Friday Y&R Transcript 1/2/04

Y&R Transcript Friday 1/2/04--Canada; Monday 1/5/04


Cameron: I promise you... I promise you you're gonna like this.

Sharon: Aah!

Cameron: (Grunts) sit down. You want to play it this way, huh? Huh? Take off your dress. Get that dress off. Do it. Take it off. Take off that dress now. Don't make me ask you again. Don't make me.

Sharon: I would rather die.

Cameron: You little whore. [Cameron punches Sharon.]

Sharon: Aah!

Cameron: Ohh! You bitch! [Sharon grabs Champagne bottle hits him over the head with it.]


(Knocks on door)

Nick: What the hell are you doing here?

Michael: I might ask you the same question.

Nick: I'm working.

Michael: This late?

Nick: Yeah, this late. I'm trying to undo some of the damage you've done to this company.

Michael: (Chuckles) ho, ho, ho, ho. And that requires around-the-clock dedication? Please. You may have your reasons for being here, they certainly don't involve me.


Victor: As angry as you are with me, you and I belong together. I don't give a damn what anyone else says.

Victor: They're beautiful, aren't they?

Nikki: Yes, very beautiful... and given with lovely sentiment, but--

Victor: Shh. Say no more. I love you, you know.

Nikki: I know. That makes it even more difficult for me to understand why... never mind.

Nikki: You know, I'm very concerned. There's still no lights down there. Where could Sharon be?

Victor: Hmm.


Brittany: Listen, I totally wish my Dad would back off, quit hassling Bobby.

Raul: But you're not afraid for him?

Brittany: Maybe a punch in the nose isn't such a bad thing.

Raul: You don't mean that, Brittany.

Brittany: What, you think Bobby's gonna send someone to break his kneecaps?

Raul: It could happen.

Brittany: Get real.

Raul: Brittany, he's told me that he has partners. Now tell me, have you seen any guys hanging around the club, acting like a partner?

Brittany: No.

Raul: No. Okay, so then who are they then? He told me they were plenty upset when your Dad closed down the club last time, all right? All I'm saying is your Dad keeps going down there and shooting off his mouth at these people, word's gonna get back.

Brittany: You make it sound so spooky.

Raul: Well, maybe it is spooky, okay? Maybe these aren't the type of people that come after you with a lawyer. You get my drift?

Brittany: What are you saying?

Raul: Figure it out, "bella bambina."

Brittany: I don't believe you.

Raul: What?

Brittany: You're prejudiced. That's what this is about.

Raul: Look, if you mean that I don't like the guy, I donít.

Brittany: You know darn well what I mean, Raul. Just because he has an Italian name, you think "mafia."

Raul: Well...

Brittany: Well, listen to you. But if anyone makes a crack about Latino men, about a Gutierrez... look, bottom line-- Bobby would never hurt my Dad. He just wouldnít. I know that for a fact.


Angelo: Yeah, the jerk decided to walk all the way back uptown. Yeah, well, sorry for the trouble. All right, that takes care of the cab, but that still doesn't fix this little problem we've got called Freddie Hodges.

Bobby: Problem "we" got? No. It's my problem. Don't you try and deal with it. Leave the guy alone.

Angelo: Hey, I just want to convince him to leave us alone.

Bobby: Oh, you're gonna convince him, huh? Ange, this isn't the old days when you used to break heads. I don't do business that way. I don't need to be looking over my shoulder.

Angelo: What are you talking about--Hodges? I mean, come on. This guy's a cream puff.

Bobby: Exactly. So leave him the hell alone.

Angelo: Yeah, but he's a cream puff with friends in high places.

Bobby: Ange, do you think that he's the only one that knows people? You think that every customer that comes in here is some traveling salesman? How do you think I got the liquor license back so quick after that underage thing?

Angelo: Bobby, this place, man, to me it's, like... you know what I'm sayin'?

Bobby: Ange, Ange, Ange, stop. You sound like a broken record. It's your life, your security, your old age. You're killin' me. It's the same thing for me, too.

Angelo: But you're going easy on Hodges because you wanna, what, prove to Brittany you're some uptown kind of guy? I mean, what, that's it, isn't it?

Bobby: No, Ange. I know exactly who I am. I ain't tryin' to be anyone else. And you know what? I'm done talking about this.

Bobby: Hodges' keys. Do me a favor--on your way home, drop these off at the Athletic Club. Just give 'em to the desk. I don't need to give this guy another reason to come back here. And, Ange, go home. Get some rest. Tomorrow's another day.

Angelo: Yeah, sure, Bobby. I'll drop 'em off.


