Monday Y&R Transcript 6/30/03

Y&R Transcript Mon
day 6/30/03--Canada; Tuesday 7/01/03--USA

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 Dru: Oh, this is beautiful.

 Neil: Sure is.

 Dru: Thank you. Now let's not forget about your promise.

 Neil: Yeah, yeah, yeah. My promise. I'm gonna order a glass of iced tea, meet the guy, and then I'll get out.

 Dru: That's right, and if you have anything else on your mind, just forget about it, all right?

 Neil: Don't you trust me?

 Dru: No, I do not. In fact, I cannot believe that I agreed to let you come.

 Neil: What is the big deal?

 Dru: The big deal is that I have a meeting with damon porter, which makes you a third wheel.

 Neil: Third wheel? You can talk business after I leave, all right?

 Dru: Really? Oh, here he comes. Act natural.

 Damon: Hey.

 Dru: Hey!

 Damon: Did I keep y'all waiting?

 Dru: No, you're right on on time. Damon porter, this is neil winters. Neil winters, damon porter.

 Neil: Well, well, mr. Porter, real pleasure to meet you.

 Damon: A pleasure indeed, sir.

 Dru: Now before we say another word, you should know thateieil works for the enemy.

 Phyllis: So you can see the animated links right here and here, as well as in the sidebar here and the pull-down menu. I wanted to make it a no-brainer so people feel free to buy, you know? Are you with me?

 Victoria: Yeah, uh, links. That's a good idea.

 Phyllis: Yeah. So do I have your go-ahead?

 Victoria: Yeah, it looks great.

 Phyllis: Victoria, I need to know you're on board with this.

 Victoria: Well, I said it looks great.

 Phyllis: Okay. I'm gonna be tweaking this until we're ready to roll out. That's still going to be august 1st, right?

 Phyllis: Victoria?

 Victoria: What? Huh?

 Phyllis: Um... he must be some guy.

 Victoria: What?

 Phyllis: Well, you see, I'm a woman, and I recognize the look in your eyes. You met a guy, didn't you?

 Brittany: (Humming)

 Raul: Oh, hey, don't stop on my account.

 Brittany: Oh, you're home. I didn't think you'd be back till later.

 Raul: Obviously.

 Brittany: You're probably wondering what that was.

 Raul: Yeah, I'm a little bit curious.

 Brittany: Well, I was practicing.

 Raul: Practicing? For what?

 Brittany: For you, of course.

 Raul: For me?

 Brittany: Yeah, I was working on a surprise for you, but you ruined it. I hope you're happy.

 Raul: Oh, hold on. I don't knowbobout ruined it. Come on, do some more.

 Brittany: Ha! No, it's too late.

 Raul: Come on.

 Brittany: You're just never gonna know what I had in store for you, buster. And trust me, it was hot.

 Raul: I'll bet. Come on, you can't even give me a little taste?

 Brittany: You mean like this?

 Colleen: Thanks again for doing this.

 J.T.: No problem.

 Colleen: Oh, my gosh. My very first driving lesson. I am so excited. You don't think we'll get in trouble, do you?

 J.T.: Why would we? We're in the middle of nowhere.

 Colleen: I'm serious, J.T. Are you sure you want to do this?

 J.T.: Hey, I offered, didn't I? Just remember what we talked about.

 Colleen: Don't worry. I'll be careful.

 J.T.: And you're gonna listen to...

 Colleen: Everything that you say, cross my heart.

 J.T.: You know, maybe we should do this another time. It's gonna be dark pretty soon.

 Colleen: You said you trusted me.

 J.T.: Well, I do. It's just... all right, never mind. Switch seats. Good afternoon. If you're heading to the lake this afternoon - a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for several areas in parkland county near wabamun lake provincial park - tomahawk and entwhistle..and lac ste anne county is also included in the severe storm warning...+++also - some saskatchewan residents visiting the valley zoo had oš˝šo#

 Raul: Britt, are you saying that-- that billy and mac, they're--

 Brittany: They're cousins.

 Raul: Wow. What-- what are they gonna do?

 Brittany: Well, there's only one thing they can do-- get their marriage annulled.

 Raul: Unreal. And where's billy now?

