Y&R Transcript Wednesday 10/22/03

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 10/22/03--Canada; Thursday 10/23/03

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Victor: You came here all the way from Oregon to tell me this shocking news?

Matt: I thought I should tell you in person about our father.

Victor: You're talking about Albert Miller?

Matt: Mm-hmm.

Victor: A man whose soul has been rotting in hell for a long time. Why would I be interested in Albert Miller?

Matt: He isn't dead.

Victor: What do you mean, he isn't dead?

Matt: It's true, Victor.

Victor: He died 40 years ago.

Matt: Well, that's what he led us to believe anyway.

Victor: Albert Miller?

Matt: Mm-hmm.

Victor: This is preposterous.

Matt: That's the same reaction I had, too.

Victor: And you believe this?

Matt: I have proof. At least proof that convinces me that this is not a mistake or a hoax. There's a man named Albert Miller living in a town outside Toronto, Canada, and he is the same man that fathered the two of us. I mean, he is alive, Victor.


Victoria: Wow, it's cool.

Michael: Mm-hmm. So you like?

Victoria: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, what's not to like? It's sleek, it's clean, great view.

Michael: Well, your seal of approval is the only one I really care about.

Victoria: Really? So if I didn't like it, you'd move?

Michael: Oh, in a heartbeat. I bet... I bet that your brother has no idea you're here.

Victoria: Why would you say that?

Michael: The way he acted the other night at the gala. He obviously doesn't want me anywhere near you.

Victoria: Oh, right, right, when he said he was on to you.

Michael: Uh-huh, right. No doubt, referring to my plans to take advantage of his poor, sweet, helpless sister.

Victoria: Mmm. No, I don't think that's what he was talking about. Not even close.


Pete: You told me your name was Cory. You lied to me. You're Nicholas Newman.

Nick: That doesn't change a thing.

Pete: You told me you were Michael Baldwin’s assistant.

Nick: So what if I did?

Pete: Look, it's not true, what I told you about the money and about Safra. I didn't do anything, I didn't take anything, and now I'm leaving.

Nick: I think you should stay.

Pete: Please.

Nick: It's okay. Just sit down.

Pete: Look, I have a wife and kids.

Nick: I know you do. Now sit down.

Pete: I'm screwed, aren't I?

Nick: Not necessarily, but you damn well better listen to me and do what I say, because right now, I'm your only hope.


Olivia: Hi. Can I help you?

Damon: Hello. Dr. Olivia Winters?

Olivia: Yeah, look, I don't mean to be rude, but I need to get out of here. The appointment desk is just down the hall.

Olivia: Well?

Damon: I'm a friend of the family.

Olivia: How do you figure that?

Damon: Well, I know your sister. My name's Damon Porter.

Olivia: Oh, yes, Damon Porter. Yeah. She told me about you. You're the cosmetic design guru.

Damon: I design cosmetics. A guru is a teacher.

Olivia: Well, she said you were a little mystical. Well, it was nice meeting you.

Damon: You're going to see Ashley Abbott?

Olivia: Yes.

Damon: Would it be all right if I spoke to you for a moment about her case before you go over there?

Olivia: You have a PhD, don't you?

Damon: Yes. Why?

Olivia: It's just that sometimes people who've earned their doctorate fall into the trap of believing they're MDs, and that can be a mistake, a very dangerous mistake.


Jack: Where's Ash?

Brad: Upstairs, resting, I hope.

Jack: You hope? You make it sound like...

Brad: Well, she may be taking care of the baby.

Jack: No change at all?

Brad: No. One second, she seems fine, and the next, she's holding the blanket, talking to it, cooing, convinced our son is still alive.

Jack: My God, what a mess. What a mess.

Brad: I want to help her, Jack. I want to do something, and I'm... I just feel like I'm at a total loss, watching my wife drifting further and further away.

Jack: Yeah, it's a pretty helpless feeling, all right.

Brad: I’ve put a call in to Olivia. She should be here soon.

Jack: What do you think she can tell us?

Brad: It depends on which Ashley she sees.

Jack: Meaning what reality is Ashley in at the time.