Sharon: Oh, God. Oh, God. He's dead. He's dead!


Nick: Look, it's late, and I'm working here.

Michael: You've been at this all night, not even a little bit of celebrating?

Nick: No. I was at a party, and now I'm here.

Michael: Damn. I wasn't invited.

Nick: I think everybody knows how I feel about you.

Michael: Oh, family occasion.

Nick: No. It was Cameron Kirstenís party. My wife was helping out with the guest list. Are you satisfied?

Michael: Hmm. Well, since you're being so indulgent of my curiosity, how's the negotiating coming along, this big deal you and Kirsten are putting together? You see, I'm not totally oblivious to what goes on here, Nicholas.

Nick: It's going fine. That's what I'm working on. Trying to finish this proposal so Cameron has it on the plane tomorrow.

Michael: The plane, he's leaving?

Nicholas: Yes, and that's exactly what I would like you to do, so if you don't mind...

Michael: What if I do mind?

Nick: All right. I realize that you don't have anyone to go home to. Well, I do. That's why I want to finish this, so I can get to my wife as soon as possible.


Nikki: So you've had no word from Sharon at all? Yeah, I guess that's possible. Listen, if you do hear from her, will you please call me? Thanks, Miguel.

Victor: What are you worried about, sweetheart?

Nikki: I am not really worried, I'm just... I'm curious. I mean, I know the kids had sleepovers tonight, but...

Victor: Nicholas was at the office, and, um... no reason for Sharon to hurry home.

Nikki: Well, I know. It's just very late.

Victor: Well, it was a very nice party. Perhaps there's some hangers-on.

Nikki: Miguel suggested that. I don't know. Maybe she stayed and helped Gina clean up or something.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: How does she seem to you?

Victor: Hmm. Now that you ask, a little more edgy than usual.

Nikki: Yeah. I've noticed that, too.

Victor: That's what I talked to Nicholas in the office about. I told him that his attitude had an effect on his wife. In fact, his hostility towards me is upsetting the whole family.


Sharon: I killed him. I killed him. I...

Sharon: I'll call nick.

Sharon: What am I gonna say?

Sharon: Oh, what am I gonna do? What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do?


Jill: Happy New Year.

Bobby: Oh, Happy New Year.

Jill: You closed?

Bobby: I got one light left to go.

Jill: Well, could it wait for a minute or two?

Bobby: I guess for a special guest, why not?

Jill: Thank you, Bobby.

Bobby: So where you been?

Jill: At a party.

Bobby: Really? Any good?

Jill: Not too bad.

Bobby: Yeah? Got yourself a little buzz on, huh?

Jill: Yeah, but you know, the thing is, it's cooling off, so do you suppose you'd be allowed to serve me a drink?

Bobby: Hmm, well, I can't charge you, but I do owe you one anyways. Let's see. How about some scotch? We gotta have it neat, because I don't have any ice left.

Jill: Cool.

Bobby: All right. So I doubt you came all the way down here just for a shot of my best scotch. What's up?

Jill: Oh, I don't know. I just didn't feel like going home. Know what I mean?

Bobby: Yeah.


Raul: Brittany, how can you know for a fact that Marsino wouldn't do anything to hurt your father? When you're talking about that much cash--

Brittany: Look, this is creeping me out, okay? Can we please change the subject?

Raul: All right. Okay. Maybe we ought to turn in, call it a night then. Hey, I thought you went to sleep.

J.T.: Yeah, my stomach was growling.

Brittany: Hey, what are you doing with that?

J.T.: I'm gonna spread it all over my body and get a cheap thrill.

Brittany: Oh, well, excuse me, but that is my ice cream.

J.T.: Oh, really, princess? Thanks. Hey, next time, can you get mint chocolate chip?

Raul: Hey, stick around for a second, will ya?

J.T.: Huh?

Raul: Just eat that in here, okay? I want to ask you something.

J.T.: Oh, wait a minute. You want my opinion?

Raul: Yeah.

J.T.: That's a first.

Raul: Listen, Brittany and I have been talking about her Dad messing around with these people who run Marsino's. Now do you think there's any chance that he could be in any real trouble with them?


Anita: Frederick, where are you? This is getting really old.

Angelo: Mrs. Hodges?

Anita: Who are you?

Angelo: Oh, I'm a friend of your husbandís.

Anita: I've never seen you before.

Angelo: Well, you know, well, I asked down at the bar, and they said that you were in here, so...

Anita: Where's Frederick?

Angelo: Oh, he's on his way.

Anita: I don't understand.

Angelo: Well, look, he got this bright idea that he wanted to walk back.