 Brittany: He left. He's gonna come back to get his stuff, and then he's gonna take off.

 Raul: Where's he going?

 Brittany: I don't think he has any idea, and mac already left town.

 Raul: Man. What a nightmare.

 Brittany: Would it be insensitive of me to ask how work went?

 Raul: It was terrible. The boutique was a madhouse.

 Brittany: Is lauren still ticked at me for quitting?

 Raul: She was... at first.

 Brittany: At first?

 Raul: Yeah, baby, I got some good news. I talked lauren into giving you your job back so you can start right away she said.

 Brittany: What? Why did you do that?

 Raul: What, you're upset?

 Brittany: Well, of course I'm upset. I didn't want to work there. That's why I quit.

 Raul: Right, but then that other job fell through, so I just figured you needed--

 Brittany: No, raul! How many times do i have to say it? No, no, no. End of discussion.

 Colleen: Okay,so I take my foot off the clutch while I give it a little gas, and there's nothing to it. We're off.

 J.T.: Right.

 Colleen: What, you don't think I can do this?

 J.T.: Well, I didn't say that.

 Colleen: I can tell by the tone of your voice.

 J.T.: I should warn you. It was hard for me to learn how to drive a stick.

 Colleen: And what? It'll be even harder for me because I'm a girl?

 J.T.: Well, face it. You're not that great at this kind of stuff.

 Colleen: Is that so? Well, get ready to eat your words. Keys?

 J.T.: Aren't you forgetting something?

 Colleen: What?

 J.T.: Your seatbelt. And don't forget to adjust your mirror.

 Colleen: Yes, sir.

 J.T.: And your seat.

 Colleen: My seat is fine. Would you quit stalling? You gonna give me the keys or not?

 J.T.: Here.

 Colleen: Thank you.

 J.T.: No, other side. (Engine starts)

 Neil: I think that'll be it. Thanks, man.

 Damon: Neil works for the enemy? Now what enemy would that be?

 Dru: Newman enterprises.

 Damon: Really? What do you know? The people who bought satine cosmetics.

 Neil: Your former company.

 Damon: Oh, yes. Once upon a time.

 Neil: I hope you don't mind that I tagged along. I was just curious. I wanted to get the opportunity to meet you.

 Dru: Neil's not staying. He knows that we have a business meeting.

 Damon: Y'all have the same last name. Siblings?

 Dru: We were once married.

 Neil: Well, wait a minute. Let me clarify. We were recently engaged, and you know what they say. Second time around--

 Damon: Wait, wait, wait. Wait a minute. You're neil winters. Are you the-- I got a call from you right before I got a call from--

 Neil: Drucilla here.

 Damon: Winters. And you told me I didn't have to return that first call. I accepted that because the last name was the same, but you two are working for competing companies.

 Neil: Yeah. So, damon--may I call you damon?

 Damon: Re.

 Neil: Do you enjoy working at jabot?

 Dru: Yes, he does.

 Damon: Everyone's been terrific.

 Neil: It's funny. It's really funny how things work out.

 Damon: Yeah.

 Neil: Or not funny, depending on how you feel about having smoke blown up your shorts. Right, dru? this is out there on gloabl - I'm seanna collins. Global tv

 Raul: All right, first of all, don't talk to me like that. Second of all, you're being ridiculous, you know that?

 Brittany: I'm sorry, but how about a little respect for me?

 Raul: I just don't understand how you can all of a sudden hate working at the boutique so much, all right? You used to love working there.

 Brittany: Look, I'm just at a point in my life where I really need to try something else. No, I'm dying to do something else. And I just have this feeling that there's something really great out there waiting for me. But I'm never gonna find it if I'm stuck inside folding jeans all day long. I'm gonna take off for a little wlele.

 Raul: What, you're not even gonna stick around, say bye to billy?

 Brittany: Well, we already kind of said our good-byes. Just be patient with me, raul. I promise it won't be like this forever. I'm going to figure things out.

 Damon: Well, now isn't this just interesting?

 Dru: Thank you.

 Neil: Thanks. You do know that newman enterprises was planning on offering you a job.

 Damon: I did have some idea, yes.