Brad: Yeah. I just hope that Liv comes up with some answers, because I am getting very close to losing it.


Dru: Well, honey, aren't you gonna eat?

Lily: I'm not hungry.

Dru: Sweetie, look, I know you have a lot on your mind, but perhaps it would help if we talked about it.

Lily: Talk about what? That Colleen could have died in that fire last night at Gina’s, or that everyone blames me?

Dru: Nobody is blaming you.

Lily: Well, you all think that Kevin did it, don't you?

Dru: Well, there's a strong possibility.

Lily: Then how can you say that no one blames me? When, if it wasn't for me, Colleen wouldn't even know Kevin.

Dru: You are young, and he took advantage of that.

Lily: It's not like he forced me to meet him.

Dru: Baby, he never should have forged a relationship with you in the first place. He's a decade older than you. He knew better.

Lily: Look, I'm sick of talking about this. All we do is go in circles.

Dru: Where are you going?

Lily: To my room.

Dru: Wait, wait, wait, wait, I need to ask you something. I need you to tell me the truth. Did you have sex with Kevin?


J.T.: You know, if I was a doctor, I'd let you go right now.

Colleen: Well, the real doctor said that I would be out of here by tonight.

J.T.: Well, that's good. I don't feel like spending another night in that chair over there.

Colleen: You know, you could go home.

J.T.: You can forget that.

Colleen: Good.

J.T.: I almost lost you last night. I don't feel like letting you out of my sight.

Colleen: Works for me.

Colleen: It's still really weird. I mean, who could want to kill me?

J.T.: Oh, Colleen, you know who it was.

Colleen: I-I don't want to believe that. I mean, it... it could have been random. It could have been someone trying to rob Gina’s, couldn't it?

Colleen: You still think it was Kevin.

J.T.: Yeah, I do. That guy is seriously messed up.

J.T.: But at least now, everybody will be watching him. And if he's smart, Colleen, he's gonna get the hell outta town.

Damon: Please, believe me; I harbor no illusions about being a medical doctor.

Olivia: Well, that's just as well. In the future, do you mind making an appointment?

Damon: I'll only keep you a minute.

Olivia: I don't recall saying you could keep me a minute.

Damon: Why are you so hostile?

Olivia: I'm not being hostile. I'm desperately trying to hand off my workload to some very busy doctors so I can get out of here and visit with a good friend who's not well.

Damon: I think Ashley may be in better shape than you tend to realize.

Olivia: Really? And what do you base your prognosis on, your deep understanding of hand lotion and lip gloss?

Damon: Uh, wow, you are in a bad mood.

Olivia: And you're not helping.

Damon: Well, let me ask you this. Do you think it's good to visit Ashley in this frame of mind? She needs help, not a scolding.

Olivia: I'm going there to judge a situation, to judge the extent of her break with reality. I'm gonna talk to her and see if I feel she needs medication.

Damon: Ah, yes, and you see, this is precisely where I-- where I begin to have a problem.

Olivia: If something's broken, we fix it. That's what we do. We're doctors.

Damon: We're not talking about a car engine. The human mind has the ability to heal itself.

Olivia: Your point?

Damon: You know, I have not known Ashley very long. I know her more from reputation than anything else. I've studied her work. I suppose you could call me a fan.

Olivia: Well, you were hired to relieve her during maternity leave.

Damon: Yes, that's right, and it gave me access to her lab notes, her processes, if you will, her slant on design. I got to see how her mind works, which only increased my admiration for her creativity. Do you begin to understand?

Olivia: Yeah, I think I do. You're afraid that if we administer our evil, modern, western medicine, she may become a healthy zombie, and the creativity will be gone forever. Am I right?


Jack: So let me go up and talk to Ash.

Brad: No, no, Jack, let's wait till Olivia comes, all right? If Ash is resting, I don't want to disturb her.

Jack: Okay, yeah, we should both be here to talk to her when she arrives.

Brad: I wonder if we're making a mistake, letting her cling to this fantasy world she's in.

Jack: Well, not if it's the one thing that's giving her a reason for living.

