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Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/11/0
3--Canada; Thursday 6/12/03

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Liz: Oh, be careful with that. It's an antique.

 Man: We will, ma'am. We will.

 Liz: Do you think this will be finished in time?

 Man #2: It is finished, mrs. Foster.

 Liz: Why, that's wonderful. Oh, thank you so much for doing this on such short notice.

 Man #2: Oh, no problem. Once you explained the situation, why, we just got right over.

 Liz: Well, mrs. Chancellor is getting out of the hospital today and we wanted to make it completely comfortable for her.

 Man #2: Well, you just let me know if there's any problems. I'll come right back.

 Liz: I will, but I don't think--

 Jill: What leaves? Mama, what is going on here?

 Liz: Oh, I'm just getting the place ready for katherine.

 Jill: By moving the dining table?

 Liz: Only into the barn to make room for the bed.

 Jill: Oh, no, no, no. I am not gonna let you tear this whole place apart. Mama, she needs to be in a facility or some-- aah! No, let go of me. What is this?!

 Liz: Well, it's a wheelchair ramp. What did you expect?

 Charlotte: Hello?

 Charlotte: Anyone there? Katherine, what on earth do I do now? Your granddaughter and jill's son are going to get married. Not next spring, but right now! As soon as they get you home. I've been playing a little game-- harmless. Jill needs someone so badly, and I need someone, too. And we're a perfect match, except for one thing-- I'm not her birth mother,

you are, and those two beautiful kids are first cousins! Damn it, wake ! I can't face jill alone. I can'T.

 Mac: Hello, charlotte.

 Billy: Any change?

 Charlotte: No, no, unfortunately. You have no idea how unfortunately.

 Brad: Blueberry muffin for you, for me... orange juice--there you go, and java for your old man. Excuse me, could you grab that? Thank you.

 Colleen: Well, I think we've got it covered.

 Bra w what are you working on there?

 Colleen: Oh, just notes for lit class.

 Brad: Wt me to quiz you?

 Colleen: No, thanks. I'll do it after we eat.

 Brad: Bet you're looking forward to being through with finals, aren't you?

 Colleen: Oh, you have no idea.

 Brad: So you have any big plans for summer?

 Colleen: Uh, just chillin' with lily and sierra.

 Brad: Chillin'? Chillin'. And when you say chillin', what do you mean exactly?

 Colleen: Don't worry, dad. There's not going to be any more surprises like the one the other day.

 Brad: Good.

 Colleen: I'm not gonna get another tattoo.

 Brad: Mm-hmm. No piercings.

 Colleen: Or a piercing. I really, really, really appreciate your not freaking out.

 Brad: Well, what can I tell you? I'm evolving as a parent.

 Colleen: And I also appreciate you trying to get my mind off J.T.

 Brad: Trying, but not succeeding.

 Colleen: No, that's not what I meant. You are. It's just, you know, even if I'm having a really good day, out of the blue something will remind me him and it just hurts all over again.

 Nikki: Mmm. I could smell that coffee all the way upstairs.

 Victor: Miguel had everything prepared. All I had to do was turn on the coffee maker.

 Nikki: What a nice surprise-- waking up to fresh coffee and a handsome husband.

 Victor: How'd you sleep?

 Nikki: Like a baby.

 Victor: Oh, yeah?

 Nikki: That was quite a workout you gave me last night.

 Victor: Complaining?

 Nikki: Oh, no. Beats an hour on the treadmill all to hell.

 Victor: I'm proud of you.

 Nikki: Why?

 Victor: Well, at no time last night did you mention the fact that sharon had moved in with nicholas again. I'm surprised you didn't want to tell me all the reasons you thought that was wrong.

 Nikki: Well, darling, if you recall, I had other things on my mind. Besides, even if I had said something, would it have done any good?

 Billy: Hey, here's the nurse with your wheelchair. We're gonna spring you from this joint.

 Mac: Everyone's waiting for you at home, grandma. It's gonna be the most wonderful evening--your homecoming, billy's and my wedding. What a night, huh?

 Charlotte: No, I can't allow this. I can't let it happen. I can'T.

 Jill: Mama...

