Y&R Transcript Thursday 10/06/03

Y&R Transcript Monday 10/06/03-- Canada ; Tuesday 10/07/03-- USA

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Nikki: You Know!

Sharon : Yeah, I know. I overheard everything, everything that you so desperately hoped that I didn’t.

Nikki: All right. I guess the question is what are you going to do with this information? Or do I already know?

Sharon : If you're referring to my going to see Victor--

Nikki: What the hell do you think I mean, Sharon ? You were on the verge of telling him, weren't you?

Sharon : You don't think your husband has a right to know? He has a child out there by another woman. Or are you so selfish and so insecure that you feel justified keeping this from him?


Dru: Phyllis, you look like the cat that swallowed the canary.

Phyllis: Drucilla, oh, wow, good to see ya. I got to go.

Dru: No, no, relax, Phyllis. Enjoy the company.

Phyllis: I was enjoying my quiet cappuccino.

Dru: I can see that. I can also see you left work early, huh?

Phyllis: I see you have, too.

Dru: Oh, yes, I want to allocate plenty of time to prepare for the festivities.

Phyllis: Oh, that's right. The gala-- the soirée to end all soirées.

Dru: You would not believe the couture design I am going to wear, Phyllis. It is to die for, girl.

Phyllis: I'm sure, I'm sure. Judging from your taste, I'm sure that's an accurate assessment.

Dru: Is that a slam? Because if it was a slam, I want to remind you, you are known for sporting nearly-there clothes.

Phyllis: Oh, well, you know what I say. If you've got it, flaunt it.

Dru: Yeah, obviously you believe that.

Phyllis: Are you a little jealous?

Dru: No.

Phyllis: Speaking of couture gowns, you should see what I'm wearing to the gala.

Dru: Wow, I'm shocked you're going. Who are you going with?

Phyllis: Who am I going with? I'm going with my husband.

Dru: Really? That's not what Jack told me.


(Knock on door)

Victoria : Hey!

Victor: Hi, sweetheart. So this is where you've been hiding.

Victoria : Well, I'm not hiding. I'm just working from home today. Come on in. You haven't seen the place yet.

Victor: Look at this. All moved in.

Victoria : Yeah, yeah, and thanks a lot for everything. Um, I really appreciate it.

Victor: I'm very happy to do it.

Victoria : So have a seat. Do you want anything to drink? It's your first official visit.

Victor: No, thank you. Thank you, thank you. I just wanted to ask you a favor about tonight.

Victoria : Oh, what about tonight?

Victor: I was wondering, would you help Sharon out with the gala?

Victoria : Help her out?

Victor: Why, is there a problem?

Victoria : Well, yeah. Yeah, dad, there is a problem. I mean, the way she's embarrassed mom, for one thing. I mean, I'm not going to go out of my way to make her look good.

Victor: Your loyalty's commendable.

Victoria : Well, I'm not going to sabotage her, either, but that's the best I can do.

Victor: I guess one has to be grateful for small favors, doesn't one?

Victoria : Did Sharon put you up to this? Is she feeling a little shaky? It couldn't happen to a nicer person.


Michael: Mm-hmm, yeah. Yes, I understand. Look Pete, to tell you the truth, I'm a little surprised to hear from you again.

Pete: Well, why is that? We have such a mutually beneficial relationship.

Michael: Yes, yes, you did fine job getting Safra's merchandise right out there on the shelves front and center. In fact, Nelson's department stores were one of our brightest stars in those first weeks after launch.

Pete: And you returned the favor--how can I say it-- handsomely.

Michael: Well, I trust you've been discreet.

Pete: Well, I didn't go out and buy a Ferrari, if that's what you mean.

Michael: Like you said, you've got to keep that profile nice and low.

Pete: Yeah, um, listen, Michael, there are lots of politics going on here. Everyone has a personal vision, you know, wants things done their way.

Michael: What are you saying?