Brad: You think she's that fragile?

Jack: God, I don't know. I don't know.

Brad: You wonder how much trauma somebody can take emotionally before the damage becomes irreparable.

Jack: Well, God, there's the voice of doom if ever I heard it.

Brad: You haven't been living it, Jack. You should have seen ash come down these stairs earlier and accuse me of being insensitive to her and the children by having people parading in and out of the house.

Jack: Oh, my God. Were there people in the house?

Brad: Damon was here. Other than that, the only visitors have been family.

Jack: So you think she's lost totally? I mean, she's having a complete nervous breakdown?

Brad: All I know is she's headed for trouble if we don't pull her out of this fantasy world she's living in. Hopefully, with Olivia, we can come up with some answers.


Damon: Please, doctor, I'm really not trying to antagonize you.

Olivia: What you don't seem to realize is that western doctors have learned a great deal from other medical traditions over the past few decades.

Damon: I realize that. I simply sought to remind you--

Olivia: Well, thank you very much. Thank you. Can I go now?

Damon: Ashley has people around her, good people who love her.

Olivia: I know. I'm one of them.

Damon: I like you.

Olivia: I've given you no reason to.

Damon: You're strong. You hold to your beliefs firmly.

Olivia: You know what? I'm glad you approve, really, but you see, I have to go. Ashley needs me, and you do not.


Victor: What is this proof you say you have that Albert Miller's alive? Have you seen him or what?

Matt: No. What would be the point?

Victor: Did someone tell you he was alive?

Matt: Well, apparently, a friend of his over the years gleaned from Albert that he had a former family, a second life. So he went through some of the old man's paperwork. He found his social security card, a driver's license with our old home address in Buffalo on it and some other documents. They all match up. He's alive, Victor.

Victor: So he faked his death?

Matt: Well, this was way before computerized record keeping. It wouldn't be even that difficult or impossible.

Victor: I always knew that old man was a bastard.

Victor: To think of the misery he put this family through... that he put our mother through... the scars he left on this family.

Matt: You still hate him that much?

Victor: Don't you?

Victor: Matt, our father was a selfish son of a bitch. Didn't give a damn about anyone. Didn't care about his family.

Matt: Well, one hears the same thing said about you, Victor.

Victor: I've always been a father to my children. I may not have been the best father, but I've always been a father, not like our dad. In fact, I've tried to become the very opposite, all right?

Matt: Well, perhaps you should be thanking him then.

Victor: That'll be a cold day in hell, Matt.

Victor: I can't believe this. All these years, he had us all fooled, including our mother, God rest her soul.

Matt: I know it was a... it was a shock to me, too. I don't suppose you'll be pleased to hear this other bit of news either, but apparently, Albert made a very decent life for himself after he left us. He's in a home now, but it's a very, very high-class place.

Victor: Well, whatever fortune he has made, I hope he chokes on it. Let me ask you, uh, what motivated this friend of our father's to come and tell you about it?

Matt: Well, that's the second bit of news, Victor, the second reason I came here. The old man is headed south.

Victor: What do you mean, he's headed south? He's coming here?

Matt: No, no, no, I meant that as a figure of speech. He's old, and he's dying.


Michael: Clarify.

Victoria: My brother kind of, um, dances to the beat of his own tune, if you know what I mean.

Michael: And not very gracefully. Now this is in terms of, what, your family or your family business?

Victoria: You can't separate the two.

Michael: What are you saying?

Victoria: I don't want anything to happen to my father.

Michael: Your father is bulletproof.

Victoria: No one is bulletproof.

Michael: You're worried, and I know why. Your brother thinks that your father hired me to perform some kind of nefarious machination whereby Safra got a better rollout than it otherwise would have had.

Victoria: He doesn't have any proof.

Michael: Of course he doesn't have any proof. But it upsets you nonetheless.

Victoria: He's obsessed. He's on a crusade.

Michael: Well, I imagine it's not very easy being Victor Newman’s son. I mean, me, I've started to get along pretty well with the old devil, much better than I ever would have dreamed, but, you know, see, I don't have any of those nasty father/son issues, like who's the alpha male?

