am I?

Damon: We wouldn't even have the damn orchid if it weren't for her! Why would she steal it?!

Dru: I don't know. Maybe she's trippin', maybe playing head games with us.

Vanessa: I don't have any reason, unless now you're accusing me of working for the enemy.

Dru: You said it, I didn’t.

Damon: You know what? I'm not gonna listen to-- back off!

Dru: Mm-hmm. You would go and defend her since she got under your skin. How well do you know the woman, Damon.?

Jack: Dru, that's enough.

Dru: No, there's no other--

Jack: Dru, enough!

Dru: Okay, fine, fine, fine. You figure out the mystery yourself.

Vanessa: (Chuckles) that woman has some nerve, accusing me of trying to steal the orchids.

Jack: She didn't mean that, Vanessa. She's just... she's upset.

Damon: Yeah, we are all upset. That does not give her the right--

Jack: Then let's stop blaming each other and figure out what to do.

Jill: You did mean to say Virgin Mary, didn't you?

Kay: Did I say that?

Jill: No.

Kay: Then I didn't mean to say it.

Jill: Okay.

Bobby: Jill, the lady wants to have a drink. Let her have a drink.

Jill: You don't understand. The lady is a raving alcoholic, all right? Now she's been sober a great many years. She's not about to fall off the wagon right now just to get at me.

Bobby: Is that right?

Kay: Who in the hell appointed you the question man today, hmm? Bar-bartender, bartender, yeah. What's taking so long, sweetheart?

Bobby: Look, Mrs. Chancellor, I know it's none of my business, but I hate to see anybody playing with fire.

Kay: Especially if they're already doused with gasoline. Well, that's me.

Jill: Katherine--

Kay: So stand back.

Jill: Katherine, the way you are acting, you tell me you haven't been drinking already.

Kay: I don't have to tell you a damn thing, Jill. Thank you, Johnny, darling. Thank you very much. All right, now put it on, uh, mm sure I must have a club account somewhere. Thank you. Well... here's mud in my eye.

Jill: You're not gonna do it.

Bobby: No, Jill, I think she's serious. Look, Mrs. Chancellor--

Kay: Shut up, Marsino.

Jill: Don't be so rude to him. He hasn't done anything to you.

Kay: And he's not going to. Down the hatch.

Jill: Katherine, listen to me, if this is your way of telling me that you disapprove of my drinking, I got it, all right? Now this is stupid.

Kay: Fine. Come on. Get your hands off of me. You spend your days and nights sucking up booze, then you think you can lecture everybody else about the evils of drinking? Get out of here. What the hell are you--

Jill: Katherine, don’t.

Kay: Get off me, for God's sake.

Jill: This little game of yours has gone on long enough.

Kay: Will you get the hell out of my way?

Bobby: Ladies, ladies, keep it down. All right, stop. I'll take this. Both of you behave.


Jack: Is there any way to get another sample of the orchid?

Vanessa: Yeah, if you want to wait another year. The growing season is over in Japan.

Jack: And that's the only place it grows on the planet?

Vanessa: In the wild, yes.

Damon: If we widen the search, attempt to locate one by some other means, it could take months; months we don't have, with no guarantees.

Jack: So we're back to the situation at hand.

Vanessa: The missing orchids-- who, what, where, when, why?

Jack: Look, there's gotta be some explanation.

Dru: This could be it. Yeah, I found a note lying around where the orchids used to be. Apparently, you missed it Damon when you were freaking out after you found out they were gone.

Vanessa: What does it say?

Dru: Um, "one ugly betrayal deserves another." Anybody know what this means? Anyone know who could have written this?


Colleen: Look, I'm... I'm still not sure how much I can say. I mean, no offense, but I don't think my Dad would like me talking to you like this.

Victor: I understand that. And I appreciate the little talk we're having.

Colleen: You've always been nice to me, and I can tell Abby likes you.

Victor: Well, that little girl will always have a special place in my heart, as will her mother. Um, I know that a lot of people have said some pretty bad things about me. I just want you to know, if I could undo anything that has happened to Ashley, I would do that.

Colleen: Well, there's nothing you can do now, nothing anyone can do.

Victor: Why, is it that bad?

Colleen: She barely eats, doesn't talk. My Dad wants to keep her home because he thinks it'll help, but...

Victor: Mm-hmm. Well, do you think perhaps he should send her back to the hospital?

Colleen: I know he's thought about it, and he really doesn't want to.

Victor: But he may have to.

Colleen: Well, we're not giving up yet.

Victor: There has to be some way to get Ashley out of this. We just have to find it.