Pete: Well, I'm getting a little pressure about product placement.

Michael: Are you saying that sales aren't strong enough to warrant Safra keeping those center-aisle displays?

Pete: Sales are great, uh, but, well, I was wondering if maybe there was a little more in the way of an incentive to leave things the way they are.

Michael: You stop right there, Pete. The answer is no, there is not. We have an arrangement. We have an understanding. You make plenty of money from Safra's sales.

Pete: Yeah, but you know how it is--

Michael: No, was, Pete, was. We're talking about a one-time thing. Now I don't ever want to have a conversation like this with you again. Ever. Got it?

Nick: Who were you just talking to, and what's the connection to Safra?


Colleen: Where have you been? I have been waiting for, like, half an hour.

Sierra: Mrs. Anderson kept us after class.

Colleen: That is like the second time this week.

Sierra: I know. She loves to torture us. The woman needs to get a life.

Colleen: So, uh, you haven't seen Lily, have you?

Sierra: She wasn't in P.E.

Colleen: She wasn't in study hall, either.

Sierra: I guess she really went through with it then.

Colleen: Yeah, going to Kevin’s apartment, you mean.

Sierra: It makes me sick just thinking about it.

Colleen: You know, I really, really wish I knew what she sees in him.

Sierra: What's scary is she keeps getting in deeper and deeper.

Colleen: All right, we have to talk some sense into her.

Sierra: Well, we've tried, Col , but she doesn't want to hear it. I mean, she's so wrapped up--

Neil: Excuse me, girls. Either one of you seen Lily?


Kevin: Why did you do that?

Lily: So I can talk to you.

Kevin: About what?

Lily: I guess you're still mad at me.

Kevin: I just don't understand why you're so pushy sometimes. That's a real unattractive quality in a woman.

Lily: Kevin, I didn't mean to be pushy. I only brought my robe and toothbrush 'cause I thought it would make things--

Kevin: I know, Lily. You told me why. Let's not talk it to death, okay?

Lily: I'm sorry.

Kevin: Maybe you can make it up to me.

Lily: How?

Kevin: The gift I got you. Put it on.

Lily: Kevin, I told you, I would just feel way too uncomfortable.

Kevin: I don't-- I don't get that. A beautiful girl like you? You should be proud of your body. Do it for me, baby.

Lily: Look, I just can't, okay? Please, don't make me.

Kevin: Excuse me. When have I ever made you do anything?

Lily: No, Kevin, I only meant don't--

Kevin: You know what? Grow up, will you? These stupid little hang-ups of yours are getting real old, real fast.


Colleen: Hello, Mr. Winters.

Sierra: You're looking for Lily, huh?

Neil: Yeah, exactly. I was waiting out front, but she never showed up. I figured she might still be hanging out in here.

Colleen: Uh, you know, I haven't really seen her. Have you, Sierra?

Sierra: Um, no, not lately.

Neil: Suppose it's my fault. She wasn't expecting me to pick her up today. She probably made other plans.

Sierra: Yeah, probably.

Neil: Listen, did she mention to either one of you about going somewhere after school today?

Colleen: You know, we really haven't talked to her since this morning.

Neil: I know you two have had some sort of falling out with Lily, that you haven't been spending as much time with her, which I'm very sorry about, because you both have been very good friends to Lily.

Colleen: Yeah, we try to be.

Neil: Probably not easy. Lily hasn't been herself lately. Actually, that's why I'm here. Her mom and I wanted to spend some time with her, see what's going on. You wouldn't happen to know what's been bothering her lately, would you?

Sierra: Not really.

Neil: Okay. I'm gonna head home. Maybe that's where Lily's going, and I just missed her. You girls take care, okay?

Colleen: Bye.


Kevin: All right, come here. I didn't mean to snap at you.

Lily: It's okay.

Lily: Hey, um, I've got an idea. How about we go to Crimson Lights? You know, get something to eat. My treat.