Victoria: So what do you know about Peter Hudson?


Pete: How did you figure out there was something going on?

Nick: From day one, when we launched Safra, I knew something was up. We were getting all this unbelievable shelf space even though we didn't have the same type of relationships with the cosmetic retailers that Jabot had. I thought it was in stores all across America, and I didn't think that was possible, but after some careful checking, I realized it was just in the bigger chains, like yours.

Pete: I just work there, you know, like I told Baldwin. If a product is really good, I mean, who cares how it got to be here or there or wherever on the shelves, you know?

Nick: Well, the authorities, for one. You know the ones who enforce laws against things like bribery, etcetera. They tend to take that stuff pretty seriously.

Pete: Well, putting me away is not gonna do any good. I mean, how is that gonna help? I mean, that's just gonna hurt my family, my daughter. Safra will be fine.

Nick: All right, Pete, just-- Pete, settle down. Don't come all unglued on me here, all right? Now, yes, Safra did great, but maybe Safra would have done great without Baldwin’s payoffs. We'll never know now, will we? How much did he pay you?

Pete: A lot.

Nick: And now it's all gone?

Pete: You know how expensive it is, kids in private schools.. Well, maybe you do know, but you're gonna inherit a multinational corporation. Maybe you could afford to turn your nose up at a briefcase full of cash, but I couldn’t. And if that makes me a criminal, if that makes me a bad guy, the hell with it, I guess I am.


Sierra: Hang on. I'll be right with you.

Sierra: You?

Kevin: All right, take it easy. I'm not here to cause any trouble.

Sierra: Well, then why are you here? Look, Kevin, I don't want to talk to you.

Kevin: Okay, I just thought that, uh... I mean, I know that you and J.T. And Colleen's parents must be having a really rough time now.

Sierra: No, actually, we're pretty happy. You're the guy who ought to be worried. I talked to the police this morning. So did Colleen.

Kevin: Um... wh... y-you said Colleen talked to the police? I thought that she had--

Sierra: You thought what? Wait a minute. You thought she was dead. You thought Colleen was dead.

Kevin: What are you talking about?

Sierra: Major shockwave, huh you were so sure she was dead. You thought you burned her up in that fire, didn't you, you monster?

Kevin: All right. Hey, stop it. Keep your voice down.


Colleen: J.T., There's no way of knowing for sure that it was Kevin.

J.T.: Well, when the police were here earlier, what did they tell you?

Colleen: Detective Weber-- he said that they didn't have much to go on.

J.T.: They didn't find any fingerprints or anything?

Colleen: No, I guess not. I mean, the fire was so big, and whoever did it used cleaning fluid from the bar, so there's no leads from that either.

J.T.: Did Weber ask you anything about Lily and Kevin?

Colleen: Only about how she was ditching school to be with him.

J.T.: Damn it. How's that supposed to help? I can't believe they don't have anything against that guy yet. Did the detective say he was gonna come back and ask you anything else?

Colleen: Yeah, he said he might.

J.T.: Well, until they put Kevin in jail, I'm gonna keep a real close eye on you. I don't care what anybody else says. I'm positive it was him. I'm sure as hell not letting anything else happen to you.

Colleen: I wish Lily had a boyfriend like you. It makes me sick how he used her.

J.T.: Hey, we tried to warn her.

Colleen: It's so weird. I mean, yesterday, I was in that cooler, and I was terrified.

J.T.: Yeah, I know. Me, too, baby.

Colleen: But today, I'm fine. I have--I have a great life. I mean, I have so many people that I can trust. I have you, I have my family. Lily--she doesn't have anyone she feels close to. I mean, to me, she's the real victim.


Dru: Lily, I'm not accusing you. I have to know because I want to help you.

Lily: I'm fine, mother.

Dru: So he didn't force himself on you?

Lily: Mom, no.

Dru: So then it was consensual?

Lily: I never said I slept with Kevin.

Dru: You never said that you didn’t.

Lily: 'Cause I'm not telling you anything.