 Liz: Girl, I know, half this house is yours, but it doesn't say which half. Katherine deserves to be treated with T.L.C. For the next little while.

 Jill: Next? How little? She could live for another 20 years, just staring into space. Does it have to be in the dining room? Well, nobody eats in there anymore. It's perfect.

 Jill: Fine, I give up. I give up. Just can't think about this right now anyway. I've got my son's wedding to survive.

 Liz: I hope you realize that you can't stop those two young--

 Jill: I can't stop those two young fools from throwing their lives away. Yes, I know. Believe me, I have tried. I have threatened. I have done the whole "over-my-dead-body" thing, and it's a total waste of time.

 Liz: All I'm gonna say about this wedding is don't be sour and grumpy. You'll be sorry later.

 Liz: Oh, esther, those are wonderful.

 Esther: Do you think that this will be enough?

 Liz: Oh, that's plenty, plenty. Oh, would you just move the bed ov I in front of the window, fellas?

 Jill: Perfect-- it's a combination wedding chapel and convalescent home. Just where I always wanted to live.

 Lauren: I guess your talk with colleen didn't go very well, huh? So what's next?

 J.T.: There is no next.

 Lauren: It's really over?

 J.T.: Colleen said it killed her to be anywhere near me. I'd say that's pretty final.

 Lauren: And that's okay with you?

 J.T.: What choice do I have, lauren?

 Lauren: You know, this never should have happened.

 J.T.: Oh, come on. Don't lecture me right now, okay?

 Lauren: No, no, no, no. I don't want to lecture you. Who I want to lecture is anita hodges. She's the one responsible for this whole mes and you know what? I am sure she is not suffering half as much as you and colleen.

 J.T.: She's suffering plenty. And brittany knows the whole story, and believe me, she's not keeping her opinion to herself.

 Lauren: So that's why she's been so out of it. Poor girl... can you imagine having a mother like anita? You know, not a maternal bone in her body, just does whatever she wants without giving a damn about anyone else. And, you know, one day she's gonna get hers. And I really hope I'm there to see it.

 Brad: You know, honey, you could look at this summer as a new beginning. Colleen...

 Colleen: I'm sorry. What?

 Brad: It's the end of your sophomore year. I think it's a perfect time to wipe the slate clean and put this mess with J.T. Behind you.

 Colleen: Yeah, I think that's a really good idea, dad.

 Brad: Huh, what do you know? Anita hodg..

 Colleen: What about her?

 Brad: I don't know. Just strange seeing her in a place like this.

 Colleen: Nauseating is more like it.

 Brad: Why would you say that?

 Colleen: Uh... never mind.

 Brad: Colleen, you hardly know anita. Do you have something against her?

 Brock: Liz, I'm sorry I couldn't get here any sooner. I just wasn't anywhere near an airport, and I'm making calls trying to get a reservation--

 Esther: We have been lucky, brock, so lucky.

 Liz: Esther's right. For a little while there it looked like we were going to lose her.

 Brock: Liz, thank you. Thank you for being here for the duchess. And, esther, thank you.

 Esther: Of course. Of course.

 Brock: Jill, thank you.

 Jill: My pleasure.

 Esther: Mrs. Foster, can i get your opinion on something?

 Liz: Oh, yes. Excuse me.

 Jill: So... billy and mackenzie.

 Brock: Oh, jill, you're still not doing the "over-my-dead-body" routine?

 Jill: That's funny you should mention that 'cause I have--

 Brock: Jill, the time's gonna come you're gonna have to give in.

 Jill: Brock, don't preach at me.

 Mac: Here we are.

 Billy: Home, sweet home.

 Mac: And look at all the flowers.

 Brock: Will she know me?

 Jill: I don't think so, but you can try.

 Brock: Mother? Mother, it's brock. Duchess...

 Brock: No. Hey, come on. You know, she's alive. She looks great. With god's help, she's gonna get better. Right?

 Billy: You got it.

 Brock: You bet.

 Sharon: Here you go.

 Nick: Thanks. So jack's gonna be coming by here in a little bit.

 Sharon: You're meeting with jack? What's that all about?

 Nick: We've been hanging out. You know, in a lot of ways, he's been the only real father to me.

 Sharon: Nick, that's not fair.