Kevin: Nah. It's too much of a hassle. Besides, if you're hungry, there's food in the fridge.

Lily: Oh, okay. I just thought, you know, it might be nice to get out for a change. Maybe we could take a walk in the park or something.

Kevin: Well, gee, that sounds like a real rush.

Lily: Well, how about a movie? I think there's some karate thing playing downtown. I know you like those action movies, don't you?

Kevin: W-what's wrong with kickin' it here? That was the plan, wasn't it?

Lily: Well, sure, I guess.

Kevin: Well, you don't seem too excited. I guess I just thought that hanging out with me would be enough, but...

Lily: No, it is.

Kevin: Are you sure? Because if you're bored, I have plenty of other friends that I could hang out with. So...

Lily: No, Kevin, I-- I love being with you. Don't you know that?

Kevin: Then what's the problem? Hmm? Come on, tell me. What's the problem then?


Victor: My darling, I've got to be honest with you, but cattiness is not one of your most charming personality traits.

Victoria: Hmm. Well, that still doesn't answer my question. Are you running interference?

Victor: I'm running interference because I want to make sure that everyone cooperates, all right? The success of this gala is very important.

Victoria: Smooth. Letting Sharon see face. You know, for my brother's sake, I hope this isn't a complete catastrophe, but I don't think anyone will be surprised if it is.

Victor: Why do you say it like that?

Victoria: Because the little twit's in so far over her head, it isn't even funny.

Victor: Is that you or your mother talking?

Victoria: Does it matter? We're both right.

Victor: Well, let's hope that we aren’t. It is very important for the success of the arts council that we make money that night.

Victoria : Oh, yeah, I'm sure Sharon ’s feeling the pressure. My heart is bleeding.

Victor: Darling, please.

Victoria : (Chuckles) by the way, mother told me that Sharon came up to the house last night.

Victor: She wanted to talk. She was troubled about something.

Victoria: Hmm. So she came looking for you, alone, at night, and you let her in?

Victor: No, she let herself in.

Victoria : And you didn't tell her to leave immediately?


Sharon: You are playing god with this man's life.

Nikki: No, you have no idea what you're talking about.

Sharon: Oh, really? Half the town apparently knows. Everyone but Victor.

Nikki: No, they don’t.

Sharon: Really? You, me, Brad, Ashley-- for heaven's sake, even Drucilla Winters knows. You know, you talk about me destroying your marriage, I think you're doing a pretty bang-up job yourself.

Nikki: Sharon, listen to me. Victor can't know. He can never know.

Sharon: Nikki, will you stop and listen to yourself for a minute? Do you realize how pathetic that sounds?

Nikki: (Sighs) will you just try to put yourself in my place for one minute? Is it so hard for you to understand why I wouldn't want this getting out?

Sharon : Because deep down you don't really believe in Victor's love for you, do you?

Nikki: Oh, no! You are so wrong!

Sharon: Really? Then why wouldn't you just go to him yourself and do what's right?

Nikki: Because it's not what's right. It's not right for anybody involved.

Sharon: I still--

Nikki: Do you understand that we are talking about a child, a precious little girl who has two parents desperately in love with her? Now what purpose would it serve to give Victor a reason to inject himself into that family?

Sharon: He should have that choice.

Nikki: No. No. That would be a disaster, Sharon .

Sharon: You don't know that.

Nikki: Look, Brad despises Victor, Ashley doesn't want his interference anymore, and they are Abby’s parents legally. It's their call.

Sharon: Oh, I see. So you're just gonna go along with that? You're respecting their wishes, which just so happens to suit your needs perfectly.

Nikki: Will you please just stop focusing on me for a moment? Can you be objective once in your life and look at this thing?

Sharon: Well, that's a little hard when a man who I admire and I respect is getting completely screwed over here.