Dru: Oh, yes, you are. You are going to tell me whether you did or did not sleep with Kevin.

Lily: This is none of your business.

Dru: It most certainly is my business. As long as you live under this roof, everything you do is my business. Now it may seem easier going to your friends and telling them things, but your mother and father come to the table with something different. It's called experience.

Lily: Yeah, and they come with lectures and opinions and assumptions. Just drop it, okay? And leave me alone.

Dru: Stop right there. Right there. We are going to talk about this.


Brad: Thanks for coming, Liv.

Olivia: Hey, I only hope I can help.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, so do we.

Olivia: So how's Ashley?

Brad: Not good.

Olivia: Anything I don't already know?

Brad: What's the last you've heard?

Olivia: That she's having delusions that her baby's still alive and no memory of it when she snaps back to reality.

Brad: Liv, do you think that there's any chance, with love and support and patience that Ash could come out of this?

Olivia: Who have you been talking to? It wouldn't happen to be Damon Porter by any chance?

Brad: How'd you know?

Olivia: Because he just paid me a visit before I came over here.

Jack: Wait, what does Damon have to do with any of this?

Olivia: Frankly, nothing.

Brad: Well, what did he say to you?

Olivia: Nothing useful. I mean, he barely knows Ashley. He doesn't even have a grasp of the situation. He's not a doctor. He's not a psychiatrist. Yet he seems free to just dish out advice of what we should be doing here. That man is as presumptuous as hell, Brad.


Michael: Whoa. What, did you change the channel while I wasn't looking?

Victoria: You gonna answer me?

Michael: Yeah. Yeah, of course. I'm gonna answer you. I assume you're talking about Peter D. Hudson, the head of marketing and promotions over at Nelsons Stores, inc. Since 1998. Before that, he was in charge of the southwestern division of one of Nelson's subsidiaries that handles their outlet stores. What, you think I didn't know? See? Do my homework.

Victoria: Why are you doing homework on Peter Hudson?

Michael: Because I take my job seriously. Is there anyone else you'd like to know about? Say Terrence G. Malloy, head of marketing/promotions at Carswell and Turner. And then there's Theresa Sinclair. She handles the same post at the Tarbox group--

Victoria: All right, I get it, I get it. I get the point.

Michael: Do you? Are you sure?

Victoria: Yeah, you know our retailers.

Michael: I know every damn last one of them. I also know all the names of every manager of every Newman Enterprises branch office here and abroad. I also know all the honchos they deal with locally. Would you like to hear me recite? Let's see, let's start in New Orleans. Sam Grey, shipping. He deals with the Trans-Gulf group.

Victoria: Okay, okay. Michael, stop. You're too much.

Michael: No, no. If you want to be better than the other guy, you got to be too much. That's the least. Way too much is better. Altogether too much is highly recommended.

Victoria: All right, Michael. Shh. Quiet. All right, I get it. Boy, I really pushed a button.

Michael: Yeah. Well, your brother did with his suspicions.

Victoria: I can see that.

Michael: That's too bad, you know. I don't totally dislike Nicholas. But I am tired of him looking down on me. I'm very tired of that.

Victoria: Well, I want you to know that, um, I don't look down on you.

Michael: I would truly hate it if you did.

Victoria: I used to.

Michael: Yeah, yeah. Mm-hmm. See? So easy to demonize other people, isn't it? And then all of a sudden, they, uh, they get closer, and they turn into human beings.

Victoria: There's still something about you, Michael, that I don't trust.

Michael: Fantastic. That keeps me interesting.

Victoria: Michael...

Michael: What, sweetheart?

Victoria: Watch it.

Victoria: If my father was in trouble and he needed to be protected, would you be there for him?

Michael: What kind of question is that? I mean, he's Victor Newman.

Victoria: When a powerful man is down, people like to pile on.

Michael: When your father hired me as his attorney, I, in a sense, became his advocate. So, yes, I do stand between him and his enemies. But take a bullet for him? I don't know. Fall on my sword for him? It could happen under certain circumstances. Look, listen to me, the truth is, the only likely reason that I would stand and fight for your father is because I wanted to win your admiration.