Anita: What?

Angelo: Yeah, from down at Marsino's.

Anita: We were in the middle of a party, and he decided to get our daughter to join us. I donít... where do you come in the picture?

Angelo: Well, I'm... you know, I'm just passin' by.

Anita: You're scaring me. Where's my husband?

Angelo: Oh, no, he's fine. You know, unless he stepped in front of a bus. (Laughs) but no, no, he wasn't that drunk. See, the booze isn't his problem. It's being stupid.

Anita: Wait a minute. Who the hell are you, and why are you here?


Sharon: (Breathing heavily)[Sharon getting rid of Cameronís body.] Little more variety

Sharon: (Straining)

Sharon: Damn it. God... (Straining)


Michael: Fine, fine, fine. I'll be going, then.

Nick: You know, you never said why you're lurking around these hallways.

Michael: I was wondering if your sister was around. I'd left a few messages. I haven't heard anything.

Nick: So you haven't heard. Victoria's left town.

Michael: Business trip?

Nick: No.

Michael: Vacation?

Nick: I think it was on impulse.

Michael: Impulse?

Nick: Yes. She didn't tell anybody, and apparently, that includes you.

Michael: I see.

Nick: She wrote my Mom a note.

Michael: Saying what? Why did Victoria leave?

Nick: Personal reasons.

Michael: And that's it?

Nick: That's all you need to know.

Michael: I'm sure we can figure out who drove her away.

Nick: All right, that's enough.

Michael: Just another life you managed to destroy.

Nick: Get out.

Nick: All right, no, I don't know how to get ahold of her.

Michael: When will she be back?

Nick: I don't know. You'll probably hear before I do, although I really hope I'm wrong. You're not the type of person I want my sister hanging out with.

Michael: Normally, I would wish you a Happy New Year, but, uh... somehow I find myself not giving a damn.


Nikki: Wish I knew where Victoria was tonight.

Victor: I'm very uptight that she took off without letting us know where she went.

Nikki: I have to believe that she's well, that she's putting her life back together. I can't allow myself to think anything else.

Victor: All right, then donít.

Nikki: I wonder if that's why Michael Baldwin wasn't at that party. I know he and Victoria have gotten pretty close.

Victor: I don't think Victoria had anything to do with Michael Baldwin not being at the party.

Nikki: I don't particularly have any warm feelings for him, considering his involvement in this debacle.

Victor: Don't blame him for that. I'm the one that's responsible, all right?

Nikki: He could have said no.

Victor: He tried. I wouldn't let him, for your information.

Nikki: It's very odd that you would defend your former archenemy. Seems like he's the only one that you have a rapport with now-- more than your wife, your son, your daughter.

Victor: That's ridiculous. You don't really mean that.

Nikki: I don't know what I mean. I don't know what I feel. I'm just numb.

Victor: I'm tired. I'm going to bed.

Nikki: Okay. I'll be up shortly.

Nikki: Still no lights. Sharon, where could you be?


Sharon: (Grunts)


Jill: Don't worry. I came in a limo. I told him to sit out front. That is, unless you're good for a ride home.

Bobby: I don't know. Your house is pretty far out there in the boonies.

Jill: You're right. Okay, limo it is. Hit me again.

Bobby: All right, you got it. So what's on your mind?

Jill: Bobby... look at me.

Bobby: What do you think I been doing?

Jill: Am I over the hill?

Bobby: What? Hell no.

Jill: So you, as an objective observer and somewhat of an expert on women, don't think that I am?

Bobby: I don't see any hills around here. Do you?

Jill: Good. Good then, 'cause.We... (Hispanic accent) we don't need no stinkin' hills. (Normal voice) but I'm serious. You know what I mean. Am I on, like, the far side of the slope?

Bobby: I don't know. Why don't you tell me?

Jill: No, no, no. Don't be too charming. You'll lose your credibility. All right. You take, um, your little friend Brittany for example. I mean, she's definitely on the upward slope.

Bobby: What are we talking about Brittany for?

Jill: 'Cause I'm really curious. I mean, she is young. She's inexperienced. She's got an empty head. What in the world could a man like you see in a kid like that, I mean, apart from the obvious?


J.T.: I can see Raulís point about your Dad ticking off the wrong people. Might be bad news.

Raul: Especially if he's threatening to put them out of business, Brittany.

J.T.: Yeah, but on the other hand, we did it once already, and what happened? Bob made a lot of noise about putting us in the hospital, but that's all it was--noise.

Raul: Yeah, but I still think that she should warn her Dad.

Brittany: I have, Raul. He won't listen. He's pretty much ruined any chance I had of getting Sal to hear me sing.