Nikki: Sharon, that is not--

Sharon : You know, have you even stopped for one minute to think about how Victor might feel?

Nikki: Oh, yes, I have.

Sharon: Really? Then answer me this, what's the most important thing in the world to that man, Nikki? Family. My God, he has a daughter out there. Do you really intend to keep this from him forever?

Nikki: Yes. That is precisely what I intend to do, Sharon , because it's the only thing that makes sense.

Sharon: For you, maybe, but what about your husband? What about what matters to him?

Nikki: Don't you understand that I am protecting him? I'm protecting everybody involved.

Sharon: Uh-huh. You're protecting Victor? How, by depriving him of having a relationship with his own flesh and blood? Don't you know how self-serving that is? Nikki, where is your compassion?

Nikki: Oh, my God, to hear you talk, you only have compassion for Victor. You don't give a damn about this little girl or all the other lives that will be ripped apart.

Sharon: Look, obviously, we're not going to agree on this.

Nikki: No, we're not.

Sharon: Which brings me back to your original question. What am I gonna do with this information?


Phyllis: Oh, Drucilla, I know what you're doing. You're trying to tweak me. You're trying to tweak me. You've been so intrigued at the thought that my husband and I have been separated, but you see, whatever you say, it doesn't matter to me, because I'm in afterglow. See, my husband and I made mad, mad, mad passionate love all evening.

Dru: Okay, that's T.M.I., T.M.I. That's too much information, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Well, so we will be going to the arts council together.

Dru: Really? I think you're a little twisted behind this, because I spent the day with your husband, and he distinctly told me that he has no intention of going to the gala.

Phyllis: Oh, he told you that

Dru: Yeah, he did. What, oh, oh, you didn't discuss it with him? But how could you? Because you're still in the afterglow. You were making that mad, passionate love, but I will bet you $1, honey. I'll bet you $1 that I see you at the gala, but you will not have your husband on your arm.

Phyllis: Where do you get that? My husband loves the arts council. He is a major contributor, by the way.

Dru: So what? Do you actually believe that he would set foot on the Newman ranch after everything that's gone down? The Abbott family holds Victor Newman directly responsible for the loss of Ashley’s baby. There's not one Abbott that will be-- well, you'll be there. Where's your head?

Phyllis: Well, well-- you know what? Sometimes you just have to get over your issues and go on living, Drucilla.

Dru: And now would be that time, Phyllis?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Dru: Okay.

Phyllis: You know, if I were a gambling woman, I would bet you your $1, was it? But, uh, I don't need to. You see, I'm going to the gala, I will be wearing my fabulous new gown, I will have my husband by my side, and we will dazzle all of Genoa City .

Dru: Prove it to yourself, Phyllis. Let's see what you can do with that.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. It's a major social event in Genoa City , and we're gonna be there. Count on it.

Dru: Huh. Oh, wow. Well, as usual, it has been fabulous talking with you, Phyllis...

Phyllis: Fabulous.

Dru: But I must bid you adieu. Yeah, I have to get back to the apartment, meet up with Neil, and have a chat with my daughter, and I do not want to miss your big entrance, no.

Phyllis: Of course.

Dru: So enchanté, madame.

Phyllis: Enchanté. Enchanté.


Lily: I just... I hate all this sneaking around, you know?

Kevin: You mean, because of your folks?

Lily: Yeah. I feel so guilty, having to lie to them all the time.

Kevin: Well, what choice do you have? You said yourself, they treat you like a little kid.

Lily: Yeah. Well, can't you just come over? You know, I could introduce you.

Kevin: You're kidding, right?

Lily: No, Kevin, I'm not kidding. I think my parents will really like you. I mean, why shouldn't they? You're a great guy

Kevin: Lily, there is no way that I want to meet your parents.

Lily: Yeah, but why? I mean, why does our being together have to be some big, mysterious secret? I mean, why do we have to act like we have something to hide?

Sorry rest of show is missing again.

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