Victoria: Mine?

Michael: Yes, ma'am.

Victoria: Am I blushing?

Michael: It's okay. It's good for the circulation.

Victoria: Well, on that note, I think I should go. Thanks for the tour.

Michael: And the reassurances?

Victoria: Those, too. And, oh, my God, how did you remember all those names?

Michael: There's a big, empty space up here, waiting to be filled. Waiting, waiting.

Victoria: If I start to trust you more... you can't let me down.

Michael: Why would I do that?


Pete: I never should have touched that money.

Nick: You're human. You saw a briefcase full of cash, and all you could see was security for your children.

Pete: You understand.

Nick: Yes, I understand. But that doesn't mean I will not ruin you unless you play this my way.

Pete: You're a Newman, all right.

Nick: Nobody forced you to take the money.

Pete: Look, skip the lecture, please. Just tell me what I have to do.

Nick: You do nothing. You don't say a word to Michael Baldwin or my father. I will tell you what to say, when to say it and who you say it to. Are we clear?

Pete: And for this you'll guarantee me safe passage?

Nick: I'll guarantee you this-- unless you keep your mouth shut, you're gonna go down along with the rest of them.

Pete: Including your own father? That's cold.

Nick: When I want your opinion, I'll ask you for it. Now do you understand me? Not one word to anyone.

Pete: Who would I tell?

Nick: I'll call you when I need you. Now we're finished.


J.T.: Okay, I'm gonna go talk to someone about getting you outta here. You're ready to go, right?

Colleen: Oh, I cannot wait.

J.T.: All right. I'm gonna try some of that Hellstrom charm on one of these nurses, see if I can't get her to speed this up.

Colleen: Hey, don't try too hard.

J.T.: All right. Okay, I'll be right back.

Colleen: J.T.?

J.T.: Yeah.

Colleen: You think it could really happen? Kevin would just leave town and never come back?

J.T.: Yeah, I think it's possible. If he's got half a brain, he'll do it.

Colleen: I hope you're right.

J.T.: Aren't I always?


Sierra: Your little plan didn't work. Now you're practically wetting your pants.

Kevin: What plan?

Sierra: Don't give me that. You tried to kill Colleen. You locked her up in that refrigerator and then set the place on fire. Well, you stupid moron, the refrigerator saved her life. Yeah, what do you think about that, huh?

Kevin: I think that's great. Great news. I was worried about her.

Sierra: Oh, bull. You're such a liar. You know, too bad the police weren't here just now.

Kevin: All right...

Sierra: That reaction? They'd know you did it, just like I do.

Kevin: You know what? You know what? You're crazy. There's something seriously wrong with you.

Hank: Excuse me, Mr. Fisher.

Sierra: Oh, Detective, good. He totally gave himself away just now. You had to see him.

Kevin: Okay, you know what, Detective? She doesn't know what she's talking about. She completely made this up.

Sierra: He was so sure Colleen was--

Hank: Hey, both of you, stop it. One at a time. Just hold on.

Sierra: He tried to kill Colleen, Detective. I know it, and he knows it. You know it, don't you, you bastard?


Dru: Baby, I'm-- okay, all right. I'm not going to lecture you. Mother has calmed down. I just need the truth. Sweetheart, why aren't you looking at me? Baby girl, come on.

Lily: Don't call me that.

Dru: Why? I've always called you baby g--why, because you're not anymore?

Dru: Lily. Sweetheart.

Lily: I'm sorry, Mom. You must be so disappointed in me.

Dru: No. I'm more disappointed in myself that I didn't talk to you more about sex. We just didn't discuss it in my house. I'm so sorry.

Lily: I know you think bad things about Kevin.

Dru: I don't want to talk about Kevin right now. I want to talk about you, my daughter, who I love beyond measure. Sweetheart, you made a choice. You made a big choice, and I wish you had waited, but you didn't, and that's water under the bridge. The most important thing for you to understand is that I love you no less. I want what's best for my girl. I want you to be safe.

Lily: So you don't hate me?