Brad: She's asleep.

Olivia: Good.

Wes: Did she say anything more?

Brad: No.

Wes: Well, Brad, I think it's pretty obvious Victor's a key for her.

Olivia: The only key we've found.

Brad: What are you telling me?

Wes: I think we'd be well-advised to bring Victor into this.

Brad: Oh, God.

Wes: I realize that is the last thing you want to hear.

Olivia: You're gonna have to think about what's best for Ashley.

Brad: What, you don't think I know that? Sorry.

Olivia: No, it's okay. I understand.

Brad: I love her more than life, Liv. The thought that Victor... somehow he might be the answer for her... what the hell does it all mean?


Damon: Is that note signed?

Dru: No.

Jack: Could I see that note? Oh, damn, damn, damn.

Vanessa: What?

Jack: Oh, God, I don't believe this. Dru's theory about the key-- right idea, wrong party.

Dru: Your key was stolen?

Jack: All of my office keys. I realized it as I was leaving the house. I thought I'd misplaced them.

Damon: Phyllis?

Jack: Yeah, Phyllis.

Vanessa: I don't get it. What does she mean by "betrayal"?

Damon: Could this have something to do with what you told me yesterday, that orchid your wife gave you?

Dru: Wait, wife? Wait, Phyllis gave you the orchid out of my bouquet? You didn't have to swipe it?

Jack: She presented it as a gift of love and trust. I neglected to mention we already had one.

Dru: Oh. Now I understand why she's mad. Oh, yes.

Jack: Well, you know Phyllis. She's not gonna settle for just being mad. She's gonna wanna get even. Apparently, she has.


Bobby: All right, let's keep this civilized, hmm? Mrs. Chancellor, you do not need this.

Kay: Oh? And you base that claim on exactly what, Mr. Marsino?

Bobby: How long you been sober?

Kay: Too long.

Bobby: Well, you don't want to be doing that.

Kay: Well, you're so full of what I do and what I don't do today, aren't you? God.

Bobby: Look, I just know it's not worth it.

Kay: Oh, yes, it... feel that warm glow as it's going down, and all those little voices inside of my head start getting farther and farther away.

Jill: What voices, you lunatic?

Kay: The voices that are inside of my head, telling me what an idiot I was to listen to you. "Oh, all I need is a little time to figure out if we can be mother and daughter. Now why don't you move out? And I'm gonna try really, really hard to decide where I stand."

Jill: I never suggested it. You volunteered to do it.

Kay: But then there was, "when you go out that door, don't let it hit you in the ass." Something like that.

Bobby: Mrs. Chancellor, give me the drink.

Kay: Don't even think about it, Mr. Marsino.

Jill: Bobby.

Bobby: No, you know what? You don't argue with a drunk.

Kay: Oh, now the name-calling begins. It's a shame technique. (Laughs) Johnny, darling, Mr. Bartender... would you be so kind as to get me another double vodka and skip the tomato juice?

Johnny: Yes, ma'am.

Kay: Oh, indeed, I fell for it hook, line and sinker. I really did. You took my house and my home. I let you have it because you felt you needed the time to consider our relationship. You needed the space to think about it. Well, my God, I played right into that agenda, didn't I?

Jill: Now do you see why she can't drink? Look, she turns into a crazy person.

Kay: If I am crazy, it's because I was trusting you. My home... my home was the one place that I could count on, no matter what happened, no matter what changed. But you, you wanted to destroy that.

Jill: This is what this is about, the bloody house?

Kay: Yes, the bloody house and everything it stands for. Oh, yes, indeed. Relief. Mmm.

Kay: Sweet, loyal, trusted Jill. You cheap, despicable... contemptible tramp. I'll make you pay for this.

Kay: Brought you in my house, trusted you... considered you the daughter I-I never had.

Kay: All right, now the two of you, why don't you just go away and leave me alone?

Jill: Listen, this is one drink. It is not too late to stop.

Kay: It's not the only one I've had, you know? You should have seen me last night. (Chuckles) I owe you at least a half a bottle of scotch.

Jill: Oh, my God.

Kay: Oh, my God, my foot. I mean, jeez, don't give me your two-bit advice about drinking. My God, it's one lush advising another lush. You talk about hypocrisy.

Kay: Now go, Jill. Leave me alone. I don't want anything to do with you. Never again.


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Jack: You know damn well what I'm doing here. Don't play dumb with me.


Nikki: We know that a bored Sharon is a dangerous Sharon.

Victor: Are you suggesting that there's another man involved or what?


Derrick: Where did it go?

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