J.T.: Oh, God. Jeez, are we on that again?

Brittany: Don't start, J.T.

J.T.: That's probably the worst thing about your old man giving Marsino a hard time, it gives that oil slick a built-in excuse to use you without having to make good on any of his promises.


Angelo: It doesn't matter why I'm here. What matters is your husband and this noise that he's making about wanting to shut down Marsino's.

Anita: You work for these people, don't you? What, is Bobby your boss?

Angelo: Whatever. Your husband is in trouble, lady, okay? He's not listening to good advice. Now I thought, well, a sensible woman like you... well, maybe you'd listen.

Anita: You insolent man. You don't know me, and I don't like your tone.

Angelo: Listen, I don't like talking like this, okay? But I've got no choice. Look, it's very simple, okay? We run a business, and we perform a service, okay? Now we get a lot of repeat customers, so we must be doing something right. We pay our taxes. We stay within the law, and we make a living just like Fred does down at his bank. But you don't hear us talking about, well, closing him down, do you?

Anita: As if you could. You know, places like Marsino's are shut down on a regular basis.

Angelo: Oh, so you, too, huh? Well, this is gonna get ugly before it's over.

Anita: You know what? It's over as of right now. I'm gonna call security and have you--

Angelo: Look, I'm just trying to help is all, Mrs. Hodges. I'm just trying to keep your husband from making a big mistake.

Anita: What did you say your name was?

Angelo: Talk to him, Mrs. Hodges.


Sharon: (Breathing heavily) (gasps) oh! Oh. Oh, God. Oh, Nicholas, please don't be home yet. Oh, please don't be home yet! Okay. What am I gonna tell him? What am I gonna tell him about where I've been? Where have I been? Oh, God. Oh, god, I killed Cameron Kirsten! I killed Cameron Kirsten! Oh, God.

Miguel: Sharon?

Sharon: Oh!

Miguel: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Sharon: Miguel, I didn't know you were here.

Miguel: Oh, I'm sorry, but I didn't mean to scare you. It's just that it's so cold, I came to light the logs in your fireplace so the house would be warm when you got here.

Sharon: Oh, that was so nice of you. Uh, thank you. Thank you, Miguel. Um, is Nick around?

Miguel: He's not home yet. Did you have a good time at the party??

Sharon: Oh, it was okay.

Miguel: Mrs. Newman was asking about you.

Sharon: Oh--oh, Nikki was? Really? What'd she want?

Miguel: She was just wondering where you were.

Sharon: Uh-huh. Uh, what'd you tell her?

Miguel: That I didn't know. I assumed that you stayed on at the party to help Gina straighten up.

Sharon: Yeah, th-that is what I did. Yeah. Uh, thank you, Miguel.

Miguel: Sharon, are you all right?

Sharon: Oh, yeah. I, uh... I'm just tired. I... I'm so tired because it was a... a long night.

Miguel: Do you want me to stay until Nicholas comes home?

Sharon: Oh, no. That's so nice of you, but I'm fine.

Miguel: All right, then. Good night.

Sharon: Night. (Door closes)


Bobby: So you want me to compare you and Brittany?

Jill: I want you to tell me what you see in her.

Bobby: Its apples and oranges.

Jill: And which is which?

Bobby: Which do you want to be?

Jill: The young one.

Bobby: The one with the empty head?

Jill: Oh. Bobby, when you look at me, what do you see?

Bobby: What do I see? A beautiful woman who's afraid it's slipping away.

Jill: (Sighs) boy, you don't fool around, do you?

Bobby: Sure, I do, all the time. Take it from me, you're a beautiful woman, and you're gonna be a beautiful woman for a long time.

Jill: Thank you.

Bobby: And you gotta use what you got while you got it.

Jill: Yeah, even if isn't what it used to be?

Bobby: What the hell is these days?

Jill: To enjoying what you have.

Bobby: Good times.

Jill: (Clears throat) Bobby, do you think that maybe you and I could have some good times together?

Bobby: No question about it.

Jill: You don't mean that.

Bobby: Yes, I do.

Jill: No, 'cause you've got other fish to fry.

Bobby: Hmm. Well, you and I have just met, but Brittany and I, you know, it's been awhile.

Jill: And you want to see where it's gonna go.

Bobby: Well, actually, it's not going much of anyplace right now.

Jill: Isn't she still with that Raul kid?

Bobby: You know him?

Jill: Yeah, I know him. I mean, he's an okay boy. But he is definitely a boy.

Bobby: Yeah, I've been trying to convince her she needs a man.