 Neil: It was for big bucks. Revitalize the whole satine cosmetics line. It's gonna be a big, big deal.

 Dru: But luckily jabot got to you first.

 Damon: Is that what is was, luck?

 Neil: Luck? You mean dru here didn't tell you the whole sordid tale about how she came to get in touch with you on the phone?

 Dru: I am so hungry. I'm starving. Where are the menus? Don't you have to go?

 Neil: No, no, actually, I don't have to go. I'm gonna tell him the story right now. I left your business card on my desk in my office. I'd left you that message. You remember that. And then sticky fingers here, she waltzed into my office one day and lifted it, man. Left no fingerprints behind. Now by the time I found out you--what? By the time I found out, you had been interviewed, and you got that job with jabot. You never returned my call, because dru here said it was-- what'd you call it, hon? You said it was a "winters-winters" thing, right?

 Damon: True story?

 Dru: He's exaggerating. He could have called you again.

 Nl:L: No, I'm not exaggerating, and I didn't know I had to call him. I didn't know there was a snake in the grass.

 Dru: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.

 Neil: All right.

 Dru: Yeah, he would have done the same thing, damon.

 Neil: That is so immature. I would not have done the same thing. I don't backstab other people.

 Damon: Come on, y'all, we're in a public acace.

 Neil: You know what? Damon is absolutely right. This is not the time or the place. The fact is that we are engaged. I love this woman dearly. And I forgive her any trespasses she may have committed against me.

 Dru: And I forgive those who trespass against me.

 Neil: Okay. Damon, I'm going to be leaving. It was a real pleasure to meet you. I hope that our paths will cross again one day very soon.

 Dru: (Muttering) that's what you think.

 Neil: What did you just say?

 Dru: Nothing. Nothing, honey. I'll be home soon.

 Neil: Of course you'll be home soon. Try the escargot. It's very good.

 Phyllis: What'd he look like? Wherd d you meet? What'd you talk about?

 Victoria: Um, well, we met at eve's bistro. I was having a drink. I was in a bad mood. And he just started talking to me. I mean, this gorgeous guy. He was tall and black and had these amazing eyes and this voice. I mean, I'm not a pushover.

 Phyllis: No.

 Victoria: I don't care how long I've been on the shelf. He just had me hypnotized.

 Phyllis: Really?

 Victoria: Yeah. I mean, have you ever met anyone where you just starting talking to them, and you're telling them these things and you don't know why you're telling them all this stuff, but you can't shut up? He was just so intelligent and on the ball and kind of blew me away.

 Phyllis: Wow, you have it bad for him.

 Victoria: I do not.

 Phyllis: Yeah, you do.

 Victoria: I'll never see him again.

 Phyllis: Oh, come on. You don't know that. It could be kismet.

 Victoria: Yeah, right.

 Phyllis: Did you get his name?

 Victoria: Kind of. He calls himself "D." (Giggles)

 Phyllis: Like the letter "D."

 Victoria: Yeah. Yeah, it's a little weird, but whatever.

 Phyllis: Yeah, whatever. Um, he's black.

 Victoria: Uh-huh. Why?

 Phyllis: So he's built?

 Victoria: Yeah.

 Phyllis: Uh-huh. Oh, my god.

 Victoria: What?

 Phyllis: Why don't you take a look at this?

 Phyllis: The guy right there, is that who you met?

 Victoria: Oh, my god. That's damon porter. That's the guy I was talking to. Oh, god.

 Colleen: Okay, here goes. (Tires screech) (car engine dies)

 Colleen: What happened?

 J.T.: You popped the clutch.

 Colleen: What? How?

 J.:.: You let the clutch out too quick.

 Colleen: No, I didn'T.

 J.T.: Yeah, you did. Trust me. All right, try it again. (Engine starts) (tires screech) (engine dies)

 Colleen: I am so, so sorry, J.T.

 J.T.: Don't be sorry, all right? Just be careful, okay? This is my car.

 Colleen: Okay. (Engine starts) (tires screech) (engine dies)

 Angelo: We're closed.

 Brittany: Oh, is mr. Marsino here?

 Angelo: Why?

 Brittany: I just wanted to talk to him.