 Nick: You didn't live it, sharon.

 Sharon: Nick, this isn't about your childhood. You know, this is about your present. This isn't about the past.

 Nick: Not quite right there either.

 Sharon: Isn't it?

 Nick: My dad's made me an offer.

 Sharon: What kind of an offer?

 Nick: To begin mentoring me to take over newman enterprises.

 Sharon: Just you?

 Nick: Just me.

 Sharon: Wow. That's incredible.

 Nick: Don't get too excited. I turned him down.

 Sharon: You turned down something like that?

 Nick: Yeah, 'cause I'm not gonna be bought. That's what this is all about.

 Sharon: Well, I'm not so sure.

 Nick: I am. This is the way my father works. You dangle b big enough carrot in front of somebody, you can get anything you want.

 Sharon: So you're not even gonna give him a chance?

 Nick: My father has proven that he can't be trusted.

 Sharon: This is about last winter, isn't it? It's about what you saw.

 Nick: It's kind of an indelible memory, you know?

 Sharon: Only it wasn't what you thought, nick. It was never what you thought.

 Nick: Look, I know-- I know what you said. My father never should have let that kiss happen.

 Sharon: It caught him completely off guard.

 Nick: Sharon, let's not rehash this, all right?

 Sharon: I just-- I don't like seeing you so unforgiving.

 Nick: Well, it's not your problem.

 Shan:N: No, it is my problem. It's my problem because I feel responsible.

 Nick: Sharon, look--

 Sharon: No, listen to me, okay? This is important. What happened that day was because of my loneliness and my desperation. It was not because of any feelings I had for your father, and it certainly was not because of any romantic feelings he had for me. (Knock on door)

 Nick: That's jack.

 Nikki: Apparently, nicholas has made his decision to allow sharon back into his home.

 Victor: You don't like that at all, do you?

 Nikki: Why would I? The way she abandoned her family, just took off without so much as a word to us.

 Victor: I'm sure she has regretted that a lot.

 Nikki: I doubththat. She thinks only of herself. To tell you the truth, I wish she had not come back. This family would be a lot better off without her in it.

 Victor: But you know why she did come back.

 Nikki: Yeah, yeah, apparently, for the children.

 Victor: Well, isn't that a good enough reason? Why don't you just accept it and wish her well?

 Nikki: I can't, victor. As long as she is in that house it's only going to be a matter of time before she seduces nicholas back into the marriage. I'm sorry, but as long as she's a part of his life, I foresee nothing but trouble ahead.

Celebrate the wholesome goodness

 J.T.: Why do you get so worked up about anita? She didn't do anything to you.

 Lauren: Her behavior is despicable.

 J.T.: She made a mistake, lauren. You ta a about her like she's the devil.

 Lauren: You know, she slept with her daughter's childhood friend. Would you like a little bit more proof?

 J.T.: She wasn't trying to cause any trouble.

 Lauren: Oh, come on. She manipulated you.

 J.T.: I knew something was going on. The way she kept calling here and stopping by. I didn't have to go meet her at the lodge, but I went anyway.

 Lauren: You wanted to see what might happen.

 J.T.: Yeah, and now we know. I messed up, and I'm being punished for it. End of story.

 Lauren: You know, things may be over for you and colleen for now, but the story is barely beginning.

 J.T.: What are you talking about?

 Lauren: You have fallen in love. You have had your very first relationship, and everything's different.

 Lauren: You can't tell me you haven't learned from this experience.

 J.T.: Yeah, let's see, I've learned that even when I don't want to hurt people I end up doing a pretty damn good job of it. I've learned that I really am as big a jerk as everybody thinks.

 Lauren: And what else?

 J.T.: You know, lauren, as much as I'm enjoying guttingmyself for your entertainment, I think I'll stop.

 Lauren: You are missingmy point. With everything that you shared with colleen, it's changed you. You can't just go back to the way things were.

 J.T.: Why not?

 Lauren: Because you can't, unless you are not the person that I believe you to be.

 J.T.: Well, the way I used to do things was a lot simpler. I had a lot more fun.

 Lauren: Well, of course. You barely kept anyone around to care.

 J.T.: No worries, no guilt-- good times.