Jill: And what you need, bobby is a woman. God, listen to me. I can't believe that. I sound like I'm throwing myself at you.

Bobby: Oh, don't stop.

Jill: You know what? I think I will. At least until you've gotten over this ridiculous fascination with Brittany.

Bobby: Mm, is that what it is?

Jill: Of course it is. She just fascinates you 'cause you can't have her.

Bobby: Ah, honey, isn't that the way it always is?

Jill: She is a spoiled brat.

Bobby: So? Maybe I want to spoil her a little more. Does that make me crazy?

Jill: (Chuckles) yes, it does. Boy, you got it bad, huh?

Bobby: Nah, I got it good.

Jill: Yeah, well, if you ever decide that your little mall rat isn't as exciting as you thought she was, and you want to see what good times we could have together...

Bobby: Yeah, I know where to find you.

Jill: If I'm still there. I do get around, you know?

Bobby: Great. Don't stop.

Jill: Okay, okay, well...

Bobby: Listen, hold on, I'll walk you out.

Jill: Okay.

Bobby: Let me just get the lights.


Sharon: Oh. I've got to calm down. I gotta get myself under control. Oh, God. Oh, my God. Uh, makeup. I gotta cover that with makeup. (Door opens)

Nick: Hey, you're still up.

Sharon: Uh, yeah. I was just about to turn in.

Nick: Oh, now we can do it together.

Sharon: Did you finish your work?

Nick: Yeah. Would you believe that Dad and Baldwin both stopped by my office? I would have been home, like, an hour ago if they hadn't done that.

Sharon: Well, the important thing is your home now.

Nick: Yeah, and I finished Cameronís proposal. I dropped it off at the Athletic Club, so he'll have it first thing in the morning when he checks out.

Sharon: Oh, right. Uh, good.

Nick: You know, I didn't mind missing the rest of that party tonight, but you we so beautiful. I hated leaving you.

Sharon: I wish you hadn't, Nick. I really wish you hadnít.

Nick: Baby? What happened to you?


Anita: Well, whoever you are, don't you think you're being a little melodramatic?

Angelo: I wouldn't know. But your husband is trying to take away something that I sweated blood for, so I'm a little upset, yeah, if that's what you mean.

Anita: Well, this has been a real interesting conversation. If you'll ex-- okay, you're scaring me, if that's what you want.

Angelo: Okay, I'm only gonna say this once. Tell your husband to back off. Now I can't sic the law on him, nor would I. The law, it don't listen to men like me. But if your Freddie boy pushes me far enough, then bad things are gonna happen to him, and I'm not talking about a bloody nose, okay? Are you listening?

Anita: Yes.

Angelo: Good. Look, I'm--I'm sorry it had to be like this.


Raul: You see? There are all sorts of reasons.

Brittany: If I could get my father to stay out of my life and live his own, don't you think I would?

Raul: Listen, Brittany, I'm not trying to get you frustrated.

J.T.: Oh, sure you are. That's the only way to get her butt in gear. Okay, I'm gone.

Brittany: Don't I wish.

J.T.: Thanks for the ice cream, princess. It was really good.

Brittany: Yeah, you owe me-- 3 pints-- plus all that cheese you ate.

J.T.: Ah, just put it on my tab.

Brittany: God, he's such a pain sometimes.

Raul: Yeah, but he made good points, though.

Brittany: Honey, can we please not talk about my Dad anymore?

Raul: It's been awhile since you called me that.

Brittany: What, honey? Well... it had been awhile since you've given me a shoulder rub.

Raul: Well, been awhile since I've felt we were close enough.


Sharon: Oh-- oh, it's nothing, honey.

Nick: Babe, it sure doesn't look like nothing.

Sharon: You know, I was such a klutz. I, uh, I slipped out on the driveway because it was icy.

Nick: Well, are you okay? Does it hurt?

Sharon: No, no. I'm fine. In a few days, I'm sure...

Nick: All right. You know, I wanted to let you know how proud I was of you tonight, the way you handled yourself. And I know Cameron was thrilled to have you help him out.

Sharon: Well, it was no big deal, really.

Nick: No big deal? I... Cameron was going on and on about how lucky I am, you know what an amazing person you are. If he'd told me one more time, I swear to you... I think he's got a little crush on you. I'd watch out.

Sharon: Nicholas, uh, I...

Nick: What?

Sharon: I just... uh, don't want to talk about the party anymore.

Nick: Okay. Well, I just wanted to let you know that Cameronís not the only one who thinks you're amazing.

Nick: I know that I don't always show it... but you and the kids, you mean everything to me. You're my whole life.

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