 Angelo: Bobby! Intercom's on the fritz.

 Bobby: Ange, do me a favor. Fix the intercom, will you?

 Angelo: You got it.

 Bobby: Well, hello.

 Brittany: Hi.

 Bobby: Let me guess. You just happened to be in the neighborhood.

 Brittany: Not exactly.

 Bobby: You came all the way down there just to see us?

 Brittany: I've been thinking about urur job offer.

 Bobby: Offer? Oh, the one from before? That offer was taken by somebody else. Sorry. Ange, have you checked the reservations? I want to make sure we don't run out of champagne tonight.

 Angelo: Oh, you got it. We got three cases.

 Victoria: Oh!

 Phyllis: Yeah, I met him, too. He's hot.

 Victoria: I can't believe I was talking to damon porter! You know, the more you went on about it, it just hit me. Neil called and said that he'd be coming back late tonight because he was gonna stop at eve'S. Dru's introducing him to porter, and everything fell into place.

 Victoria: I went on and on about our new cosmetics line.

 Phyllis: Wait a second. Wait a second. Victoria, you talked about satine cosmetics with tuvia's chemist? What are you talking about?

 Victoria: We didn't talk about anything proprietary, but my god. He let me go on and on without telling me who he is.

 Phyllis: Little less attractive now, isn't he?

 Victoria: I feel like an idiot. I mean, here I thought that... never mind. Obviously I was wrong. I was dead wrong.

 Phyllis: Okay, well, listen, it's not aigig deal. Just chalk it up to he's a man and move on, all right?

 Victoria: Are you kidding? No way. I'm not gonna let him get away with this.

 Phyllis: Are--victoria! Victoria...

 Damon: You got ahold of me by swiping my card from your husband who works for another company that was trying to hire me.

 Dru: Ex-husband, and I did you a favor.

 Damon: Because heaven knows, I wouldn't want to work for newman enterprises.

 Dru: Victor newman-- trust me, you would've hated it.

 Damon: Shouldn't that have been my decision to make?

 Dru: Please, don't go there, damon. This is ancient history. Neil was just trying to get you riled up. He was trying to yank my chain.

 Damon: Is that what he was doing?

 Dru: Oh, he hates it when I get the best of him. (Giggles)

 Damon: Like stealing his idea of hiring me?

 Dru: Okay, chess. Neil made the first move in this little game. Stealing, as you called it, satine cosmetics, the idea of it, that is. Now jabot was always going to acquire the company. It's just that neil found out about it, and newman enterprises froze us out

 Damon: And you thought you'd even the score?

 Dru: Well, a girl does have to stay in business, doesn't she?

 Damon: I had an opportunity to entertain a bid for my services from a major corporation, undoubtedly a sizable bid, not to mention, a chance to become involved with a line I created with, I must assume, pretty much carte blanche to revitalize it as I saw fit, and you denied me that opportunity.

 Dru: Strong words. You're not gonna quit, are you? Damon, listen. Jabot is the best thing that has come my way in a really long time, and there was a period where i had nothing to look forward to. Now if you're gonna go ahead and quit because you don't like the way you were hired, that's gonna set me back a few paces.

 Damon: And you're expecting me to, what, be concerned about that? Make it my problem?

 Bobby: Ange, give me a club soda, will ya?

 Brittany: No more job openings, huh?

 Bobby: We get a turnover pretty regularly, and when I do, I get a line around the block. Girls from all over the place.

 Brittany: Are they as pretty as me?

 Bobby: Some. That's not all that counts.

 Brittany: So what does count? Why aren't you interested anymore?

 Bobby: It's attitude, honey, and enthusiasm. Look, this isn't like screwing lids on jars down at the mayonnaise factory. A girl's got to bring sparkle to that stage. The ones that do that, they get into it. You understand?

 Brittany: Yeah, I'm into singing.

 Bobby: Yeah, in the shower, righ

 Brittany: You said your gentlemen don't want a trained voice.

 Bobby: Look, brittany, is that your name?

 Brittany: Yes.

 Bobby: My clientele, they're not kindergartners. They pay me for the real deal, and believe me, they know when a girl's faking it.

 Brittany: We're just talking about singing, right?