 Lauren:S s good as everything you shared with colleen?

 J.T.: Not even close. Everyone always made such a big deal about her being young and naive. I was the one who didn't know anything. I didn'teaealize that I could-- I could be so happy with just one person. If I could have one more chance to just...

 Lauren: J.T...

 J.T.: You know, lauren, you probably have a million things to do today. Why don't you take off? I'll open up.

 Lauren: I do want to go by fenmore's before lunch.

 J.T.: Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead.

 Lauren: All right, but I'm calling later to check up on you, okay?

 J.T.: Cool.

 Colleen: I have no idea why I said that, dad.

 Brad: There has to be some reason. J.T. And brittany are friends, aren't they?

 Colleen: Yeah.

 Brad: Friends who've gotten closer recently? You're not angry with anita. It's brittany. Did something happen between the two of them? Did she and J.T.--

 Colleen: Our breaking up has nothing to do with brittany.

 Brad: Then why does it bother you seeing anita, honey?

 Colleen: Brittany i very much in love with raul.

 Brad: Still, things happen.

 Colleen: Yeah, well, nothing happened between J.T. And brittany.

 Brad: Then you tell me what that punk did to you. Now I have a pretty good idea, and if you tell me what happened--

 Colleen: I can'T.

 Brad: Maybe I can help, colleen.

 Colleen: Look, dad, there's nothing you can do, all right? I love you very much for wanting to make me feel better, but you're only making it worse, so you can-- please, just drop it.

 Brad: Sweetheart, come on. Just tell me what--

 Colleen: I need to get back to my studying.

 Brad: Okay. All right, I will let this go for now. I have to get going anyway.

 Brad: Gd d luck on your test.

 Colleen: Thank you.

 Nick: Thanks for coming out.

 Jack: Well, thank you foleletting the guard out front know not to shoot on sight.

 Nick: Dad's not the only one who's got some say around here. Don't tell him that.

 Jack: Yeah, heaven forbid. Hi, sharon. Good to see you again.

 Sharon: Likewise.

 Nick: So, jack, you all coffee'd out?

 Jack: Well, not this early, and certainly not in this house.

 Nick: Sharon...

 Sharon: Oh, uh, well, I just made a fresh pot. How do you take it, jack?

 Jack: A little milk, if you have it.

 Sharon: Coming right up. Would you like a refill?

 Nick: Yes, please.

 Sharon: Briright back.

 Jack: So?

 Nick: Probably wondering why I wanted to see you.

 Jack: Yeah, the thought crossed my mind.

 Nick: I've been doing some thinking about our little talk yesterday.

 Jack: Good.

 Nick: You raised some interesting points, things I'd never considered.

 Jack: Well, nick, you came at this with a totally personal perspective, and that I understand.

 Nick: Yeah, well, it was short-sighted. I can see that now. Shortsighted as hell, if you wanna know the truth.

 Mac: Aren't the flowers beautiful, grandma? There are going to be even more, you know? I hope you know how happy I am.

 Esther: Here you go.

 Brock: Oh, thank you, esther.

 Liz: Don't you have some for yourself, esther?

 Esther: Right here. Thank you, mrs. Foster.

 Billy: Sure you don't want tea, mac?

 Mac: I'll get some in a minute. Don't worry about me, esther.

 Stephanie: I'm going back to the shop now.

 Esther: Thank you, stephanie.

 Stephanie: Call me if you need anything.

 Esther: I will.

 Jill: I've got something to say. And it can't wait any longer.

 Nikki: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ruin our morning by ranting about sharon. Let's talk about something more pleasant.

 Victor: Talk about you and that beautiful outfit you're wearing.

 Nikki: Well, thank you. It was one of your christmas presents to me, remember?

 Victor: I have good taste, don't I?

 Nikki: Yes, you do.

 Victor: Why are you dressed so elegantly?

 Nikki: Well, we are having a meeting about tuvia today.

 Victor: Oh, yeah? And about that new research and development fellow?

 Nikki: Yeah, damon porter. With ashley due to give birth so soon, he is gonna be a life serer.

 Victor: I'm sure they're gloating in the executive suites of jabot by now.

 Nikki: Why do you say gloating?