Dru: How could you ask me such a thing? Of course I don't hate you.

Lily: You know, I know I was dumb. But I just--I loved him. And he said that there was only one way to prove it.

Dru: Sweetheart, someone who loves you does not ask you to prove it by having sex.

Lily: I guess I was pretty stupid.

Dru: Young, young... and innocent and impressionable. It just breaks my heart that it had to happen to you this way.

Lily: Don't worry, Mom. I'll be okay.

Dru: Yeah. It'll be fine. 'Cause you're my... you're my daughter and everything's gonna work out. We'll make sure of it.


Victor: You know,  Matt, if it's true that our father made a life for himself... yet never bothered to check on his wife or his children... then as far as I'm concerned, he deserves to die alone.

Matt: Those are cold words, man

Victor: Well, you can hold his hand if you feel like it. I don't give a damn.

Matt: Well, I don't plan on seeing him either, Victor, but I have made peace with my feelings about the man. I suggest that you maybe try and do the same.

Victor: Because of my dad, I was left in an orphanage when I was 7 years old.

Matt: Yeah.

Victor: And I will never forget that.

Matt: Mm-hmm.

Victor: So how long you gonna be in Genoa City?

Matt: Well, I'm leaving immediately.

Victor: Mm-hmm. I'm sort of amazed you came by here in the first place to tell me about this.

Matt: You are my brother, and I just felt like I had to tell you the truth.

Victor: Yeah, but in the back of your mind, you must have known that I didn't give a damn about a man who... who abandoned his family.

Matt: I'm sorry if I dredged up painful memories, but I just... I had to be honest with you.

Victor: No, that's all right, and I appreciate it. I know it came from the heart, Matt. How are you doing?

Matt: I'm doing great. Thanks for asking.

Victor: Yeah?

Matt: Yeah. And things look well with you.

Victor: They are. I'm doing all right.

Matt: Glad to hear it.

Victor: Too bad that you and I never had a chance to become brothers really. I know we are related by blood, but part of the legacy of our father is that you and I never had a normal childhood. Anyway, glad you came by.

Matt: Oh, yeah. Good to see you. Bye.

Victor: Have a good trip.

Matt: Yep.


Brad: Liv, listen, I understand that you don't like getting medical advice from amateurs, but I gotta tell ya, I watched Damon talk to Ash. He was getting her to come out of herself. He was talking to her about business; he was telling her how excited he was to collaborate with her. I could see Ash, for the first time in quite awhile, just coming out of her shell, actually getting excited about business. I mean, if you'd seen her, it was a glimpse of the old Ash.

Olivia: And where is she now? Upstairs getting ready for work?

Brad: No.

Olivia: Brad, I know it's difficult for us to admit how serious Ashley’s problem is, but from what you're describing to me, your wife has a loose grip on reality, and that's slipping. I think we should intercede sooner rather than later.


Jack: You know, I got to go with Olivia on this. I mean, I think Ash needs to be in a hospital where she can get the treatment and care she needs.

Brad: Whoa, whoa, wait a second here. What are you guys talking about? Padded walls and heavy medication?

Jack: No, nobody's talking about that. We're saying Ashley is in trouble, and holding her hand and hoping things are gonna work out is not gonna do it.

Brad: Well, I'm not suggesting that that's what we do, Jack. But in the meantime, I want her--

Ashley: What's going on? You guys are arguing. Why? Are you arguing about me?

Olivia: Hi, Ashley.

Ashley: Hi.

Olivia: How you doing?

Ashley: I think I'm gonna survive.

Jack: I never doubted that for a minute.

Ashley: Well, I did. Damon Porter was here. Did Brad tell you?

Jack: Yeah, he said the two of you had a nice visit.

Ashley: Yeah, we really did. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I can look toward the future.

Brad: That's wonderful, sweetheart.

Ashley: Yeah. I'm really starting to think the worst is behind me now.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Dru: Did you use contraception?

Lily: What?

Dru: Did you use a condom with Kevin?


Hank: This warrant, it's the real thing.

Kevin: That's for my apartment, not here.

Hank: We can do it the easy way,

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