 Bobby: Actually, honey, we're not talking about anything. I'd love to help you out, but I can't take the risk.

 Brittany: Please, I really need a job.

 Bobby: Yeah, with that moral attitude of yours, this is the wrong line of work for you.

 Brittany: Look, I'm sorry about the other day. I overreacted because I was caught off guard.

 Bobby: Because you saw a woman take her clothes off.

 Brittany: Yeah.

 Bobby: And did you see my crowd?

 Brittany: They were loving it.

 Bobby: Yeah, she really got their blood pressure up. That's what my girls do, and you know what? They make a lot of money doing that. Ese rls walk out of here with about $1,000 a night, but they gotta be the real deal. If she looks like she's out there for the money, she's not gonna get any money. And if she doesn't get any money, I don't make any money. Understand?

 Brittany: I am the real deal. I'd be singing. You know, the girls could get up there and do whatever they do while I'm singg.G. That's what you want, isn't it?

 Bobby: Honey, you are cute as hell, but it's an inner thing. It's the difference between being hot and not.

 Brittany: I can be hot.

 Bobby: You think so?

 Brittany: Yeah.

 Bobby: I think you just want the money.

 Brittany: Okay, I do, but I also understand that I have to be, you know, sexy.

 Bobby: (Chuckles)

 Angelo: Bobby!

 Bobby: Yeah?

 Angelo: Phone.

 Bobby: I gotta take this. Listen, I'll see you around, kid.

 Brittany: I'll wait.

 Bobby: Whatever. (Gears grinding)

 Colleen: I give up.

 J.T.: Don't be so hard on yourself. I told you it's not that easy.

 Colleen: Yeah, well, I didn't think it'd be like flying a jet. I mean, all these handles and clutches. I mean, I am no good at this.

 J.T.: Try it again.

 Colleen: What's the use?

 J.T.: Come on, give it another shot, and then I'll take you home.

 Colleen: Are you sure?

 J.T.: Yeah, I'm sure.

 Colleen: Okay.

 J.T.: You can do this. (Engine starts) @@

 Colleen: Oh, my gosh, this is so cool. I'm actually doing it.

 J.T.: Don't forget to shift.

 Colleen: Okay.

 J.T.: Hey, lookin' nice.

 Colleen: I'm actually driving. I can't believe this.

 J.T.: Good job.

 Colleen: Hey, let me use your phone.

 J.T.: What? Why?

 Colleen: I want to call lily.

 J.T.: No, no, you're not calling anyone. You've got enough to worry about. Tv colleen: Please, will you call her?

 J.T.: I don't have my cell phone.

 Colleen: Mine's in my purse right there. She's on speed dial.

 J.T.: All right, all right. Be careful.

 Colleen: I will.

 J.T.: Okay, watch your rpms.

 Colleen: Okay. (Cow moos)

 J.T.: Okay, it's ringing. Lily, hey, it's J.T. No, I'm on colleen's cell phone. She's over here.

 Colleen: Let me talk to her.

 J.T.: No, you have enough--

 Colleen: Lily, hey. I am having a driving lesson right now with J.T. I don't know. We're out in the country somewhere. Hello? What happened?

 J.T.: Oh, low battery.

 Colleen: I forgot to charge it last night. It's all right. I'll call her when we get back to town. Oh, my gosh.

 Colleen: Am I doing something wrong?

 J.T.: No.

 Colleen: Why are you looking at me like that?

 J.T.: I don't know. It's cool seeing you like this.

 Colleen: Let's listen to some music.

(Loud music blasting)

 J.T.: Hey, hey, hey! This volume is really tricky.

 Colleen: I'm so sorry.

 J.T.: Okay, I got it.

 Colleen: Oh, I love this song.

 J.T.: Yeah, me too. You know these guys are touring here this summer?

 Colleen: Oh, really?

 J.T.: Colleen, watch out!

 Colleen: Aah!

air should smell fresh and clean,

 Dru: Um, damon, you did say that you enjoy working for jabot cosmetics, and I'd do just about anything to keep you there.

 Damon: (Laughing)

 Dru: What's so amusing?

 Damon: Well, I'm thinking about neil. He certainly does have a tiger by the tail, doesn't he?