 Victor: The way you landed that damon porter, I think it was rather underhanded, don't you?

 Nikki: Well, I don't know. I guess that's your opinion. I look at it as a clever business move.

 Victor: A business move that may soon come to haunt you.

 Nikki: Why do you say that?

 Victor: Because damon porter is not about to solve jabot's problems. On the contrary, he may add to them.

 Sharon: Here you go, milk, no sugar.

 Jack: Thank you, sharon.

 Sharon: And black for you.

 Nick: Thanks.

 Jack: Well, look, I'm really glad I could bring some perspective.

 Nick: Yeah, not everyone gets a chance to run a company like newman enterprises.

 Jack: Hey, any way you shake it, it is the opportunity of a lifetime.

 Nick: Sharon, do you mind? There's some things jack and i need to discuss.

 Sharon: Oh, no. No, I don't mind. I'll just go take a walk.

 Jack: It's a beautiful day out there.

 Sharon: Yeah, it really is.

 Jack: Thanks for the coffee.

 Sharon: Sure.

 Nick: It would be a chance to do more than just run my dad's company.

 Jack: If you play your cards right, yeah.

 Nick: Let me ask you something, jack. All this urging me to reconsider-- let's say I change my mind and I do take over. What's in it for you?

 Nikki: How could hiring damon porter cause trouble?

 Victor: My darling, perhaps you've forgotten the enormous amount of money that jabot owes me.

 Nikki: No, I sure haven'T.

 Victor: And I'm sure this damon porter character didn't come cheap.

 Nikki: He's worth every penny.

 Victor: Don't you realize that his salary will add an unnecessary burden to an already-overextended company?

 Nikki: And that makes you very happy, I know.

 Victor: That is where you and everyone else is wrong. I'm not interested in destroying jabot. I wanna make sure that my daughter's company, satine, will do well, that's all.

 Nikki: I understand. Time will tell.

 Victor: Don't you have conflicting feelings?

 Nikki: About what?

 Victor: You know that our daughter's in charge of the division that's gonna go head to head with jabot's new line.

 Nikki: Well, that's life.

 Victor: Could easily solve that dilemma.

 Nikki: Yes, I know. Quit my job at jabot. You have suggested that before.

 Victor: And you chose to ignore it.

 Nikki: Victor, I love my career. I'm not giving it up.

 Victor: As long as it is not at the expense of our daughter's career.

 Nikki: It's a little friendly competition, that's all.

 Victor: I hope from the bottom of my heart that it'll stay friendly.

 Nikki: Well, you know, if it ever gets too stressful for yo you can always join me up in our bedroom. I think I can find a way to get your mind off the problems of business.

 Nikki: I have to go.

 Victor: Don't stay too long.

 Nikki: Have a wonderful day.

 Jack: I thought I'd made that pretty clear.

 Nick: You think if I take over the reins from my father, then I'll be live and let live where jabot's concerned?

 Jack: I assume that there probably wouldn't be a personal vendetta, or anythther personal issues, for that matter.

 Nick: Are you sure this isn't about you using me to carry out your own vendetta?

 Jack: Since when did you become such a good chess player?

 Nick: I'm glad you're not denying it, 'cause then I'd know you'd be bsing me.

 Jack: You have my word, nicholas. I won't do that to you.

 Nick: I think this whole tuvia versus satine thing is just bad business. So what? What if we do succeed? What does it mean? A few more pennies to the bottom line? We turn victoria into a bigger workaholic th s she already is? Then there's my mother and all the money she stands to lose, and that's if satine is a success. If it's not, we lose millions, not to mention all the wasted manpower. You tell me where in the newman enterprises mission statement does it say anything about lipstick or beating jack abbott to a pulp for that matter?

 Jack: Well, it might be there in the fine print.

 Nick: That's B.S., Too. It's an asinine misuse of corporate resources.

 Jack: I take it, then, you might be up to some mentoring after all.

 Nick: Well, it's my name on the building, too, isn't it? Guess I should keep an eye on things.

 Billy: Mom, if this is gonna be more of the same...

 Jill: How do you know what I'm gonna say? Have I said anything yet?

 Billy: No, but I know how you feel--

 Jill: Just listen and stop assuming. Okay, you all know that I am against this wedding.

 Brock: Jill, please.

 Jill: You're against it, too, brock.

 Brock: Yes, but--

 Jill: Would you just hear me out, please? Now there are a lot of things that I'm against that I have come to accept. One of them is time-- getting older. And another is the fact that sometimes unfair things happen. There's nothing we can do about it.

 Billy: If this your idea of saying something nice--

 Jill: But--but... with acceptance comes liberation, and I am about to liberate myself from all feelings of negativity. That means, yes, I am going to attend your wedding, and I am going to wish the bride and the groom good luck and a happy future with as much sincerity as anybody else here. Billy and mackenzie, you are taking a very big risk, but the payoff could be very big, too, and that's what I'm going to wish for. That's what I'm gonna hope for. So, okay. Everybody's heard it now. Everyone can stop assuming that jill is going to be a wet blanket at this wedding.

 Billy: Thanks, mom.

 Mac: Yeah. Thank you.

 Jill: Good. Okay, so is there anything I can help with?

 Liz: Oh, everything's under control. You've done enough, daughter, ying what you just did.

 Jill: Charlotte. Brock, come meet charlotte. Oh, I'm so glad you came. Oh. Brock, this is charlotte ramsey, my birth mother.

 Brock: Well, charlotte, it's a pleasure to meet you.

 Jill: And this is brock. This is katherins s son, and we go back forever. I mean, we were even married very briefly.

 Brock: Oh, lord, lord, don't remind me.

 Jill: Hey.

 Charlotte: (Chokes) (panting) darling, can I talk to you now? It's important.

 Jill: Of course. Would you excuse us?

 Brock: Of course.

 Jill: She will be, definitely.

 Brock: Good.

 Charlotte: Jill, I have to talk to you. It's about the wedding. We can't can't let it happen, sweetheart. We've got to stop it!

 Jill: Oh, mama, I appreciate so much you being supportive. I really do, but there's no use fighting it anymore. It is going to happen, so we've goto o get on board with it, okay? So put on a smile, all right? Billy, come say hello to your grandmother. Icical peel,

 Sharon: Jack's car was gone.

 Nick: Yeah. Thank you for the privacy.

 Sharon: No problem. It was... kind of a surprise to hear you talking about business.

 Nick: Why is that?

 Sharon: Well, I just mean isn't it a little strange? He does work for the competition.

 Nick: So does my mother. We talk.

 Sharon: Still...

 Nick: Look, sharon, you have enough to deal with right now with the kids and us. I don't need you getting involved in the newman enterprises stuff.

 Sharon: Us, meaning... that there is one?

 Nick: I don't know what's gonna happen with our marriage. But I do know that I cannot deal with you being around my father. I don't want you alone with him.

 Sharon: I understand.

 Nick: You stay away from him. Mom, too.

 Sharon: Don't worry.

 Nick: All right. So I gotta go. I don't know yet about dinner.

 Sharon: Well, we'll keep in touch.

 Colleen: This is driving me crazy. What is she doing here? As if I don't know.

 Colleen: Mrs. Hodges?

 Anita: Yes?

 Colleen: Colleen carlton. You met me at J.T.'S birthday party.

 Anita: Of course.

 Colleen: I noticed you keep looking at the door.

 Anita: Do I?

 Colleen: I was wondering. Are yowawaiting for J.T.?

 Brad: Hello, J.T.

 J.T.: Mr. Carlton.

 Brad: You don't seem surprised to see me.

 J.T.: I'm only surprised you waited this long.

 Brad: Oh, believe me. It took a great deal of self-restraint.

 J.T.: I know you're probably pretty angry with me, but this rlly isn't the time or the place to--

 Brad: I really don't give a damn, J.T. You see, I had breakfast with colleen this morning. She's heartbroken because of you. What do you have to say for yourself?

 J.T.: Nothing.

 Brad: Wrong answer. Try again.

 J.T.: Look, I don't know what I can tell you that's gonna help--

 Brad: I want an explanation.

 J.T.: I can't give you an explanation.

 Brad: Can't give me an explanation? You're gonna have to do a lot better than that, because I'm not leaving here until I have the truth. What did you do to my daughter?


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