 Dru: Yeah, and he has it twisted really tight. I can't believe I agreed to let him tag along.

 Damon: Well, relax. I enjoyed meeting him, and I do have to tip my hat to the man, you know that?

 Dru: Why, because he has to deal with me?

 Damon: No. Because he's lucky to have you.

 Dru: Um, wow, I'm confused.

 Damon: Look here. You deserved everything you just got. But it's over. I like you, and I'm not about to do anything-- at least not on purpose-- to mess up your life.

 Dru: Promise?

 Damon: Promise.

 Dru: Good, then I like you, too.

 Victoria: Well, well, well. Fancy meeting you here, drucilla. Oh, and hello again, mr. Porter. (Piano music playing)

 Brittany: Sooner or later

you're gonna be mine

sooner or later

you're gonna be fine

baby, it's time

that you face it

I always get my man

sooner or later

you're gonna decide

sooner or later

there's nowhere to hide

baby, it's time

so why waste it in chatter?

Let's settle

the matter

baby, you're mine

on a platter

I always get my man

but if you insist, babe

the challenge delights me

the more you resist, babe

the more it excites me

and no one I kiss, babe

ever fights me again

if you're on my list

it's just a question

of when

when I get a yen

then, baby, amen

I'm counting to ten

and then

I'm gonna love you

like nothing you've known

I'm gonna love you

and you all alone

sooner is better than later

but, lover

I'll hover

I'll plan

this time

I'm not only getting

I'm holding


man (cheers and applause)

 Bobby: What's the big smile for?

 Brittany: I'd like to sing here. I could really get into it.

 Bobby: You say that now, but...

 Brittany: Oh, please. I'll give it everything I've got. I'll sing their damn blood pressure up.

 Bobby: Okay, we'll give it a shot. If it doesn't work out, we call it a day.

 Brittany: Yes, yes!

 Bobby: (Chuckling)

 Dru: Damon, the two of you know each other?

 Victoria: Oh...

 Damon: We met at the bar earlier this evening.

 Victoria: Wait, wait. You call him "damon"? Oh, she must not be one of those many friends who prefers to call you "D." Now tell me, was there any particular reason why you felt like you had to conceal your identity?

 Damon: Why would I do that, miss newman?

 Victoria: Well, maybe you thought you'd be able to worm business information out of me if you remained incognito.

 Damon: Do you think, victoria, that when we met it was business that most interested me?

 Victoria: What I think, "d," is that now I've experienced how you operate, jabot's welcome to you.

 Dru: (Chuckling)

 Damon: I didn't tell her who I was.

 Dru: Obviously not, "D." Maybe you should have.

 Damon: Maybe so, but then I would have missed all the fireworks. That would have been a shame.

 Dru: Mmm.

 Colleen: Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.

 J.T.: Are you all right?

 Colleen: Yeah, I'm fine, I think. I'm really--I'm really sorry.

 J.T.: Get out. We gotta check the car.

 Colleen: J.T., I'm really sorry. Is your car okay?

 J.T.: It doesn't look like there's any damage.

 Colleen: God, I feel so stupid!

 J.T.: It's all right. It was an accident.

 Colleen: How are we supposed to get this out of here?

 J.T.: I'm gonna back it up. Get out of the way. (Engine revving)

 J.T.: Come on. (Engine revving)

 J.T.: Start! (Engine turns over)

 J.T.: All right, watch out! (Engine revving)

 J.T.: Damn it! This thing's not going anywhere. It's stuck. Hey, look, I need you to get in the car and do exactly what I just did.

 Colleen: No, I don't want to drive it again.

 J.T.: No, you can do it. Come on. Just go easy on the clutch, just liki I taught you. I'm gonna try pushing it. All right, on the count of three. 1... 2... 3! Go! (Engine revving)

 J.T.: Use some gas!

 J.T.: It's not gonna work.

 Colleen: Well, what are we gonna do?

 J.T.: Call for help, I guess.I just hope this cell phone has a little battery left. Of course not. The damn thing's dead.

 Colleen: Well, do you think a car will come by soon?

 J.T.: Better hope so. Otherwise we'd be stuck here all night.

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